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"Golden Eagle": everything is just beginning. The fact that the Kiev authorities will never publish

"Golden Eagle": everything is just beginning. The fact that the Kiev authorities will never publish

We offer an interview with the employee of the International Association of Anti-Terrorist Units "Alpha", Chairman of the Board of the "Association of Veterans of the Special Unit" Berkut "of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine" Vladimir Krashevsky, who opened the curtain of secrets about the "black company" and the actions of special forces 20 February.

... People from the "mainland" do not run. They leave and move to the Crimea together with their families. Fighters come from almost all regions of Ukraine. Now for them, an employment algorithm is being developed for our squad. Selection to the Crimean special unit will be tough, as the level of training in various regions of Ukraine is seriously limping.

For example, in the majority of the "Berkut" squads, they were wearing the red beret illegally, and this already says a lot ...

- From which special forces fighters move to the Crimea?

- Yes, almost all. After all, it is logical that people do not want to serve the criminal regime and even more so - to fight shoulder to shoulder with the “Right Sector”, which crippled their colleagues just yesterday. After all, we know this “power” perfectly according to the era of Yushchenko’s rule. What is a revolution? This is a change of formations, and here we see just a change of oligarchic circles. According to the logic of things, stuffing of all sorts of incriminating evidence, the circulation of politicians in positions, will now begin. Everything is like with Yushchenko. Well, since the scenario this time is far from being peaceful, they will shoot each other.

- And the special forces were threatened?

- Yes it was. Someone phoned, someone nailed mourning wreaths to the door. To someone even came. But to a greater degree the inconvenience was caused not by threats, but by psychological pressure. It happened that the children of security officials in schools and kindergartens were told that “your dad beats up innocent people”, that “he is a murderer” ... A blow to the patient himself is in the family.

- Where are the fighters who arrived in the Crimea?

- Mostly with relatives and friends, almost throughout the peninsula. Actually, there are not so many who have moved - I will not say the exact number, approximately 150 man, that is, according to the Berkut. The Crimean base of the "Berkut" would shelter, but it does not have its own hostel. In the 22 year of the special forces, the people did not even receive a single apartment.

- Why did they choose the Crimea?

- Not only the Crimea, there are also those who left for other regions of Russia. It is beneficial for Avakov to say that someone is hiding in the Crimea: here, they say, "they are murderers, and they are there, in the Crimea!" We are to them like a red rag for the bull. Yes, the same Moskal: the Crimean "Golden Eagle" Maidan drives, then seizes the central authorities on the peninsula. Bullshit after all! The Crimean "Berkut" had no relation to the seizure of the authorities of the Crimea, and he did not take part in the dispersal of the "students". Well, I want him to seem like a specialist in the security forces ... it’s a pity, it doesn’t work, except to poke your finger at the sky at random.

- How were you treated on the Maidan?

- The attitude was different, but in most cases - negative. After all, we understood that there was an information war, and a successful one. It is appropriate to recall the words of Joseph Goebbels: "Give me the media, and I will make a herd of pigs out of any nation." Even in his time it was possible, but now - especially when the opportunity to make instant stuffing into the Internet and edit video: the special forces officer shoots at one frame, the Maidan activist falls in the second frame. This produces a certain resonance in society, and the reaction, as we see, does not keep itself waiting.

- And how do you think the current management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs behaved in relation to the “Berkut”?

- How? If we take specifically the Crimean "Berkut", then we were merged from the very first days. And this is not about the first days of Maidan, but in general. In the 1992 year, when the special forces had just appeared, we had the first baptism of fire in the village of Krasny Paradise near Alushta. The task was to eliminate land squatting. And even then, in the first days of existence, we were confronted with “Molotov cocktails”, and blows with sharpening and axes ... When we later met with individual representatives of the Crimean Tatars, they told us that they already had addresses and names of our relatives. the next day. There was just no cut command.

Vladimir Krashevsky

Why am I saying this? In Kiev, there was exactly the same situation. The traitors from the law enforcement agencies and the authorities merged everything that we did or even prepared to do. On the Maidan, they knew in advance that we would take action in the near future. There, in Kiev, we were whipping boys. The law "On Police" simply did not work. What can be relevant to the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs? Guess ...

Unfortunately, both during the reign of Yanukovych and before him from the positions of the leadership of law enforcement agencies, they turned out professionals and put amateurs (fraternity, kinship, general business ...). Many professionals were knocked out of law enforcement agencies by endless pension reforms. At Alpha, the guys retired at the most productive age for the special forces officer 30-35 years.

- Is it easy to suppress the "Right Sector"? They say in his ranks a lot of these militants?

- Technically - yes. Moreover, the new government "Right Sector" is not needed. And now she is looking for any methods to get rid of them. The “Right Sector” was only interesting as an instrument for achieving the goal, and as a political force - by no means, especially since the European public does not accept such fascist political forces. They are followers of the ideas of the OUN-UPA. Unfortunately, in Ukraine history copied from scratch, and what was black turned white. It began after the collapse of the USSR, and already under Yushchenko there was a heroization of the fascist henchmen at the state level.

And again one of Goebbels’s quotations comes to mind: “Take away history from the people - and after a generation it will turn into a crowd, and after a generation it can be managed like a herd”. This is all we saw on the Maidan.

I will say more, “Right Sector” is another empty Ukrainian brand. As empty as the Heavenly Hundred, and as empty as the UPA, which in fact was neither Ukrainian nor insurgent, and I generally keep quiet about the term "army" ...

- How legitimate were the actions of special forces on the Maidan?

- Yes, there were excess of powers: they beat up unarmed people and journalists. From this one does not deny. There is no justification for these actions and can not be. But what does this mean? On the low level of training of special forces, primarily moral and psychological. In many regions there simply wasn’t enough specialists to train them. Just as there was a lack of material and technical support: everything remained from the times when the divisions were only created. Weapon about three times older than the employees who are now entering the service, the armor casters of another 80 model. Everything more or less modern was bought for its money or was acquired with the help of sponsors, more often - former special forces.

- And where is the commander of the Kiev "Golden Eagle" Sergey Kusyuk now? Why ran away?

- Well, in the Crimea, it probably is not. In any case, we did not appear in the detachment. And if he had appeared, no one would have told you that. Why ran away? Can this be called a flight? He is hiding from the investigation, if only because no objective investigation can be expected. This man served in the Kiev OMON from 1988, from the very beginning. What can be said about a man who has devoted his whole life to special forces and serving the people? What did he brutalize and all of a sudden sent a unit to beat the 45-year-old "students" of November 30? This is ridiculous! He understands perfectly well that he will be merged and made a scapegoat.

- What can you say about the actions of colleagues 20 February and Dmitry Gardener? Why did Berkut run away from Institutska?

- Dmitry Sadovnik - an officer with a capital letter. He, by the way, in the Crimea, handed over to the krapovy beret and earned the right to wear it, despite the fact that he had damaged his right hand, or rather, it was almost not there. In the "Berkut" he served for quite a long time, and in the special-purpose company, which Avakov and his colleagues called "black." Later, Dmitry headed this company.

Dmitry Sadovnik, commander of the RSN

- By the way, what is this legendary unit?

“Well, if Mr. Avakov had ever bothered to study official documents, he would not have used such a mystical cliché as a“ black company ”.

This is a special purpose company of the Kiev regiment "Berkut". It was created at the end of 1993 for conducting special operations of increased complexity and apprehending highly dangerous armed criminals. For two decades, hundreds of such events were held, and it should be noted, without a single loss. The composition of the company - 90 man, 4 assault platoon. At the time of its creation was headed by a veteran of Afghanistan, Dmitry Silyakov.

So that you understand what the person who laid the foundation of the company represented, I will read out a short excerpt from his personal file:

“In the Republic of Afghanistan since April 22, 1987. He is the commander of the parachute rescue group. Fulfilled 214 sorties, with a total flying time of 238 hours, to the areas where the military opposition forces were located for search and rescue cover and adjustment of bombing and assault strikes aviation, the evacuation of servicemen who were injured from the outposts of the Ground Forces, the cover of mechanized columns and the inspection of pack caravans. He carried out combat sorties to destroy the groups of military opposition during the military operations “Center”, “Fakel”, “Veil”, “Shot”, “Magistral”, in the areas of Panjshir Gorge, green zone n.p. Charikar, Kabul, Hosta. Guiding the actions of the group, he evacuated from the location of the military opposition 9 pilots from planes shot down by MANPADS, 31 seriously injured soldiers from the outposts of the Army Ground Forces, while demonstrating high moral and volitional qualities. "

But back to today's RSN - these are high-class professionals. Most have completed internships in foreign special forces and were run-in as part of the SPU (Special Police Unit) units, as well as the UN SPECIAL TEAM SIX (ST 6) antiterrorism squad in Kosovo. The latter included representatives of such anti-terror sharks as GSG-9 (Germany), SEK (Germany), EKO COBRA (Austria), WEGA (Austria), DELTA (Norway), GIGN (France), URNA (Czech Republic), Zásahová jednotka (Czech Republic), Specialna Enota (Slovenia), Karhu Team (Finland), Alfa (Croatia), BOA (Poland), Nationell Insatsstyrkan (Sweden), Viking Squad (Iceland), ETF (Canada).

February 20 was commanded by these guys just Dmitry Sadovnik.

Berkut and UN SPECIAL TEAM SIX in Kosovo

- What really happened on February 20?

- In the morning at 8 on Institutskaya there was a bus with 23 armed special forces soldiers. What were they standing there for? To cover the main forces of the "Berkut" and the explosives, in case the automatic weapons seized by the militants of the Right Sector in the west of Ukraine reach Kiev and start firing. Shots from the Maidan could be heard on the day of February 18. Even then, the first wounded appeared. In the evening and at night, the intensity of the fire was such that only in the Crimean unit "Berkut" there were 28 wounded with firearms and one dead.

Remember, "Golden Eagle" ran down Institutskaya Street? Why? Yes, because they began to shoot. On the video, you can hear the shout from Maidan repeatedly: “Do not shoot your back!” Groups of demonstrators with shields come out and start throwing firework and various pyrotechnics into the outgoing security forces. The sound of bursting firecrackers and salutes mixed with the sound of shots. Therefore, law enforcement officers and begin a hasty evacuation.

Right there, the RSN fighters go to the October Palace to wake up 300 unarmed security officials, who were resting there at that moment. As a result, approximately 250 people were evacuated, since they were sleeping in all three floors and in the basement in the palace, they were not able to find everyone. Lulled into captivity. While the guys from the Maidan and the October Palace retreated, they were covered with the help of five pump-guns "Fort-500". Shot "rubber bands". Yes, they had automatic weapons, but the video clearly shows that they were shooting from the “forts”. Logically, what prevented them from throwing up their automata and putting everyone around? Yes, in fact, nothing, and believe me, they would not have missed.

At the same time, while the guys were covering their waste, a sniper doublet killed one of the PCN fighters, Nikolay Simisyuk. Again, this is on the video: Nikolai extracts a Teren-6 gas grenade from the discharge, pulls out a check, and two bullets hit him - one in the leg, the second - under a helmet cut, in the head. Colleagues run up to him, and an explosion is heard. When the gas cleared, Nikolai was evacuated ...

RSN fighter Nikolay Simisyuk died on the Maidan. By a unanimous decision of the Council of the krapovy berets of the Crimean detachment "Berkut" he was awarded the krapovy beret and the breastplate "For service and courage" - posthumously

Then two more fighters from this group were wounded, and one bullet landed in the handle of the knife and crushed it. By the way, many people saw a sniper there nearby. It was an officer of the counter-terrorism special forces of the Internal Troops of the MIA of Ukraine “Omega” With him was a cover group. Why was he there? Not for shooting protesters! This is intelligence. Using optical instruments, he tried to find the Right Sector snipers who, according to the information, were in the building of the Ukraine Hotel. Later, when the ammunition on the "Fort-500" came to an end, and the distance between the protesters and the special forces increased, the RSN fighters had to use firearms, but they were firing ahead of schedule. Again, in the video you can see the fountains of the earth in three or four meters from the attackers. What prevented shoot to kill? I repeat, they could have put all the attackers - and, by the way, on completely legal grounds, according to the law of Ukraine “On Police”, section 3, article 15.

Thanks to these guys, casualties among security officials were minimized.

- And what kind of yellow bandages were in their hands? Initially, someone said that they had the symbolism of "SS-Galicia" ...

- This is a "friend or foe" system. Distinguishing mark for visual identification. After all, we perfectly understood that among the demonstrators there could well have been people dressed in similar uniforms. And so as not to confuse them with their own, the fighters wrapped the yellow tape on the sleeves of the uniform. There was no symbolism on the bandages.

- Avakov said that it was the “black company” fighters who fired at the protesters ...

- Even if it is purely hypothetical to suggest this, then there would not be a “heavenly hundred”, but rather a “heavenly front”. No one would be given a chance to leave! It’s the same if Alpha or Omega worked. After all, it is clear that the hits to the demonstrators come from the back and from the flanks, and there simply were no law enforcement officers! Now the fighters of all units require an examination of weapons. Where is the logic, will the killer really insist on an expertise that can expose him? One thing I can say for sure - both the protesters and the security forces fired from the same sniper weapon. There is expertise, but no one will give such a result to the masses, in any case, it will not.

- By the way, Gennady Moskal announced about the “Wave” operation on the Maidan, what is it?

- Operation “Wave” is simply a provisional name for measures to localize riots. Every six months tactical and special exercises are held in different areas on this “Wave”. He didn’t tell the public again anything secret or sensational.

- Would it really be possible to disperse the Maidan?

- Of course, and without blood. Only it was necessary to act differently: shut off the "taps", in the first place - financial. Then - firewood, food, fuel for Molotov cocktails. Why was it all delivered there? Flaw ... Traitors in departments and authorities. The lack of a single center of coordination of actions of security officials from various departments. Drain information ... That's the result.

- Why didn't Alpha take the Palace of Trade Unions by storm?

“Thanks to the militants of the Right Sector, who at the beginning of the assault decided to destroy evidence — a weapon, a warehouse with Molotov cocktails ...” They smashed bottles against the walls in the hope of having time to evacuate. Here the building caught fire. And then there was no one to storm ...

- What can you say about the special units of the Crimea? Are employees of the Ukrainian special forces ready to serve in the Russian units?

- Already serve, and do not consider themselves traitors. They have done enough and absolutely honestly served Ukraine, now they will serve the Motherland. Whoever thinks differently, simply does not know the history of the entry of Crimea into the Ukrainian SSR. I remember very well that in the beginning-middle of 90-s all the sleeve patches of the “Berkut”, “Falcon” and even the NSU were performed against the background of the Crimean flag. Later, when their wearing was banned, the Ukrainian flags were simply ripped off from the stripes, and they began to wear cockades with “tridents” only in 1997.

Special Purpose Company, Kiev, 90

In the office of the company commander of the special forces of the Crimean "Berkut", between portraits of Margelov and Lysyuk, Putin's portrait has been hanging for more than ten years. And the company commander himself went to all the seizures with a Russian flag in unloading, in his pocket closer to his heart.

- And what is the number of security officials who have gone over to Russia?

- By the number, I will not orient you, but in general, 99% of the personnel of various special forces have returned to their homeland. The Special Forces fighter is a “piece goods”, and no scrap metal in the form of military equipment will replace it, the more outdated. So, Ukraine lost the whole TSO A management of the Security Service of Ukraine in Simferopol and the department A of the Security Service of Ukraine in Sevastopol (both units are among the most combat-ready in Alpha), the Berkut battalion in Simferopol and branches in Yalta, Yevpatoria, Kerch, a company in Sevastopol, Sokol units, the Grifon judicial police unit, a squad of special forces of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (formerly Shadow, Lavender, Skat), a special-purpose regiment of the Tigr. of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 801 AB PDSS and many others ...

- Let's translate the discussion in a different direction. How do you feel about the work of Andrei Makarevich? In particular, to his musical work “riot police waltz”?

- He is a creative person. He, probably, can be ... Although I personally never listened to “Macaroni”. He grew up on the works of the leader of the St. Petersburg "Alice" Konstantin Kinchev, and I will answer him with the words:

Who is responsible for what
With that and live
Time will tell who was worth something in this snowstorm.
Who is there in the next world
Circling dance,
Will explain at the time of the finger on the trigger.

- hint?

- A hint that everything is just beginning, and the main work is still ahead.
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  1. ya.seliwerstov2013
    ya.seliwerstov2013 April 16 2014 22: 22
    They have served plenty and absolutely honestly Ukraine, now they will serve the motherland.
    Golden words! good
    1. Anisim1977
      Anisim1977 April 16 2014 23: 45
      Thank you, guys!!!! good
      1. Duke
        Duke April 17 2014 00: 09
        They do not consider themselves traitors. They have served plenty and absolutely honestly Ukraine, now they will serve the motherland

        A worthy answer to worthy people.
        1. kartalovkolya
          kartalovkolya April 17 2014 08: 20
          Glory to the golden eagle! Eternal memory to the guys who laid down their heads while defending their people from the "maydanutyh" geeks, but let the reptiles not dream of retribution is not far off!
    2. zman
      zman April 16 2014 23: 59
      and this is how they were born in Ukraine or the USSR and went home to the Crimea, and do you remember how the Maidan began
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      2. iliitchitch
        iliitchitch April 17 2014 00: 34
        Yes Maidan Khokhel never stopped. By 3.14, getting around is easy, but how to Work is not. Thanks to the guys from Berkut. Could mochilo arrange jerks, but thought deeper.
        1. maximus
          maximus April 17 2014 03: 58
          Quote: iliitch
          Yes Maidan Khokhel never stopped. By 3.14, getting around is easy, but how to Work is not. Thanks to the guys from Berkut. Could mochilo arrange jerks, but thought deeper.

          A few years ago there was a joke on the Internet: first, Yushchenko will be the president, then Yanukovych and all, there will be no more presidents in Ukraine - the alphabet will end. They made a joke.
      3. Thompson
        Thompson April 17 2014 00: 52
        We see how the Maidan ends! The result is always more important than aspiration! You do not even have it zero, MINUS!
        1. asar
          asar April 17 2014 07: 34
          Maidan and all your "new" power - has long been below the plinth!
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        daemon April 17 2014 02: 59
        since the Maidan began, bylby Yanyk's eggs were steel like Assad's, this abscess called "Maidan" was crushed in the bud, while also the peace prize would have died.
      5. kuzia-roker
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        Maidan began with a herd of pigs under the influence of foreign propaganda
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        if there was a real order, then not only there was no Maidan, but the order was in the country
        1. APASUS
          APASUS April 17 2014 07: 23
          Quote: woron333444
          if there was a real order, then not only the Maidan was not

          This is where the action takes place - around the order.
          The golden eagle was betrayed by the authorities of the country, now they are to blame for everything. Both the national guard and the BB and the country's army are morally incapable, everyone understands that they will be thrown as well.
          The formation of the state did not come about in the country, there are no guarantees even for the military and the police. The country is engaged in urgent patching of holes.
          Problems of the economy, finances, and simply concerns about their legitimacy - no!
      9. mamont5
        mamont5 April 17 2014 06: 39
        Quote: zman
        and this is how they were born in Ukraine or the USSR and went home to the Crimea, and do you remember how the Maidan began

        Home is where you are expected, loved and trusted in you. And Ukraine for them has become an evil stepmother. She framed these guys, betrayed and sold for amerskie cookies.
        Thank you Golden Eagles! You honestly fulfilled your duty!
      10. kartalovkolya
        kartalovkolya April 17 2014 08: 22
        But where you were born is a question, but you stink of "Maidan" pigsty.
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        He walks through Lviv with a Bandera gun, patrolling the city. Suddenly a gray-haired old man comes up to him and says:
        - Son, let me see your machine.
        Bandera gives him a weapon, the old man looks at him and says:
        - Son, they saw the fly.
        - Why?
        - Once upon a time, I fought in the SS division "Galicia" and in the same way patrolled the streets with a machine gun. But then the Russians came. They caught me, took away the machine gun, shoved the barrel up my ass and turned it twenty times. Son, we took the fly off!
    4. daemon
      daemon April 17 2014 02: 54
      Respect for you guys, take it to yourself, although I probably won't come up for physical training, but I can bring cartridges ... "Glory to the Berkut-heroes, glory"
    5. asar
      asar April 17 2014 07: 33
      Well done! AND THANKS TO YOU !!!
    6. radar1967
      radar1967 April 18 2014 17: 46
      But if to be completely honest, then the most difficult task was performed by the boys-conscripts of the explosives. They covered Berkutov with themselves.
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    Thanks guys for everything. You will serve further. Happiness to you and your families. drinks
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    Now "Berkut" is a symbol of truth and resilience of Ukraine, alas the former.
    1. Morgan761
      Morgan761 April 16 2014 22: 47
      "Berkut" is now a symbol of the steadfastness of the Slavs and the Slavic Brotherhood. Personally, my opinion - to those who were burning on the Maidan and who did not open fire on the crowd - Krapovy takes out of turn, I think - they DESERVE!
    2. gav6757
      gav6757 April 16 2014 23: 13
      1. Orik
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        Quote: gav6757
        SAY IT SIMPLY - CHEAP !!!

        He has a good moral and psychological preparation!
    3. Magadan
      Magadan April 17 2014 02: 21
      If Ukraine is what it is now, i.e. some education rooted in Bandera with mazeps, then they have never been such a symbol for such a country!
      If Ukraine is Kievan Rus, which is to be resurrected, then YES - they are a real symbol of such a State
      1. Nikotin13
        Nikotin13 April 17 2014 03: 25
        Unfortunately, one part of Ukraine is closely connected with the Bandera past, the other with brainwashed, and the third, which remembers its Ancestral Roots, i.e. Russia.
  6. AlNikolaich
    AlNikolaich April 16 2014 22: 31
    Golden eagle! Your new motto: "We will not forget! We will not forgive!"
    Good luck to you guys. Everything is just beginning, and you have a lot of work to do.
    cleaning your homeland from Bandera rot. Come back alive!
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    1. wax
      wax April 16 2014 23: 26
      So also Kiev - the mother of Russian cities to liberate. And the rest themselves will be buried in holes, there they can be smoked slowly.
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  17. sop.ov
    sop.ov April 16 2014 22: 45
    Dear and respected Russian brothers! Your country has gone through two Chechen companies. All jingoistic patriots could already draw at least some conclusions from this bloody mess. Understand against us, residents of the heroic city of Slavyansk, Kiev dybily are going to start or have already begun a bloody massacre. Trust me, there are more than enough willing and able to hold weapons. But there is a very shortage of officers who have combat experience, who are able to properly organize effective defense within the city. Believe me, I did not stand in the front ranks of the protesters with the aim of obtaining small arms, even though I was constantly talking to them from school. It makes no difference to me what, if necessary, will be in my hands: AKM, PKK, AK-74 or SVD - I love weapons, I know and am absolutely not afraid of them, but I will really be scared to open fire to kill a person. I want my opponent to feel the same way, who understood that with every pull of the trigger, he gets one step further from his family and my Motherland - Ukraine.
    Sorry stuck out. At the checkpoints are very young boys. I do not want them to suffer first. Respectfully, the civilian of the hero city SLAVYANSK. hi
    1. Black
      Black April 16 2014 23: 26
      Quote: sop.ov
      At the checkpoints are very young boys.

      Is there really no officer in your city?
      Where did the Afghans go?
      Young learn quickly ... but without experienced personnel, the first battle may be the last.
      Hold on there !!! The truth is yours, which means strength.
    2. koshh
      koshh April 16 2014 23: 40
      Quote: sop.ov
      I want my opponents to feel the same way, who understood that with each pull of the trigger he gets a step further away from his family and my homeland - Ukraine.

      You are right, dear friend and brother! Wrong if the trigger is pulled towards the Slavs. Slav to Slav. This is what the NATO, Geyropavtsev, and UStavtsev want. But I’m sure that you will win, defeat in spirit, will, truth, and not war.
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    Glory to the Golden Eagle! Eternal memory to the dead children.
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      Quote: Andrey82
      Glory to the Golden Eagle! Eternal memory to the dead children.

      I have a namesake here on the site and he has a friend in Kharkov, so his friend from Kharkov began to convince that Berkut was breaking his legs while lying to the students, that he believed they burned Golden Eagle as a result, and he also reads the ear of matzah and believes matzha’s ear the namesake did not even begin to explain to him that the matzo’s ear is equal to the censor. In general, they’re very zombie there, let’s say that on the censor they post meat prices in the USA and in the Russian Federation)))) and it turns out that they have 200 rubles and we have 300 rubles, and not a single cattle will say that their frozen meat is subject to delivery costs 180 rubles, but they don’t eat it, and in stores they have long bought chilled meat for 250 rubles - 300 rubles. And that milk we have 0.9 liters of 43 rubles, but it is without antibiotics and steroid and stored only 10 days and not their mother that has been open for years. In general, everything is certainly relative, but the fact that a herd with an atrophied brain and thinking was brought up there is already a fact.
      1. zman
        zman April 17 2014 00: 13
        remember how it all began
        1. Tatarus
          Tatarus April 17 2014 03: 49
          from ukroeblov like you
        2. SSR
          SSR April 17 2014 05: 11
          Quote: zman
          remember how it all began

          Honestly, I have a mess in my head with your Maidans, if I don’t confuse anything, then this one began under the slogan of European integration and that Yanyk did not sign an agreement essentially enslaving with the EU. I try to remember the rest, but I can't - Ukrainian Russophobia began a long time ago, what can I say if in the first Chechen all sorts of moronic Muzychki fought on the side of the Dudayevites, it is enough to remember that the pimply, dearly loved by you with Maidanuto with orange brains, immediately started an anti-Russian organ and began to be friends against the Russian Federation with the Poles and the rodent Mishiko, but he came on the "bayonets" of the Maidan ....... Personally, I think that the Russian Federation should not interfere in your showdown, but it should not help, and I believe that if you are not taught anything by Maidan and from one Maidan to another you choose all the same Russophobes and thieves, then you all boil in your own yade / juice until either the bile is eaten from the inside or you get sick and adequate people will not take the upper hand and not ... ..... Damn ..... I wanted to erase my scribble, because no matter how much you write, everything turns out to be the same, but I tried to write an answer to yours - where did it start. And it turned out like a cry. (((
      2. jktu66
        jktu66 April 17 2014 00: 36
        All according to Goebbels ... people-crowd-flock of pigs. Still, I really hope that it is possible to return most people to their original state. In Russia, too, they tried to make a herd of us.
  19. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 16 2014 22: 50
    Huge popular respect for "Berkut". The pseudo-authorities of Kiev, out of stupidity, have lost such specialists! And they will serve well in Russia. We need these guys!
  20. Barakuda
    Barakuda April 16 2014 22: 54
    One lives in my country house, I hide as I can. doesn’t see one eye, Pyrksnuli muck under the helmet on the Maidan. A young boy, starley, and already disabled. His explanations - We would have drove them away, but the Fas team was not there, a couple more thousand came. Hang up went.
    1. sluganska
      sluganska April 16 2014 23: 43
      Yesterday I met a classmate at the barricades (the world is small), he serves in the VV (was in Kiev for 2 months) - he told me word for word about the Maidan, burned, but by a miracle the whole
      ps against the commander of the explosives unit of Lugansk opened a criminal case for criminal inaction during the assault on the building of the SBU (
    2. Anisim1977
      Anisim1977 April 16 2014 23: 50
      Well done, that sheltered !!!! good
    3. Suhow
      Suhow April 16 2014 23: 50
      I approve, but after the publication of this news, hide it because the SBU is not fools either, and for the sake of an asterisk, they will calculate you by the provider's register and the address of possible shelter places ...
  21. konvalval
    konvalval April 16 2014 22: 55
    Special guys! With the return of YOU to your homeland.
  22. JoylyRoger
    JoylyRoger April 16 2014 22: 56
    Welcome home guys!
    We need you!
  23. takeshi
    takeshi April 16 2014 22: 56
    the main thing - you are now at home
    Health and happiness to you and your loved ones
    article +
  24. Turkir
    Turkir April 16 2014 22: 57
    OUR guys.
    Welcome back to your Home. I wish you success.
    Very, very, sorry for the dead.
  25. Luga
    Luga April 16 2014 22: 59
    It is necessary to give such informational occasions more often. When people talk about politics, economics - youth up to the age of 17, it’s almost completely on the drum. When a Man-Hero speaks, tells how he fought, how his comrades perished, talks about the preparation and capabilities of his unit, it is much more interesting for those whose brains are still being formed.
    Tell us about recruiting for special forces, about training, training, a couple of funny stories, a couple of successful difficult operations, and then about Maidan, about courage, stamina, self-sacrifice and ultimate betrayal and persecution. And about salvation in Russia.
    And, due to the fact that this is not said by a politician or writer, but by a Warrior, and not a cinematic, but a real one, this will make an impression, the boys will memorize by heart. There is someone to level off.

    And it would be good at the end of such a story a chapter about how fair revenge happened, and from the editorial staff brief biographical notes about the characters in the narrative: "awarded the order ...," serves as a commander ... "And about the opponents:" sentenced to 20 years ... ", destroyed during the arrest ...", "hiding in ...". But that is yet to come.

    "... the main work is still ahead of us." wink
  26. Ulairy
    Ulairy April 16 2014 22: 59
    Who is there in the next world
    Circling dance,
    Will explain at the time of the finger on the trigger.

    Suddenly! Alice's album and the song "Sabbath" 87 years old are extremely suitable for the situation!
    Quote: KAPITANUS
    Now "Berkut" is a symbol of truth and steadfastness of Ukraine

    Now it is a symbol of patriotism and devotion to the people. (unlike the crews of the Kramatorsk BMP, who raised the flag of the Russian Federation when pressed).
    1. Alex 241
      Alex 241 April 16 2014 23: 02
      News Russia24 near the village of Vasilyevka BMD crew opened fire on local residents.
      1. Botanologist
        Botanologist April 16 2014 23: 46
        Quote: Alex 241
        BMD crew opened fire on local residents.

        Lviv crew. It's time to burn this cattle.
      2. Botanologist
        Botanologist April 16 2014 23: 46
        Quote: Alex 241
        BMD crew opened fire on local residents.

        Lviv crew. It's time to burn this cattle.
      3. Anisim1977
        Anisim1977 April 16 2014 23: 51
        Hopefully already burned the fuck.
    2. woron333444
      woron333444 April 17 2014 06: 38
      not pressed yet, while there is a choice
  27. Ek.Sektor
    Ek.Sektor April 16 2014 23: 01
    They have served plenty and absolutely honestly Ukraine, now they will serve the motherland
    Many here wrote earlier, like how, they served the outskirts of Russia now, traitors, we need to be more attentive to them, etc., etc., well, of course you need to be more attentive to them, but still I am inclined to think that most of those who I stayed in Crimea a little more than completely associate myself with Russia and I think they will be much more dedicated and worthy to serve it, for this they should get decent living conditions and good salary. So with the return of the sons of Russia home, your homeland has been waiting for you :)
  28. serega.fedotov
    serega.fedotov April 16 2014 23: 03
    The loyal and sold heroes! I hope they will go through the critic even !!!
    1. The comment was deleted.
  29. typhoon7
    typhoon7 April 16 2014 23: 06
    Golden eagle bow. Footage of these events on the Maidan amaze the brutality of the crowd and the stamina of the Golden Eagle. How many guys are left in Kiev, they need to be pulled out with families, they will not be left alone. I think that screenwriters from across the ocean will be responsible for all this mess.
  30. Arh
    Arh April 16 2014 23: 07
    It is Very Healthy That There Will Always Be Real Guys !!! ***
  31. Yura
    Yura April 16 2014 23: 10
    Vladimir Krashevsky repeated several times: "they returned to their homeland" and that says it all. They hoped for it, they expected it. Guys, I respect you if that means anything to you.
  32. Little Muck
    Little Muck April 16 2014 23: 12
    Thank you for your stamina and courage.
    Good luck at the new duty station. We are proud of you. good
  33. zinander
    zinander April 16 2014 23: 14
    It's nice that these guys were returned. With the return to their homeland !! Golden eagle Heroes, Eternal memory of the fallen!
  34. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 April 16 2014 23: 16
    What idiots one must be to deprive the country of several hundred, and ultimately thousands of young, strong, courageous, prepared men, wiping their dirty feet on them with their actions, the policy of the "interim government". After all, young men are the FUTURE of any country.
    Well, what can you say? - THE MIND "CHAMBER" is a whole DUMA, but there are NO BRAINS ...
  35. kirieeleyson
    kirieeleyson April 16 2014 23: 17
    Oh, no matter how irreparable happened .. Someone said that the indicator of the civil war is the amount of blood spilled. It is necessary that those soldiers of the Ukrainian army who are now deployed in the South East understand this. First of all, they will be confronted with civilians. Pravosekov is not a pity, these are consciously desiring the blood of Russian creatures. God forbid, the Ukrainian Armed Forces from among the senior officers will not give criminal orders to shoot at their people, and ultimately will unite with the people against the criminal deceitful regime paid by the West.
    It is very disturbing that a lot of young people with a bulging brain in Ukraine ..
    1. Suhow
      Suhow April 16 2014 23: 54
      not just a lot, but oh .... a lot and alas, not only young people ....
  36. siberalt
    siberalt April 16 2014 23: 20
    The last word in the confrontation will be for "Berkut".
  37. TS3sta3
    TS3sta3 April 16 2014 23: 20
    The "Berkut" fighters are crushed by a truck!

    1. Shoma-1970
      Shoma-1970 April 17 2014 00: 34
      Fortunately, no one was hurt. Glory to the golden eagle!
  38. Gloria45
    Gloria45 April 16 2014 23: 22
    N We are like a red rag for a bull for them. Yes, the same M ossal: either the Crimean "Golden Eagle" Maidan drives, then it seizes the central authorities on the peninsula.

    What a strange metamorphosis has happened to this person.
    How did he manage to mimic this way? I remember being assigned
    in Crimea in 1997, the head of the six to fight organized
    the onset. And he did this not without success. I even remember that his last name
    pronounced, in certain circles, with a touch of fear. And other man,
    his family-name Tsekov, now he is in the government of Crimea, but in the same
    97 was on the wanted list, as if not from the same M Oska la, now I don’t remember
    details, but he (Tsekov) is not a good person and the scandal was loud.
    I do not protect him, but only tell what happened before.
    1. koshh
      koshh April 17 2014 00: 05
      Quote: gloria45
      What a strange metamorphosis has happened to this person.
      How did he manage to mimic this way?

      Was he mimicking this ?! Turn around, look around. Who surrounds you. The right sector, Bandera, whooper hoppers, prikhaty in your rad. And in power you have pedophiles and the same robber aligarchs. What a normal person will serve this rabble.
  39. Biolant
    Biolant April 16 2014 23: 25
    I can imagine what will happen if troops are brought in and "Berkut" collides with "PSs"))
  40. promt26
    promt26 April 16 2014 23: 28
    Serve the guys! We are glad to see you! soldier
  41. sonovlad
    sonovlad April 16 2014 23: 28
    That's right, a normal person cannot be a fascist, nowhere and never, and let those who call them traitors drown in their anger and inferiority!
  42. Morgan
    Morgan April 16 2014 23: 35
    The honor of the defenders is to defend the homeland. And they were betrayed by the Nazis. And they sold their homeland. πindostanu. It seems to be the gravest sin - Judah? The most vile word is a fascist? The most honest is Golden Eagle?
  43. Barakuda
    Barakuda April 16 2014 23: 40
    Quote: Biolant
    I can imagine what will happen if troops are brought in and "Berkut" collides with "PSs"))

    I didn’t understand something. Golden Eagle was created for street fighting and restoring order.
  44. sop.ov
    sop.ov April 16 2014 23: 42
    Quote: Chen
    Is there really no officer in your city?

    There are officers - there is no experience in organizing urban combat, everything is at the school level. But you don’t really want to learn from mistakes.
  45. Sergey S.
    Sergey S. April 17 2014 00: 05
    A hint that everything is just beginning, and the main work is still ahead.

    The whole horror is that this is the most likely scenario in the near future.
    Rather, it would all end ... successfully for the Don and all residents of the south-east of Ukraine.
  46. Mihal71
    Mihal71 April 17 2014 00: 20
    I told the Maydauns back in February that you live, because no one gives the right power to the corrupt power and Golden Eagle. Would give, you did not last a day. Truly a donkey loaded with gold will open any gate.
  47. Russian20
    Russian20 April 17 2014 00: 20
    A deep bow to the guys for their heroism!
  48. The comment was deleted.
  49. fedulov_e
    fedulov_e April 17 2014 00: 35
    Thanks you! Glory to the Golden Eagle !!!
  50. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv April 17 2014 00: 47
    The present Men with a capital letter.

    Thank you for the Service and Loyalty to Duty.
    Yes, may luck always accompany you.

    For you and your families:
    drinks drinks drinks

    Here's how to meet the servants: