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We build a long, expensive, poor quality

The share of Russian civil shipbuilding is only 0,6 percent of the world, and the industry is in the 21-th place

The readers of the “VPK” weekly are invited to speak at the meeting of the expert council of the State Duma Committee on Industry on the theme “Prospects for the development of the shipbuilding industry in the context of the state program“ Developing shipbuilding for 2013 – 2030 years ”3 April 2014.

Money is used inefficiently.

We hold a joint meeting of the expert council under the State Duma Committee on Industry and on the Development of Enterprises of the Military-Industrial Complex and High-Tech Industry. Also present is the Public Council under the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Committee on the Defense Industry of the Russian Engineering Union, the Committee on the Improvement of Legislation in the Field of the Defense Industrial Complex and the High-Tech Industry of the League of Defense Enterprises.

We have a very important and serious topic - “Prospects for the development of the shipbuilding industry in the context of the state program“ Development of shipbuilding for 2013 – 2030 years ”and the development strategy of the United Shipbuilding Corporation. We will also try to touch on the aspects of legislative support.

When we started to prepare this event, the configuration of the state border of our country was somewhat different, but the problems that, unfortunately, accompany the activities of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), have now changed little. And so we decided to invite to this meeting a very wide range of participants - these are members of the Federation Council, representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Defense, the Commission of the MIC, the Maritime Board, the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Accounts Chamber, and representatives of various structures and organizations.

In addition, we believe that the participation of trade unions is important. And we are grateful that they responded. The program must also be adjusted to reflect the new opportunities that the Russian Federation has gained through the reunification of the Crimean territories with Russia, there are remarkable shipbuilding facilities, but more for ship repair, instrument-making. And of course, our task is to use this potential.

Therefore, I welcome the leaders of the shipbuilding enterprises of the Crimea: Valery Mikhailovich Belozerova (Zaliv plant), Konstantin Eduardovich Kartoshkin (general director of the Sevastopol marine plant), Vitaly Vyriyevich Krivenko (More shipyard), Nikolai Yuryevich Kuzmenko (Zaliv shipbuilding plant)) Sergey V. Posokhov (Fregat Marine Plant).

We build a long, expensive, poor quality

We hope that he will join our work, he promised to be, Sergey Pavlovich Tsekov, the representative of the Republic of Crimea in the Federation Council.

I want to thank everyone for responding to the invitation, and I propose to build our work as follows. Alexey Lvovich Rakhmanov, Deputy Minister of Industry, will give an introductory word and set the pace and vector of our discussion. Then we will hear the information of the Deputy Head of USC, Sergei Ivanovich Gaydardzhi, Vice President for Financial Control.

Many have already expressed the desire to speak in the discussion of issues. All of them give the floor. I think that there will be more interested. Therefore, I ask to be concise, specific. And I am also sure that representatives of the Accounts Chamber, the Prosecutor General’s Office, the MIC Commission and the Maritime Collegium will share interesting information with us.

We believe that within two hours it would be desirable to complete our work. Therefore, I propose to establish the following rules of our meeting. We give the keynote speakers up to ten minutes, information, speeches on the issues discussed - five minutes, references and additions - three minutes.

I want to emphasize once again that the development of shipbuilding is a priority of state policy and largely determines state security in the field of food, and energy, and technology. Our military shipbuilding has 12 percent in world military shipbuilding and takes second place, which, in general, is probably not bad by formal signs. But the potential of our industry is much greater. In civil shipbuilding, we occupy only 0,6 percent and are in the 21-th place.

The development of our shipbuilding industry is based on the Maritime Doctrine, which is spelled out before 2020, as well as the strategies and government programs that I mentioned. I can not say that the state program for the development of shipbuilding for 2013 – 2030, among other five programs of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, went through a very good and useful procedure. In September, this state program, among the other five, was heard at the site of the Public Chamber within the framework of public control. And I am very grateful to Joseph Evgenievich Diskin, who represents both the Public Council of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the leading commission of the Public Chamber.

Discussion of the state program, which took place in the Public Chamber, helped to avoid many mistakes and make it more effective. But we understand that the state-owned USC corporation, which operates in accordance with the approved development strategy, and its share is large enough: 60 percent - in industrial production, 91 percent - in export products and in military - about 70 percent. I will not deny that we see a serious positive in the financing of the state defense order. And recently there has been an increase in production. In 2013, the 12 large and 43 small ships were launched, two 955 Borey submarines were adopted. Some increase in production took place in the civilian sector. But I would consider it insignificant. In this great support, both political and economic, is provided by the government of the Russian Federation. And, of course, the role of the Ministry of Industry and Trade is great.

A number of major projects are being implemented. Some of them are complete. The construction of the Prirazlomnaya ice-resistant platform, the Arkticheskaya drilling rig has been completed. A number of large tankers and passenger ships are being built and built. But the problem is that Russian shipyards get about 10 per cent of the orders that our shipowners and the state generate by tonnage. What determines such a small amount of mastered needs, which is available both in the economy and in the Armed Forces? Low quality products, a long period of construction and, unfortunately, quite a serious theft.

In 2012, the state defense order was not fully implemented. The Navy lost two nuclear submarines and three surface ships. Of course, I would like to highlight the fact that in order to increase competitiveness in shipbuilding it is necessary to develop science. But an analysis of the use of budget funds for the development of research and development shows that very often money is used inefficiently. The results of intellectual activity are not registered. And when the state decided to give developers the opportunity to capitalize on this intellectual activity, the developers do not express the desire.

So what are we talking about? Money to get ready for research. But we don’t need this research. This is very sad. We must, of course, talk about the problems in education. But problems in education, friends, are based on another - on the endless reform of the education system. And this year, I believe that this is a catastrophe, only 7,1 percent graduates give up physics.

That is, if a person does not give up physics, he cannot enter either the natural science or the engineering unit, it is impossible to subsequently learn the strength of materials, termekh, hydraulics, engineering constructions, if you did not study and did not pass physics at school.

I would like to say something else. We receive a large number of appeals from trade unions, from citizens, and from business leaders, to which we must respond. And that blissful state, when the industry grew, when the budget grew, when the state defense order was financed at a faster pace, somewhat relaxed the executors and created a situation of some kind of impunity and permissiveness.

I will give only a few facts. Currently, eight criminal cases have been filed in the Arkhangelsk region through the USC after the last inspections. St. Petersburg, Leningrad region - nine criminal cases, Primorsky Krai - four, Murmansk region - five, Kaliningrad - three, Investigation Department in the North-West Federal District - one, in Khabarovsk - one and so on.

What does this mean? This speaks of the fairly effective work of the Prosecutor General’s Office, the effective work of the Accounts Chamber, the less effective work of the judiciary, the weak work of public organizations and the legislature, I must admit.

And we probably bear some responsibility for hoping for some common sense and for the fact that business leaders understand that the perimeter of the country is tense and there are very few friends. But, unfortunately, few people think about the need for import substitution programs.

For example, gas turbine engines, engines for watercraft are very often made either outside the country, or with a large number of imported components.

I'm not talking about the electronic component base. And here we have the right to hear explanations from the leadership of the USC, which, I hope, will inform us. Unfortunately, there is quite a serious leapfrog, very often changing leaders. But among the large number of criminal cases that are already underway, are in production, a lot of fresh cases - 2013 and 2014 years. And this, of course, is not healthy at all.

I also cannot fail to say that, in turn, the State Duma is doing enough to change the situation in terms of legislative support. The law on state defense order was adopted, the approach to responsibility for non-execution of state defense order was radically changed. And we, as representatives of, say, the industrial lobby, I’m not afraid of such a word, defended equal responsibility. The draft law initially stated that managers of enterprises whose fault the state defense order was disrupted should bear criminal responsibility. We were able to defend the thesis in the interests of production workers about equal responsibility, that is, the customer must also be responsible, who very often places an order with violation of the deadlines, advances ahead of time, changes the tactical and technical characteristics of the objects ordered. We also believe that, in addition to the head enterprise, the co-executive should also be responsible, through whose fault the main manufacturer has disrupted the execution of the state defense order.

We made a lot of sensible and constructive suggestions. And I will not give examples when we managed to make dozens of amendments to the laws, and some even made 144 amendments, of which 143 was adopted. Why is this possible? Because there are a number of expert councils at our committee: an expert council on aircraft manufacturing, machine tool manufacturing, the military-industrial complex, where experts, representatives of large vertically integrated structures, and heads of their legal departments conduct a very serious examination. And we, the deputies, of course, using their intellectual potential, try to shape the legislative field in such a way as to minimize risks, minimize theft, and minimize incompetence.

But the reserves in this regard are very large. And by the way, I have to say that the new, relatively new leadership of the USC expressed such an intention - to form an expert council on shipbuilding within the framework of both the Industry Committee and the Russian Engineering Union. Unfortunately, while these intentions and limited. But their inaction is largely compensated for by the activity of enterprises that are part of the USC, by the activity of the public council of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the leadership of the ministries that the four or super-strong three probably can always get for their fairly effective work.

Therefore, we asked that the head of the expert group, which includes the heads of the legal departments of virtually all vertically integrated structures, Vladimir Vasilievich Kudashkin inform us about the priority tasks that this expert group faces. They do a lot. A bill has now been prepared, which we will introduce, on the circulation of critical products. This applies to shipbuilding, and aviation, and space. That is, it is the labeling of products, critical products, the fight against counterfeiting, which inflicts very serious damage on the image of our products, including on international markets, and reduces its quality for use on our territory.

It seems to me that there is a need for such an honest, frank conversation. And the draft resolution that we have prepared is not excessively soft, it is simply not yet full of texture. We will fill it with this texture, dear colleagues, according to the results of your speeches.

Vladimir Gutenev,
First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Industry

Criticize, suggest

Dear colleagues, the conversation really matured. We, probably, not so often and not so much in fact spoke on this topic. At the same time, to be honest, I was a little embarrassed by the tone that Vladimir Gutenev asked. But if it is proposed to use this tonality today, then we can probably start by saying that, unfortunately, everything that happens in the United Shipbuilding Corporation is a reflection of what is happening in society.

I just looked through another regional article about the previous president of USC. In this stories in fact, there are also a lot of facts that are cited without taking into account what is happening in the country and how the judicial system works, for example. But, colleagues, because we live in all this with you. The question is what? Does the last one in the chain answer? Or do we want to really fight the essence of the negative phenomena that are happening in our country?

I would very much not like all the proceedings that absolutely professional law enforcement specialists are now dealing with ended with the fact that we are not looking for where we have lost, but where it is light.

Unfortunately, this impression. But at the same time, I assure you, you can take for example any business. Do you think everything will be different there? Of course not. I think that this will not surprise anyone. It’s just that someone comes to a line, but not to someone. It seems to me.

I just remembered during the previous speech a joke about three envelopes. Opened the first envelope: "Blame it on all its predecessors." And I really would really like to talk about what really was done. That changed, unfortunately, once again the CEO, more precisely, the president of USC. What was done?

We are really faced with many tasks (now I turn to the constructive part of our conversation), the solution of which will also determine the country's defense capability, and how civil shipbuilding will develop.

Yes, you gave the numbers, and they really hit, on the one hand. But on the other hand, let's not forget that both the Russian Federation and its shipbuilding, which we have today, are part of the great Soviet heritage that we received with a corresponding geographical division of responsibility.

We are accused of being ranked 21 in the global civil shipbuilding industry of the Russian Federation. But all large-tonnage shipbuilding was historically concentrated in Ukraine: Crimea, Nikolaev, and Odessa regions. It was there that the main shipbuilding enterprises were based. And in Russia today we cannot build ships weighing more than 70 thousand tons.

Therefore, of course, you should be very careful about how the Zvezda plant will be built, what will happen in the North-West region. Great inspiration is caused by the opportunities offered to us by the entry of Crimea into Russia.

And the challenges we face are enormous. The volume of orders that form only the enterprises of the oil and gas complex, all the shipyards taken together are unable to digest in the deadlines for these projects.

Therefore, of course, it is necessary to move progressively. As for the involvement of partners in this work, you should be very careful about placing orders abroad. You know the position of the president. He speaks very clearly - we will build abroad only if it is not possible to do this in Russia.

And here I would very much like to see the strategic tasks that the USC set for itself within the framework of the approved strategy last year to be progressively realized. We are talking about the creation of production of large-capacity shipbuilding in the Far East, and the technical re-equipment and modernization of shipyards in the North-West region. Of course, this task needs to be solved jointly, primarily with the state, since everything related to military shipbuilding should be implemented with the involvement of funds from a special federal targeted program. We will probably consider options for attracting private investors, if it becomes possible to connect them to various projects.

I would very much like us to move in this direction and manage to mobilize all the forces of private Russian capital, entrepreneurs ready to take up work and bring it to a logical conclusion.

As you know, we have a state program for the development of shipbuilding. Unfortunately, today there are quite serious adjustments to this program. We hope to find a mutually acceptable solution with colleagues from the Ministry of Finance. But based on the program that was proposed last year, the reduction amounts to 40 percent. This is very alarming, however, we still hope that the tasks that are set before us (both in the development strategy of the USC and the development strategy of the shipbuilding industry, which we do not separate from each other), of course, can be solved, but only by joint by effort.

Probably, there is justice in criticizing our approach to the formation of a scientific and technical reserve in shipbuilding. Yes, indeed, we harass a lot of paper, as our opponents say. But at the same time, I have to note that the last 20 years have not really invested money in Russian shipbuilding. On closer examination, it becomes clear that everything that the USC is criticized for when surrendering warships (and sometimes civilians) has its own reasons. When funding goes to one and a half percent instead of the declared 30 – 40, it is impossible to hand over these ships on time, no matter how hard you try. After that, we frantically mobilize resources. Only your humble servant held two dozen meetings on the problems of specific projects in which USC deals. And only because these projects require interdepartmental coordination. There are enterprises subordinate to Rosatom, there are enterprises that operate in other subordination structures, and so on. So far, fortunately, all these problems are solved. It is very likely that the state defense order before 2020 will be completed in full and on the deadlines stated, and this is also the result of the work of the USC and the ministry. We just work - nothing else.

The topic of civil shipbuilding is crucial. There is a remarkable law on the development of shipbuilding and shipping, involving the creation of free economic zones. These zones will solve one of the main problems of Russian civil shipbuilding, which concerns just the production of components. Domestic components created in Russian shipyards for civilian vessels make up 25 – 30 percent. And everything else is often bought abroad. At a minimum, it is necessary to make it all happen on the territory of the Russian Federation, or even better localized to such an extent that it can be said: “Yes, we have created such a competence, we have it. We can reproduce it and will do it. ” It should be understood that priorities will inevitably be placed. With the volume of orders we have today, they will allow us to solve problems using all modern technologies - starting with electric propulsion, using steering wheels and everything else, without which neither supply vessels, nor icebreakers, gas carriers, nor any other principal projects. But we can do this only when we consolidate such an order. In this case, it will be possible to go on common types. Bacchanalia stops when customers prescribe us specific manufacturers, specific names. By the way, in the Ministry of Defense the same practice. And in some cases we have to deal with monopolists. And with them it is sometimes impossible to negotiate prices. Unfortunately, the USC’s actions over the past year were clearly not enough to properly deliver this work.

But there is such a function of logistics, which can allow you to create certain principles of working with suppliers. Then the supplier will disclose his cost price and we will be able to check it, we will understand how it forms it. This will provide the necessary transparency of transactions. Why doesn't someone do this? One can only guess. A thief should sit in jail...

As for the components, we have fundamentally important tasks that we face in terms of the main propulsion systems, in the further development of everything related to the control system, the fundamental issues on lifting mechanisms. That is, we are ready in the near future to collect the general parameters of future orders, to finish this work and to set concrete tasks for USC. But at the same time I will return to the topic that I started. Without a scientific and technical background, which, strictly speaking, today the Krylov Central Research Institute and our other institutes primarily possess, we cannot get any leading positions in the Russian Federation in shipbuilding. Nobody will sell us anything, especially in current conditions. Therefore, our task is to ensure that this scientific and technical reserve is maximally in demand.

We looked at the effectiveness of the program WGMT - "Development of civil and marine equipment." It can be criticized as much as you want, but tankers are being built, dry-cargo ships are being built, high-speed vessels are being built. The draft of the drilling vessel, which was made under the RGMT, is recognized as the best and, accordingly, we now have an Italian customer for the drilling vessel. One can criticize that it would be better for these vessels to be built at Russian shipyards. It is better if this is done in such a way that we do not wait for advances from a number of our customers for a year and a half and do not freeze the production of the same vessels, supplies, and so on.

Both USC and Russian shipbuilding have potential. And, if you noticed, companies that are not part of USC are almost never criticized. Military orders are made on time, the development of companies is moving forward. All the tasks that these enterprises are assigned are carried out. But maybe something is wrong at the conservatory, if it works there, but it doesn't work there? And it seems to me that the matter is, in general, for small. I repeat once again, but despite the above facts and the stated claims (absolutely fair), I want the conversation to be objective. We did not meet at the troika court in order to punish the guilty. I see the point of our conversations with you in attracting the attention of the State Duma and the public to the fact that the state of affairs in Russian shipbuilding, of course, requires special treatment. And from this point of view, we can offer today - we must engage in criticism. But there is such a good rule: “Criticize, suggest.”

Therefore, I would very much like any critical comments to end with something concrete, which is necessary for the implementation of the proposed measures and for the launch of the USC and the entire Russian shipbuilding industry on some new rails in the first place. But, on the other hand, you can say that, probably, we are more and more often starting to look like that non-commissioned officer's widow, who has carved herself out. Yes, probably so.

If you remember, at one of the Marine Collegiums I began by saying that when we talked about USC, I voiced one very simple and offensive phrase for us: we, unfortunately, build expensively, build long and sometimes poorly. But these are the three problems that the whole shipbuilding industry and the USC need to fight in the first place.

What do I need to do? The answer is very simple. We must have a serious scientific and technical base. We must have a manageable and clear business in the face of USC. We must have a competent relationship with our customers. I will give one small example. Today, exploratory drilling, which is carried out, for example, by the Rosneft company, is conducted accordingly with the use of rental vessels. What is the problem? And the problem is very simple: unfortunately, in order to design and build a ship, it takes from three to five years. You can, of course, argue and need to work to reduce the time and design, and construction. This, by the way, is in the tasks of USC, which are spelled out in the strategy.

But at the same time, in order for us to deliver our seismic survey vessels or icebreakers and vessels that are working on exploration drilling, and Rosneft could use them, we should have known about it at least four or five years ago.

Unfortunately, so far this dialogue with us has been able to line up very effectively only with the Naval fleet. And you know that there were hearings on the military shipbuilding program until 2050. And these very approaches to long-term planning will really allow us to effectively build both the industrial part of shipbuilding and the USC, because investments are needed in almost every enterprise and, accordingly, in the scientific and technical part and in design bureaus. And I assure you that the ministry, I hope, and with your help, will deal with this.

Much of what I said today, well, just boiling. Because the last year, unfortunately, was made from the USC of a monster who is accused of all mortal sins. We must often look in the mirror, and then everything will fall into place.

Alexey Rakhmanov,
Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

USC strategy

Attention to the problems of USC is absolutely relevant today. I would like to remind you that this company has existed for seven years already and last year the strategy was finally adopted. This was made possible by the extraordinary efforts, perseverance, perseverance of our chairman of the board of directors, who is here today, Dutov Andrei Vladimirovich, the competence of the Krylov center he manages, and the coordination of all these actions by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. In fact, we received a document through which we can build the stages of life, talk about prospects and understand what you can look around.

Speaking about the key areas of the strategy, I would like to tell our colleagues that we have identified six key problems.

First, the strengthening of domestic engineering, including the development of design work and design assets of the corporation, aimed at improving the unification and assistance in building long-term cooperative schemes.

Secondly, the development of the corporation's production capacity, taking into account a probabilistic model for making long-term decisions by key customers of our industry.

Thirdly, the concentration of the center of responsibility for the implementation of large industry projects, as well as projects hosted abroad, within the head organization of USC.

Fourth, the transition from the territorial model of asset management to the divisional principle of corporate management, based on the concentration of competence in promising products. Today we are moving away from the regional centers and are moving to the management of the product line.

Fifth, the promotion of innovation through the actualization of the system of effective consumption of the scientific and technical reserve created by our scientific organizations of shipbuilding and related industries.

Sixth, social and personnel policy, primarily aimed at fundamental changes in the motivational model of our indicators.

The strategy provides for the preparation and development of a roadmap. We have prepared this "map". She sent for approval to the board of directors. And I would like to say about the key events that we laid down in this road map.

First, the formation of a new staffing structure of USC, taking into account the revision of the corporate management system. This is a presidential assignment. And, as Aleksey Lvovich Rakhmanov said, there is some sort of skirmish between the board of directors and the management of the USC to work out a common vision, which should be the full-time structure.

Secondly, the program of loading enterprises in the context of the main sectors of the market and customers, conducting an in-depth analysis of the assets of the corporation, a program for the conversion and alienation of non-core assets, is a separate program. The program of technological development, the elaboration of cooperation structures, the development of a program for the development of the personnel potential of a corporation, corporate control systems for property management and pricing. Creation of a consortium of companies for the development of a public-private project in the Far East. Creating also a detailed financial model. Today we are talking about the financial model that is being created in our enterprises. And I think that only by the end of 2014 of the year will we come to that we can talk about the detailed financial model of the USC itself.

Well, naturally, life dictates its own laws. Now there is a completely new direction for us. The working group travels to the Crimea, headed by Shmakov, to study the situation and prepare proposals for the government to integrate these structures in the shipbuilding industry.

As part of the implementation of the activities of the "roadmap" today the following has been done:

-an analysis of the implementation of the state defense order-2014 (GOZ). We prepared and sent a list of problematic issues to the Deputy Minister of Defense Borisov, who oversees these issues;

-analysis of long-term plans for the design, construction, repair and maintenance, disposal of ships and vessels;

- proposals for the long-term program of military shipbuilding up to 2050, we prepared and sent, signed by the company president, to the main command of the Navy;

- proposals to the State armament program 2016 – 2025 will be prepared by July 2014 after the analysis of the calculation and calculation materials on the main tasks of the State armament program. This will be presented to us by July;

- an analysis has been made, and proposals have been prepared and sent to the Russian Ministry of Defense for inclusion in the draft government decree on identifying sole suppliers and contractors for the state defense order;

-an analysis of the tasks of the state defense order for 2014 year and the planned period to 2015 – 2016. These proposals were prepared and sent to our Ministry of Defense in March;

- A program has been developed for the loading of USC enterprises by ships and marine equipment. And we sent these proposals in February to the Ministry of Industry and Trade;

- directives were prepared and sent to USC subsidiaries on the need to develop technological development programs with instructions to appoint those responsible for the preparation of these programs at enterprises, moreover, at a rank not lower than the first deputy general director. The deadline for the submission of the draft program is set to 1 this June. Upon expiration of the appointed term, additional directives will be sent to enterprises that have not submitted draft programs;

- Today, control over the supply of large-size equipment for warships and civilian ships under construction is being carried out;

- beginnings of technological re-equipment of the Krasnoye Sormovo plant;

- the plan of measures to improve the procurement activity and the system of material and technical support of the companies of USC groups is being executed;

-accounted accounting of the contracting of supplies of main component equipment to our orders for the strategic submarine cruiser Borey;

- work will be done on the organization of a similar account for the remaining ships under construction;

-an initial analysis of the training and development needs of the staff of subsidiaries and affiliates (subsidiaries and affiliates).

Here I want to point out that we, together with the Ministry of Labor, developed and recommended 13 professional standards in the field of shipbuilding. Our companies participate in the industry working group.

Sergey Gaydarzhi,
Vice President, Financial Control and Risk Management, USC

Protect domestic producers

When in 2007, the decision was made on the federal target program “Development of civilian marine equipment”, its implementation started in our country virtually from scratch. Prior to that, the Russian Federation had practically no civil shipbuilding. Indeed, within the framework of the CMEA there was a specialization, according to which the bulk of civilian courts was built abroad. In the USSR, shipbuilding on the 80 – 85 percent was military. Let's not forget that the shipbuilding industry, for example, Finland has grown on our orders since 1970.

There is a fundamental difference between military and civil shipbuilding. We need to bring up a new generation of shipbuilders, both engineers and workers, who can fulfill civilian orders.

Shipbuilding is not only the shipyard where the hull is assembled and its equipment is saturated: metal processing accounts for only 35 percent of the ship building work, while the remaining 65 percent comes from the implementation of competencies in project management in general, including cooperation with partners supplying component equipment, high-tech work and services. This is the basis of business management in shipbuilding.

In turn, the key core of project management is engineering - an integration research and design component. Today, Russian companies are ready to actively offer themselves in the market of engineering services as experts not only in the development, but also in the operation of modern high-tech vessels and marine equipment, including equipment for the development of oil and gas fields in the Russian Arctic shelf.

An example of successful implementation of Russian engineering is the cooperation of the FSUE “Krylov State Research Center” and the Italian shipbuilding corporation Fincantieri SpA in the project to create a modern drilling vessel, necessary for the effective performance of work in arctic conditions. Optimal cooperation options are achieved by combining Russian engineering with production capabilities and a streamlined system of cooperation deliveries of a foreign partner (already at the project discussion stage, Fincantieri managers attracted Italian companies supplying equipment to 30), which together is intended to ensure the full cycle of creation and implementation of modern technologies of the Arctic shipbuilding.

In the proposed form, this project protects the interests of domestic engineering companies, while preserving and developing the possibilities of their participation in the implementation of subsequent Arctic projects. With a different approach, when domestic oil and gas companies are actively attracting foreign partners to develop the obtained license areas of the Russian shelf, foreigners are given to outsource not only the delivery of marine equipment, but also the development of innovative technological solutions that inevitably makes domestic companies dependent on foreign partners. strategic issues of the Russian shelf development and minimizes the possibility of attracting domestic developers to promising projects.

The current trend needs to be changed and there is such an opportunity. One of these mechanisms is the rational use of national safety standards and environmental safety of maritime activities in waters covered by the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation, within the framework of the general development of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) standards. This mechanism has long been used in the world to protect national markets and at the same time to stimulate national industry with a clear understanding of what technologies need to be developed and subsidized. This tool, designed to protect our territories and waters from environmental disasters, is outside the scope of the restrictions of the WTO and other restrictive acts of the world market.

Preliminary proposals for the development of IMO standards in the interests of the security of the Russian Federation are already being developed on behalf of Dmitry Olegovich Rogozin and are being considered by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. But I would like to carry out this work on the other hand, that is, to consider the proposed toolkit to protect the interests of domestic producers in the State Duma.

For example, according to the specified draft of a drilling ship, taking into account the peculiarities of its operation, among the especially standardized parameters should be attributed primarily:

- ice class and icebreaking support;
- parameters of anchor and dynamic positioning systems;
- means of emergency evacuation of personnel in ice conditions;
- parameters of noise pollution in the water area.

Thus, the corresponding improvement of the national legal field and the formation of an integrated system of modern sound requirements for marine technology for use in the Arctic will ensure state security and the development of the domestic shipbuilding industry in the international market.
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  1. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 16 2014 19: 58
    Want to clean up your industry? Eliminate corruption, with the current capabilities of the investigation is not a problem. Only political will is needed. It is also urgent to revive the system of vocational education, which we have destroyed by the fifth column. They are not born good specialists, they are simply trained in the profession, and then they grow into specialists. Pay a normal salary so that people strive to get a job at the shipyard. Then in a few years it will be possible to see the results, otherwise the matter cannot be moved off the ground.
    1. andj61
      andj61 April 16 2014 20: 10
      Great program! Only three points, and for Russia, a recipe for all occasions. I like integrity, professionalism and decent pay - without unnecessary words.
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      I am not a specialist .. I can only say this "Peter I created the Russian fleet and Russia has risen to a new level in the world and within the country!" Do not forget this. We have accumulated a huge experience .. (but the sabotage is not a joke now ..) If we want we can build from needles to Orbital space stations .. !!! (checked)
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        We are building and wanting not to. The ISS is basically using our rockets and 5 columns are functioning and sabotaging international treaties strangling the economy.

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      Stalker April 16 2014 20: 22
      Want to clean up your industry? Eliminate corruption

      The main component of corruption is Kickbacks !!!! Eliminate rollback schemes and it will become easier. It's a shame that Putin knows about this and does nothing ...
      1. Reasonable, 2,3
        Reasonable, 2,3 April 16 2014 20: 40
        Kickbacks are one of the components. A serious criminal offense must be introduced for kickbacks. In the 90s, before the jewelry honing, I debugged money back from stores for deliveries only on kickbacks. And no one would just refuse such a scheme. This is currently the best guarantee for producer, supplier and recipient. Not with kickbacks you have to fight. And with psychology.
      2. Pavel Sinko
        Pavel Sinko April 16 2014 20: 53
        It is tied hand and foot not everything is so simple, and traitors in the country are fully absorbed and you can pack your bags like Yanukovych.
      3. Magadan
        Magadan April 17 2014 07: 23
        at our enterprise (Canadian) there is a simple recipe for this without any executions and dismissals:

        For example, I am looking for goods / materials that my company needs. But I'm the type of specialist who understands what we need. This is what I indicate in the application, and even give Internet links to a potential supplier. I am sending this to the logisticians. They know HOW to buy what we need. They look at the technical details I chewed on, pictures, etc., follow the link, roughly understand what I need. Further - they either buy whom I indicated, or find others of the same. That is, I am completely deprived of communication with the supplier. Even if I ask for a rollback - what's the point when it's not for me to decide WHOM to buy.
        Logisticians also can’t ask for kickbacks, because Before purchasing, they send my boss options for suppliers of the material we need. The boss chooses one of two or three. And he does not have much time to choose to go to the suppliers and ask for a rollback :) By the way, it’s not the fact that there will be the one that I originally indicated.
        Well, this is briefly if ....
        1. Ptah
          Ptah April 17 2014 07: 35
          Quote: Magadan
          Logisticians can NOT ask for kickbacks either

          That is what I did at the company. Not. Not that everyone thought right away. I requested kickbacks. laughing
          And I started all the data from suppliers in the program. Dates of arrival of goods at the final destination, free transport, etc.
          Everything is calculated in the form of tables. Even the fare on some roads and the fuel costs of loading cars. The same data (not the entire list) is also seen by suppliers.
          And they even have no idea about any "rebound"ah. There is not even an analogue of the word.
    5. jagdpanzer
      jagdpanzer April 16 2014 20: 29
      they steal everywhere and everything unfortunately, it’s in our blood .. Oh, we would have to return Nikolaev to me, I don’t hint at anything, I just dream, the late colleague told me that they even had candidates for a locksmith there. and then they die or drink, and hard drinking .. At our enterprise, 2-3 people are pros and the rest do not hold out and do not hold out. Hegemon is not held in high esteem .. Working class i.e.
      1. alone
        alone April 16 2014 20: 50
        We build a long, expensive, poor quality

        Three true and irrefutable signs of cutting money. hi
      2. Dart2027
        Dart2027 April 16 2014 21: 26
        Quote: jagdpanzer
        it's in our blood

        Here it is not necessary about blood. They steal everywhere and always.
    6. Nayhas
      Nayhas April 16 2014 21: 39
      Quote: Thought Giant
      It is also urgent to revive the system of vocational education, which we have destroyed by the fifth column.

      WELL YOU A HUMORIST wink If those who did this are the fifth column, then where is the angry exclamation "Tupin for a stake!" As the head of the notorious fifth column?
  2. fzr1000
    fzr1000 April 16 2014 20: 00
    Responsibility, responsibility and once again the responsibility of managers for the failure of the order. Up to criminal with a loss of rights. All industries are concerned.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. from punk
      from punk April 16 2014 20: 04
      Quote: fzr1000
      Responsibility, responsibility and once again the responsibility of managers for the failure of the order. Up to criminal with a loss of rights. All industries are concerned.

      and serious modernization is needed. and so that the sub-contractors would not translate arrows onto each other. yes there are a lot of problems. there is something to work on
  3. Vorodis_vA
    Vorodis_vA April 16 2014 20: 02
    we need something !, we need it! we have to think, offer, go here and so on .... nonsense of officials.
    You can talk forever and do nothing. 0,6% is what it is !!! where are the tankers, where the cargo ships, where the aircraft carriers, at least some, where just the civilian fleet !! Run to build everything !!! sit pants wipe ....
  4. Little Muck
    Little Muck April 16 2014 20: 15
    Stalin is not on them.
    For two years, for three, there would be nowhere to push through new ships.
    During the Second World War, planes were let out in a readable field for 3 months, but here everything will never be born.
    It must be so. GOZ did not fulfill - 20 years of hard labor with the whole family, work off debts to the motherland and complete confiscation.
    1. Little Muck
      Little Muck April 16 2014 20: 38
      No other sawers minus.
      So let's see who we have on the forum more. hi
    2. SHOCK.
      SHOCK. April 16 2014 20: 42
      Quote: Little Muck
      Stalin is not on them.
      For two years, for three, there would be nowhere to push through new ships.
      During the Second World War, planes were let out in a readable field for 3 months, but here everything will never be born.
      It must be so. GOZ did not fulfill - 20 years of hard labor with the whole family, work off debts to the motherland and complete confiscation.

      I agree. They must answer in full, otherwise it is impossible, complete decomposition, and this is precisely the fifth column in action.
      Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili on 1931.02.04 said: “We are 50-100 years behind advanced countries. We have to run this distance in 10 years. Either we do it, or they crush us. ”
  5. parus2nik
    parus2nik April 16 2014 20: 16
    As I understand it ... in Russia there are no rivers, continuous seas and oceans .. From a small start .. With river shipping and transportation .. many river ports went dead, shipyards died, and what were and what ships were built .. In Soviet times, from of my town, in the Kuban River to Kerch, the Comet went straight .. now it won’t pass, you can wade the mouth .. Why? They left the river to deepen .. From here, another misfortune, the Sea of ​​Azov is salt, freshwater fish in salt water do not breed well .. Clean the rivers , besides sand and good sand, you will find a lot of iron .. There are so many metal in the Neva that you can build more than a dozen ships .. It’s only in the Neva .. The river is also the road .. Eh! I’m not against the Okeans, but it is necessary to look at the global problem ..
    1. The comment was deleted.
  6. Tra-ta-ta
    Tra-ta-ta April 16 2014 20: 19
    Download Crimean shipyards at 100 %%.!
    To begin with, look at what is in demand in Europe, which builds small-sized fleet hulls in China and completes it at home.
    A small fleet, even in times of crisis, is not without work.
    And it’s time for our fishermen to return to the South-West Military District and South-West High Commission, and for this we need Batm at IFO-120 and a well-thought-out fuel policy. Ato, the areas we have discovered are now being exploited by China ...
    1. Klim
      Klim April 16 2014 23: 05
      Before loading, it is necessary to upgrade from the beginning, there most likely the entire machine park has come into disrepair over the years of neglect, and the equipment has become obsolete otherwise the cost and production time will not be competitive, and it follows that the enterprise does not upgrade at its own expense. Such a vicious circle is obtained in the current realities of globalization, it’s enough to withdraw a competitor even for 10 years and he is no longer a competitor
  7. dmitrij.blyuz
    dmitrij.blyuz April 16 2014 20: 24
    I don’t get an article for myself. But nothing concrete. Maybe these guys don’t know about Russia's water resources? Or are they trying to start something? Somewhere, a similar program has already skipped, it seems to the Far East.
  8. nvn_co
    nvn_co April 16 2014 20: 26
    It is necessary that the money be embodied in projects, and not remain in the form of technical reports that no one except the acceptance committee needs. A lot of money is just laundering money on government orders. Increase control from the advance design to the adoption of the armament or operation of equipment. We need to attract our engineers, and not scatter orders to the left and to the right, it is time to remember that an engineer cannot create something new and needed hungry. He should think about work, and not where to mess up and how to feed his family. And then we have managers, lawyers, economists and all sorts of henchmen fed, but no engineer. Yes, and the return of Soviet education! So it turns out poorly and for a long time. And if you look, then there’s nobody!
  9. April 16 2014 20: 31
    The giant of thought, I completely agree with you on the salary account, now in production the difference in the salaries of workers and management is 5-10 times! Hard and responsible work must be paid accordingly.
  10. Zenit is a champion
    Zenit is a champion April 16 2014 20: 33
    A giant of thoughts Today, 19:58
    It is also urgent to revive the system of vocational education, which we have destroyed by the fifth column.

    Oh, Putin was just recently to blame for the collapse of all that is possible) and already the fifth column) well, bugs))
    1. qwert
      qwert April 17 2014 07: 00
      Well, Putin is also involved in the collapse of technical education and heavy industry. It is not difficult to increase the pretense of technologists, and not lawyer-economists, having media at hand. Raising the salaries of workers at state enterprises is also possible in exchange for the same Skolkovo and other projects in which budget money disappears, but there are no visible results. It would be a desire. But apparently there is no desire.
  11. Eugene
    Eugene April 16 2014 20: 34
    Personnel, personnel and personnel! "Zaliv" nuclear-powered ship, the head, built from scratch! The whole cycle. And now the hulls are scraping, unhurriedly. It seems that there will be no one to put the filling.
  12. Karabin
    Karabin April 16 2014 20: 41
    it’s impossible to later learn sopromat, thermal bath, hydraulics,

    Technical College. A group of 21 people, after 9 classes of the school, specialty is a mechanical technician. Eight people could not solve the equation 5 + X = 7, what to speak about theoretical mechanics, electrical engineering and heat engineering with hydraulics. This is ballast, which will contain four courses at the state expense. And you can not expel for failure. The safety of the contingent, her mother, above all. Otherwise, the financial institution will not see. In general, we take oaks, we produce linden.
  13. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov April 16 2014 20: 41
    The system of education and personnel policy in Russia is below the plinth .. Old professionals, specialists leave (and there is no one to pass on the experience ..), some managers .. If this is the case, it will continue (I think I will have to declare the fight against illiteracy again as in the 20s centuries ..) All the youth on the Internet .. (and I'm sitting here too clever ..) yes hi
  14. Strashila
    Strashila April 16 2014 20: 44
    Our country has an economy with a complete lack of planning.
    In Soviet times, that ... correctly everything was state.
    Intelligence worked ... bought through third parties the necessary equipment ... all to the benefit of the state.
    And now ... "Prospects for the development of the shipbuilding industry in the context of the state program" Development of shipbuilding for 2013-2030 "... dear, this is a dividend plan for oligarchs for the period 2013-2030, so with all sectors of the military-industrial complex, the estimate for theft. The main income will not be from manufacturers and developers, but from the owners of the metallurgical, transport and energy sectors ... and with this money a penny will not come to modernize production ... everything will be transported abroad.
    Only western banks benefit from our development by receiving free money.
    The thing is simple ... to track at what turnover this money will disappear from the financial turnover of the country ... and how much tax is paid in real life and whether there will be any taxes at all.
    The basic rule is, the longer ... the bigger the broth and the wallet is thicker.
  15. svp67
    svp67 April 16 2014 20: 45
    Everyone knows everything, clever words have been sounded, the result is that there are more ships and better quality when to wait? and who is ready to answer, if not with his "head", then at least with a wallet for a failure to meet deadlines and a poor quality product?
  16. Ulairy
    Ulairy April 16 2014 20: 45
    Work has begun on the technological re-equipment of the Krasnoye Sormovo plant;

    Sormovo is a legendary factory! Founded in 1849 by a shipbuilder, there are some traditions of alloys and developments of the Soviet design bureaus - for decades to come!
    -an initial analysis of the training and development needs of the staff of subsidiaries and affiliates (subsidiaries and affiliates). And again the problem of qualified personnel. Of course, it is easier for milk-suckers to play lectures on stress distribution on beams (aka, strength of materials) using a tablet device than to write down a lecture with F1, F20 ... The result is anecdotes about Skolkovo.
  17. andron72
    andron72 April 16 2014 20: 51
    Look at these ro.y laughing
  18. Valter1364
    Valter1364 April 16 2014 21: 32
    I read the headline, did not go any further. I know this topic too well. In shipbuilding and ship repair, everything should be started from scratch. A lot of problems have accumulated. There is terrible corruption, a destroyed material and technical base, a shortage or complete absence of specialized specialists. Many things. In the south of the Russian Federation this is felt much more strongly than in other regions. But there is hope that the fleet will be reborn. For this, only the will of the country's leadership is needed. And it seems to me that this will is. All this rubbish that prevents the fleet from developing must be swept out carefully and thoroughly. Just not like in Ukraine, so as not to burn the hut. lol
  19. Mexanik k-407
    Mexanik k-407 April 16 2014 21: 42
    Zvizdobola and loot-cutters discussed the process in the process, 10 years ago they burst about the same thing, their names only changed ...
  20. Nayhas
    Nayhas April 16 2014 21: 44
    Our USC is a 3D system - Dorogo-Dolgo-Dermovo ... The last two points are characteristic of domestic shipbuilding since Soviet times.
  21. Svetovod
    Svetovod April 16 2014 21: 51
    What else?
    Only 2 options:
    1) If the reason for any movement is to BOOST MONEY - then EVERYTHING will be expensive and long.
    2) If the customer sets a condition - by a certain date and a certain quality, you can’t see any money without it - then there will be screenings of greedy rats and sly foxes, and enterprises will be busy with quality and terms. And managers - to hell !!
  22. Million
    Million April 16 2014 22: 14
    some people upstairs just lost fear ...
  23. Smiles to you
    Smiles to you April 16 2014 22: 14
    Not everyone has eaten ... or not how not to be full ....
  24. Sergei75
    Sergei75 April 16 2014 22: 40
    But the comrade is right, our science is now on its knees, back in the 90s, Soviet teachers taught us at institutes, who then died, and it was not clear who came to their place. Here I crossed paths with the current graduates from MADI and MAMI, so they carried such nonsense that the hairs on the head began to move, gave one a thick book to read, so he discovered a lot of new things there, and the book was published in 69 years, the basics.
  25. koshh
    koshh April 16 2014 22: 52
    Quote "As you know, we have a state program for the development of shipbuilding. Unfortunately, today there are quite serious adjustments to this program. We hope to find a mutually acceptable solution with colleagues from the Ministry of Finance. But based on the program that was proposed last year, up to 40 percent. "
    Obviously, this is the magnitude of the existing kickbacks. Reduced - it means trying to get away from kickbacks. It’s better from the budget for something sensible.
  26. olegkrava
    olegkrava April 16 2014 22: 56
    Quote: andj61
    Great program! Only three points, and for Russia, a recipe for all occasions. I like integrity, professionalism and decent pay - without unnecessary words.

    And landing, landing and landing again, all who steal and roll back.
  27. Genur
    Genur April 16 2014 22: 57
    Dear Colleagues. We are discussing a serious issue. We want high rates of development, advanced technologies, decent salaries !!! And discuss something in all seriousness.

    It is worth "going over" the statements and assessing literacy in expressing your thoughts, if you wish, we will see
    elementary illiteracy in WRITING. Not talking about punctuation and clerical errors.

    "Not a joke ... sabotage", "in the main ... 5 kolonna", "forge suitcases", "locksmiths", "sub contractors", "whatever ... no one ... to scatter on the left and on the right ... to create something new "," to the account of salaries "," we were dying "," there were more and better ships when waiting for something ... not a high-quality product "," 3D system - Expensive-Long-Dermovo "(here therefore shit).

    I apologize for criticism, but nevertheless I believe that elementary literacy should help in any work.

    I am pleased to take note of two phrases: "... we take oaks, we release linden" and "The result is anecdotes about Skolkovo."
    I also had to deal with the training of "oaks" ... in the 60s and 70s. Even then, I will not say that massively, but there were elements of corruption and bribery in universities. Radio engineers were released. When asked about ... the passage of the signal from the entrance to the first mixer, the "lime-tree" graduate babbles something about 220 volts in response ...
    1. Nayhas
      Nayhas April 17 2014 07: 47
      Quote: Genur
      I apologize for criticism, but nevertheless I believe that elementary literacy should help in any work.

      Dear Genur. Using "bad words" in the comments, you always look back at the moderator, because this word can fall out, depriving the text of its sharpness. Therefore, they write idoit, dermovo, nyayhu, etc.
    2. Z.A.M.
      Z.A.M. April 17 2014 08: 36
      Quote: Genur
      I am pleased to take note of two phrases: "... we take oaks, we release linden" and "The result is anecdotes about Skolkovo."

      Nothing, but the main thing is to push the slogans "correct" .. about all sorts of 5th columns, look for the machinations of America, in the elementary .. -THE STEALTH, and sincerely (!), What is most striking, to believe that Putin "has nothing to do with it" and all those who surround him put sticks in the wheels of all his RIGHT decisions.

      Today we will listen, another great speech, and ingenious answers to the stupid questions. In general, maybe the answers are not brilliant and the questions are not dumb, we just hear again that white is white, because black, it is not white. And of course about the events in Ukraine. I have little doubt that Putin will simply masterfully outline the situation with Crimea and Ukraine. But with internal affairs, as always -
      Quote: Signaller
      Everything is necessary, it is necessary and where is it ????? Everything is in the same place
    3. The comment was deleted.
  28. sergmoryak
    sergmoryak April 17 2014 00: 18
    if they can’t build normally, then they would give money for repairs !!! but how it comes to repair, they cut everything and at the end of 200 points that need to be repaired 10 remains !!!
  29. bulatovvvas
    bulatovvvas April 17 2014 01: 01
    With the accession of Crimea, SIX YEARS again will be required to develop a NEW USC development strategy ???
  30. stalkerwalker
    stalkerwalker April 17 2014 01: 34
    The size of the article is astounding ... The content reminded the minutes of the meeting in the district committee of the party - a lot, long and tedious .. and nothing ... But you feel the readiness of individual participants in the round table to cut the dough ...
    We sat in one word.
    And after all, nothing needs to be invented - to raise the standards and requirements for ships of the sea and river fleets of the USSR times "to the mountain" sunk into oblivion, to apply today's technology not only for construction, but also for operation.
    And here is a "bodyaga" for three printed sheets ... fool
  31. Signaller
    Signaller April 17 2014 06: 51
    Everything is necessary, it is necessary and where is it ????? Everything is in the same place. It’s like the three components pulling in different directions. Well, like, they talked and forgot. The experiences of other countries are not used, Their developments are zero. A common example with a nuclear submarine. How many projects have Rubin done for us ???? Sea. The nuclear submarines launched a series of 3-4 boats and, on a new one, submit another project. Amerikosov chose one-perfected and riveted stream. So are surface ships. Corvette of such a project xxxxxxx released 5 pieces, let's build another project, then a third. Not one will be brought to mind. And who's stopping ???? Yes, a bad head does not give rest to hands, definitely. The head must be changed, no more.
  32. Takashi
    Takashi April 17 2014 08: 01
    Education is not to blame !!
    We have a lot of very educated and technically savvy people.
    Try to get a shipyard in the province - you won’t be able to.! All engineers are in place. Only CCM builders and welders are required.
    The question is different.
    We have violated technological and related relations between enterprises. When trying to fix them, we run into troubles: either there is no longer an enterprise according to this nomenclature, or very far and for a lot of money. There is a struggle of owners trying to grab pieces more. As a result, shipbuilding is delayed.