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Beria - the enemy?

"He is very energetic, he is well and quickly oriented, well marks the secondary from the main thing, so he does not waste time, he certainly has a taste for scientific issues, he grasps them well, precisely formulates his decisions"

29 March 1899 was born in a poor peasant family in the settlement of Merheuli in the Transcaucasus in the impoverished peasant family Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria, who after his death was recorded in the group of the biggest “bloodsuckers” Russian stories, along with the "bloody tyrants" Stalin and Ivan the Terrible. It is difficult to find in the history of Russia a person who would have been so covered with mud. Hating him is simply irrational, all sorts of Svanidze, apparently, just panicked by his name.

Parents, noting Lavrenti Beria's ability to science, wanted to give him a good education, for this they sold half a house. He met expectations and graduated from the Sukhum primary school with honors in 1915. He went to Baku and entered the Baku Secondary Mechanical and Construction Technical School, since the 17 years he has kept his mother and sister. He got carried away with social democratic ideas, in 1917 he organized a RSDP (b) cell, in 1918, when Baku occupied Turkish troops, he helped the Bolsheviks to the underground workers. In 1919-1920, he led an illegal organization of technicians who supported the Bolsheviks, while he studied and worked. In 1919, I graduated from college with a degree in engineering from a construction architect. With the knowledge of the Bolshevik Party, he got involved in Azerbaijani counterintelligence, was an employee of the Baku Customs.

In 1920, he entered the Baku Polytechnic Institute, in August 1920, Beria was appointed the head of the Central Committee of the Communist Party (B) of Azerbaijan, and in October, the executive secretary of the Cheka. After that, he constantly “grew up” in positions and in 1927-1930 he became the people's commissar of the interior of the Georgian SSR, in 1931 in the year - the chairman of the GPU at SNK ZSFSR. In 1931, he was transferred to party work - became the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) of Georgia. In this position, he did a lot of useful things for his small homeland - Georgia. The national economy of Georgia under his leadership developed rapidly, the Georgian peasantry became one of the richest in the state, the sea and mountain resorts of Transcaucasia developed rapidly, rapid construction went on, Georgian cities were transformed (for the better). Beria proved himself as a real "business executive". And only in 1938, he was returned to the state security - he was appointed to the post of head of the Main Directorate of State Security of the NKVD of the USSR, then People's Commissar of the NKVD. Under him, the scale of the repressions was sharply reduced: for 1939 a year, 2,6 thousand people were sentenced to the highest measure on charges of counterrevolutionary crimes, for 1940 a year - 1,6 thousand people. In 1939-1940, 837 thousand people were released from prison and rehabilitated.

What hate Beria?

- The gangster underground won in Georgia, turned the region into one of the richest in the Union.

- Created a modern industrial base (metallurgy, oil industry) and a thriving agriculture (tea, citrus fruits, grapes, etc.) in Georgia (and, more broadly, in the Transcaucasus).

“Beria stopped mass repressions in 1938, from which many innocent people suffered, freed, rehabilitated hundreds of thousands of people. Perpetrators of repressive organs were punished.

- He helped prepare the country for the Great War, creating a reliable rear, free from the “fifth column”. He did a lot in setting up production of modern weapons.

- Under his command, an operation unprecedented in world history was carried out to evacuate the industry to the east and south-east of the country, quickly establishing output; decline in production is not allowed and very quickly increased. "Magnitka won the Ruhr."

- The troops of the NKVD, including the frontier guards, under his leadership, with honor fought the Great Patriotic War and did not let the people down. Under his leadership, great attention was paid to the development of special equipment, in the laboratories of the NKVD radio direction finders, new radios, sabotage mines, infrared sights, silent weapon. During the defense of the Caucasus, the use of special groups from the border guards, which were armed with silent rifles with night sights, dealt a heavy blow to the offensive of the Kleist group, their usual tactics fell through due to the deaths of almost 400 radio operators and guidance specialists aviation and artillery.

- The state security agencies provided a reliable barrier from saboteurs, traitors, successfully fought with the German security forces. The Red Army was securely covered from enemy intelligence, the Germans themselves recognized this; for example, General von Butlar wrote: “The special conditions that existed in Russia strongly interfered with the acquisition of intelligence data on the military potential of the Soviet Union, and therefore these data were far from complete. The Russians are exceptionally skillful in disguise of everything that belongs to their army, as well as strict control over foreigners and the impossibility of organizing a wide network of espionage made it difficult to verify the few information that the intelligence officers managed to collect ... "

- Excellent intelligence was organized, many people heard about the success of our intelligence officers in the Reich, USA. Just one example of the brilliant work of our heroes "cloak and dagger" - the organization of round-the-clock listening to the delegation of "allies" at the Tehran Conference.

- The organization and successful conduct of the operation “Lentils”, at the present time it is even difficult to believe that the NKVD troops solved the problem of the “proud highlanders” in a week.

- Organized and helped in the creation of the Soviet atomic weapons and intercontinental missiles. This actually saved the USSR and its peoples from the US atomic bombing. For this, Beria does not deserve a modest monument somewhere in the center of Moscow ?!

- Ensured the discovery of oil fields in the Volga region, saved the country from energy starvation.

- He was the organizer of the creation of the Air Defense Ring around Moscow; nobody could do this task before us.

The Soviet Union was lucky that at one time there were two unique managers at the head of the country - Stalin and Beria. Beria was a unique personality - a technocrat, a manager of the highest level, a man with unlimited energy. Therefore, his monument in Russia and Moscow - the building of Moscow State University, the head of the construction of this building, looking up to the stars, was L.P. Beria.

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  1. Peter
    Peter April 28 2011 10: 28
    to be afraid - without a soft sign
  2. Valeri Ardan
    Valeri Ardan April 28 2011 11: 14
    At the right time, the right leaders appear in the country. There are no accidents in history
  3. Victor
    Victor April 28 2011 15: 03
    Titanic tasks require extremely tough decisions. Hence the hatred.
  4. Alex
    Alex April 28 2011 19: 05
    Reading the article, it seems that some wish that people like Stalin and Beria would be in power again. Please choose your desires more carefully, sometimes desires are fulfilled and then ..... I don’t even want to imagine what will happen.

    PS I wonder how the fate of the USSR would have developed if Beria had come to power in Khrushchev's place?
    1. Sitev
      Sitev 30 June 2012 23: 40
      Quote: Alex
      It is interesting how the fate of the USSR would have developed if Beria had come to power in Khrushchev’s place

      You are like Georgians and do not know the greatest compatriots of the twentieth century!

      PS: ask the old people who remember Beria or maybe personally knew him!
  5. yuvit
    yuvit April 28 2011 20: 36
    Dear Alex, we lived in those distant times for you. I assure you that we were happy and proud of our country. They lived modestly, but did not starve, were friends, loved, did not feel fear of anyone, enemies, but there were really a lot of them, they were afraid of us, etc.
    Today's Russia, in which more than 10 million unemployed, hungry, destitute people, 1,5 million homeless children can not be compared with that country.
    You probably live in one of the capitals and belong to a wealthy and privileged group? Look, well, at least to the Urals, to one of the many industrial towns, live with these people, I think your opinion will change ...
  6. Maksim
    Maksim April 28 2011 21: 53
    And why do we need rodents in Russia erects monuments that our Russian brilliant leaders are few? For example: Gorbachev, Yeltsin and our current
    the two heads of the eagle, on the other hand, they turned Russia into paradise. It's only the beginning.
  7. Alex
    Alex April 29 2011 02: 33

    Hello dear. It’s not a matter of how people lived, but the fact of the matter is that so many ceased to live in those days far away for me. By the way, my great-grandfathers were shot in my family both from the side of the father and from the side of the mother, and unfortunately there were incredibly many such people, millions of innocent victims of repression. It is on the conscience of people like Beria, Stalin and the like.
    No matter how people were proud of the achievements of their homeland, which certainly were, at the same time there were such crimes that cross out all the good that was then.

    Regarding the current situation, unemployment, poverty and other problems. Who do you think is to blame? In my opinion, people themselves are to blame for the way they live. They look through their fingers at lawlessness, corruption, and other things that are completely unacceptable to a normal state, and some only live on this. Why miss Stalin and why Beria, when you just need decency.
    1. Sitev
      Sitev 30 June 2012 23: 46
      Quote: Alex
      millions of innocent victims of repression

      And so little? Then write trillions smile Explore the repression of 1937-38. and you will understand everything! From 1917 to 1929 millions of Russians were killed and others also fell; in the 30s, a gradual purge began, from those who killed millions of people!
  8. Я
    Я April 29 2011 09: 20
    Comrade Samsonov made a straight leaf portrait. Why is there no book "My father Lavrenty Beria" in the list of sources? You can't fill everything with cloying oil.
    Of course, Beria is an outstanding figure, but to paint it with iridescent tones is the same as to paint only with black paint. This person is more complex. Judging by the recollections of his son, Beria was, however, a Georgian nationalist. Under the supervision of Comrade Stalin (who called himself Russian of Georgian nationality) Beria worked for the good of the entire USSR, but did not forget about Georgians. In fact, it was in his years that Georgia turned from a poor outskirts into a prosperous land.
    That would be if Beria outplayed Khrushchev - there is room for imagination ...
  9. Enemigo
    Enemigo April 29 2011 18: 42
    Quote: Alex
    By the way, my great-grandfathers were shot in both my father and mother’s side in my family, and unfortunately there were an incredible number of such people, millions of innocent victims of repression. It is on the conscience of people like Beria, Stalin and the like.

    By the way, have you looked into the investigative files of your relatives? and then all these sobbing "but my grandfather and all-all-all, Stalin ate alive" not only are in the genre of "fairy tales of the Vienna Woods", but also pretty tired. several years ago in the press there was a wonderful interview with the prosecutor of the Leningrad region. the meaning is that people come to the prosecutor's office to find out why their relatives were sent to areas with a cool climate, if they were nice people during their lifetime and told everyone that they were in prison for nothing. they come, he says, with lawyers (and some of them themselves have education), and they are shown a criminal case drawn up according to all the rules, with evidence and testimony, from which it follows that relatives were imprisoned for specific waste, theft, negligence, and some (oh horror!) Under the Germans, they lived well and even helped the invaders, for example, to identify those who were hiding from mobilization to work in Germany or even worse. the prosecutor says people leave, clutching at their hearts, because their relatives have been hanging noodles on the ears of those around them all their lives.

    By the way, in the 30s there was an unprecedented number of acquittals - up to 16%. and about "millions of victims" - this is a claim to Hitler. about the so-called Nobody would ever have known the "Stalinist repressions" had they not been carried out mainly against the party-economic apparatus and the bald fool Khrushchev had not told about it at the congress. the break of the template is guaranteed if the hands reach to read the respectable works on repression by V. Zemskov and I. Pykhalov. A. Shubin is also recommended for study.

    the second paragraph is simply enchanting and reveals a teenager of an indefinite age who still lives with slogans of the early 1990s.
  10. Alex
    Alex April 29 2011 23: 50

    Your post is, to put it mildly, incorrect, but why wonder .... for you, Stalin and Beria are heroes and the victims of their repression are criminals, that’s it. People like you and denunciations in those days wrote with pleasure what to talk about with you. And by the way, for what my relatives were shot, I know, but I see no reason for you and people like you to tell. Such as you, justifying all that cruelty and were at that time mournful executioners.

    And about the 1990s. Am I mistaken in something? No corruption, or maybe lawlessness? For money you can’t get away from everything and buy everything, or how are things?
    Well, in short it’s good that there are few people like you, at least I rarely come across such people and this is for the better.
  11. Enemigo
    Enemigo April 30 2011 00: 12
    Quote: Alex
    for you, Stalin and Beria are heroes and the victims of their repression are criminals, that’s it. People like you and denunciations in those days wrote with pleasure what to talk about with you. And by the way, for what my relatives were shot, I know, but I see no reason for you and people like you to tell. Such as you, justifying all that cruelty and were at that time mournful executioners.

    young man, well, who pulled you by the tongue, so flawless and in all white? You are probably from the breed of fools who feed on the rainbow and poop butterflies?

    a man climbs everywhere with his universal human roulette and tries with his bump to judge a mobilization society on the eve of the war and intellectual snot about tears of pi ... race.
  12. Alex
    Alex April 30 2011 02: 15

    So I did not understand why you are outraged and what you deny?
    What were the repressions and what was written a large number of denunciations? In vain you deny it, it has already been proved by historians and no one argues about this.
    You have created for yourself a certain illusion of Soviet power, it is utopia.
    And an Intelligent is not a curse if you do not know.
    1. slava.iwasenko
      slava.iwasenko 5 January 2013 01: 52
      "... this has already been proven by historians ..." That's right, real professional historians, and not like Svanidze, have proven that no so-called. There were no "Stalinist repressions", all this is a myth invented by the maize
  13. radio operator
    radio operator 26 June 2011 11: 14
    Again, a solid ideology.
    Beria is contradictory, complex, extraordinary, terrible.
    Not analysis, but idolatry. It is a pity when a portrait is painted with only two colors. Fresh and uninteresting.
  14. slava.iwasenko
    slava.iwasenko 5 January 2013 01: 56
    Glory to God, the Russian people opened their eyes to the positive role of I.V. Stalin in our and world history, begin to reveal themselves to the exclusively positive activities of L.P. Beria. The country must know its true heroes !!!
  15. Dinrich
    Dinrich 19 November 2015 13: 00
    in narrow circles there were rumors that Beria loved minor girls