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An-225 "Mriya" super heavy transport aircraft


An-225 Mriya super heavy transport aircraft was designed, developed and built by order of Glavkosmos of the USSR to ensure the fulfillment of space programs for the transportation of large cargoes, namely the Buran multi-purpose orbital spacecraft and parts of the Energia missile system. The air ship could also be used for other purposes, both military and economic. The method of stowage was used combined, it is possible to load both in the cargo compartment and by fastening it from above.

Creating an airplane

Work on the design of the transport aircraft was made with 1985. Time to create a "transport worker" took just 3 and a half years. This happened thanks to the use of standardized units and mechanisms from the An-124 aircraft. By 1 December 1988, the final assembly of the sample aircraft for testing was completed at the Kiev Aviation Plant, and after three weeks the An-225 took off for the first time.

Setting records

A significant event was the fixed flight that took place on 22 March 1989 An-225 “Mriya” in one flight with a maximum take-off weight over 500 tons, for 3.5 hours broke 106 world records for vehicles of this type. Here are the main ones:

Maximum speed on a closed route with a range of 2000 km with a load of 155 t - 815,09 km / h
Maximum flight altitude with cargo 155 t - 12430 m
The maximum mass of the aircraft with cargo at a height of 2000 m - 508, 2 tons.
13 May 1989 “Mriya” delivered the Buran VCS from the town of Zhukovsky to the Baikonur cosmodrome.
Demonstration flights at air shows
In June, the 1989 g special complex, which consisted of an aircraft (w / c CCCP-82060) and a space shuttle, was presented at an air show in Paris. In the autumn of 1990, Mr. An-225 “Mriya” performed an exhibition flight at an air show in Farnborough, and in 1991 the “transport worker” again “checked out” at Le Bourget. At the end of the summer 1993 g at the MAKS-93 air show in Zhukovsky (Russia), the plane was already presented with Ukrainian symbols and another UR-82060 tail number.

An-225 "Mriya" super heavy transport aircraft

Participation in space programs and other projects

In addition to the movement of oversized cargo, "Mriya" could be used as an air complex for launching commercial vehicles into space. It could perform the function of primary delivery for the subsequent launch .. These are variants of the Svityaz air-missile system (Ukraine), which made it possible to output up to 9 t of space rigging to low orbits around the Earth, and the MAKS multifunctional complex. This complex creates the prospect of launching astronauts and 2 tons of cargo into low near-earth orbits of 10 and up to 17 tons of cargo on the drone.

During the years of Ukraine’s statehood, the designers of the Kiev Design Bureau worked on 2 with similar projects: Hotol (Ukraine – England, together with British Aerospace) and Oril (Ukraine). These developments for their implementation made it possible for the aircraft to participate in profitable projects for the movement of large cargoes. But everything remained only on paper due to lack of money.
No less remarkable was the draft search and rescue complex (AMPSK) "Mriya-Orlyonok" air-sea basing. This rapid response complex, which included "Mriya" and an ekranoplan, was to be deployed at airfields of various subordination. Upon receipt of the SOS signal AMPSK "Mriya-Eaglet" was supposed to appear at the crash site or accident. The design of the wig made it possible to carry out landing and landing on the water. The ekranoplan was equipped with special medical equipment for the provision of emergency medical care. There could be up to 70 people.

Events mid 90-x- beginning 2000's

According to the publication "News cosmonautics ", by the middle of 90-ies the only workable copy of An-225 was disassembled for parts. Engines from this aircraft were delivered to the An-124 "Ruslan". The second aircraft was in conservation.
In the middle of the summer of 2000, the president of Antonov Airlines, Konstantin Lushakov, told journalists that the An-225 would be remade for commercial purposes. He said that the start of use of the "transport" will take place in the second half of 2001. Re-equipment of the airship cost more than 20 million dollars. The restoration project was financed by Motor Sich, a Zaporizhia company, which manufactured six new engines at the Antonov Design Bureau. Businessmen are hoping that the aircraft can be used in the transportation of cargo with a total weight of about 250 tons.

A set of flight preventive work was carried out to restore the unique product and its compliance with the operating conditions that the International Civil Organization aviation ICAO for the commercial operation of air vehicles at present. In addition, emergency preventive systems and updated radio communications were installed. Modern aircraft operating conditions provide for the equipment of the aircraft with noise absorbing modules, which was done. With this equipment, the "transporter" could make flights around the world.

Revival of “Mriya”

7 of May 2001 of the restored “Mriya” again rose to the heavenly heights from the Gostomel airfield in Kiev .. The designer of the Antonov Aviation Scientific and Technical Complex Peter Balabuev noticed that by the end of June 2001 of the “Mriya” would finish the entire complex of flight-technical tests, there were only 10 trial departures. After that, An-225 will be certified for commercial flights, and the launch flight can already be made no later than six weeks later.

P. Balabuev only said about the prospects for the future, that soon a second plane of this series may appear in Ukraine, the readiness in dismantled form is two thirds of the units.

Volga-Dnepr Airlines, which is a leader in the market for transportation of super heavy and oversized cargo, has shown its interest in operating Mriya. CEO A. Isaikin reported on the prospects for the use of aircraft of this type, which require 2-3 units. In his opinion, the future development of the transportation market in this segment is about 2-3 billion dollars.

Possible competition

The president of the airline "Antonov Airlines" K.Lushakov said that the launch of satellite devices with An-225 will be much cheaper than using the infrastructure of the spaceport. At the same time, An-225 will not compete with the “Flight” project, which involves launching satellite systems from “Ruslan”. The truth is that the project "Flight" provides for the launch of the so-called. "Light" satellites weighing up to 3,5 tons, and from the "Mriya" can be released into space designs of medium type weighing up to 5,5 tons.

But with the updated projects of the West - the Airbus A3XX-100F aircraft and the Boeing Corporation 747-X aircraft (carrying capacity - no more than 150 tons) - An-225 will start fair competition. Chances to beat them a lot. The producer of the largest “transport worker” will probably be the aircraft plant in Ulyanovsk.
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  1. StrategBV
    StrategBV 21 February 2012 09: 35
    Great plane. Moreover, this is certainly stupid, but if you make a bomber out of it, it will be a true machine of the apocalypse am , my best friend and I even came up with mini versions, and the names for three planes of them: "Apocalypse", "Armageddon", "Rog nar rooq" and "Jihat", the last name is purely for fun, but for me, this is a miracle death carriers would live up to their names 100% drinks
    1. Brother Sarych
      Brother Sarych 21 February 2012 09: 42
      This is a great transport aircraft and you don’t need to redo it anywhere! The presence of at least a small fleet of such vehicles makes it possible to decide on the delivery of bulky goods, and this is extremely important, not to mention the movement of a lot of painted in protective colors to where no one expects this!
    2. Tram boom
      Tram boom 21 February 2012 20: 14
      And the project LIVES! wink
      Sorry about him so little is heard ...
    3. StrategBV
      StrategBV 22 February 2012 17: 57
      People, actually it was a joke. But apparently you either did not understand the humor, or the trolls on the site fool
  2. Lyp
    Lyp 21 February 2012 09: 56
    With incomplete transport connectivity of certain parts of the Russian Federation, such transport vehicles as the AN-124 and AN-225 could serve well. And we are talking about the application in the civilian sphere. Maybe M. Prokhorov should invest money in creating a transport company equipped with these machines. I think the UAC and the Ulyanovsk Aviation Plant would be happy to place such an order with them.
    1. Brother Sarych
      Brother Sarych 21 February 2012 10: 05
      According to rumors, the Ulyanovsk plant has a large package of orders and rather limited opportunities for their implementation ...
  3. Dart weyder
    Dart weyder 21 February 2012 10: 00
    yes - the car is really gorgeous and beautiful ..... I saw it in flight - the dimensions are just amazing, the Titanium is airy in a word ..... it’s a pity that funding suffers, and Antonov’s design bureau has long been nothing as stunning as the new built sad (An-70 and 140, etc. ... not counting - it's a bit old)
  4. Hauptmann emil
    Hauptmann emil 21 February 2012 10: 42
    The aircraft is certainly specific, but a dozen of these machines will not hurt our vast Motherland. True, I think not every airdrome is able to accept it.
  5. Bandera
    Bandera 21 February 2012 11: 41
    The good news is that the project lives and develops. You can only wish you successful flights.
  6. Patos89
    Patos89 21 February 2012 12: 32
    It’s good to buy such a plane for the Airborne Forces, though the USA will immediately start shouting so that they’ll let him cut
    1. Reks
      Reks 22 February 2012 02: 10
      Quote: Patos89
      a plane for the Airborne

      laughing laughing Why ??? In addition, in one copy (correct if not) Only for mobility we did not have enough laughing We have enough boards and so bully
  7. ikrut
    ikrut 21 February 2012 13: 52
    Awesome car! What a powerful flight of engineering. How strong were the engineers in the USSR. God grant that this power could be revived.
  8. karnics
    karnics 21 February 2012 14: 19
    The maximum carrying capacity is 500 tons, it can easily fly with 400 tons of cargo, and these are 8-9 Russian tanks T-90s, T-72 (46-48 tons), which can be quickly transferred, for example, to the Far East ... Do these titans need immense Russia. And even more so for the Russian army 5 pcs. these planes will not hurt, the fortress of tanks and other equipment during the day, for example, on the Kuril Islands ... This plane uses the standard length of the airfield for take-off and landing, it also has enough width, as far as one can judge from the pictures, it’s not indifferent to even ground ...
    1. mga04
      mga04 21 February 2012 15: 40
      Well, with the carrying capacity and the standard runway length, you bent it. Maximum takeoff weight 600t, maximum cargo weight 250t, with an intercontinental range of up to 150t. The required runway length is not less than 3000 meters, and this is not every airfield. But in any case, the car is gorgeous. I would like to see the Svityaz project implemented.
  9. Dimka off
    Dimka off 21 February 2012 14: 26
    wonderful car. No analogues. The possibilities are amazing.
  10. Buxx
    Buxx 21 February 2012 15: 35
    Bombovsky plane - you go inside and immediately feel like an ant.
    was in Gostomel in 87 or 88 when he was there with Buran on the scruff of the neck - a thing and power
  11. 755962
    755962 21 February 2012 16: 15
    Great car. And no one unsurpassed!
  12. Bad_gr
    Bad_gr 21 February 2012 22: 26
    There was a Discovery film about some kind of freight carriers. We hired this plane to transport cargo. Reviews about the plane - a delight.
  13. alexs3524
    alexs3524 21 February 2012 23: 34
    A bit sad.
  14. mib1982
    mib1982 22 February 2012 02: 01
    Here was a country which planes did. Now what? oligarchs have plundered the state, there is no work. They will still assure us that it has become better. But the question is for whom?
  15. anton107798
    anton107798 23 February 2012 00: 29
    not 500 tons, but 250 and then, after refitting. Empty weight about 400 tons. runway strip nada not less than 3500 meters
  16. Trevis
    Trevis 4 March 2012 13: 10
    Odie once saw a profit as she flies! Wow! good
  17. Explosiver
    Explosiver 5 September 2012 18: 51
    Watch the Slavs and be proud ... soldier

    Oh, there would be more of these ...
  18. zibo1668
    zibo1668 5 December 2017 23: 31
    "Ukrainians are stubborn people; they think everything that they utter is magnificent, and they put their Khokhlak great truths so high that they sacrifice them not only artistic truth, but even common sense."

    A.P. Chekhov.