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Wish me luck in battle

Wish me luck in battle


The city of Agidel, which is located in the north-west of Bashkiria, is small. The population is about sixteen thousand people. Any news flies it in an instant. On that sunny May morning, nothing foreshadowed trouble. The spirit of the holiday was still in the air - on the eve of the whole city they held solemn events dedicated to the Victory Day.

The terrible news of the death of Ruslan Holban, a member of the legendary Alpha Group, shook everyone who knew him like a bolt from the blue. That same Ruslan, a kind, sincere and cheerful guy from the first school. So he is remembered in his hometown.

In general, he has two small homelands. He was born in Moldova, in the village of Vulcanesti. Despite the fact that the Holbans did not live there for long - just a year, Ruslan never forgot about his roots. Framed, next to his own photo, he kept a small map of Gagauzia, where he had dreamed of returning.

In Agidel, Ruslan's family was not accidental. Mama, Gulisa Nazifovna, was born and raised in one of the neighboring districts. Here the boy said the first words, took firm steps, went to kindergarten, to school. Native father left them with his mother when Ruslan was very small. Anvar Radjabovich, who replaced his father, made a great contribution to his upbringing and development. He loved as a relative.

In the small Motherland they honor the memory of the special forces: they installed a stele, created expositions in several museums, one of the streets Agidel was named after him. In the museum of secondary school number 1 open memory corner. His personal belongings are carefully kept here: letters, diplomas from olympiads, exercise books, photographs, books, a belt, a beret.

A special place is occupied by the regiment with military awards. They were provided by Gulisa Nazifovna. There is also a skullcap - a headdress of Muslims. Once Ruslan himself asked his mother to send him a skullcap and the holy book Koran.

Captain Holban is the only Muslim among the dead employees of Group “A”. He had great respect for his religion, but he was never ... a fanatic or something.

On a shelf with newspaper clippings are collections of poems and songs by his favorite authors, Viktor Tsoi and Vladimir Vysotsky. Especially loved the "Blood Group", could listen to all day. Some of his belongings were handed over by his comrades - photos, body armor, protective gloves, a check for cellular communications. On the check date - 11 May 2009 of the year. And 13 May Ruslana was gone ...

The commandos presented another valuable gift to the museum - a soulful film about Captain Holban. On the frames is a beautiful, smiling Ruslan. There is also a video clip made shortly before his death, when the group congratulated the fighter on regular officers' stars. Two weeks before the last business trip he was given the military rank of “captain”.

Ruslan did not even have time to sew new shoulder straps on his military uniform. In the museum, next to the military awards of Captain Holban, are "Major" epaulets. Where did they come from? Nobody could explain this. “Probably, they were brought by guys or classmates who often come to him,” say the teachers. Yes, be alive, Ruslan would already become a major ...

Anyone who knew Holban at least a little, first of all remembers his kindness. Indeed, Ruslan was very kind. Always friendly, sincere, with a smile.

Galina Lyapustina, teacher of Russian language and literature:

- I taught Ruslan not for long in class, in 6 and 7 classes. Replaced a colleague. He was a humble boy. Respectful, sympathetic ... I remember how actively I participated in discussions on the topic of morality. He was distinguished by a good memory. After the technical school, when Ruslan was going to enter Ryazan, his mother asked to work out with him. There was almost no time, it turned out one day. For a couple of hours, he easily remembered the entire school course and passed the exam for “four”.

Exposition dedicated to Captain Ruslan Holban in the school of the city of Agidel

Always human ... Ruslan possessed such qualities that are so lacking in our today's youth. In the classroom, I often cite the example of Ruslan and his feat. For me, he is like Danko, who at the cost of his life saved the lives of others.

Leniz Fatkhetdinova, the organizer of the exhibition:

- Then I worked as a deputy director for educational work. Each student knew personally. Ruslan never stood out among the others. He had all the data of the military. Both physical and spiritual. I never tried to attract the attention of the crowd.

Perhaps, during the school years, we did not have time to see in him all the talents, to fully reveal him. We set it as an example for all students. They say that there are no heroes now. And for us the real hero is our Ruslan!

I really want children to understand that they are not born as heroes. Ruslan was an ordinary boy, he studied in the most ordinary school, walked along the same corridors and was able to achieve such heights.

There are heroes, and they live among us.

Pupil Ruslan was diligent. Hard "drummer", horoshist, but not "nerd." Mathematics was easy for him. He loved physical education. Generally with the sport, Holban was always on "you." Fast, agile, preferred athletics. Participated in school events, district scale. Later, when he entered the engineering, he played for the technical school, for the city, and even for the organization. Repeatedly climbed the top steps of the podium.

Raising up in a middle-income family, where the younger sister was still growing up, Ruslan understood that after the eleventh grade, it would be difficult to enter a higher education institution. Therefore, the family council made the decision: first, to get a secondary special education. After 9 class enrolled in Neftekamsk engineering college.

As a child, Ruslan did not particularly tell who he wanted to be. Only once I let it slip that it would be possible for a fireman or a lifeguard. He went to his father to work "in the fire," along with adults participated in exercises.

Ruslanchik ... That is what the closest people, parents and relatives, call loving Captain Holban. His presence is felt everywhere - in photographs, in souvenirs, in clippings from newspaper articles. He is remembered every day - how he would act in a particular situation, what he would say.

It seems that Ruslan just went on another trip and will be back soon. Mom saves every little thing associated with her son. Even his first drawings, which he drew at four, were preserved.

The school carefully keeps everything related to their heroic countryman

Little Ruslan was restless. Not more than a minute in one place, constantly inventing something. Because of its mobility often fell into rework. One of these cases was remembered for a long time. Somehow, playing with the guys in the yard, Ruslan fell and cut the tendons of the right hand. So much so that later, with the closed palm, the little finger remained slightly bulged.

In childhood, this feature of the boy seemed even funny. But then, when Holban entered the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School, she made herself felt - with a military salutation requiring the closed position of the fingers. The quick-witted Ruslan quickly found what to do: in the summer, colorless rubber bands were used, and in the winter, his little finger was sewn to the next finger on his gloves.

"Seriously" the boy was ten years old when my sister was born.

- They were born to me in one day, with a difference of ten years, one hour and five minutes. The son at first did not want either sister or brother. I could not accept the idea that there would be someone else besides him in the family, ”says Gulisa Nazifovna. - I remember, on the eve of his birthday, I baked a “Curly Boy” cake for tea drinking with friends (this cake with a simple recipe has always remained Ruslan's favorite delicacy - Auth.), And gathered in the hospital. Ruslan and dad were the first to visit us in the hospital. When I showed the baby to the window, the son exclaimed: “A living doll! Princess!"

My brother adored his princess. For her, he was the closest friend, support. That year Irina was finishing 11 class. We had to pass exams, go to Moscow, go to university. They chose the university. Before the implementation of the plans of relatives remained a little - about two months.

Ruslan and his bride Oksana

In one of his last visits, Ruslan told his sister that he wanted to take home parents too, that the years were passing, and we had to take care of them. To which she only smiled: “It is unlikely that they will move. Yes, and you first need to get up on your feet. " "And I will put them before the fact," said the brother.

Everything turned out as Ruslan wanted. But only, unfortunately, without him. After the death of her brother, Irina made the decision to follow in his footsteps and enrolled in a military college. Parents moved closer to her to be close and support each other. The question of moving for a long time did not consider.

In difficult times, the leadership of the FSB and comrades Ruslan provided invaluable support. Helped with the apartment, and with the move. They still do not forget, they help, for which Ruslan's parents express their deep gratitude to them.

In 2007, Ruslan met Oksana. This was love at first sight. Immediately decided to live together. Ruslan brought darling home, met with his parents.

Oksana parents fell in love immediately. Beautiful, kind, and equally sincere, she quickly became part of their family.

Shortly before the last business trip, in March 2009 of the year, Ruslan made a favorite gift - he took him to rest abroad. There, on the beach, made an offer. In the fall, they planned to play a wedding.

“Sogyndym ...”, - wiping away tears, says Ruslan's mother. Which means “I miss” in Bashkir. Simple word. But with what pain the mother of the deceased son says it ... You understand that this is not just a long absence of a person. This is when the pain of loss breaks the heart apart. And no matter how hard they say that time heals, nothing can fill the void in the mother's heart.

“Sometimes it is so sad, so lonely,” sighs Gulisa Nazifovna. - I want to see my son at least for a moment. Just to see. Sometimes on the street, in a crowd, I look for him with similar eyes, everything is in vain. ”

Due to the circumstances and nature of the work of the son-special forces, relatives in recent years were rarely seen. On vacation, mostly. And these days turned into one big holiday. Cheerful, cheerful Ruslan as a magnet attracted others, charged with himself. He loved life, and lived life to the fullest. Not afraid and did not avoid difficulties. For whatever he took, everything worked out for him, and it worked out well.

He had one feature - he did everything quickly. Hurried. As if he was afraid not to have time ... A man of his word, he said - it means he did it! Always fulfilled the promise. Even in everyday situations. It happened that in the evening someone from the family would mention that he had to go to the garden, and in the morning they would forget about it. But not Ruslan. Neither the light, nor the dawn rose, all woke. Caring, he never forgot birthdays. Even being on business trips, I found the time and opportunity to congratulate on holidays. He loved to make gifts.

Anyone who knew Ruslana will remember his smile and open look. And who would have thought that these clear, bright eyes had seen the horror of war more than once and were faced with the most terrible thing - death. But neither hot spots nor war could change or harden him. With loved ones, he always remained himself. And service in special forces, even if it left its mark, it was only positive - it became even more responsible, collected, and most importantly, learned to value life even more. This will confirm the close Ruslana.

In the last year of the technical school, when many of his peers ran in search of the opportunity to somehow “retract” from the army, Ruslan also frantically collected documents ... at the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School.

That year the city military enlistment office announced the recruitment of a group willing to enroll in a famous school. Holban lived the dream of becoming an officer. He planned everything and even persuaded Aunt Firuzu to help him with the collection of the necessary documents.

Parents found out about everything at the last moment. Their reaction was obvious. First, it seemed impossible to pass all the standards and go through a competition to one of the best military educational institutions in the country. Secondly, on television, they constantly reported on the new large-scale war in the North Caucasus, and how could they send their son after school?

Still, deep down they were inclined to the first option. And although they were skeptical of Ruslan’s plans, they didn’t try to dissuade them - let them try. Pocket five hundred rubles (travel, food and accommodation, the military enlistment office promised to organize), mother's pies on the road, and Ruslan went to Ryazan.

Captain Holban was a real commando!

In Holban there was always a hidden power, a huge inner potential and self-confidence. Perhaps this helped him to confidently go forward (sometimes even in spite of circumstances) and achieve success.

After some time, the family received a telegram with good news - Ruslan arrived. Cadets immediately left in Ryazan. Parents came to his son in September for the solemn oath.

- They just passed the course of a young fighter. During this time he has lost much weight. Tall, the son seemed even taller. Worse, tired, but so pleased, - mom recalls the meeting with a smile.

He always took his studies seriously. He studied well, in good faith. And how enthusiastically, with emotions, he talked about his first parachute jumps! Usually terse in letters, he painted two or three notebook pages describing the teachings. Letters are still preserved.

Immediately after graduating from college, as one of the best cadets, Ruslan Holban was 2005-th in July and was enrolled in Office “A” of the Special Purpose Center of the FSB of Russia for the position of security officer. Relatives remember that his happiness knew no bounds.

In spetsnaz he found himself and made true friends. In a short time he mastered his job duties, becoming one of the best young employees of the special division. Being an excellent athlete, he repeatedly defended the honor of the Office "A" in competitions in hand-to-hand combat, orienteering and athletics cross-country.

As part of his 3 department, Ruslan repeatedly went on combat missions to the North Caucasus, where he showed himself to be a competent, courageous and well-trained special forces officer, and was in the personal guard of Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov.

In 2007, Holban completed advanced training courses at the SVR Training Center, which is the successor of the legendary KUOS.

Evidence of the captain Kholban’s combat path are state awards, by which he was awarded - Zhukov’s medals (2008) and Suvorov (2009).

His family and relatives knew little about his profession, only they guessed. Ruslan, if he said something, it was only in the “beautiful light”. Parents were sure he was doing well. He constantly repeated: “I am happy!” And this was actually the case. Holban loved the service, was devoted to her with all his heart and soul, until the last minute of life. And to that heroic act, perhaps, was always ready.

- There was such a moment. I call Ruslana, but he does not pick up the phone. Then he calls back and says that they were at the cemetery. I said back then, how good it is that the guys do not forget their comrades, ”recalls Gulisa Nazifovna. She did not know that Ruslan and his colleagues not only visited the graves, but, sometimes, escorted their twin brothers to the last journey.

In one of his home visits, Ruslan said to his mother: “If something happens, bury him at the Nikolo-Arkhangelsk cemetery, in Moscow, on the Special Forces Alley.” Gulisa Nazifovna shuddered at these words. As if reading her thoughts, he quickly changed the topic of conversation, picked up his mother in his arms and swirled around the room. He, strong and healthy, was worthless to carry his mother in his arms, literally ...

He dreamed of simple happiness: live, serve the Motherland, help his loved ones, marry his girlfriend, raise children

“I’m lucky,” said Ruslan. “The simplest example. He could run to the station at the last moment, buy the last ticket and go home, ”says his aunt, Firuza Karimov, with a smile. Indeed, Ruslan was lucky. Luck seemed to accompany him everywhere. That's just that fateful day changed ...

“I had a birthday the day before,” continues Aunt Firuza. - I waited all day for a call from him. There was no such thing that Ruslanchik did not congratulate. But that day the phone was silent. Something snapped inside, there was some kind of foreboding.

Premonition of trouble did not leave Ruslan's mother. Although a couple of days before the incident, he called home, as usual, asked about all, conveyed greetings. “I'm fine, only my back was burned. They played volleyball with the guys, ”he said. Of course, at that moment the special forces were not up to the games, and it was not burned anywhere on the sports field, but in the mountains from a long stay in the sun.

Captain Holban took his last fight in the mountainous Dagestan. He was killed on May 13 during a special operation against Khasaviurt’s Amir gang of Arsen Asulbegov, who is on the federal wanted list. The terrorist and his henchmen were involved in many murders and attempts on law enforcement officers.

Information about the militants hiding in the forest appeared a few days before the special operation. At night, information about the whereabouts of the gang was confirmed. The forces of the FSB and the Interior Ministry troops were tightened. In the area of ​​the village of Dylim of the Kazbek district and the villages of Endire, Arkabash and Leninaul of the Khasavyurt district, the KTO regime was introduced.

The first collision occurred closer to noon. After a shootout, a well-fortified dugout with weapons and ammunition, food and Wahhabi literature, which the militants managed to leave. Thick shrubs and complex mountainous terrain made it difficult to combat and comb through the “processed” fire squares. The security forces continued shelling of the forest, where the militants were hiding, from the ground and the air - with mortars and military helicopters.

At night, the militants several times unsuccessfully tried to escape from the environment. The fight lasted about fifty minutes. Ruslan was in the advanced group. He first went to the machine gun and took over the enemy fire. As it later turned out, he released an almost full shop before he was fatally wounded in the head.

Ruslan died instantly. In the heat of battle, even his comrades and the commander, who were nearby, did not immediately understand what had happened - Holban stopped responding to his call sign.

... They buried him, as he requested, on the Special Forces Alley. With a huge crowd of people - veterans and current employees of Group "A" of the KGB-FSB. His feat was awarded the Order For Services to the Fatherland of the 4 degree with the image of swords.

Ruslan left quickly, unexpectedly. He was only twenty-eight years old. Age, when you begin to live, and horizons are just opening up before you, when life experience has been gained a little bit, and the hand is full, there are first results, and you objectively evaluate your strength ...

Ruslan lived, loved, dreamed. He did not dream of any transcendental things, did not set unattainable goals. He dreamed of simple. About human happiness - to live, serve the Motherland, help your loved ones, marry your girlfriend, raise children, meet friends ...
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