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Sergei Mikheev: “Maidan tore off all the masks”

Sergei Mikheev: “Maidan tore off all the masks”- Sergey Aleksandrovich, with whom you will not talk today, sooner or later the conversation turns to “Ukrainian subjects”. Given that the interlocutor seems to have no known roots in Ukraine, but still he is worried and worried. We all became very politicized again, as in Soviet times, or are we so sensitive to everything that happens in Ukraine?

- It is not necessary to have relatives in Ukraine in order to follow the events of recent months in this country with partial interest. Common roots are, to one degree or another, among all of us living in Russia. At least the Slavs. And for everyone, in general, who, in one way or another, connects themselves with Russia.

It is clear that Ukraine is an integral part of our historical self-identification. Plus, we are united by a common linguistic and cultural space, cramped and dense. In addition, each of us who is interested in politics understands the significance of the situation in Ukraine: it borders on Russia, we are connected by military, political and economic factors. This is just a short list of what is called the word bond. In the end, there is a certain emotional component: our feelings are generated by the radicalism of events in Ukraine. How impudent is the intervention of the West. The fact that the ideological component that fills events in this country today is practically a cave.

Still, let's admit: one thing, when it came to European integration, there was talk of fighting corruption. And another thing, when we realized that the real content of all these processes is absolutely bestial hatred of Russia. Here are the barbaric ideologems of overt neo-Nazism in the most extreme form. The ways and methods of implementing “Euroideology” can also be called in one word: chaos.

So why be surprised when we all discuss and comment, in our own way, the events in Ukraine? Naturally, there are no indifferent people, especially since all this is happening here, as they say, under our noses. From here - and our sharp reaction.

Some sympathize with the brotherly people. Others almost hate him. Still others are eager to help. But, in any case, there are no indifferent ones in Russia. Therefore, everything is expressed by the word "indifference".

“As historians write, after Hitler’s attack on the Soviet Union, we even believed at a high level: the German proletariat would rise, and we would only help it overthrow fascism.” And today, many are wondering: where did those who are called “ordinary Ukrainians” look when the “euromaidan” began?

- As for the "simple Ukrainians", it should be understood: there is a phenomenon of a divided country. Today it is already clear to many: it is not united, it has three or four identities, say, it is South-East, Center, that is, Little Russia, Galicia, Transcarpathian Rusyns ... All these people are citizens of Ukraine, but they have a completely different attitude to happening in the country.

The problem is that the very idea of ​​the independence of Ukraine began to develop on the foundation of frantic nationalism. That is, the Galician identity began to dominate since the beginning of the nineties. And this, apparently, was inevitable, since there was no other historical basis for independence in Ukraine.

Radicalism began to prevail for the reason that there was nothing more to say, there was no other idea that could become the basis of Ukrainian “independence”. It has no constructive content to this day. Why Ukraine is so aggressively repelled by Russia? Because there is no positive in the idea of ​​independence, and there is no trace, only negative.

Found an enemy? Well, they found, then what? The desire for "independence" most of all resembles an ethnic amusement park, but over the course of twenty-three years, the inhabitants of the country have been told that this is how they should think, reconsider history. It is on this propaganda that the generation of those who hate Russia has grown.

Still, it was the youth that was the main driving force of the “euromaidan”, and not at all the pensioners and not even the middle-aged people. The latter, I note, were fascinated not at all by nationalist ideas — radical nationalism is still the “privilege” of the youth subculture — but by chewing on post-Soviet phobias. Something like this: we live badly, we need to go to Europe, where we will ride like cheese in butter. That is why separate, not the youngest and not the oldest Ukrainians came to Independence Square. It is necessary to understand: the ideology of the movement of Ukraine to the “big Europe” is purely consumer, we are going to the European Union to eat more satisfyingly and sweeter to sleep.

And these consumer sentiments extremely reduce the level of political instinct. It becomes all the same to a person, under what slogans they will lead him to where he will be, as they say, full, drunk and nose in tobacco. Ideo-gems almost do not care about him - after they had explained to him that this particular path leads to satiety and prosperity. Is it necessary to review the history for this? I agree. Is it necessary to rehabilitate Stepan Bandera for this? Well, okay, but I will definitely become a better life. And then everything that happens becomes that person, as they say, on the drum.

On the other hand, people with opposing political views did not receive adequate representation “above” throughout the whole of the latest Ukrainian history. Many hopes were connected with the “Party of Regions”, but it turned out to be a simulative project. “Regionals” solved the problems of oligarchs and business, but did not intend to engage in ideology, they used it only during election campaigns.

This is a misfortune. And she was able to happen, including, and due to the fact that Russia for quite a long time did not pay attention to everything that happens. I entrusted the solution of many important issues to various oligarchic groups of Ukraine, friendly or simply loyal.

That is, to put it more simply, some Ukrainians are enslaved in fact by the ideas of neo-Nazism. We see these people now at the forefront of the conventional "Maidan." The part continues to dream of European integration. For the time being, they are waiting for the moment when their euromembers will start to come true ... Another part - the South-East of the country - is in a difficult period of self-awareness and a rise to fight for their interests. These are precisely those who feed the country, but all these years have not had adequate political representation. Well, as usual, the main mass just sits at home and fearfully watches what is happening, waiting for everything to “settle down”.

- Practically no one in the world supported Russia openly and clearly in its position on the Ukrainian crisis. Of course, we did not expect approval from our “European partners”. But, you see, they didn’t expect that the deputies at the PACE Assembly would adopt a resolution 9 of April, which would announce to the whole world: the ultra-right forces did not seize the central power in Kiev, there was no threat to the rights of Russians, especially in Crimea. Whether Russia will come out of the PACE, saving 25 millions of dollars a year, or decides to stay - this is not the question. The question is how we will now build relations with Western Europe. Will we stop calling these states “partners”? Today it has become clear: we completely disagreed in the assessments of political realities.

- Now the acute phase of the Ukrainian crisis has come. Therefore, the positions of European states, in fact, are not so consolidated. And the recent G-20 meeting showed that not all of its participants intend to support the introduction of further sanctions against Russia.

Yes, there is the West, which has a very serious impact on the whole world. And with him, our relationship will develop quite difficult. Russia, apparently, will have to give up the spells that we have been uttering for the last twenty years, assuring ourselves that we are also part of Western civilization, we are also Europe ...

And not because we refuse it, but because “they” do not accept us. Not for the first time in history they do not want to recognize the interests of Russia.

And, nevertheless, I repeat, our relations with the West will begin to develop differentially, to the extent that the Ukrainian crisis grows. Because, for example, the civil war in Ukraine can be beneficial to the Americans. But not the Old World, and Europeans cannot understand this. They will not be able to pretend for a very long time that they do not care about these events.

Although, at the same time, one should not exaggerate the degree of independence of the states of "big Europe", by and large, they remain committed to the ideas of Euro-Atlantic integration. For example, at one time they were not sobered by the danger of a civil war in Yugoslavia.

But Ukraine is still another case: the link with the interests of Russia and relations between Russia and Europe is too obvious here. With Yugoslavia, then there was a somewhat different situation. Against the background of everything consonant then Russia in Yugoslavia, the West saw the last hotbed of potential resistance on the territory of Europe itself.

- There are no signs that the current Kiev authorities are illegitimate from the Russian point of view, as they say, will come to mind. Yes, she will not be allowed to do this by those who brought these people to senior positions. If the presidential election for one reason or another does not cancel, then they will be held in Ukraine 25 May. For Russia, it is important who will win? Or do we proceed from the fact that all current candidates are in one world masana - even if their rhetoric is not taken into account?

- I think that recognition of the election results - and the very fact of these elections - is out of the question. Especially if the operation to suppress the South-East will unfold in full force. Well, what election campaign can we talk about when the authorities announce a military operation in three regions of the country? How can the election campaign go there if they start shooting and killing people? Even now, a number of candidates from the South-East are not allowed to conduct an election campaign normally, they are beaten, humiliated, and disturbed by meetings with voters. No, most likely, Russia does not recognize this whole farce, mixed with violence and blood.

But Kiev, of course, in this matter is now focused only on the West. And after the West recognized the elections in Afghanistan, where they had considered the votes for two years and did not count them to the end, the recognition of the elections in Ukraine is unlikely to be an ethical or technological problem for Western politicians - they recognize any elections. This gives Kiev confidence. In fact, the new government of Ukraine is no longer constraining itself with the need to observe even the appearance of legality.

I understand that they would ideally establish some semblance of the dictatorship of "Maidan." The only problem is that they lack the resources for such a hard option.

“Our home-grown liberals sadly warn the world that on this wave of patriotism the“ Russian regime ”can go even further, conquer all the former Soviet republics and restore the“ indestructible ”one. Does anyone believe in this, or is it advantageous to use a primitive “horror story” to impose sanctions against Russia and increase the influence of the West in the post-Soviet space? By the gangster principle "we are ready to become your" roof ", but you will pay us." Pro-Western policy and its territory with all its wealth.

- It is clear that all these liberal spells have nothing to do with reality. This is pure propaganda. They simply sing along with the information campaign with which the West justifies its actions in Ukraine. With the same success it could be argued that the active role of Germany in the events in Ukraine is caused by the desire of Berlin to restore the Third Reich within the borders of 1942. This would also be a lie, but the approach is about the same: to scare so that any actions can be justified. Plus try to intimidate other states of the former USSR.

And this is impossible, well, how do you imagine the “conquest of the Lviv region” or of the same Lithuania, which is just real hysteria about this now? Yes, no one needs it, to be honest, since with many territories there would be much more problems than benefits from them.

As for our liberal opposition, the current situation is extremely annoying and depressing. Everything that happens greatly undermines its position in the country. Our liberals have been saying for many years that Russia is a terrible country. That it is impossible to live with us, and that no one wants to be friends with us. And now it suddenly became clear: almost half of Ukraine is waving our national flags and is bursting into Russia. Even in spite of the fact that no great happiness here awaits these people. Nevertheless, they are ready to flee headlong from Ukraine, the very one that our liberals so often set as an example for Russia. They asserted that it was there that there was genuine democracy and freedom of speech, and now also European integration. There, they said to our fellow citizens, we must strive to live.

Now it suddenly turns out that most Ukrainians are ready to flee to this “authoritarian, totalitarian, terrible Putin Russia”!

So the positions of Russian liberals are undermined, and undermined very much. "Maidan" tore off all the masks. He showed what all the chatter about certain “freedoms” leads to, and how this can actually end. So the principles of double standards are obvious and cynical, the process itself is openly anti-Russian, and it is impossible not to notice. But our internal opposition is in fact solidary with the “Maidan”. This means that the Russian liberals think and want to act in exactly this way, that is, “moskalyaku to Gilyak”. That's all.

No wonder many of them openly admit their principled hatred of Russia as such. And behind it stands the hatred of Russians and everything Russian, no matter what it is disguised. And they have the same bestial thirst for revenge, thirst for blood, as the radicals from the “Maidan”. I assure you: the dream of the Russian “fighter for democracy” is the gallows in Red Square, where everybody who is “against the real democracy” will be hung every day. Their real views are absolutely racist, and the methods of “building democracy” can be the most unlimited. Only the concept of "race" here is not so much ethnic as ideological. Blood does not bother them if it is the blood of "anti-democratic barbarians." "Maidan" and the events in Ukraine is very clearly demonstrate.

So the Ukrainian crisis has hit our opposition hard. By and large, there are a great many examples from the life of the “new Ukraine” to which Russian liberals simply have nothing to answer, so they pretend that they do not notice anything and constantly “turn the arrows” on other topics.

But they cannot fail to see that the rating of our government is growing against the background of the Ukrainian events and the entry of the Crimea into Russia. And they also don’t like it very much, because they assured that Vladimir Putin’s rating is based on bayonets and sociologists' manipulations. And here you are, its popularity and support have increased dramatically. Note: not on a sharp increase in the well-being of fellow citizens, who suddenly became millionaires overnight, but on the very patriotism that the liberals have long declared “the refuge of scum”. From this, our liberals are already squinting, they have already started seizures - because all this does not fit their concept of democracy.

- And now - to the first question. We will worry for a long time for the Ukrainians, or, as time passes, the pain will subside, and we will understand that we will never be brothers again? Forever remain "Moskal" and "Khokhlov"?

- No not like this. We understood one thing: Ukraine is not united. Despite the fact that Ukrainian TV channels assure the audience in the opposite. Therefore, the brothers for us are the Ukrainians who consider us brothers. Those who are ready to hang all of us will never become brothers to us. We saw the intensification of Ukrainian nationalism back in the nineties; even then, we understood that there were friends and people with whom we would never reach a compromise. I think we will relate to Ukraine in the context of its internal separation. One part of the Ukrainians will cause us some emotions. The other is completely different. I hope that those and other emotions will be supported by appropriate actions, since we cannot afford to close our eyes to what is happening.
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  1. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin April 18 2014 19: 44
    To start, remove the most important problem, the aligarchic zombie media !!!
    I dare to remind everyone that the very first media show in Russia "Gusinsky" was devoured in the first place hi
    1. igor.borov775
      igor.borov775 April 19 2014 10: 34
  2. Cherdak
    Cherdak April 18 2014 19: 47
    It's time to change "mockolyaku to gilyaku" to "swampy to gilyaku" ... led by Leroy - "recently"
    1. rasputin17
      rasputin17 April 18 2014 20: 18
      We must remember the enemies of Russia in person! And that face in which you want to spit !!
      1. Sochi
        Sochi April 18 2014 20: 21
        I don’t want to spit, I want to kick in the face ...
        1. SHILO
          SHILO April 18 2014 21: 07
          it borders with Russia, we are connected by military, political, economic factors. This is just a short list of what is called the word bond.

          Precisely the devil noticed. Since 12 of the year I’ve been sitting in VO and it’s clearly visible - the second audience is under the flag of Ukraine. AND! And we are grasping the most. laughing
        2. rasputin17
          rasputin17 April 18 2014 21: 21
          Quote: Sochi
          I don’t want to spit, I want to kick in the face ...

          I do not mind and even support !!! We must respect the wishes and actions of others aimed at protecting the interests of our homeland !! And your kick in these nasty faces will be a drop of nectar in many souls !!))
  3. Cherdak
    Cherdak April 18 2014 19: 48
    Quote: Cherdak
    led by Leroy - "recently"
    1. mad
      mad April 18 2014 19: 52
      She didn’t keep herself for you (s) wassat
      1. Strezhevchanin
        Strezhevchanin April 18 2014 19: 58
        Quote: mad
        She didn’t keep herself for you (s)

        Rose bloomed ??? wassat
    2. Strezhevchanin
      Strezhevchanin April 18 2014 19: 54
      Quote: Cherdak
      Quote: Cherdak
      led by Leroy - "recently"

      Damn, well, why did you bring this plague here again, I already have goosebumps on my back ....... let her go, let her go crying
      1. Cherdak
        Cherdak April 18 2014 20: 40
        Quote: Strezhevchanin
        .Let her go, let her go
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. iliitchitch
          iliitchitch April 25 2014 00: 23
          The essence of the fable is that hell is not croaking.
    3. Reserve officer
      Reserve officer April 18 2014 20: 03
      And where did you leave the broom?
      1. dmitriygorshkov
        dmitriygorshkov April 18 2014 20: 45
        Quote: Reserve officer
        And where did you leave the broom?

        And there ... what he doesn’t want to give!
    4. iliitchitch
      iliitchitch April 18 2014 20: 14
      Mattress with ears, sawing.
    5. The comment was deleted.
    6. rasputin17
      rasputin17 April 18 2014 20: 24
      It is a pity that for the murder of such skatina they will give as a man !!
      1. 1812 1945
        1812 1945 April 18 2014 22: 48
        For all the fact that all these "swamp" mothers ... are grumpy - petty, painfully narcissistic, spiritually insignificant and strong only with a vile mind (the "valor" of this parhata "guard" can be enumerated for a long time), with all this, it is they played the role of the instrument with which they destroyed the Great State - Russia. They were the organizers of all the false plebiscites on "sovereignty" in the early nineties. They were the executors of a fundamental idea that was exceptional in its meanness and an unprecedented cynicism of privatization. If the constitutionally guaranteed rights to the national property were realized through privatization, then there would be no question of any separation from Russia at all. (The Balts, with their pragmatism, would also show the world an example of patriotism.) Of course, it was not this bastard who generated the ideas of the destruction of the Russian States, - Zion sages hatched these plans for more than one century, but there were no big enthusiasts in the execution of the dastardly plan.
  4. MG42
    MG42 April 18 2014 19: 53
    Photos from Donetsk >>
    1. mad
      mad April 18 2014 19: 55
      Eyes are happy) But isn’t the same, only from Kiev ?!
      1. MG42
        MG42 April 18 2014 22: 44
        Kiev is now temporarily occupied.
        This is a photo of the city of Kharkiv pl. Freedom near the Regional State Administration >>>
  5. Validator
    Validator April 18 2014 19: 53
    Yes, you can’t get anywhere, Ukraine will be divided according to the principle - brother or not brother to you is Russian
  6. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 18 2014 19: 57
    All the same, Ukraine will split up, no matter who wants to. People who wanted to kill the other half of the people in the state on a national basis, and people who wanted to take their life, could not live together in one state. I certainly couldn’t. Therefore, the peaceful division of Ukraine at the moment looks like the least evil.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. matross
      matross April 18 2014 20: 31
      Quote: Thought Giant
      The peaceful division of Ukraine at the moment looks like the least evil.

      Well, where is the evil? Separation with the subsequent accession of part of Russia to the rest of Russia is what we all on both sides of the still existing border want! And let Zapadensky Mordor roll. to europe to gays!
  7. ya.seliwerstov2013
    ya.seliwerstov2013 April 18 2014 19: 59
    And after all, our internal opposition actually solidified with the "Maidan"
    They all have One Hood. head. And one scenario. Passport in hand and forward with the song on tour without returning ..
  8. Reserve officer
    Reserve officer April 18 2014 20: 02
    "Eurointegration" is when everyone joins hands together and makes friends against Russia. But everyone feeds himself. Here Maidan was cruelly mistaken.
  9. sem-yak
    sem-yak April 18 2014 20: 02
    The devils in the pans will be like crucians
    Famously fry tap dance for the betrayal of Russia!
    May every man be rewarded according to his merits! Amen.
  10. Morgan
    Morgan April 18 2014 20: 03
    we are also part of western civilization, we are also Europe ... We? Europe? Who did you send to hum? We are RUSSIA !!!
  11. kind
    kind April 18 2014 20: 03
    whoever you talk to today, sooner or later the conversation will switch to the “Ukrainian theme”. Despite the fact that the interlocutor does not seem to have roots known to him in Ukraine, but anyway, he is worried and worried.

    We are worried about them, we are worried, and their brains are so powdered that they are ready to gnaw at us — those who pity them and wish them good and peace.
    1. ty60
      ty60 April 18 2014 23: 05
      and warms and feeds. Voenprom provides orders.
  12. anfil
    anfil April 18 2014 20: 05
    Quote: Strezhevchanin
    Why is Ukraine so aggressively pushing away from Russia? Because there is no positive in the idea of ​​independence, and only negative.
    Found an enemy? Well, they found, then what? The desire for "independence" most of all resembles an ethnic amusement park, but over the course of twenty-three years, the inhabitants of the country have been told that this is how they should think, reconsider history. It is on this propaganda that the generation of those who hate Russia has grown.

    Hatred is a huge driving force, which in experienced hands becomes a very terrible weapon.
    When disaster threatens
    When it’s tight
    The sage blames himself
    The fool scolds a friend.
    (Wanted author)
    1. rasputin17
      rasputin17 April 18 2014 20: 30
      And you do not need to look for these !!! For thirty mattresses silver bend under any changes in the world! Even if he will bend them to the fullest !!
    2. Vasya Batareikin
      Vasya Batareikin April 18 2014 21: 15
      It seems Omar Khayyam!
  13. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin April 18 2014 20: 05
    When the TV replaces the mind it is certainly sad, but when there is no completely different source it is a disaster !!!! But I still believe in common sense.
  14. nika407
    nika407 April 18 2014 20: 16
    A picture in VK, and below there is a comment: "How I want it to be the same in Kharkov"
    1. rasputin17
      rasputin17 April 18 2014 21: 27
      I would like to answer with the words of V. Mayakovsky from the school curriculum of Soviet education:
      -I know the city will be!
      -I know the garden bloom!
      -when there are such people in the Soviet country !!!
      Will come to Kharkov Russian Spring! It is inevitable as sunrise, and the retreat of the night with the arrival of dawn !!!
  15. upasika1918
    upasika1918 April 18 2014 20: 20
    ..and then yellow, and we are in Europe ..
    1. ya.seliwerstov2013
      ya.seliwerstov2013 April 18 2014 20: 48
      Quote: upasika1918
      ..and then yellow, and we are in Europe ..

      Maidan asks for Europe,
      lick europe zh.opu.
      The climax of such an idea is
      His substitute for Euro-gays.
      1. FromTheNewWorld
        FromTheNewWorld April 19 2014 04: 45
        You can also wear lace panties in the TS. Try it, and we will check it out)))
  16. Yuri Y.
    Yuri Y. April 18 2014 20: 23
    Yolas are fallen, after today's negotiations some kind of vile feeling. What can be agreed with the Americans. They do not yet squeeze them and they do not think to perform. Yanukovych agreed with them (maydanuty) about something and where is he? Leaders, from the news (listened to someone), are still caught. No matter how slow the drain begins.
    And according to the article, everything is correctly said.
    1. Umnichka
      Umnichka April 18 2014 21: 46
      Take your time, do not rush ... Understanding of the accomplishment by the Lavrov, the gay men do not immediately realize ... Blinnnn, Lavrov A GENIUS !!! Together with Putin, essessno. Take your time, gentlemen, the game is more than one-way ... Turchinov will soon have a very poor choice, to put it mildly ...
    2. Umnichka
      Umnichka April 18 2014 21: 46
      Take your time, do not rush ... Understanding of the accomplishment by the Lavrov, the gay men do not immediately realize ... Blinnnn, Lavrov A GENIUS !!! Together with Putin, essessno. Take your time, gentlemen, the game is more than one-way ... Turchinov will soon have a very poor choice, to put it mildly ...
  17. vezunchik
    vezunchik April 18 2014 20: 25
    Our Majesty wishes (and unrolls the scroll to read):
    1. Free gas. (So ​​be it, let Europe pay for it).
    2. Free meals. (On hungry soldiers less clothes are required, but I need to be fed!)
    3. Free weapons. (States, come on! You don’t know where else to put your weapons and bucks)
    4. The official nature of same-sex marriage (We are entering the EU! (Suddenly, I will need it)).
    5. Allow to rule the country, being tried. (also .. you never know what ..). "

    The presidential candidate of Ukraine, the former prime minister of the country Yulia Tymoshenko asked the United States for military assistance. Namely: communications equipment, aviation fuel, anti-aircraft and anti-tank equipment, assistance in training military personnel and "expert support in military and national security issues." And she gave Moscow 2-3 days to think, then it will be bad. But it will not be bad for Moscow, but for its own population. The population where the war veterans are still living out their years. Unfortunately, every year there are fewer of them and there is no one to educate today's youth. Young people did not see what veterans had seen in the war. Free cheese that Tymoshenko asks from the United States may turn into an occupation of the country.
    Citizens of Ukraine and it is not known which countries, citizens from the Maidan, do not be surprised if one of these days you wake up to the screams of another Ukrainian girls who are being raped by the American military (it could be your daughter ... your wife ... sister) with the words "Ukraine has nothing to pay for our services, therefore it is allowed to take in kind! "
  18. bleckhill
    bleckhill April 18 2014 20: 32
    Sooner or later, the Maidanites will understand that they are "condoms" that they used and then lowered and threw away laughing
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. dmitriygorshkov
      dmitriygorshkov April 18 2014 20: 52
      Quote: bleckhill
      Sooner or later, the Maidanites will understand that they are "condoms" that they used and then lowered and threw away

      The most offensive thing is that condoms will never understand anything! There is no understanding! Until the day they die, they will think: "Bleat! It didn't work out!" and clench your fists in stupid anger!
    VECHESLAVIAN April 18 2014 20: 38
    The voice of the people ... Hooray !! Siblings from the West
    Ukraine, share my joy
    together with me!! We won,
    Yanukovych overthrown, we have a new
    government all as one
    oligarchs! They drove off Crimea, here we’ll drive East Ukraine into
    Russia, increase com. services
    reduce pensions, make
    Yarosh president
    "huge" such a country and
    we’ll live happily ever after. Glory to masochism and fascism in our
    sovereign, paid
    Maidan country !!!!! Hooray
    we comrades
    have achieved !!!!!! .......deleted by moderator Apollo stood on
    2500000 inhabitants are stronger and richer on 27000 square
    kilometers of the resort !!! Let be
    now they rest in their own
    Crimea, and Donbass supplies
    coal hated us Russia.
    We ourselves will fill the budget of Ukraine, and the oligarchs will
    help !!! Glory to Ukraine!!!
    D.E.B.I.L.A.m glory !!!
    1. philip
      philip April 19 2014 04: 10
      I do not agree DE BEAL is a diagnosis from psychiatry. Therefore, there can be no talk of glory.
  20. Tanechka-clever
    Tanechka-clever April 18 2014 21: 05
    Substantial and clever article - really liked. Thank you - from such articles you usually get crazy.
    The only thing I don't really agree with is that "Russia hasn't paid attention for a long time" - I've heard this remark more than once. It seems to me that the question should not be put - Russia did everything she could. After all, all the presidents of Ukraine tried to sit on three chairs - the money is Russian, and they have friendship with the EU and the United States, and the result is Bandera's Maidan. Putin announced the figure of aid in monetary terms, and Ukraine itself does not refute this - Yatsenyuk himself said "Russia will feed" and I think he knew what he was talking about. Ukraine is an independent and independent state, and therefore it is impossible to impose on anyone what they do not want to take from you. It's just that today the Ukrainians in the southeast of the Maidan have put themselves before a choice - either to be humiliated, or to defend their land from Bandera, or in the future to leave for Russia and surrender the land to the Maidan. But a man of the southeast, and that's why he is a man, so that the land of his fathers is not surrendered to the enemy and he has no choice, he stood up to defend his land - and he has the right from people like in the government of the maydanuts
  21. Strashila
    Strashila April 18 2014 21: 05
    To the eternal questions "Who is to blame?" and "What to do?" ... you need to add a third "And then what ... ???".
    All the events of recent decades show that the opposition is not ready to come to power.
    It is one thing to gulp and rock the boat of statehood ... it is another thing to do something and be responsible for what has been done.
    The events in Ukraine fully confirmed this ... they were buzzing ... they got into a rage and overdid it ... they didn’t really want to remove Yanukovych from power ... overdid it ... and from fear they managed and sat down in a heap of feces created by themselves, raising the stench ... the hysteria that they arranged for that ... they didn’t have a clear program to come to power today, there wasn’t ... by 2015 this is one thing, it would be time to get ready ... assemble a team and secure the promises of dough, and now no, impromptu did not ride ... by inertia of protest thinking, the state itself was destroyed.
    And the actions of their curators in the West are the same confirmation ... prostration, which is day today ... and from them one mooing with snotty bubbles ... sanctions, no constructivism and understanding of the realities of the situation, sorry to eat every day .. ... but actually no one thought ... that it must be immediately thought.
  22. Sochi
    Sochi April 18 2014 21: 09
    Russians and Ukrainians.
    Nobody will win. The outcome is in advance:
    Uniforms will not decorate the order.
    There is a war. But not on the battlefield.
    A brutal war is going on in the minds.

    No shots, no saber ringing
    They tear each other with "" and "",
    And the Orthodox icons cry
    From edge to edge of patrimonial land.

    We, created to be a single flock,
    In a meaningless battle, converging
    Forgot completely: "Divide and conquer" ...
    And someone remembers dividing us.

    The salmon emanates a jackal over the sea,
    And tables of other people's feasts break.
    What a trifle - the boundaries of the territories,
    Kohl is now close to us in heaven.

    A piece of one flesh pulsates.
    Already bloody, but intact yet,
    Under the voice of the ancestors: "You're lying! You won't tear!"
    ... But now, worse than a bullet and a bayonet,

    Words fly, they no longer hurt -
    They’ll hit me completely, more deadly than lead ...
    Come to your senses! Come to your senses, SLAVES!
    Cool hearts will not come to life!

    Don’t wait, there will be no winners,
    Only the vanquished miserable ranks
    By the area of ​​pseudo-free boudins
    Drag through, powerless proud ...

    ... And drowning grief in one glass,
    Grandchildren will record through times:
    "There was a war. But not on the battlefield -
    It's a stupid war in the minds of grandfathers. "

    We will not come to this world again
    We will not find our friends again.
    Hold on for a moment ... After all, it won’t Repeat,
    As you yourself will not repeat in it ...
  23. Vasya Batareikin
    Vasya Batareikin April 18 2014 21: 13
    Quote: matRoss
    Quote: Thought Giant
    The peaceful division of Ukraine at the moment looks like the least evil.

    Well, where is the evil? Separation with the subsequent accession of part of Russia to the rest of Russia is what we all on both sides of the still existing border want! And let Zapadensky Mordor roll. to europe to gays!

    So these same zapadentsi in Moscow are guest workers, a little better than Moldavians, and that’s because they speak Russian!
  24. vezunchik
    vezunchik April 18 2014 21: 33
    Lexazenit (Today, 04:16). An interesting observation about today's meeting in Geneva.

    We know that the language of diplomacy is a very complicated thing, so we will try to summarize the outcome of the meeting in a simpler language.

    So. The meeting began with an impudent run over by representatives of the US Foreign Ministry, the meaning of this run over was something like this - "So, so, Lavrov, Deshchitsa said that he had some problems with you, let's talk and we will listen and settle" ... they came up with nothing like that, really ? Those. people from the doorway decided to put Ukraine and Russia on the same level, and they themselves wanted to act as a type of bearers and problem solvers)

    With this enchanting idea of ​​moronism and arrogance, they were sent by Lavrov to a well-known address, and at the same time Lavrov put in place a type of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine - Deshchitsa, figuratively weighing him a bream like a boy. The mother-in-law wiped himself and cried, Kerry gave him a slap in the neck so that he would not ache, and Ashton gave him a cookie to comfort him.

    Then everything went no longer as planned in the US and the EU. And after some time, Lavrov and Kerry retired TWO, into a separate room. They talked for about forty minutes, then called Ashton and the three of them talked. The attendant sat alone and sucked a cookie. Then all three returned to the negotiating table. They tried to communicate with the four of us. They talked for a long time, apparently it was not possible to agree, Deshchitsa tried to seem smart and made a serious face, but at the same time spoke nonsense, for which he again received a slap from Kerry and, as a result, choked on the remains of the cookie. Realizing that the topic in the presence of this moron could not be resolved, Kerry and Lavrov again secluded themselves in a separate room, leaving Ashton to wipe the snot Deshchitsa. And again, Lavrov and Kerry spoke at a meeting long enough, then again they called Ashton ... Again the three of us spoke. The tradeswoman sat alone and enjoyed the sovereignty of Ukraine.

    After talking for some time, the three main negotiators went to the meeting room, and they made a final statement. The tradeswoman put a cross under this piece of paper. That's basically it.

    I have a question. Someone else believes in the independence of the Kiev junta?))

    I apologize for the slang. But if we discard diplomatic etiquette and decency, the behavior of the US and the EU at this meeting was very reminiscent of a criminal showdown a la 90.

    Source: Andrey Vajra
  25. vezunchik
    vezunchik April 18 2014 21: 36
    Almost a biblical story: at night from Wednesday to Thursday, Yarosh met with Kolomoisky.
    Late on Wednesday, April 16, the leader of the Right Sector Dmitry Yarosh arrived in Dnepropetrovsk to meet with the head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration Igor Kolomoisky and his deputy Gennady Korban. What they told us is still unknown. Details of the meeting were not disclosed.

    As previously reported, on the same day, significant for all Christians, on Holy Week - when Judas betrayed Christ, the Dnepropetrovsk oligarch-governor Kolomoisky through his deputy Boris Filatov (known for calling "to give any promises to scum, and then - hang up ”) publicly turned to the population of the Southeast with a proposal to turn in the“ separatists ”for money, at a price of $ 10 per head.
    Russian spring
  26. Ulairy
    Ulairy April 18 2014 21: 39
    Others almost hate him.
    Thanks to Mikheev for an honest look. But this "almost" I would have "abolished". Many of my acquaintances at work and in everyday life express EXACTLY Hatred (with a capital letter - not a typo)! They, unlike me and the majority on VO, just look at the box, which for the sake of ratings and advertising M & M's is ready to stir up this hatred, how much resource there will be in the "Ukrainian furnace". And I'm seeing another victory for the CIA, not the KGB, in this information war ... (KGB ?, oh sorry, I'm not on purpose, don't put traffic on "streaming", motherfucker). The people are not a herd of sheep, going where they kicked. The people ("mass", as the next greatest loser in history used to say) have created History since the days of the ancient Greek democracies! And the people of Ukraine deserve only goodness and peace! Good luck with your fists and peace behind the "nuclear umbrella" ...
  27. koshh
    koshh April 18 2014 21: 41
    Quote: "The acute phase of the Ukrainian crisis has already begun."
    The decisive moment really comes up - the moment of denouement. After the Geneva meeting and the decisions and recommendations adopted there on resolving the Ukrainian crisis, everyone is waiting for the beginning of the first steps, i.e. disarmament of illegal military units, the liberation of state institutions. The maydanists are already shouting that no one is doing anything in the southeast, the confrontation remains, no one is disarming, the city hall and the SBU are not being released. Only they forget that they should be the first to start the liberation of government buildings illegally seized by their junta in Kiev, to disarm the right sector and all the gangs. But they think that everything should happen unilaterally. And here we are.
  28. Umnichka
    Umnichka April 18 2014 21: 49
    Guys!!! Well, the GDP said, we will greatly help the Southeast - in its execution this is MORE than enough. Like small children, damn it.
  29. sv68
    sv68 April 18 2014 21: 58
    Maydanschik’s happy dream — in 2017, the remnants of ukroiny-the village of Golubozhopovo, Lviv Oblast, were composed of all thirteen yards in the EU
  30. Submarine B-41
    Submarine B-41 April 18 2014 21: 58
    Let me return to the topic of the article ..
    It is necessary to make sure that the home-grown "liberals" have the ground under their feet, so that they are afraid to stick their noses out of their hiding place, so that people on the street will spit after them!

  31. stas11830
    stas11830 April 18 2014 22: 09
    Of course, I did not expect from Makarevich. But, the future will give everyone marks!
    1. ty60
      ty60 April 18 2014 23: 37
      It’s time for Makarevich to return to his historical homeland, and he will take the Novodvorskaya path with him.
  32. Black
    Black April 18 2014 23: 50
    "Maidan" played another positive role.
    Now, I hope, it will be politically correct to call Bendera-Bendera, to tell the end to the Russians, Belarusians, and Ukrainians- what the Westerners actually did.
    Now our 5th column won't march epic. The President allowed them to "be", but now they walk along the dusty roadside ....
    Who is with us ??? !!! - go ahead! the rest - on the sidelines!
  33. serge
    serge April 19 2014 08: 10
    Liberal values.