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Andrei Marchukov: Myths of federalization: why does the Russian Federation cling to "unity of Ukraine"?

Andrei Marchukov: Myths of federalization: why does the Russian Federation cling to "unity of Ukraine"?Popular protest and political context

What has been brewing all these weeks has happened. People’s protest rallies that did not stop in the cities of Donbass, Kharkiv region and Novorossia (East and South of present-day Ukraine) since the moment of seizure of power in Kiev by pro-American Eurohunts and Ukrainian nationalists, entered a new stage. April 7 in Donetsk in the building of the regional state administration held a meeting of the Republican People's Council of the Donetsk region. The Council adopted the text of the Act of the establishment of the Donetsk People's Republic. People’s activists also proclaimed Kharkiv People’s Republic. For similar actions are ready in the New Russia. The Republican Council also decided to appoint a regional referendum no later than 11 in May 2014. It was no longer just about the status of the region within Ukraine, but also about joining Russia.

The leaders of the movement appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request (reminiscent of a prayer) to protect the population of the region from the Ukrainian "authorities" and nationalists, including by introducing temporary peacekeeping forces into the region. "In the case of aggressive actions of the illegitimate Kiev authorities, we will appeal to the Russian Federation with the request to introduce a military peacekeeping contingent ... Only in Russia do we see the only defender of our culture of the Russian world. Only the peacekeeping contingents of the Russian army will be able to give a convincing signal to the Kiev junta, which came to power through weapon and blood, "- said in a statement.

In response, the Kiev "authorities" began to suppress popular protests: detentions, arrests, and pulling into the region units of forces under their control, groups of Ukrainian nationalists, as well as professional (including, according to media reports, foreign) mercenaries. This is called "restoring constitutional (!) Order" and "combating separatism" (albeit with historical Ukrainians themselves are separatists).

And at the same time - to the promises of some concessions and backroom negotiations. On April 11, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk declared that the Rada should adopt a law on a local referendum and that appropriate changes should be made to the legislation. He also said that changes to the constitution should be adopted before 25 in May, stressed that Kiev intends to balance power between the center of Ukraine and the regions, and also promised the citizens of the country the opportunity to speak their usual language, including Russian.

Will the protest movement be finally suppressed - by force or through such promises and half-hearted "compromises" (from which the Ukrainian "authorities" will immediately refuse, only the situation will allow)? The probability of this is high, given that the Kiev "authorities" and the militants feel behind their backs the powerful support of the United States and its allies. And Donetsk residents, Kharkiv residents, Odessa citizens (unlike Crimeans) have to rely on themselves - after all, the Russian leadership reacted coolly to the local initiative, continuing to insist on the need for federalization of Ukraine.

A number of media outlets tried not to focus on the demands of the protesters. They talked about movement as about ... "antimaydannom" (an obvious anachronism), reducing it only to the desire of people who want to live in a single country - Ukraine and "be heard by the Kiev authorities." The emerging feeling is such that the people again humbly ask. And about federalization - as the only way to preserve Ukraine (although no one bothered to explain why it should be artificially preserved, especially in the current borders).

And yet, people can not win. And the movement in the Donbas, Kharkiv region, in Novorossia (as in the Crimea) is truly popular. It's only the beginning. The main thing took place: the republics were proclaimed. It was publicly said that the question of reunification with Russia could be raised at regional referendums (as in the Crimea).

The Russian leadership sees a way out of the political crisis in Ukraine in constitutional reform, the main component of which is the federalization of the country. The need to introduce a federal structure, Putin said in his speech on the occasion of the reunification of the Crimea with Russia. After that, the idea was picked up by others. On the need to hold referendums in the regions of Ukraine on their status (as part of Ukraine) and its transformation into a federal state, providing the Russian language with equal status with Ukrainian (where it is desired) and the right of the regions to independently determine national, cultural and economic policies, the Russian side says at the talks with the current owners of the situation in Ukraine - the United States.

But is federalization real, as is this constitutional reform itself? Will it put an end to the crisis? Can you satisfy the interests of all Ukrainians and at the same time save her as a country?

By "federalization" everyone understands what he wants. For residents of Donbass, Kharkiv, Novorossia, federalization is a synonym for autonomy, the creation of autonomous republics / republics that have practically unlimited rights and sovereignty and are in closest relations with Russia (such should be minimal with Kiev), or generally follow the path of Crimea. The Ukrainian "authorities" by "the extension of the rights of the regions" mean insignificant delegation of economic and administrative powers from Kiev to the localities (including not appointment, but elections of heads of administrations). The Russian side in federalization sees precisely that federal relations (albeit broad in the national-cultural, administrative and budgetary spheres) - while preserving the integrity of Ukraine.

In theory, everything appears smooth and gracious. Regions hold referendums. Ukraine becomes a federal state in which national, linguistic, cultural and socio-economic policies are carried out by the regions, and Kiev remains under common prerogatives: foreign policy, defense, etc. Ukraine is becoming a non-aligned state. The threat of joining NATO, capitulation to the EU (Euro-Association) and Ukrainian nationalism has been eliminated. The rights and interests of all residents of the country are respected, and agreement prevails in society.

Handsomely. But impracticable. The federation will not solve the problems that it is supposed to solve. Federation in Ukraine will not. And if it does, then there will be no "Ukraine".

Federation - mission impossible?

Let's start with the fact that she will not be allowed to appear. It will not allow referendums to take place - unless these referendums are held by the will of the residents themselves, without the consent of the Kiev “authorities” (as in the Crimea). But in this case, talking about "federalization" as an end in itself and preserving Ukraine in its current borders will simply be meaningless, and another question will be put up for these referendums - about reunification with Russia.

They will not be allowed to spend, because the pro-Western “power” (“politicians” and “owners of life” are oligarchs), the Ukrainian nationalists, and the citizens of central and western Ukraine zombied against the very idea of ​​the referendum and the federation areas. This is interpreted and perceived as "separatism" and as the intervention of Russia, which through these areas will control the whole of Ukraine.

First, it undermines their political, economic and ideological power, their position as an "elite", their management methods and economic basis - after all, the main national product is created in the South and Southeast. These same regions are the most important in a strategic sense, and without them, Ukraine is turning into a geopolitical inferior entity. The federalization, in which the regions (South and Southeast) will have significant rights in the socio-economic and national-cultural areas, deprives the central authority of governing and distribution functions. The capital also loses its economic and financial base - there will be nothing and no one to feed the subsidized West and the Center.

Secondly, this idea undermines the foundations of Ukraine’s foundation as an independent state and historical phenomenon — the Ukrainian national project itself, claiming the whole of this territory as “its own”, and its people - as “Ukrainians” or as people who need to be done "Ukrainians". To make Russian a state language, to allow the free existence of Russian culture and historical memory, different from those on which the Ukrainian national project is based, and "Ukraine" as its political embodiment, means the failure of this project and the collapse of the ideology of its followers.

And the national, ideological factor is very important. But he is overlooked by fans of the idea of ​​federalization (that is, the preservation of Ukraine - in a slightly modified form, but not affecting its foundations). For two decades, the Ukrainian idea (or, in other words, Ukrainian nationalism in its various forms and degrees of radicalism) has been made the basis of the worldview of millions of Ukrainian citizens. Especially in the West of the country and, less so, in the central regions and Russian-speaking Kiev, and among the groups serving the Ukrainian statehood, settled in other regions (the apparatus, humanitarian intelligentsia, journalists, "grant-eaters", etc.), even if they are outcasts.

For the Ukrainian system of cultural and national values, there is another social group that can be called liberal-Westernist (regardless of the language that people prefer to speak). They are supporters of the very "European choice", they consider Ukraine "Europe", and therefore they treat Russia coldly and hostilely - as a foreign country, alien to the historical path and way of life. The ideology offered by the Ukrainian idea is, for them, a guarantee of the pro-Western course, a guarantee that "Ukraine" will be "not Russia". This ideology is the most dangerous (more dangerous than Ukrainian nationalism as such), and together with the latter it forms the ideological basis of the current Russophobia.

That is why these people will oppose constitutional reform with all their might. Any statements that give and will be given by representatives of the Ukrainian "authority" about granting rights to the regions and about readiness for reforms are nothing more than maneuvering and deception. As they say, to promise is not to marry.

Third, the United States and its allies are opposed to federalization — for them it will mean, if not a loss of control over all of Ukraine or its part, then certainly unnecessary difficulties. Ukraine is a matter of principle for them. If the Americans go to any agreements with the Russian side (which, if desired, can be treated as concessions), they will only be temporary and tactical.

But suppose that through Russian-American negotiations (and it is here, the fate of Ukraine, which the pro-Western lobby and nationalists have transformed from a subject of world politics into an object) is decided, will succeed in achieving a US agreement on the federalization of Ukraine. And they will tell their puppets how to act. Then the elections (scheduled for May 25) must pass simultaneously with or after the referendums. Will it be done?

Yatsenyuk and Turchinov made it clear what will happen. But it is hard to believe in it, even if one considers that Kiev has a Crimean example in front of its eyes and is forced to reckon with Russia, and beware of the temptation to forcefully suppress the protesting people. To arrange referendums after the elections will no longer be necessary: ​​the power will become "legal." And negotiations on their conduct can last forever - the Kiev authorities will not agree to them.

If Kiev "authorities" and their curators agree on holding referendums and constitutional reform, their content will be emasculated. What questions will be submitted to a referendum and who will formulate them? Kiev "authorities" and their proteges in the field. And the size of the independence of the regions (of course, within the framework of Ukraine - there will be no talk of any way out of it) will be maximized.

But suddenly they took place. How will the West and Center vote with Kiev? They will not support the idea of ​​federalization - after all, it will hit their interests and ambitions (economic, ideological, powerful). And it turns out that some areas are for keeping Ukraine as they were, and others for their special status. And those who are against federalization - the majority - in terms of the number of regions, and quantitatively (there is no longer any Crimea). Some will try to proceed to constitutional reform, others will sabotage and sabotage it. Will such referendums be valid and will their results be recognized? Indeed, in this case, they again denote the actual collapse of the country.

And there is another option that transatlantic puppeteers can use, who are not going to make concessions to Russia, but who want to do everything by proxy. The “rotten liberal government” that has succumbed to the pressure of Moscow is replaced by the forces of the “champions of Ukrainian independence” - the Right Sector and their associates. After all, the "militants" and "liberals" are parts of one whole, they are controlled by the same forces and set in motion as needed, supporting and shading each other, but outwardly maintaining "independence" and even sometimes joining each other "conflict". If, all of a sudden, referendums are held, and Ukraine is federalized, the system - for the reasons stated above - will not be viable. Will the state, torn by the ideas of revanchism, mutual hatred and nowhere contradictions, be able to function independently as such?

Either everything will remain as it is (or almost as it is) - that is, the federative South and East will continue to allocate significant capital to the capital for the maintenance of both "general state needs" and the West with the Center who will hate the "separatist schidnies", but at the same time live at their expense and administratively and ideologically rule the country). Either they will pay almost nothing to the federal budget, but this will lead to a financial, economic and social crisis and collapse — first of all subsidized areas, and then the country itself. And to its collapse. Or turning into a buffer state divided into spheres of influence, and the capital (and formally the whole country) will be controlled not by Russia, but by the West. That is, again decay.

Who will rule in Kiev (and therefore the whole country) - there is no doubt. These will not be people friendly to Russia. And it is logical that the constant factor in such a federal state will be the struggle of Kiev (and the United States behind it with its allies) with the South and the East for the reduction or elimination of their regional powers. Power and initiative are on their side. And this means a permanent crisis: with parliamentary stupors, Maidan, coups, hidden terror. Moreover, even in a federalized Ukraine, power and foreign policy functions will remain with Kiev (what is their ideological basis to guess easily, and is it possible under such conditions the existence of a nationwide army and police?). And with the intervention of the West - and therefore, Russia. The crisis has no prospects for termination and ways to resolve.

"Old Rake": USSR-2

Thus, federation is impossible and non-viable. Ukraine has collapsed, and it is pointless to save it. If someone seriously believes that he can control all of Ukraine and keep it in the field of Russian influence and the orbit of the Customs Union, then these are naive dreams. Pro-Russian (not to mention "all-Russian"), its west and center will not become anyway, especially after, as they call it, "the Russian occupation of the Crimea." For this, decades have been missed, in which the central government (then Soviet) preferred to engage in the creation of new nations and their states by splitting the all-Russian national and political space. Not to mention two decades of separatism. The political process and the national sphere is the field of activity of mythology. Myths do not disappear. For example, such as "Ukraine is a European nation and country" and "West is a paradise on earth", "West will help us." It is these myths (part of the Ukrainian idea) that will continue to determine the consciousness of millions of people in Ukraine who do not want friendship and close ties with "aggressive Asian and culturally and ethnically alien to Russia". Interested internal and external forces will try to make these myths spread even more. And the Western "carrot" (even non-existent) for such people will always be sweeter and more attractive than the Russian - even the most realistic.

Why, despite the obvious, continue to cling to the unity of Ukraine? Someone does not accept decay, even realizing its inevitability. Others do not want to give a part of the Russian world (first of all, Kiev and the Center) or simply the geopolitical space of Ukraine into the hands of euro lobbyists, nationalists and the USA, believing that it is necessary to fight for it all. But the main reason is different.

Obviously, the Russian leadership continues to think in categories not of Russia, but of a certain "USSR-2", which would include certain republics of the former USSR (including Central Asia and its population). Of course, not on those conditions, but remaining independent sovereign states - in the form of one or another "Eurasian" integration scheme. And Ukraine is among them. For this, it needs everything, not its parts, who feel that they are Russia and would be included in its composition directly. Through these regions, one can try to exercise influence over the entire federal Ukraine. And to counteract the attraction of its other parts into the orbit of the United States and Co.

The idea is sensible, but ... They don’t care that Ukraine is originally and permanently anti-Russian project. They believe that anti-Russianness is something insignificant, and they will be able to neutralize it - for example, requesting radical manifestations ("Bandera"). Here you can see the same approaches and methods as when the USSR was: “Ukrainianness” and “Ukraine” - this is good and right (if it is “Soviet”, “international”), but Ukrainian nationalism is bad, because it is ” the enemy of the workers "and" friendship of nations. " Exactly the same approach to the struggle for "the sympathy of the people of Ukraine" is inherent in the Russian authorities. Although it is clear that without a real struggle for the consciousness and national choice of people, without countering the Ukrainian project by affirming the all-Russian idea (and its Russianness as a part), this “neo-Soviet-Ukrainian” activity will eventually be zero.

And, as in Soviet times, the Donbass and Novorossiya were given to Ukraine in order to retain and ideologically educate "peasant Ukraine" with the help of their working class, and now these regions have a similar task: to keep the anti-Russian and pro-Western parts of the country. For this, we need a bankrupt construction - "Ukraine", which includes Novorossia, Donbass, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk. But in the old bottles do not pour new wine.

Soviet policy failed. The USSR collapsed (because it was a “union of republics”, not “Russia”), the regions turned out to be “Ukraine”, the West retained its attractiveness, and it was unrealistic to defeat Ukrainian nationalism with those methods (without abandoning the Ukrainian idea itself). The same will happen now.

Managing Ukraine through the support to the south and east (especially without the Crimea) is an unrealizable idea. For this influence will focus either on these regions themselves (if the center allows), or they will evaporate as the central authorities strengthen and the inevitable attraction of these regions ’elites into the general Ukrainian context - where they will always be strangers if they don’t embark on the" Ukrainian "political national and ideological position.

And what will it be for the "elite"? Were people from the “Party of Regions” (like Sergey Tigipko or Oleg Tsaryov, characteristic of the Ukrainian establishment, not at all “pro-Russian”, but rather euro-oriented and Ukrainian-centric figures)? Or such figures as the mayor of Kharkov, Gennady Kernes, and the former head of the Kharkiv regional administration, Mikhail Dobkin, who merged the oppositional “Maydan” movement, who frustrated the formation of the “Ukrainian Front” and ran over to the side of the Kiev “authorities”? There is no need. And even more so it is not worth remembering about Yanukovych in connection with binding to potential "subjects of the federation". The regions should lead the new - national and truly pro-Russian leaders, who will not dissolve in the Ukrainian "political elite".

The only thing that a federation can do is to become a way of legal consolidation of what has already become a fact - the collapse of Ukraine, for the civilized divorce of the regions. But this path, again, seems unrealistic. And in Moscow, they will prefer to preserve Ukraine (albeit a federal one). After all, Russia should serve the interests of the "USSR-2", and not vice versa. Is it because there is a certain division of spheres of influence between the USA and Russia? And therefore, the situation with respect to continental Ukraine does not resemble the Crimean one? I do not want to believe in it, but you should not reject such an option.

May 25 elections will be held, and the power will be "legitimate." Their results are recognized - and not because the pro-Russian candidate wins. There are none. They cannot appear - not only in the current conditions, but in general - under the Ukrainian project this is impossible by definition. Participation in the elections of "candidates from the south-east" is explained (besides their personal ambitions and interests of the groups that nominated them) by the need for election organizers to give them legitimacy and to attract people to the polling stations. The West and the Center will come to the polls in the majority. For residents of eight regions along the Kharkov-Dnepropetrovsk-Odessa arc, ignoring the election will be the best way out. But if they are held simultaneously with the referendums, it will automatically mean Russia's recognition of the May 25 election. And with them and everything that happened in Ukraine, starting with the winter of the 2014 year. This will be a “price to pay for compromise” and “federalization” - no matter how large the regions receive their new powers.

Everything is very similar to the situation of the end of the XVIII century with the so-called "sections of the Commonwealth". Then Russia, to the last (and to the last section), tried to preserve all of it in its sphere of influence, and also as a buffer state on the borders with Prussia and Austria — the initiators of the divisions. But the West and the Polish Russophobes did everything to prevent such Russian policy from failing. Russia was forced to go into sections. So it will be now. The late federalization project is good in theory, but unrealistic and unviable. And you have to take your own - that which considers itself "Russia" and did not betray the memory of its ancestors. The fact that alone fights for their rights - raising as a symbol of their national choice the Russian flags, not the Ukrainian ones.

And with the games in the "USSR-2" and the preservation of the Russophobic project "Ukraine" it is time to stop. We must take care of Russia.

Marchukov Andrei Vladislavovich, Senior Researcher, Institute of Russian History, Russian Academy of Sciences

The article was carried out within the framework of the Basic Research Program of the History Section of the OIFN RAN "Nations and the State in World History", the direction "Problems of Nation-Building and Nationalism". The project "Ukraine at the intersection of identities: the formation of national communities and nation-building (XIX - early XX centuries)", 2012-2014.
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  1. mamont5
    mamont5 April 17 2014 08: 34
    "How will they not allow referendums to take place - unless these referendums are held by the will of the residents themselves, without the consent of the Kiev" authorities "(as in Crimea). it is simply pointless, and another issue will have to be submitted to these referendums - about reunification with Russia. "

    And so it will be. First, federalization, then separation, followed by unification with Russia.
    1. domokl
      domokl April 17 2014 09: 09
      Hmm .... I read how I used to filter the proposals ... It’s very difficult to wash gold in waste rock ... But still I’ve washed something ...
      The author calls to abandon the idea of ​​a federation of Ukraine and solve the problem according to the Crimean scenario ... And who said that the citizens of Ukraine want this? And who said that the citizens of Russia want this? And who said that the Russian economy will pull another new territory?
      Now, as most experts predicted, the option of disintegrating Ukraine into parts is being realized ... though Crimea was an unexpected gift ... Nobody could have foreseen this ... The rest ...
      But the most, in my opinion, the main thing is that we need to get away from the political component of the processes, and return to the ethnic group ... Ukraine unites 4 of completely different people ... Somewhere with intersecting roots, but different. East and Southeast -Russian, more precisely, probably southern Russians. Center-Little Russia, or, if you like, Ukraine .... Gatchina ... And Rusyns ... So, Russians, Ukrainians, Galitians, Rusyns - that’s the secret of instability. They all became feel like nations .. Not people, not the electorate, not minorities, but full-fledged peoples.
      And, ultimately, the self-determination of precisely these peoples and the creation by them of independent states, or joining some other states, will put an end to the tear which we are observing. Not only in the political and social sphere, but also in the minds of the citizens of present-day Ukraine .. .
      1. Mihaylo Tishayshiy
        Mihaylo Tishayshiy April 17 2014 09: 56
        Quote: domokl
        .And who said that the citizens of Ukraine want this?

        You probably mean Ukrainian citizens living in the southeastern regions? Judging by the number of actively speaking (protesters), both "for" and "against" - the absolute majority of these citizens, in the literal sense of the word - "" on what they will live in on. They just need a paid job and, so that they would not be touched in houses, apartments and on the street.
        Quote: domokl
        and who said that Russian citizens want this?

        Similar to the above, although I, personally, do not mind, many of my friends are the same, and you?
        Quote: domokl
        And who said that the Russian economy will pull another new territory?

        The Russian economy will not pull the territory that economically pulls the whole of Ukraine? This is similar to the words of the humorist Kartsev's monologue: "... but an unprecedentedly huge harvest finally undermined the country's economy!"
        1. zzz
          zzz April 17 2014 10: 05
          Quote: Mihaylo Tishayshiy
          The Russian economy will not pull the territory that economically pulls the whole of Ukraine? This is similar to the words of the humorist Kartsev's monologue: "... but an unprecedentedly huge harvest finally undermined the country's economy!"

          I agree with you. Yes, in the beginning we have to invest something, but the main thing is our acquisition of the territory on which NATO will not be able to deliver its missiles!
          1. matross
            matross April 17 2014 12: 43
            Quote: zzz
            Our main acquisition is the territory in which NATO will not be able to deliver its missiles!

            Well put on others. This is secondary. The main acquisition is the territories in which Russians live. Russia will grow in its lands and its people.
      2. dmitriygorshkov
        dmitriygorshkov April 17 2014 10: 00
        Quote: domokl
        . And who said that the citizens of Ukraine want this? And who said that the citizens of Russia want this? And who said that the Russian economy will pull another new territory?

        1) By raising the Russian flags, the people ALREADY expressed their attitude towards unity with Russia, but naturally a referendum will be held, it would be better with a tight framework for more than 70% and higher we say further, no, then no.
        2) I am not an economist, but the main thing is visible on the surface. All enterprises of Yu.V. they work for Russia. There is enough money earned to maintain subsidized regions, and even for the local oligarchy. Subtract the last two components from the equation and what do we have?
        This is our people. These people go to work even when the whole country is in turmoil! Do you think they will have to feed? They will feed themselves!
      3. vladimirZ
        vladimirZ April 17 2014 10: 05
        domokl (2)
        ... Ukraine unites 4 completely different peoples ... Somewhere with overlapping roots, but different. East and Southeast-Russians, or rather, probably South Russians ...

        After the linguistic genocide of the Russian people and the declaration of a direct war against the "terrorists" and in fact against the Russians, the question of the collapse of Ukraine is a matter of time.
        Russians can not live in the same state with ardent Russophobia, who set the goal of driving out or destroying Russians.
        The division border will most likely pass along the border of the ethno-linguistic division of Ukraine.
      4. The comment was deleted.
      5. lukke
        lukke April 17 2014 10: 35
        And who said that the citizens of Ukraine want this? And who said that the citizens of Russia want this? And who said that the Russian economy will pull another new territory?
        For this, there are referendums. In Russia, you can also conduct a survey.
        As for the economic "pluses" and "minuses" - the history of Russia shows that this is not its approach, our question has always been the SURVIVAL OF THE RUSSIAN CIVILIZATION in the realities of the international situation.
      6. The comment was deleted.
      7. Alekseev
        Alekseev April 17 2014 10: 36
        Quote: domokl
        The author calls to abandon the idea of ​​a federation of Ukraine and solve the problem according to the Crimean scenario ... And who said that the citizens of Ukraine want this? And who said that the citizens of Russia want this? And who said that the Russian economy will pull another new territory?

        The author simply did not realize that the possibilities of the Russian Federation, political, economic and military are not unlimited.
        The natural process of the disintegration of Ukraine into regions having a different historical and cultural basis cannot be quick.
        That’s one or two and the thing is in the hat!
        Even nine women cannot give birth in one month.
        Everything should go in stages. Protest, negotiations, federalization, then, possibly, accession in one form or another.
    2. dmitriygorshkov
      dmitriygorshkov April 17 2014 09: 45
      Quote: mamont5
      First, federalization, then separation, followed by unification with Russia.

      You propose too long and dangerous path. It is necessary to start exactly what with the DEPARTMENT!
      If you try to start with federalization, then the Khuntyev authorities will promise EVERYTHING before the elections, and after that, at best, they will confine themselves to "permission" to use the Russian language in the regions.
      But wild pressure will be exerted on the rebellious regions, the people will be FORCED to accelerate Ukrainization, and EVERYTHING will be crushed!
      Exit ONLY in a branch from Ukraine under security guarantees from Russia!
      I don’t give a damn that they don’t recognize! There’s simply NO other way out!
      1. Alekseev
        Alekseev April 19 2014 18: 50
        Quote: dmitriygorshkov
        But wild pressure will be exerted on the rebellious regions, the people will be FORCED to accelerate Ukrainization, and EVERYTHING will be crushed!
        Exit ONLY in a branch from Ukraine under security guarantees from Russia!

        To give currently real, legally binding, and not just verbal, guarantees of security - this is war and all the attendant: sanctions, trade battles, etc.
        Moscow is well aware of this.
        The solution, probably, is to create an unbearable situation for the forces of the junta and its minions in the Donbass and, in general, in the Southeast, where possible.
        To put Banderlog in front of the harsh necessity of negotiations. To achieve this goal, "bring to justice", up to "liquidation" of representatives of the banderlozh government, and not only in the Cabinet and the Rada, but also in the field, commanders of police and military formations and other carriers of "pressure".
        It is necessary to create such an atmosphere so that the earth burns under the feet of law-makers, etc., so that they themselves want negotiations.
        Of course, Russia needs skillful "quiet" help. For example, it is possible (and necessary) not even Russian-made to plant MANPADS and PTS "on the sly" to the "Luhansk partisans". (Do not fly, Banderlog, on litaks and helicopters! Away from tanks and infantry fighting vehicles ... Do not go outside the camp of the Pravosek military unit. Dangerous, damn it!)
        But the main word, of course, is for the inhabitants of New Russia.
    3. acute
      acute April 17 2014 11: 21
      Having taken a step towards Crimea, the Russian Government is in no hurry to take such a step in the southeast. Assessing their financial potentials, they understand that they will not pull this region, hence the lack of steps towards. We are still weak to pull out another region of Ukraine. The Federation in Ukraine is not viable. People who hate each other fiercely cannot live together. Nevertheless, our leadership stubbornly insists on the integrity of Ukraine, thereby abandoning the part of Russian-speaking Ukraine fighting for its freedom. The uprising in the east will be crushed in my opinion, because there is neither financial nor military assistance. The people of the southeast will not forget that Russia threw them. Therefore, instead of a positive image for the Crimea, we get a dislike of the southeast. It is impossible to be half pregnant. It’s very sad if that is the case.
    4. Ross
      Ross April 17 2014 11: 34
      The author showed things in one plane, but does not at all take into account the geopolitics-depth of the issue. The question of the division or integrity of Ukraine is decided by Ukraine, and the real Players (today they are just about to solve this issue in Geneva).
      Yes, maydanutye are against federalization, since the idea of ​​their coup, fostered for the last 23 years, is undermined. But the United States is not important for a united Ukraine - they need a new Chechnya. And whether the front line will be along the Dnieper or along the borders of today's Ukraine, they do not care. The main thing is to kindle mutual hatred of sparing partners. By the way, the goal of today's "counter-terrorist" operation of the junta, provoked by the CIA itself, becomes clear. Of course, the owner understood the possibilities of the junta and the task was not to suppress the riot, but to incite hatred!
      Whole Ukraine is needed only by Putin and the EU, although for various reasons.
      That’s why Putin doesn’t send troops until the last moment, so as not to play along with the United States, and not to provoke hatred of Ukrainians fooled by their media. But the unarmed people are doing fine, corrupting the power of the junta.
      Most likely, Putin wants accession throughout Ukraine, but not earlier than she will be ready for this, digesting the negative experience of the putsch, destroying the infection of Bandera. Ukrainians must see the light, see with their own eyes the truth of life, and will return to Russia themselves. And impoverishment will make people wise much faster.
      This is certainly not the ultimate truth, just thinking out loud.
      1. ArhipenkoAndrey
        ArhipenkoAndrey April 17 2014 12: 06
        In this case, the author did not consider yet another scenario for the development of events, the more preconditions for it already exist, is the entry of NATO peacekeepers who will spit on any disagreements with the pocket UN, and after the entry of troops anything can happen, but it will all be subordinated to one goals - the liberation of Ukraine from all those who disagree, by any means
      2. Mihaylo Tishayshiy
        Mihaylo Tishayshiy April 17 2014 12: 38
        Quote: Ross
        Ukrainians must see the light, see with their own eyes the truth of life, and will return to Russia themselves. And impoverishment will make people wise much faster.

        And the Ukrainian people are already getting their sight! 23 years of anti-Russian propaganda and today's censorship in the Ukrainian media have already opened the eyes of Ukrainians. Millions of Ukrainians are already foaming at the mouth to prove that only Russia is to blame for all their economic troubles. You can only see through in a calm atmosphere, calmly pondering the situation, but will the junta's propaganda leave anyone alone? And in a desperate person, the sense of common sense is greatly dulled, and in this situation you only need to push in the right direction. So, I think, there is no need to rely on the "hungry wisdom" of the Ukrainian people, do not hesitate, we will be to blame for their hunger.
    5. Validator
      Validator April 17 2014 13: 36
      Competent article. However, the author is not right about Tsarev. I studied his political position over the past few years and I can firmly say that he, unlike Tigipko and other PR activists, was never Euro-oriented. He always advocated membership in the CU, argued about this with Yanek, of all current Ukrainian politicians, he is considered the most radical-pro-Russian politician. Another thing is that Tsarev, apparently, is a supporter of the idea of ​​the USSR-2. And what is better, big Russia or USSR-2, is a complex and controversial issue on which you need to properly debate and this article begins such a debate
  2. uteko
    uteko April 17 2014 08: 35
    Let me disagree, this is not about the Baltic states, but about Russian Civilization - either it will be united or it will not exist at all
    1. ArhipenkoAndrey
      ArhipenkoAndrey April 17 2014 12: 15
      Russian civilization was, is, and will be, these are different American nations, and there’s a whole bunch of all sorts today there is tomorrow, but Russia is. I remember very well how the Ukrainians broadcast when they separated from the USSR — they used to be rich, and told how they would live richly without Russia — in general, I had heard a lot of THIS, so can it really be necessary to unbog from the stove so that the roof trembles? Maybe this shock is the salvation of RUSSIAN CIVILIZATION?
  3. zzz
    zzz April 17 2014 08: 37
    And you will have to take your own - that which considers itself "Russia" and did not betray the memory of their ancestors. The fact that single-handedly fights for their rights - raising Russian flags, not Ukrainian ones, as a symbol of their national choice.

    If we don’t take them, we ourselves will become traitors !!! And the flags of Russia will never rise again over Southeastern Ukraine ...
    1. ArhipenkoAndrey
      ArhipenkoAndrey April 17 2014 12: 17
      We can’t take away, Ukraine either joins Russia or becomes the territory where Ukraine was and the choice is never before for the people of the Outskirts.
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. JoylyRoger
    JoylyRoger April 17 2014 08: 40
    Competent and sober article.
    You can’t even imagine to a person in their right mind that in one country maydown and miner, Bandera and a resident of Donetsk will coexist.
    And if Ukraine is now artificially glued together, even at the cost of any concessions to the South-East, then in the near future it will fall apart with even greater bang. No more Ukraine!
    There is Little Russia and Western women.
    1. from punk
      from punk April 17 2014 08: 47
      Quote: JoylyRoger
      There is Little Russia and Western women.

      there is no strong and neutral central power. if the government wants to level the east of the country with the earth and does not want to consolidate society, then even federalization will not help. but now there is no power at all and even deputies of the party of regions support the Kiev junta
    2. Z.A.M.
      Z.A.M. April 17 2014 09: 03
      Quote: JoylyRoger
      Competent and sober article

      I agree. Recently, it is very rare to see such articles.
      Yes, it does not fit very well with the general mood, but, apparently, Putin also perceives the situation with Ukraine, in the general provisions of this article - “Russia was forced to go into partitions. It will be so now. The belated federalization project is good in principle, but unrealistic and unviable. for their rights - raising Russian flags, not Ukrainian ones, as a symbol of their national choice. "

      And all this - unfortunately ...
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. acute
      acute April 17 2014 11: 24
      You can’t glue the country together, but you can lose your image
      1. ArhipenkoAndrey
        ArhipenkoAndrey April 17 2014 12: 20
        The image of Russia in Europe is nothing - the matter must be done and not the image should be taken care of, we are always foreigners for Western face-makers, but good ones only when we hold our heads between our legs and look at the Euro-Tolerasts devotedly.
  6. ilyich
    ilyich April 17 2014 08: 42
    a lot of words - little use. the author did not indicate the only reason why Russia clings to a single Ukraine. What if the country is divided and the western part falls away - in the near future it will deploy missile defense interceptors on absolutely legal grounds, just following the example of Poland (under whose protectorate the zapadents will exist). And then what will we do when the border approaches several hundred kilometers? For our missile defense, every kilometer is critical.
    let's hope that we "agree"? now we can negotiate, but in this case - hell, all leverage will already be lost
    1. EvilLion
      EvilLion April 17 2014 12: 00
      Missile defense issues are not being resolved with Ukraine, if necessary, any missile defense can simply be destroyed and the west will not pop up.
    2. ArhipenkoAndrey
      ArhipenkoAndrey April 17 2014 12: 24
      And where did you get that Russia clings? The Kiev Fuhrer will never meet the demands that Russia makes, but it’s impossible to act like in Crimea, it’s necessary to be finer, everything is still right, the main thing is that they don’t start shooting, if they hold a referendum, then we’ll see how they say it.
  7. altman
    altman April 17 2014 08: 46
    We must protect Russia! Right! Perhaps the creation of a buffer state with a Russian-speaking population, the Ukrainian People’s Republic, let’s say, would be the best option. Without joining Russia, but oriented towards it. I think this would be the most optimal solution.
    1. zzz
      zzz April 17 2014 11: 17
      Quote: altman
      We must protect Russia! Right! Perhaps the creation of a buffer state with a Russian-speaking population, the Ukrainian People’s Republic, let’s say, would be the best option. Without joining Russia, but oriented towards it. I think this would be the most optimal solution.

      You drew the perfect option - but how to do it ?! Only undermine America itself from within ..
  8. Strashila
    Strashila April 17 2014 08: 48
    Trepidation ... yes there are realities, but there is also politics, emotions should not be given in here.
  9. Thomas
    Thomas April 17 2014 08: 50
    Thank you for the article! The main thing is that in a timely manner. It's time to get rid of the illusions. There will be no single country. In the worst case, there will be 2 artificially restrained territories. And with every new rash actions of the authorities against the Southeast, the chance to save the country is becoming less and less. Positive economic factors could hold back the whole movement, but where do they come from in the current situation.
    1. ArhipenkoAndrey
      ArhipenkoAndrey April 17 2014 12: 28
      By and large, the chances are already approaching zero, and if the Kiev Fuhrer will rule in the same spirit, then right-wing Euro-Maidan again will begin to Maidan Maidan, and they will want to eat soon, and professional revolutionaries do not know how and don’t want to, so it will start new.
  10. GRune
    GRune April 17 2014 08: 53
    Marchukov Andrei Vladislavovich, Senior Researcher, Institute of Russian History, Russian Academy of Sciences

    History is not a science! At the expense of the development of the situation, I personally disagree with the author, but life will show as they say. Until May 25.05.2014, XNUMX, it’s not so long to wait.
    1. 31231
      31231 April 17 2014 09: 34
      Article of the author in short, verbiage.
      1. April 17 2014 16: 54
        Quote: 31231
        in short, verbiage

        The article is adequate to the situation at the moment. Put your opinion in your pocket, so be honest.
  11. Gagarin
    Gagarin April 17 2014 08: 53
    The article only confused me, the author let me through the fog and speculation.
    1. andj61
      andj61 April 17 2014 12: 30
      Well, yes, an atmospheric phenomenon that looks like a hoax.
  12. user
    user April 17 2014 08: 56
    If someone seriously believes that he will be able to control all of Ukraine and keep it in the field of Russian influence and the orbit of the Customs Union, then these are naive dreams.

    The author is right after the elections to legitimize the power in Ukraine, and the rest is a matter of technology and Russia will no longer be able to send troops to protect the Russian-speaking population. The only way out is the Crimean version, all the rest is blood, just big or smaller depending on the variant.
    1. EvilLion
      EvilLion April 17 2014 12: 01
      Russia will be able to do everything, the question is only an excuse.
  13. Name
    Name April 17 2014 08: 57
    Interesting little thing - it turns out UN experts made the following conclusion under international law: it turns out that since the collapse of the USSR Ukraine did not conduct and did not properly register with the UN the demarcation of its borders as a state... what, a. That is, you can quite calmly cross the administrative border of Russia-Ukraine and legally remain right! It’s a sin not to use it, but ... recourse winked
  14. Timmir
    Timmir April 17 2014 08: 59
    The east of Ukraine does not believe the politicians of Kiev, moreover, they do not believe the party of regions. Before their eyes, the safe reunion of the Crimea is a kind of their dream, an idea for which they will fight. The authorities of Kiev will not be able to give them something, some are dependent on the West, others that appeared after May 25 are mercantile. The way out is Donetsk Republic.
  15. Hippopotamus
    Hippopotamus April 17 2014 09: 01
    Painfully sober article.
  16. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 17 2014 09: 09
    Perhaps creating a buffer state is a solution to the problem. But in my opinion, joining Russia in the south-east of Ukraine at all costs, political and economic, is a necessary and expected option for all the people of Russia.
  17. ambiorix
    ambiorix April 17 2014 09: 09
    8 areas of SE. All - no longer needed. Then it’s not Russian, but Bandera, even Russian-speaking. The rest of Ukraine to the west of these regions is already lost and completely zombified by Russophobia and Salaheroism. The gangrene of banderization has already completely devoured a part of the body, it is stupid to treat the whole body, it is necessary to cut off the seedling of the disease from the still healthy part.
    1. Stanislas
      Stanislas April 17 2014 11: 23
      Quote: ambiorix
      The rest of Ukraine to the west of these regions is already lost and completely zombified by Russophobia and Salaheroism.
      - Sister! Maybe in intensive care? - Patient, do not self-medicate! The doctor said "to the morgue," which means to the morgue.
      ambiorix, maybe a referendum?
    2. April 17 2014 16: 59
      Quote: ambiorix
      it is necessary to cut off the nursery of the disease from the still healthy part

      It is quite a sound idea regarding ErEfii in the process of transforming it into the Russian Federation.
  18. Dronik3113
    Dronik3113 April 17 2014 09: 10
    The author tried, but could not .... But could not, why "dirty the paper" ??? An article claiming to be "explanations" is not such .... There are too many incomplete explanations and admissibility ... The author "calls" for the division of Ukraine, after it became clear that the "new authorities" of Ukraine did not enjoy the support of the population. And why not immediately separated during the coup, because they hoped to bring a whole to the "owners", and no one "pondered" - what "different" ... And now the division of Ukraine is not beneficial to the Russian Federation. Quite understandable ....
    1. April 17 2014 17: 01
      Quote: Dronik3113
      It’s quite clear ....

      Did you understand what you wrote?
  19. kocclissi
    kocclissi April 17 2014 09: 15
    Yes, drive away from the feeder at a time when it is time!
  20. tank64rus
    tank64rus April 17 2014 09: 15
    There is no speculation here. Ukraine as a state ceased to exist since February 21, p. d. And here Russia needs to proceed only from its interests and stop appealing to the norms of international law, that is, to what the West uses when it is profitable and spits on them when not. One Yugoslavia is worth it. There is a US half-colony in the territory of the former Ukraine, headed by the junta, to put it mildly, but in fact by regular agents of the US special services. And what and with whom can we talk about when they sent an army against their people. Conclusion they no longer consider these people as their people. For them they are already enemies. All. The end of the history of the state.
  21. parusnik
    parusnik April 17 2014 09: 16
    federation is impossible and not viable .. all right will allow the regions to legally separate and become part of another state
  22. dmitrii2121
    dmitrii2121 April 17 2014 09: 24
    Good article. The Russians need to unite. There will never be east and west of Ukraine together. Putin announced the unification of the Russian world. Having said A, we must say B, otherwise SE will never forgive us for this. What amazes me is that in the situation with Crimea, rallies were held throughout the country, etc. Now silence. People in SE do not see from my point of view the support of the Russian Federation. Although I am convinced that most Russians favor separation and accession. We will not die of hunger and did not survive in such periods. Declaring the Federation as part of Ukraine is nonsense, people do not want, judging by the information, have made money on their own. The position of the official authorities of Russia is incomprehensible, we are already blamed for everything. I believe that people should decide for themselves. From my point of view, 3 questions in a referendum.
    1. Do you want to stay in Ukraine
    2. To be an independent state
    3. Joining Russia
    If the people ask to be part of Russia, our sacred duty to accept, no matter what, otherwise we will be traitors and these slogans "We do not abandon our own!" just air and authority and rating, including Putin, will fall. At least I personally think so. And perhaps no one else will give us the next chance to unite the Russian world. But I hope that the leaders understand this and are interested in the fact that the Russian world would be united. At least for what they have been doing lately, there is such hope, perhaps millet is playing.
    Personally, I think there is no need to dissuade from the fact that the Russian Federation will not be in the army. It seems to me that it is necessary to clearly declare that in case of aggression in the relations of the population and appeal for help from the population, we can send troops to restore order and protect the population. the Americans, without asking anyone, climb wherever they want; in the Security Service of Ukraine the CIA officers are sitting at home, the Head of the CIA and others are scurrying around to their home. It would also not hurt us to open the FSB institutions! EXTERNAL EXPLORATION! The GRU in Donetsk, the sestematic trips of senior officials to Donetsk, and the same legitimate president. The meeting in Geneva is three against one, there are no representatives of SE. If our behavior is bad, the only thing is that our people are legally furnished and in order to show these goats in all its glory. But as long as you can flirt, all the same we will be doused with dirt. There is nothing peoed pigs to throw beads.
  23. explorer
    explorer April 17 2014 09: 28
    Federalization is a maneuver due to pressure from the West. Compelled. It takes time and money to prepare for the adequate inclusion of new territories. And Crimea in this sense is a testing ground, working out plans to include the region in the new conditions (because now it’s not the forties of the XNUMXth century). If everything goes fine in Crimea (given bureaucratic costs), then it makes sense to repeat. yes
    1. Horly
      Horly April 17 2014 09: 54
      Absolutely the same thoughts!
  24. Horly
    Horly April 17 2014 09: 51
    Everything was written correctly by the author - more or less put everything in its place. I also do not fully understand how the process of federalization of Ukraine will proceed. It seems that a certain opinion of society is being created, that the federalization of Ukraine will remove all questions and everything will be resolved by itself. But no - to hide behind the signboard "Ukraine" and work for "your pocket" will not work - firstly, no one will allow (Kiev and their foreign friends), and secondly - at 91 they also shouted in Ukraine when we separated: "We we will be the second France! " The result, as they say, is obvious. And the author also writes about this. And to get another unrecognized state of the Pridnestrovie type would, to put it mildly, not be fair in relation to the South-East of Ukraine. By the way, yesterday Zhirinovsky spoke about this at Solovyov’s "Sunday evening". So, in my opinion, a referendum is needed on how to live further - with Ukraine or Russia (everyone understands that the state independence of the region is doomed to failure). Only here there is one nuance - integration should proceed smoothly, in contrast to Crimea (but there was a situation there that it was impossible to do otherwise). Otherwise, we will give our enemies (excuse me, "partners") trump cards in the form of the murmur of local people from the category "Russia promised, but did nothing," and then these "partners" of ours will very quickly blow up another fire!
    1. Horly
      Horly April 17 2014 09: 52
      Yes - and many thanks to the author - I described the situation quite clearly! From me to him "plus"!
  25. ed65b
    ed65b April 17 2014 09: 54
    The author numbered, wove, fogged up and summed up, surrender southeast, you will still lose. He was clearly in a hurry about the legitimacy of the presidential elections, Russia does not recognize them, and this is the most important thing, what does it matter that the West has recognized the junta? the main player in Ukraine is Russia and this is a fact. The whole point is in holding a local referendum, not a general Ukrainian one. There will be the president of the newly formed association of the southeastern regions, the presidents of the western and central regions. They will put in Kiev a "wedding general" with representative functions, in general there are options. Article minus. We have a lot to describe the events in Ukraine, but I did not see the solution to the issue in the article.
  26. koshh
    koshh April 17 2014 10: 08
    Everything should go in a legal way. Yes, I am for reunion with the southeast; Yes. I want to quickly and immediately, but .... In Crimea, Russia performed everything perfectly legally, without violating a single international law. And only in this way can we continue, and for this we need the federalization of the southeast. And they must do it themselves. No referendum may be scheduled for May 25th. It must pass earlier, otherwise all who come to the referendum will automatically recognize the illegitimate Ukrainian government. And there is a second quick option. But it is blood. A terrible option, but possible. Then, yes, we are forced to send troops to protect the Russian-speaking population. A tough confrontation with the west will begin. And Yugoslav events will look like flowers.
    And now there is an option - "my hut is on the edge." Yes, they seized the buildings of the mayor's office, the SBU, the police, and set up checkpoints. There is no feeling of unification with other cities, there is no single plan. Do they really need to bring a leader from outside?
    1. Stanislas
      Stanislas April 17 2014 11: 55
      Quote: koshh
      No referendum may be scheduled for May 25th. He must pass earlier
      At the referendum, it would be necessary to ask questions about the future state structure of Ukraine, then it is possible to determine presidential candidates representing different models of state coexistence or a gradual "civilized divorce" of lands.
  27. Nils bor
    Nils bor April 17 2014 10: 39
    It seems to me that the main thing for Russia is still not letting NATO into its borders, and I honestly admit it pleases me because I live in central Ukraine, and I hope that these territories are also not indifferent to Russia, we do not have the strength to protest like in the South -tail, but we do not want to live in Bandera Ukraine.
  28. siberalt
    siberalt April 17 2014 11: 07
    It seems that Zhirinovsky is right about tearing apart the remains of an independent state (but by the way). There are two main options. The first is a division according to the main ethnic group. The second is the preservation of integrity (subject to significant international financial assistance). But even if Donbass and Novorossia unite into a single state formation (which is most favorable), reunification with Russia in the near future is really impossible for economic reasons. Where is the money, Zin? Refuse Siberia and the Far East? We ourselves have nowhere to put coal. As for strategic enterprises for Russia, it will be cheaper to build your own with the latest equipment and technologies. Even if Yu-V gains independence and enters the TS, it will need to be subsidized in any case. At least remember the school problems of communicating vessels.
  29. sv68
    sv68 April 17 2014 11: 29
    the author is right for a thousand percent-referendum and federalization-self-deception and a game of forgery. There are only two options - everything remains as it is, or Ukraine falls apart with the subsequent accession to Russia. They will not allow all these micro-republics like Donetsk to exist independently, they will be destroyed by any means and means
  30. Quantum
    Quantum April 17 2014 11: 46
    The author is absolutely right! The federalization of Ukraine is a passed and lost project. A referendum on points from Kiev, in general, is bullshit!
    There is a civil war, there are already killed and wounded. About what agreement with
    Kiev, we can talk! For today, there is only one plan: local
    referendum with 2 questions, joining Russia or a confederation in
    framework of Ukraine.
  31. Sergey Sitnikov
    Sergey Sitnikov April 17 2014 11: 57
    Quote: siberalt
    Just remember the school puzzles about communicating vessels.

    I don’t remember any problems))) To be honest, I have always considered such vessels an axiom, i.e. problems, why? New factories, here you are "Captain Pravda", and the staff from the South-East. To entice Ukraine with conditions.
    Ukraine must be merged as a whole, crushed - then rudiments with immanent bankruptcy will go bankrupt instantly, and they will gain someone else's protectorate (and x on them). Without Odessa, Ukraine is not a maritime power — what a blow to the ambitions of the people who imagined themselves to be the ancestors of mankind and the engine of evolution!
    Do not give money to anyone in principle - die or survive!
    I wonder how they sow the seeds?))) What you sow there, you sing in the winter - Bush's legs, a new impulse!
    Areas loyal to Russia should be granted a protectorate or association (the definition from "Wiki" is interesting, could not the Ukrainians read what the Europeans shoved at them, namely:a co-ordinated state, an associate member, a free association, a freely joined state is a form of confederation of bilaterally unequal states, in which a smaller state, formally retaining sovereignty and independence, entrusts a significant part of its authority to a larger state. As a rule, this is foreign policy, communications, transport, and the armed forces. In fact, the associated state is a form of protectorate, a transitional form of the external dependence of the subordinate territory, located between the statuses of a colony and an independent state.???), I mean a complete rejection of our own monetary policy and law enforcement!
    It sounds))) scary, but in the absence of the desire of the Russian Federation to plunder the resources of those - in principle, it is acceptable and not such a blow to the budget of the Russian Federation itself
  32. EvilLion
    EvilLion April 17 2014 12: 04
    Federalization is such an outwardly sensible idea that cannot be realized in practice, in other words, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has put forward a fundamentally impossible requirement for Kiev and now it can simply wait for a failure. It doesn't matter how much, tanks against the "separatists", or sending the Russian Federation with federalization to hell, but after that it will be possible to safely declare: "We warned!"
  33. fregina1
    fregina1 April 17 2014 12: 16
    The Lion and the Jackal cannot live in the same den! And that says it all! I remind the Bandera people with my leadership of the jackal "Tabaki" from the "Jungle Book", Who advised Sharkhan to eat Mowgli! And many people remember how the cartoon ended!
  34. andj61
    andj61 April 17 2014 12: 29
    Quote: zzz
    Yes, you will have to invest something in the beginning, but the main thing is our acquisition of territories in which NATO will not be able to deliver its missiles!

    Everything is true, but, on the other hand, it will certainly put its missiles in the neighboring territory, where they were not. And not NATO, but the United States. We'll have to put our own in response, again the race. All this is connected, it is necessary to think over well. And people, of course, need to be asked, and already proceed from this.
    In any case, the new territories will give the country a new impetus. True, as Chernomyrdin said, we will live poorly, but not for long.
  35. alexandrastafiev
    alexandrastafiev April 17 2014 14: 09
    Yes, everything is correct, although it’s sad
  36. ed65b
    ed65b April 17 2014 14: 14
    Federalization is a normal state of affairs. Half the world lives in the federal system and nothing. Even if the southeast breaks away and declares sovereignty and the West does not recognize them out of habit, we will not lose anyway, but will find it. Unitarity will not be already sort of a fact. Unification with Russia is the same, Putin at this stage will not do it, but a loyal independent state with a direct road to the Crimea and Transnistria and a buffer with western regions and the center of Ukraine, why not.
    1. EvilLion
      EvilLion April 17 2014 15: 20
      No transnistria. An industrial region cannot exist that way.
  37. Ross
    Ross April 17 2014 15: 13
    Quote: Mihaylo Tishayshiy
    Quote: Ross
    Ukrainians must see the light, see with their own eyes the truth of life, and will return to Russia themselves. And impoverishment will make people wise much faster.

    And the Ukrainian people are already getting their sight! 23 years of anti-Russian propaganda and today's censorship in the Ukrainian media have already opened the eyes of Ukrainians. Millions of Ukrainians are already foaming at the mouth to prove that only Russia is to blame for all their economic troubles. You can only see through in a calm atmosphere, calmly pondering the situation, but will the junta's propaganda leave anyone alone? And in a desperate person, the sense of common sense is greatly dulled, and in this situation you only need to push in the right direction. So, I think, there is no need to rely on the "hungry wisdom" of the Ukrainian people, do not hesitate, we will be to blame for their hunger.

    It's a matter of time. As soon as propaganda calms down, the brains can brighten up over time.
  38. Ustas
    Ustas April 17 2014 15: 54
    First, a referendum, then independence, then an agreement on entry into Russia as subjects of the Russian Federation. And not any presidential election until 2018.