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"Antiterrorist operation": the first day

In the course of the "antiterrorist operation using the army", sanctioned by the. altogether, Alexander Turchinov, it turned out that there were an unimaginable number of “terrorists” who had undergone special training at secret bases of the GRU of the General Staff of the Russian Federation. Virtually the entire population of Kramatorsk is a continuous Taliban. This demoralizes the so-called "Ukrainian military", sent to suppress the "rebellion of the separatists." The “anti-terrorist blitzkrieg” announced by SBU head Valentin Nalyvaychenko failed. This is the first, most important conclusion from the rather contradictory information received during the day.

In the morning, April 16, armored vehicles entered Kramatorsk. As a result, six (!) Airborne combat vehicles (BMD) were captured by unarmed (!) City residents. Yesterday, April 15, there was a strange battle for the Kramatorsk airfield, captured, according to official sources, by “separatist fighters”. Strange for the simple reason that no one needed this airport, as a matter of fact, of FIG. Army units sent by alarmists from Kiev, have already arrived at the place of the intended operation. No one is waiting for the landing of the special forces troops from Russia either. Yes, if anything, and the airfield is not needed for this. But hysterical hype in the media. A video appeared on social networks about an army helicopter shot down from an RPG. Then it turned out that the actions took place in Syria, and not in Kramatorsk. Information about dozens of dead and wounded, the shooting of a roadblock by a fighter, a shootout in the city center constantly appeared. Toward evening, the “commander-in-chief” Turchinov announced the seizure of the most important, well-fortified object of the “separatists” - the same airfield. Then appeared news on the re-storming of the airfield using small arms. Yulia Tymoshenko also made her contribution to the general atmosphere of hysteria, announcing the creation of either Belorushashchik detachments or national special forces of resistance. The point is that each patriot will be given a kit of form, automatic, toilet paper and sent to the eastern front. At night, the social networks went crazy with an incredible amount of fakes, corpses and calls to kill everyone.

Therefore, the second conclusion that can be made: there was a massive population misinformation. Most likely, the provisional Kiev authorities had to urgently once again imitate decisive actions to suppress the uprising in the southeast. Therefore, they chose an airfield and with the help of helicopters, paratroopers, snipers and for some reason fighters captured it. It is reliably known that no one died (thank God), but three insurgents received gunshot wounds. The heroic seizure of the airfield and became the reason for the report on the "outstanding victory over the separatists."

The third conclusion: the army units sent by the provisional Kiev authorities faced a peaceful, but bitch, extremely aggressive-minded population. Everyone probably watched a video in Yu-Tube with the so-called head of the Anti-Terrorist Center of the SBU Vasily Krutov. He, I must give him his due, went out to talk to the people who blocked the military unit where the special forces were stationed. He was mostly asked the same questions: “What ... did you come here? !! Where are you ... Kiev, you see terrorists ?! ”With difficulty he managed to escape from the angry crowd and hide behind the gates of the unit. Facebook has even reported that he was captured and taken away in an unknown direction. Then they began to write about the fact that Krutov was beaten. In fact, he was just sent. And the crowd broke into the gate of the part. There were shots in the air. But this is not one that is characteristic, not embarrassed. People did not disperse. Some threw stones over the fence, jumped to better see where they were. Even European media admit that civilians have rebelled against the army. At Euronews, I have a favorite host, Sergio Cantone. He is in Ukraine since the beginning of the “euromaidan”. We must pay tribute to him: a person, in contrast to the utterly ochershihschy mass media of Ukraine, tries to be objective. In Crimea, he said that the people for joining Russia. Today, April 16, he showed people who came to the Kramatorsk airfield. Nobody drove them there, the militants did not hide behind their backs. The men approached the soldiers who were looking at them and asked one question. We have already quoted it. Sergio summed up that civilians oppose the army operation. It is one thing to fight the terrorists, and quite another to the local population, which is ready to "tear Bandera with its bare hands." It's true.

Even a day has not passed since the beginning of the "anti-terrorist operation", and in Donetsk the rebels seized the city council building. Two Ukrainian servicemen were stopped on the road, broke into them and taken away in an unknown direction. One of them turned out to be an officer of the SBU. Hoopoe in a helmet, who calls himself a "military expert," said the army was blocking Slavyansk to "prevent GRU special forces from escaping from the city." Idiots ... In other words, the concept of ATO has changed dramatically. Now they are not clearing, but blocking, so that Russian saboteurs come out to them in the evening and say: “Oh, you blocked us so terribly, so we decided to give up.” I repeat once again: the "anti-terrorist operation" in the southeast does not make any sense, since the people, the civilian population, which are called "terrorists" and "separatists" rebelled. The interim government perfectly understands this and therefore is trying to provoke a civil war by distributing trunks to "Svidomo patriots." Well, there isn’t enough "patriotism" for the special forces and the military to crush the caterpillars tanks young boys and girls who fearlessly surround tanks and armored personnel carriers, because it is their city, because they do not believe that they can die because of Kiev executioners who give criminal orders.
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  1. Keeper
    Keeper April 17 2014 07: 20
    Oh, they wake up the RUSSIAN SPIRIT with their dirty actions!
    Apparently they still did not understand that the Syrian and Yugoslav scenarios would not work ...
    1. platitsyn70
      platitsyn70 April 17 2014 07: 30
      Apparently they still did not understand that the Syrian and Yugoslav scenarios would not work ...
      and that everyone has already forgotten how the Russians know how to fight, who served in the SA remembers where the soldiers from Ukraine, in the katerka, in the kitchen or elsewhere do not need to strain, and the Russian on the front line in a mess with a Belarusian, that's how they lived for 23 years Yu-V worked, and they skimmed the cream in the west.
    2. SHILO
      SHILO April 17 2014 07: 33
      Attention! Maximum repost! Yatsenyuk declared war on Russia.

      1. mirag2
        mirag2 April 17 2014 07: 39
        And here is how the Zapadensky fighters fight off people:
        the truth is not funny ...
        1. domokl
          domokl April 17 2014 08: 06
          Yesterday I received a letter from a fierce patriot of Ukraine. I do not consider it necessary to bring it even. The bottom line is that I and others like it are stirring up ethnic hatred in Ukraine ... What ... no more and no less.
          But these are costs. And most importantly, I realized that you need to delve into the internet and other media to find out why such a panic began.
          And here are the results. One has to admit that some comments are too emotional. This concerns the actions of Donetsk veteran organizations. It is simply a lack of information that sometimes leads to such statements.
          I apologize to the Donetsk officers who organized the defense of the region. The actions are highly professional! And the mobile groups in general !!!! So, no offense to the men .. Just sometimes I would have acted differently. But you are there, and I am here ... This is a little different benches!
        2. reg 71
          reg 71 April 17 2014 08: 09
          It’s a pity he didn’t tear in his hands, otherwise he would have received a medal for the courage from his Kiev homosexuals
      2. mirag2
        mirag2 April 17 2014 07: 42
        And why is there a Greystone blackwater? Well I say, there are enough of my own.
      3. ussrex
        ussrex April 17 2014 07: 51
        I forgot to clamp the tie with my teeth, krugeg
    3. shibi
      shibi April 17 2014 07: 52
      Not the Russian spirit will win, but the Khokhlyat entrepreneurial spirit.
      They themselves bring all the iron ore to the east, closer to the open-hearth furnaces, to melt the trash and sell the iron.
      It is now more expensive than armored vehicles.
      And after remelting, you can soak up the Russian spirit)))
    4. Fucknato
      Fucknato April 17 2014 08: 18
      Angry Russian bear.
    5. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith April 17 2014 08: 23
      There is a mistake in the article! 5 BMD and 1 Nona.
    6. Ross
      Ross April 17 2014 11: 06

      Oh, they wake up the RUSSIAN SPIRIT with their dirty actions!
      Apparently they still did not understand that the Syrian and Yugoslav scenarios would not work ...

      A video appeared on the network - Russians visited the grave of Bandera:
  2. April 17 2014 07: 20
    We are Russians! And let the enemy remember, we only kneel before God, or when we kiss the Russian flag !!!
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. ya.seliwerstov2013
      ya.seliwerstov2013 April 17 2014 07: 31
      Are you great There are not even words ... You are now free from brains! You are free from repentance, Respect and understanding. Oh, it’s as free as Ukraine! Now even free from the Crimea!
      1. Very old
        Very old April 17 2014 07: 41
        From everything: from conscience, from honor, from history, and just about from SALA
  3. ken
    ken April 17 2014 07: 21
    1. mirag2
      mirag2 April 17 2014 07: 36
      Yes, no, Hitler had thought of this before.
      1. igor_m_p
        igor_m_p April 17 2014 08: 22
        At least Hitler tried not to advertise this fact.
    2. uteko
      uteko April 17 2014 08: 28
      Well, Hitler and his people destroyed
      1. wasjasibirjac
        wasjasibirjac April 17 2014 14: 22
        Quote: uteko
        Well, Hitler and his people destroyed

        but Hitler at least reasonably declared about the defense of Germany from the Russians, in Tyagnivbok he is simply going to destroy the people of Ukraine, where he is supposedly the "chancellor"
    3. kargrom
      kargrom April 17 2014 13: 12
      The brains are the same, the skulls are different.
  4. mirag2
    mirag2 April 17 2014 07: 25
    Yes, the huge propaganda is so wretched that it can only be waged by a person with a complete absence of the rudiments of analysis.
    Or completely without education, that's why the Zapadenskaya youth brought up on the Yushchenko-Timoshenkovs "famine" are ready to tear up the East.
    1. mirag2
      mirag2 April 17 2014 07: 35
      Here is the assault in Mariupol (maybe someone has not seen),it seems fresh):
  5. Sergg
    Sergg April 17 2014 07: 26
    No need to wake up a Russian bear!

    Having declared war on Russia in fact, since resistance operates under the flags of Russia, the Kiev gangster group doomed itself to inevitable defeat; very long prison sentences await gang leaders such as Avakov and Turchinov.
    1. Little Muck
      Little Muck April 17 2014 09: 23
      I would say that on their strange "AU"will receive loud "Hurray". laughing
  6. ambiorix
    ambiorix April 17 2014 07: 26
    By the way, there are 3 more armored personnel carriers (or BMDs) attached to the DPR army. And somewhere around 150 soldiers, making sure that they would have to fight not with Russian soldiers, but with the local population, surrendered the bolts from their machine guns and ammunition and left.
  7. svetlomor
    svetlomor April 17 2014 07: 27
    I repeat once again: the "anti-terrorist operation" in the southeast does not make any sense, since the people, the civilian population, which are called "terrorists" and "separatists" rebelled
    The whole point is in the budget of this operation and the longer it goes, the more money they steal, it’s a pity Avakov, they didn’t let him in to this feeder, he did not justify trust.
    1. mamont5
      mamont5 April 17 2014 07: 33
      Quote: svetlomor
      It’s a pity Avakov, they didn’t let him go to this feeding trough, he did not justify trust.

      So he had to shoot himself. They didn’t include him on the cut lists. He was offended and removed himself.
      1. Little Muck
        Little Muck April 17 2014 09: 26
        Quote: mamont5
        So he had to shoot himself

        So this is virtual. Surely, the grave has already been bungled somewhere (cat litter). wassat
        Soon 9 days will have to be celebrated. laughing fool
  8. Denis
    Denis April 17 2014 07: 30
    Quote: Keeper
    Oh, they wake up the RUSSIAN SPIRIT with their dirty actions!
    1. jPilot
      jPilot April 17 2014 08: 29
      "I will give you parabellum, we will shoot back. Foreign countries will help us" - American Ostap Bender. Classics are timeless and relevant. fool
  9. Humpty
    Humpty April 17 2014 07: 34
    People, maybe enough to cover obscene articles. We are not censored.
    From the site rules:
    "The site is strictly prohibited:

    a) mate in any form (open and veiled), swear words; insult and threats against the opponent; "
  10. sir.jonn
    sir.jonn April 17 2014 07: 36
    Quote: Article
    By Alexander Turchinov, it turned out that there were an unimaginable number of “terrorists” who had undergone special training at secret bases of the GRU of the General Staff of the Russian Federation. Almost the entire population of Kramatorsk is a solid “Taliban”

    wassat It seems that Turchinov’s roof went completely nervous, he needs treatment.
  11. parus2nik
    parus2nik April 17 2014 07: 39
    Like terrorists in the North Caucasus, filmed videos about their actions, so that they would report for the loot, so here are the hunters .. And the Americans demand everything, where is our money, mother of Kuzma .. And the money is bye bye .. and probably for a long time .. .This scam, Americans have not yet seen ..
  12. Quantum
    Quantum April 17 2014 07: 42
    I wonder what the battalion of Y. Tymoshenko will look like? Everything is in embroidered shirts, with braids on their heads and strollers (such as motor girls)? Aw, artists,
    depict the scene of the advance of the female battalion!
    1. AleksPol
      AleksPol April 17 2014 07: 53
      Female did not find. And so about
      1. grog_bm
        grog_bm April 17 2014 08: 35
        I think 2033 will not be, and the Maidan will be renamed))) in vain they (maydaunas) crushed a loaf to the East, get a fascist (Galichina) grenade))))
  13. Lyton
    Lyton April 17 2014 07: 43
    Quote: svetlomor
    I repeat once again: the "anti-terrorist operation" in the southeast does not make any sense, since the people, the civilian population, which are called "terrorists" and "separatists" rebelled
    The whole point is in the budget of this operation and the longer it goes, the more money they steal, it’s a pity Avakov, they didn’t let him in to this feeder, he did not justify trust.

    Well, you found someone to regret, they all have their green foreheads anointed, indeed the army did not have enough patriotism to shoot at their people, only Bandera people are capable of this.
  14. shinobi
    shinobi April 17 2014 07: 46
    Notes by a Wehrmacht officer: We, the day before yesterday, knocked out partisans from the forester’s hut. Yesterday, partisans knocked us out of the forester’s hut with losses. Today we were going to again knock out partisans from the forester’s hut. But Ivan, the forester, came, gave everyone a punch ... and sent him away to houses.

    PS: With the Ukrainian anti-terrorist operation as in this joke. And the result will most likely be like in it.
  15. Sergey7311
    Sergey7311 April 17 2014 07: 58
    This is some kind of imitation of active actions. But the junta desperately needs to show how they "conduct the anti-terrorist operation." Otherwise, the Right Sector will clean them up in the Rada ...
  16. Sergg
    Sergg April 17 2014 08: 00

    ATTENTION! Tomorrow prepares SHOT OF CHILDREN.
    The junta ordered students to go out of Lugansk University. Shevchenko and East Ukrainian Institute at a rally in their support. During this action, they will be shot by snipers. Piled on the Donetsk People's Republic with all that it implies.

    Request to notify all children through VKontakte, etc. about the impending provocation. If there are relatives who study there, respectively, by telephone. Let each notified person tell at least 5 more people. We must wreck this carnage!
  17. hawk
    hawk April 17 2014 08: 08
    So far, the old Russian slogan - "The people and the army are united", is working. It seems to me that it is high time for the "leaders of the Maidan" to flee from Little Russia somewhere in Somalia. Instead, they have a public manifestation of psychosis on the basis of complete IMPOTENCE.
  18. Gagarin
    Gagarin April 17 2014 08: 08
    The author for the article is WONDERFUL!
    I’ll tell you as a witness to what is happening - EVERYTHING IS EXACTLY THAT HAPPENS !!!
  19. Krsk
    Krsk April 17 2014 08: 08
    Juntyats - rat pups to the trough sat down to divide the type of loot Eesovskoe and IMFoshny and they do not give ... sad crying for the junta here is the time and desperately pulling myths telling and showing. They say a group of cannibals from the South East of ours is there ... (you are great, we are free) of a free country, through the most severe psychological impact, TAKES out military equipment ... And did anyone think about the effects of burning rubber? And burning for days. A Klitschko fire extinguisher nibbled off? And the yulka in the hospital with the prison haloperidol spiganuli out there as she rushes the resistance even creates, and this shobla .... brain rape Europe. in breed
  20. terrible
    terrible April 17 2014 08: 13
    Now they’ll catch up with banderlogs and western glossy, since local warriors are neutral.
  21. morpogr
    morpogr April 17 2014 08: 13
    A bunch of idiots can only say fairy tales and follow orders ov.
  22. Ascetic
    Ascetic April 17 2014 08: 18
    In general, all this reminded me of October 1993 in Russia. At that time, a unit was brought to an increased BG, a directive of the Commander-in-Chief of the Strategic Missile Forces was read out, where it was said that the troops were subordinate to the Supreme Command, that is, the one who had the "nuclear button". There was very little information about what was happening in Moscow on TV, they played a picture of the shooting by tanks of the Supreme Soviet, then, to be honest, I was shocked by what I saw and how most of the young officers did not understand what was happening and who was right and who was wrong. There was even a command to allocate an armored personnel carrier with a reinforced platoon from a part to help the local ATC, allegedly the arrival of provocateurs of the Armed Forces from Moscow to our quiet, godforsaken regional center was expected. Who came up with this idea is unknown, but the idea was ruined in the bud as none of the bosses did not dare to issue a written order and a corresponding combat order, and without this our officers refused to carry out this "muddy task."
    Now the Ukrainian army is playing the role of "scapegoats", most of the military, not with Bandera-Svidomo brains, probably understand this and will not shoot at the people, but there will also be those who will carry out the criminal order of the neohazar junta, as we did in 1993.
    In general, all this hellish mixture of circus tent, wild field and another export of democracy is about to explode. . After that, the score will go on for minutes: how many people Russia has time to save.
    1. Krsk
      Krsk April 17 2014 09: 36
      Quote: Ascetic
      , but there are those who will comply with the criminal order of the Neo-Khazar junta, like ours in 1993.

      Do you think there’s enough spirit ?, there’s no brain, namely the spirit. Well, it’s a pity of course, but it’s their choice ... and so briefly - to the battle ... but what about the 44th choice there wasn’t so and now it (by and large) is not there. you cannot give them leave. before the court or after that’s the whole choice.
  23. inkass_98
    inkass_98 April 17 2014 08: 19
    Our media also succumb to hysteria and broadcast unverified information on the air, which their local correspondents immediately begin to refute. We want to wage an information struggle, but we are acting very unprofessionally. They shout about a downed plane, although it just carries a tail of soot from unburned kerosene, shouts about tanks, and shows armored personnel carriers and BMDs, then the Nazi Guards burst in and captured Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, but in reality there was nobody ... so work, the pursuit of rating does not improve the image of the channel, on the contrary - it makes you look for another, reliable source of information.
  24. Fucknato
    Fucknato April 17 2014 08: 19
    Message to V. Churkin to NATO litter.
  25. terrible
    terrible April 17 2014 08: 26
    Donbass is mine, mine is explosive. VCA is easy to do. or FOG2. all banderlog from the armor will sweep and fry!
  26. Gagarin
    Gagarin April 17 2014 08: 32
    MediaUkraine is simply amazing!
    Yesterday I personally saw a report on the continuous detention of dozens! on the day of the Russian scouts, the scouts really didn’t show, but the UNFINTABLE EVIDENCE was presented on the table in the SBU - several TT pistols, a traumatic gun, bayonet-knives and ...... a huge gift-premium import pistol in a mahogany case with green velvet inside !!! Caught the FSB, there is nothing to say ...
  27. Zomanus
    Zomanus April 17 2014 08: 37
    In short, the army, if there is no direct attack on it, actively withdraws from this garbage. Bandera is clearly not those who will be able to suppress the rebellion. Yes, and the question of which side the army will then take. What is going on in Odessa, what is in Nikolaev?
  28. mackonya
    mackonya April 17 2014 08: 43
    As it was correctly said in the documentary about the cosmonaut Beregovoy, people from Donetsk and Lugansk, and indeed from the Southeast, are very strong in spirit, it is almost impossible to break their willpower.
  29. sem-yak
    sem-yak April 17 2014 08: 48
    It was necessary to adequately deal with these destructive captains! Pour the mug with greens and feed with flour! Kneeling, let the people ask for forgiveness!
    With Maydowns in Maydonutovsky !!!
  30. Artist
    Artist April 17 2014 08: 58
    As far as I remember, they always spoke "to Ukraine", and now in Bandera "to Ukraine" ...
  31. slovak007
    slovak007 April 17 2014 19: 26
    Quote: SHILO
    SHILO (2)

    You are burning !!! laughing laughing laughing