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Veterans Day of the Interior and Interior Troops

17 April is the Day of veterans of internal affairs bodies and internal troops in Russia. It is worth noting that this is one of the youngest Russian holidays, in 2014, it will be celebrated only for the fourth time. For the first time in our country, the holiday was celebrated in 2011 year. 17 of April was declared the Day of veterans of the internal affairs bodies and internal troops by decree of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Rashid Nurgaliyev (currently Vladimir Kolokoltsev is in the post). The date of the holiday was not chosen by chance, it was timed to the 20 anniversary of the creation of the first in our country public organization of veterans of the Department of Internal Affairs and the Air Force, the 17 of April 1991 of the year.

The institution of the holiday of the veterans of the internal affairs bodies and internal troops is recognition of their merits, deep gratitude and respect to those people who gave the best years of their lives to serving the Fatherland, who actively participated and continue to participate in the services and divisions, make their contribution to the disclosure and crime prevention in our country, to increase the combat readiness of the Russian Armed Forces. Special gratitude on this day is expressed to those veterans who have gone through the very difficult trials of the Great Patriotic War, as well as those who, during the difficult years of post-war devastation, were at the forefront of the fight against crime, showing no less courage, will, initiative and determination than on the battlefields of war. The people who went through the war, received military hardening, in many respects determined those main moral principles and reference points, which to this day lie at the heart of law enforcement in our country.

Veterans Day of the Interior and Interior Troops

Currently, veteran organizations in Russia include:
- veteran pensioners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
- the organization of veterans of individual regions, districts and services;
- veterans of the Great Patriotic War;
- veterans of combatants in Afghanistan and the North Caucasus;
- participants in the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident.

Veterans take an active part in promoting the observance of law and order among the general population, are engaged in preventive work among the younger generation, and are acting mentors for many young employees of internal affairs. According to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, thanks to the veterans and their rich experience, every year a large number of crimes are revealed in our country. 17 April veterans of the internal affairs bodies and internal troops receive congratulations from the command, their colleagues, relatives and friends. In addition, on this day in Russia a large number of various celebrations are held in veteran organizations. Today, an important place in the activities of the Russian Council of Veterans of Internal Affairs Agencies and Internal Troops is given to interaction with other veteran organizations of the CIS countries.

To date, more than 600 thousands of veterans reside in the Russian Federation, who in various years served in the internal affairs agencies and in the internal troops. At the same time, about 33 thousands of veterans are currently mentors to young military and police officers. With the direct participation of veterans, in 2012 alone, almost 24 thousands of crimes of different directions were revealed in the country, about 400 thousands of Russian adolescents were covered by preventive work. The role of veterans in the patriotic education of growing youth and the education and training of new young employees is invaluable. Even being retired, the veterans of the Department of Internal Affairs and the Air Force bring maximum benefit to Russian society.

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  1. Arh
    Arh April 17 2014 09: 15
    Congratulations to all the ideological !!!)))
    1. Civil
      Civil April 17 2014 09: 38
      Congratulations only to those who are for the Russian people, there are many!
  2. Stiletto
    Stiletto April 17 2014 09: 16
    There are no former fighters - this is forever. Happy holiday to you, real men! soldier
    1. 225chay
      225chay April 17 2014 16: 12
      Quote: Stiletto
      There are no former fighters - this is forever. Happy holiday to you, real men!

      All veterans and in particular: 512 Separate motorized rifle battalion OH and 619 convoy regiment SAVO Kaz SSR
      Happy holiday to all! ...
  3. Tra-ta-ta
    Tra-ta-ta April 17 2014 09: 20
    God save me from the court, hospital and police ... Happy holiday !!!
  4. ambiorix
    ambiorix April 17 2014 09: 25
    Happy Holidays!
    After the Maidan, an understanding came to how important the security forces and the Internal Troops are to the country and where the state is heading if they are not respected and "brought to their knees."
  5. Little Muck
    Little Muck April 17 2014 09: 32
    There are no former. This is another epicness of officer life.
    Happy holiday to you! hi
  6. ya.seliwerstov2013
    ya.seliwerstov2013 April 17 2014 09: 34
    While you are, the sky above us is blue.
    And, as a warning to others,
    You protect Russia again
    By its very existence.

  7. parusnik
    parusnik April 17 2014 09: 40
    Veterans of the Separate Regiment of the Convoy Service of the Police of Leningrad-St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, riot police, and once together the Operational Regiment .. happy holiday !! drinks
  8. Andreitch
    Andreitch April 17 2014 09: 42
    Blessed memory to those who have not lived before!
  9. hohryakov066
    hohryakov066 April 17 2014 09: 49
    All veterans of the ATS and BB with a holiday! Good luck, health and success in all matters!
  10. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch April 17 2014 09: 50
    But if you think about it - no one likes cops ... But if it happens faq - what to do, huh? Especially if you are at work, and your woman or daughter is offended? Who will help? Happy holiday, Police!

    I used to feel bad, but literally 2 days ago I ran into the Ministry of Internal Affairs about exchanging a passport, the issue was decided in 5 minutes. Respekt. We grow, and God forbid!
    1. Sour
      Sour April 17 2014 13: 28
      Quote: iliitch
      But if you think about it - no one likes cops ..

      And who do they love?
      In my opinion, they do not love anyone.
      And to all those involved in the holiday - my congratulations!
  11. Corsair0304
    Corsair0304 April 17 2014 09: 51
    It’s nice that they didn’t forget about us, it’s doubly nice when I accidentally met Vshnik in retirement and exchanged congratulations. Yes. There are no former, there is still gunpowder in the powder flasks. I congratulate veterans and pensioners on a well-deserved holiday soldier
  12. yan
    yan April 17 2014 09: 55
    Happy holiday, dear veterans!
  13. ZU-23
    ZU-23 April 17 2014 10: 00
    VV Respect! Of course, I don’t want to throw a stone at the garden of the Airborne Forces, but they are too much cooked, a good nettle is the worst power than anyone. It’s just necessary to admit that it’s not up to the love of explosives to be sedentary and demonstrators, but such gender smile
  14. mamont5
    mamont5 April 17 2014 10: 02
    Happy holiday defenders!
  15. gladysheff2010
    gladysheff2010 April 17 2014 11: 08
    Protecting people under the Law is often more difficult than at the front, where the enemy is visible and understandable. Happy Holiday!
  16. Nikoha.2010
    Nikoha.2010 April 17 2014 11: 12
  17. Vesnjanka
    Vesnjanka April 17 2014 11: 17
    People often talk to me about my "ruined youth", shoulder straps from 18 years old, night shifts and so on, so on, so on. But I do not regret anything, and if a second life was given to me, I would again go to the transport police, to the criminal investigation department.
  18. Vesnjanka
    Vesnjanka April 17 2014 11: 26
    Variations on motivation ...
    A person cannot constantly live in tension. When the tension reaches a peak, but does not subside, frustration begins - a blockade of aspirations. I don't want any titles, positions, or faces to see these ... It is at such moments that the Heavenly Dispatcher sends you a Test-search, with the involvement of the OMON department, a forceful detention on the bus on the way from work, in general, thunder and lightning, shock and trembling. And those who, by the will of the duty schedule, were next to you at that moment, become your family. And you fly over the fence, lifting up your skirt, because there the fighter fell from the attic, and you climb ahead of the operas into the hut, because they did not calculate the forces and "them" turned out to be more than "us" ...
    Have you seen the faces of those who fly into the unknown in the night city under the howling siren? At this moment, they are a single organism, one for all and all for one. And if you are one of all, you can’t leave and sit out already, that’s the whole idea.
    ... It just happened on one of the shifts ... And "they" did not go in the direction of the ambush, and the riot police flew after "them", and did not have time, and our languid expression changed instantly, and we rushed on what we were, from the alley, and were not ready, and caught our breath, and the voice broke into an animal roar ..., but we made it, and everything was, and passers-by ran to the side of the road, and "they" lay on the asphalt, and we "them" put the squeeze, put the squeeze , put the squeeze on!
    ... And then they drank vodka ... and they forgave us ... and I’ll still go ...
  19. lars
    lars April 17 2014 13: 06
    He served everyone with whom and everyone who honestly paid his duty in this field drinks !!!
    Happy Holiday !!!
  20. Terrible ensign
    Terrible ensign April 17 2014 13: 09
    All involved with the holiday, of course!
    But what Nurgaliyev really did with the authorities I will never forget.
    (In a personal "black" notebook opposite this surname there is a bold check mark.
    For "paper and reports" they lost the real work, ruined the normally existing institute for more than 80 years of mentoring, etc. )
    And for all honest cops, the holiday was, is and will be November 10th.
    (It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran or are still serving ...)
    May God give Kolokoltsev strength and tenacity to restore order!
  21. sv68
    sv68 April 17 2014 13: 51
    but just from the heart — so that they shoot less at you and die less than you, so that your duty is fully fulfilled — WITH HOLIDAY
  22. sledge
    sledge April 17 2014 13: 59
    Happy Veterans! drinks
  23. demotivator
    demotivator April 17 2014 15: 25
    Quote: ambiorix
    an understanding came of how important the country is the security forces and explosives

    This makes me happy. At one time, when I was still serving, I somehow saw the following slogan at a communications center: "Communication is like air - when it is there, they do not notice it, and when it is not there, they suffocate without it." I can confidently say the same about the Internal Troops and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as long as they exist - we can live in peace. And without them - the Maidan will find and get everyone.
    Therefore, all the Vova-veterans - a happy holiday!
  24. Msta-s
    Msta-s April 17 2014 19: 47
    Congratulations!!! Labor is very necessary, just do not go down!
  25. Msta-s
    Msta-s April 17 2014 19: 54
    Quote: iliitch
    But if you think about it - no one likes cops ... But if it happens faq - what to do, huh? Especially if you are at work, and your woman or daughter is offended? Who will help? Happy holiday, Police!

    No offense, the police have a holiday on November 10th. And today we are honoring veterans !!!
  26. Prapor-527
    Prapor-527 April 17 2014 20: 08
    Quote: Civil
    Congratulations only to those who are for the Russian people, there are many!
    And we, honoring the law, protect the rule of law ... And our people are very, very different, we won’t adapt to everyone. Therefore, we protect the rule of law, whatever they say about us ... Veterans bow deeply ...
  27. Viktor.N.Aleksandrov.
    Viktor.N.Aleksandrov. April 17 2014 22: 35
    Congratulations, colleagues! Although for me, as for many, one day remains a holiday, November 10th. It was on this day that it was customary for us to honor both current employees and veterans. The connection between generations was not lost. And this one ... nurgali ... I don't even want to write his names. This is just another example of the fact that the coming to power of a representative of the State Security Service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs led to the collapse. How not to remember another such "representative" by the name of Fedorchuk. We served, we know ...
  28. mithridate
    mithridate April 18 2014 14: 17
    Happy Holidays, colleagues!