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Corvette "Resistant" passed state tests

Corvette "Resistant" passed state tests

The crew of the latest Corvette "Resistant", built for the Baltic fleet, completed state tests in the marine ranges of the Baltic Fleet in the Kaliningrad region.

Now the corvette is returning to its place of construction - to St. Petersburg, where the ship will be inspected. After its completion, the naval flag will be raised on the corvette and the "Resistant" will be part of the Baltic Fleet, the information department of the Baltic Sea Fleet press service reported.

The first stage of the factory tests of the Stoyky took place in the sea ranges of the Leningrad naval base of the Baltic Fleet, then went to the main base of the fleet - Baltiysk. The speed, maneuverability and vibration qualities of the ship, the work of the power plant, communications and navigation systems, ship armament systems and sonar systems were thoroughly investigated.

After the factory trials, the state began, the purpose of which was to conduct a comprehensive check of the quality of the constructed ship and its compliance with the design of its tactical and technical characteristics. Representatives of the factory’s acceptance team, together with the crew of the ship and members of the state selection committee, conducted the maneuverability and speed tests of the corvette, checking the work of all units, systems and components, weapons, navigation and radio equipment.

The crew of the “Stoykogo” in the naval training grounds of the BF successfully conducted missile and artillery firing at a target imitating a surface ship of the enemy. The goal was hit the first time. Shooting from 100 and 30-millimeter ship artillery systems against a towed shield was also conducted.

Air defense exercises were also held in conjunction with the naval aviation Baltic Fleet. An-26 aircraft performed overflights of the corvette to test its radar systems, air defense systems and communications systems. Tasks were also worked out together with the submarine.

Help "RG"

The Corvette "Resistant" - the third serial ship of the project 20380 - was launched in May 2012 in St. Petersburg. The lead ship of the series is the Corvette "Guarding", transferred to the Baltic Fleet in 2007 year.

Corvettes of the 20380 project have a 2 displacement of thousands of tons, a length of more than 100 meters, a maximum speed of up to 27 nodes, and an autonomous navigation distance of 4 thousands of miles. At their construction the technology "stealth" is used. We used the latest solutions to reduce the physical fields of the ship, in particular, it was possible to significantly reduce radar visibility. A 21 patent has been introduced into the project and 14 computer registration certificates have been issued.
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  1. Russ69
    Russ69 April 15 2014 11: 55
    You can BF, congratulations on the replenishment ...
  2. vch62388
    vch62388 April 15 2014 11: 55
    Good news. Particularly pleased with the relatively short construction period (less than 2 years)
    It's time to move on to the construction of new ships in the ocean zone (EM, KR, etc.)
  3. Smiles to you
    Smiles to you April 15 2014 11: 57
    BaltFlot and Navy, with replenishment !!!
    Leningrad Naval Base BF
    . Interestingly, there is no longer a city with such a name, but traditions are preserved ... soldier Wow ...
    1. from punk
      from punk April 15 2014 12: 27
      Quote: Smiles at you
      . Interestingly, a city with such a name has long ceased to exist, but traditions are preserved ... Great.

      the USSR
    2. from punk
      from punk April 15 2014 12: 27
      Quote: Smiles at you
      Interestingly, a city with such a name has long ceased to exist, but traditions are preserved ... Great ...

      the ussr is also long gone and the domain zone SU is. so just in case winked
      1. Horly
        Horly April 15 2014 15: 51
        And the Leningrad region remained ...
  4. Little Muck
    Little Muck April 15 2014 11: 57
    Oh handsome.
    And "Steadfast" is in Russian.
    Seven feet under the keel! good
  5. Dazdranagon
    Dazdranagon April 15 2014 11: 57
    Beautiful ship! Speedy adoption and good service! hi
  6. Com T-64a
    Com T-64a April 15 2014 11: 58
    You give more corvettes, good and different !!!
  7. Roman1970
    Roman1970 April 15 2014 11: 58
    Yes, recently, the pace of construction of surface and submarine warships has increased markedly! This, of course, pleases!
  8. Sanglier
    Sanglier April 15 2014 12: 02
    Can it transfer to the Black Sea Fleet so far?
  9. Rus2012
    Rus2012 April 15 2014 12: 04
    Armament of the ships of the 20380 project

    Anti-ship complex
    The armament of the ships of the 20380 project includes strike, anti-aircraft and anti-submarine weapon systems, combat control systems, detection, target designation, communications and protection. The basis of the anti-ship weapons of the project is the Uran anti-ship missile system consisting of two four-container launchers with an 8 ammunition load of X-35 anti-ship missiles and a range of 260 km. Container launchers are located across the diametrical plane in the middle of the hull.

    Anti-aircraft missile system
    ZRAK "Kortik-M"
    The air defense of the ship is realized due to the combat capabilities of the Kortik-M anti-aircraft missile and artillery complex (on the tank), Igla portable anti-aircraft missile systems (for launching from the shoulder) and two AK-30M six-barrel 630-mm artillery systems (in stern). The firing range of the Cortic-M ZRAK missiles reaches 10 km. On serial corvettes, instead of the Cortic-M ZRAK, it is planned to install the Redut air defense system (XURNXXX9M, 96X9E or 96X9) in VPU.

    The artillery armament of the ships of the type is represented by the universal 100-mm A-190 gun mount with a maximum rate of 80 rounds per minute, firing range 21,3 km, reach in height - 15 km and ammunition in 332 rounds. Fire control of naval artillery is carried out using the PUMA 5P-10-02 artillery fire control system. The antenna post of the system is located on the nasal superstructure.

    Anti-torpedo, anti-submarine and anti-sabotage weapons
    The anti-torpedo protection system for the Paket-NK ship consists of two four-pipe 330-mm devices located on-board in the lapels. Torpedoes launched from torpedo tubes can be used both directly against enemy torpedoes going to the ship, and against submarines. To detect and destroy submarines on the corvette, a Ka-27PL permanent-based helicopter is provided.

    For the purpose of close self-defense against pirates or underwater saboteurs, two 20380-mm machine-gun mounts and two DP-14,5 anti-sabotage grenade launchers were installed on 64 project corvettes.

    Radio weapons
    Radar Furke
    The ship’s radio-technical armament, in addition to the Sigma BIUS, includes the Furke-2 general-purpose radar station (radar); Monument-A guided missile radar in a radio-transparent radome, combined with the design of the foremast; two navigation radars, a sonar system “Zarya-2” with an antenna in the nose bulb, a sonar station “Minotaur-M” with an extended towed antenna, OGAS “Anapa-M”, an automated communication system “Ruberoid”, electronic warfare and navigation equipment.
    For self-defense against the means of detecting the enemy and its anti-ship missiles, the ship is equipped with four PC-10 ten-barrel launchers of the Smely fired jamming complex (two between the helipad and the hangar and two behind the A-190 AC.

    The purposes of providing radio navigation of an anti-submarine helicopter are the antenna posts of OSPV-20380 station mounted on the roof of a helicopter hangar.
  10. Kornilovets
    Kornilovets April 15 2014 12: 05
    Hooray, keep it up !!!
  11. chastener
    chastener April 15 2014 12: 07
    21 patents were introduced into the project and 14 certificates of registration of computer programs were issued. Wow (c)
    The news is great. We can build when we want. fellow
  12. Wiruz
    Wiruz April 15 2014 12: 08
    The chestnut, it seems to me, was replaced in vain by the Redoubts. But this is the opinion of an amateur. And so, the ship is not bad, there would be 5-6 units for each fleet, and in addition to them frigates 11356R / M or better 22350. Nobody knows what is going on with 20385? And will such corvettes be part of the Black Sea Fleet?
    1. StolzSS
      StolzSS April 15 2014 18: 33
      In fact, it’s hard to say for sure because chestnut is a tricky thing ... few people know its full potential except for those who made it of course because no matter how many men tried to interrogate the evening glass, there were a lot of ambiguities ... By his personal impression, he was undergoing some modernization in terms of ammunition and missiles, along with some correction of algorithms, it can still decently increase its characteristics ...
      In general, this robot machine thing is very noble as the first and very successful complex of this type for our fleet. Guys that he bowed to the earth and respect! hi
  13. dimon-media
    dimon-media April 15 2014 12: 20
    Quote: Punisher
    The news is great. We can build when we want.

    ..and also relatively fast.
  14. Roman 1977
    Roman 1977 April 15 2014 12: 36
    Well, quite good:
    Now CFL will be in the foreseeable future in chocolate and will be updated (Dagestan + Tatarstan + 4 MAC (one of the project 1241 RTOs was recently remade) + 5 RTOs 21631 with UKSK (2 are already in service, "Veliky Ustyug" will be handed over this year) + Serny (2 more are expected this year) + Dugongs + auxiliary fleet, everything is new, and to this 4 RCA (1 project 1241, 3 project 206); 5 AKA (4 Project 1204, 1 Project 1400M), 7 minesweepers. In 2013, KFL handed over Project 21980 Grachonok and Project 11770 Serna DKA, this year there are already 2 Project 21631 MRKs. The surplus of ships allows them to be transferred to other fleets, such as Project 32 RCA R-12421, which was delivered to the fleet in 2000 last year and armed with Mosquitoes, they transferred a missile boat brigade from the CFL to the BF to 36. Now there is talk of transferring to the Dagestan Black Sea Fleet.

    RKO project 1166.1 "Dagestan"
    The Black Sea Fleet will be substantially renewed by the year 17, and in general the situation with the country's oldest old fleet will be tolerable. However, we have here: RRC pr. 1164, 1 TFR pr. 01190, 1 TFR pr. 1135M, diesel-electric submarines pr.877 "Alrosa" (although it is not clear in what state, they say that it is not capable of combat), 2 MRK pr. 1239, 2 MRK pr. 1234-1, 7 MPK (6 pr. 1124, 1 pr. 11451), 5 RCA pr. 1241 (1 R-71 under repair), one R-71 was modernized, the Kashtan air defense missile system was installed. In 2013, the Black Sea Fleet received the Project 21980 Grachonok PLCA. In connection with the events in Ukraine, the update of the Black Sea Fleet has intensified, so this year at least 1 diesel-electric submarine of project 636.3 Novorossiysk is expected (6 ordered in total); 1 frigate of project 22350 "Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov" (while the Black Sea Fleet is planning 2); 1 frigate of project 11356 "Admiral Grigorovich" (ordered 6); 2 PrDKa project 21980 "Grachonok". In addition, 3 RTOs of project 21631 were ordered for the Black Sea Fleet, probably the previous ordered three will probably be sent there. Also this year, the fleet is to be handed over to the refurbished project 1135 "Ladny" TFR. In addition, I hope that the most modern ships of the Ukrainian Navy will be accepted into the Black Sea Fleet, at least the IPC of Project 1124M (Ternopil and Lutsk), the Slavutich command ship and the Konstantin Olshansky large landing craft (although the vehicles were "killed" and it will not work immediately).

    the alleged appearance of the frigate project 11356
    The Baltic Fleet is already quite good - the flagship destroyer "Persistent" regularly goes to exercises, the Project 11540 TFR "Yaroslav the Wise" and "Fearless" keep the ocean watch, the core of corvettes 20380 (already 3, and soon 4) Baltic and began to sail across Europe, and besides of this 4 MRK project 1234.1, 7 MPK project 1331 (1 "Aleksin" under repair), 8 RCA project 1241, including the R-32 transferred last year from KFL. The situation is already relatively bearable. Unfortunately, now we do not have a submarine in the Baltic, since the project 677 Saint Petersburg went to the Northern Fleet last year, and the B-227 Vyborg and B-806 Dmitrov of project 877 are under repair, so this year in The Kaluga B-800, which came from the Northern Fleet, took part in the exercises in the Baltic. In 2013, the fleet received a Project 20380 Boiky corvette, this year a similar ship, Stoyky). Unfortunately, last year, Fearless was also put on repairs. Yantare ", which will last until 2015, and" Yaroslav the Wise "they say will be transferred to the Black Sea Fleet.
    1. Roman 1977
      Roman 1977 April 15 2014 13: 05
      Northern Fleet - the same 22350, 20385, etc. are being built there, and this is the strongest fleet today: 1 aircraft carrier of project 11435 "Admiral Kuznetsov", "Peter the Great", 4 BOD ("Admiral Chabanenko" under repair, and 5 ship "Admiral Kharlamov ", is listed in the reserve of the second stage, that is, incapable of combat); 1 destroyer of project 956 "Admiral Ushakov", 3 MRK of project 1234, 6 MPK of project 1124M; 10 SSBNs (combat-ready 7); 18 MPLATRK (combat capable 11 with "Sevrodvinsk"); 8 diesel-electric submarines (6 are combat-ready with the "St. Petersburg" project 677 "Lada"), moreover, the age is quite small, the same Shepherd in 1999, the BOD "Admiral Kulakov" generally count 2010, because there the cars were changed. Yes, plus the Project 677 Saint Petersburg submarine, which was transferred from the BF for testing and the Kaluga diesel-electric submarine, repaired by Zvezdochka, and another repaired Project 949A Smolensk SSGN. Plus the MPLATRK project 885 "Ash" "Severodvinsk" put into trial operation last year. Unfortunately, this year the Northern Fleet will not receive any of the warships under construction, because the planned frigate of Project 22350 "Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov" will be transferred to the Black Sea Fleet.
      Pacific Fleet: RRC project 1164 "Varyag" and 4 BODs of project 1155, which do not leave the ocean ("Tributs" is already under repair), the destroyer "Bystry" of project 956, which is dangerous to run far, as well as 4 MRK project 1234, 8 MPK project 1124M, 11 Project 1241 RCA, 4 SSBNs (combat-ready 3), 10 MPLATRK (combat-capable 4); 8 diesel-electric submarines (combat-ready 6). The Pacific Fleet last year received Project 955 "Alexander Nevsky" SSBNs (in trial operation) and Project 21980 "Grachonok" SSBNs. This year is expected; UDC of the "Mistral" type "Vladivostok", if the policy does not interfere, however, most likely it will finally enter the fleet in 2015, after the formation of the air group; SSBN project 955 "Dmitry Donskoy", I'm afraid that also in trial operation, 1 corvette of project 20380 "Perfect" (hardly ...); 1 Project 21980 "Grachonok" project, 24.032.2014 the acceptance certificate was signed.
      So, what do we have at the exit for this year:
      1 Project 955 Borey SSBN Vladimir Monomakh (for Pacific Fleet).
      1 "Mistral" UDC "Vladivostok" (for the Pacific Fleet) is likely to become part of the fleet in 2015.
      1 diesel-electric submarine of project 636.3 "Novorossiysk" (for the Black Sea Fleet). The boat under its own power from St. Petersburg will go to OPB Sevastopol. Also this year, the Black Sea Fleet is planning to transfer: the Rostov-on-Don diesel-electric submarine, launching presumably in May and the Stary Oskol diesel-electric submarine, launching presumably in June, which is unlikely.
      1 frigate of project 22350 "Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov", which is planned to be handed over to the fleet in December. He allegedly has already passed mooring tests, a crew has been formed, which is placed on the ship, but unfortunately the AU has not yet been installed, although they threatened to install it immediately after the New Year. Also in November of this year it was planned to hand over to the Black Sea Fleet the frigate of project 22350 "Admiral of the Fleet Kasatonov", laid down on November 26.11.2009, XNUMX, which is almost unbelievable, given the deplorable state of affairs with its "sister ship".
      1 frigate of project 11356 "Admiral Grigorovich" (for the Black Sea Fleet), laid down on 18.12.2010/14/XNUMX, launched on March XNUMX, which is in a high degree of readiness, and in the fall it is planned to start mooring trials; similar frigates: "Admiral Essen", on which the bow block and the rear of the hull are already docked, and "Admiral Makarov", which, however, is also unlikely.
      1 corvette of project 20380 "Stoyky" (for BF) - the ship has completed state sea trials. For the Pacific Fleet by the end of the year, it is planned to commission a similar corvette "Perfect", however, it has not yet been launched, so it is unlikely ...
      1 MRK project 21631 "Veliky Ustyug" (for CFL).
      1. Roman 1977
        Roman 1977 April 15 2014 13: 21
        3 PrDKa project 21980 "Grachonok" (2 for the Black Sea Fleet, 1 for the Pacific Fleet, the Act of its acceptance was signed on February 24);
        3 DKA project 21820 "Dugong" (1- "Ivan Kartsov" for the Pacific Fleet, 1- "Lieutenant Rimsky-Korsakov" - for the CFL (?), 1- "Warrant officer Lermontov" -?);
        2 DKA of project 11770 “Chamois” (for CFL);
        1 PC of the project 03160 "Raptor";
        2 PK project 12150A "Mongoose".

        the alleged appearance of the UDC "Vladivostok"

        corvette "Steady"

        ISC project 21631
        1. DMB87
          DMB87 April 15 2014 15: 24
          Photo by UDC "Vladivostok" March 26-28, 2014 (

        2. The comment was deleted.
  15. nvn_co
    nvn_co April 15 2014 12: 38
    Well done !!!!
  16. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa April 15 2014 13: 14
    4 things. Is it already a brigade or a division?
  17. Leshka
    Leshka April 15 2014 14: 55
    at least one good news
  18. Demon
    Demon April 15 2014 15: 28
    Hurrah! good Seven feet under the keel!
  19. kelevra
    kelevra April 15 2014 16: 01
    Have a good trip in the quiet sea!
  20. silver169
    silver169 April 16 2014 05: 45
    The Russian fleet would be better off with such corvettes! I wonder when the first corvette of the improved 20385 "Thundering" series will be launched?