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Russia and Ukraine will hand over landfill NITKA for rent


The visit of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Anatoly Serdyukov to Ukraine last week is called by many not so useful and constructive as mysterious and incomprehensible.

The first in the program of the visit was a visit to the Sevastopol Academy of Naval Forces. Nakhimov, and Serdyukov really visited her, but it was a cursory examination and superficial acquaintance with how the future captains are being trained. Many expected that the head of the Russian defense ministry would be interested in new simulators for training cadets and, in particular, a simulator that completely imitates the captain's bridge, the Navigation Bridge. There is no such simulator in any country of the world, and the cadets can master the intricacies of maritime affairs and at the same time not endanger real ships. But Serdyukov, for some unknown reason, was not interested, and he did not even get acquainted with the simulator.

Similarly, the visit of Serdyukov to the shipyards in Nikolaev was held in Sevastopol. Many expected that after the meeting of the presidents of Russia and Ukraine last year, at which the fate of the Ukrainian shipbuilding industry was discussed, it was during this visit that the fate of the Ukraine-launched missile cruiser, which, despite 95% readiness, continued to rust on one of the Nikolaev shipyards. But Serdyukov examined the shipyards, talked with local shipbuilders, but did not even get up on the deck of the “Ukraine”. Obviously, Russia is not interested in such a project, and Ukrainians need to make a decision either to finish building a cruiser on their own, or to do with it, as they did before with a third of the Russian Navy - to cut it into scrap metal.

But the very purpose of the trip of Anatoly Serdyukov to the south of Ukraine becomes incomprehensible. Obviously, the visits to Sevastopol and Nikolaev were only the fulfillment of the mandatory part of the program, but certainly not the main one.

It is likely that already this year the Ukrainian cadets will go to Russia for further training. One of the advisers to the president explained the reason for this decision by the “lack of special means in Ukraine for quality training.” This partly explains Serdyukov’s unwillingness to attend training complexes, which are among the best in the world, and now he has the opportunity to report to Medvedev that in Sevastopol, to train future military captains there are only miserable classes and talented cadets need to be picked up and taught in Russia.

Many analysts are sure that Serdyukov’s visit to Ukraine is not connected with worries about the fate of Sevastopol cadets or unfinished ships in Nikolaev, the main purpose of the visit was the Crimean NITKA training ground. The range precisely imitates the deck of the aircraft carrier cruiser Admiral fleet Kuznetsov ”and was built in the early 80s at the secret air base Novofedorovka near the resort town of Saki. But what is the importance of this training ground, especially for Russians? Even for an experienced pilot, both take-off and landing on deck are of particular difficulty. In this regard, pilots must have a good special training, but to allow training flights on board the only aircraft carrier in Russia means putting it under a completely guaranteed catastrophe.

Ukrainian thread is the only ground facility that is designed to train deck pilots aviation and in particular pilots for the "Admiral Kuznetsov." During the presidency in Ukraine of Viktor Yushchenko, Russians were denied access to the training ground in Novofedorovka. The situation changed dramatically last summer when Viktor Yanukovych came to power. For a month, the 279th Separate Naval Aviation Regiment of the Russian Northern Fleet conducted training at the Ukrainian special training ground. Every day several dozen unique day and night flights were carried out. Returning home, the northerners called August 2010 "salvation for the Russian decks."

The fact that the Crimean "land carrier" still remains unsurpassed, even Americans recognize. They have a similar complex, but it is significantly inferior in technical parameters and size. This airfield is made in the form of a landing strip on a ship and equipped with four arresting gears, as well as the Luna optical landing system. A steel bulba of a real huge ship's springboard stands on a nearby airfield. The most important thing is that all equipment is in working condition. There were no complaints about the quality of equipment and additional funds from the pilots of the 279 air regiment.

But the question arises: if all the equipment works and functions perfectly, as the last trainings have proved, why should the Moscow-Kiev authorities, united by one goal, overhaul to change the existing electromechanical mincemeat of the NITKA test site? Ukraine has no ship aviation. For training Russian pilots, the existing runway systems created in the 80s of the last century are sufficient. Also, the state armament program of the Russian Federation, developed before 2020, also does not provide for the construction or purchase of new aircraft carriers.

Experts make an unequivocal conclusion that the planned reconstruction of the complex is necessary to bring it to the standards of clients from China and India. These conclusions are also confirmed by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Yezhel: “Russia is still our main partner in the use of the NITKA test site. But China and India are also showing their interest in training pilots at the test site. ”

Both of these states are actively implementing their own program of building a powerful aircraft carrier fleet. So, in particular, the Taiwanese press claims that China creates aircraft carriers on the basis of the Varyag purchased in Ukraine. It should be noted that "Varyag" was purchased at the price of scrap metal - for 23 million dollars. Despite the fact that the Varyag was taken as a basis, it will be the ships of the new generation, and it is quite understandable that the THREAD is outdated for them. For the most part, this refers to the filling of the landfill, since the deck is well suited to modern requirements. For high-quality training of the first generation of ship pilots, the same Chinese and Indians need a truly modern training base.

It so happened that Anatoly Serdyukov can make quick decisions only if it can bring a lot of money. In this case, it is not only about the development of a promising business on the international lease of the landfill for the training of pilots of ship aviation. An equally important result of the last visit to the south of Ukraine was an instantaneous operation to transfer significant financial flows from the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

During the visit to the Crimea, the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation reached, perhaps, a sensational agreement - within two years “for sailors of the Russian fleet” in the Cossack Bay area near Sevastopol 1265 apartments will be built. Of course, such a large-scale construction of housing on the attractive Black Sea coast will now go under the careful control of Anatoly Eduardovich and K. But the question remains, how many of the built apartments will seafarers get?

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  1. His
    His April 23 2011 12: 58
    You can’t cook porridge with Ukrainians. Today they sing one thing, tomorrow another.
  2. Ukrainian
    Ukrainian April 23 2011 14: 34
    You can’t cook porridge with Ukrainians. Today they sing one thing, tomorrow another.

    I do not require. Cook with the Americans. wink
  3. clean
    clean April 23 2011 14: 42
    The press has already announced the construction of such a training ground in the Arkhangelsk region at the location of the 279th separate naval aviation regiment.
  4. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui April 23 2011 16: 58
    Well, the faces in the top photo! How to choose! BOMPS pancake

    All paunchy, the current in the sailor is clearly tormented by gout - you can see on the acidic face. And for the heroic-looking perdyukov, the boar, very impressively on the face, tried on a mask of deep attention - TRADERS AND BAGS ARE CUTTING ON A CUTTLE. The preparation was crying now on a thread ...

    But Ukrainians and we are one and the same thing, and by the show off of politicians they don’t judge a nation.

    And in the second photo, the aircraft carrier itself is painted on the territory of the airfield ??? Even I do not catch up ... this is the thread?
  5. His
    His April 23 2011 20: 17
    I judge by your deeds, not even by words. What is your holy fool Shrek, what a heap, what is now like him there, everyone is trying to throw Russia like second Jews. Americans are not friends to us, rather your comrades
  6. Kazakh
    Kazakh April 23 2011 20: 43
    well done Ukrainian
  7. gans
    gans April 23 2011 21: 51

    Kazakh] well done Ukrainian - will become Kazakh if ​​American blacks do not torture
  8. mishan
    mishan April 23 2011 22: 52
    Well, it’s right that India has Vikramidya, that China has our former aircraft carrier, identical to Kuznetsov. So all this reconstruction for alien air forces
  9. Enemigo
    Enemigo April 23 2011 23: 02

    kid, are you out of your mind? your main enemy is sitting in the Kremlin. and sits for a long time. For 20 years, the Kremlin has been pursuing such a powerful policy that it is not respecting oneself to be friends with such people. tell me, who are interested in politicians (and the country itself) who have left millions of compatriots at the mercy of all sorts of kishlak buys? which of the Russian presidents at least once met with undercut Russians? in the Kremlin they blaspheme and wash from all the stands of their only ally - Belarus. What attitude do you want for a country where the government destroys its own army, military industry and science, trading in oil and gas at the expense of future generations? it’s not outside that you need to look for enemies, but yourself to be treated. Russia will become a strong, self-respecting country, defending its own interests - it will fight off those who want to be friends. and letting Russian thieves chop cabbage together with the local thieves - so Bolivar could not stand the two. Serdyukov, adit, in Ukraine should rejoice? or the fact that iPhone regularly buys trendy gadgets. to begin with, try to cook porridge with yourself, otherwise one shit at the exit.
  10. cabin boy
    cabin boy April 24 2011 03: 47
    Judging by the delights of super-duper simulators, a note was written by a Ukrainian journalist. Come to us in St. Petersburg, dear comrade, we will take you to the supertanker and Kuznetsovo.
    Now to the distinguished commentators, why have you raised such a howl? With Chinese and Indian money, they will reconstruct Thread. After all, she will stay with us and neither the Chinese nor the Indians will ban our pilots from training her, unless the new Yushch jumps up.
  11. gans
    gans April 24 2011 10: 18
    It’s an empty thing to invest in foreign countries, inhabited mainly by ardent Russophobes. Often send allies who did not recognize South Ossetia and Abkhazia to betray you will still be betrayed for a piece of fat. Russia is a big country, there are a lot of places, you’ll get tired of building up with all kinds of threads, ropes
  12. His
    His April 24 2011 19: 33
    Ukrainian and Kazakh.
    Foreigners like to leave comments. Russia is not for you friends - kidalov
  13. cabin boy
    cabin boy April 25 2011 01: 16
    For trolls who do not know that I inform MALOROSSIA that I will give the mother of Russian cities to Kiev, this is our Slavic land, the time of Russophobes will be thrown out of it. We will help to deal with this scum and our brothers Kazakhs!
  14. datur
    datur April 27 2011 16: 31
    yeah, the pindyuks have greasy faces in the photo, the jackets on their belts do not fit. there is so much mind, patriotism on their faces that let it be felt the case will be. only who will throw someone? although Ukrainians have the advantage is their land, hehe hehe