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In Ukraine, hopeless distemper. Lybed Tymoshenko. Shinkar Poroshenko. Green traits Dobkin

Tymoshenko is strict again. With a new slash thicker than before. Surrounded by strong courtiers with a military past and an abusive future. She explained to the people why she is initiating the “resistance movement”. Depressed people. The bad, tea, news for dumb and revelers, eager for raids, robberies, violence and other martial valor. The organization is created exclusively by a professional, for the registered Cossacks, who valiantly fought with the Poles, Tatarwa, the Muscovites and other oppressors of the South Russian land. A non-smerds asked not to worry.

“Only military, reservists, with extensive experience, who took part in hostilities and are ready for professional use, are involved in the creation of brigades. weapons. Do not confuse with the social movement. The forces of the resistance movement are structural units of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine ". A woman with a scythe, who beat a horsetail and a mace, recalled that the vast expanses of the Cossacks were in grief and sorrow, the Crimean affair and the sowing of unrest in the southeast were not all ideas of Putin the autocrat. He desired this greedy demon to seize and destroy the whole Ukraine, to sell land and people wholesale and retail. Rada Tymoshenko acknowledged that all this time the country had only two deliveries: neutrality or a request to remain under the high-power hand of their glorious majesties of European sovereigns containing collective security forces. Ukrainians for 23 of the year have not decided on allies, but did not want to in any way remain subjects of the Russian tsar. They practically killed their army, and now they were face to face with the enemy, having a significant advantage in military potential and experience, and besides - a nuclear power. Therefore, the sacred duty of all those who still have gunpowder in the old dog fires is not to lie with the woman on the stove, but put on the Cossack trousers, eaten by moths, put shablyuka on it, ride the good argamak, drink vodka with lard on the road and go into battle.

At the same time, as Tymoshenko again declared for the slow-witted, she is not going to withdraw her candidacy from the elections. But the traditional "PR now is immoral." Therefore, instead of “dancing, songs, circus bears and fake promises,” she organized a megapatriotic PR online, which could not be more consonant with the Cossack-rebel military time. No gorilka and idleness - just gunpowder and valiant prowess.

«Today I read on the Internet a statement by one presidential candidate, Poroshenko, who said that any public initiatives, including the creation of a headquarters, destabilize the situation. I want to encourage Poroshenko to shoot their billboards for tens of millions, to stop the trips with dances to the regions and try to involve all their possibilities in protecting the homeland. ”

And Poroshenko, this stubborn, know, listens and eats. And promises a comprehensive moral and economic support from the Turkish vizier, who "never recognizes the annexation of the Crimea." Here is how he announced: "Turkey firmly stated, through the mouth of the Prime Minister, that it remains a firm supporter of the sovereignty and independence of the state, we can count on Turkish support, both in international organizations and during a bilateral position."

Poroshenko decisively decided on his role: not having time to distribute the glorious Cossack ammunition, trousers and hetman kleynods, this Kozak squeezed into a jacket of a peaceful, economically advanced shinkar who earned billions exclusively with his mind and intelligence. I went to Book Arsenal, met with the OSCE mission, with a delegation of British parliamentarians. He talked with the Turkish president about that, about this, about the energy sector and the construction of a liquefied gas terminal.

Sugar billionaire still shines. In the air goes moderately, travels the world with an outstretched hand - for a handshake. In every way he demonstrates political and mental stability and complete non-combat readiness to return from the grader to the combine. The Die Welt columnist in a recent column even noticed that "...The Russian authorities intend to prevent the victory of the pro-Western candidate, especially businessman Petro Poroshenko, in the presidential elections in Ukraine. ”

The body and thoughts of another candidate for hetmanship, Anatoly Gritsenko, are also bursting with the Cossack spirit of the hero. Gritsenko was the first to announce the key decision of today's closed parliamentary meeting. “In the course of the antiterrorist operation, Russian saboteurs who destabilize the situation in the east, seize administrative buildings and shoot at our people, will be disarmed. And if they do not lay down their weapons - destroyed. It is right", - clarified his position Gritsenko. That is no investigation - a bullet in the forehead and ends in the water. As it happens in anti-terrorist operations. Criteria for identifying socialist-traitors have already formulated network hamsters burning with anger in Facebook ribbons: if a Cossack says “SlavYansk” means not a Cossack, someone else. And if “Slavyansk” is ours. Nothing that homegrown "slaves" or "Slavs" themselves are confused by generations for stress.

The candidate Mikhail Dobkin, doused in the other day with green paint and sprinkled with flour, doubts that the elections will be held, and quite reasonably explains that “unequal opportunities in the elections are already unfair elections”. “Today, I am actually deprived of the opportunity to participate in television programs on national channels, through physical avoidance. What happened yesterday and the day before yesterday are not random actions, not the will of the people of Kiev, not the will of the Maidan. These are the planned actions of specific politicians who want to disrupt the elections, because they, being in power, cannot win these elections, they do not have enough rating. And it’s not me who competes with them, but their own comrades in the orange camp, but they cannot put pressure on them, so they try to put pressure on those candidates who in Kiev can be put under pressure. ”. Dobkin promised to leave the presidential campaign and not to recognize the election results, if in the southeast army forces were used and they opened fire on peaceful inhabitants.

In Strasbourg today, some Spanish MP of the European Parliament, Willy Meyer, broke the water. He suddenly declared that the reason for the destabilization in Ukraine was “a violent coup in which the fascist organizations took part” and which was encouraged by the US and the EU. His colleagues and Rebecca Harms, familiar to us, were stitched to him. They explained at the hands of the Spaniard who had strayed away from the Russian propaganda that had been zazombed, that the main enemy of everything was Russia. And that it is time, finally, to impose sanctions (as we thought, they have been operating for a long time). Tomorrow the European Parliament will vote for the next resolution on the Ukrainian-Russian issue.

And on the main TV channel of Ukraine, too, is restless. A swarthy Kharkov fellow named Zurab Alasania (the new general director of NTU and the curator of Gromadsky) went to another swarthy fellow Savik Shuster to squeeze the air from him. Zurab was preparing for this raider raid for a week or two (for example, Schuster’s show disappeared from the “number” - which is why a lot of joy came among the people and between Alasania’s Facebook followers, even thanked him for that).

Today, Alasania gained inspiration and openly declared that the Schuster show should be removed. Urgently. And replace with another show - even if it’s not so good. “Public and Schuster - there are completely different money. Schuster there is other money, and they really invest a lot of money. This is what we cannot do. I just see such a way that he (Schuster) will not just be dismissed, removed, but replaced with something of ours, maybe not so good, but it will be done. I even know who that person will be. Absolutely independent person will be able to make such a product, which produces Schuster. I do not know how much he will remain. I was with him, we talked. I told him: I will do everything for you to leave the channel, but in such a way that you yourself decide to leave the channel. ”

This is especially noble and professional. The good old uncivilized method of Ukrainian autocrats: to fumble work in the canvas so that the claps run, forgetting to demand their zloty. And for sure, only the shaky weight category does not allow the instant unpunished sacking of claps from “Freedom” - the pans' muzzle on the table - to be applied.

Zelenka can also be used - for example, directly in front of the air, splash it in a combed, pomazhadennogo alien Shuster. The Ukrainian TV channels, all their lives, like Ukraine itself, which passed from hands to hands of the lords and the governor, entered a new era - dirty, unprincipled permissiveness. Although, of course, dirty, unprincipled permissiveness is the sole prerogative of Russian television. Compared to which, the Ukrainian television get-together is only a servant who senses the smell of Pansky gratuitous grubs. Right under the building of a television channel with security, black outs and a telephone, to call the police, they beat a presidential candidate. The other is doused with green paint. In the air of "Gorbatsky" TV presenters sit with their feet on the table, interrogating their guests with affection, like a man (soon it will be on First National). The Telekritika website denounces Russian television journalists with a disgrace in the special project “Fame and shame” (certainly in English, so that foreign curators do not bother with translation).

Authors Fame and shame, "Boards of shame for deceitful journalists," believe that “The world must know them in person in order to“ see it out ”at the very first contact.” Honor hang on the board won Soloviev, Kiselev, Ernst, Leontiev, Pushkov. But where are these “liars and opportunists” to the rhetoric of Fame and shame, surpassing the most propaganda high rural calm. And certainly, Solovyov, before writing his deceptive adaptation books, is to learn from Fame and shame grammar - effectively illustrating the professionalism of Ukrainian journalists. But only those who "did not betray the profession and did not lose the honor." “To see”, expressing himself highly in a dyachkovo-telekrititski.

What profession and honor is there - the main thing, as Alasania says, “to replace with something ours, maybe not so good.” A principle that Ukraine stubbornly does not want to give up. There is no army - let's replace them for the aliens where the dark people from the National Guard come from. No hetmans - podsun clerks. We need Ukrainian-language translations of world literature - we skip the Soviet ones. We will think up “Heroes”, shoot the “heavenly hundreds”, spread the “eagles” on places, “hyenas” persecute, revive the old foes, and create new ones. We will arrange a demonstration court for the conspirators. Own people - economic inflow. To the West today we turn in front, to Russia - backwards.

But first, a wink behind the scenes of everyone - you never know what will happen tomorrow.
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  1. vezunchik
    vezunchik April 18 2014 15: 39
    The information about the loss in the Donetsk region of 20 mercenaries from the USA, distributed on the evening of April 15 by the newspaper “Vzglyad”, citing a senior source in the Russian Security Council, significantly changes the idea of ​​what is happening. And reveals a very probable background of current events in the east of Ukraine. In particular, it becomes clear the seemingly inexplicable rush with which the high rank of the Security Service of Ukraine rushed to Slavyansk, on the approaches to which they were shelled, losing, according to various estimates, from one to nine people. The casket opens simply: the missing foreigners represent the United States close to the State Department, more precisely to his security service, Greystone Ltd., a private military company (PMC), which is part of Academi (formerly Blackwater), and the coordinator (or "controller") of the missing unit is a confluence of circumstances! - according to the blogger Tatyana Volkova, the CIA special agent is personally acquainted with its director John Brennan. What is Ukraine, in fact, obliged to do with an emergency visit to him last weekend in Kiev. Moreover, incognito, under the name of a certain "Johnson", who arrived on the banks of the Dnieper allegedly for "tourist" purposes.
    1. Ased
      Ased April 18 2014 15: 49
      Quote: vezunchik
      Here's how he informed: “Turkey firmly stated, through the mouth of the Prime Minister, that it remains a strong supporter of the sovereignty and independence of the state, we can count on Turkish support, both in international organizations and during a bilateral position.”

      Turkey in the 70s "occupied" a third of the Republic of Cyprus. Naturally now she stands for indivisibility. Well, okay - I wonder how much support Ukraine has previously seen from Turkey.
      You can count on alien support, and get their support - this is the number!
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. MG42
      MG42 April 18 2014 15: 52
      This is the main sponsor of the pravosekov ukrooligarch Jew Igor Kolomoisky, the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region, who appointed a reward of $ 10 for the head of the "separatist" and it was with him that Dmitry Yarosh, the leader of the pravoseks in Dnepropetrovsk, met on the evening of April 000, he forms the punitive Dnipro battalions. Tymoshenko also has close ties with him. fellow countrymen come from the same region and business.
      1. olf_1959
        olf_1959 April 18 2014 16: 26
        A good target will come out of it.
        1. PPL
          PPL April 18 2014 16: 50
          Quote: olf_1959
          A good target will come out of it.

          Yes, it will be difficult to miss ... lol
      2. 1812 1945
        1812 1945 April 18 2014 17: 25
        When will they stop talking wild nonsense about Lavrov's "great diplomatic victory" at the talks in Geneva ?! A lure for fools, and even honest ones - how they see us. - This is what the final document (rotten, poisonous fruit) of these negotiations is like. As soon as the self-defense units begin to fulfill the terms of the agreement, in the cities of southeastern Ukraine, Kolomoisky's detachments, the right sector, the self-defense of the Maidan will begin to impose order ... ...
        1. Sandov
          Sandov April 19 2014 19: 31
          Quote: 1812 1945
          The Russians (who will survive) will have only one right: to work for the good of the Western "heroes of Ukraine" ...

          You can’t disarm, you need to create your own police and self-defense units. Arm and uniform. Russia will be able to help logistics.
      3. Fin
        Fin April 18 2014 17: 40
        Quote: MG42
        This is the main sponsor of the law-abiding ukrooligarch Jew Igor Kolomoisky

        It seems to me that something must happen to his business. And that is ugly, and not by "weight" he rolls a barrel on GDP, pushes pravosekov on us. It seems that he has not yet blamed on the suicide bomber, but he tries.
        1. MG42
          MG42 April 18 2014 18: 24
          This is after GDP publicly called Kolomoisky a crook

          Russian President Putin called the Ukrainian billionaire Igor Kolomoisky ($ 9,1 billion, No. 137) the "crook" who "threw" Roman Abramovich (his fortune of $ 2,1 billion, No. 828 in the global Forbes list), who was appointed governor of Dnepropetrovsk two days earlier. area.

          “A unique rogue,” Putin said. “He even cheated our oligarch Abramovich two or three years ago; as they say in our circles of the enlightened intelligentsia, he“ threw ”him. In Putin's account, the conflict looked like this: two businessmen signed a contract, and Abramovich paid Kolomoisky a large sum, but "he ... did not complete the deal, pocketed the money."

          1. Fin
            Fin April 18 2014 19: 59
            Quote: MG42
            This is after GDP publicly called Kolomoisky a crook

            On the contrary. Coloma called GDP March 3, received a response during a March 4 press conference. So it can be argued that Kolomoisky declared war.
            This incidentally is written in your link 3 paragraph.
      4. svp67
        svp67 April 18 2014 18: 58
        Quote: MG42
        it was with him that Dmitry Yarosh met the leader of law enforcement in Dnepropetrovsk on the evening of April 16

        Why be surprised ...
      5. Sandov
        Sandov April 19 2014 19: 29
        Worthy of each other. Rostov tribunal is waiting.
    4. svetlomor
      svetlomor April 18 2014 15: 59
      . Let's turn to the West today, to Russia - backwards.
      This, of course, is not our format, but you can’t take advantage of this opportunity.
      1. Little Muck
        Little Muck April 18 2014 16: 06
        Not worth it, nevertheless relatives. Still accused of incest. laughing
        The main ass to cover (throw a rag), and then how to tear the pack (junting), she does not have a fountain. wassat
    5. mountaineer
      mountaineer April 18 2014 16: 01
      vezunchik [
      can search them in mcdonalds? wassat
    6. Validator
      Validator April 18 2014 16: 11
      Yes, in Kiev now something big!
    7. Ross
      Ross April 18 2014 16: 55
      Hackers hacked Yarosh's Facebook account! Watch everyone! - See what this PADLA writes. .. .. http: //www.euromaidanu. net / wp-content / up

      1. Turkir
        Turkir April 18 2014 18: 00
        Not anymore - access denied. can't be bigger?
      2. Turkir
        Turkir April 19 2014 10: 30
        Really bastard.
      3. Turkir
        Turkir April 19 2014 11: 42
        Thank. Enlarged the photo and placed on another page. I hope you do not mind. Let everyone see who they are dealing with.
        Why Lavrov is not singled out the question of banning the Right Sector as a criminal organization, namely in Geneva, remains a mystery to me.
    8. Val_y
      Val_y April 19 2014 01: 32
      And therefore, most likely, for "every gray stone there is a polite person with a sledgehammer" soldier wink
    9. Val_y
      Val_y April 19 2014 01: 44
      or like this soldier wink
  2. vezunchik
    vezunchik April 18 2014 15: 43
    A bit of background. As RIA Novosti reported, citing a source in law enforcement bodies of Ukraine, on April 7, immediately after the seizure of the buildings of the regional state administration in Donetsk and the Security Service of Ukraine in Lugansk, three units manned by military personnel of the internal troops, militants of the Right Sector and American mercenaries. The message said the latter belonged to Blackwater. The source formulated the task set before them as the quickest and most tough sorting out with the protesters, while mentioning the equipment of mercenaries in the form of the Ukrainian special forces detachment Sokol. In this form, they were, in fact, caught. They say that in the region of Slavyansk “high professionals” from the USA were unusually quickly and clearly blocked by a crowd of civilians surrounded by “polite” and “benevolent” people armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles. Considering it was good to disarm and present American IDs (only two drivers turned out to be Ukrainians ), a group of mercenaries along with the “controller” and “well-wishers” disappeared without a trace in the vast expanses of Donetsk land, and where it is now, no one is in the know. Although knowledgeable people say that they either “drove” or “flew over” "From afar, from an organization capable of sorting out the specific accent of their English."
    1. andj61
      andj61 April 18 2014 15: 57
      Several days have passed since then, but nowhere has the information about them surfaced. And this is not one, and not two people. To hide so much time - why? It’s dangerous to evacuate.
      I understand that if they interrogated, disclosed the information and released. What did they really roll into concrete, as they were already joking on the forum, so that it would be disgraceful for others? That's what Langley twitched!
      1. APS
        APS April 18 2014 16: 16
        Or maybe already with a pick and a shovel in the mine, well, if you came to help, let's ...
      2. Mikros
        Mikros April 18 2014 17: 24
        And let go where? This is not an army; laws are not written for them. So PMC weapons are double-edged and effective only against zusuls.
        1. maximus235
          maximus235 April 18 2014 23: 16
          Most likely they are already singing in the Lubyanka. And hold them for now as a joker in the sleeve, so that at the most crucial moment they poke mugs in the face
      3. Vladimir 23rus
        Vladimir 23rus April 20 2014 16: 06
        If this is true, then it is. "information" will emerge in due course. Or it will not come up for preferences in Ukraine from the west.
  3. vezunchik
    vezunchik April 18 2014 15: 47
    Apparently, not from a good life and without a detailed study, which in such a sensitively acute situation for the overseas guest was hardly enough time. Alexander Turchinov had no choice but to “take the visor”, and this decision was influenced by both the “authority” of the high Washington authorities and the growing internal “clumsy” among the “triumphs” of the Maidan. Turchinov, after Avakov, finally disliked the militants of the “Right sector ”, and the delay for him looked like if not death, then resignation.“ Who is the boss in the house ”was simultaneously demonstrated by Yulia Tymoshenko, whose team includes both Turchinov and Avakov. Petro Poroshenko invited her to withdraw from the presidential election in order to facilitate his victory in the first round. On the contrary, Turchinov did not make out: he changed into a saddle and camouflage, sitting on it like a cow, proclaiming “anti-terrorist special operation”, in the leadership of which Avakov was not included. Firmly “laying” and “scoring” against Tymoshenko, Turchinov thereby “subscribed” to fidelity to a certain “father Eugenio”, better known under the mundane name of General Yevgeny Marchuk, the ex-head of the KGB of the Ukrainian SSR. Then this shadow moderator of the future SBU, who occupied almost all posts in the Ukrainian government during the years of “independence”, “passed” the first “independent” president Leonid Kravchuk. Today, his current “clip” includes such figures as the chief of the special services Nalivaichenko, deputy Marchuk for The KGB, General Kozhemyakin, is the creator of the Right Sector, as well as the newly appointed head of the SBU Anti-Terrorism Center, General Krutov. (It was Krutov who was outraged by the citizens almost beaten at the Kramatorsk airfield when he gave a hint about the “anti-terrorist” operation).
  4. Validator
    Validator April 18 2014 15: 47
    I propose to blow up the brain of banderlogs with such a speech!
    1. Validator
      Validator April 18 2014 15: 50
      And here, by the way, how Poroshenko spends his presidential company
      1. Little Muck
        Little Muck April 18 2014 15: 59
        Russia arrested the accounts of the Ukrainian corporation Roshen
        Submitted by Mikheev on Thu, 2014-03-20 14:22
        And the name of the owner will soon sound Potroshenko laughing wassat
        1. Sochi
          Sochi April 18 2014 16: 43
          Pidoroshenko ...
        2. maximus235
          maximus235 April 18 2014 23: 18
          no, better Parashenko
    2. VengefulRat
      VengefulRat April 18 2014 15: 50
      Salo Ukraine - Obama Banana! wassat
    3. atos_kin
      atos_kin April 18 2014 15: 55
      Or so:
      - Christ is risen!
      - Glory to the heroes!
      1. VengefulRat
        VengefulRat April 18 2014 15: 57
        Well, it’s somehow ... bust
        1. atos_kin
          atos_kin April 18 2014 16: 04
          This is ... to blow up the brain.
        2. Egoza
          April 18 2014 19: 15
          Quote: VengefulRat
          Well, it’s somehow ... bust

          Well, not that too much ...
          Greek Catholics and parishioners of the Kiev Patriarchate answer: "Glory to Isu!"
          so ... in general, Jesus Christ was Ukrainian!
  5. serega.fedotov
    serega.fedotov April 18 2014 15: 48
    By the way, half of the business of the "Shekoladny King" is located in Russia - that is, a very good candidate for sanctions
    1. MG42
      MG42 April 18 2014 16: 04
      This is not true about "half" of the chocolate bunny business he has only one factory in the Russian Federation.
      Lipetsk confectionery factory ROSHEN. 398024, Russia, Lipetsk, ul.Dovatora, 3-a
      1. VengefulRat
        VengefulRat April 18 2014 16: 12
        Yes, and that kind of covered up. Such info jumped back in March.
      2. andj61
        andj61 April 18 2014 16: 12
        And how many Poroshenko products were imported into Russia?
        1. MG42
          MG42 April 18 2014 18: 20
          For lovers of hunting for a chocolate hare, I recommend reading

          there in detail about everything.
      3. serega.fedotov
        serega.fedotov April 18 2014 18: 44
        Quote: MG42
        This is not true about "half" of the chocolate bunny business he has only one factory in the Russian Federation.
        Lipetsk confectionery factory ROSHEN. 398024, Russia, Lipetsk, ul.Dovatora, 3-a

        And when you consider the sale of products in Russia?
      4. maximus235
        maximus235 April 18 2014 23: 19
        Thanks for the address, the guys left. wink
  6. vezunchik
    vezunchik April 18 2014 15: 49
    Therefore, we will clarify: “merged” Turchinov not so much in front of Poroshenko as in front of the Brennan tandem with Marchuk, Poroshenko and the promoter. (According to the CIA’s logic, they don’t change horses at the crossing, but donkeys, apparently, are very easy). This alignment will be incomplete without mentioning that the connection with the CIA was established by “Padre Eugenio” through Roman Kupchinsky, a gustop ideologist of Ukrainian nationalism, a cadre an agent of the American special services, who oversaw the Bandera underground in Langley, who fought in Vietnam, and then was transferred to the chair of the Ukrainian editorial office of Radio Liberty. And “having handed over the guts” to the bored housewife and sprawled in front of new employers, the Baptist “type president” rushed to prove to them his own It was precisely an attack of loyal ecstasy that showed him the direction to Slavyansk, where, in the name of “saving” the reputation of the chief of a foreign intelligence service, which received a serious breakdown, he threw the Ukrainian military to shed blood on compatriots standing on the barricades. Passivity of the operation, gradually developing into mass desertion and the army’s transition on the side of the people is apparently explained by the fact that Ukrainian security officials realize (or have already been informed) that 20 mercenaries, including Brennan’s liaison officer, have long been gone in Donbass. And those who “command” them, “actually fool around” the American masters, acting in good the ICD regime familiar to the Soviet military mentality is “imitation of ebullient activity”.
  7. ZU-23
    ZU-23 April 18 2014 15: 51
    Haha, the fun and truthful title of the article. Until the Maidan sit down, any government in Ukraine will be worthless, and if they sit there will be a revolution, so it’s better for everyone to take up them together and then arrange a show among themselves laughing
  8. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN April 18 2014 15: 53
    Maybe not everyone fell into the mine? Can anyone else perform in Russia 24? request
  9. vezunchik
    vezunchik April 18 2014 15: 53
    Especially now, after the information about the capture of mercenaries was transmitted through the Russian media, including the central television channels, which now, finally, are again watching in the South-East of Ukraine. You can’t hide the awl now! The State Department officially, in response to a note from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on March 31 denied the participation of mercenaries from American PMCs in Ukraine. And now one of:
    - either we have to admit that Kerry lied to Lavrov, although in this case Kerry should be resigned, and Barack Obama should act depending on whether he considers his hapless public department a horse or donkey and is ready to take his “sins” on his neck ;
    - either to blame everything on the “arbitrariness” of the “Greystone” - but then it must at least change the leadership, and at the most - disband it; otherwise, we will have to admit that the next step of this “uncontrollable” PMC could well be the landing on the White House or on Capitol Hill;
    - either to open it, “handing over” their “got into trouble” fellow citizens: “our hut is on the edge, we have nothing to do with it, they themselves ...”; but this is fraught with serious moral costs for the Obama administration, which is especially unacceptable on the eve of the already difficult for Democrats midterm elections to the Congress;
    - or, finally, to pretend that nothing at all happens, while “like turning a blind eye” to the undesirable situation in Ukraine for America and the West as a whole, accepting accusations of “impotence” threatening the superpower with substantial reputational costs.
    In a word, the choice is on all four sides - and do not deny yourself anything! In an even worse situation, the CIA who has signed up for professional unsuitability finds itself.
    First, the secret special operation of a considerable scale has been ruined and failed at the root (of which, perhaps at these very moments, tells the “who should” the connected Brennan).
    Secondly, as they say, “for the fullness of sensations”, the subordinates of Chief Langley could not even keep his trip to Kiev secret, which made the White House blush (which, quite reluctantly, under pressure from evidence, was obliged to recognize the fact of the trip the next day ).
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      Roman Skomorokhov April 18 2014 23: 33
      In short - where not to throw, everywhere a wedge.
  10. a52333
    a52333 April 18 2014 15: 58
    Tymoshenko urges everyone to fasten shabluki ..... Cool .... But how, by a personal example, the first in shalvars, but on a white horse, braid - well, in general, with all the show-offs and to Donetsk? Or Lugansk? From the ball would be campaigning.
    1. VengefulRat
      VengefulRat April 18 2014 16: 19
      According to some Ukrainian media: Tymoshenko secretly (for security reasons) arrived in Donetsk. Yulia planned to meet with representatives of the local resistance movement to the separatists. I really hope that local self-defense already knows about the secret visit, and there will be hot heads there to cover this lady.
  11. vezunchik
    vezunchik April 18 2014 15: 59
    Finally, facts, and irrefutable ones, from documents to the language and emphasis of communication, were found, and Washington himself caught these facts, and presented them to the world public opinion, of course, in an evil, even evil, irony of fate, none other than Moscow. Well, try and do without profanity here ... Who are the main applicants for this “interesting” title - it remains to be guessed. Well, for example, how do you like the candidacy of Jeffrey Payette, the US ambassador to Kiev? Or Deputy State Secretary Victoria Nuland - his partner in a telephone conversation flying around the world (“F ... ck EU! ..”), as well as a memorable “culinary tour” on the Maidan, “forgetting” to tell the members of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs the name “stuck into history »PMCs? (And those - that’s holy naivety! - didn’t guess from her to clarify ...).
    Well, in conclusion, we note that Russia now has the right to set conditions that, if America does not comply, the world will receive a substantial addition to Edward Snowden’s information that shocked him last year. The first condition that has already been heard in hearings on Ukraine in the Council UN Security from the lips of the Russian Permanent Representative Vitaly Churkin - to curtail the special operation in the Southeast. She seems to be starting to curtail. Yes, and in the Ukrainian army, it seems, the vast majority of officers are real and responsible professionals, well distinguishing a constitutional order from a criminal one.
    Vladimir Pavlenko, Doctor of Political Sciences, Full Member of the Academy of Geopolitics
    1. andj61
      andj61 April 18 2014 16: 15
  12. MG42
    MG42 April 18 2014 16: 00
    About Dobkin "devil" in vain so the author negative >> a crowd of maydauns pounced on him with "Afghan sotto" there were several of them. dozens, punctured the wheels of a car, doused them with green stuff and sprinkled them with flour; only 2 guards had threats and physical pressure.
    The same crowd then attacked another pro-Russian presidential candidate, Tsarev = coordinator of Anti-Maidan, against whom the third criminal case "for separatism" has already been opened.
    1. vlad63
      vlad63 April 18 2014 18: 38
      All these "fighters" and candidates are kartonnye stupid. Of the entire PR, only one V. Kolesnichenko did not vote for the new "laws."
      1. MG42
        MG42 April 18 2014 18: 46
        15.04.14 21:36

        henko_turchinov_prigrozil_seh_sudom & objectId = 433166 & lang = en
        1. Yuri Y.
          Yuri Y. April 18 2014 19: 17
          Quote: MG42
          About Dobkin "devil" in vain so the author

          Dobkin is generally a suspicious comrade. Usually leaders in bracelets and in Kiev, give him house arrest. Tsarev naked piz..lei specific, Dobkin sprinkled with colorful.
          1. MG42
            MG42 April 19 2014 01: 03
            Quote: Yuri Ya.
            Dobkin is generally a suspicious comrade.

            When they create pressure on him, family, business, especially Avakov is his personal enemy? Although, of course, some are trying to stay in power, this cannot be denied, including his friend, the mayor of Kharkov, Kernes, but also an enemy of Avakov.
  13. mig31
    mig31 April 18 2014 16: 05
    Washington would replace everyone, but there is no one, there is no time to create new ones, Brennon will not be forgiven such blunders, the direction is worthless, the production is nowhere worse, time is lost, it remains to pour blood on everything, God forgive me, stop this "democratic" BARBARRY !!!
  14. mamont5
    mamont5 April 18 2014 16: 15
    Cartoon "How Ukraine wanted cookies in the EU.
    1. PPL
      PPL April 18 2014 16: 55
      Cool cartoon !!! laughing
    2. Naval
      Naval April 18 2014 18: 24
      Thank! Bravo! I looked with pleasure and laughed. Actual cartoon.
  15. Orc-xnumx
    Orc-xnumx April 18 2014 16: 17
    It seems that here the psychiatrist will no longer help! Nothing, soon the pathologist will figure out what's what!
    1. Andron-rnj
      Andron-rnj April 18 2014 16: 44
      yes no sense supposedly government not only ready to eat cookies but wants to eat like horseradish with onions
  16. generalissimo
    generalissimo April 18 2014 16: 21
    Enta Mamsel with a story at odds! Give her the registry Cossacks, who valiantly fought with the Poles, Tatars, Muscovites and other militants of the land of South Russia. They will sit again in the floodplains in the Zaporizhzhya section and, well, show the Turkish sultan from the fig bushes! And he would tear them into every hole as in the old days, in response to their letters, which he used for his intended purpose, in the sense he wiped them off! Remember the Serene Prince Potemkin! Admiral Ushakov! Generalissimo Suvorov! Whoever has forgotten the past is unlikely to have a future!
  17. Corsair5912
    Corsair5912 April 18 2014 16: 23
    In Strasbourg today, a certain Spanish MP, Willie Meyer, was boiling water, suddenly declaring that the cause of the destabilization in Ukraine was “a brutal coup in which the fascist organizations took part” and which was encouraged by the US and the EU. His colleagues and the friend of us Rebecca Harms chattered. They explained at the hands of the Spaniard who had fought off a zombie of Russian propaganda that Russia was the main enemy of everything.

    Well, finally, smart and honest people began to appear in the European Parliament, the ice began to break.
    1. Andron-rnj
      Andron-rnj April 18 2014 16: 49
      and this is according to you: smart and honest "yes, at least a block with an ax is crying for him
  18. crasever
    crasever April 18 2014 16: 32
    I agree with the respected vezunchik, because there were similar events in Syria - there, trapped by government troops in the suburbs of Damascus, Amerov's and British Nazis, and before them French colleagues who were taken prisoner directly, were forced to get out without eating too much , with the help of UN inspectors investigating "the use of chemical weapons by Assad's army" ...
  19. upasika1918
    upasika1918 April 18 2014 16: 41
    What do you call a yacht .... Let's start with the Coat of Arms - for me, FORK. It was possible to add a flag to a spoon - well, it matches blue and yellow. Distorted and fictitious words must not be interfered with with a local surzhik and a dialect, and declare it NEW. According to this logic, Odessa is a separate Odessa nation with its state. tongue. This is about language. And finally, parallels- Palestinians and Israelis did not have full-fledged states. The ideology of both of them is Hatred as a state policy. And contempt for the neighbor. For five thousand years they have not come to their senses. And there are many such enemy neighbors in the world.
  20. Sochi
    Sochi April 18 2014 16: 50
    Ukraine as a downed pilot ... still flies, but already does not control anything. The crew of Maydanuty pulls levers for everything and presses buttons for everything in the hope that something else could work.
  21. kocclissi
    kocclissi April 18 2014 17: 14
    Mercenaries, thought ..... and went over to the side of the protesters!
  22. delfinN
    delfinN April 18 2014 17: 27
    Well, something like this:
    1. Submarine B-41
      Submarine B-41 April 18 2014 18: 15
      Quote: delfinN
      Well, something like this:

      Or like that!

  23. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 18 2014 17: 42
    Hunting, evil, moral dwarfs of the Kiev leadership faithfully lead the country to the abyss. don’t understand what they are doing. Guillotine cries for them.
  24. Serg7281
    Serg7281 April 18 2014 17: 43
    Own people - economic hell. Let's turn to the West today, to Russia - backwards.
    But backwards ??? in vain, in vain .... maybe out of embarrassment .... with the loss of something. Either of virtue or honor. Although both the Kiev junta has long lost.
  25. Lelek
    Lelek April 18 2014 17: 55
    Well about creatures similar to the Kiev rulers, Nekrasov said: "... do not create - destroy - masters ...". Apart from the ruin of the state, complete default, hunger and blood, this power can give birth to nothing. Scratch a melon, chanovni pans, and with a song and banners - celebrate with Western "friends". bully
  26. IGS
    IGS April 18 2014 18: 28
    And Poroshenko, this stubborn, know, listen and eat. And he promises comprehensive moral and economic support from the Turkish vizier, who "will never recognize the annexation of Crimea."
  27. Signaller
    Signaller April 18 2014 18: 49
    They were surprised. What troubles ???? Yes Some grandmothers left-second right. In short, As in the wedding in Robin, this is for me, this is for me again, and this is for you, and this is for me ..... Look, remember, one to one ..
  28. sv68
    sv68 April 18 2014 19: 19
    paraphrasing a couple of famous sayings I’ll say, a scribe crept up to ukroin
  29. Filand
    Filand April 18 2014 19: 56
    Therefore, the sacred duty of all those who still have gunpowder left in the powder containers is not to lie with the woman on the stove, but to put on Cossack harem pants, moth-eaten, grind shablyuk, saddle the good argamak, drink vodka with lard on the road and go into battle.

    Unfortunately, the Ukrainian rulers, instead of gunpowder in the powder flasks, there were only berries in the buttocks
  30. vezunchik
    vezunchik April 18 2014 22: 23
    The only successful way to contain and push back the war-threatening expansion of the European Union and NATO to the East is to reunite Ukraine with Russia. And this, we Poles, sincerely wish our Slavic brothers - Ukrainians and Russians. This would be the best guarantee of peace that would not allow the globalist forces of the West to start a war.
    Our support for Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, is dictated by the good of Poland and Russia, the Slavs, Europe and the World. After all, Russia defends the natural Divine and human values, defends the world, advocates a multipolar world order as opposed to unipolar globalist domination, upholds the national idea of ​​preserving Peoples and national States with their own national heritage, defends marriage, understood only as a union of a woman and a man for birth and upbringing children who are protected from the moment of conception.
    The USA and the European Union oppose all this, destroying the moral and material way, preparing the decline of the nation-states used to fight Russia. The best example of this is Poland, deprived of spiritual and material wealth, forced to send millions of Poles abroad, thrown against Russia to its destruction.
    The salvation for Poland and other European countries is the liberation from the European Union and NATO, as well as the unification around Russia, protecting universal and national values. This guarantees peace and security, preserves the identity of its own People, the sovereignty of its own State, the protection of its own national heritage, the strengthening of marriage and family, the provision of work in our own country, and development that brings fair and universal well-being.
    An alliance with Russia and the entire Slavic Community will provide the Peoples and European States with the best conditions for civilizational progress for the benefit of present and future generations.
    Polish National Community
    Polish Slavic Committee
    Polish-Russian Friendship Society
    Barbara Krieger
    Tadeusz Sikorski
    Boleslav Teykovsky
    More details:
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      Roman Skomorokhov April 18 2014 23: 39
      Hmm ... I didn’t expect this from the Poles, I admit. I really thought everyone was there.
      1. Reks
        Reks April 19 2014 00: 45
        belay .. yeah, I also read in surprise the authors-Barbara,
        Boleslav .... Poles! ... As the saying goes, "Long live reason, but no insanity !!" good
    2. luka095
      luka095 April 19 2014 00: 24
      I wish you success.
    3. Turkir
      Turkir April 19 2014 11: 50
      There are healthy forces in Poland, then there is hope that "Polska has not died out."
      They stand from the position of the Slavic Union - also right.
      We are on the way with Barbara Krieger, Boleslav Teykovsky and Tadeusz Sikorsky.
      Thanks to them for their support.
      "Gay, Slavs"!
      1. Turkir
        Turkir April 19 2014 16: 00
        I have to write comments on my own comments. I survived.
        March of the Russian Empire
        Gay Slavs
        Gay, Slavs, our word is pouring in a free song,
        And he will not be silent until the heart beats for his people,
        The Slavic spirit lives forever, it will not fade in us,
        The insanity of power by the enemy against us in vain

        We will carry the great Slavic spirit through the years
        and misfortunes and tribulations will not break us forever.
        We will not let the Holy Fatherland fade away,
        Our glorious Russia, you live and hello!

        Gay, Slavs, our word is pouring in a free song,
        And he will not fail until the heart beats for his people.
        We will not let the Holy Fatherland fade away.
        Our glorious Russia, you live and hello!

        I hope now it is clear what I meant in my previous comment.