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Results of the week. “Again your ego has been itching.”

Putin's line

The total time is more than 3 hours 50 minutes. The air with the president beat records of interest among TV viewers, radio listeners, users of the global network. Thousands of calls, SMS messages, questions via the Internet, as well as, for the first time in the practice of direct lines, thousands of personal video messages of Russians (about 100 video questions per minute) from a wide variety of regions were received during the week prior to the broadcast, as well as directly on the air. countries from foreign countries. In total, more than 2 of millions of questions came through various channels.

For obvious reasons, most of the questions to which Vladimir Putin answered live were devoted to the problems of Ukraine and the reunification of the Crimea and Sevastopol with Russia. The president told viewers and listeners about his personal attitude to some candidates for the presidency of Ukraine, as well as his attitude to the race as a whole. Vladimir Putin told a lot of interesting things about his western partners. Only one story about how Rasmussen, still being a Danish official, recorded a conversation with Putin on the tape recorder without the knowledge of Putin himself, and then this conversation also merged into the media, which it cost. Once again, the Russian president told about how “honest” Western leaders are in their plans not to expand NATO to the East, and about how “smart” and “pragmatic” the current pseudo-government of Ukraine is.

On the direct line, quite often the original responses of Vladimir Putin sounded. In the course of thinking about NATO strikes on Libya, Vladimir Putin called Dmitry Medvedev an acting president. And during one of the answers about gas contracts, Vladimir Putin christened the current Minister of Energy of Ukraine Sold the Minister with a talking name ...

In general, it was interesting. And it was obviously interesting for Faina Ivanovna, who asked when Alaska will join ...

But so that the straight line suddenly did not arouse much interest among American audiences, the Associated Press, in the words of Khakamada about the insolvency of the EU and the fact that the United States was giving Kiev a billion dollars in elections, interrupted the broadcast. Publicity, freedom of speech, all that ...

Comments from our readers:

If we take into account how massively they are poisoning Russia almost all over the world (unfairly and dirty methods), Putin behaved with dignity, calmly, diplomatically, and, as always, he tried to joke. In my opinion, none of the heads of the world powers have ever conducted such straight lines ... it is difficult for him now.

And I especially want to congratulate the Crimean Golden Eagle. Guys, and the colonel is dashing with you ... He called a coward a coward live for the whole world ... Beautifully so .. And Putin hesitated too much ... How tactfully to agree and to observe diplomacy.

For a moment, I imagined the place where the feminine Oland, Feldwebel Merkel, the bustling Cameron and the whole company, led by the unworthy son of the great Kenyan people and the undeserved Nobel Prize winner, wanted to give them handkerchiefs, pull up pants and distribute the candy “Mishka na Severa”.
And, after all, we have not yet distributed cookies to anyone ...

Comrade migrant! All around Step march!

Unexpected news came early in the week. The leader of the public organization “Federation of Migrants of Russia”, uniting representatives of the most diverse diasporas in the Russian Federation (diasporas of more than 40 countries of the world), Muhammad Amin Majumder, announced that millions of migrants are ready to serve in the Russian army. Madjumdera quotes Interfax:
Millions of migrants, including former USSR citizens, currently residing in Russia, are ready to serve in the Armed Forces and participate in the defense of the defense of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, the FMR (this is the Federation of Migrants of Russia) notes that migrants are concerned about the increasing Western pressure on the world community and, in particular, on the Russian Federation, and therefore announce their proposal to strengthen the security of the Russian borders. The FMR also stated that it’s time without any ideological barrier to rally the peoples living in the territory of the Russian Federation, regardless of their origin or religious affiliation.

The preoccupation of migrants with the increasing Western pressure, of course, touches, as does their desire to unite the peoples living in the territory of the Russian Federation through their own military service in the Russian army. But only the fervor of pro-Russian patriotism on the part of the “millions of migrants”, about which the citizen of Bangladesh Madjumder speaks, raises some doubts. Vague doubts ... Honestly, you can hardly imagine that a person who came from a sunny Central Asian village was more concerned not with the desire to earn money in Russia, but with the ability to resist Western pressure, the machinations of the State Department and the insidious plans of the Pentagon and NATO. Madjumder clearly overdid it in his field ...

Comments from our readers:

No thanks. We will manage ourselves. If it is good to scrape the bottom of the barrel, then you can find a lot more people than you need to call. And being better than migrants in many respects.

Migrants are not needed. In general, do not need any in the army or in the cities or at work.
FMR - to disperse, it was not enough that this mass had a focal point.
When the government realizes that the most destabilizing factor in the country is migrants who cause only the hatred of the people.

Serve as a grandmother or a passport, such as the "Foreign Legion"? It is unlikely that these divisions will result in "The Invincible and Legendary ...".

Odessa Mama

Odessa "antimaydan" declared the region "Odessa People's Republic" and urged residents of the city to block traffic in the city. “Odessa is a democratic, multinational, tolerant city and here the majority, consisting of local residents, and not the agents of the CIA, the SBU, the FSB, the governors and deputies, decides,” wrote the authors of the appeal.

On the same day, in the hero-city of Odessa, there appeared thugs of pravoseki, who decided to restore the Maidan "justice" by their own methods. According to UkroSMI, in the Primorsky district, employees of the State Ministry of Internal Affairs in Odessa detained several young people who were carrying shields, Molotov cocktails, metal fittings trimming, baseball bats - a complete “gentleman's” set of “dogs”, which today in Ukraine no one seems to be surprised.

Information with the detention of thugs looks a bit strange. The strangeness is that literally one day before the described events in the same State Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Odessa region announced the creation of a special squad “Storm” in the city, including on the basis of pravosek and other maydanutyh activists. This is a quote: a detachment of special purpose police patrol service. Special purpose - that's for sure ...

In addition, the Maidan police chief of Odessa (the former head of the Transcarpathian traffic police), Lutsyuk, issued an appeal in which he called on Odessans to join the ranks of the Maidan militia in order to “preserve the integrity of Ukraine.” Here, it turns out, how ... And we thought it was a sinful deed that it was Maidan’s Khan and do everything to split the country into pieces.

Meanwhile, the residents of Odessa, in the meantime, saw a unique phenomenon in their city - on the beaches, someone installed anti-tank hedgehogs ...

Comments from our readers:

Well, it started ... No more Ukraine. They collapsed another month and will not gather back.

Question on filling: where will the fleet of Ukraine be based? In the river? Tomorrow, Kherson and Nikolaev will also announce the creation of a republic, and that’s all - Ukraine has no way out to sea.

Imagine having fun in Israel! Odessa is a separate republic! The dream of a Jew, a terrible dream of an anti-Semite.
PS How many new jokes will there be !!!

Ukrainian filtration

Kiev restricts the entry of all male Russians from 16 to 60 to Ukraine. These are temporary restrictions, according to representatives of the State Border Service of Ukraine. Entry will also limit for male citizens of Ukraine registered in the Crimea and Sevastopol. Notifications on the prohibition of entry into the territory of Ukraine of Russians in the Russian Railways have not yet received. Earlier on the restrictions reported "Aeroflot".

Ukrainian border guards will hold talks with all Russians at checkpoints. Only those who have documentary evidence of the death or illness of a close relative, as well as if there is a supporting document to the invitation from legal entities and individuals, will receive a permit to Ukraine.

In this connection, the commentary of the spokesman for the State Border Service of Ukraine, Mr. Slobodyan, is interesting (quoted "Vedomosti"):

In our field of vision in the first place get physically strong men who travel alone or in groups. We will also pay attention to women of active age who may take part in activities of a destabilizing nature.

Thanks Slobodian! It was from his light hand (well, or language) that we learned that the new Ukrainian “authorities” came up with a unique way to differentiate women. These authorities, it turns out, can separate them by “active” and “passive” ages.

After such messages from Slobodian, not every woman from Russia will agree to cross the Ukrainian border, even if she really needs it. After all, if she is allowed to cross the ukrovlasia border, it turns out that her age is “passive” ... How can a self-respecting woman live with this fact? ..

I wonder what principle Slobodyan and his colleagues will determine the "activity" of the age of Russian women? According to the well-known male reaction (from Slobodyan) to the female sex, or what? .. And who tested this reaction from Slobodyan himself? Farion? Tymoshenko? Or, God forgive me, Avakov?

Comments from our readers:

There are people who just want to go up and ask if it's hard to live without brains ...

So I imagine the dialogue on the border:
- Purpose of your visit?
- I am going to the funeral of the egg pot (Turchinov, nalybayk ... depending on the AIM of the driver), and that's spravochka.
- They are alive !!!
- So here I am going ...

And if I consider Ukrainians as brothers and sisters and see that Ukraine is dead? Will they let you in? Or now only on tanks will be allowed?

10000 Silver Pads

A photo of a "lucrative offer" from one of the Ukrainian banks has spread on the Internet. In particular, the news portal "Press of Ukraine" reports that "in troubled Donetsk and Lugansk, where armed pro-Russian separatists-terrorists operate", a new social advertisement has appeared. The banner reads: "A profitable offer from PrivatBank: $ 10000 for Moscow".

Results of the week. “Again your ego has been itching.”

Users wondered: fake or not fake?

In order to establish the truth, the journalists of “Military Review” had to contact the Privatbank directly with the question of where they could receive money, because we were here, “Moskal”, a dime a dozen ... They said they were switching to a certain department, quote : at your request. After a minute or two, the female voice clarified the purpose of our call. Having explained the essence of the matter, they heard in response that Privatbank has nothing to do with the poster in question. Yes? But the gentlemen from Dnipro-1, a subdivision controlled by Kolomoisky, were promised 10 thousands of dollars for a “saboteur” from the south-east of Ukraine ... And who are these “saboteurs”?

After that, in order to maintain the conversation, all that remained was to ask when the management of Privatbank was going to allow the residents of Crimea who had accounts with this bank to withdraw their funds. The girl said that work in this direction is underway, but she does not have exact data. But I could say that Privatbank also has nothing to do with this ...

Comments from our readers:

We must at least a bubble for Bandera promise. How long, I wonder, do they hold out?

As always, everything is in dollars: Chechnya, Afghanistan ...

Lord of the Sith
It is necessary ... for Parubiya 120 thousand, for Pyongnibok 80 thousand, and for the rest on 100 thousand. Let them understand and quarrel with each other, why such prices are, and the better Paruby, or the worse Pygnybok. Or maybe he is an agent of the Kremlin?

To enhance the effect, it is better to leak the secret information that for the transfer of military equipment and the failure of a special operation in southeastern Ukraine, assign an extraordinary military rank to Colonel Turchinov and awarding him with an order for services to the Fatherland, also report such an award to Parubiy. Then, in fact, their jolly will begin there, and even merge such information about Yarosh. And about the report of the Tyagnibok, that he was in the Kremlin severe reprimand for inaction.

Guardsmen on armor

At the end of March, new information appeared on the future of the Ukrainian armored personnel carrier BTR-4. According to the Ukrainian media, armored vehicles built as part of one of the most ambitious and controversial projects of recent times have found their new owners. In the foreseeable future, several BTR-4 armored personnel carriers will be transferred to the newly created National Guard of Ukraine.

Not having this very National Guard, but having scattered groups of radicals from among the “Maidan activists”, the self-proclaimed ukrovlasts are not only going to disarm these groups, but also vice versa - they are going to supply them with armored vehicles.

Now, to the wooden bits, Molotov cocktails and stolen from warehouses in the west of Ukraine (in military units), assault rifles, grenade launchers and MANPADS from the Cardinal's Guardsmen will also be added with armored personnel carriers. With or without marriage is no longer so important.

I wonder in what direction will these armored personnel carriers open fire? ..

Comments from our readers:

Found where to break the Iraqi marriage

Well, there are two misery.

Well, at least it will be clear. Saw BTR4-exactly Banderlog go, and do not have to go to negotiate, you can immediately burn.

Have you eaten "Cook"?

History about the “inadmissible and provocative flight”, as representatives of the Pentagon called the recent incident in the Black Sea, when our Su-24 front bomber flew around the American destroyer Donald Cook several times, acquires new, very interesting details.

On the network, they are discussing the version according to which it was not an ordinary plane, but its reconnaissance version Su-24MR. Not only that - equipped with the newest electronic warfare complex (EW) "Khibiny", which has no analogues in the world and is currently being tested.

When the destroyer Donald Cook was just planning to enter the Black Sea, he was already “met” by his warning in the microblog Dmitry Rogozin:

The main thing is that the natives did not eat it.

Apparently, the “natives” were understood to be the very system “Khibiny”, about which the press writes, although “Khibiny” and SU-24 over the sea with its active involvement are very far from each other concepts. Anyway…

After the Russian plane "waved its wings" at a distance of less than a kilometer from the "Cook", the Pentagon immediately called the appearance of the Russian "Drying" a provocation. Well, we have long been accustomed to such tricks: the entry of an American destroyer into the Black Sea is not a provocation, but without fail a friendly, welcoming flight of a Russian military aircraft is a provocation ... We need to be calmer, Pentagon, calmer. After all, it is possible to disturb our trained Crimean combat dolphins with our comments ... And they, after being pumped around the Crimea, have our ear and are eager to show themselves ...

Only here on the "Cook" and marine mammals a pity to waste ...

PS to the topic: one of the readers told that, say, American sailors need to stock up on diapers, while other readers rebelled, saying that “diapers” are a topic that has run to holes. At the request of the workers, we insert our 5 kopecks and declare: that's it, that's that! The subject of diapers should be closed! .. Together we are looking for new "allegories" ...

Comments from our readers:

Semyon Semyonych
I would like to believe, but it hurts like a fantasy ...

By Su-24MR with "Khibiny" full Lazha!
Yes, under the belly of SAP ... "Tarantula" is still not "attached".
Against ground air defense (SAM) "Khibiny" still here and there. but against the sea.
Count yourself what you need to have the "power" and size to suppress the METER range of the radar on ships.

"As soon as the American destroyer approached the coast of Crimea, there was talk among the crew about the need for a referendum and the separation of the ship from the rest fleet... Attempts are continuing to replace the flag with another, with fewer stripes and no stars ... "

Simplified ...

The State Duma adopted amendments to the law “On Citizenship of the Russian Federation”, providing for simplification of the procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship (now the bill has been submitted for consideration to the Council of the Federation).

"Russian map". What needs to be changed in the new draft law on citizenship, so that it does not harm, but helps

Now, it seems that a person who is recognized in Russia as a native speaker of Russian can receive Russian citizenship. The carrier - this means that a person not only fluent in the language, but also uses it in daily practice. It would seem that now it will be easier for Russian-speaking citizens of foreign countries to get Russian citizenship to everyone who wants it. However, there is a strange clause in the amendments, which says that the ancestors of the “native Russian speaker” were supposed to reside exclusively on the territory of the Russian Empire or the USSR, which today corresponds to the territory of the Russian Federation. And what is the simplification? For example, if the ancestor lived in the territory of Transnistria or Donbass, then the residents of these regions, with the possible receipt of a Russian passport, face the same difficulties, because Transnistria and the Donbass are not the territory of the Russian Federation. One must warm the soul of those who want to become Russians: BYE is not the territory of the Russian Federation ...

Comments from our readers:

The usual phenomenon among the officials "was like the best, but it turned out as always." This suggests that the positions are occupied by incompetent people, non-professionals, and this is one of the many ills of today's Russia.

Bureaucracy in Russia is indestructible. No, in order to destroy, we increase and increase it. The number of officials in comparison with the USSR in Russia has increased several times, it is worthwhile to get some great work, you can get your feet up ... well.

Boiling Southeast and low-vision Shtepa

The situation in the southeast of Ukraine was the most heated in the week. Kramatorsk, Slavyansk, Mariupol, Donetsk, Raisin, Lugansk - the name of the Ukrainian cities, which today can be heard in a variety of world media.

News from Donbass comes as an avalanche, and each of them ceases to be news within a few minutes after its appearance, since it is replaced by another.

Ukrainian armored vehicles, marching south-east on the criminal order from Kiev, found themselves in the hands of representatives of the Donetsk People's Republic. Ukrainian soldiers simply left the equipment and went to their homes. Kiev, in order to save face, even declared that it was such a cunning plan to “break through into the lair of the enemy.” As a result of this miracle plan, the number of units of military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine among the supporters of federalization has increased ...

One of the newsmakers in the southeast was Nelia Shtepa - already the ex-mayor of Slavyansk, who first swore allegiance to the people of Donbass, and then with her belongings waved to the capital, believing that the language would bring to Kiev. And it brought.

Shtepa for Shuster and other impressionable-tilted ones told how “green men” killed people in Slavyansk ... She herself, she said, saw everything with these eyes — three of them “decided” ... In addition, the critical age of Shtep “suggested” to her that “everything these people "- well, the green men - the Russians, and she almost saw their passports herself again with these very eyes ... Doctor! Ophthalmologist for Shtepa, urgently! She definitely has something with her eyes ...

Comments from our readers:

On the way, a tank crawls from the town of Chuguev,
Well, let him crawl, piece of iron ...

Putin’s mistake is that he returned the plane from the Crimea to the junta. Now they scare the people in Kramatorsk. We must overtake him back. Airplane fools is not a toy.

Kiev is climbing out of its skin, doing literally everything so that EAST OF UKRAINE LEAVES TO RUSSIA.


In New York, a regular meeting was held in the UN Security Council at which the crisis in Ukraine was considered. Russia's permanent representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, criticized a report published on Tuesday in Geneva. In particular, he noted that the drafters of the report preferred not to notice that the current authorities in Ukraine came as a result of an armed coup. According to Churkin, the document also does not pay due attention to the problem of the growth of nationalist sentiment in Ukraine, it also “says nothing about appeals to ethnic discord.” Churkin expressed the opinion that people who do not have the reputation of democratic politicians came to power in Ukraine, and there is no reason to talk about democracy in Kiev.

But the United States Permanent Representative to the UN, Samantha Power, believes that the actions of the Kiev authorities in the east of Ukraine were “cautious and balanced.” According to Power, events in the eastern regions of Ukraine, as well as in Crimea, are a well-planned campaign from Russia: “We believe that this is a well-organized, professionally-directed campaign of incitement to hostility and sabotage. And there is evidence that this campaign is being conducted by Russia. ” According to Power, the Russian side is constantly “trying to distract attention from its actions, from its aspirations for territorial expansion.

Vitaly Churkin had to fend off some of the statements of Power. “Many of those who are now in power in Kiev have such a reputation that a year ago you would not have given them a hand,” Churkin said, addressing UN Security Council members.

Mrs. Power, thus, joined the choir of madmen, howling in the Western press about the "occupier" Moscow, which, in the course of the newest blitzkrieg, is trying to take over land from Ukraine to Finland with the subsequent landing of airborne troops in the District of Columbia.

By the way, “a well-organized, professionally directed campaign of incitement to hostility and sabotage” is the occupation that the State Department constantly trades on on our non-peaceful world. One "Arab Spring" is worth something!

Washington is not very good at blaming Russia for what it traditionally does itself. The referendum in the Crimea is generally a purely American merit, a side effect of euromaidan, which was fed by people from the State Department.

Comments from our readers:

Alexander Romanov
In the UN, you can say anything. There will be no sense from this. The West does not care about everything and everyone. The UN will end up like the League of Nations.

Well done, Vitaly Ivanovich !!!
At a meeting of the UN Security Council, a man bursts in with a machine gun in his hand and shouts:
- Who is Churkin?
All happily poked in Churkina finger.
- Vitali, bend down!

from punk
Candy "Roshen" in the UN buffet is devoured in the morning, that's the brain and refuse.

Vitaly Churkin is one of the pillars of our diplomacy. Health to him, endurance, patience. Who said that the work of a diplomat is not difficult and not dusty? I'd better carry bags than every day to see and hear this mrazotu. And it’s not easy to hear and to respond with all arguments to all their nonsense.
Churkin - FOREVER.

"Photoshop" in evidence

US Secretary of State John Kerry sharply criticized anti-Semitism in Ukraine. In his speech, he spoke about leaflets "in one of the cities," in which they demanded that the Jews declare themselves. Similar leaflets have recently appeared in the Donetsk region. The man, whose name they are signed, told the channel "RT", it is a fake.

Speaking on the results of the quadripartite talks in Geneva, John Kerry told reporters about anti-Semitism in Ukraine and cited a situation that allegedly took shape in one of the cities as an example.

“In the last two days, letters were sent to Jews in one of the cities that they should declare themselves as Jews. The letter also contained threats, ”said Kerry.

“By the 2014 year, after all the lessons that history has taught us, this is not just unacceptable, this is absurd. This is beyond acceptability. ... People involved in this kind of activity on both sides should understand that there is no place for that, ”said Kerry.

The “letters” call for Jews to register before May 3 on 2014 with a certain “Commissioner for Nationalities”. On paper is the signature of the "people's governor" Denis Pushilin.

“In fact, there are similar letters not only about Jews, but also about entrepreneurs, foreign students, other citizens of certain occupations. In fact, it is fake, and quite unsuccessful. There is a signature "People's Governor". Firstly, no one calls me that way, no one elected me. Secondly, there is the seal of the former mayor. Everything is done through "Photoshop", - said Pushilin in an interview with "RT". He categorically denied the authenticity of the letter.

American Secretary of State, we add, journalists at home are called a liar. And not only at home. Last year V.V. Putin also accused him of lying.

Kerry is young criticized The American government for the war, slandered the soldiers who fought in Vietnam (like himself), bad-mouthing the methods of warfare the United States. Much later, in 2013, already in the position of Secretary of State, he made a speech in which he called Syrian President Assad "a gangster and a murderer" and said that he was responsible for the death of 1429 people who allegedly died from the use of chemicals.

At the September 3 Foreign Affairs Committee, Senator Ron Johnson asked Kerry about what America knows about the opposition in Syria. The senator believes that if “at the initial stage,” this opposition, “maybe” was “more pro-Western, more moderate, more democratic,” but now it has “degraded”, al-Qaida elements have penetrated it. “Is it true that this happened?” Asked the senator (part of the question was unintelligible). Kerry replied: “No, in fact, this is basically wrong. This is basically wrong. The opposition is increasingly defined as moderate ... ”Kerry also spoke about the desire of this opposition to democratic processes, to protect minorities through the constitution, the secular future of Syria. And he added: "And this is very important." Kerry responded already from Russia. President Vladimir Putin accused the Secretary of State of lying to Congress.

William Biglow (16’s December 2012 publication at explicitly called John Kerry a “pathological liar.”

And on Facebook's “RePeace” page, Kerry said very briefly, but clearly. He is called the “sad, sad doll” hired by “Exxon” and “Goldmann Sachs”, which has no conscience and no face of repentance on its face. Kerry is called a liar, a fighter for evil and a man who wants to kill even more innocent children, women and their fathers,

"To bury a million more corpses in the mud, in order to get a gas pipeline from Qatar through Syria."

Therefore, we should not be surprised that Kerry uses fakes in his speeches.

Comments from our readers:

Quotes fake, and before that he quoted something else?

Let Kerry read the inscriptions on the Ukrainian fences. So much new and interesting to know about yourself and about the States! Based on these inscriptions, he will be able to understand the truth about America.

If in politics at the very top such incompetence, then I am not surprised at the mess that is happening in the world :-(

Five ships from NATO

NATO is directing parts of its naval rapid response forces to the Baltic Sea to strengthen the defense of its Eastern European allies in connection with the Ukrainian crisis. It clarifies the "Reuters" referring to the spokesman of the Alliance naval command, four minesweepers and one support vessel will go "in the foreseeable future." The group will consist of ships from Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium and Estonia.

Now the ships are in the German port of Kiel.

It clarifies the “Voice of America”, the Alliance seeks not to escalate the situation in Ukraine, but “to demonstrate solidarity” and increase NATO’s combat readiness.

Earlier, representatives of the Alliance reported that the number of fighters patrolling the airspace over the Baltic will be tripled. As Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper reported on Thursday, six CF-18 fighters will be sent to Poland from this country. In addition, 20 Canadian officers will go to NATO headquarters in Brussels. Harper explained this decision with a response to "expansionism and militarism" on the part of Russia.

And in Poland, by the end of the year, the presence of the US military will be strengthened. According to Stars and Stripes, this was promised by the US Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, who was “alarmed by the Russian aggression in the neighboring country”.

As always, NATO “seeks not to escalate the situation,” but it only does what it forces. The intention to "demonstrate solidarity" means a real round of the Cold War with Russia. What Harper and his ilk call “expansionism and militarism,” in fact, refers to the forces of the Alliance, who still see the Russians as their main enemy. Presumably, speeches about the "expansionism" of the Kremlin will help General Secretary Rasmussen to shake out money from the budgets of the crisis countries of Europe. Well, what about? After all, the Russians are coming!

Comments from our readers:

My heart feels that Su-24, which caused diarrhea in the Black Sea, will get a wonderful opportunity to practice over the waves of the Baltic.
True, the question remains: what kind of combat cake with horse divers on board put Estonia?

Instead of burning diesel fuel just like that, they would give it to Ukraine for sowing, or Russia would pay for gas.

I'm going to drown. Well this is necessary, SUCH armada, as many as four aircraft carriers, damn you, lured, LITTLE, I'm already in shock. Clowns are stupid.

Boldly, as many as five troughs. Everything, I with a fright burrow into the ground. Or maybe they are the diapers they bring to their Baltic colleagues?

Overstrained west

East dominance in global politics is about to become a fait accompli. Following the decolonization and the Asian economic miracle, a new wave of modernization of the Asian countries is coming. This time, the East is going to succeed in the arms race with its Western rivals, becoming one of the most influential centers of power on the globe. The West cannot oppose anything: the crisis “killed” the budgets of European states. Against the background of the budget deficit, the purchase of weapons looks like an expensive pleasure.

This is evidenced by data cited by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute and published in the media 14 April. Thus, the total amount of military spending worldwide in 2013 compared to 2012 in the year decreased by 1,9%.

Trends in savings on the purchase of weapons are characteristic of Western countries. For example, last year the United States reduced the funding of its armed forces by 7,8%. According to experts, this was done in connection with the end of the war in Iraq, as well as in anticipation of the upcoming withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. Auto budget cuts, approved by Congress in 2011, also played a significant role. However, the United States military budget, equaling 1747 billions of dollars, remains the largest in the world.

In previous decades, the United States overran the cost of excessive military spending. Despite the end of the Cold War, Washington continued purchasing weapons and reinforcement of the armed forces. Americans spent more on financing the military than the rest of the nations of the world combined.

Today, let us add to this, NATO is again shaking the air with “peace-loving” statements. The external enemy is known, the propagandists of the West are already tired of repeating about the "annexation" of the Crimea by the Kremlin. True, the budgets of the NATO countries covered by the crisis are not the same ...

Comments from our readers:

I believe in the good and in our Russian future, but the West has not lost its leadership in the arms race, but just so “filled up” with modern weapons (with combat use) that it’s time to cut down the money for weapons.
And we are at the beginning. Because we need more money for weapons.
And before the leadership, we are like the moon.

It is also not necessary to bend the stick ... We have something thick or empty. Then we rivet tanks and ships like pies, then 15 hasn’t been in the army for years. Extremes are solid. Apparently, a feature of the national character. It is necessary to grope the middle of the golden.

Fear America! Putin is coming

Foreign media are increasingly inclined to think that Russia does not need to fight to achieve its strategic goals. There is no need to bullet nuclear missiles in the direction of the United States, Poland should not be trampled down with kirzacs, you should not spend a whole week on the seizure of Sweden and another two weeks on the war with Finland. Even a petition for the return of Alaska is not needed. The world is about to surrender to Russia. Raise paws in front of tricky Putin.

On the Polish resource "Blogpublika" appeared an article by Adam Petrasevich in which it is fascinating to explain why the king will soon begin to rule Russia quite royally. And she for this and the war is not required.

Moscow has a weapon that can destroy the United States. No, Petrasevich does not mean nuclear missiles at all. Moscow can simply announce that it is starting to trade oil for rubles. Yes, albeit for a different currency, but not for dollars. Russia is already on the way to such deals: it has announced that it will buy five hundred thousand barrels of oil from Iran a day by barter. If Russia starts selling all of its oil, as well as gas, for another currency, then hundreds of billions of dollars will go home to the United States. “And then,” the author exclaims, “Americans will taste hyperinflation, such as it was in the Weimar Republic at the beginning of the 20 of the 20th century.” And that's what will happen to the planet:

“And then the world economy will collapse. All. Russia could take advantage of this, because it depends very little on foreign countries, and its debts are not so great. ”

It seems that the time is right for the people of the United States to compose a petition for the “electronic government” site. Its content may be something like this:

“Dear Mr. Barack Obama, Nobel Peace Prize winner! Please forget about the Crimea. Do not scare the Russians, and especially their Tsar Putin, with various sanctions. Do not tease the bear. Let Putin sells his gas, his oil and his palladium. Let him sell them - because he sells them for our dollars. With each transaction, we become a little richer, and the Fed can continue to work paper wonders. Mr Obama! Don't make a bankrupt out of your homeland. Or were you really born in Kenya? ”

Comments from our readers:

Well, perhaps this explains the small-scale public hysteria of the American establishment and the quiet backstage talks between Lavrov and Kerry.
A very strong feeling that burzhuiny all their trumps laid out, but the Furious has not even started showing them.

Still, the Russian people are a unique people! How many we fell, but still we rise, and forward!
And the truth - she is always behind us!

SRC P-15
No wonder in Russia before, the favorite toy was Roly-Vstanka. It is she who, in my opinion, symbolizes today's Russia.

These terrible Russian tanks

Two large German publications decided to send a petition to the Bundestag with a request to remove Russian tanks from the memorial to the fallen Soviet soldiers in the Tiergarten. "Bild" and "Berliner Zeitung" signed a petition with the following requirement: we do not want Russian tanks and other military symbols at the Russian memorial at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

There is a lot of text in the petition: from horror stories about Putin’s tanks threatening Europe to absurdities about some kind of “peaceful revolution” through which Russia allegedly crossed the Crimea.

The memorial complex, located in 300 meters from the Brandenburg Gate, was opened on the site in the autumn of the mass grave of Soviet soldiers 1945 (according to some information, about 2,5 thousand soldiers and officers are buried here). On the opening day of the memorial in Berlin, a parade of Allied forces was held. In addition to the two Soviet tanks T-34, which are mounted on pedestals on both sides of the memorial, there are two guns on it that took part in the battles for Berlin. In the center of the memorial is a sculpture of a Soviet soldier. Above the complex waving Russian tricolor.

The calls of two German publications to dismantle the memorial in Berlin caused a negative reaction. Moreover, the petition was awarded criticism not only in Russia, but also in Germany itself. In particular, in response to a newspaper petition, the Berlin City Hall stated that people who signed the appeal did not understand the meaning of the monuments at all. In the mayor's office, the “converts” were reminded that in the German capital today there are three large memorial complexes erected in memory of the dead Soviet soldiers. One of them is a complex in Tiergarten, the other two are in Pankov and Treptow Park. In total, in the ground beneath them lies the remains of 23 thousands of Soviet soldiers and officers.

The central authorities of Germany decided not to turn off the brain. From the Bundestag came the news that the dismantling of the memorial in the Tiergarten will not.

It should be noted that for the sake of the rating, the German yellow press will easily go to an exaggerated sensation or give facts in a slightly toasted form. It will go the same way as the yellow press in any other country.

It is even good that the petition appeared in “Bilde”: the newspaper apparently wanted to increase its popularity, but its readers called the appeal “simply ridiculous” and expressed a lot of other unflattering epithets. In the future, the editors of Bilda will probably think about: is it worth it to go against its readers?

Comments from our readers:

The main government did not go on about these rags, the tanks remain.

Where the world is heading, they will wait for T-34 or Armat to be installed next to T-90 in the near future!

Prose public opinion in the "American semi-colony."

After 45, the Germans have a steady reflex at the sight of Russian tanks - sphincter pressure and uncontrolled diarrhea. And the hereditary reflex. This reflex must be maintained in order to avoid recession, so as not to forget. Accordingly, the tanks need to periodically lubricate, refuel and replenish ammunition. So, just in case.

There is nowhere bigger

In the south of the Korean Peninsula, "the largest in history" began, according to local generals, air force exercises involving the United States Air Force. The purpose of the maneuvers is to develop combat skills in an environment as close as possible to the conditions of a real military conflict. Joint ground maneuvers that began on February 24 continue. This is accompanied by an extremely cheeky information warfare, which, apparently, is far from being only against Pyongyang.

In total, 103 military aircraft and about 1400 military personnel, including US marines, will participate in current military exercises. “This is a response to North Korea, which is trying to inflate tensions in the region,” the South Korean Defense Ministry said. In Seoul, they refer to the threats of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to launch a new nuclear test cycle, recent mutual shelling in coastal waters, and Pyongyang’s attempts to resume rocket tests.

Washington and Seoul tried to spoil the North Koreans a great national holiday, says Alexey Andreev with “However.” After all, 9 in April in the DPRK celebrated the 21 anniversary from the historic day when Kim Jong Il was elected chairman of the State Defense Committee. And in 2014, his son Kim Jong-un was approved for the same position on the same day.

Comments from our readers:

In fact, such teachings destabilize the situation no less than the actions of North Korea! And no one can figure out who was the first to say “woof”!

Yes, just here and the United States muddy water. If it were not for them, these two Koreas would have lived normally for a long time or would have joined long ago.

Victims of the Coming Law

One of the representatives of the Socialist Party of India proposed to abolish the death penalty for rapists. Another comrade made a more radical proposal: to execute both the one who committed this crime and the one who was raped.

The head of the Socialist Party, Moulayam Singh Yadav, made a loud statement in his pre-election speech in the city of Moradabad. He promised that if he became the head of the government of Uttar Pradesh, he would seek the abolition of the recently adopted law on the death penalty for rapists.

Abu Asim Azmi, another representative of the Socialist Party of India, believes that women and women should be hanged with rapists. “Rape in Islam is punishable by hanging. But this applies only to the man, but to the woman nothing. Although the woman is guilty, "- he said, commenting on the words of his ally.

“It is necessary to hang up any woman, married or unmarried, if she sleeps with a man, regardless of whether her consent was given. Both need to hang. You shouldn’t allow such a thing even with the consent of the woman, ”the politician emphasized.

The last of the politicians, it seems, was going to hang all the women of India - just to get into power. For such wild statements are made in India not for the good of society, but because of parliamentary elections (deputies are elected to the lower house of parliament).

Comments from our readers:

And idiocy got to India!

Read the book "White Tiger" by Aravind Adiga, will give some insight into modern India. Caste has nothing to do with it. Just when the girl is married, the groom's family, according to local traditions, can take whatever she wants from the bride. Now the situation is more or less leveling off, but in the southern states of the republic the birth of a girl is still a sorrow for a family. They just kill them and throw them into the gutter. Therefore, when the summer comes, and with it a drought, from the small rivulets get a heap of corpses of babies. In this regard, by the way, in India it is forbidden to report the sex of the child after an ultrasound scan. To not have an abortion. And with regard to castes, a woman from a higher caste can take a groom from a lower caste — this will raise him to her level. In this country, there are cases of cannibalism and human sacrifice.

Ultrasound for them - a luxury. Everything is easier there, a girl was born - a head in a bucket and a corpse in a river. Thus, in China and in India, the excess of men is approximately 120 million. Imagine what the government should do with this hormonal mass.

“Again your Ego has been itching to it” - - a phrase from the television series “Serial Fool Me / Theory of Lie (Lie To Me)”
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  1. Keeper
    Keeper April 20 2014 06: 08
    It is difficult for people abroad to see the realities of the situation in the world!
    Since many media are working not for informing, but for ratings! However, on this site there are pluses tongue and minus wassat
    1. SHILO
      SHILO April 20 2014 13: 04
      It is very, very pleasant that the review did not do without a mattress theme - it's time to put a demic for the Americans. By the way! Photo from the category "Only in Russia" laughing
      1. Gnufus
        Gnufus April 20 2014 15: 43
        with us, Volzhsk. rep. Mari-El)) I will not say the street and the house nearby)) you never know)))
        1. SHILO
          SHILO April 20 2014 17: 03
          Quote: Gnufus
          with us, Volzhsk. rep. Mari-El)) I will not say the street and the house nearby)) you never know)))

          Grateful hi Volzhsk and the people with humor for a wonderful photo for a demotivator yes
        2. Krsk
          Krsk April 20 2014 18: 18
          Quote: Gnufus
          with us, Volzhsk. rep. Mari-El)) I will not say the street and the house nearby)) you never know)))

          Well done Mr. Volzhsk !!!
  2. mabuta
    mabuta April 20 2014 06: 10
    Great review. For Authors +++. Especially with a cookie it was fun.
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      Quote: mabuta
      Great review. For Authors +++. Especially with a cookie it was fun.
    2. olegglin
      olegglin April 20 2014 11: 41
      "This damned Russian scrap metal ..."

      ... We drove the Russian locator to his approach to the affected area, and then to cover it. However, when he entered this damn zone, mysticism began. Our locators were the first to go out, then the target designation of the Phalanxes turned off, and the whole Aegis was out of order. Our magnificent "Donald Cook" swayed in the waves like a dead turtle. It turns out that this damned Russian scrap metal, SU-24, turned on the electronic suppression equipment, and the pride of our fleet turned into our shame! And the Russian openly mocked us. He made twelve training attacks on us, rode on our locators with his belly, jammed us with the roar of the engine, and generally showed us that only the crappiest team could swim on such a shitty trough ...
      1. Grandfather Victor
        Grandfather Victor April 20 2014 12: 33
        True heals ...
    3. bubalik
      bubalik April 20 2014 11: 51
      our front-line bomber Su-24 several times flew around the American destroyer Donald Cook, overgrown with new, very interesting details.

      ,,, here are the details ,,, repeat
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. PATTIY
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      Quote: mabuta
      Great review. For Authors +++. Especially with a cookie it was fun.

      oh japstalom! And some some cowards are some small lol
  3. bender8282
    bender8282 April 20 2014 06: 13
    thanks for the news collage! for me Volodya is doing everything right! but it’s not all right to live, it’s not all right away! We are sitting at home and apartment with all the benefits, and in Donetsk people are on barricades, upholding what seems commonplace to us .. ..
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 April 20 2014 12: 21
      AND EXISTING IN THE Coffin, belly is finished !!!


      1. SHILO
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        Quote: cosmos111

        It is no good to leave mattresses without a present on this holy day. Have a look at the Orthodox !?
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    “Again your ego was combed”))) it is about them, yes ... Bravery trembled
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    Welcome all! Ukrainian filtration-ha, this action was taken for the "purity" of the nation laughing So that the oldest language is not spoiled ...
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      Forgive God "this" has survived to gray hair, and in other matters, a little dog is a puppy before old age.
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        Do you think people came from a monkey? No! This monkey came from ancient ukrov! and then everyone else ...
        1. Morgan
          Morgan April 20 2014 13: 08
          I here on the site promote the idea that the ancestors of ukrov are aliens from Betelgeuse (or some other hole) who destroyed the dinosaurs and created civilization on Earth. And this prohvessor (my scientific opponent) trifles with some Latin there. He lacks the scope of scientific thought, dill :-)
          1. lelikas
            lelikas April 20 2014 18: 23
            Quote: Morgan
            I here on the site promote the idea that the ancestors of ukrov are aliens from Betelgeuse (or some other hole) who destroyed the dinosaurs and created civilization on Earth. And this prohvessor (my scientific opponent) trifles with some Latin there. He lacks the scope of scientific thought, dill :-)

            not true !!!!
            They did not exterminate the dinosaurs - with the help of genetic modification they made pigs and fat from them !!!!!
          2. densh
            densh April 20 2014 23: 15
            Quote: Morgan
            I’m promoting the idea here that the ancestors of ukrov are aliens from Betelgeuse (or some other hole) who destroyed the dinosaurs and created civilization on Earth

            You are a colleague late, it has long been proven that Ukrainians are descendants of colonists from Venus.
        2. densh
          densh April 20 2014 23: 00
          Quote: rozowik
          Do you think people came from a monkey? No! This monkey came from ancient ukrov! and
    2. Lelek
      Lelek April 20 2014 18: 27
      The Ukrainians are the same descendants of the Scythians as the ballerina from Novodvorskaya. Well, let them laugh if "Honduras" does not give rest. bully
    3. Poldol
      Poldol April 20 2014 20: 46
      Those who survived the cataclysm
      Stay in pessimism.
      Their yesterday in a glass prism
      They brought us to the hospital.

      And one of them, a mechanic,
      Told, running away from the nannies,
      What the Khokhlyat polyhedron -
      Not a closed navel of the Earth!

      Almost V. Vysotsky "Letter to the transfer of the Obvious-Incredible" (c)
  6. Igor39
    Igor39 April 20 2014 06: 21
    Most of all I liked how the pilots cook shuganuli, laughed heartily laughing
  7. ya.seliwerstov2013
    ya.seliwerstov2013 April 20 2014 06: 23
    fellow Russia has everything - oil, gas, timber, gold, diamonds ... Russia has Crimea !!! Russia has a Beloved President. And even the President of Ukraine, Russia also has !!!
    1. not main
      not main April 20 2014 18: 40
      Quote: ya.seliwerstov2013
      fellow Russia has everything - oil, gas, timber, gold, diamonds ... Russia has Crimea !!! Russia has a Beloved President. And even the President of Ukraine, Russia also has !!!

      Class! Hit below the belt!
    2. Rorabek
      Rorabek April 21 2014 10: 45
      the latter will be current until 25.11.14/XNUMX/XNUMX
  8. Name
    Name April 20 2014 06: 25
    In the south of the Korean Peninsula, the "largest in history" began ... air force exercises with the participation of the US Air Force.-and at the same time, the Japanese self-defense forces launched the first military operation in the East China Sea in the last 40 years near the islands disputed with China ... recourse Apparently, they decided to "stir up" China's blood.
    1. mirag2
      mirag2 April 20 2014 07: 19
      The more injections and the wider their geography, the greater problems they create for the enemy against whom they are directed.
      1. Name
        Name April 20 2014 07: 40
        So after all, if the entire "vast geography" directs its efforts at one point,HOPE !!! US states will not be as such.
  9. mig31
    mig31 April 20 2014 06: 29
    Judging by the rhetoric of the Americans and the West, they are tired of peaceful life, history teaches nothing. The creators of "Western democracies" are provoking Russia, war, as a means of destabilizing public opinion, is trying to catch Russia on live bait ...
  10. blizart
    blizart April 20 2014 06: 36

    Yes, just here and the United States muddy water. If it were not for them, these two Koreas would have lived normally for a long time or would have joined long ago.
    Russian people, I hope, by the example of Ukraine, you will understand the feelings of the people cut into live parts intensely set against each other under the sweet talk about the final victory of democracy
  11. Nikich
    Nikich April 20 2014 06: 36
    Quote: ya.seliwerstov2013
    fellow Russia has everything - oil, gas, timber, gold, diamonds ... Russia has Crimea !!! Russia has a Beloved President. And even the President of Ukraine, Russia also has !!!

    And Russia also has Zhirinovsky. That's who in America should be afraid. If something is wrong, then we will throw him there as a saboteur. good
    1. I do not care
      I do not care April 20 2014 07: 32
      Quote: Nikich
      And Russia also has Zhirinovsky. That's who in America should be afraid. If something is wrong, then we will throw him there as a saboteur.

      As you wish..
  12. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov April 20 2014 06: 37
    The results are pleasing .. (especially when such verses are dedicated to Russia.)
    We will not die alive ..! drinks
    1. Alexander Romanov
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      Quote: MIKHAN

      Votstin is risen drinks
      1. dmit-xnumx
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        - Truly Risen!
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          Quote: dmit-52
          - Truly Risen!

          Happy Easter to all! Christ is risen!

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      Quote: MIKHAN

      Truly risen!
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        My children have done. Join the festive meal.
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    ... trade oil for rubles ...- No, for gold. After all, not everyone has rubles.

    10000 Silver Pads- stupidity, unlimited, although not warm for a Jew. winked

    Muhammad Amin Majumder at all-immigrant from Bangladesh...and what is he so preoccupied with Russia's security. request

    - In connection with the translation of all films into Ukrainian, a new character has appeared in the film "Pirates of the Caribbean" in Ukraine - Zhek Gorobets. Cinema halls are lying.
    - This is also h.i.r.n.ya. Do you know what the film "Tentacles" is now called? "Matsyaltsya". And generally speaking:
    1. The comment was deleted.
  14. nokki
    nokki April 20 2014 06: 47
    Christ is Risen, brothers and sisters! Give you all the God of health and good luck, peace of mind, and our beloved Russia - fortress of spirit and prosperity!
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      Truly Risen! Ukrainian people of the world!
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        I join: Easter is the kindest holiday
        Easter is a bright, clean day.
        May good luck
        And the shadow will leave doubt.
  15. Name
    Name April 20 2014 06: 58
    Gagged: On April 17, a protest rally was held at the US Embassy in Chisinau in connection with the visit of the US Senator John McCain to the Republic of Moldova. The event was organized by civil society on the initiative of the movement "Homeland - Eurasian Union." good
    1. k1995
      k1995 April 21 2014 09: 04
      Moldovans said that in Ukraine several minibuses were stopped with Moldovan gastrobayters traveling to Moscow, tore off their passports and sent back to Moldova.
  16. pensioner
    pensioner April 20 2014 07: 05
    Thanks to the Authors for the Summary hi
    The week turned out to be interesting for the events and some of them clearly indicate that Russia has finally returned to the top world powers.
  17. mamont5
    mamont5 April 20 2014 07: 09
    "Information board of the South-East of Ukraine" appeared on the network

    "As part of the self-defense of the civilian population of southeastern Ukraine and largely thanks to the support provided by caring citizens during the fundraising campaign against the regime of the fascist junta that seized power in Kiev, with the support of the Interregional Public Organization for Assisting the Preservation of Domestic Traditions and Cultural Heritage" VECHE ", activists of the IC" Voice of Sevatopol "launched an information board designed to convey truthful information about what is actually happening in the territory of southeastern Ukraine.

    The following resources have been launched as part of the “information board” system:

    Head site - Voice of Sevastopol
    - Voice of Dnepropetrovsk
    - Voice of Donetsk
    - Voice of Zaporozhye
    - Voice of Kharkov
    - The voice of Kherson
    - Voice of Lugansk
    - Voice of Nikolaev
    - Voice of Odessa

    In addition, groups have been created on VKontakte:

    - Voice of Sevastopol
    - Voice of Dnepropetrovsk
    - Voice of Donetsk
    - Voice of Zaporozhye
    - Voice of Kharkov
    - The voice of Kherson
    - Voice of Lugansk
    - Voice of Nikolaev
    - Voice of Odessa

    Information on information resources will be updated as operational reports become available. In addition, overview reports will be published daily. "
    1. densh
      densh April 20 2014 23: 42
      Dear comrades! Humanitarian Aid Reception Points (addresses below) are open in Russia. They will work from 10:00 to 22:00 daily. The first humanitarian aid will go on 22-23; all the help that will be provided go to the cities of Eastern Ukraine that need our help.

      List of humanitarian aid:
      Now INSULIN is very necessary, and
      Food long storage!
      Canned food.
      Smoked sausage.
      Disposable tableware.
      Caps of various types.
      Shoes. (Really needed! 40-46 sizes)
      Camouflage uniform.
      Old cell phones.
      Radio stations, walkie-talkies (very necessary!)
      Medicines that do not contain drugs.

      Coordinator of all fees Nicholas + 79112895595.

      Points of reception are located at:

      1) St. Petersburg Metro Academic. Ul Vavilovykh d. 17.
      Tel: + 79817958161 Anastasia.

      2) Moscow Metro Cherkizovskoy District possession 2 (not to be confused with the house 2)
      89851767894 Alexey

      3) Ivanovo, ul. Frunze. d 31 apt 7
      phone: 89065145095 Ilya

      4) Address in Tyumen, st. Tsiolkovsky, 1, office 217.
      89132105064, 89634548750 Phone

      5) Kostroma, ul. Golubkova d. 7, apt. 68 tel. (call in advance, at home is not always, but often.) 8-920-642-77-80

      6) Samara, ul. Basseynaya, d.14 + 79171698994

      7) Address Rostov-on-Don, ul. Bogotyanovsky Descent 6, tel. 89286050044. Mode of operation with 10-18. Shop Scooter-Shop

      8) Belgorod. Postal 62G is the housing department of housing and communal services 1 tel.89040931821 Siyana

      9) Veliky Novgorod d.Novaya Mill ul.Zagorodnaya d 25
      + 7 963 368 52 69 Vasily

      10) Kurgan + 79195617844

      11) Kaluga region Kondrovo, st. Tsialkovsky 7. No. 89038148841 Sasha, 89534683920 Andrew.

      12) Saratov, ul. Bolshaya Sadovaya 95, apt. 78; contact phone - + 79616452944.

      13) Komi Republic. Usinsk, st. Taiga 4 (next to the Police) "Authority" store tel. + 79121533675 Olga.

      14) Nizhny Novgorod, Evgeniya Miroshnikova Street, 3 home, 92 apartment, 89506284197 cellular Sergey, on weekdays from 17 to 21 on weekends by agreement

      15) Orel ul.Roshchinskaya 11А tel. + 7 953 818 95 82

      16) Tolyatti St., Mira House 100 Tel.89270293659 Alexey

      17) Kazan Astronomical 8 / 21 office 10 (entrance from the yard) t. + 79872903116

      18) Omsk ul.Uchebnaya 196 k.225
      + 7 965 8-77-78-79 Denis (call in advance)

      19) Volgograd, ul. Vilnius 13, at address after 20-00. tel. + 79377028028

      20) Krasnodar Region, Novorossiysk, ul. Youth, 8
      TC "Department Store" 2 floor
      9.00 to 20.00 daily
      Yana 8918-645-84-13

      Additional coordinators:
      Victor + 7 (931) 268-42-86
      Sergey + 79213992832
  18. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 April 20 2014 07: 31
    from the Don.
    Christ is risen, friends! Again, an interesting week was! Well, the main thing is Ukraine, its convulsions, convulsions of power, even with the unprecedented propaganda help of Geyropa!
    1. PoWeRUS
      PoWeRUS April 20 2014 07: 57
      most likely a little sucked below ...
      Truly Risen !!!
  19. pensioner
    pensioner April 20 2014 08: 06
    They report: there was an attack on a checkpoint in Slavyansk at night. There are victims. Bastards. On Easter ... Where are the cries of the "human rights activists" ?? And what: "nationalistic manifestations are not critical"? This is how the UN Human Rights Commission reported on the situation with these rights in Ukraine.
    1. densh
      densh April 20 2014 23: 44
      Quote: retired
      Transmit: in Slavyansk at night there was an attack on a checkpoint
  20. Name
    Name April 20 2014 08: 19
    Five ships from NATO- can you imagine that if the TU-22 "circled" over them ... repeat Ecological catastrophe from an excess of feces will occur in the Baltic ... laughing
  21. ZU-23
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    On the day of Christ's Sunday
    Let the fun come to your house
    The smell of fresh cakes
    Church ringing, laughter of children,
    At the wide, at the table
    Let your house meet the guests;
    Grace will descend from heaven.
    Happy Easter, Christ is Risen!
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    thanks for the review. WITH EASTER HOLIDAY. CHRESTOS RISK
    1. densh
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      Truly risen!
  23. Andrey_cn
    Andrey_cn April 20 2014 08: 44
    Honestly, "seliverstov2013
    There are people who just want to approach and ask if it is difficult to live without brains ... "- I really want to ask! The majority of people present here - why so much anger towards Ukraine?
    1. pensioner
      pensioner April 20 2014 09: 01
      Quote: Andrey_cn
      There are people who just want to approach and ask if it is difficult to live without brains ... "
      Split personality?
    2. Name
      Name April 20 2014 09: 09
      Yes, not anger towards Ukraine stop ,to maydanuty in Kiev, and not anger,for the amusement of the world they are trying to pose as the "rulers" of the destinies of the people of Ukraine.KOZLY
    3. family tree
      family tree April 20 2014 09: 26
      Quote: Andrey_cn
      really want to ask u! most of the people present here - why so much anger towards Ukraine?

      Quote: retired
      Split personality?

      Nope, megalomania. Call PS Ukraine ..., bo, to the Kiev junta, and then, only contemptuous disgust
      There are people who just want to approach and ask if it is difficult to live without brains ... "

      Hi Yuri! Christ is risen!
      1. pensioner
        pensioner April 20 2014 09: 53
        Hi dear! hi
        Happy Holidays!
    4. Baloo_bst
      Baloo_bst April 20 2014 09: 26
      Where did you get that malice.
      We only want to help.
      But if, specifically, for your head 10000 cu appointed, only because you are not a representative of some nationality, and several guys, rattling weapons, were waiting for you near the house. You probably invite them home, treat them to tea
    5. Egoza
      Egoza April 20 2014 09: 32
      Quote: Andrey_cn
      u! most of the people present here - why so much anger towards Ukraine?

      To Ukraine or to the pseudo authorities of Ukraine? Please clarify.
    6. datur
      datur April 20 2014 09: 41
      [quote = Andrey_cn] Honestly, "seliverstov2013
      There are people who just want to approach and ask if it is difficult to live without brains ... "- I really want to ask! Most of the people present here - why so much anger towards Ukraine? ----- Why did you decide that? we love Ukraine, and we are worried about it !!! and at the same time we just go nuts-- rabid Bandera and fascists came to power, and you think that everything is fine --- so where is your brain?
    7. shuhartred
      shuhartred April 20 2014 09: 41
      Quote: Andrey_cn
      really want to ask u! most of the people present here - why so much anger towards Ukraine?

      Not to Ukraine, but to those who call themselves the power in Ukraine. And I also want to ask: Why is Russia always to blame for you? this time and what kind of "yaku on gilyak" we love you or what? that's two. Filter the propaganda a little with "wrapper" and remove the noodles from your ears.
    8. Tersky
      Tersky April 20 2014 10: 31
      Quote: Andrey_cn
      most of the people present here - why so much anger towards Ukraine?

      You will first decide on Ukraine - Why is there so much anger in Ukraine for Russia? Or maybe it’s in Moscow that they jump with calls to put Russians on knives and stake and burn tires? Maybe this is Putin and not Julia calls to destroy the Ukrainians with atomic weapons? And instead of Farion, is one of the Russian politicians prohibiting the Ukrainian language in Russia? Think, maybe you will find the answer. And this is not anger, but the veiled pain of the Russians for Ukraine ..
    9. Dilshat
      Dilshat April 20 2014 12: 27
      Not to Ukraine dear, but to American junta prostitutes. To impostors. Not remembering how in Russia they acted with such.
    10. macarque
      macarque April 20 2014 21: 38
      Yes, the fecoloids (i.e. shit-demons) simply lifted up that interfere with Russia’s quiet life. and Ukraine is now marching in their ranks. can pat her in the ass now? and it will be fraternal after outweighing the Natsik and homosexual from the right-wingers. Good luck, guys. Nobody except YOU
    11. densh
      densh April 20 2014 23: 54
      Quote: Andrey_cn
      There are people who just want to approach and ask if it is difficult to live without brains ... "- I really want to ask! The majority of people present here - why so much anger towards Ukraine?

      Malice for just such a Ukraine. fool
    12. April 21 2014 17: 11
      Quote: Andrey_cn
      to which you just want to approach and ask if it is difficult to live without brains ... "- I really want to ask

      Well, come and take an interest, then you will answer your own question on the "received answer".
    13. sledge
      sledge April 22 2014 10: 16
      Most of those present here do not have anger towards Ukraine, there is pain for what is happening in Ukraine. The pain that having disconnected about Russia, Ukraine did not become independent at all, but surrendered to the scolding of the West. America and the EU all these years have been carefully cleaning their brains for Ukrainian citizens.
    14. General Frost
      General Frost April 22 2014 12: 15
      You go to the censor no and questions from where I think will evaporate hi
    15. Fanat1984
      Fanat1984 April 23 2014 00: 47
      Why so much anger towards Ukraine?

      There is no malice towards Ukraine; there is malice towards the Ukrainian government! After all, the 580 US dollars that Russia spent on raising the economy of Ukraine went from the pocket of ordinary taxpayers, and your government is watering Russia d * e * p * b * m * o * m to the whole world !!! am
  24. alone
    alone April 20 2014 09: 33
    Congratulations to all Orthodox on a holiday !!

    Please do not rate the comment !!
    1. Rurikovich
      Rurikovich April 20 2014 09: 48
      Happy holiday is written with a capital letter - Happy Holiday!
      1. alone
        alone April 20 2014 10: 23
        Is this to understand how thank you for the congratulations? The keyboard failed only. hi
        1. Rurikovich
          Rurikovich April 20 2014 10: 40
          This is an amendment for the future, so that some "comrades" would not use this slip of the tongue as a call to disrespect the Greatest Holiday of Christian believers.
          CHRIST IS RISEN! hi drinks
  25. Name
    Name April 20 2014 09: 55
    Fear America! Putin is coming- So not only AMERICA ... The phrase of the columnist of The Financial Times, Bruce Anderson, just can not but rejoice: President Putin and his Foreign Minister Lavrov make us fools at every turn. Fools - this is the most gentle, I would repeat said differently ... well, you understand ... the initial letter "M" ... wink
    1. densh
      densh April 20 2014 23: 57
      Quote: name
      Fear America! Putin is coming

      Do not be afraid of us.
  26. falcon
    falcon April 20 2014 09: 56
    All the good days!
    Thanks to the authors for the review!
    "MRS. Power has thus joined the crazy chorus ..."
    Are you sure there is MISTER Power? The question is interesting from a purely scientific point of view.
    Who is he, what is he? Probably drinks heavily .. In any case, we forum users are obliged morally
    support this quiet and inconspicuous American at the forefront of the fight against
    "mad" Samantha. Perhaps support through the media.
    I think an essay about this little man who, by the will of fate, found himself in a difficult life
    the situation would have received a lot of sympathetic responses from caring forum users.
    1. pensioner
      pensioner April 20 2014 10: 42
      Thank! Barely erupted !! Five points!!! hi hi hi
    2. densh
      densh April 21 2014 00: 03
      Quote: falcon
      Are you sure there is MISTER Power?

      Meet Mr. Power.
      Cass Sunstein (Cass Robert Sunstein [1], 21.09.1954/2009/2012, Concord, Massachusetts) is an American legal scholar who specializes in constitutional, administrative, environmental law, and also deals with behavioral economics; political activist. He served as the OIRA Office Administrator for years on AliExpress. at the White House under the Obama administration. 27 years taught at the law school of the University of Chicago. Cass is currently a professor at Harvard Law School.
      A supporter and propagandist of President Obama, with whom they worked together. One of the key persons in his campaign headquarters.
      The post of administrator at OIRA is considered one of the most influential, given its ability to influence the texts of laws passed. The media unofficially call this post regulatory czar.
      In August 2013, he joined the NSA Oversight Commission (Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technology). In addition to him, the commission has two more former White House workers, including Richard Alan Clark, a leading specialist on counter-terrorism and cyber warfare, and a former deputy director of the CIA.
      Wife - Samantha Power (since 2008).
  27. Turk
    Turk April 20 2014 09: 58
    Easter means transition
    To a new life from sin and captivity.
    If the people hear the Lord,
    Big changes await him.
    Accept this truth with your heart
    And live according to the commandments of God.
    Your days will be joyful
    After all, Christ will always help you!
  28. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 20 2014 10: 05
    Once again, another confirmation of the truth of the Orthodox faith is the convergence of the divine fire only to Orthodox priests! CHRIST IS RISEN! And we, the carriers of this faith, cannot lose to all these Christ sellers!
  29. Gray 43
    Gray 43 April 20 2014 10: 07
    Another week passed under the sign of Ukraine and ends with bloodshed on the bright holiday of Easter, according to the info, the attackers found something of the American "help" - I wish Slavyansk and all the inhabitants of the Southeast to survive and defeat international fascism, the Germans are still afraid of our tanks, even though They stand on the pedestals. The Americans want to supply the lousy monsters in Syria with the latest anti-tank missile systems and MANPADS - in order to turn the tide of the war, I hope these missiles will find their American heroes.
  30. oldy
    oldy April 20 2014 10: 28
    [quote = senior citizen] Thanks to the Authors for
  31. Russ69
    Russ69 April 20 2014 10: 32
    If football fans started chanting Russia-Putin-Crimea-Alaska !, the country has definitely changed ... smile
    1. Energy
      Energy April 20 2014 14: 17
      I was at this match))) super)))
  32. stalkerwalker
    stalkerwalker April 20 2014 10: 40
    East dominance in global politics is about to become a fait accompli. Following the decolonization and the Asian economic miracle, a new wave of modernization of the Asian countries is coming. This time, the East is going to succeed in the arms race with its Western rivals, becoming one of the most influential centers of power on the globe. The West cannot oppose anything: the crisis “killed” the budgets of European states. Against the background of the budget deficit, the purchase of weapons looks like an expensive pleasure.

    I recall the 70s of the last century ...
    Energy crisis in the West ... Successful and well-fed years of the USSR economy. In those 70s, the Soviet military-industrial complex made a breakthrough by developing and supplying to the USSR Armed Forces a number of missile systems that not only equalized the chances of delivering nuclear weapons to enemy territory, but also surpassed the Amerovs.
    But the "humpback" came ...
    Today the situation is getting better. Hope forever.
  33. Roman1970
    Roman1970 April 20 2014 10: 55
    Well, the week has passed, it was eventful! Thank you for the article! Christ is risen!
  34. svd-xnumx
    svd-xnumx April 20 2014 11: 38
    this is a complete clinic - "Russia will attack Sweden, Finland, the Baltic states" or God forbid the USA. Someone thought that this would give us, besides moral satisfaction (and even then only in relation to America). Russia that will become richer or there is something there What we do not have. At all times, the main wealth was land, natural resources and people, but with the size of the population we have trouble. Who will feed the millions of parasites who in Western countries have sucked into financial, energy and information feeders and now lives from this.
  35. Koliamba_TV
    Koliamba_TV April 20 2014 11: 42
    Many thanks to the author for the weekly news report, because I did not have time to read / see the news.
    As for the unreasonable announcements of the West towards Russia, it is amazing! Sometimes I just want to ask a question to those who invent all this: Is it hard to be an idiot?
    Monuments, I mean the two T-34s cannot be removed at all! The monument was reminiscent of it. But it turns out. First we remove the monuments. Then the next generation, not knowing the history, begins to make the same mistakes. In the end, the Nazis come to power .
  36. delfinN
    delfinN April 20 2014 12: 04
    And I respect Vitaly Churkin, bow to his professionalism and endurance.
  37. fktrcfylhn61
    fktrcfylhn61 April 20 2014 12: 14
    Ukrainian filtration!
    This fuss somehow reminds Hitler's rise to power and all subsequent tragic events! Wouldn’t it be easier to nip all this bacchanalia in the bud? And do not give this infection a second chance! By all indications, what is happening fits the criminal definition! And not one! Procrastination of death is like! And in this case, the road to hell is paved with good deeds!
  38. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn April 20 2014 12: 19
    We will never be sisters
    You are walking, we are serious
    You are only not lazy
    They’re afraid to touch us.
    Because we are great, in our memory,
    And his land and heroes.
    You are composing your story
    You can’t finish everything
    And you appoint heroes
    Now traitors, then squalor.
    Abroad is sweeter than the Motherland
    Because you are rootless, weak
    You dream about a freebie at night
    Yeah europe sodom mired
    We plow at night, work hard
    Forgive you all debts, write off
    We don’t need alien cookies
    We are full with our loaf
    You are Molotov cocktails, people burning
    We are walking with Christ
    We will never be sisters
    With those who do not remember the origins, Parents
    And lives where it’s full of fun
    And not with his motherland, mother
  39. delfinN
    delfinN April 20 2014 12: 35
    We completed the min program, and then, guys, it all depends on you.
  40. SlavaP
    SlavaP April 20 2014 13: 45
    Dear Colleagues, I congratulate everyone on Easter!
    Thank you for your kind words and optimism.
    I have already sent my spiritual part (fortunately, the church is across the road) and now, I apologize, I am in a hurry to hand-to-hand classes ("I did not bring you peace, but a sword!").
  41. Nikich
    Nikich April 20 2014 14: 04
    Christ is risen Orthodox. Happy Easter everyone. No matter what, we are still alive and prospering. And let NATO smoke aside
  42. garik77
    garik77 April 20 2014 15: 00
    Migrants in the army of the Russian Federation? Ukrainians and Moldovans probably yes, but the Tajiks / Uzbeks didn’t give us a fuck. Let your life be better organized, and not stick here.
    1. SlavaP
      SlavaP April 21 2014 18: 53
      With migrants in the army? Can follow the path of France with its Foreign Legion? Do you want to serve Russia - please, and even citizenship in 5 years ... but for this, please come to the very oh-ho-ho ..
  43. Polarfox
    Polarfox April 20 2014 15: 54
    Christ is risen, dear!
  44. delfinN
    delfinN April 20 2014 16: 40
    What they write: A unique revolution
  45. sns
    sns April 20 2014 19: 00
    An interesting film appeared this week. How Russians on the Outskirts turned into Ukrainians.
  46. Kibl
    Kibl April 20 2014 19: 54
    Well, if these four minesweepers, who are sent to help the morons from Eastern Europe, are in the same condition as the Latvian fleet, then you can sleep peacefully! It's not even a trough, but some kind of parody is a rusty basin !!!
    1. tehnoluks
      tehnoluks April 21 2014 23: 25
      In fact, sprats sweep swim ...
  47. The comment was deleted.
  48. Egoza
    Egoza April 20 2014 20: 12
    On a holiday and a laugh is not a sin! (With a subtle hint so to speak!) wink laughing drinks

  49. Al_lexx
    Al_lexx April 21 2014 00: 44
    Will the Russian army replenish with "millions" of migrants?

    It would be better if our armed forces strengthened and kept the external borders of the former USSR, and we would take care of our own. But it would not have happened that in the same Moscow there will be more than half of the aul-arrivals who will declare their rights, and the armed and trained divisions of the same army guest workers will come to help them. There are such initiatives in the garden!

    In general, the Islamization of the native Russian and Russian cities has been going off scale for a long time, and if this topic is not beautifully resolved, then we will get our Kosovo in every major Russian metropolis.
  50. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S April 21 2014 01: 32
    Quote: Andrey_cn
    - really want to ask u! most of the people present here - why so much anger towards Ukraine?

    We don’t have Russian people or any anger towards Ukraine and never did, there is only sympathy and pity for the Western stupefying propaganda machine like you. There used to be kind, good people, though with some cockroaches in my head (who doesn't have them) ), but quite adequate. And now you have turned into someone, you have massive psychosis, schizophrenia, you need to be treated, and not ride on the Maidan.