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Greater Eastern European Policy

If, according to the West, the Crimea should be given to Ukraine, then it is necessary to simultaneously return the FRG, GDR, West Berlin to their places and eliminate the independence of Kosovo

The war is still a continuation of politics by other means. Therefore, in anticipation of the escalation of the situation in Ukraine and the inevitable consequence of this continuation of Russia's confrontation with the bloc of Western countries - members of NATO and their close allies, it is advisable to assess the balance of forces on the world stage. The UN General Assembly’s voting on the situation in Ukraine provides such an opportunity. Moreover, considering its results, one should understand that the position of a country in the course of voting is by no means equivalent to the course that this country will adhere to in bilateral relations with Russia.

Confirmation of loyalty to the United States and the European Union does not mean for those who have already shown it, supporting their position in the UN within the framework of nothing decisive and without threatening anyone with a vote at the General Assembly, the need to continue to play a big Eastern European policy against their own interests, including economic. However, we note that more than one economy is important here: all countries that have a significant number of compatriots in Ukraine expressed concern about their fate.

This applies not only to Israel, which automatically responds to any changes of this kind, as is currently taking place in Ukraine, in any country where there is a Jewish community, in the Ukrainian case including up to 200 thousands of Jews according to the census. As well as up to one and a half million children and grandchildren from mixed marriages who are eligible for repatriation to Israel in accordance with its Law of Return. But to the members of the European Union and NATO - Hungary, Romania, Poland and the Czech Republic, actively issuing representatives of the respective ethnic communities living in Ukraine, national passports, recently joined Bulgaria, expressing extreme concern over the situation there.

Dispatch "peak jackets"

The US Department of State and the Office of the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy were able, with the support of local allies, to organize a Maidan and a coup d'état in Kiev that toppled the Yanukovych regime - this turned out to be a purely technical issue. As it turned out, if there is the necessary personnel and financial support, it is not difficult to overthrow the President of Ukraine, who tried, not without benefit for himself, to sit on two chairs at the same time. Although the use of radical nationalists and fascists for this does not go well with the Western bloc's moralizing to Russia on how politics should be conducted in the XNUMXst century. However, it should be noted that modern technologies for carrying out coups d'etat, implemented by the West, are not much softer than cases from the past. historical epochs.

Greater Eastern European PolicyMoscow, unlike Washington and Brussels, approached the desire of the ex-president of Ukraine to break the promises given to her calmly. Mutually exclusive attempts to achieve simultaneous membership of Ukraine in the Customs Union and its associations with the EU did not force the Russian leadership to behave in the framework of the neo-colonial policy demonstrated by the West. Russia in Ukraine did not arrange revolutions and does not intend to arrange, did not conduct and does not hold candidates to power, does not support and does not support militants. However, the interests of the Russian-speaking population of this country will be protected no less consistently than the above-listed states, whose actions against related ethnic groups are not commented on in any way and are not condemned by the world community.

Ignoring the situation, which is a consequence of the continuation of the division of the USSR, in conditions of incapacity for a long time the political leadership of Ukraine is meaningless both within the UN and outside them. As well as the processes of secession of the former autonomies that are taking place in such republics of the former Soviet Union as Georgia and Moldova, as well as the conflict around Nagorno-Karabakh. It can only be stated that the collapse of Ukraine as a state provoked by the West caused the beginning of its collapse within the borders in which it was placed by the decisions of the governments of Soviet Russia and the USSR, thanks to Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev. Moreover, these borders, as it turns out, did not have any historical or economic basis.

Demonstrative attempts by the US and the European Union to condemn Moscow at the UN after an unexpected referendum in Crimea, which resulted in the reunification of the peninsula with Russia (it was rejected by 60 years ago by Khrushchev's decision), contradicts the geopolitical reality that is changing in accordance with the processes going on real time. References to the inviolability of borders and international law to justify the illegality of this referendum look particularly strange when you consider all the changes that have taken place on the world stage since the time of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe.

According to the 30 of 1 of August 1975 of the final Helsinki Declaration in the international legal field signed on July 35, the basis for relations between the states participating in the meeting was to not only consolidate the political and territorial outcome of the Second World War, but also the principles of inviolability of borders, territorial integrity and non-interference internal affairs of foreign states. What this means after the collapse of the USSR and Yugoslavia (in the civil war, in which the troops and political leadership of the NATO countries took an active part), the reunification of Germany and the partition by Czechoslovakia’s mutual agreement into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, is understandable.

Proceeding from the logic that Crimea should, despite the reality, return to Ukraine, it is necessary to simultaneously demand the return of the FRG, GDR and West Berlin to their seats, liquidate the independence of Kosovo and take other actions necessary to return Europe to the state recorded after the talks in Helsinki . No one in the West is going to do or discuss this. Accordingly, all the discussions about Russian-Ukrainian relations and the crisis in Ukraine within the framework of various UN agencies are a “pique vests” dispute.

Voting in the Security Council allows you to avoid a head-on collision of great powers, giving them the opportunity to demonstrate one or another position. Or the absence of the intention to join any side that, as a rule, China practices. On the one hand, Security Council resolutions are binding. On the other hand, even if they succeed in adopting them, a country in respect of which a resolution has been adopted may reject it and will receive nothing for it. What was demonstrated by Iran, Israel, China, North Korea, and many others. And this is only if the permanent members of the Security Council do not impose a veto on this or that resolution, as Russia did in relation to the recent attempts to condemn the referendum in the Crimea, and the United States repeatedly made it on various occasions.

On the other hand, if any of the permanent members of the Security Council intends to, without regard to its other members and the UN as a whole, strike a country, it will do so regardless of the results of the vote. As it happened in Yugoslavia or Iraq. Moreover, it is more decent to act as part of the international coalition than alone. As demonstrated by the United States in all the campaigns that they conducted in the 90-s and 2000-s in the Balkans, the Middle East. The UN support, if it is possible to achieve it in one way or another (including the subsequent violation of all the limitations it imposes), as in Afghanistan and Libya, is in principle a positive factor for the decision to start hostilities.

Thus, a modern war, at least initiated by the United States, usually begins with an attempt to hold a proper resolution in the UN and act within the framework of an international coalition. If this task cannot be implemented, the operations in accordance with the tasks set by the military-political leadership are carried out by the US or NATO armed forces as a military-political bloc in the normal mode. However, a good tone requires that a “blessing” on a military strike or political upheaval like the removal of the Ukrainian president by Maidan from the world community in one form or another be received (including after the fact).

Who is Moscow friend and who is the enemy

Resolutions of the UN General Assembly, unlike resolutions of the Security Council, are of a recommendatory nature. Alignment during the vote allows you to assess the level of influence of its initiators. Since the composition of the voters "for" or "against" is just the tip of the iceberg. Not less, if not more important, which member of the General Assembly abstained or did not participate in the voting. And here, the alignment for Russia is not 100 to 11, but 100 to 93. Since it is clear that only states that have nothing to do with them can openly speak out against the United States, and their relations with Washington are worse than ever. Either countries that, like Armenia and Belarus, depend on relations with Russia to such an extent that it is like death for them to quarrel with Moscow.

Accordingly, the fact that Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Bolivia, Syria, North Korea, Zimbabwe and Sudan joined Russia, Belarus and Armenia, means not so much that they favor Moscow, but that they are currently against Washington. Far more important is that in Asia, among the serious players, only the closest allies of the United States and the state, for whom their own problems with territorial integrity can explode at any moment, joined the NATO countries in their demand to preserve the territorial integrity of Ukraine (that is, non-recognition of the Crimean referendum) . That is, Japan, South Korea and Thailand on the one hand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines on the other. But not China, not India, not the countries of Indochina or the republics of Central Asia.

In the Islamic world, the resolution was supported by Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Qatar, Kuwait, Libya, Tunisia and Somalia. But not such key players as Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan. Even Yemen and Afghanistan did not support her, despite their extreme interest in relations with the United States and Saudi Arabia. The position of the organizers of the “Arab Spring” and such “front-line” states bearing the brunt of the Syrian civil war, such as Jordan and Turkey, the latter is also a member of NATO, is explicable. As well as countries with failed state of statehood, such as Libya, Tunisia and Somalia, whose prospects directly depend on the position of Doha and Riyadh.

It should be noted that Israel, which is naturally independent in the Middle East, despite pressure from Washington and Brussels, did not join those who supported the resolution condemning Moscow. This is not only symbolic, but also suggests that the de facto multi-polar world that arises before our eyes does not frighten Jerusalem, and despite particular disagreements over a number of issues, Russia in Israel is no longer perceived as an adversary. Or, to put it simply, Western attempts to use the influential world-wide Jewish and Armenian lobby against Russian politics failed.

Let us also assume that the support for the anti-Russian resolution, which Ankara and Amman could not fail to take into account the situation in Syria and the role that Moscow plays in maintaining the balance between Bashar Asad and his opponents, hindering the passage of the UN Security Council resolution legalizing possible external intervention to this country does not in any way mean the folding of the economic relations of Turkey and Jordan with Russia. Moreover, for Turkey they have an absolute priority in terms of energy supplies, and Kurdish separatism in Eastern Anatolia does not rely on Moscow.

In Africa, the number of countries that supported the resolution did not include such major players of the continent as Ethiopia, Angola and South Africa. True, among those who supported Nigeria, but this is perhaps the only success of the Western bloc. And he explains, as in Indonesia, the fears of Abuja about his own numerous separatist movements. At the same time, the number of states that evaded participation in the diplomatic confrontation of the West with Russia over the Crimea is no less in Black Africa than in the Middle East. Although in the NATO support group were such exotic participants as Malawi and Madagascar.

Mesoamerica remains the backyard of the United States, including Mexico bordering on them, but in South America, a resolution directed against Russia was supported only by Colombia, Chile and Peru. This indicates a weak level of influence of Washington in Latin America as a whole. Neither Brazil nor Argentina - the leading economic and military-political players of the continent, not to mention the countries of the weaker, besides the troika mentioned above, were not included in the list of fighters for the indivisible Ukraine.

The countries of the European Community, Canada, with its large and influential Ukrainian community, as well as Australia and New Zealand belonging to the “Anglo-Saxon Club”, as it should have been supposed, supported the resolution as a single bloc. It would be strange if one of them turned out to be a dissident, violating the strategy agreed by Washington and Brussels. Note that in Europe, Serbia, despite its European integration, did not participate in the voting, preferring to maintain an even balance of relations with Russia and the EU, and this stood out against the general background.

Potential threats to Russian interests

Today we can confidently state that imposing serious sanctions against Russia, not only bringing down its own economy, but also risking to ruin the next election due to an explosion of discontent of hundreds of thousands (on a European scale - millions) of voters left without work, not a single EU country that implements with Russia, large projects do not risk and are unlikely to risk in the future. In this regard, the strategy of economic integration into the surrounding world, consistently implemented by the current leadership of Russia, has fully justified itself.

The compensation offered to the European governments by the administration of President Barack Obama in the form of promising supplies of shale gas to Europe looks doubtful, resembling a drug that is worse than the disease. When the promised American gas goes across the Atlantic, no one knows. In any case, it will not be soon. At what price it will be sold, is unknown. However, no expert suggests that the US will sell it at a loss. What does it mean for the EU to be costs that can significantly exceed the cost of cooperation with Gazprom.

Another potential threat to Russian interests is the fall in energy prices, which Washington is trying to negotiate with its Middle Eastern partners: Saudi Arabia and Qatar. However, it is unprofitable for them and torpedoes the development of not only shale hydrocarbons and oil sands of Canada, but also the deep-water shelf, including the Atlantic - Brazilian and African, as well as the Mediterranean. Judging by the fact that the US president refused to supply Saudi leadership with modern weapons and military equipment systems, including MANPADS, Syrian opponents of Bashar al-Assad, supported by KSA, the strategic partnership between Washington and Riyadh, which is necessary for the implementation of an agreed anti-Russian energy strategy, continues to a question. Yes, and the exacerbation of the relations between Doha and Riyadh due to Qatar’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood, now excludes the possibility of their coordinated actions on any issue.

Finally, from among the republics of the former USSR, the Baltic countries, fully integrated into the EU, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Georgia, supported the anti-Russian resolution. The last three, including Russia-friendly Azerbaijan, cannot agree with the results of the Crimean referendum, having the problems with the territories that have separated from them that they have. For Moldova, this is Transdniestria and it is possible in the near future - Gagauzia. For Azerbaijan, it is Nagorno-Karabakh, which Baku hopes to return even if only by military means. For Georgia - South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Predictable position, which can hardly be changed in all three cases.

As a result, the results of the vote on the anti-Russian resolution in the UN General Assembly 27 in March gave a clear picture of the distribution of forces in the world community. This picture excludes the isolation of Russia from the world's leading players, despite the possible efforts that can be made by Washington and Brussels on this issue in the future, including the near one.

The latter does not mean that further development of the situation in Ukraine will not lead to yet another aggravation of relations between Russia and the West. The struggle for the presidency in the conditions of the extreme weakness of the political and law enforcement system of this country can escalate into a clash of armed groups. The largest of them is the “Right Sector” with its more than ten thousand fighters, which is currently mobilizing. About two thousand Svoboda fighters and criminal groups, including East Ukrainian, can also take part in the ensuing redistribution of Ukrainian property, including large ones.

What role will play in the war of groups, which began in Ukraine the liquidation of one of the leaders of the “Right Sector” Sashko Bilogo, private military companies (PMCs) from abroad, whose fighters began to arrive there at the invitation of local oligarchs, is difficult to say now. Three hundred and four hundred employees of the former American Black Sea Company Blackwater, associated with its former leader Eric Prinsem, who arrived at the Borispol airport from Abu Dhabi on March 3 – 4, are clearly not the striking force to be used during the elections, although personal they can ensure the security of their employers and their property. However, the internationalization of events in Ukraine itself and the involvement of foreign mercenaries in them represent a dangerous turn of events. Including for Russia.
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  1. svp67
    svp67 April 10 2014 12: 51
    Greater Eastern European Policy
    And the more a country opens its mouth wider - swearing Russia, the more it is considered to be MORE ... Bubbles, pouting - and that’s all ...
    1. torrr38_41
      torrr38_41 April 10 2014 12: 54
      The smaller the dog, the louder the barking wassat
      1. serega.fedotov
        serega.fedotov April 10 2014 13: 38
        Quote: torrr38_41
        The smaller the dog, the louder the barking wassat

        Let them scream! The more scream the higher the rating of Russia, they say, one against the whole world and wins!
        1. zanoza
          zanoza April 10 2014 14: 17
          [quote = serega.fedotov] Let them scream! [/ quote

          Let the dogs say:
          "Ay, pug! Know she is strong,
          What barks at the Elephant! "
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  2. Pukanpein
    Pukanpein April 10 2014 12: 53
    European politics has long been one-sided.
    Towards the USA. In the post-war period, all European countries have benefited from economic aid under the "Marshall Plan".
    In fact, all countries are NATO debtors to the United States.
    And this means that they will act precisely in the framework of American politics.
    1. olegglin
      olegglin April 10 2014 13: 48
      "... What advantages have we gained from the presence of Estonia or Latvia in NATO from the presence of Estonia or Latvia in NATO, justifying the loss of friendly relations with Russia, Buchanan asks. And replies:" We lost Russia, but got Romania as an ally ... "

      Now feed them ...
      1. comprochikos
        comprochikos April 10 2014 17: 41
        They received not allies but parasites and ballast. The only benefit of these countries is their territory for the deployment of NATO military bases. They themselves think that they have been given great confidence in being on the team. Horseradish bald, they will never be allowed to the feeder. laughing
      2. The comment was deleted.
  3. AleksPol
    AleksPol April 10 2014 12: 54
    If the mess begins, it is unlikely that Russia will have many allies. Most of the so-called allies like ostriches will stick their heads in the sand. Russia needs to rely only on itself.
    1. bubalik
      bubalik April 10 2014 13: 01
      AleksPol SU  Today, 12: 54

      ,,, some have forgotten to whom they owe their existence ,,,
      1. comprochikos
        comprochikos April 10 2014 17: 48
        And not only Ukrainians. Half of Europra owes its existence to the USSR. But now many people don’t know about it, because pseudo historians compose myths and drive children into the head from the school bench, like America and England won the Second World War.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Andreitch
      Andreitch April 10 2014 14: 29
      "Russia has only two allies, the army and the navy." I didn’t come up with a quote, but I don’t remember the author repeat
      1. svetlomor
        svetlomor April 10 2014 15: 01
        Words of the Russian emperor Alexander 3 Peacemaker (1845 — 1894) in which he expressed his foreign policy credo.
        1. Ilotan
          Ilotan April 10 2014 15: 42
          Alexander II the Liberator (rules 1855-1881), Alexander III rules 1881-1894
    4. askort154
      askort154 April 10 2014 14: 58
      AleksPol ...... If the mess begins, it is unlikely that Russia will have many allies. Most of the so-called allies like ostriches will stick their heads in the sand. Russia needs to rely only on itself.

      But about the best allies of Russia, Alexander-2 said: "Russia has two allies - the Army and the Navy," which is still relevant (+ Strategic Missile Forces). And as for the present, the West has pierced in full, believing that the collapse of the USSR, they "broke" Russia forever. Now they realized it, but their locomotive left. They were already late to attack Russia openly. Therefore, apart from hysteria and smearing snot, they are not capable of anything more. Therefore, all of these: UN, Security Council, PSEE, EU, NATO , ABM - created for confrontation with the USSR, have already outlived their usefulness. And the world community is beginning to understand this. The world will increasingly look towards Russia and China (BRICS). The process will accelerate with the inevitable collapse of the EU. The world "policeman" together with NATO will "blow away". New international organizations will be created (instead of the UN, the Haak Court, etc.)) that really serve the interests of international law. I am sure it will be so!
      1. tasey
        tasey April 10 2014 16: 12
        Your words yes to the Lord in the ears.
  4. Name
    Name April 10 2014 12: 54
    If Crimea, according to the West, should be given to Ukraine recourse then you should do this:
  5. SS68SS
    SS68SS April 10 2014 12: 56
    Russia has no friends in the west. The partners are alone. We considered Ukraine a friend, even a brother (sister), but you see how it comes out. There was still a knife behind the bootleg. The rulers of the "Square" smiled sweetly, but look away, ready to spit in the back, and some even stick a knife. Now, from experience, one must choose friends carefully. I hope that no one will be able to embroil us with the Belarusians .... And the Ukrainians will soon figure it out "hu" is "who".
    1. sufix
      sufix April 10 2014 13: 44
      There are many Ukrainians. There is a huge part of the population that does not see the further development of the country without Russia, 90% of the inhabitants of Lugansk, Donetsk, Kharkov regions have relatives in Russia. Personally, I, a resident of the Lugansk region, almost all of my relatives live in Russia. So there are a lot of Ukrainians who are loyal to friendly relations with Russia. I can also say that Yanukovych, this thief and former felon, only endured that he conducted Ukrainian relations with Russia from the point of view of a friendly state.
      Who is sitting there in Kiev now is not the government, and understand - we did not choose these people. Nobody asked us, no one voted. Moreover, according to the policy that they are leading, it is possible to approximately and without any evidence understand who sponsored them during the coup.
      It is clear that the EU is also implicated, but only in my understanding the states, having realized the coup in Ukraine, began to pull the blanket over themselves. If the states control the European gas faucet, then the EU with its powerful economy will no longer be a competitor. And if this move also manages to push Russia in, then everything is chocolate in general.
      Returning to the question of the friendship of the Ukrainians of Russia - you can have no doubt that this is so. Of course, there is another opinion, but this is normal. There will always be dissenters.
      1. Tra-ta-ta
        Tra-ta-ta April 10 2014 14: 38
        To strengthen the Spirit:
        1. Belarus
          Belarus April 10 2014 14: 46
          I respect this person, appeals only with facts and no fiction.
    2. aleks700
      aleks700 April 10 2014 14: 22
      Not partners, but vicious enemies in the face of the political elite. Which actually rules.
    3. Andreitch
      Andreitch April 10 2014 14: 34
      I have to disappoint you, in Belarus there is also a fifth column, there is a site belaruspartisan, they rule this site from Canada.
    4. Arhj
      Arhj April 10 2014 15: 04
      When they talk on the screen about our Western and not only Western "partners", in relation to some of them, MMM is recalled - "I am not a freeloader - I am a partner"
      1. alexng
        alexng April 10 2014 15: 09
        From an Internet about the current agitated situation:
        In order not to suffer from insomnia, find yourself shameless.
  6. Terrible ensign
    Terrible ensign April 10 2014 13: 01
    I did not see the contradictions in the material. Everything seems to be correctly indicated.
    The only pity is that there are few real partners supporting us.
    One of the factors of this state of affairs is that they are really afraid of us, due to the unpredictability for the overwhelming majority of Europeans of the style and methods of the Russian mode of action, our large geographical sizes (the mentality of a resident of Luxembourg and, say, a Russian from the Tyumen region or the Krasnoyarsk Territory are two incomparable of space, only in the first case - micro, and in the second - macro ...), the incomprehensibility of the Russian national character - to be fair to the end, even sometimes, to the detriment of one’s own interests.
    1. Orc-xnumx
      Orc-xnumx April 10 2014 16: 16
      Quote: Scary ensign

      Quote: Scary ensign

      So Ivan the Terrible paid the “Horde exit” to the Crimean Khan because he was a descendant of “Tsar Chagonyz” (Genghis Khan) before accepting the Tsar's (from the word Caesar) title.
  7. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 10 2014 13: 05
    Hepyropean hypocrites are not a decree for us. If we listened to them, it is not known in which shackles we would go. All this hysterical howl should not affect our politics. Only our independence is the guarantor of our security.
  8. JoylyRoger
    JoylyRoger April 10 2014 13: 07
    Alexander III said that Russia has no friends, they are afraid of our vastness. And there are no allies except the army and navy.
    Therefore, yapping, geyropeytsy how much fit)
  9. ya.seliwerstov2013
    ya.seliwerstov2013 April 10 2014 13: 14
    Compensations offered to European governments by the administration of President Barack Obama,
    America has debts -
    Like lice from s. Uchki.
    They will continue to occupy,
    And get to the handle. wassat
  10. Not angry
    Not angry April 10 2014 13: 16
    ATTENTION !!! MAXIMUM REPOST !!! South - East of Ukraine !!!! There is a systematic information war. Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkov. Speaking at rallies with Russian flags, you are tying Russia’s hands to help you. Throughout Europe, showing this, they say that Russia is occupying Ukraine. And next will be Europe. Up to the point that Russia will again reach Berlin. All European countries under the yoke of the United States vote against Russia. Deprived of voting rights for a year in PACE. Introduce new sanctions. You are depriving Russia of the opportunity to help you. As it was in the Crimea will not work. Because Crimea was an autonomous republic within Ukraine. They had their own Constitution, which began to operate in the event of illegitimacy of the main government. According to the Crimean scenario, the situation with the Southeast cannot be carried out according to international law. Change tactics - now you are opposed by a private American company (UN Prohibited) GREYSTONE - it is outlawed that it hired the junta. Remove flags of Russia and slogans about an alliance with Russia. So that the West and your junta did not have the opportunity to blame Russia. Write posters about the foreign intervention of the USA, Germany, Poland with the support of the Ukrainian junta. Write us posters kills the American private team GREYSTONE. Write us kills the USA. Down with the illegal presence of the English, American, Polish military from Ukraine !!! Ukraine has become another victim of US and EU aggression !!! Ukraine against the US-fascist aggression of the United States-OUT !!! English special forces from Chernigov - Get out !!! Polish special forces from Lviv - Get out !!! Down with the US and EU occupiers! Take away the Russian flags so that the West does not blame us for organizing separatism –– we are not yet !!!!!!!!!!! they will strangle you as separatists and the West will support the junta - everything is against Russia. IT IS NECESSARY TO SHOW TO THE WORLD THAT THESE HIDDEN - Burn the US and EU flags at the embassy, ​​consulate. Write posters about the Russian genocide. Organize women - let them make many many posters, etc. The junta does everything illegally - they are afraid of you! !!! According to international law, a peacekeeping contingent may be introduced on the basis of this. When the UN Security Council recognizes that this is genocide, that it is a foreign occupation, then a military contingent may be introduced into the country to ensure the safety of citizens. Remove the flags of Russia, remove the posters associated with Russia. By this, you will untie the hands of Russia for your protection in the international arena. PLEASE COPY THIS MESSAGE TO ALL AND DISTRIBUT THROUGH YOUR FORUMS
    1. Name
      Name April 10 2014 13: 58
      Tolika logic is present, yeah; here's another one or two from GREYSTONE to take on a quiet one. After all, next week there’s a meeting: RUSSIA-USA-GAYES and from Ukraine (Yanukovych and the rabbit with the pastor?) .... But all the same, they understand that if so, then it’s good WORLDWIDE! hi
    2. Belarus
      Belarus April 10 2014 14: 27
      But if you think so, then you are ultimately right in something. If you consider that the EU and the West are very big problems with the interpretation of the facts, then in your words there is sensible advice.
      Because there was a rally when the head of the German Foreign Ministry flew in Ukraine again and saw a rally even with Russian flags of rocks: I saw that Ukrainians were in favor of a united Ukraine. What can I say except fool
      So you go right.
    3. Black
      Black April 10 2014 14: 40
      Quote: Not evil

      Fulfilled! hi
      Very sensible remark ....

      According to the article ....
      The last three, including Azerbaijan, friendly to Russia, cannot agree with the results of the Crimean referendum, having the problems with the territories that they have separated from them.

      In some ways, it’s clear about Azerbaijan ... We support, we are straining, not allowing us to be cut off for Karabakh ... but, the number of flags on the Maidan, dear Azerbaijanis, has gone beyond the bounds of decency. Standing on a par with Bandera, sucking in to merge with them, is not good. God is not Mityash ....
    4. polite people
      polite people April 10 2014 14: 41
      It’s immediately obvious that the man has a head on his shoulders.
      Case says.
    5. Andreitch
      Andreitch April 10 2014 14: 44
      I will support with all the limbs! Southeast of Ukraine URGENTLY! need to change tactics!
    6. Orc-xnumx
      Orc-xnumx April 10 2014 16: 20
      About PACE. I don’t understand why we should participate in this HEYPARADE for our money!
    7. The comment was deleted.
    8. siberalt
      siberalt April 10 2014 16: 22
      Everything would be great, but only whose UN says nothing laughing
  11. konvalval
    konvalval April 10 2014 13: 16
    Undoubtedly, you need to have friends, and the more the better, but you need to rely only on yourself and build on this and politics and the economy.
  12. Same lech
    Same lech April 10 2014 13: 18
    What role will the gangs play in the war?

    In UKRAINE now the devil’s leg will break .... complete lack of definition.
  13. Rubmolot
    Rubmolot April 10 2014 13: 27
    A constructive dialogue can only occur between people with similar life goals and interests. Such people try to do everything together.

    The conversation of the investigator with the killer is not a dialogue. (Incidentally, working with killers is easier than with officials.) am
    A doctor’s conversation with a mentally or mentally underdeveloped person is not a dialogue. wassat
    A conversation with a representative of political extremism is not a dialogue. angry

    Therefore, everyone should speak in a language that he understands!

    Discussing family trips with a terrorist, team building, trekking, photo tours is pointless. We need to talk with him about the Special Forces Art! soldier
    1. Orc-xnumx
      Orc-xnumx April 10 2014 16: 27
      Not about the art of special forces, but in the language of special forces!
  14. Ilyas
    Ilyas April 10 2014 13: 55
    Western media - through and through false media

    Troops on the border to Ukraine, the West always gives out as a fact, but CNN suddenly unexpectedly

  15. mabuta
    mabuta April 10 2014 14: 08
    The West will never adequately respond to relations with Russia while their gold reserve is in the US Federal Reserve.
    1. Orc-xnumx
      Orc-xnumx April 10 2014 16: 30
      ... or when our tanks will be on their streets.
  16. Pioneer Tanya
    Pioneer Tanya April 10 2014 14: 25
    By and large, Russia, like any state that plays a key role in geopolitics, is important, in the first place, partnerships. Friendship has never been canceled, that's good. But if a friend with blindfolds and sealed lips - practically he can not help. Fortunately, the knife will not stick in the back. It is necessary to acquire as much as possible the dependencies of countries so that they need us, so that this need is vital. And this is also the essence of diplomacy.
    1. Belarus
      Belarus April 10 2014 14: 40
      I am forced to disagree with you regarding the fact that:It is necessary to acquire as much as possible the dependencies of countries so that they need us, so that this need is vital.
      This can all be for the time being. There is an example: the United States, whose allies are already looking askance at the United States and are thinking as if it would be more successful to make legs.
      And in the end, the "dependent country" can arrange such a prank that it will take a long time to come to his senses.
      Here you have to find real friends if you want friends with a capital letter.What would these countries live together (sorry for the comparison may not be suitable completely) and in grief and joy together.
      And for this you understand you need to respect and understand each other's interests, regardless of the size, position of a country.
      1. AleksPol
        AleksPol April 10 2014 15: 31
        Unfortunately, the relationship of states is a policy. But in politics there are no friends, there are only the interests of their country.
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. siberalt
          siberalt April 10 2014 16: 30
          Absolutely agree. If you want a "roof" - pay the money or pay in kind.
  17. polite people
    polite people April 10 2014 14: 37
    “In connection with the denunciation by the Russian Federation of the agreements concluded in the 1997 on the Black Sea Fleet stationed in Crimea, the Association calls on Russia to immediately withdraw its troops from the Crimea,” the Assembly adopted the majority vote (initiated by the Ukrainian delegation to the text of the resolution on Ukraine ( 140 - for, 32 - against, 9 - abstained), reports Interfax.
    And RUSSIA-on this decision of us .....!
    We are alone with our fleet and army.
  18. igorra
    igorra April 10 2014 14: 41
    Zadornov in an LJ stole a joke:
    Yatsenyuk runs into the White House Oval Office:

    - Mr. President, Mr. President !!! I just called the Kremlin, as you ordered me ... I tell them: Give Crimea, oaths! Otherwise, it will be bad for you !!! .. And Putin answered: “Go to the ass, eared! .. And once again you call - you will pay rent for 60 years !!!” ... Call him, tell him not to call him names ...

    Obama listened gloomily and exploded: - GO IN THE ASS, EAR !!! !!! .. I already called yesterday ... Do you know how much they put me out for Alaska !?
    1. Belarus
      Belarus April 10 2014 14: 49
      laughing And I liked the joke - the prophetic. good
  19. 3030
    3030 April 10 2014 14: 54
    Irina Vyazovaya. Dnepropetrovsk.
    Grandfather, it's my fault.
    It's my fault.
    Was on 9 on May Only a sip of wine.
    Always in a hurry somewhere, I went to barbecue,
    Grandfather, we forgot the war, Lived like fools.
    Grandfather, it's my fault, There is no one to reprove.
    I forgot about my fascination to my children.
    Bow to the veterans of the Bright Victory of that
    And remember them in the temples
    In front of the saint icon.
    Grandfather, it's my fault
    Didn't close the doors
    Those who persecuted in Ukraine
    Tales about mo.ska.lei.
    She frowned, but was silent.
    I did not ring the alarm
    I didn’t scream to everyone
    What a Slav to me brother.
    Grandfather, it's my fault
    The fact that power is a thief.
    In what came out of caches
    Neo-Nazi beast.
    I stuffed my ears.
    Nearby wandered around.
    I was indifferent.
    Time to go to the cross.
    Grandfather, I’m forgiveness to you.
    I know you are in heaven.
    I will be alive - on Victory Day I will become in prayer in tears.
    I won’t tire of my grandchildren
    Truth words carry.
    I stood up against fascism.
    Grandfather, if that - I'm sorry.
    1. Sergey S.
      Sergey S. April 10 2014 22: 39
      Thank you.
      The daily indifference of the majority to holiness is the main sin, because of which this misfortune fell on us.
      But what needs to be done so that simple truths reach the last deaf and blind.
  20. Andreitch
    Andreitch April 10 2014 15: 07
    I believe that Russia, represented by the Foreign Ministry, needs to start, but at least in Strasbourg, the processes against the actions of the US and the EU on the example of historical precedents that have already happened, such as Kosovo, etc. If all the so-called "democratic" countries want Russia to "return" Crimea to Ukraine, let's go back to the GDR and the FRG to begin with, we will restore the Warsaw bloc, all CMEA countries back into one basket. Well, then let's start anew.
  21. parus2nik
    parus2nik April 10 2014 15: 26
    If, according to the West, the Crimea should be given to Ukraine, then it is necessary to simultaneously return the FRG, GDR, West Berlin to their places and eliminate the independence of Kosovo
    No, gentlemen, it’s more difficult to restore the USSR and return Crimea to Ukraine, at the same time the SFRY can be restored .. Germany, let it remain united ...
  22. mabuta
    mabuta April 10 2014 15: 32
    A concert in support of Ukraine was held in Europe .....
  23. The comment was deleted.
  24. sinukvl
    sinukvl April 10 2014 15: 40

    Donetsk The joint organization of activists "Self-Defense of Donbass" detained a bus with foreign mercenaries in Donetsk. There were 32 soldiers in the cabin, RSN writes.
    It is reported that transport was from the airport. “We stopped the bus, asked at the exit to say everyone a word in Russian. None could do this. The military were in American, British uniforms, and there were also 2 people from the Ukrainian armed forces. Only 32 employees, ”the organization coordinator said.
    Currently, all detainees are blocked on the territory of the regional collection point.

    And now we can safely send our troops into the territory of Eastern Ukraine, albeit under the guise of fighters of private military structures and let them try to blather.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt April 10 2014 16: 46
      And that it is impossible even to cut off water and light at this collection point. What without this blockade?
  25. Rubmolot
    Rubmolot April 10 2014 16: 09

    World Representative for Truth and Love in the Struggle for Human Rights - NATO, circulated to Western media -
    "Russian threat from space".

  26. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch April 10 2014 16: 35
    What to do ? Almost everyone, always wanted to pinch Russia and even pinch off from it in some way, it was so, but now the realities can radically change. No one will fight openly with Russia, and "the guts" and the deterrent factor (NW) also somehow suggests , You play, play, but do not overplay! Now everything is much more complicated, whatever one may say, but the economies of countries are strongly tied to each other and everyone understands this. The EU and the United States need sales markets and cheap labor, it is clear that they do not want to see Russia strong among equals, so "sick ". And now they themselves do not know what to do with the Ukrainian issue, they are once again trying to do their dirty deeds at the expense of Russia. Wait a little, the rhetoric of speeches is already changing. To bite Russia (real!) Is very troublesome!
  27. Viktor163
    Viktor163 April 11 2014 07: 54
    Yes! Planet, on your face wonder
    You can't understand how it happened that we
    Instead of the proud banner of a strong power
    Got the label of the poorest country.
    It's too early to put an end to this yet.
    And look for our place in the back of the Earth,
    We will rise from hell like the Phoenix from the ashes
    Because we are Russian!

    Blue Berets - Because We are Russian - Song Lyrics, listen online