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The Navy has a difficult "Liner"

The Navy has a difficult "Liner"

Healthy competition among leading design bureaus and enterprises of our defense industry has been preserved and, contrary to forecasts of skeptics, it gives real results. This was confirmed by the fact that the strategic submarine forces of Russia were adopting a fundamentally improved complex with the Liner missile.

This sensational event in fact went unnoticed, and only on the website of the Makeyev State Rocket Center there appeared a laconic message that “the rocket complex weapons D-9RMU2.1 with the P-29RMU2.1 rocket "The liner is accepted for service." The President of Russia, the report said, has already signed an appropriate decree.

The development of this theme, which received, like the rocket itself, the intriguing name "Liner", we have been following for at least the last three years. The first mention took place in the "RG" in May 2011-th, when made a test launch of the rocket. Then my interlocutors in the Urals (at the Makeyev Center in Miass and at the nuclear center in Snezhinsk), who had a direct bearing on this development, asked not to dive into the details and answered questions evasively, only with the most general words. On the one hand, they were afraid to jinx their own child, on the other - they did not want to stir up suspicions that this work was started in back of the unpredictable “Bulava” ...

A conversation "for understanding" with the general director, general designer of the missile center in Miass, Vladimir Grigorievich Degtyar, which took place soon after, also went to bed for a long time "under the cloth." And only now, when on the official website of the SRC it is said about "Liner" as about the completed development, the time has come to call everything done with its own names.

According to Vladimir Degtyar, development work on the Liner theme was carried out on the basis of the Sinev launch vehicle, which the SRC put into service with the Navy in 2007. Designed in the Urals and manufactured at the Krasnoyarsk Machine-Building Plant, the Sineva MBR operates on liquid fuel - in contrast to the solid-fuel Bulava of the Moscow Institute of Thermal Engineering and the Votkinsky Machine-Building Plant (Republic of Udmurtia).

Solid propellant is considered a priori the most suitable for use on navy. And for a long time the Americans excelled us in this. However, in the Urals, where back in the early 80s of the last century they managed to create a 90-ton solid-fuel rocket for the world's largest Typhoon Project 941 submarines, they did not cease to improve the design and production technology of marine ballistic missiles on liquid components fuel.

Designed for armament of strategic submarines of the type "Bryansk", "Ekaterinburgh", "Karelia" (project 667 BDRM "Dolphin"), the Ural "Sineva" with a Krasnoyarsk passport proved to be a very promising brainchild. Its undeniable advantage was the fact that the rocket was manufactured at the plant in Krasnoyarsk in a ready-encapsulated form and did not require manipulation of the fuel before loading into the submarine’s missile shaft. The time for pre-launch preparation has already been reduced directly on the ship.

At the same time, as our and foreign experts note, the 40-tonne "Sineva" on liquid fuel in its energy-mass characteristics (and this is primarily the ratio of the starting mass to the weight and range of the dropped payload) surpasses all modern solid-fuel strategic missiles of Great Britain, China , Russia, the United States and France.

It is known from open sources that Sineva carries four nuclear power units of medium power in its warhead. For developmental work "Liner" the first and second stages of the rocket were taken serial - from the "Blue". But the combat equipment (combat stage) is new, made specifically for Liner and allows you to install up to ten warheads of medium and small power class, as well as means to overcome the missile defense system. Moreover, such means are significantly different from those that are on the "Blue". The management system was improved, various types of trajectories were implemented.

As noted in the message on the SRC website, Liner has a number of new qualities: increased sizes of circular and arbitrary breeding zones for warheads, the use of flat trajectories in the entire range of firing ranges in astro-inertial and in astroradio-inertial (with GLONASS satellites correction) system operation modes management ...

In other words, the officially adopted new missile has not only the highest energy-mass perfection among domestic and foreign sea and land strategic missiles. Provided with the possibility of a mixed configuration of warheads of various power classes, it is not inferior (in terms of the START-3 agreement) to the Trident-2 missile system on American submarines in terms of combat equipment. And in comparison with our own Bulava, it allows you to install not six, but ten or even 12 warheads.

The multivariance of the combat equipment of the Liner missile, the creators claim, will allow it to adequately respond to changes in the foreign policy situation related to the deployment of anti-missile systems or contractual restrictions on the number of warheads.

- “Liner”, - Academician Vladimir Degtyar summed up, avoiding details, - these are already completely new features that are adapted to the ABM systems — existing ones and those that may appear in the future.

A detailed interview with the general director - general designer of the state center, Makeev VG Degtyarem we plan to publish in the near future.

Dossier "RG"

JSC "GRTS Makeeva" is the lead developer of liquid and solid fuel marine strategic missile systems for the Navy. Since the beginning of such work, 8 base rockets and 18 of their modifications have been created, which formed and form the basis of the naval strategic nuclear forces of the USSR and Russia. A total of about 4000 of modern serial sea missiles were manufactured, more than 1200 was shot. Currently in operation are missile systems with SLBMs P-29РКУ2 ("Station-2), Р-29РМУ2 (" Sineva ") - they equipped nuclear strategic submarines in the Northern and Pacific Fleets. In 2008, the Sineva ICBM installed the world record of firing range for sea missiles - over 11,5 thousands of kilometers.

According to unofficial information, the cost of upgrading the Sinev missiles already in service under the Liner project can range from 40 to 60 million rubles. What means will be additionally needed to improve the control systems of the missile complex and missile firing at the submarine itself, not reported.
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  1. psychologist
    psychologist April 15 2014 08: 37
    not simple, but polite !!!))))) able to tickle the nerves of many Western friends!
    1. Sakhalininsk
      Sakhalininsk April 15 2014 10: 27
      We look, observe and look forward to tantrums on the part of the holy shit democracy, bursting with peace, under mattress banners.
  2. fregina1
    fregina1 April 15 2014 08: 45
    We look forward to the further development of this project! To spite the enemies to our delight! drinks
    1. I think so
      I think so April 15 2014 18: 45
      There are two directions:
      1. Build new nuclear submarines for "Liner".
      2. To modernize "Liner" for boats already built for the flightless "Bulava".

      Personally, I am for the implementation of both options ...
      1. dmitrij.blyuz
        dmitrij.blyuz April 16 2014 21: 36
        Well, again. Headaches for Americans. So aspirin is not enough. wassat
  3. Metal
    Metal April 15 2014 09: 04
    I watch the definition of "polite" gaining popularity smile I propose to make a medal "For politeness in battle!" hi
    1. Cutter
      Cutter April 15 2014 09: 25
      I join! The catch phrase goes to the masses. This is already a symbol, password or a business card of justice, truth and hope!
  4. dimdimich71
    dimdimich71 April 15 2014 09: 04
    We collect applications and the liner for the cruise
    1. NOMADE
      NOMADE April 15 2014 09: 14
      )) Yeah, we must send our liberals "liners" to the beacon of dermocracy))
      1. StolzSS
        StolzSS April 15 2014 21: 08
        Purely technically they will not survive such a start, but it would be a pity, of course, it would be funny))) wassat
        1. romandostalo
          romandostalo April 18 2014 01: 38
          And let them not hell with them, but they will rest in the land of their dreams!
    NOMADE April 15 2014 09: 09
    ) What a news! good Not so long ago on the site in the comments it was discussed that the prosralipolymers closed the Liner project .. And here, so, without too much hype, they were adopted! I wonder how much more will we learn?
    1. azilan
      azilan April 15 2014 15: 20
      10 pieces do, bye.
    2. Pilat2009
      Pilat2009 April 15 2014 17: 19
      Quote: NOMADE
      And here, so, without too much hype, they adopted it!

      How many of these boats do we have? Five in my opinion. The new ones are unlikely to be built + the old missiles are still there ... I think some will be modernized, a dozen will be built and that’s all.
      1. dvina71
        dvina71 April 15 2014 18: 44
        BDRM will be in service until 035 .., so as they enter service, the missiles will change to "Liner". So that they will have time to stand on all five ..
  6. Magic archer
    Magic archer April 15 2014 09: 17
    Nevertheless, such a numerous nomenclature of missiles is alarming .... blue. Club, liner .... americos have equipped their ohio with traders and do not blow into the mustache, but we still do not understand what the Boreas will patrol with request
  7. 09061982
    09061982 April 15 2014 09: 27
    And what about the Mace is who knows ???
    1. mountain
      mountain April 15 2014 09: 39
      Yesterday I heard an interview with Rogozin on the Komsomolskaya Pravda radio. When asked about the mace, he noted that everything is fine and there is nothing to worry about, it flies and will fly.
      1. little man
        little man April 15 2014 11: 04
        The words "interview with Rogozin" are already turning back. Well, this balobol is not needed at all, there is absolutely no sense from it. "P..t, do not roll bags" - golden words.
        1. Mikhado
          Mikhado April 15 2014 11: 38
          Quote: man
          The words "interview with Rogozin" are already turning back. Well, this balobol is not needed at all, there is absolutely no sense from it. "P..t, do not roll bags" - golden words.

          Apparently from you to a fig sense for our military-industrial complex, yes? That is, if Rogozin publicly unloaded the cars, would you personally be happy? You would have directed him there, right?
          1. little man
            little man April 15 2014 13: 03
            I’m confused as much as I get paid. And while she gets paid, I need you. And my taxes go to the defense industry.
            But what your favorite Rogozin does, I think you yourself do not know.
            Laying between the defense industry and the Ministry of Defense? So they will figure out what's what without this snotty "specialist".
            1. izGOI
              izGOI 10 November 2014 00: 23
              Quote: man
              And my taxes go to the defense industry.

              Judging by the flag, your taxes go to the English defense industry !!! Like mine in Portuguese. But the portholes, though they behave quietly, are not stuffed into the sing-along to Obama.
          2. postman
            postman April 15 2014 21: 11
            Quote: Mikhado
            That is, if Rogozin publicly unloaded the cars, would you personally be happy?

            And you just "joke" on the Internet, and find out: WHAT EXPLAINED BY ROGOZIN? (except la-la)
            You will be surprised = 0!
    2. agfa
      agfa April 15 2014 09: 57
      Until a new launch is made in 2014, everyone who writes insenuations on the "shitty" Mace will continue to write. And when they let them in - we will all know the RESULT!
      Therefore, WAITING ..... and nothing more to discuss here .....

      The following question worries:
      1. The new LINER missile for the BRDM project (40 tons, 12 m length, up to 12 warheads) - why it’s impossible to quickly recreate the BZHRK (railway complex of the YOUNG type) on its basis, I think all the data is there - the best overall dimensions, improved missile defense equipment ????? the ability to fit into the dimensions of a standard mail car, rather than an extended one).

      2. And you can trace the development of the BOILY by YARS - are they unified everything is clear?

      3. I consider it necessary in connection with the US missile defense system at our borders to adopt the following program:
      - the submarine projects withdrawn by the BDR, TEMPORARILY TIME (before making other more SMART decisions) to drive the CENTER OF RUSSIA along the great Russian rivers OB, YENISEI, LENA, mutually remote from the borders - and put it on joke (with BAZ equipment in possible skerries, like stationary multi-shaft PU BRs. Warranty remoteness from cities, i.e. from saboteurs and the presence of all possible opponents outside the missile defense zones.

      1. gradient
        gradient April 15 2014 15: 40
        I think you comrade even smoked this. Firstly, the length of the R-29RM and its upgrades is not 12 and 15 meters, it will not fit into a standard carriage. Secondly, the idea of ​​carrying a FUELED liquid fuel rocket by train is an oddly strange idea.
        About skerries and the great Russian rivers - it's just a drug trip. Have you seen a secret fairway? Read at least on the same wikipedia what skerries are.
      2. turanchox
        turanchox April 15 2014 16: 01
        they will see from the satellite and 16 missiles will be killed in one combat unit
    3. sub307
      sub307 April 18 2014 22: 05
      Nothing, actually, they seem to last longer.
  8. kodxnumx
    kodxnumx April 15 2014 09: 32
    the fact that we can produce the best missile weapons in the world is not news. WE ARE THE BEST IN THIS KIND OF COMBAT, I would like to speed up the production of this type of weapon, well, at least get closer to the USSR level in production.
    1. Mikhado
      Mikhado April 15 2014 11: 34
      Quote: kod3001
      the fact that we can produce the best missile weapons in the world is not news. WE ARE THE BEST IN THIS KIND OF COMBAT, I would like to speed up the production of this type of weapon, well, at least get closer to the USSR level in production.

      It would also be better to bring literacy in the country to the level of the USSR ...
  9. cerbuk6155
    cerbuk6155 April 15 2014 09: 43
    Glory to GOD that the new missile was adopted. Right now. good drinks
  10. Lyton
    Lyton April 15 2014 10: 10
    I’m not a rocket launcher, but the fact that the new missile was put into service makes me happy, success in further work.
  11. Tarpon
    Tarpon April 15 2014 10: 19
    In 2008, the Sineva ICBM set a world record for the firing range for sea missiles - over 11,5 thousand kilometers.

    Good range! You can safely get the enemy from basing places or from unexpected places of combat duty.
    1. biznaw
      biznaw April 15 2014 14: 27
      Yeah. From Ivory Coast to New York ...
    2. I think so
      I think so April 15 2014 19: 04
      There are two nuances:
      1. At a range of 11.5 thousand km, "Sineva" flew ONLY WITH ONE warhead and without any pieces against missile defense.
      2. "Sineva" and "Liner" also have a "flat trajectory" zest. Those. shooting, which is called "point-blank" on such things. IN PRINCIPLE, solid-propellant missiles, neither the Trident, nor even the Bulava, are capable. Ask well and what? And the fact that the boat can be placed 300 km from the target and the missile will fly to the target! "So what?" You may ask, but the fact that in this variant the flight time is minimal (!) And does not give the enemy time to make a decision ... i.e. "Blue" and "Liner" can be used for the FIRST DISARM hit. Russia has NO other missiles with such potential and capabilities! And at the in bulk. The Russians should also keep the enemy in suspense! Sure!
  12. abrakadabre
    abrakadabre April 15 2014 10: 23
    Quote: Metall
    I watch the definition of "polite" gaining popularity smile I propose to make a medal "For politeness in battle!" hi

    And also, the Order of Courtesy of three degrees wassat
    I degree - for a decisive contribution to the "dissemination or enforcement of politeness" in the territory of a single state
    II degree - the same, on the territory of one or more subjects of a single state
    III degree - the same, on the territory of a part (one or several areas) of one subject of a single state
  13. jjj
    jjj April 15 2014 10: 37
    BDRMy are already serving their own. BDRs will be withdrawn from the Pacific Fleet and these will come. But Project 667 will leave a great memory of itself. This is our main strategic boat for several decades. And if earlier, for each new rocket, it was necessary to change the original design and increase the height of the "hump" behind the wheelhouse fence. That third rocket directly for the BDRM fit into the old mines. The presence of a larger number of charges of lower power suggests that it was possible to reduce the value of the KVO
    1. agfa
      agfa April 15 2014 10: 58
      Glad you think the same way DEAR JJJ! What do you think about Typhoons (2 which are funny) - needles or serve?
    2. The comment was deleted.
  14. Strashila
    Strashila April 15 2014 10: 55
    "Solid rocket fuel is a priori considered the most suitable for use in the navy" ... what a fright ... what is depicted in the pictures in the construction disputes between solid fuel and liquid species and what is real is heaven and earth.
    The rocket and components for liquid can be controlled at all stages of production and storage, the term batch is applied to them. A solid fuel is always a piece of goods.
    Chemistry will always remain chemistry.
    No one knows how a solid fuel checker will behave over time; it is very sensitive to storage and transportation conditions.
    And in real life it’s not a homogeneous mass ... but a multilayer construction.
    1. turanchox
      turanchox April 15 2014 16: 05
      TT missiles do not have unmasking noise in preparation for firing, unlike our R-29s, whose mines are filled with water before launch, which immediately gives the submarine the intent
      1. I think so
        I think so April 15 2014 19: 14
        So what, what are we making BEFORE THE LAST ATTACK? In any case, launching a rocket is 100% unmasking. Further, if the noise is detected and they try to drown the boat, then this will require MUCH MORE time than launching ALL missiles. Your objections are given by the amateur on the issue under discussion ... excuse me ... as it is so is ...
  15. walden
    walden April 15 2014 11: 00
    There are MBs who know, please explain how these rockets are good. I climbed here and looked at the performance characteristics of most missiles and noticed that all the maces that Satan lack in accuracy and power are up to Trident 2. Why do new missiles come out with worse performance characteristics than the same p39 of 1984 = \
    1. agfa
      agfa April 15 2014 12: 05
      1. Do not believe the advertisement !!! None of the Russians will say that they saw data on the Trident tracks or test reports !!!
      2. Ours always tried to underestimate the performance with the aim of misleading the performance characteristics of weapons, and the Americans always impudently lied as wishful thinking, which of course does not detract from their merits in the production of weapons - just a nation of ADVERTISERS, remember the STAR WARS project, and we did believe and created their star weapons, began to test ....
      3. QUO according to the NUCLEAR loaf of 300-500 m or 100m CROWN ONE AND SAME !!!! Are you not on the DRUM?
      4. And according to SINEV-LINER - this is really OUR PRIDE and the superior TRIDENT competitor - thanks to Makeevtsy, they did not merge into dashing 90 !!!
    2. I think so
      I think so April 15 2014 19: 22
      And there is nothing to explain - the COURT FALL! The one who was closer "to the body" snatched a piece from a competitor, MIT is located in Moscow, and Makeyevtsy in the Urals ... Here MIT and "grabbed" for free ... but it looks like it still won't swallow it ... YARS in doubt ... do they fly? GLONASS is an example of this ... when everything is working peacefully, but how it got hot ... you turned off the PII ... so it can be with YARS ...
  16. Tektor
    Tektor April 15 2014 11: 06
    What prevents to place a container with a liner stationary at the bottom, for example, Lake Ladoga or Angara?
    1. biznaw
      biznaw April 15 2014 14: 30
      The Sagittarius Project
      1. agfa
        agfa April 15 2014 14: 35
        It’s also costly and unsafe - the water has the ability to leak along with the induced radiation, there are more minuses than pluses, and you won’t hide the control point, provision, it’s easier for saboteurs to get to the rocket ...
        1. I think so
          I think so April 15 2014 19: 31
          To your objections, let me note:
          1. What costs do you mean that I don’t see why a rocket lying in a lake is more expensive than a mine or a tractor? Something you do not fit!
          2. The control point can be made so that you can’t break through it and DIRECT hit 600kt bomb.
          3. And how do you imagine the search by "saboteurs" for a rocket lying at the bottom of Lake Baikal or Ladoga? Don't be silly, think! Here expeditions are specially equipped and for YEARS they are looking LEGALLY, otherwise HIDDEN! If we also take into account, the fact that where in the lake lies the rocket DOES NOT KNOW EVEN THE ONE WHO PLACED IT! And in general your argument sounds ridiculous.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  17. Demon
    Demon April 15 2014 11: 12
    That would be to tape Navalny, Makarevich, Ponomarev, Novodvorskaya, Venediktov and other sh.wal to the Liner with duct tape, and send Pin..dosii to the United States. So to speak, from Russia with love!
  18. Wiruz
    Wiruz April 15 2014 11: 56
    This is all great, of course, but I would like to know what happened to the Bulava? Do you plan to launch this year? If so, how much. I would personally like to see something like Operation Behemoth, but with the Bulava.
    1. agfa
      agfa April 15 2014 12: 26
      Do you like fireworks? May 9, please, and BILLIONS OF PEOPLE'S MONEY down the drain - no, really!
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. agfa
        agfa April 15 2014 14: 37
        Why put a minus, I answered logically? Be sure to shoot a couple, wait.
        1. I think so
          I think so April 15 2014 19: 38
          Billions are not spent on the manufacture of a rocket, especially a serial one, everything has long been spent in the development of the rocket itself, tooling, manufacturing of test equipment and machine tools. The rocket itself is already KOPEYKI. And moreover, how can you adopt a missile that CAN BE AND IS NOT CAPABLE OF SHOOTING VALVES, such as "Blue". Only REAL START. That is why you were minus ... You probably are not aware of the process of development and manufacture of serial products ... A pair of missiles is not 16! Maybe already on the fourth rocket, the boat will bank so much or even sink that the fifth is not needed ... Well, this is me, for example, for possible problems of salvo launch ...
    2. The comment was deleted.
  19. Andrey82
    Andrey82 April 15 2014 12: 26
    This is great, especially against the backdrop of certain problems with the Mace and the apparent delay in the adoption of the latter by the Russian Navy.
  20. Aleksandr89
    Aleksandr89 April 15 2014 14: 44
    Quote: Metall
    I watch the definition of "polite" gaining popularity smile I propose to make a medal "For politeness in battle!" hi

    Soon there will be an election of the most polite president. good
  21. 52
    52 April 15 2014 15: 02
    Quote: Mikhado
    Quote: kod3001
    the fact that we can produce the best missile weapons in the world is not news. WE ARE THE BEST IN THIS KIND OF COMBAT, I would like to speed up the production of this type of weapon, well, at least get closer to the USSR level in production.

    It would also be better to bring literacy in the country to the level of the USSR ...

    Yes ... I would like to take "Ozhegov's Dictionary" and give it on a grand scale!
  22. 52
    52 April 15 2014 15: 10
    I am very glad that the liquid-propellant rockets were not buried. In the USSR, the best technologies for liquid fuel, reliable storage, capsule filling, stability of components in batches were developed. Well, it means not all "polymers prs ... whether"
  23. abc_alex
    abc_alex April 15 2014 15: 16
    Yes, everything is fine, but we again have different boats and different missiles. For "Dolphins" there will be "Liners" and "Sineva" and for "Boreev" there will be "Bulava" ...
    The Liner is 3 meters longer than the Bulava and is almost 3 tons heavier. At the same time, Dolphins is already an outdated project and it will only be modernized. The paradox: the most powerful rocket will not be installed on the latest carrier, and what are its prospects then? Or Then we really need to modernize Borei so that he could carry the "Liner" too. Or immediately do Liner-2 already under Borei.
  24. xomaNN
    xomaNN April 15 2014 15: 26
    That's how the soul always lay more with Makeevsky rockets than with Solomon’s MIT smile Probably from the Soviet era of the Navy, when our designers did not copy the Yankees experience, but developed their own original missiles.
  25. gradient
    gradient April 15 2014 15: 48
    For the development work of the Liner, the first and second stages of the rocket were taken from the serial - from the Sineva. But the combat equipment (combat stage) - new, made specifically for the "Liner"

    Comrade author, where are you taking such a vigorous nonsense ... What is the new battle stage ?! R-29RMU2.1 "Liner" essence is ANYTHING not clouded "Sineva", on which MIT warheads (which separately deliver) are supplied through adapters and cable inserts
    A new type of low-power warhead was developed by the Moscow Institute of Thermal Engineering together with the developer of nuclear weapons - the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Technical Physics - and was adopted as part of the combat equipment of the Topol-M and Yars ICBMs, the Bulava SLBM. On the R-29RMU2.1 "Liner" rocket, the new warhead is installed without any design changes due to the use of cable inserts and adapters, as well as a specially designed individual installation platform mated with the standard rocket landing site.
    1. Absurdidat
      Absurdidat April 16 2014 00: 20
      And what about medium-power warheads?
  26. Sirs
    Sirs April 15 2014 16: 08
    Today I will have a healthy sleep.))))
  27. navigator
    navigator April 15 2014 16: 11
    The article was written by a person who absolutely does not imagine ICBMs. gppdent-respect. The idea of ​​using BDR in tin rivers. We must be careful with the substances.
  28. I think so
    I think so April 15 2014 18: 36
    Well, finally, God heard my prayers and "Sineva" PROBABLY will not be written off for scrap ... as some planned ... It would be great to build a few more nuclear submarines for "Liner" ... Or modernize "Liner" so that it could REPLACE, I will not mention the Bulava on the newest Russian nuclear submarines by nightfall. "Bulava" was divided by modern balabols close to power troughs, able to beautifully paint perspectives, perfectly cut the budget, but incapable of REAL design work ... At the dawn of the development of "Bulava" I learned that instead of the SIMPLE CAPACITIVE sensor a MICROPROCESSOR was used (Why ?) immediately said - IT WILL NOT FLY SOON IF IT FLIES AT ALL. So it turned out later ... maybe fortunately, and maybe unfortunately ... The current problems with GLONASS mean that MILITARY equipment SHOULD NOT USE IMPORTED components, let alone a software product. And in "Bulava" this good is a dime a dozen ... I am afraid, in REALITY "Bulava" IN PRINCIPLE is not dangerous for the USA. If they can shut down satellites when they want to shut down, then I am silent about the missiles ... Oh, Russia, Russia has gone to the Balabol generation, they will profuse you ... if they have not profited already ...
  29. Morglenn
    Morglenn April 15 2014 23: 07
    I congratulate Russia
  30. old man 72
    old man 72 April 16 2014 00: 46
    No matter how they say and write, everything that’s being done is for the best!
  31. Zomanus
    Zomanus April 16 2014 04: 57
    That is, two different boats under two different missiles. We are waiting for a unified boat for two types of missiles.
  32. rubin6286
    rubin6286 April 16 2014 10: 03
    The ballistic missile nuclear submarine "Sineva", which was put into service in 2007, is a reliable and well-developed design. The technical solutions incorporated in it retain the potential for modernization and allow in the future to improve its tactical and technical characteristics many times over. A further development of Sineva is the R-29RMU2.1 Liner rocket, which was adopted by the Navy at the end of 2013. The missile is capable of successfully overcoming any existing missile defense system and hitting the target with high accuracy. The unification of the design makes it possible to place the Liner on submarines in the same mines and in the same quantity as the Sineva, which is beneficial for economic and political reasons. Along with the Bulava and Sineva, the Liner that entered service serves as a reliable means of deterring any aggressor.
  33. arni
    arni April 16 2014 11: 57

    Polite people, polite diplomats, polite soldiers, polite tanks, polite planes, polite rockets!
  34. andrey682006
    andrey682006 April 16 2014 13: 59
    Quote: Magic Archer
    Nevertheless, such a numerous nomenclature of missiles is alarming .... blue. Club, liner .... americos have equipped their ohio with traders and do not blow into the mustache, but we still do not understand what the Boreas will patrol with request

    You do not seem to have read the article. There (in the article) it is written that in the Liner of the new - the level of breeding, the rest is from Sineva. And in the same mines installed ...
    I agree with Bulava, but here, apparently, they tried to understand - which is better. Americans won't share their experience ... laughing
  35. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 April 26 2014 02: 51
    Submarines interesting topic:
    1. The combat potential of ground systems is higher, it is understandable - there are fewer restrictions on the mass-dimensional parameters.
    2. A very necessary type of armament from the point of view of application in the first (possibly anticipatory, in the end there is START AT TIME ...) strike, subsequent strike on significant targets, or use in conditions of certain point strikes (such tasks also exist) .
    3. Increases the variability of strategic tasks, including taking into account the adjustment of application plans based on intelligence.
    4. The installation of increasingly heavier missiles and, as a consequence, the growth in size and mass of submarines are a little confusing. A large piece of metal can already be determined by changing the geo-magnetic lines. and quite accurately. The rest is just monitoring the movement of the submarine.

    I would like to see some balance and more meaningfulness in the development.
    Mine-based heavy missiles (when the gyroscopes are untwisted, exit the mine after turning the keys in 45 seconds) perform some tasks, mobile systems (revived BZHRK, Topol, Yars, etc.) perform their tasks, and the submarine missile fleet has its own task, for example on proactive suppression of the enemy’s potential (the unique possibility of firing along a flat trajectory at distances up to 300 km is described above). Then we will have a very balanced application of multicomponent (taking into account long-range aviation) nuclear forces.