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Analysis of the survey on the topic: "What to do with the North Caucasus?"

The results of the survey on the topic “What to do with the North Caucasus?” show the fact that the majority of citizens of the Russian Federation retain, despite the complexity of life and the constant “brainwashing” of liberal values, sanity.

Almost 70% voted agree that the problem of the North Caucasus is solved within Russia and can be solved if the government has Will and Desire. They voted for the option: “To conduct a series of tough operations in the style of Yermolov and Stalin, to restore order (preferably throughout the Russian Federation), to combine power operations with state social and economic programs to restore the productive potential of the region.”

Second place took the answer: “Provide independence (even if they refuse),” almost 12% of those who voted gave this answer. In principle, this figure coincides with supporters of liberal values ​​and radical nationalists in Russian society, both of which are approximately 5-6%. Their opinion is completely understandable, the North Caucasus, especially the Chechen Republic, gives Russia quite considerable trouble, and I want to isolate themselves from them by the border. It resembles the position of "children": close the blanket with his head - and nothing bad will happen.

On the third place “Anyone can sell the territories of the North Caucasus (Turkey, China, everyone who makes an offer)” - 4,8%, what dictates such a desire is difficult to understand, maybe it's black humor, maybe - the desire to get revenge; I do not want to believe that a hundred of 4-5 people are ready to sell their territory. Although the propaganda of Western values ​​has been going on for more than a decade, there is already a certain, thank God, still a small percentage of our citizens who are ready to do anything for the “golden calf”.

Fourth place took the answer: “Adhere to the current strategy of“ pacification ”(4,6%). This, probably, is the true percentage supporting the “United Russia” and “Putin-Medvedev plan” in reality, without the “removal of the brain” before the elections and the administrative resource. This strategy leads to the growth of the “swamp”, the problem is driven into the depths, relieves the symptoms without curing the “disease”, and as a result, sooner or later the North Caucasus will explode again.

In the fifth place Answer: "The collapse of the Russian Federation is inevitable, so this problem will be solved by itself" - 4,2%. This, apparently, includes lovers of the Western project and pessimists (or realists?), Whom any phrase: "The optimist teaches English, the pessimist - Chinese, and the realist studies the Kalashnikov assault rifle."

The remaining answers did not exceed the 2% barrier: “In principle, nothing can be done already - 1.5%; “To pay Chechnya (Kadyrov) a“ tribute ”to maintain“ order ”in the region, appoint him governor of the North Caucasus, allocate additional powers” ​​- 0.8%; “To create an international commission to solve this problem, making the North Caucasus a territory under the control of the world community, to send in UN troops, possibly NATO” - 0.7%.

Analysis of the survey on the topic: "What to do with the North Caucasus?"

Comments out of the general point of view

Alexxx: "The conquest of the Caucasus was a mistake."

And what should the emperors have to do and continue to endure the raids, the ruin of the Russian provinces, the kidnapping of people, property, the sale of Russians into slavery and other delights of the tribal system ?! The Caucasus had to be “pacified”, either by Western civilization — the total elimination of all those who resist (like the Indians of North America), or simply the elimination of all (like Tasmanians, or Prussians). Another option is to take responsibility and drag wild peoples (in comparison with the Russian Empire, relative to the natives of Amazonia, they were developed) up the evolutionary ladder.

Alexxx: "It was an ordinary aggressive, or rather imperialist war."

Predatory, imperialist wars are led to “fuck” something from the territory that is being captured: gold and silver were taken from the Incas and the Aztecs; the Indians of North America have the territory in China (the so-called “opium wars”), so that the people continue to be on drugs.

Having annexed the Caucasus and Central Asia, the Russian empire did little of it, except for a headache (if the geostrategic advantages were discarded). On the contrary, these “colonies” were buried in, then in the Red Empire, a lot of money, in infrastructure, in the development of the material and spiritual culture of local natives.


Over the millennium, Western civilization has destroyed dozens of peoples and tribes and nothing. They have completely achieved their goals: Central Europe was captured - a whole civilization of Slavorian tribes lived there, a number of Baltic tribes were destroyed - Prussians, for example. The Ottoman Turks seized the territory of the Byzantine Empire by force, made their capital from its capital and everything turned out. The Anglo-Saxons almost destroyed the vast peoples of North America, the inhabitants of Tasmania, bent the Indian civilization, the Chinese, the Japanese, and those they could not do anything. There are a lot of such examples. Genghis Khan cut out the recalcitrant tribes entirely and solved the problem, so to speak comprehensively.

“YOUR Yermolov is just an empty sound and nothing more !!!”

Problem Russian Empire decided? Solved! And here is an empty sound?

In Central Asia, the US base (we left it), the Azerbaijani army is taught by Turkish and American instructors, the Georgian army - by American instructors. Kiev constantly conducts exercises with NATO, Minsk is an exception to the rule. Georgia has a vast experience of statehood, but even that will not save it, surrounded by the countries of the Islamic world, it is doomed, a matter of time. Its only way to survive, to look for ways of rapprochement with Russia. To give freedom to the North Caucasian peoples, we will cause a mass of large and small wars, conflicts. One problem of land surveying will lead to thousands of victims, the Ossetian war with the Ingush, Georgia’s attack on Abkhazia and Ossetia, etc. Who will clear up all this ?! USA, European Union?

The most constructive suggestions, opinions

Max: “I think that it is necessary to adhere to Putin’s hard line of suppressing crime, while at the same time offering high-paying jobs in Siberia and in the north for Chechens. ... It is also a good idea to improve the infrastructure and resorts, the local population will win from this and understand itself, the less they shoot, the more people will come to their most beautiful Caucasian places. ”

The proposal is somewhat controversial, but with the right to life. What from here you can take to the rulers of the Russian Federation for "armament": 1) harsh suppression of crime; 2) establishing the local infrastructure so that everyone who wants to live honestly, has the opportunity. And these people, in my opinion, the majority. You just need to get rid of the criminal world and parasitic ethnocracy.

Farvil: “If Lebed wouldn’t have climbed in due time with his peacemaking nonsense across Chechnya, then this problem would have been solved already in 90's. The so-called republics would sit in fear of repeating the fate of Chechnya. And there would be no Kadyrovs and his ilk. And all that we have now is because of corrupt politicians ... ".

More precisely not Swan, but the federal authorities, who themselves created this problem (there are enough facts weapon for example, they left, did not interfere to the last, etc.), and then did not allow it to be resolved by military means. They constantly stopped the army, on the verge of victory and the restoration of constitutional order. And then it was necessary to create an Investigation Commission, investigate all crimes committed against Russians and other civilians, punish those responsible under the Criminal Code and solve the problem back in 1995-1996.

Datur: "... do not understand anything except power ...".

It is very correctly noted that in this world many nations understand nothing but power, especially those who live according to the concepts of the primitive system. This also applies to Western civilization, they tear apart the weak and fear the strong - Russia, the Russian Empire, the Red Empire. They come to fight in a crowd, a pack.

Serg83: “A number of brutal operations have not yet been carried out. They should be carried out when a favorable world situation develops when the Turks will be a little uncomfortable for the Arabs of the United States, or at least their parts are not ours, the plan of this operation should also be well prepared with active propaganda for zomboyaschik and others and of course with the active involvement of the local Cossacks, we don’t even need to be promoted, what is the conclusion? And the output is only one to wait a bit .... "

- It is logical that it is necessary to establish order, but Russia has weakened so much that it is necessary to wait several years when the world will be busy tackling its problems (like Japan at the present time). It may be necessary to have a “loud” excuse and then to “clean out” the North Caucasus.

- Simultaneously use the media for an information campaign: to make documentaries about the atrocities of 90, the genocide of Russians in Chechnya, the acts of ethnoband, etc.

- To restore the Terek Cossacks, as a power bulwark of the Russian population in the North Caucasus, to arm it. Make part of the new Armed Forces of Russia.

Georgy: “1. Change administrative and territorial division. In Russia there should be only provinces without any national coloring.
2. Stop talking a lot about the Caucasus.
3. Stop producing dependents, and not only in the Caucasus.
4. Remove religion from public life.
5. Exalt the Russian people.
6. Create conditions for the traditional and honest work of local residents.
7. Hard to deal with relatives of bandits.
8. Help reborn Tersky Cossacks. Part of his land in the Soviet era moved the Caucasian republics.
9. Clear, constant and well-organized work on the complete elimination of the underground.
10. A lot of economic leverage.
11. Do this and much more, incl. and in the field of propaganda, should be honest and strong-willed people, whoever they are by nationality. The main thing is that these should be statesmen who work for the good of our land. ”

Figvam: “If RUSSIA is taken as an organism, then the Caucasus is its weak point, the organism is weakened, - the Caucasus strikes, the organism is healthy, - the Caucasus is our health resort. There will be order in the center, and the Caucasus will calm down! ”

True understanding of the problem, while Russia, the Russian people are strong and healthy, in the empire order. Therefore, I suggest everyone to become stronger and healthier (first of all spiritually - without religious leap). Russians need to restore Russianness, their Will, the Spirit.

East: “If it’s scary to defend your land, bequeathed by our grandfathers, if you want to give it away, then do not shoot, but rather hang yourself, but you didn’t win the Kemsky volost, you don’t give it. The UK branch is closed outlets and the Black Sea and the lost Caspian Sea, with its oil reserves. This is the loss of the Crimea, Ukraine. Remember when they gave slack on the UK, Ukraine immediately turned to the West. And yet, Brzezinski said - Ukraine is a place of assembly of Russian identity, without Ukraine, Russia is Russia, Russia without Siberia and the Urals, without a significant part of the Volga region. Such a Russia in the modern "tolerant" world cannot survive, just as Yugoslavia and Iraq did not survive, by the way, what is a Muslim country ready to fight to the death, by the way.
I repeat once again - they are not ready to stand up for themselves, they are ready to give part of the Motherland, be prepared for the fact that you will have no future and your children will be allowed to go to organs like in the Philippines, and your children will curse you. ”

Russians-Russians have always been respected and feared all over the world, because they were ready to die all, but not to become slaves, to defend their land at any cost. The North Caucasus is our land, it must be defended at any cost. This is the same part of Russia as Altai, Kamchatka, Ryazan, Arkhangelsk ... it is watered with the blood of many thousands of Russians-Russians, the dust of our ancestors lies in it, this is Russian land. Our ancestors in the world of rule (in the Christian paradise) curse descendants for such a betrayal of their past.

Maj.: “This is our land. She is watered abundantly with the blood of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. Need a tough policy. We need a hard leader in the country. But not fanaticism. ”

That's right, the country needs a Russian ruler (possible in the Spirit, like Stalin), strong-willed, ascetic, sensible. And not a gentleman who takes gifts from Americans and humorists who decompose young people. One meeting with them lowered the status of Medvedev below the plinth.

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  1. Victor
    Victor April 26 2011 18: 22
    The Caucasus was, is and will be the territory of Russia-Russia. Otherwise, for which the Cossacks and Russian combatant soldiers died on this earth. Politics should be tough, but extremely fair. It is this language that is understandable and acceptable to all peoples of the North Caucasus. Including for the reviving Cossacks of the Kuban, Turkic, etc.
  2. mishan
    mishan April 26 2011 19: 58
    It’s not just an article, but a work on errors))
  3. His
    His April 26 2011 21: 02
    The majority opinion does not mean right
  4. dominion
    dominion April 26 2011 22: 37
    The analysis is like nonsense of an elderly, unaware person, excuse me!
  5. Forward
    Forward April 27 2011 07: 04
    And let me find out who decided that these proposals are the most constructive and fruitful? And support His. The majority opinion is usually far from the truth in the first instance
  6. Escander
    Escander April 27 2011 09: 52
    Well yes. And “Truth in the first instance”, you yourself know who ...
  7. alexxx
    alexxx April 28 2011 10: 29
    4 authors of the "analysis" .. during the Caucasian War and before it, abreks made raids
    more and more to Georgia. There were no raids on Russian settlements, because these settlements were not there. The first settlements appeared as military fortifications (Thunder-
    ny). And in general your "ruin of the Russian regions" looks like nonsense. The nearest Russian settlements in those days were on the territory of the Don Army.
    This is approximately 700km in a straight line. In addition, the Cossacks themselves could whom you want to ruin.
    So the Caucasian war was aimed at expanding the borders of the empire and more.
  8. Pomorya4ok
    Pomorya4ok 30 June 2011 19: 05
    Toko she began due to the fact that the proto-Georgian feet kissed Tsar Batyushka. Asked to protect.