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Why does the political leadership of Russia provoke Western sanctions against their elite

Why does the political leadership of Russia provoke Western sanctions against their eliteCatherine Ashton scares again. At the same time, she scolds citizens who took to the streets in Donetsk and other cities in the east of Ukraine, while she applauded the same citizens in Kiev, for the same actions ... Maybe she should come to Donetsk with cookies, and her views would change ? Who knows.

But against the background of the disgusting duplicity that EU officials demonstrate, a truly interesting event happened. Namely, the Pulitzer Prize was awarded to newspapers that actively promoted Snowden. More precisely, the American newspaper The Washington Post and the British Guardian won the Pulitzer Prize in the nomination "In the Service of Society" for publishing materials about the secret programs of mass electronic espionage by the NSA, which were handed over to journalists by former CIA agent Edward Snowden.

Let me remind you that the Guardian is a British newspaper, considered the mouthpiece of that part of the world financial elite, which stands for dividing the world into currency zones. It was this newspaper that promoted Assange and Snowden, and it was she who, for the first time more than a year ago, wrote that there is a possibility of appointing Sergei Glazyev as chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Last news It did not come true - but, as they say in the old children's joke, “I like the way you think!”.

As for the Washington Post, this is the mouthpiece of the neocons, the extremely conservative American Imperials, who categorically insist on maintaining US dominance in the world, even if this does not leave a stone unturned from this world. But - opposing the liberal-financial ideology, the IMF and the "banksters".

This choice seems to be quite controversial. Although the fight against the special services has always been a “trick” of the liberal public, but both nominees are certainly not liberal publications (although the organizing committee of the award certainly includes mostly liberals). In addition, many people believe that Snowden is a real traitor (from the point of view of the law - that’s right), which is difficult to praise.

There is one more circumstance. The fact is that the basic plan for the economic rescue of the United States about a year and a half ago was the creation of a free trade zone between the US and the EU. This plan, from the point of view of the EU, is not entirely profitable: production in Western Europe is more expensive than in the US, which means that if it is implemented (that is, the non-tariff methods of protecting EU markets are removed), this region is waiting for about the same deindustrialization as the Baltic States and Eastern Europe after joining the EU. In other words, the continental European elites could not like this plan.

And two weeks after Obama announced plans to create a North Atlantic free trade zone, Snowden jumped out of the box with his data about Europeans tapping. Moreover, his information appears again and again - as the US is trying to "push through" its plan. One of these leaks was the data on tapping Merkel's personal phone numbers - and again after it became known that the next round of the Washington-Brussels negotiations on the FTA began.

And here's the question: did those who gave the last Pulitzer Prize remember such subtleties? Theoretically, it can be confined to the remark that journalists do not care about such subtleties, but let's not forget - these are American journalists, and they specialize in many respects on political topics. That is - they all understand. So, awarding the prize is in many ways an expression of categorical disagreement with the political line, aimed at strengthening the US monopoly in the world.

Today we see this disagreement in a very large number of moments: both in support of the population of Western Europe, Russia's position (I did not start this text for nothing, by mentioning Catherine Ashton), and in the election results in many Western countries, and in awarding various public awards. And by itself, this situation causes wild irritation of the state elites of Western countries.

At the same time, it’s not so much the specific actions of Russia that are condemned (there are big problems, all the time internal contradictions emerge, like in Ashton), as the very direction of its actions. Roughly speaking, the point is not that Russia is defending anyone or protesting against something, but that it allows itself to make independent decisions that have not been agreed upon with the United States. Or, in other words, by the very fact of its actions it demonstrates the destruction of the US monopoly on the management of the world.

True, there is still China and some other political forces (for example, political Islam). But here the situation is also tricky - the fact is that Russia is built into the system of the American world very much and receives quite large “geshefts” from it (mainly in the form of oil prices), which causes wild irritation. Roughly speaking, within the framework of the Western, and even more specifically, the Anglo-Saxon ethical system “giving a hand a bite” is categorically not accepted. More precisely, it is permissible only if the owner of this hand already does not represent anything.

That is, the matter is not in our concrete actions (they, by and large, do not care for everyone in the US, in the EU a little differently, but his opinion is of little interest to anyone), but that we are violating basic principles. And in such a situation, the United States is forced to respond, even if there are no formally material reasons for this, moreover, even if it is simply harmful to answer. Because if this is not done, then the reaction of their own groups of influence is unequivocal - “godfather” is no longer omnipotent. In this sense, we ourselves call this fire upon ourselves, stimulating those very sanctions, since we demonstrate our own opinion.

There are two ways out. The first is to recognize the primacy of the United States and make concessions. Our government, our officials would have done it with pleasure - but the political power understands that this is a clear death, and it is fast enough. So, we need the second option - the transition to an independent policy in all other areas, in order to become independent of that “giving hand”. The trouble is that all of our modern elite is just grown by this very “hand” (starting with privatization and IMF loans, each of which caused a sharp increase in the number of Rublevka residents) and will actively resist attempts to humiliate it.

As a result, we live in a wonderful situation: Russia's political power itself provokes sanctions against itself (the alternative is a sharp decline in public support and a withdrawal from the political arena with extremely negative consequences) and an increase in confrontation with the domestic elites that have developed over the past decades. It cannot abandon this policy, which means that it must come to grips with the problems of replacing this very elite. AND stories The type of Pulitzer Prize award affect this conflict, making it practically intractable.

Thus, the outside world rather strongly influences political life in Russia. However, this influence is quite complex - and today it leads to a rapid aggravation of the political conflict in the country.
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  1. Baikal
    Baikal April 17 2014 16: 23
    Why, why ... Then, that the paws of a bear are not always taken everywhere, so sometimes you have to comb out parasites on a tree wink
    1. Baloo
      Baloo April 17 2014 21: 05
      Put the minus to the author. There is no civic responsibility, so-so la-la-poplar.
      1. Klepa
        Klepa April 17 2014 23: 25
        I would say that the author did not disclose the topic at all and crumpled it at the end. Our government openly provokes a purge of the elites. And she’s been preparing for this for the past 14 years .. She was preparing well, productively.
        Article minus.
      2. Little Muck
        Little Muck April 17 2014 23: 52
        Quote: Balu
        so-so la-la-poplar.

        The following can be said about this article, as well as about the author:
        They’ll pick ... by announcement, and then we suffer with them.
        Why write dregs?
        Try yourself in feuilleton, suddenly bursting out. laughing
  2. Thompson
    Thompson April 17 2014 16: 27
    I didn’t understand something. Does the author suggest that we be blown away before the threat of sanctions? Type- when raped- relax and enjoy? Article of a typical traitor, a coward ...
    Well, we are waiting - let the author, along with his like-minded politicians, relax and provide them with indisputable pleasure!
    1. Zaslavsky-S
      Zaslavsky-S April 17 2014 19: 35
      Yes, a provocateur, and a bastard, this HAZIN. I never liked it. Foul and rushing.
    2. PATTIY
      PATTIY April 17 2014 19: 51
      Quote: Thompson
      I didn’t understand something. Does the author suggest that we be blown away before the threat of sanctions?

      I put a minus article. What does it have to do with: ".. The trouble is that all our modern elite is just grown by this very" hand "(starting with privatization and IMF loans, each of which caused a sharp increase in the number of residents of Rublevka) and will actively resist attempts to humiliate it. . "
      Do you yourself even know who lives on Rublevka now ?? Yes, and we have already paid IMF loans for a long time to the Paris club too!
      Remember, LN, Tolstoy - "War and Peace" there the elite practically did not speak Russian. But as soon as Napoleon declared war on Russia. The elite instantly forgot the French language and went to fight.
  3. Arh
    Arh April 17 2014 16: 28
    Chi themselves thought up mattress covers, and Russians extreme !!!
  4. Zenit is a champion
    Zenit is a champion April 17 2014 16: 39
    Choose the second option)
  5. Orik
    Orik April 17 2014 16: 47
    So it is. Only whom will they change? Where are the new guardsmen, preobrazhentsi and Semenovtsi or the Russian call to the party? Without this, the flea will change ...
  6. Good cat
    Good cat April 17 2014 16: 48
    So I would ask the aftor like that. which zhzhot: Well, why does the political leadership of Russia provoke Western sanctions against its elite ?. Nothing from the article is not clear.
    1. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 April 17 2014 17: 06
      Khazin is a patriot and statesman. He worked in the government, where he threw a fantastic thing - he tried to create a job description for ... officials at the level of deputy minister and minister! I personally consider it an absolute miracle that he was simply fired and not killed.
      As befits a scientist, he considers all options. But it is inclined to ... In general, if the state calls for sanctions itself, then they are needed. I join the opinion that the bear simply can not reach everywhere.
  7. Vorodis_vA
    Vorodis_vA April 17 2014 16: 49
    I personally believe that Russia was left with no choice. In any case, Ukraine would not have been left to chance. Otherwise, you can go and hang yourself, well, let it be in 5 - 10 years. Even if an open war with NATO began. It’s as if drug addicts settled at your door, always spying on your wife through the keyhole and convincing them, “we are here so that no one would rob you, and your wife was always healthy and happy so that no one would hurt her at home.” And then they also called the district police officer for not allowing children to inject with them, like it's not democratic
  8. Kurkin
    Kurkin April 17 2014 16: 59
    People then of course choose the second option!
  9. mamont5
    mamont5 April 17 2014 17: 00
    "Why does Russia's political leadership provoke Western sanctions against its elite?"

    The question is incorrect. This is why the EU and the US provoke Russia. After all, it is possible that someone’s finger is already trembling on the button.

    From the article it is clear that the contradictions between the EU and the US are growing. Well, so much the better for us. I think that now in most significant EU countries, national governments will be replaced and they will vanish with the amers, and maybe with the European Union.
  10. cerbuk6155
    cerbuk6155 April 17 2014 17: 02
    I think that the AUTHOR himself does not know what he is writing about! drinks
  11. Tanechka-clever
    Tanechka-clever April 17 2014 17: 07
    Oh, how smart to become - that not everyone turns out to be and reads correctly - this suggests that people have lost the habit of smart and good journalism. They got used to it, like Khakamada's - "democracy is the highest form of government of the people" and immediately there was a people for the "swamp", and in Ukraine for the Maidan. Or like Navalny "We must fight corruption" - and immediately another "swamp", and the Americans not only help Navalny to fight corruption, but all over the world and in Ukraine have succeeded in this not bad, that it is not a day that a criminal case against corruption.
    And everything is very simple - America occupied Europe and created the EU - annexed all the former countries of the eastern space while weakening them economically and depriving them of being independent, but now the EU itself is next in turn, in order to finish off and deprive finally of economic independence and complete the enslavement of Europe - then what did not work for Hitler almost worked out for the United States. The author rightly draws attention - "This plan, from the EU's point of view, is not entirely profitable: ... this region will face approximately the same de-industrialization as the Baltic and Eastern Europe after joining the EU. In other words, the continental European elites will not like this plan in any way. could. " More such articles, and then perhaps Nemtsov and others like him appear on the "swamp", it will simply be ashamed - just his venality will be too obvious, and people will start thinking more before going to the Maidan or "swamp".
    1. papas-57
      papas-57 April 18 2014 03: 35
      `` Tanya-umnechka '', where did you study? There is no such word UMNECHKA! Better name yourself BLOOD.
      1. dmb
        dmb April 18 2014 08: 51
        Judging by the deleted comment, you're right.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. PATTIY
      PATTIY April 18 2014 16: 29
      Quote: Tanya-umunechka
      Nemtsov and others like him on the "swamp" appear simply ashamed - just his venality will be too obvious

      so, it’s already clear to everyone. He didn’t even hide when he went to the US Consulate for money.
  12. Grenz
    Grenz April 17 2014 17: 09
    Well, maybe, finally, they will take Chubais and his plutocracy for the all-Russian red allergen.
    If they take it, I believe that not everything is lost.
    And if on Rublevka houses of orphans and pioneer camps are opened in mansions, I will believe in our invincibility.
    If everything is the same, then they will be cornered and hunted.
    1. Grandfather Victor
      Grandfather Victor April 17 2014 20: 01
      It’s good, but we won’t wait ...
  13. oxotnuk86
    oxotnuk86 April 17 2014 17: 45
    The second option is the transition to an independent policy .... Will Putin be able to force the elite to work according to option 2? Want to believe in the best.
    1. Kurkin
      Kurkin April 17 2014 21: 32
      In principle, for one five-year period, with the political will, it is quite realistic for all liberal economists from the government and other liberals to arrange a free ten-year job on the construction of the transsib understudy and new construction sites for new industrialization in the positions of general laborers and in a prison robe!
  14. Signaller
    Signaller April 17 2014 17: 50
    Yes, everything is fine. As they say, clears the clearing. The guys sat up and snickered. It's time to clean it, with the hands of the Americans.
  15. sledge
    sledge April 17 2014 17: 55
    I respect Khazin. I have been following his publications for a long time
  16. plotnikov561956
    plotnikov561956 April 17 2014 17: 55
    The title of the article contains a question and an answer at the same time ... the clearing of the 5th column is coming ... Putin still gives a chance to decide and after that ... "who did not hide, I am not to blame"
    1. kocclissi
      kocclissi April 17 2014 18: 09
      Shake before use!
  17. April 17 2014 17: 57
    The trouble is that all of our modern elite has just been grown up with this very “hand” (starting with privatization and IMF loans, each of which caused a sharp increase in the number of Rublevka residents) and will actively resist attempts to humiliate it.

    Well, after all, he can sometimes tell the truth, the truth is where he does not risk getting a "face in the table".
  18. The comment was deleted.
  19. Sergg
    Sergg April 17 2014 18: 27
    Most residents of Russia will welcome if the oligarchs go broke and go to work as janitors.

    The oligarchs are unlikely to succeed in raising the people, as they tried to do this in the swamp area, so there is only one option - let them go work as janitors.
  20. saag
    saag April 17 2014 18: 44
    well, it’s not clear why the state causes sanctions against itself, the result will be the return of capital to the country, under pain of confiscation in the West, aka Cyprus, but when the capital in the country can do a lot of interesting things with them
  21. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch April 17 2014 18: 48
    We need to clean up the fifth column! And all those who "work on a rotational basis in Russia."
  22. Sergey S.
    Sergey S. April 17 2014 19: 12
    Quote: Thompson
    I didn’t understand something. Does the author suggest that we be blown away before the threat of sanctions? Type- when raped- relax and enjoy? Article of a typical traitor, a coward ...
    Well, we are waiting - let the author, along with his like-minded politicians, relax and provide them with indisputable pleasure!

    The author is not a coward, otherwise he would have kept silent.
    The author is the fifth element, in the sense of the fifth column. Maybe he doesn't have a ruble house. but he is well aware of the homeland sellers, and is trying to build veiled thoughts so that the reader gets the impression of the usefulness of close relations with the Washington regional committee.
    Relaxing and having fun is not for those. First of all, these mongrels will not be allowed to relax - let them work, they’re dirty, and secondly, the pleasures are in store for others, this one has not yet deserved.
  23. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 17 2014 19: 51
    The processes that are going fast now, like a litmus test, highlight who is who, who breathes what. The fifth column manifests itself instantly. The question is, why do we need it in order to spoil us? It is necessary by all possible methods to get rid of these parasites on the body of our homeland.
  24. papas-57
    papas-57 April 17 2014 20: 13
    `` the alternative is a sharp decline in public support and a withdrawal from the political arena with extremely negative consequences. '' They frightened our elite with some negative consequences. They will steal money and will continue to live for their own pleasure. More than one politician has not answered for his `` mistakes '' that led to a deterioration in the life of the people, which they, in general, do not care about
  25. Victor-M
    Victor-M April 17 2014 21: 15
    The first is to recognize the US leadership and make concessions.
    Chigoooooo? fool
    1. Karabin
      Karabin April 17 2014 23: 27
      Quote: Victor-M

      They don't give a damn about your "chigoooo".
  26. 1goose3
    1goose3 April 17 2014 21: 16
    It cannot refuse this policy, which means that it must closely tackle the problems of replacing this very elite.

    And if, God willing, this happens, the fifth column in Russia will actually be eliminated.
  27. Vlad1408
    Vlad1408 April 17 2014 21: 21
    The question seems to be that if Russia holds out, then a new order will be born in the world, otherwise the hegemon will impose an even greater tribute on the whole world.
  28. Andrei K.
    Andrei K. April 17 2014 23: 57
    only one way
  29. loginovich
    loginovich April 18 2014 00: 30
    How everything is neglected. The government is against the political power of the Guardians against the USA and the CIA. Where do we look for comrades in the struggle for a brighter future? In the Guardian or in the government?
  30. Not angry
    Not angry April 18 2014 11: 39
    Minus definitely. The author himself does not know what he wants to say.