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The agony of Lithuanian Russophobes

The agony of Lithuanian Russophobes

Russophobia triumphs again in Lithuania. The broadcast of the Russian-language television channel NTV Mir is prohibited for three months. It is proposed to ban indefinitely the First Baltic Channel, which is in Lithuania a repeater of the First Channel, and also to stop publishing Russian-language weeklies: Lithuanian Courier, Obzor, Express Week. Allegedly, these media are the instruments of the Kremlin in conducting the outreach war against Lithuania.

It seems like some kind of collective insanity. This is reminiscent of the last days of Hitler's Reich, when the Nazis everywhere saw enemies and traitors. In a word, everything testifies to the fact that the Russophobic power of Lithuania is entering a stage of political agony.

The forthcoming Lithuanian Presidential Elections in May 2014 brought the resurrection of some of the “outstanding” Lithuanian political minds to a critical point. They claim that the Kremlin is to blame for all the troubles of the republic, past and present. That’s how the Lithuanian conservatives, directed and inspired by the well-known Russophobe Vytautas Landsbergis, set out their vision of Lithuania’s relations with Russia as far back as 2007 in a document entitled “Russia's containment strategy”.

The document stated that “in the last few centuries Russia’s neighborhood has been and will remain the biggest challenge for the Lithuanian state in the future. The nature of Russia's aspirations may change over time - from “occupying territory” in the direction of “occupying” power or minds, but not seeing the dangers caused by Russia would be just frivolous. ”

Today, conservatives say that anyone who criticizes the socio-political and economic situation in Lithuania complies with the instructions of the Kremlin. These statements were supported by the report of the Lithuanian State Security Department (Department of State Security) entitled “Assessment of threats to national security”, published in March of this year. It contains on the 19 pages the working methods of the Russian special services seeking to undermine the political, economic and spiritual foundations of the Lithuanian state.

Following the older "brothers and sisters", the Lithuanian authorities joined the information war against Russia on the situation around Crimea

The Report made a profound conclusion that Russia has managed to create in Lithuania a network of informational publications ensuring the implementation of the political and ideological attitudes of the Kremlin. Their names have been given above. According to the Lithuanian “Bonds”, these media allegedly actively supported the information campaign launched by Russia against the Lithuanian presidency of the European Union.

The last statement brings a smile. The successive (half a year), so-called presidency of small countries in the European Union is nothing more than an imitation of “democracy in a European way”. Everyone knows that the chairmen "for half a year" do not decide anything. The real owners in the European Union are Germany and France.

They often allow their younger partners, or rather vassals, to “command” six months in the political kitchen of Europe. Parents sometimes do this, allowing children to “manage” in the kitchen under their strict supervision. Therefore, there was no reason for Russia to worry about the Lithuanian presidency of the European Union. What difference does it make who presides if decisions are made in Berlin and Paris.

Of particular concern is the assertion made in the Report that Russian-language weeklies are funded by Russian institutions and foundations. This is a direct allusion to the "fifth column" in the republic. By sounding such hints, the Lithuanian authorities once again provoke an exacerbation of interethnic tensions in the republic, in order to later declare it the result of the machinations of Moscow.

What caused such a painful reaction of the Lithuanian Russophobes? It turns out that the main reason was the attempts of the Russian-language media to convey at least a little truth to the citizens of Lithuania. Let me remind you that in October 2013, the broadcast of PBC was banned because of the plot on the unknown sides of events at the Vilnius TV tower in January 1991 in the TV program “Man and Law”. The plot, without any argument, was regarded as "a blatant lie, insulting the memory of those who died at the TV tower."

And 21 of March of this year, as mentioned above, the broadcast of the NTV Mir channel was limited for three months. The basis for this was the screening of the documentary film “The Sentenced. Trap for the Alpha Group. The film debunked the Lithuanian official version of the tragic January events and showed who their true culprits were. He was also rated by Lithuanian "experts" as deceitful.

I have written repeatedly about the falsified version of the January events that prevails in Lithuania. I will repeat only that it is impossible to understand the logic of the Lithuanian authorities, who persistently carry out a dubious case called “13 of January” to transfer the Lithuanian-Russian relations to the legal plane.

Let me remind you that this case concerns the fate of dozens of Russians, who, without proof, accused the Lithuanian side of committing war crimes. According to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Russian leadership is obliged to take measures to protect the freedom, honor and dignity of its citizens. And this is a guarantee that the “13 January” case will sooner or later collapse. However, it is difficult to explain the lack of a proper reaction of Russia to the Lithuanian side of 12 in March this year of a Russian citizen, retired colonel Yuri Mel.

Freedom to Yuri Melu! Cadet years

On the night of January 13, 1991 he, then 22-year-old lieutenant and commander tank T-72, was at the Vilnius TV tower. In Lithuania they cannot charge him with anything but three blank shots from a tank gun. However, the Lithuanian prosecutor G. Pashkevicius presented the former lieutenant with suspicions of war crimes and crimes against humanity, warning Mel that he faces life imprisonment!

In response, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry A. Lukashevich only asked the Lithuanian side not to politicize the situation and not to reduce historical abacus. A strange request, testifying that the Russian Foreign Ministry has a poor knowledge of the situation with the January 13 case.

I want to remind you that the politicization of the January events began on the morning of January 13 1991. It was then that the Lithuanian prosecutors began to impudently falsify the circumstances of the deaths of the victims at the TV tower, trying to impose responsibility on the Soviet military.

And in the summer of 2010, due to political expediency, but contrary to international practice, the Lithuanian authorities recognized the events at the TV tower as a war crime. However, the Russian Foreign Ministry seemed not to notice.

Unfortunately, the arrest of Miel this year did not provoke a proper reaction from either the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia or the Russian media. One pleases. On March 28, the TV program “Man and the Law” came out in defense of Russian Colonel Y. Mel, for a quarter of a century, honestly fulfilling military duty. There is a hope that Russia will in detail deal with the fate of its citizen, who is languishing in Lithuanian dungeons.

Moskvoyobazn or paes?
Let's go back to the DGB report. It is surprised by the complete absence of a real assessment of the socio-political situation in Lithuania. All negative sentiments in the republic are explained by the machinations of Russia, which allegedly wages an information war against Lithuania day and night. This can be explained only by the fact that it is exactly the Lithuanian leadership that wants to hear from the Children's Security Council.

Let me remind you that recently in Brussels, Lithuanian President D. Grybauskaite loudly declared that “in the information war, we are on the front lines of the front. We are fired first. Not all countries face the challenges we face. ” The DGB is struggling to sing along to the president.

It is difficult to explain the lack of a proper reaction of Russia to the Lithuanian side of 12 in March 2014, retired colonel Yuri Mel.

However, it is known that the authorities, which force their special services to report only what corresponds to their ideas about the situation in the country, are usually doomed. Meanwhile, sensible people, and most of those among Lithuanians, have no doubt that most of Lithuania’s problems with the last 24 of the year are caused by destructive policies, which began in March of the 1990 by the “great Lithuanian pilot” Vytautas Landsbergis.

This policy is based on half-truths, fabrications and myths. For example, the attempts of Russia to protect the economic interests of the Lithuanian side regards as types of wars: gas, transport, energy, dairy. Except for paranoia it can not be called.

Pathological disfunction, multiplied by the Russophobia of the ruling Lithuanian elite, was especially vividly manifested during the period of the well-known events in Ukraine and the Crimea. In the Lithuanian media began the parade of shameless lies, double standards and boorish attitude to the neighboring country. I will give a few examples.

I will begin with the titles of the articles (in translation) from the Lithuanian press, which show how events in the Crimea were presented in Lithuania. 15 March 2014, the newspaper 15 min published an article entitled “The Crimea, occupied by a huge Russian army, is preparing for an illegal referendum.”

March 16 the same newspaper published a statement by the President of Lithuania D. Grybauskaite that "Russia began the actual occupation of the Crimea."

17 March, the newspaper “Lietuvos rytas” published an article entitled “In a referendum in the Crimea - many violations, even the dead voted”. At the same time, an article appeared in the same newspaper with an equally eloquent title, “The Lithuanians of Crimea report: people are happy because they do not know what is happening.”

March 18, after a stunning referendum in the Crimea, the newspaper 15 min published an article with the offensive title "Putin hangers (pakalikai) in Moscow filled the streets".

On the same day, the newspaper Lietuvos rytas published a photo of the voting Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, which was supposed to show how the voting took place in the Crimea. Under the photo caption "This is a situation when you can’t even get angry normally - everything is so absurd, but, nevertheless, this is true."

At the same time, a wave of genuine psychosis arose in Lithuania in anticipation of a Russian military invasion of the republic. This orgy was fueled by President D. Grybauskaite. All March, she spoke about the military threat from Russia. In support of her fabrications, the president deliberately publicly inspected the readiness of the Lithuanian armed forces to repel Russian aggressors. At the same time, the head of the republic constantly referred to NATO and the United States, guaranteeing the defense of the republic against the “evil eastern neighbor”.

In Lithuania, Yu. Melu cannot incriminate anything except three single shots from a tank gun. In the photo: Colonel Miel's wife with a portrait of her husband.

The conclusion from this is simple - while the Grybauskaite is in power, the republic can sleep peacefully. The effect has been achieved. According to a survey conducted by 18-20 in March, 87% of residents of large cities are confident that Russia may again try to occupy Lithuania or some part of it.

And how can one not think about this simple Lithuanian, when Russian President V. Putin himself “warns” them about an upcoming military invasion. 18 March on the site of the largest Lithuanian television company “LNK” appeared angry video, in which Vladimir Vladimirovich in the Lithuanian language sings a song on the motif of Shainsky's song “Smile”. Only in the song of the Russian president states that "then, for sure, you will take a free taxi to the cold lands". The video ends with Putin’s meaningful words: “farewell, see you in Vilnius”.

19 March, the day after the video appeared, Vilnius was plastered with leaflets depicting a Russian president with an aiming mark on his forehead. By the way, on the day of the appearance of this leaflet in Vilnius, US Vice-President J. Biden was visiting. Strange coincidence. Apparently, Mademoiselle Grybauskaite decided to please the American guest and once again demonstrated the rudeness of the state level.

As for the “Russian threat” for Lithuania, it is nothing more than a myth that Grybauskaite is trying to use to raise its rating in the election race for the presidency. It is extremely necessary for her to demonstrate to Lithuania that only with her can the citizens of the republic not be afraid of the threats of the eastern neighbor. Announcing her participation in the 2014 elections of the year, Grybauskaite stressed that she was forced to do so by external and internal challenges that allegedly destabilize the situation in the republic if she leaves the presidency.

Lithuanian media regularly publish the results of sociological surveys, according to which Gribauskaite is the “unconditional” candidate for the presidency of registered candidates from 11. Well, let's see how these results are consistent with the opinion of Lithuanian voters. To do this, it is enough to analyze the comments that they leave after reading the survey results.

Let us turn to the article “D. Grybauskaite has a chance to avoid the second round ", published on March 21 informationnews Internet portal "". It states that 50,6% of respondents are ready to vote for Grybauskaite.

And what about the comments? On 19 hours 26 minutes 25 March, they were 644. Take only the last twenty. Not a single comment in support of Grybauskaite, four in support of A. Paulauskas. A number of comments expressed indignation at the results of the so-called survey.

I add that opening the same article the day before, 24 in March, I was surprised to find that out of twenty comments seventeen were hidden as “irrelevant”. However, the three remaining were against Grybauskaite! Apparently, seventeen were not just against the current president, but categorically “against”. Therefore, the team entered - remove!

Refer to the other popular newspaper «15 min». There 22 March was published the article "President Dalia Grybauskaite remains the most popular politician." 22 watches 40 minutes 25 March, this article commented 92 person. Consider the latest 53. Of these, only four commentators were in favor of Grybauskaite (7,5%). “Against” - 47 (88,7%). Two were in favor of other candidates. This is the real rating of the current president of Lithuania!

Additionally, I want to note that the materials of these articles signal that the Grybauskaite team is preparing election fraud, which should ensure the “victory” for the current president in the first round. Otherwise, why is the opinion about the overwhelming rating of Grybauskaite so persistently imposed? Lithuanian people, beware!

Let us return to the topic of the information war that Russia is allegedly leading against Lithuania. This is nothing more than a myth. It is known that the main problems of the Lithuanian-Russian relations are “Soviet occupation of 1940-1990” and “Soviet aggression against independent Lithuania in January of 1991”. How did Russia in the post-Soviet period politically and informationally defend their positions in these controversial areas?

It turns out that almost nothing. With the exception of extremely rare and insignificant statements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. Although Lithuania over the past twenty years, constantly voiced and spun these problems. Let me remind you that back in June 1992, a referendum was held in Lithuania, at which the question of compensation by Russia for the damage caused by the “Soviet occupation” was raised.

The issue of compensation Lithuanian authorities competently linked with the issue of the withdrawal of Russian troops from Lithuania. Naturally, 91,67% of those who participated in the voting (76% of all registered voters) supported the demand for the early and unconditional withdrawal of Russian troops and, accordingly, the demand for compensation. Russia was silent.

After this referendum, the Lithuanian Seimas adopted a number of legislative acts confirming the fact of the “Soviet occupation” and the need to demand compensation from Russia. To this end, Lithuania even set up a commission to calculate the damage from the “Soviet occupation”. A number of pseudo-historical studies on this topic were published, not to mention the constant presence of the topic of “occupation” in the statements of Lithuanian politicians and historians. Russia kept silence. Only individual Russian enthusiasts at their own risk tried to repel this stream of lies and fabrications.

Finally, in May 2005 of the year, the Commentary of the Information and Press Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs appeared, outlining the Russian view on the topic of “Soviet occupation of the Baltic states”. It was stated that discussions on this topic in the Baltic countries are devoid of legal basis. This the Russian Foreign Ministry and limited. True, at the beginning of 2006, with his consent, an agreement was reached on the creation of a Russian-Lithuanian commission of historians to study the controversial issues of joint history.

From Russia, the commission included A. Chubaryan, Director of the Institute of General History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and N. Lebedeva, leading researcher at the same institute. The main task of this commission was to publish the two-volume document of the documents “The USSR and Lithuania during the Second World War”.

The first volume of the USSR and Lithuania ... was published already in 2006 year. Unfortunately, the selectively selected historical documents presented in this volume allow us to interpret the events of the year 1940 as the Soviet occupation of Lithuania. The introductory article prepared by N. Lebedeva supported this conclusion.

The then Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, A. Valionis, assessed the first volume of the collection as “the Lithuanian version of the assessment of the events of the prewar period”. The Russian Foreign Ministry chose not to notice this controversial situation. Russian historians, who ignored Russia's official position on the “Soviet occupation of the Baltic states,” remained members of the joint commission.

In December 2011, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov visited Vilnius to attend an OSCE meeting. During the visit, the Russian minister made a public statement that the law “On compensation for damage from the Soviet occupation”, adopted by the Lithuanian Seimas in 2000, is a problem of the Baltic republic itself, and Russia does not intend to discuss this topic.

After such an unambiguous statement, S. Lavrov discussed with the Lithuanian counterpart A. Ažubalis the preparation of the second volume of the aforementioned collection and the preface to it. As the media noted, the parties were satisfied with the dialogue. In 2013, the second volume of the collection “Lithuania and the USSR ...” was published. So what? Director of the Historical Memory Foundation, Russian historian A. Dyukov regarded it as a Lithuanian product (Russian News, No. 14-2 / 2121, 2013).

A. Dyukov believes that the second volume of the collection was prepared according to a rigid historical and ideological scheme developed by the Lithuanian historian Ch. Laurinavičius. In accordance with this scheme, the compilers of the volume deliberately ignored a number of fundamentally important documents for an objective understanding of the events in Lithuania and the USSR of the end of 1930-xNUMX-s. It is known that, if desired, even from the Bible one can “pull” enough quotes to substantiate terrorism. As a result, the second volume actually supported the conclusions of the first. And after that, in Lithuania they declare that Russia is leading an effective and purposeful information and propaganda war?

I am sure that the two-volume collection of documents "The USSR and Lithuania during the Second World War" will still play its negative role. We can assume a situation when, at some international meeting in response to a public statement by Mr. Lavrov, and possibly the President of the Russian Federation that there was no Soviet occupation of Lithuania, the Lithuanian side would put this two-volume book on the table and refer to its conclusions. It will be a grand fiasco of Russian leaders.

Unfortunately, we have to admit that for the time being, Russia is losing the battle for the Lithuanian-Russian historical past. And not only in Lithuania. The situation in Ukraine is the result of the fact that Russia allowed the nationalists and Bandera to impose on the Ukrainian public their vision of a joint Russian-Ukrainian history.

True, in the past two years, Russian television has begun to pay much more attention to historical topics. However, in matters of publishing research on historical topics related to the history of our former brethren in the Russian Empire and the USSR, the situation is changing very slowly. Russia's opponents are working faster and more efficiently here.

A few words about the documentary film The Sentenced. Trap for the Alpha Group. In Lithuania, it was regarded as a product made on the orders of the Kremlin. I wish it were so. But for now ... The initiator of the creation of this film is the former head of the Alpha group, M. Golovatov. As is known, Lithuania declared him a war criminal.

Any person accused, especially without proof, of committing a crime, is protected. Colonel Golovatov does this, for the good of his financial means. I know this firsthand. It was to me Mikhail Vasilyevich asked to take part in the creation of the film and provide the film crew
documentary materials that I have.

Paying tribute to the efforts of M. Golovatov, I, nevertheless, am confident that if the Kremlin were to take up the theme of the January events in Vilnius, the situation would be completely different. First of all, apparently, statements by the State Duma and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia on the topic of the unjustifiably expansive interpretation by the Lithuanian side of the concept of “war crime” and the unsubstantiated accusation of Russian citizens for war crimes would follow.

Further. Undoubtedly, the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation would be instructed to request from the Lithuanian side copies of all 700 volumes of the January 13 criminal case. An objective analysis of the case materials with the assistance of independent experts would undoubtedly reveal their falsification component. Fortunately, by today there is a sufficient amount of evidence supporting this conclusion.

I believe that the FSB, which could provide the world community with archival materials about the dark sides of the life of some representatives of the modern Lithuanian ruling elite, who inspire Russophobic sentiments in Lithuania, would not stand aside. The hopes of these former Soviet collaborators that they were able to clear out the archives of the KGB of the Lithuanian SSR are in vain. They forgot that the Lithuanian KGB was obliged to regularly send reports to the Soviet KGB.

There is no doubt that the report on the top-secret meeting of the Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Lithuania in September 1988 of the year, at which V. Landsbergis was recommended by the leader of Sajudis, is in Moscow. This is due to the fact that the Chairman of the Lithuanian KGB, E. Eismuntas, personally recommended the Landsbergis bureau. He could do this only in coordination with Moscow. And, accordingly, Eismuntas had to report to the KGB of the USSR, how the introduction of the “tested” person into the leadership of Sajudis.

All this lies in the archives of the Lubyanka and is waiting in the wings.

As for the plots about the January events of 1991 in Vilnius, shown in the TV program “Man and Law” in October of 2013, it is simply ridiculous to attribute their creation to the “Kremlin arm”. It is known that the TV program “The Man and the Law” conducts an informational struggle against violations of the rights of citizens by the Russian judicial system. The plots she prepares are suggested by the people who apply to this program.

The idea to apply to the “Man and Law” for protection against the arbitrariness of the Lithuanian judicial system was born in a group of people who, in 1990-1991-ies, following the decisions of the Third Congress of the USSR, Decrees of the President of the USSR and the Laws of the USSR, sought to ensure the restoration of the constitutional order in Lithuanian SSR. In post-Soviet Lithuania, they are trying to make "war criminals."

I enter this group also. I will not tell you how much effort it took to draw the attention of TV Channel One to our problems. But, as they say, perseverance gave the result. Plots were prepared. And I am proud to have helped create them.

However, it is absurd to accuse me and my comrades of waging war against Lithuania. We are only defending ourselves. This is our right. And we will make every effort in the future so that the Russian leadership will pay attention to the crisis situation that is brewing in relations between Lithuania and Russia regarding the assessment of the January events. It is absolutely clear that the main purpose of the correspondence process that the Lithuanian Themis plans to conduct against Russian citizens suspected of war crimes by Lithuania are not specific people, but Russia as the successor of the USSR.

The recognition of former citizens of the USSR, and now citizens of the Russian Federation, of committing war crimes will create an additional legal basis for Lithuania to put forward material claims to Russia. In addition, the question of the real perpetrators of the tragic January events will be completely removed from the agenda. It should also not be forgotten that the results of absentee processes will allow for decades to educate Lithuanian youth in the spirit of Russophobia.

In conclusion, let us turn to the thesis that the eternal aspiration of Russia is the accession of new territories. After the inclusion of the Crimea in the Russian Federation, this thesis is strongly exaggerated both in the Baltic States and in the world. This is supposedly a visual confirmation of Russia's imperial ambitions. However, it is politically illiterate to regard the fact of the annexation of Crimea to Russia from the position of satisfying Russian territorial claims. The situation is both simpler and more complicated.

Let me remind you of a somewhat forgotten truth that the Russians in Russia are the state-forming nation. Such they were in the Russian Empire, and in the USSR. At the same time, I want to repeat once again that to be born Russian is too small, they need to be, they need to become. I already wrote about the great RUSSIAN with foreign roots. Their contribution to the rise of Russia is invaluable. Therefore, I always speak and write about Russians in the broad sense of the word. Russian for me is someone who feels Russian in spirit. The fierce use of the “Soviet occupation” factor traditionally distinguishes the “hawks” of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. "Bronze Soldier" - one of the symbols of information accounts with the past

The fierce use of the “Soviet occupation” factor traditionally distinguishes the “hawks” of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. "Bronze Soldier" - one of the symbols of information accounts with the past

With the collapse of the USSR, 25 millions of Russians found themselves outside of Russia. The worst thing was that the Yeltsin leadership was deeply indifferent to their fate. It was the actual betrayal of the Russian people. It left an unhealing mark in the heart and in the minds of many in Russia. In 1999, the situation was aggravated by the betrayal of the fraternal Serbian people, who fell victim to the US and NATO military aggression.

And only in 2008, Russia showed that its citizens are inviolable. A worthy resistance to the Georgian aggression against South Ossetia made the majority of Russians believe that the state intends to protect its citizens. But then Ukraine happened. Who would have thought that on the land of this fraternal republic, which gave rise to the Russian state, Russians would suddenly turn out to be outcasts? What would they suddenly be forbidden to be Russian and speak their native language ?!

It was this, and not the machinations of Moscow, that split Ukraine. In this situation, the majority of Crimeans, who always felt themselves Russian, expressed a desire to be in Russia. I am sure that for Putin there was no question about the Crimea, as about a new Russian territory. Crimea for him, above all, were people who believed that the Motherland would not surrender them, as it did in 1991 year. Therefore, Putin had only one choice: it is impossible to take the Russian people. In this situation, talking about the realization of some imperial territorial ambitions of the Russian president is simply ridiculous.

Remember how the Crimeans exulted when the decision was made to join the Crimea to Russia. They exulted because they returned to the arms of the Motherland. The Russians also exulted, but not because they rooted in territory, but because they supported their compatriots, because historical truth triumphed, because the land, generously drenched in the blood of our ancestors, grandfathers and fathers, returned to Russia.
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    Until America falls, dogs will bark ...
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      Quote: Nevsky_ZU
      Until America falls, dogs will bark ...

      America is far away .......................
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      Yes, to hell with her with America. That for us Lithuania as a whole is nothing! It is high time to introduce a full economic caput with Lithuania on all counts. Close the border with them and break all relations and after that, at least get in the way.
      1. Flooding
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        Lithuanian Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius:
        tvu-i-porty-drugih-stran.d? id = 44297855 # ixzz2ywZoN1Ue
        So far, we are not talking about losses, because only today we received this information. The calculation can be very simple. Over a year, over 1 million tons of food are re-exported and exported to Russia through the terminals of Klaipeda port

        The main partners of Lithuania in terms of goods turnover for January-September 2013: Russian Federation (25,3%), Germany (8,4%), Poland (8,2%), Latvia (7,7%), Estonia (5,3%), the Netherlands (4,5%), Sweden (3,1%).

        The main export partners of Lithuania for January-September 2013: Russian Federation (19,3%), Latvia (9,9%), Estonia (7,7%), Germany (7,1%), Poland (7,1%), Belarus (4,9%), Netherlands (4,4%), Sweden (3,3%).

        The main import partners of Lithuania following the results of January-September 2013: Russian Federation (30,8%), Germany (9,6%), Poland (9,1%), Latvia (5,6%), the Netherlands (4,6%), Estonia (3,06%), Sweden (3,06%).

        According to the Department of Statistics of Lithuania, the total Lithuanian trade in 2013 amounted to: exports - 18,1 billion euros, imports - 19,6 billion euros. Of these, Russia accounts for 3,5 billion euros and 6,04 billion euros, respectively. For comparison: Germany accounts for 1,3 billion euros for export and 1,9 billion for imports, for Poland 1,3 billion and 1,8 billion euros.

        More details at
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          Exit from the WTO and full economy. blockade of the Baltic states. They themselves crawled on their knees already. am
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          So already a squeal for this reason, at least ___ shut up. A sense. The fact is that in every ordinary Lithuanian inhabitant there is a Russophobe. And this screech on his consumption. The psychology is such that even if the rats themselves are eaten, they will once again be glad that someone’s ham is rotten in Russia. As they were forest brothers, they remained. All the youth there in London and Stockholm are trapping in the local catering establishments, and their parents are angry at Russia in Zhmudskie forests and copses. Silence, province. Anger at the Soviet power, and associate it with Russia. Until they die out, nothing will change.
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        One Baltic states already said in an interview that if Russia imposes sanctions against them, they will have to go drown in the Baltic. laughing
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        We are waiting for the corpses. hi
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    If there is no enemy, he must be invented.
    The principle of the time of Machiavelli
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      The Baltic countries have such a job - to bark at Russia, they earn money like that. Well, imagine that they suddenly stopped barking and went quiet what Who will need this sprats edge, which, by the way, and sprats, has been making h.e.r.o.v.y. Nobody will need it and will not be interested in it. And so it seems to be in business, well, the owner is happy. As Ilf and Petrov used to say: "Don't be afraid of jackals, they are not poisonous at all." Since seizures have become more frequent, then we are doing everything right.
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    No brothers, this is not agony. Russophobia in the Baltic countries is a powerful tool of political PR.
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      Quote: ASed
      No brothers, this is not agony. Russophobia in the Baltic countries is a powerful tool of political PR.

      of course
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      Quote: ASed
      No brothers, this is not agony. Russophobia in the Baltic countries is a powerful tool of political PR.

      of course. when their own citizens quietly glanced across Europe for a gastorbaitet, and mostly Russian-speaking citizens remained in the country.
      1. Ased
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        Quote: punk
        Quote: ASed
        No brothers, this is not agony. Russophobia in the Baltic countries is a powerful tool of political PR.

        of course. when their own citizens quietly glanced across Europe for a gastorbaitet, and mostly Russian-speaking citizens remained in the country.

        Do not judge with a kondachka. Abroad, there are daughters of all the largest state. companies. From Sovcomflot to Rosatom.
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    When it falls, Mosek must be drowned, so that some simply forever disappear from the World map! It will be easier for our children and grandchildren!
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    Cosmos1987 April 15 2014 12: 21
    Yes, there were times when a Lithuanian citizen could become an astronaut, it could be when Lithuania was part of the Great Country. Rimantas Antanas-Antano Stankevičius is a member of the first group of Soviet cosmonauts who were preparing for flights on the space shuttle Buran. And now you Lithuanians are cleaning toilets and wiping their asses with a European. "Glory to LITHUANIA"!
    1. razv35
      razv35 April 15 2014 12: 29
      Yes!!!!!!!!! And you can’t add anything here. Could be an astronaut, but began to clean toilets. Good alternative
      1. desant_doktor
        desant_doktor April 15 2014 13: 04
        If you didn’t want to live in union, you will live in a colony.
    2. Docent1984
      Docent1984 April 15 2014 13: 17
      Yeah, and some sane Lithuanians from the "councils" about their so-called. homeland is not very good opinion) Do you know where the wonderful Soviet actor Yuzas Budraitis lives?)
  6. razv35
    razv35 April 15 2014 12: 22
    I was in Estonia, the small town of Tartu. Sitting at the bus station I went to the stall to buy juice for my son.
    The Estonian saleswoman immediately asked: "Are you not local? How do you feel about Putin?"
    I answered cautiously that Putin is a strong politician. I was ready to hear everything in response, even "Heil Hitler"
    But the answer of the elderly Estonian struck me "Here we only hope for Putin"

    These are the realities ...
    1. screw cutter
      screw cutter April 15 2014 16: 03
      Do you know what was called Tartu under the tsar? Yuryev. And in Tartu, even office work is in two languages ​​and there are a lot of Russians. And Russian TV cannot be turned off, it flies from the Pskov province. Of the three Baltic countries, Estonia is perhaps the most adequate, since act with an eye on Finland. Once they took the initiative and received both from some and from others (both from Russia and from Finland for the "Bronze Soldier").
      PS In Estonia, the highest, of the three Baltic republics, is the standard of living.
  7. nvn_co
    nvn_co April 15 2014 12: 23
    The dog barks and the caravan moves on! Let them chat, after a couple of five years in Europe, the "fifth point" will come, they will quickly come running and change the mood. And when a woman is at the helm, it is understandable ... Istoia has long proved it and re-proved it !!!
  8. pensioner
    pensioner April 15 2014 12: 23
    “The neighborhood of Russia over the past few centuries has been, is and will remain in the future the biggest challenge for the State of Lithuania.

    Don't be afraid lol . It's not for long repeat . Like it or not, a historically determined process will still happen yes .
  9. naGua
    naGua April 15 2014 12: 24
    A fascist drives a fascist and drives a fascist! From the word "filthy"!
  10. Tanechka-clever
    Tanechka-clever April 15 2014 12: 27
    Economic cooperation with Russia is of paramount importance for Lithuania, but its own skin is nevertheless closer and the functionaries of Lithuania assigned to the maintenance of the United States take care of it. They know that for disobedience - the United States will not breed ceremonies and "skin off the living" without the right to a visa to the EU and the United States - the prospect of living out their days at a European garbage dump is not suitable for them. And today, the detention of a Russian officer is another attempt to please his employers from the United States and provide another means for bargaining - leaving the territory of Russia becomes dangerous as in the days of Nazi Germany. The USA is a world terrorist and dictator - it has occupied Lithuania, but they seem to like it. But I personally don't understand why we should support their economy
  11. Turkir
    Turkir April 15 2014 12: 35
    All this lies in the archives of the Lubyanka and is waiting in the wings.

    This hour has come. Rather passed.
    And Lithuania will never become the state about which the Lithuanians themselves can speak with pride, while it is in captivity of its false history. Lithuanian ideas about the world around are based on the gentry philosophy: I am great, because this is mine and everything is mine, because I am great. This philosophy, first of all, implies contempt for one's own people and for the "schismatics", i.e. to the Orthodox. There is no smell of humanism here, the gloomy Middle Ages. A good nutritious broth for extreme nationalism, which is exactly what fascism is. Sic.
  12. smart Fox
    smart Fox April 15 2014 12: 36
    How tired of the Balts with their fears of occupation. Russia has not occupied anyone. But in the Baltic countries so much screaming about Russia's imperial ambitions. that one gets the feeling that they just want this. again fall into occupation with a powerful power.
    Yes, we are a powerful power, you can’t get anywhere from this. we can do a lot: fly into space, go down to the bottom of Lake Baikal, buy up all the real estate in the Baltic States (if you wish), redirect traffic in the Baltic bypassing the Baltic ports, build the most advanced nuclear power plants, protect our compatriots in Crimea, do not give a damn about the opinion of the Americas and Europe .....
    What can the Baltic countries do? It is powerless to bark without even biting. They are no longer interesting to anyone, because they are political impotent people. Can not. Therefore, they will never be considered powerful countries.
    1. Committee
      Committee April 15 2014 12: 47
      Quote: Sly Fox
      Powerless barking without even biting
      but this is already old, they yelp by inertia, thinking that everything is as before, but the realities have changed, only they will not be able to understand this, from a lack of information and a reluctance to recognize the obvious - Russia is already different!
  13. SHOCK.
    SHOCK. April 15 2014 12: 37
    Stray in his repertoire. People’s self-conceit is hypertrophied, they want to be big and noticeable, but it turns out only barking from the gateway, or better yet, from the owner’s pocket. In short, yaw-yaw-yaw, it doesn’t even pull on the bark.
  14. 120352
    120352 April 15 2014 12: 42
    Something really dragged on their agony. There is no strength to look at these torments. Put to sleep, or what?
  15. Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian April 15 2014 12: 43
    As the moviegoer of the TV series "Airborne Dad" would put it: "Give me a lift, or catch up yourself!"

    Do not forget that the teams on the Grunwald field sounded in Russian, but the United States something; Osamu crashed, but didn’t announce the victory to celebrate the Gold Coast, was al Osama just an unnecessary witness?

    The main thing lucky Obama was that the Marines knew grammar, but, if only, they confused "s" and "b"?

    Nevertheless, military science is an exact science, but to pat it with your tongue - is it only in the frontal place, or something!
    1. Kostya pedestrian
      Kostya pedestrian April 19 2014 16: 35

      By the way, thanks for the +, I'll just buy Nike tomorrow! And then here "Elektronik" strives to write everything to the brigade. but skulls on shoulder straps are a parody of ...

      By the way, I was changing the wheels of my car, so some lilise scratched it, and so I noticed the numbers, something like the color of the new Ford "kg". By the way, when Bridge Stone's knife is taken away. And then with one knife for the letter CHB (shepherd)!

      I did not finish right away, but I played with the Windows codes with Claudia, and this is what happens:

      - if the Taliban is not switched to the end-coding 1251 (not to be confused with the cody from the Scary movie), we get the following:

      nf kb, fy - KB Fan Fort; Amphora? Herat - Cheetah? Heckard? Packard?
      Or it drove Robert De Niro. poor mafiosi did not know how many fokker fulfov we had. Probably Zhirinovsky himself knows, not in vain put on a uniform, so as not to be confused.

      What kind of Greek prophet Muhammad is parodying? Wanted tragedies?

      Personally, I am a Soviet person, and therefore happy, and I can argue with the Arabs “to whom did God give more oil, but the Greeks can? Only if the mafia is intimidated.

      Well, let's declassify the language of aliens from erea 51:

      e (f) dshift - this is if you print the Taliban in English without switching Klava to 1251

      By the way, who finds similarities between the current Prime Minister of Japan, the former "lucky" Yushchenko and the actor Robert Gia?

      By the way, it turns out that I mixed them all the letters, I was just born next to Gaya Street.

      If you don’t see the point, then play Gears of Thief and explore the terrain.

      ... let's continue. Browse Google maps and search Orrong Australia, or, play Find Wally, and find two oranges in the South African coat of arms


      if you print luck in English, i.e. luck we get dgsl. If anyone does not know, then a digger is the name of the infantry of Australia, but “sl” can mean anything. I hope that it is not the nuclear warhead with the launcher.

      But for the Internationalists and Guards, as well as lucky people who tried to crush the New Rickshis, the word “luck” sounds like “afhn a”

      If anyone is negative, then you simply prove that Russians are 0 in computer science. And I argue that we, as Lenin created it, we –Russians stood at the origins of both cybernetics and computer science.

      Incidentally, even Cameroon, the creator of the Terminator, called the Skynet computer. Of course, I was not on Saturn, but he was not talking about Mercury. By the way, the simple European or Caucasian Saturn is much closer than the Vietnamese mercury.

      By the way, in the coat of arms of Vietnam there is the word "hoax", the same word is used in the picture "Noah releases a dove" in English. Yes, do not forget to study the coat of arms of "Bolivia" In short, not Hollywood, but solid Bollywood. And I do not like to be sick!

      It’s more like a flood!
      1. Kostya pedestrian
        Kostya pedestrian April 23 2014 08: 06
        For polyglots, I can also advise you to see how the word cod is translated into Greek "κροτάλισμα" This is such a Taliban company. Is it because of the Greek river that there is stoic.

        By the way, where is this river ... I will assume that this is the Tatar Strait. Just translate it into Japanese. As the saying goes: "Take off my smile."

        Yes, 911 is an American tragedy, it struck me personally by the fact that, being a rational person, and a believer, especially in Science, he noticed that when they wanted to jinx it, there immediately appeared breaking in bones and crackling in tendons.

        Therefore, here I am advocating for the return of damage, and then some demon-worker was let loose on me. Tea is not for the Bazaar! It would be for a bazaar, I would see some sort of export-import department headed. we have wine, you have gas. Well, or to Ostap in 000 "horns and hooves" una livelihood.

        It is not necessary to become at their level, debtors must be sin. Debts must be repaid, including damage.

        Thanks to the Bolshevik party, led by comrades Lenin and Stalin, who illuminated our Orthodox people, otherwise they would have sat in the “dangion” (prison in English)

        Our Orthodox religion, I do not reject as an intercessor of the people. But it should also develop, otherwise our people will go to Mitsubishi, they will be driven by managers of Toyota advertising departments, and they will eat noodles of the grieving, personally wrapped by earrings! Yes, even forks tossed. And then what?

        Below is a picture of Vlasikha, well, the plot from the 1981 broadcast “This Fantastic World” reminds me very much. There was such a cycle of popular science shows in ours.
        A nuclear missile, in the hands of the proletariat, led by the priest of the Church of Michael the Archangel, an iron argument against the fiery hyena! This is a symbiosis of our science and religion.

        By the way, Jesus casting out seven demons of evil, the same is not a joke. Just look at the word bee in Greek and Japanese. And you will see: what nectar they brought us - Port Ain 777 (German)

        I personally drink only five-star cognac. let the valiant tankers of our autocratic army from the Hopkins barracks drink methax. Although ... I heard a lot about Saturn, but no one has returned from the side of the sun.

        As Alexander Nevsky used to say: We are army, and not to write to Hera and to Swindle! "

        And enough of calling the Japs gays, you can already introduce a new word "nedotsushimnye Fukushima"
        1. Kostya pedestrian
          Kostya pedestrian April 25 2014 04: 39
          By the way, the word the prophet in Georgian sounds and is written very beautifully: წინასწარმეტყველი,
          unlike the translation of the word "bible" into Estonian: piibel.

          But these are just linguistic things, but I wonder if the US Army has become so dumb with the coming of the Greeks to power that it sends its soldiers to die in the desert. This is some kind of non-criminal behavior.

          Although now, US products are hard to get even by pulling. I want a new Kodak. My old 2004 will give odds to any Sonya.

          Look, remember, they’ll quickly drive such under the shkonki. Although judging by the Bede media sites, they themselves have already been screwed into women. I guess the Herr got hurt?

          Instead of punishing real rats, who actually drove New York - with their famous sharks of the thieves' world and the Pentagon with the most trained killers.

          Are the Nins scared? Al Yakuza with the Jacobins the world's coolest secret societies? Probably a time machine is available?

          So those samurai themselves are afraid. Like, those who founded the Mitsubishi. Coffins on wheels.

          Or do you expect the Hindu ganish to come to power, and you will show Indians to refer to which caste the blacks are. Like Donkeys?

          I’m interested to know the opinion of the pros.

          Have you heard about such a North Italian cult "benandanti", which means "going to a good cause." This cult flourished in the Friuli region of Italy.

          By the way, if anyone does not know, then Rome is now a favorite place for the Japs. And the Japanese captivated not only Italy, but also such auto giants as Germany!

          Is the United States, which proposed Japan to surrender even before the nuclear explosions, acted not according to the laws of honor and military affairs?

          Atnyud. The United States before the war on terror in the Middle East, to our happiness, not far off - an example to follow the commanders of any army.

          So I see no reason why the geishas decided to take revenge on the United States by planting New York Skyscrapers in 73, and then hiring the Indians to cut them, and even cast a shadow on the God of Saturn. jesus found death defeat?

          By the way, the Bible has already come to Belarus, which is reflected in the monument to child victims near the Red Village. It is interesting how many children after Chernobyl Jla helped the Japanese air campaign. It hurts their logo stork

          PieS: when they insult a woman, as Dartanyan said, I can’t stand aside. Hands off Gaia!
          1. Kostya pedestrian
            Kostya pedestrian April 26 2014 04: 52
            By the way, no one was studying the route of bus 73 in the city of Minsk. Its ultimate next to a former Finnish gas station, and now the Toyota Center.

            Would Holden or Geely, I would understand that. But Toyota? If anyone does not know, then there was such a detachment 731, engaged in biological weapons. They are involved in burying people alive in China. Thug killers.

            By the way, Orlovskaya street, former Voroshilovskaya. Well, comrade. Voroshilov started with the 1st Horse. I am not saying that Toyota paid for the "recruitment", or rather the "black mail" of the terrorists who seized Budyonovsk.

            But an attempt to assassinate me was recorded in the cinema, thanks to Dobryna Nikitich "Hot News 2009. By the way, Alyosha Popovich played great in" Underwater Rocks. "

            So - the dynamics of the strike in the troops of the USSR Airborne Forces was delivered to Ur! And the reaction among the Tai Chi students is excellent.

            A NOW QUESTION:

            To whom is the "pit" monument in Minsk? To immortalize the murderers of civilians. Or is it an advertisement for a Nissan YuDe truck.

            It is interesting that the Japanese have a miracle, when the executioners are praised, and the Belarusians, again, are trying to mix with dirt. This is a robbery, so probably in technology. They robbed the USA, then Russia in the 90s. What did our "land" like? It is better to buy our ubiquitous all-terrain vehicles, otherwise it will flood with foam again.

            By the way, I recommend the movie "Target Selection". Very well said. God gives money, and the devil gives a hole. And where are our priests looking? The Pope? The Dalai Lama?

            PieS: By the way, the Japs filled up Leon Trotsky. That he drove them from our east. And then the cattle, you know alphas, and the Japanese are omegas: "they prick potatoes and break bricks"

            To the monarch, Bonoser, an excellent shooting range!
  16. mamont5
    mamont5 April 15 2014 12: 43
    "87% of residents of big cities are confident that Russia can try to occupy Lithuania again"

    Well, if they think so, then it will be so. The law of attraction in action.
  17. mabuta
    mabuta April 15 2014 12: 44
    In Lithuania, on the territory of the Trakai base, militants were training for Ukraine and Belarus. Here they are with an instructor.
  18. bif
    bif April 15 2014 12: 46
    It is significant to whip at least one Fascist Pug in front of the "owners" with the words "Tell others what awaits all of you! Dad is upset!"
  19. The comment was deleted.
  20. The comment was deleted.
  21. Kibl
    Kibl April 15 2014 13: 35
    Our Baltic political prostitutes are brought together in a single choir of non-milking cows, the conductor of which is an eared monkey from Fashington!
  22. maxbrov74
    maxbrov74 April 15 2014 13: 54
    The neighborhood of Russia over the past few centuries has been, is and will remain in the future the biggest challenge for the State of Lithuania.

    Neighbors are not chosen, and if something is not pleasant, then fixable. You can always move yourself anywhere. There, on the Balts, a third of the population is touring arm-in-arm with donkeys in European garbage dumps and outhouses. Maybe the rest should go on the road. Shnurov has a good song about this:
  23. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 15 2014 13: 57
    Paranoia in the last stage of Lithuanian leaders, this is no longer being treated.
  24. Quantum
    Quantum April 15 2014 14: 05
    Sprats are completely insolent. It is a pity that Russia does not block all channels
    sales to our country?
  25. milann
    milann April 15 2014 14: 22
    Quote: Alexander Romanov
    Quote: Nevsky_ZU
    pugs will bark ...

    Yes, to hell with her with America. That for us Lithuania as a whole is nothing! It is high time to introduce a full economic caput with Lithuania on all counts. Close the border with them and break all relations and after that, at least get in the way.

    Well, yes, - Lithuania - nothing, Latvia - nothing, Estonia - nothing, the list goes on. Until recently, Ukraine was “nothing”, and then we angrily denounce PACE of bias and lies, we cannot defend our position at the UN. You have to fight for your allies. Today we have no allies, only supporters. If this continues, we will be left alone with the rest of the world and will be devoured.
  26. Cossacks
    Cossacks April 15 2014 14: 50
    Y. Mel is not the first and not the last. Do not believe me, ask if you can, Kvachkov, Budanov. And the article is relevant. The Chukhons somehow forgot that they walked in wooden slippers until they were 40, and after the war they made a showcase of them.
  27. Tehb
    Tehb April 15 2014 15: 10
    Report of the State Children's Safety Department of Lithuania (Department of State Security) I first read the LGBT of Lithuania, it will be with them.
  28. mackonya
    mackonya April 15 2014 15: 13
    My Baltic "friends", why don't you organize your alliance together with the Scandinavian countries, well, honestly, in the XNUMXst century we need to cooperate and work together for the benefit of national economies. Nobody is occupying anyone, who needs your territory (Russia has access to the Baltic), and even to restore your industry.
  29. 1812 1945
    1812 1945 April 15 2014 15: 15
    Who was in what borders after October 25, 1917 and on what basis? ... Disputes about this remind catching fleas on a sleeping bear. In the Russian Empire there was no legislative code allowing its collapse by tearing away territories. Let all the smaller brothers remember (across the territory - nothing bad) that they are part of Russia seized illegally (!!!) and thanks to the provisions of the USSR constitution, which they do not recognize as a legitimate state formation. The bear is sure to wake up.
  30. Siberian 1975
    Siberian 1975 April 15 2014 15: 33
    I can’t understand. America and Geyropa we almost openly send to ,,,,!. So what is the ceremony with the Balts? Are we in some way dependent on them? From their ports? In my opinion, there are enough + Crimea. They will be sticks to us in wheels to insert in the European Union? So it’s easier for us to insert a stick and not in the wheels.
  31. siberalt
    siberalt April 15 2014 16: 09
    Article is a beast. It seems that there is no other way yet. But the wardrobe is not just one patch. Until the "small-sprat" ones understand the wisdom about the "fish-whale", they will not understand what Russian civilization is. And this does not apply to the people of the Baltic states. "Fool and fool. Fool and fool!" But, the end will be. And soon.
  32. April 15 2014 16: 10
    Take away from Lithuania Klaipeda, to which Lithuania does not have any rights (donated by I.V. Stalin).
  33. sv68
    sv68 April 15 2014 17: 02
    Lithuania really wants a big and tender pi --- to get it out of Russia. We sometimes become wizards and other people's wishes come true. So wait on a visit.
  34. kind
    kind April 15 2014 17: 54
    Baltic states are vile people. They cannot live by themselves; they need a strong master. They have no opinion. They, like the Tobacco jackal with the Sherkhan tiger, rely on someone else's strength, and they themselves can only shoot in the back and collect scraps. Chukhontsy, in one word. European scum.
  35. Magic archer
    Magic archer April 15 2014 19: 32
    Last year I was driving through Tallinn. We went to a restaurant to eat. We sit with the company, we poison the jokes, laugh. At the bar, the bartender and aunt both years old are a little over 40. They also laugh at me. I’m going to order another beer, they pretend they don’t understand ! English or Estonian. We ate, we paid, I put the ruble on them and left saying that someday it would again be your currency !!!! These faces should have been seen !!!! laughing
  36. fliger85
    fliger85 22 January 2021 13: 03
    The fact is that in addition to sucking the American "cucumber", Labuses are no longer able to do anything and simply do what they give the task in the USA. no one else will give them anything and they will have nothing to chew. Life has become such a labus dog after Russia stopped using their ports in Vilnius, Riga and Klaipeda. The economy has lost about 40%. They already have nothing to be proud of. Poor labusite country.