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War for "Won". As a gift to the election


“For the first time after World War II, anti-tank hedgehogs appeared on the beaches of Odessa. Photos of the structures welded from the rails were posted by local media. ” Awesome message, right? The last time I saw the traces of similar quasi-idiocy 15 years ago in Albania, where the campaign began to actively eradicate concrete pillboxes from the ground surface. They are similar to the giant gray beetles, it is concrete color, there were 700 thousands. All of them were turned with their sockets embrasure to the west, to the Adriatic, from where Enver Hoxha expected the aggression of the "imperialist West".

This “Albanian Stalin”, whom Stalin now called “baryga” and “tradesman prone to nationalism”, was manic fearing that someone’s insidious sea “beasts” would land from the Adriatic Sea and take power from him. Total, comprehensive, undivided.

The pipeline construction of these bunkers in the rapidly impoverished Albania took three times more materials than the French Maginot line about 400 kilometers long. In 1950, the leader ordered to check the very first pillbox for strength - to shoot from tank. And in the bunker sat his constructor, who was actually responsible for his fortress with his head. Dot survived, the head of the designer survived, which, apparently, could not be said about this first and last communist dictator of the unfortunate Albania.

The current Kiev temporary authorities and Yulia Tymoshenko behind them seem to crave undivided and total power too. And they fear that someone will land from the Black Sea and select it. Odessa journalists report that the barriers are reinforced by trenches that the border guards began to dig around the outposts on the coast. And the siege atmosphere injected by the authorities, as always, was aggravated by the loyal cops. The General Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Odessa region announced the start of recording volunteers to the Storm special police patrol service, created on the basis of groups of local supporters of the new government in Kiev - the nationalist organizations Svoboda, Right Sector and other activists of Euromaidan.

The same significant moronic patriotic psychosis has spread to other regions of Ukraine, where similar “storms” are created. Only the names of them are other, more similar to the specifics of the regions. "I will give you a parabellum" ... sorry, "the Ministry of Internal Affairs is ready to provide them with weapons, equipment and personnel officers for management," said about this and. about. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

“Hedgehogs” on the beach, however, turned out to be not only foolishly unnatural, but also, how to say it softer, liquid, loose. Apparently, they wanted, like Khoja, but out of habit, the materials were stolen. Under the massive "Sche ne died ..." you know how to steal easily. Who will pay attention to the thieves, when leveling the banner ...

But then Vaughn itself took up the matter. Literally on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, Tymoshenko announced that she had created a kind of National Resistance Movement (SLM) of Russian aggression with her modest forces. “In each region, district, city, special mobilization centers will be created that will enable everyone to take part in the defense of the country,” she said at a press conference in Kiev. According to her, a central headquarters has been created that will deploy work throughout the country, be replenished with military, law enforcement, former intelligence services, as well as lead special operations to protect Ukraine. And the Ukrainian authorities have already submitted candidates who will coordinate the activities of this movement together with the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Under the headquarters of the SLM in the regions will be transferred to the local headquarters of "Batkivshchyna".

What does this mean? The fact that at this stage, "Our Kytsya" headed for the presidential election of 25 in May, at which it is ready either to win at any cost, or to inflame the military conflict in any way, and to cancel or postpone the elections for this matter. Here, to win, she needs a faithful and personally subordinate "Praetorian Guard", capable of providing at the gunpoint both the "right" vote and the "necessary" vote count. SLM, according to “Won”, is created on the basis of current legislation, while territorial defense units of the type will have all the rights and opportunities provided by law, and no illegal activity will be carried out. But all such territorial entities have the right to use weapon. And that's it.

But from whom does Tymoshenko plan to defend herself in such a layered way? That's right, from the "military aggression of Russia." She did not just firmly saddled the military theme, but also plans to triumphantly enter the presidential palace on May of this year on a horse of her own exalted patriotism. She frankly wants to extract from the "anti-terrorist operation" and superpatriotic hysteria on this issue not only political, but also purely military and administrative dividends.

All of this suggests that this talk of love for the Motherland under the banner of “defending democracy” is in fact not only a war against this very demos, but also its total deception. For the sake of democracy, of course, but still ...

As is known, Andrei Kozhemyakin, the head of the Kyzin personal security service, is already pushing through the Verkhovna Rada a bill that should guarantee the holding of presidential elections even during a state of emergency or martial law. This ersatz-democratic law can be forced through the parliament at any moment, and Tymoshenko will step towards victory, even over the corpses of his fellow citizens in south-eastern Ukraine. And in addition to this, Tymoshenko’s supporters, in particular, and. about. President Oleksandr Turchynov, somehow allowed the 25 of May to be held a referendum on the future of Ukraine. And it was here that the dog rummaged: the Tymoshenko residents do not hide that no one is going to take into account the will of the people in a plebiscite. It is planned to be held exclusively for attracting "demos" to polling stations. For greater legitimacy of the election.

But that's not all. If Tymoshenko sees that she doesn’t win the election anyway, then she can always play the other way — declare a state of emergency and postpone the election to any other date convenient for her. Such is the “democratic dualism” in Ukrainian at the barrel of an automaton.

And there are a huge number of such inconsistencies of the essence of the declarations of the new government and their implementation in practice, in everyday practice:

- Kiev of the type began an “anti-terrorist operation” to restore order and pacify “mass riots” (this is how events in rebellious areas were first classified in Kiev). In fact, it results in an elementary large-scale punitive operation with the use of armed forces against part of its own people. Against those who do not want the collapse of the country, does not call for it and does not engage in terrorism. The people of the southeast are only trying to achieve a comprehensive decentralization of the country. And to get more guarantees of non-intervention mentally and politically alien and even hostile to the center in their political, financial, spiritual and cultural affairs. They do not want the consequences of the February 22 coup d'état of 2014, followed by the internal and foreign reorientation of the country, to touch upon their usual way of life;

- The authorities wanted to demonstrate their military strength and determination, and showed only how disorganized and disorganized the armed forces of Ukraine. From the very top to the bottom. There is neither a sufficient number of serviceable and efficient vehicles, neither experienced commanders, nor skillful command and control of troops. Clearly not enough and their own "Napoleon Bonapartes." New and. about. Colonel-General Mikhail Koval, Minister of Defense of Ukraine, is a military specialization border guard. Roughly speaking, he was taught to properly defend and counterattack, and the authorities force him to attack. With what he has at hand.

As a result, the Ukrainian racially correct media on the first day of the operation joyfully replicated such a “winning message” from Twitter by some journalist Anna Lazareva: “... A column of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine entered Slavyansk: from 500 military, 20 armored personnel carriers, 2 helicopters, several buses”. Dumb girl does not even know that helicopters do not "go" and fly. And if you go, then already on scrap;

- pacifying the disgruntled in the form of a purely military operation threatens, I repeat, to result in a full-scale civil war, when some armed citizens of Ukraine will try to suppress and occupy other citizens. Only armed and hired by their own power and the ruling political establishment. To help the military, the National Guard was given, quite often formed by the militants of the Right Sector and other paramilitary structures that set the tone for the so-called Kiev “euromaidan” and organized a coup d'état. Now they are “mobilized” to protect the “nenki” and receive weapons in an organized manner;

- “the antiterrorist operation” instead of demonstrating the solidarity and unity of the ruling and opposition elites “for the sake of the Motherland” showed all their rottenness and opportunistic corruption. And she highlighted the acute need for a cardinal renewal of the so-called “bench” - the second echelon of managers and political leaders. Such leaders could not give birth to "euromaidan". They appeared in the fires of fires and street battles, and even occupied some leading posts in temporary authority. But they are extremely independent - they only fulfill the will of those who hired them, trained them, paid them and pushed them to the helm. The former leaders, members of the Party of Regions, which allegedly represented the south-east, turned out to be even worse. "Regionals" have shown that for the sake of power for themselves, at any price and under any regime, they are ready to betray their voters at least a hundred times a day. The mayor of the rebel Slavyansk Nelly Shtepa in this regard is a mini-Yanukovych in a skirt. At first, she allegedly supported fellow countrymen, but then “where necessary” she apparently was offered cash or promised to keep her post after “stripping”. And the extremely brave Nellie already tightly clung to the chair with manicured claws and sees in all the insidious terrorists, pro-Russian saboteurs and spies. This big-eyed wench caught Slavyansk;

- The authorities tried to arrest and isolate the rebels from their first leaders, the so-called "people's governors" and "people's mayors." They were arrested everywhere. But this did not stop the uprising, but on the contrary - in every rebellious city and village it gave rise to new leaders - business, concrete and - this is the most important thing! - not stained by corruption and other "birthmarks" of the former "pokrashennya" or corrupt "euromaidan." Behind them the future, if they survive after the democratization of the southeast;

- The authorities in Ukraine allegedly assert universal democratic values. But the beatings of presidential candidates, allegedly “not liked by Maidan”, curtailing access to information, restricting freedom of speech and opinion, the demands to plant, expel dissenters and “undesirable” journalists to the country indicate the triumph of absolutely undemocratic obscurantism and prohibitions. And what freedom of speech resulted in racially correct media, and there is no saying. Dull, but patriotically “lined up” ersatz journalists blamed everything on “external aggression”, which allegedly requires superpatriotism. And in fact, in the information space, the triumph of outright lies, hysterical speculations, ersatz-patriotic hysteria, setting on unwanted and biting opponents, manipulating facts, etc., etc., is being established. But whoever shouts louder will give more beak. So they try;

- The authorities hoped for a unanimous and massive all-round, including military, help from the “democratic West” and “civilized world.” But so far, apart from verbal diplomatic overtures and promises to punish the “Russian aggressor” with sanctions, the Kiev “warriors of democracy” have nothing to do with it. Moreover, it is gradually becoming clear to the world who it is dealing with in Kiev and what is happening in the south-east of the country. And about. In total, Turchinov asked the UN to introduce into Ukraine "blue helmets" - international peacekeepers. But UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has already stated that this is impossible. And the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said that during the meeting with the acting. The country's foreign minister, Andrei Deshitsa, members of the Venice Commission delegation expressed the need for decentralization of power, as well as the importance of reforming local and regional government. That is, even in the West, smart politicians and specialists understand that if Ukraine, covered by protests and the beginning of a civil war, does not decentralize power, and the country is not transformed according to new principles from above, by the efforts of power, this result will be achieved from below. The very people. And instead of a coherent federal or even confederative Ukraine, only fragments can appear in its place;

- The authorities want 25 of May of this year to be legitimized as legitimate and supposedly Ukrainian. But all her actions show how weak she is, ridiculous and at the same time terrible in her attempts. She wants to take full control of the country in her hands. But these hands may be stained with the blood of their own people. The authorities want to show their strength and state consistency, but in practice it shows only impotence and profanation instead of preserving the unity of the country. Because it is extremely independent. It is under pressure from both Western sponsors and inspirers, and domestic extremists from all sorts of armed neo-nationalist organizations united under the name "Maidan." Together, these forces from both sides demanded harshness in suppressing the uprising in the southeast. And their motivation is utterly simple: for two different reasons, but their goal is the same - both need a united, controlled and preferably resigned Ukraine. Western coup leaders in Ukraine need its integrity in order to resist Russia more effectively in geopolitics. And extremist militants need an additional reason to prove their worth and claim their share in the division of the nationwide "pie". Cookies from the cellophane bag of generous American Victoria Nuland are few.

This is the main contradiction of the Ukrainian authorities. From them, everything and everything requires, and the authorities can do nothing. Including, according to the main point - the unity of the country, for the sake of which the extermination of its own people was allegedly started. Its main result may be a pacific reconciliation of the country for some time, but in the end, everything threatens the final collapse of the country. Under the pressure of social problems and remaining political, economic, spiritual and cultural contradictions, Ukraine will still either decentralize or cease to exist in its current form ...

... And some jokers even suggested that the sequel of the American film “Save Private Ryan” on the Ukrainian theme - “Save Private Parubiy” would be filmed on the Odessa coast. But it turned out that no secretary of the National Security and Defense Council is not ordinary in military affairs either — not boom-boom even at the level of the salaga. While many 18-year-olds were taken to the army, he was arrested in 1989 for organizing an unsanctioned rally. And therefore there was a proposal to make an original film “Defecation of the Parubiy Secretary” with the working title “How the Black Sea at once became smelly and brown (the colors of a child’s surprise).” Why? If other present Ukrainian military leaders help Parubiy, then a good Kintso will work out, right ...
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  1. Riperbahn
    Riperbahn April 17 2014 12: 57
    Do they stop the Colorado beetles? The Russian Navy Marines do not care.
    1. mojohed2012
      mojohed2012 April 17 2014 13: 13
      In the background behind the Hedgehogs, they dug a groove?
      And tell me, when the Russian marines will advance to Odessa from the sea, they will push the Hedgehogs and go and go, because they will be sitting in this groove? Oh, the water is cold there. What for do such fortifications, if you hold them to no one and not hunting.
      1. Ased
        Ased April 17 2014 13: 14
        The one terrible (!) Hedgehog that was pictured on the beach was probably also cooked during WWII. Lying around somewhere just ... :)))
      2. Ased
        Ased April 17 2014 13: 29
        Quote: mojohed2012
        pushed back the hedgehogs and go-go

        Surrender to metal acceptance. And they will celebrate the victory!
        1. GDP
          GDP April 17 2014 13: 42
          Surrender to metal acceptance. And they will celebrate the victory!

          They don’t have time, someone will hand over this Cher Met to them and drink it :( Or I’ll take apart the channels for the construction of garages so that I can make gates for my own ...

          Yes, liquid defense - in my opinion, the gap between these hedgehogs is not like a tank - the tank division will pass in a row ...

          Well, at the expense of the water groove - this is a good idea - I went waist-deep into the groove in front of the advancing tanks - and you can’t see that you were scared ...

      3. Ross
        Ross April 17 2014 15: 19
        The junta is having fun. Things are going out of their way, benefactors do not give money, they tie belts to the people, donations for the army are collected by SMS, and at this time:
        The canteens of the President and the Rada bought lamb for 543 UAH, Italian cheese - for 351 UAH. On April 2, the State Enterprise of the State Administration for Servicing Official Events Garant-Service, based on the results of tenders, concluded a number of contracts for the supply of food products for a total of 7 million hryvnia. Note: 1 hryvnia = 2,82 rubles as of 14.04.2014/81,59/97,87 Also ordered pork baked in prunes at 161,81 hryvnia per kilogram, beef tongue in lard at 351 hryvnia per kilogram, Darnytskyi balyk at 264,60 hryvnia per kilogram. Of the imported varieties, the most expensive are Italian Parmigiano Reggiani at 218,75 hryvnia per kilogram, Italian grano falls at 2013 hryvnia per kilogram, French mini baby linen at 190 hryvnia per kilogram. At the same time, Garant-Service has not yet announced tenders for the purchase of fruits, fish and other products. So the amount is not yet final. Do you know what's especially funny? The fact that in XNUMX the Yanukovych Gang ate more modestly from the budget - then XNUMX million XNUMX thousand hryvnias were spent for these purposes. For all.


        1. thrower
          thrower April 17 2014 19: 44
          I do not understand, but where is the fat ???
      4. igor.borov775
        igor.borov775 April 17 2014 17: 48
        Hi, you can’t get it in any way, This is the same infantry structure, though the damned water got out constantly appears where it should not be
        Quote: mojohed2012
        In the background behind the Hedgehogs, they dug a groove?
    2. Validator
      Validator April 17 2014 13: 48
      This is said to protect the frontier posts. The idiocy, of course, is cosmic. Agony
      1. ya.seliwerstov2013
        ya.seliwerstov2013 April 17 2014 17: 12
        If a person jumped from the fifth floor and did not crash, it means that fate saves this moron for the tenth floor.
    3. Phase
      Phase April 17 2014 13: 50
      Quote: Riperbahn
      Do they stop the Colorado beetles?

      No, it's just PR. But if Tymoshenko really creates her armed forces, then she is stupid. They will not be needed.
      I am absolutely sure that in the long run, the one who will win in Ukraine WHO WILL BE ABLE TO CONTRACT WITH RUSSIA. ONLY in no other way.
      Think for yourself: what are the main tasks facing the Ukrainian authorities? Yes, by and large, only three
      1. Find serious borrowings (it is SERIOUS, not the pennies that the EU and the US offer them)
      2. Find a common language with the southeast;
      3. Gas.
      Guess three times what city you need to go to solve all three problems at once? Hint: starts on M, ends on A.
      1. urganov
        urganov April 17 2014 14: 56
        Hint for yuli: - Magadan however ...
      2. Jogan-xnumx
        Jogan-xnumx April 17 2014 15: 27
        Quote: Phase
        But if Tymoshenko really creates her own armed formations, then she is stupid. They will not be needed.

      3. sv68
        sv68 April 17 2014 17: 45
        Makhachkala, or what? fool
    4. The comment was deleted.
  2. svetlomor
    svetlomor April 17 2014 13: 02
    Intermission is not provided for in this circus, as long as the audience paid.
    1. avg
      avg April 17 2014 14: 00
      Quote: svetlomor
      Intermission is not provided for in this circus, as long as the audience paid.

      This circus is still going on. At the Kiev junta in front of them are cleaning these hedgehogs and backfilling trenches under the supervision of Golden Eagle. And here Yulia’s disability will not hide.
  3. black_falcon
    black_falcon April 17 2014 13: 02
    Yes, about the sequel to "Saving Private Ryan" would be fun of course laughing
    1. from punk
      from punk April 17 2014 13: 13
      Quote: black_falcon
      Yes, about the sequel to "Saving Private Ryan" would be fun of course

      yes, if only it was called "saving private Raina-mission inpasibol" Odessa drift
    KAPITANUS April 17 2014 13: 04
    Yes, metal welders "slept" money normally. At least someone will work there. Clean up later ...
    1. Ased
      Ased April 17 2014 13: 18
      Quote: KAPITANUS
      Yes, metal welders "slept" money normally. At least someone will work there. Clean up later ...

      Yes, he is alone there! Maybe others were, but they were already stolen for scrap.
  5. Arh
    Arh April 17 2014 13: 05
    Judging a fucking junta, Southeast to a referendum for Russia !!!
  6. konvalval
    konvalval April 17 2014 13: 05
    Banderlogs have some convulsive movements. This happens when some creatures are trapped and do not see a way out of it. These ones found a way out in hedgehogs. They would have to launch hedgehogs in their pants.
  7. Tron
    Tron April 17 2014 13: 06
    Human stupidity can be immeasurable, but the "temporary workers" in Ukraine have already managed to step over this line.
  8. mamont5
    mamont5 April 17 2014 13: 06
    Liquid "hedgehogs". And yet, what kind of power are such "hedgehogs"!
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt April 18 2014 01: 29
      Hedgehogs on the beach? Original! laughing
  9. chastener
    chastener April 17 2014 13: 07
    KIEV, April 17. / ITAR-TASS /. The Ukrainian 25th Separate Airborne Forces Brigade will be disbanded. This was stated at the plenary session of the Verkhovna Rada by the speaker, appointed by the Parliament, acting speaker Alexander Turchinov.

    On Monday, the 25th Airborne Brigade stationed near Slavyansk went over to the side of the people's militia, the correspondent said. ITAR-TASS Acting Head of the City Administration and Commander of the Slavyansk Self-Defense Battalion Vyacheslav Ponomarev.
    1. Riperbahn
      Riperbahn April 17 2014 13: 13
      Guys from the 25th brigade, all to us. We have both airplanes, and parachutes, and housing and money !!! And we are not fascists. Our people love and respect their army!
      1. Russ69
        Russ69 April 17 2014 14: 35
        Quote: Riperbahn
        Guys from the 25th brigade, all to us. We have both airplanes, and parachutes, and housing and money !!! And we are not fascists. Our people love and respect their army!

        They decided to condemn Berkut for allegedly shooting at people.
        The paratroopers of the 25th brigade decided to judge for not shooting at people.
        Just a scribe ... request
        1. COLUN
          COLUN April 17 2014 14: 53
          “We are outraged by the use of automatic weapons by Ukrainian security forces against our people,” said White House spokeswoman Jay Carney.

          "We call on the president to immediately withdraw his security forces and respect the rights of peaceful demonstrators. We warn the Ukrainian military against interfering in a conflict that can and must be resolved by political means. The use of force will not resolve the crisis. Clear steps must be taken to stop the violence and initiate a serious dialogue that will reduce tensions and remove the discontent of the Ukrainian people. "

          Amazing This was said to Yanuk on February 20.
          What do they say now?
          And now this:
          “The authorities of Ukraine have the right to resort to decisive measures to maintain order on their territory. In this situation, the best option for the development of events is the consent of the occupying government buildings in eastern Ukraine to stop resistance. Karni emphasized that in the east of Ukraine there are not peaceful demonstrators, but armed people. ”

          Well, as with these ... (the moderator will not forgive) you can either talk about anything, prove your point of view ...

          Our foreign affairs agency needs to erect a monument during his lifetime, and issue the Star of the Hero of Russia leadership (along with the Order of Lenin).
    2. AleksPol
      AleksPol April 17 2014 13: 14
      Soon the whole army will have to disband
    3. inkass_98
      inkass_98 April 17 2014 13: 20
      Quote: Punisher
      25-I separate brigade of airborne troops (Airborne Forces) will be disbanded

      This is a guerrilla trick! laughing
      Now they will infiltrate the ranks of those dissatisfied with Kiev and spread them out from within. And if they do not decompose, then this will be the second level of guerrilla cunning - the deep introduction of "sleeping" agents who will begin to act at a strictly defined time. When is a terrible secret, nobody knows it at all. soldier am
      Chumakhody, ruined the country in the struggle for a trough and a long endless dollar. But the popular Maidan creativity flourished:
    4. Aleksandr65
      Aleksandr65 April 17 2014 14: 21
      Turchinov also said that military brigades will be brought to justice. So, I think it’s better to go to jail than to suffer all my life, remembering the ditched civilian population.
  10. Igor39
    Igor39 April 17 2014 13: 08
    A plot from the movie "Saving Private Parubiy"
    Parubiy: Senya, what color is the blood?
    Yatsenyuk: It seems brownish ..
    Parubiy running his hand along the backside: Senya, I'm covered in blood ...
  11. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 17 2014 13: 09
    Soon, each presidential candidate from the Maidan will have his own army if, if something goes wrong, everything will be decided in battle. Whoever has an army more efficient will be the president of Ukraine. That's all.
    1. thrower
      thrower April 17 2014 19: 49
      The funny thing is that the fighters will be the same, each in two dozen armies recorded))
  12. Agat
    Agat April 17 2014 13: 11
    "Jerzy" is a publicity stunt. The holiday season opens. And everyone rushes to the beach to be photographed against the background of "hedgehogs".
    Julia's finest hour has come! This is just her path-war with Russia! It's not just a "woman-holiday", but "aunt-funeral".
  13. cheega69
    cheega69 April 17 2014 13: 11
    Well, an adder, God forgive me. Only a flamethrower.
  14. andj61
    andj61 April 17 2014 13: 16
    Yes, there are no words, you saw the rest ... Well, it is necessary to indicate the willingness to defend oneself! It seems that the authorities are asking: conquer us! It is easy!
  15. brainkiller
    brainkiller April 17 2014 13: 18
    Photos of rail-welded structures posted by local media
    I would rephrase something more believable
    rail-welded structures posted by local media
  16. Corsair
    Corsair April 17 2014 13: 25
    Quote: from article
    “For the first time after the Great Patriotic War, anti-tank hedgehogs appeared on the beaches of Odessa. Photographs of rail-welded structures were posted by local media. ” Awesome message, huh? The last time I saw traces of similar quasi-idiocy about 15 years ago in Albania

    The author is mistaken, at the end of 2003, the same Ukraine installed "hedgehogs" on the Crimean coast "against the Russian landing."
    Let me remind you that we are talking about a "conflict" over the Tuzla island.

    Unfortunately, I could not quickly find the original photos of the time on the network, therefore THIS:

    Apparently soon the impossibility of its intended use, Ukrainians will have to use cutlery as hedgehogs ...
    1. zanoza
      zanoza April 17 2014 13: 37
      Quote: Corsair
      Unfortunately, I couldn’t quickly find the original photos of the time on the net,

      Here is the Ukrainian coast of that time.
      1. andj61
        andj61 April 17 2014 16: 12
        Well this is much cooler!
  17. Egoza
    April 17 2014 13: 30
    Well, while someone is playing hedgehogs ...

    Tsarev became the coordinator of Southeast Resistance

    The South-Eastern Resistance Movement supported the initiative of the candidate for President of Ukraine, People's Deputy Oleg Tsarev to create a single center for coordinating joint actions. This is discussed in the decision of the organizational meeting of the Coordination Council of the movement, adopted on April 16 in Donetsk.
    The meeting was attended by representatives of 25 public organizations. "On April 11, 2014 in Donetsk, on April 12 in Lugansk, on April 13 in Kharkov and Odessa, during peaceful rallies against the discriminatory policy of the illegal Kiev authorities, proceeding from the long-term disregard of its illegitimate representatives of the demands of the inhabitants of the south- the eastern regions of the country, put forward during peaceful protests, groundless accusations of separatism among the inhabitants of the southeast, tens of thousands of Ukrainian citizens supported Oleg Tsarev's initiative to create a single center for coordinating joint actions, "the document says. Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Lugansk, Nikolaev, Odessa, Kharkov and Kherson regions, certain decisions were made on the formation of a coordinating council of the South-Eastern Resistance Movement (YVS), the main requirements of which are:
    1. The adoption of an appropriate decision by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine: to release political prisoners, to ensure their full amnesty and to stop prosecuting activists of protest movements, to close criminal cases against them. Termination of the anti-terrorist operation. Cancel mobilization. Restoring the broadcast of Russian channels.

    2. Ensuring amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine: consolidation at the legislative level of the status of the second state language for the Russian language.

    3. Carrying out constitutional reform aimed at the transition to a federal state system of Ukraine.

    4. Conducting elections of the President of Ukraine, deputies of Ukraine, deputies of local councils, village, town and city mayors after amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine and constitutional reform, dissolution of illegal armed groups, prohibition of the activities of neo-Nazi parties and public organizations.
    5. To entrust the People's Deputy of Ukraine Tsarev O. A. to submit the requirements of the coordination council of the SEM and to demand their implementation.

    6. Consider the St. George ribbon as one of the symbols of the movement.

    7. Create a working body of the movement and determine its location in Donetsk ".

    1. Jogan-xnumx
      Jogan-xnumx April 17 2014 15: 44
      Bullshit all these attempts, idle talk ... With Tsarev, as with all other regionals, there is nothing to contact. PR - the same trash as the junta with the Maydan. Nobody will fulfill all of the above, it was not for this junt that seized power. How to make them? No way. In general, focusing on Kiev is pointless, unproductive, useless and just plain stupid. All this must be carried out from below in the southeast, to coordinate their actions only among themselves, without regard to Kiev.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. goose
        goose April 17 2014 16: 38
        Do you offer to transfer the capital to Nikolaev or Dnipropetrovsk?
        Like in Kazakhstan, in order to balance the country's governance and secure the capital from the most dangerous direction.
        1. Jogan-xnumx
          Jogan-xnumx April 17 2014 21: 05
          Quote: goose
          Do you offer to transfer the capital to Nikolaev or Dnipropetrovsk?

          Do not write nonsense! fool And here is the transfer of the capital? Read and comprehend the commentary of Fidget, then mine, then mine. Then, maybe you won’t come up with stupid offers for me. hi
    2. MG42
      MG42 April 17 2014 16: 37
      Quote: Egoza
      Tsarev became the coordinator of Southeast Resistance

      It’s not easy for Tsarev after the attack on him in Nikolaev when they didn’t even let him go to the hospital to provide medical assistance, they still attacked him in Kiev, planted weapons in the car, and opened a criminal case. Dobkin, too, was attacked by another pro-Russian presidential candidate, and the crowd sprinkled flour and flour, and all the wheels were punctured in the car.
      In such circumstances, Putin is right in doing what he does not recognize the Ukrainian elections, since the southeast of Ukraine simply will not objectively give a vote on May 25.
  18. Egoza
    April 17 2014 13: 32
    Besides -
    SBU in the Lugansk region opened criminal proceedings against the former chairman of the court of appeal of the Lugansk region Anatoly Vizir, who proclaimed himself president of Southeast Ukraine. This was reported by the press service of the Prosecutor General. It is reported that the Lugansk region’s prosecutor’s office provides procedural guidance in the criminal proceedings initiated by the SBU in the Lugansk region against the former chairman of the Lugansk Region Court of Appeal, Anatoly Vizir, who called himself president of Southeast Ukraine and publicly called for actions aimed at seizing power, a change borders of the territory of Ukraine and violation of the order established by the Constitution of Ukraine.
    Well, as they opened, they will close it. As far as I know, it was not possible to detain him!
    1. Russ69
      Russ69 April 17 2014 14: 31
      Quote: EgozaSBU in the Lugansk region has opened criminal proceedings against the former chairman of the court of appeal of the Lugansk region Anatoly Vizir, [/ quote

      So many cases are opened in Ukraine that Beria and Yezhov are modestly smoking aside ...
    2. Grbear
      Grbear April 17 2014 15: 39
      Hello, Fidget.
      What they say about;

      Local media report the abduction of acting the head of the city of Gorlovka (Donetsk region), Alexander Sapunov, who was appointed protesters on April 14, 2014. The wife of the people's mayor Valentine confirmed the information about the disappearance of her husband.

      Sapunova and two other activists were allegedly kidnapped from cars. Their cars were found in the courtyard of the mayor's house with open doors and keys in the ignition.

      All three mobile phones are disabled. Relatives write statements to the police, reports "Uralinformburo".

      This is already inside SE. what
  19. Little Muck
    Little Muck April 17 2014 13: 34
    Anti-tank hedgehogs welded from rails appeared on the beaches of Odessa.
    New season!
    A new lounger for the Geyropeiskaya and Amerovskaya zh..y. wassat
    By the beginning of the season can also be used instead "brush" for cleaning holes. laughing
  20. sledge
    sledge April 17 2014 13: 37
    And mine fields hde? Tanks dug in the sand? laughing
  21. GRune
    GRune April 17 2014 13: 38
    Correctly! Each Svidomo presidential candidate has his own army! At the chocolate hare, the Bezpeki Service is oblique, the Oblique Baba is gaining for herself, acting Prezika Natsik Guards, Gavrosh and so all in PS. Sorry to remove Darth Vader, he would have brought an army of clones!
  22. QWERTY
    QWERTY April 17 2014 13: 48
    About 700 thousand bunkers in Albania are sort of too much. They will not fit on the territory. Maybe 700?
    1. goose
      goose April 17 2014 16: 40
      They there really were 1 in 3 residents, if the bunkers are counted. From each bunker, several neighboring ones are visible.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  23. x.andvlad
    x.andvlad April 17 2014 14: 08
    Under pressure from social problems and the remaining political, economic, spiritual and cultural contradictions, Ukraine will either come to decentralization or cease to exist in its current form ...
    There is no doubt about this, it is a matter of time. Only in a civilized and peaceful manner with such a stupid leadership will this fail.
  24. Aleksandr65
    Aleksandr65 April 17 2014 14: 24
    They all went crazy there!
  25. Russ69
    Russ69 April 17 2014 14: 37
    insanity grows stronger, the idea of ​​United Ukraine, apparently does not work for free ...

    The deputy head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional administration Igor Kolomoisky, businessman Boris Filatov, announced a cash reward for the weapons handed over and the hired mercenary. He stated this on his Facebook page.
    "For each transferred" green man ", he is a mercenary who set foot on our common land and is trying to push us in a fratricidal war - a reward of 10 US dollars," he wrote.
    1. zzz
      zzz April 17 2014 14: 49
      Quote: Russ69
      The deputy head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional administration Igor Kolomoisky, businessman Boris Filatov, announced a cash reward for the weapons handed over and the hired mercenary. He stated this on his Facebook page.

      Are there any normal ones at all?
      1. Russ69
        Russ69 April 17 2014 15: 03
        Quote: zzz
        Are there any normal ones at all?

        I’m afraid to even answer that ... When in one country such a number of clearly mentally ill people are concentrated, especially in power smile
    2. IGS
      IGS April 17 2014 15: 10
      I suggest that they throw themselves on this filatov.
    3. AlNikolaich
      AlNikolaich April 17 2014 15: 54
      Quote: Russ69
      "For each transferred" green man ", he is a mercenary who set foot on our common land and is trying to push us in a fratricidal war - a reward of 10 US dollars," he wrote.

      Is this Boris Filatov a real stupid person? Now two thousand "green men" with machine guns will come to him and demand money for themselves! Will this twenty greens pull? You have to answer for the words ...
      1. Jogan-xnumx
        Jogan-xnumx April 17 2014 16: 02
        Quote: AlNikolaich
        Is this Boris Filatov a real stupid person?

        An answer has already appeared. good
        Kazakhstani entrepreneur Ermek Taychibekov offers a million rubles for the head of Kolomoisky

        In response to a statement by leaders of the Dnipropetrovsk region about reward for the capture of pro-Russian activists, a Kazakhstani businessman opened a Ukrainian safari.
        Taychibekov said on the social network that he would pay a million rubles to anyone who caught or liquidated Igor Kolomoisky’s emulator from Dnepropetrovsk region.
        At the same time, Taichibekov presented a list of all enterprises owned or co-owned by Kolomoisky. Taychibekov after receiving evidence promises to transfer the "grant, fee, premium" on any bank card.
        At the same time, a Kazakhstan businessman set a time limit for completing the task. "Hunting season", as Taychibekov wrote, is open until 1 this May.

        Earlier, the deputy Igor Kolomoisky Boris Filatov announced new methods of struggle against pro-Russian activists. For each captured so-called green man, Filatov promised 10 thousands of US dollars.
  26. Baikal
    Baikal April 17 2014 15: 25
    Nothing. I’m sure the situation will somehow return to normal. wink
    1. MG42
      MG42 April 17 2014 16: 12
      Julia tired of her insanity all, it is shameful that she has all the levers of power in Kiev. Turchinov = byut, Avakov = byut, Pashinsky = byut, Yaytsenyuk = all butydogs occupy key positions.
      Now her sidekick, the Dnipropetrovsk oligarch Kolomoisky, has appointed a monetary reward for the head of each "terrorist" with a St. George's ribbon.
  27. tnship2
    tnship2 April 17 2014 16: 03
    It's time to announce a contest of insanity of the authorities of a neighboring country. Nominations: -Absurdiness. FALSE. WITHOUT
  28. nika08
    nika08 April 17 2014 16: 07
    That's what drugs do to a woman! Sniffed up to the handle! And "Baikal" 5+! This is exactly what Vona looks like today.
  29. MG42
    MG42 April 17 2014 16: 08
    video about the events of last night in Mariupol died at the office. 3 person 16 injured 65 arrested. The military opened fire on protesters
  30. doc62
    doc62 April 17 2014 16: 18
    yes wretchedness creeps out of all the cracks
  31. Corsair0304
    Corsair0304 April 17 2014 16: 25
    Well, what is there to add? PR and window dressing. I wonder who they will plant for this lone hedgehog? To defend, so to speak ... Will rusty equipment be thrown from the Southeast? We’ll bury it there, since the sand is loose.
    These nonsense all hedgehogs, insanity. It's disgusting.
  32. ya.seliwerstov2013
    ya.seliwerstov2013 April 17 2014 17: 16
    When you died, you don’t know about it, but it’s hard for others. Same thing when you're dumb ...
  33. Cristall
    Cristall April 17 2014 19: 03
    in general, these are all the same "maydanutye" all over the head Evromaydanchane .. it seemed to them that they suddenly began to represent the whole city. Together with the right sector (as before on the Maidan) they decided to "help" the block posts .. at the same time on the beaches.
    In Odessa, now everything is blooming and smelling .. everything is green and green. And I will not even comment on the idiocy of these people. There is no reasonable explanation.
  34. Alex 1977
    Alex 1977 April 17 2014 19: 56
    Quote: ASed
    The one terrible (!) Hedgehog that was pictured on the beach was probably also cooked during WWII. Lying around somewhere just ... :)))

    One was stolen, the second was broken, the third was lost ... And the coast is long ...
  35. Santor
    Santor April 17 2014 21: 05
    Quote: MG42
    video about the events of last night in Mariupol died at the office. 3 person 16 injured 65 arrested. The military opened fire on protesters

    I did not understand about the 65 of those arrested - that is, who generally rules the ball now in Mariupol? And in general, what is the situation in the Southeast with military units deployed in settlements? Why are television and radio still not taken under control ???
  36. siberalt
    siberalt April 18 2014 01: 48
    What's Yulia? VVP said that she was in the heat of the moment and he respected her. Sprinkle the master. Although she was eager to shoot the "chief" in the head personally. The matter, of course, is already outside of politics, but oh well. They gave the go-ahead and she's nobody. How are they still in the spider jar? Cancel the amnesty on it, like two fingers on the asphalt. And that one either immediately to the jail, or to the international wanted list. She promised to understand the whole world, but she raised the dust. She needs to shed. Moreover, it is very urgent. laughing