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Once again about Ukraine

Once again about Ukraine

For two months now, Ukraine, and Russia lives with it the news from the "non-occupied". Articles, opinions, analytics, reports, from the Maidan, from the Rada, from Odessa and, finally, from the Southeast. Started история, like a strange and funny vaudeville, begins to turn into tragedy.

We are shown hourly representatives of the “Right Sector” and enter into the head that they are direct descendants and heirs of Bandera, Shukhevych and the rest. On the sleeves of the swastika, in the heads of a hodgepodge of Goebbels, Hitler's speeches, etc. Actions are not discussed at all. They explained to us where they came from. We believe. More precisely, many believe.

I want to tell one story. She is almost thirty years old. Back in 1986, I arrived in Lviv. Having lived there for two days, I ended up in the same house. The owner of this house is an elderly professor, a teacher at the Lviv Medical Institute, and a head of the department. He invited me to his office, offered to sit down and went to make coffee.

In the big room there was enough space for good furniture. There was a piano by the wall. Older people remember the time when children were taught to play various instruments. Those who were richer purchased pianos for their children. And, as I remember, they put vases, elephants, lamps on it. And some put the photo in frames. That photo in the frame caught my attention. I got up, walked over, looked closer and could not believe my eyes.

In the old photo was captured a young man, slim, taut, smiling. He was dressed in the black uniform known to me from the films about the Great Patriotic War. SS form. I stood amazed.

The master has come. Brought coffee. Saw my confused and bewildered look. He paused and told.

When the war began (he did not say, as we say, the Great Patriotic War), he had just graduated from the medical institute and underwent an internship. Those. He has not yet become a full-fledged doctor. The Germans came. Learned about his specialty. Caused where necessary. The question was put bluntly - either you serve us or in a concentration camp. “I chose the first,” he said. He paused and added: “I did not kill anyone.” I treated. "

It is necessary to understand that, on the one hand, I am a man of the Soviet system. My inner world is sharpened so that I will never accept this brown ideology. My father, my uncles, fought, shed blood and died for this country. Fought with the carriers of this ideology. And he calmly compromised with his conscience.
I thought so. The visit was crumpled. I said goodbye and left.

We Russians are always hypertrophied and pitiful to everyone without exception. True, there are cruel. If dopekut.

So here. After a while I began to justify him in my soul. I tried to put myself in his place. It turned out all somehow uncertain, crooked and askew. But the Komsomol upbringing and membership in the CPSU did not let me completely soften. I decided that he was a scoundrel, but already punished. After all, he served ten years in the camps after the war ...

At this all could be forgotten.

Thirty years have passed. What we see. Yes, all the same that was in Germany in the 30-ies. Again torch processions. Again, trimmed strong guys with a swastika. Again, nudging everyone who disagrees with their philosophy. And the question arises.

And when were the conditions created for the formation of such a philosophy? Do you think after the collapse of the USSR? I think otherwise. After all, the professor, after serving ten, got a job safely. And where? In medical school. To teach children.

They are like him, with such a worldview, and taught everything they knew themselves.

Sometimes a wave of indignation rises at Stalin in my soul. For the fact that he showed perverse softness to the western Ukrainians.

Yes. Were Bandera. Fought with weapons. They are definitely enemies. They must be punished. And punished. But they ran through the woods until 53. Someone fed them, washed them, treated them. They had children. These are the ones who helped them, who are they? Our brothers and sisters?

I recently read an excerpt from an interview with Kuchma (and maybe Kravchuk, I don’t remember). So here. This "man" talked about how the kid ran into the woods, carried food. To whom? Bandera.

So. It was necessary to take all the Western Ukrainians in the polar zone of the USSR. For a period of 25 years. With pre-sterilization. The children of nonsense give hands. And everything would be fine now. And so we with the thoughts well can not decide.

And what do we do now with Ukraine? On the TV screens are all and sundry. And cool tips give. And they talk about holding Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkov. Field reports (literally and figuratively) are breathtaking. But everything is perceived as a football match. If the opponent takes possession of the ball, we worry. If we are possessed, we rejoice. And we are surprised at how well done Eastern Ukrainians are. With bare hands Tanks and the armored personnel carrier is stopped. The crews surrender. Flags outweigh. Nobody seems to want to fight the people. There is an easy and boring chatter about the referendum. On the federalization of Ukraine. On the redistribution of powers. Aw! Wake up. You live in the same house with a mentally abnormal type. Sleep behind one door. There is no lock on the door. And this type has an ax under the bed. And in a day (even every day) he says that soon he will poke someone on the head.

I do not know about you, but I, if the silenok is not enough, hands on legs and on the move. And if that's enough, I will take the ax and his tuknu. But we will never live with him in the same hut!

I hope there are no readers among those who are called tolerant people? Who do they want to cheat these referendums? Americans? They are not as stupid as they seem. Naive Donetsk guys think with a democratic vote to secure their freedom. It will not be her. Never.

Because now your people support these movements, just holding on to the idea of ​​help from Moscow. But she will come when you are halved (God forbid!). Well, Moscow can not do anything now. So you should do everything yourself. And decide on specific goals. And what to do? I do not want to be a teacher, but I will tell you.

You have a fifth column at your side. You know its participants in person and by last name. These are under the former government, under Yushchenko, under Kuchma, and so on. sat in warm places. They are your ideological antipodes. They will always be at the top with any authority. You know that does not sink? And their wives and children, and grandchildren - you are not companions, but enemies!

Further. Former employees of the SBU, police, prosecutors. These are famous blood-feeding world-eaters. They are just waiting for the right moment. Young people who tried to mow under the "Right Sector". Finally, the "Party of Regions". That they are now singing Lazarus, when torn from the trough. Wait. As soon as they are determined, they will quickly get rid of those who are in the Rada. Again, they want to bowl.

You calmly all enter and leave. Yes, in one night you can bring half a thousand people by bus, railway, cars. Weapons throw helicopters. And what will you do? With grenades throw? It is easier to cut the transport arteries with neighboring areas than to wander knee-deep in blood. Airfield - on the castle. Neither arrival nor departure. A piece of iron to disassemble, and three or four cars with coal downhill. Road dig up. Bridges - disassemble. Bottlenecks - under control with guys with RPG. Continue?

Border guards - to disarm, and beyond the territory. The border with Russia should be free to move. Both there and from there. All that flies from the West - shoot down! And then you will understand where you are going. Crush you.

Question. And where to get all this? So you have Akhmetov sitting. At your side. Ask for money from him. If you ask for good, it will give enough. The main thing is to ask where to the ground level will be two or three meters. And the bars on the windows - so as not to run away. The wallet should always be at hand.

You and Yulia Vladimirovna in Donetsk. Again, not a poor woman. And she was going to shoot you, Katsapov, with nuclear weapons. For idle talk and answer is not a sin.

And the referendum will be held "with a bang!" And separate yourself for health. And join.

Here is a letter. Not a letter, but the April Theses. I think that among you there are many stupid, but with military training. Read Lenin, as he recommended to take power. He's all black and white.
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  1. user
    user April 17 2014 08: 29
    Sometimes a wave of indignation rises at Stalin in my soul. For the fact that he showed perverse softness to the western Ukrainians.

    But on all channels they show Stalin the killer, how Vysotsky "drank the blood of little babies." In this matter, We have lost the information war.
    1. ya.seliwerstov2013
      ya.seliwerstov2013 April 17 2014 08: 39
      Stalin is an assault name,
      Calling short ahead
      Stalin is the rhythms of the Dnieper
      Stalin is a Chkalovsky flight!
      1. GRune
        GRune April 17 2014 09: 12
        Here is the best quote from Visarionovich in my opinion, although not quite in the subject: “It’s hard for me to imagine what kind of“ personal freedom ”an unemployed person can walk, who goes hungry and does not find the use of his labor. True freedom exists only where exploitation is destroyed, where there is no oppression of some people by others, where there is no unemployment and poverty, where a person does not tremble that tomorrow he may lose his job, home, bread. Only in such a society is real, not paper, personal and any other freedom possible. ”
    2. Good cat
      Good cat April 17 2014 09: 30
      "The wind of history will blow the rubbish ..." information war is not for long. The truth still creeps out.
      1. Ased
        Ased April 17 2014 10: 39
        Quote: Good cat
        the information war is not for long. The truth still climbs out.

        Now there is a new trend - the truth is intentionally not heard!
        And we need to somehow deal with this situation. Develop projects like Russia today.
  2. mamont5
    mamont5 April 17 2014 08: 29
    "Well, Moscow cannot do anything now. So, you must do everything yourself. And decide on specific goals."

    Cruel, but absolutely true.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Aryan
      Aryan April 17 2014 09: 28
      that SS professor could then take that picture away
      apparently proud of incomprehensible than

      I also knew professors at the same time and in the same place, who did not openly accept the USSR, from principle conducted their lectures in Ukrainian, but tolerated them, because they were internationally recognized scientists, and yet they wrote denunciations ...
      that's it
      Russia should publish the old NKVD archives about informants in Western Ukraine
      nobody then thought that the USSR would break up and thought that their moths would disappear forever in the archives of the Office
  3. Humpty
    Humpty April 17 2014 08: 35
    My grandmother told me (originally from under the Head) looking on TV at Bandera covens in the early 90s - these are bastards!
  4. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 17 2014 08: 36
    It is impossible to sit on two chairs. So the main part of Ukrainians must be determined, and the sooner, the better for themselves.
  5. KOH
    KOH April 17 2014 08: 40
    As Moscow does not do anything, they break spears at all sites, threw sanctions at it, Lavrov, Churkin and others, butted as best they could, Russia bears financial losses, not for itself, and the people support ...
  6. inkass_98
    inkass_98 April 17 2014 08: 46
    The fellow countryman is emotional, which is understandable, there are immediately a lot of people with roots or relatives in Ukraine. But it seems to me that for those actions that demo calls for, we need a single recognized leader, which at the moment is not in the South-East of Ukraine. Donetsk in itself, Lugansk, too, Kharkov all the more, even within the regions everything is fragmented. From our side, only one action is now possible - to help them find a unifying leader (even if they appoint him behind the scenes). Then you can take decisive action on the actual separation from Dill.
    A separate question is what next. We can’t attach them to ourselves now, we simply won’t pull them physically and economically. I would like to ...
  7. Shaki's memory
    Shaki's memory April 17 2014 08: 48
    Urgently ... "Lipovye self-defenders" are preparing provocations .. who can repost or convey to the guys in Slavyansk or Kromatorsk ..

    Heroes of the Maidan on the barricades of Slavyansk.
  8. Zamachus
    Zamachus April 17 2014 08: 54
    Lately, many people remember Stalin, which means that he was right in many ways, and he ruled the rules as it should, such politicians of the unit even Gaddafi was under control, Putin is also trying, I think he will succeed
  9. parusnik
    parusnik April 17 2014 08: 55
    Sometimes a wave of indignation rises at Stalin in my soul. For the fact that he showed perverse softness to the western Ukrainians.
    What are you, in 1955, by decree of the Armed Forces, all collaborators were released, and Stalin was already dead ... and he was still sitting .... And he insisted on the release of N. Khrushchev
  10. Platov
    Platov April 17 2014 08: 56
    Outskirts decide who you are, what you want, where you want, with a high booty or a high head. You do not know what sodom and homorra are, find on the Internet to be enlightened before it is too late.
  11. GRune
    GRune April 17 2014 08: 59
    Grandfather rubbed the author cool, such as the Germans forced, but the photo in the form of an SS in a frame on the piano, i.e. the most prominent place in the living room, which means it is a matter of pride (after all, no one will put on display their shame)! The photo clearly stood for its zapadentsev, but the Russian came to visit and grandfather slept.
  12. Ruswolf
    Ruswolf April 17 2014 08: 59
    The events of history are repeated constantly until it ends with what should end!
    If they didn’t finish it, then there will be new turns, again we won’t finish it and not just physically, but until we destroy the thinking about it, there will be new turns again.
    Or we defeat evil with our actions! Or evil defeats us with our own hands!
  13. druidcat
    druidcat April 17 2014 09: 00
    Stalin was a great leader, so his liberals bloodsuckers demonize. And these bullshit killed him too. And about the article: Russia, Ukraine, we are a single people, it is politicians who drew the border between our countries. Guys and girls, we are with you, we will not let the Fascists and the Horde of the American US SLAVES win !!!
  14. Known who
    Known who April 17 2014 09: 03
    During World War II, Metropolitan of the Greek Catholic Church Andrei Sheptytsky approved the appointment of chaplains to units of the 14th SS Galicia Volunteer Grenadier Division. Currently, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is the largest local Catholic church of the Eastern rite. According to Annuario Pontificio for 2012, the number of believers is 4 million 281 thousand people. There are 3321 priests and 43 bishops in the church. The Church owns 3 parishes. The Uniate Church has been and remains extremely radical in relation to Orthodoxy and Russian-speaking Slavs. (this is in order to understand the environment in which Western Ukrainians live).
    After an all-Ukrainian referendum on August 24, 1991, in which 90% of the population voted for the separation of Ukraine from the USSR, L.M. was elected President of Ukraine on December 01, 1991. Kravchuk, who grew up before entering a university in the Rivne region where he absorbed hatred of everything Russian and Orthodox. During the period of activity by the President of Ukraine, Kravchuk actively supported the separation of the Kiev Patriarchate from the Russian Orthodox Church, which in turn contributed to the separatist sentiments in Ukraine. Under Kravchuk, the main directions of the split in the nutria of Ukraine, which Kuchma could not overcome, were outlined and sharpened Yushchenko, replaced by Yanukovych.
    At the moment, immigrants from western Ukraine who seized power will do everything to revenge the residents of eastern Ukraine, they will not give up power and will pass any laws that would push Ukraine away from Russia as far as possible, without realizing that such actions only lead to the opposite effect. Lack of work and attention to the problems of the population, ignoring their requirements cause protest. It’s hard for a normal person to imagine that in the hero-city of Odessa instead of Victory Day they will celebrate the birthday of the fascist henchman of Bender, and there will not be enough salary to pay a communal apartment.
    The new government has only one way out - to go to the end, to work out the funds allocated by the US State Department, the new one needs a drive and they do not care deeply about the population of their country. (This is how one should hate one’s own people in order to call mercenaries to suppress popular unrest).
    The new government of Ukraine will make any sacrifice, and terror would sit in its chair.
  15. GRune
    GRune April 17 2014 09: 03
    Yes, and even the author did not have to justify the grandfather in his soul, and hand him over with giblets to the KGB, there would be less scum now, among his older students and their children.
  16. koshh
    koshh April 17 2014 09: 09
    Quote "You have a fifth column at your side. You know its participants by sight and by name. These are those who, under the previous government, under Yushchenko, and under Kuchma, etc., sat in warm places. They are your ideological antipodes. They will always and under any power will be at the top. Do you know that they do not drown? And their wives and children, and grandchildren - you are not fellow travelers, but enemies! "
    Tough, but right. Now you have the case when there is no "gray" or "white" or "black". The choice is yours. Remember that the "black" side will not pity you. You are for them forever "bsdls and slaves".
  17. individual
    individual April 17 2014 09: 34
    In the Donetsk region, the historical path of eastern Ukraine is being run in.
    It is clear that Donetsk and Kiev are not on the way.
    The interventionists from the west will unite the whole of Ukraine against the junta.
    There is such a sign:
    "If the tanks are directed from west to east, then they are avalanche from east to west."
  18. tank64rus
    tank64rus April 17 2014 09: 42
    We must defend ourselves. Otherwise, the Banderlog will come to Russia. But this time without snot about re-educating the "lost". They just don't exist.
  19. fleks
    fleks April 17 2014 10: 00
    I agree with the author that the ideology of Bandera in Ukraine has always been. A native of Chernivtsi lived with me in a hostel, so he had bandits from the Nakhtigal battalion in his idols, at that time I couldn’t imagine that this was serious but it turned out .....
  20. Artem1967
    Artem1967 April 17 2014 10: 02
    So. It was necessary to take all Western Ukrainians to the polar zone of the USSR. For a period of 25 years. With pre-sterilization. Unhandy children to give hand in hand. And everything would be fine now.

    Offering such a path, you, unfortunately, become on the same board with those in black uniform. Although you think correctly: Western Ukrainians are very different in mentality from Eastern. They must be divided. It would be nice in peace, like the Czechs and Slovaks. There are still chances, a bloody civil war must be avoided! And the professor is a bastard, it seems he was proud of his service in the SS (otherwise he would not have exposed the photo).
  21. thrower
    thrower April 17 2014 10: 58
    All right, the author says. But until blood is shed this will not be done. And neither the army nor self-defense want bloodshed. I need a leader, in each article I repeat - take Buzina or Bobrov for the gills, protect as you protect your children, and self-identify not by region, but by region. What for Donetsk Republic, Lugansk Republic ???? Donbass or Little Russia and the point.
  22. cerbuk6155
    cerbuk6155 April 17 2014 11: 12
    I think that Putin knows what he is doing. And he knows much more than we do, since there is such a break with NATO.
  23. sv68
    sv68 April 17 2014 11: 16
    they didn’t let such doctors into fertilizers, and they got ukroinsky fascism
  24. nov_tech.vrn
    nov_tech.vrn April 17 2014 11: 25
    I have to apologize for the minus article, I was looking through while running and didn’t understand the sarcasm about Akhmetov, I don’t have to hurry, but as for the control of the territory and movement I agree to 200%, by the way we must keep in mind the border troops were always not an army, but a special service, respectively, and personnel they were selected there, purely loyal to the leadership, as in the central apparatus of the SBU, the locals will not be able to agree with them, at least with the commanders.
  25. sufix
    sufix April 17 2014 11: 50
    So. It was necessary to take all the Western Ukrainians in the polar zone of the USSR. For a period of 25 years. With pre-sterilization. The children of nonsense give hands. And everything would be fine now. And so we with the thoughts well can not decide.

    Oh and humane methods. How will we differ from the red-brown ones? Yulino statement about the Donbass does not resemble?
  26. viktorrymar
    viktorrymar April 17 2014 11: 54
    The author is right. No matter how bitterly, it’s right, it is necessary to separate from the outskirts with barbed wire and a moat, zapadentsev and European love for a cordon.
  27. Robert Nevsky
    Robert Nevsky April 17 2014 12: 24
    To the author - I’m dumping my hat !!
  28. Andrey82
    Andrey82 April 17 2014 12: 36
    Indeed, in Donetsk and Lugansk they will mature to full independence from Galicia and Kiev only after rivers of blood spilled in eastern Ukraine.
  29. Agent 008
    Agent 008 April 17 2014 12: 41
    Any realist and sane person understands that Ukraine will be divided into two "formations" (they cannot be called states) - western and eastern ... Personally, I do not believe for a second that people who began to KILL each other will be able to live together. You believe? Me not! And most importantly, Russia is obliged to help the east of Ukraine (I would not want this to happen after much bloodshed). But the fact that Russia will not abandon our brothers in the east of Ukraine - I do not doubt for a second !!!
  30. Leshka
    Leshka April 17 2014 20: 45
    the disease in Ukraine and we are the doctor who must cure it
  31. Cristall
    Cristall April 17 2014 21: 19
    Well I do not know. It has been said many times that we are different (west east)
    I’m from the south - I’ve been to the west (Lviv) several times. To say that ordinary people are different, well, just because they don’t think like we do (in Odessa) But many people don’t think like that.
    I don’t know .. after the Soviet education, I feel at home everywhere.
    As long as they begin to impose on us Ukrainization to unite (or under the guise of)
    I love the Ukrainian language, but not to the same extent it is necessary to force "love"
    It seems to me that all the ideas are new. They themselves are not sovereigns by any means. By itself, the people in the west are more individual than in the east. Understand that the one who buys in Poland, and shouts that it is more profitable there, definitely a "patriot" of Ukraine.
    In general, I would not divide the west and east of Ukraine into different people. It’s just that the ideas themselves are inculcated in the West different from the East.
    But the main thing is who holds the center! Whoever holds the center has leverage in the same west.