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From the exam will remove the test part


The structure of the Unified State Examination (USE) will again undergo changes. From next year, schoolchildren will not be able to choose one of the four answer choices in block “A”.

“We plan to phase out part A of the Unified State Exam assignments from all options in all subjects,” Minister of Education and Science Dmitry Livanov told the Izvestia newspaper.

In addition, it is planned to introduce an oral exam in all humanitarian subjects and to transfer the state examination from a written form to a fully electronic format.

“We also plan to introduce the oral part in the USE. At first it will be a foreign language, and then this technology will be tested on all humanitarian subjects - stories, literature, and so on, ”said Livanov. According to him, electronic exam technologies will also be developed. At first, only computer examinations on computer science will be taken on a computer, but after testing, we will extend this practice to other subjects.

According to the minister, all final changes will be prepared no later than August of this year, so that the new USE 1 of the year will be known from 2015 September.

Recall that now schoolchildren after 11 class pass two compulsory exam exams - in Russian and mathematics. Failure at least in one subject for a year deprives the graduate of the opportunity to enter a university, although the unified state examination in mathematics is taken mainly in technical schools. In early February, Moscow City Duma deputies put forward the initiative to cancel math as a mandatory exam, but the Ministry of Education and Science did not support this idea.
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  1. Alex_Popovson
    Alex_Popovson April 9 2014 09: 17
    Phah, they advertise as if a new and fresh thought. And as it was the USE, it will remain
    1. vladimirZ
      vladimirZ April 9 2014 10: 30
      Moscow City Duma deputies put forward the initiative to cancel mathematics as a required exam ... (from the article)

      Judging by the initiative of the Moscow deputies, losers gathered there, for whom mathematics was an insurmountable barrier. Continuing their initiative, it may be possible to cancel all exams altogether, transferring them to surrender voluntarily. laughing laughing laughing
      And what? One stupid proposal, in the form of an exam, has already been introduced in schools.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. mrDimkaP
        mrDimkaP April 9 2014 13: 48
        Continuing their initiative, it may be possible to cancel all exams altogether, transferring their surrender to voluntary

        Well, I don’t know how with the Unified State Exam, and if I didn’t pass the GIA then they give a certificate and expel them to frost.
  2. bubalik
    bubalik April 9 2014 09: 18
    ,,, finally, some kind of progress has gone ,,,
    1. ARS56
      ARS56 April 9 2014 09: 42
      The real shift is the elimination of the guessing game.
      And now this is just an imitation of the work of the exam, to justify their salaries.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Klepa
      Klepa April 9 2014 09: 53
      Yes, in fact, we are partially returning to the old system. Only students will continue to drive throughout the course, and not just on the ticket.
      1. jjj
        jjj April 9 2014 10: 52
        When defending dissertations, one must have a list of published works, write the work itself, and then defend it in front of a scientific audience of unfamiliar people. The procedure is not an easy one. And then, almost every day, there are messages about "purchased" works. VAKs are accelerated. Apparently, the point is not in the procedure for checking the acquired knowledge.
        There was one professor during the Soviet era. So, on his exam, he allowed the use of any textbooks, reference books, synopses. And to the puzzled questions of his colleagues he always answered: "A clever student can forget something. Literature helps him to concentrate and better build an answer, more fully argue. But he will never be able to do this by nature. No cribs will help him."
        The idea of ​​the Unified State Examination itself is sound. A person who has studied a subject, and who knows something from it, will almost always choose the right answer. This is not fortunetelling. This is the subconscious. Recall how many in the Soviet era many participated in various quizzes. And she won’t be able to guess. But, as it turned out, the exam did not escape the onslaught of corruption, when the fools are selling the right answers. This is sad.
        In general, the famous phrase: "We all learned little by little something and somehow" came to us from the XIX century
        1. jjj
          jjj April 9 2014 11: 47
          PS I always forget that the word dupak is automatically deleted here. Here and in the text above it is deleted in several places
  3. domokl
    domokl April 9 2014 09: 18
    from the Ministry of Education, is it really not clear that the old Soviet system was better? What rubbish is it again? Again, they will not be educated in the institutes?
    1. Ingvar 72
      Ingvar 72 April 9 2014 09: 36
      Quote: domokl
      is it really not clear that the old Soviet system was better

      Yes, they all understand. The exam system was introduced specifically to reduce education. An illiterate crowd was needed, it was easier to manage. Now the goals have changed a bit. The gradual rollback can be explained by a change in the foreign policy, as it is a weak spot to confront the west.
      Hello Alexander. hi
    2. I read the news
      I read the news April 9 2014 09: 52
      institutions will recruit non-literate
      And where to get literate?
      Here, either a shortage or a school course in mathematics has to be quickly read to them in the first year.
      The sore subject is shorter. From schools you need to start and not with the exam.
      1. Kuvabatake
        Kuvabatake April 9 2014 10: 31
        How can the school and the exam be divided? We do not separate foreign policy from the country ...
      2. domokl
        domokl April 9 2014 10: 38
        Quote: I readNews
        And where to get literate?

        Why do we need semi-literate engineers? It is necessary that the state impose a state order on people with higher education. As it was in the USSR. And it would pay for this education in full. But paid education should be taxed so that it becomes either completely unprofitable to deal with it, or such a university should become one of Cambridge or Harvard ...
    3. Klepa
      Klepa April 9 2014 10: 00
      USE is difficult to pass, since the level required for admission to a university is higher than the level of graduation from school. Those. Only those children who have been seriously preparing for it for a couple of years can pass the exam (I don’t want to consider the issue of bribes now: they have always been). This was done specifically to balance the situation when in our country there are 1 leaders for 9 worker (and it is assumed that people with higher education go to managerial positions): according to statistics, 90% in Russia have higher education. So that we don’t need cleaners in cafes with higher education, and there are no candidates of sciences marking the yard, the authorities are trying to do something. What exactly will come of this will only show time.
      1. domokl
        domokl April 9 2014 10: 34
        Quote: Klepa
        according to statistics in the Russian Federation 90% with higher education

        Well, let's honestly write .. Not with higher education, but with diplomas of higher education. Well-known truth-Where paid begins, education ends there ...
        Today’s diplomas are so inflated that not only in other countries, but also in our country they are already cautious.
        1. Klepa
          Klepa April 9 2014 10: 59
          Sorry, but about paid education - this is nonsense. I acted for a fee. From my group, 4 people, including me, were transferred for free according to the results of the sessions, and the initial state employees turned to us for help: how to make labs, how to solve math analysis, how to make graduate students. This already shows that it is impossible to record all payers in shells.
          1. Black
            Black April 9 2014 11: 25
            Quote: Klepa
            Sorry, but about paid education - this is nonsense.

            If everything is as you write. then this is just a small exception to the widespread.
            My wife works at school. A bit in the know.
            100% admission to universities. Year after year.
            And today's C-grade students - tomorrow "successfully" pass sessions at 4-5. Some parents then also put forward claims to the school, they say, CLICKED THE CUP !!! - VON, IS STUDYING FOR ALL 5.
            1. Klepa
              Klepa April 9 2014 11: 37
              So in our Universities there was an understatement for several years, so they all recruited in a row because of the demographic crisis.
              And, by the way, it’s not uncommon when a former medalist slides down to 3-4 at the university (because he got tired of straining at school), and a good three-year-old at the school, on the contrary, opens at the university. I do not presume to say that this is a regularity, but this is not a rare case.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. matross
        matross April 9 2014 10: 41
        Quote: Klepa
        USE is difficult to pass, since the level required for admission to a university is higher than the level of graduation from school. Those. Unified State Exam can be passed only to those children who have been seriously preparing for it for a couple of years

        So they do it! Not LEARNING, but READY to take the exam. And they rent almost everything. In a couple of years, any bullshit can be trained.
        It is in the interests of the state to return to the system of graduation and admission examinations. Subject to the selection of licenses and state. accreditation from 99% of private "universities" as factories for the production of pseudo-specialists and legalization of the sale of diplomas.
        1. Klepa
          Klepa April 9 2014 10: 53
          You know, my nephews are preparing to pass the exam, in particular in chemistry, biology and physics. They do not crawl out of textbooks and ext. classes with teachers on the subject, even on weekends. The exam is just a form, in order to pass it you also need knowledge.

          Have you personally passed the exam? I - no, we studied according to the old system. But let's be objective:
          1) The exam is not the same as it was at the beginning and continues to change;
          2) the old education system, no matter how we nostalgic for it, will not be returned either - and this is a fact.

          Therefore, let them bring to mind a new one: take everything that was good from the Soviet system of education and combine it with new realities.
          1. The comment was deleted.
          2. matross
            matross April 9 2014 11: 30
            I didn't give up. My daughter handed over three years ago. In her class, everyone entered universities. More than half of them are paid or private. Can you tell me what country has so many "highly educated"?
            And I do not believe that the old education system will never be returned. It is necessary, and therefore possible. There is even nothing to comment on the "new realities", they are imaginary. In what area of ​​knowledge are these realities real? Just don't mention Aichi, pzht.
            1. Klepa
              Klepa April 9 2014 11: 41
              It will not be returned, because the old system included in itself, not only education in educational institutions, but also the rest of the life of the state - this time; those who knew the old mechanism thoroughly are no longer alive, and the magic wand has not yet been invented - these are two.
              This is generally an empty conversation from the series "before the grass was greener, the sky is bluer and the apples are sweeter." We have what we have at the moment: a specific education system and specific people, with all their advantages and disadvantages that work in it. Nostalgia won't help. It is necessary to solve current issues using the methods available at the moment.
              1. The comment was deleted.
              2. matross
                matross April 9 2014 12: 35
                Quote: Klepa
                It is necessary to solve current issues

                It is necessary. And how to solve the issue of miscarriages of this educational system, which I, for example, periodically observe in the form of young police officers who come to the service after educational institutions? Reject 90%? And so they already take more than half with the 4-th group of validity (in fact, morons)!
                Or we will return to the old system of education and upbringing, or irreversible processes will begin! This is the question. It will be necessary, and we will repaint the grass as earlier and we will stretch the trees! Chewing something about "times are different, realities" is definitely pointless. I personally hope for a real reform of education - history textbooks have already begun to bring to life, the USE can also be transformed into a normal test of knowledge, some universities have introduced additional. introductory tests ...
                1. Klepa
                  Klepa April 9 2014 12: 53
                  But you will not gain 90% of geniuses in an instant, as well as 90% of highly professional teachers.
                  The problem "" does not lie in the exam. We absolutely refused to write by hand (although it is handwriting that develops fine motor skills and intelligence); taught children to sit at computers from childhood, watch movies, and not read books; download information on the Internet, instead of searching for literature in the library (and here completely different processes are included); finally, they accepted the American theory, according to which children should not be bothered before school with anything but toys. So what does the USE have to do with it? Is the Unified State Exam to blame that parents buy an iPad for a young sucker for some reason? Maybe the USE is to blame for the fact that parents prefer not to work with their children at home, but simply scold them for poor grades and allow them to play with the computer instead of sections and circles?
                  What are you attached to the exam? Now they will remove the tests from there and it will become essentially an old exam, only schoolchildren will have to answer not one random ticket, but show knowledge for the entire school course.
                  In the same USSR, there were the same tickets in mathematics and Russian, uniform for the whole country. They were not called the exam, but the exam was uniform.

                  Do not confuse cause and effect relationships.
                  1. The comment was deleted.
                  2. matross
                    matross April 9 2014 16: 02
                    Quote: Klepa
                    adopted the American theory that children can’t strain anything at all until school, except for toys.

                    I do not agree with this. Children now go to school and are able to read and count, at least. And in kindergartens elementary education, incl. in many and foreign (basics) no one has canceled.
                    Quote: Klepa
                    What are you attached to the exam? Now they will remove the tests from there and it will become essentially an old exam

                    I did not get attached. But I believe that there should be graduation single exams at school, and not in two subjects, and entrance examinations in universities - in profile. And the opportunity to enter only one university, and not five. And the number of universities should be reduced.
                    Higher education should be "written on the face", if you understand what I mean. And the average in terms of the amount of knowledge and skills should allow university teachers not to re-read the school curriculum to listeners / students in the first years and allow its owners, how to continue their studies without this, to feel confidently citizens, and not consumers of various kinds of "product".
                    The problem is not in the exam, as you rightly noted. The problem is in poor quality secondary basic education. Even less high-quality education is available, which some consider to be higher. "Education" sharpens not to obtain systematic knowledge, but to obtain educational documents.
                    1. Klepa
                      Klepa April 9 2014 16: 55
                      Do kindergartens cook? That’s why the children's correctologists of the last 10 years have already complained that the children are absolutely not ready for school. You do not know that performance depends on health? That a child who was born through Caesarean will suffer from hyperactivity, which does not contribute to learning and the absorption of information. And this is not the only problem. The school does not teach, it is now in control. This is the second problem.
                      The third problem, as I wrote above in parents who do not want to devote a damn time to their child, doing their career, business and personal life. So do not shift from sore to healthy. All these two students are entirely on their mothers and fathers: on their mothers, because they don’t deal with a child; on popes because nifiga cannot provide for their family, forcing their wife to earn money instead of direct duties (although it would be better if the child spent this time).

                      They enter specialized subjects in a university, who told you the opposite? In the first honey they hand over Russian, chemistry and biology; in the pharmaceutical industry - Russian, chemistry and physics; in Bonch - mathematics, physics and Russian. Where are two things here? In all of these subjects is passed the exam.

                      Let’s go further, what’s the problem, what do several universities get? In my time, they just passed exams at these several universities, now they are sending out the exam results. Who cares? A schoolboy who passed chemistry, biology and Russian will never enter ITMO, and the one who passed physics, mathematics and Russian will not enter the first honey.

                      Further, when did the universities re-read the school curriculum? We were immediately told in the first year: "Well, guys, they taught physics at school? Good! Now forget everything you learned, we are starting to do real physics." Those who do not have time just fly out. In Europe, it is like clicking two fingers to enter the University, and after the first session, 50% is eliminated.

                      In order for a person to have an education written on his face, it must be developed in his childhood, seriously developed. And parents should do this, having invested a lot of energy, time and desire (well, money, if anyone can afford it.) Such a collapse of education in the 90s occurred for one reason that everyone stubbornly overlooks. Until 1917, a person was given a family education, which included both science and upbringing, after which the trained young man / girl went to an educational institution. In the USSR, the state took up the whole function of upbringing and education, and this practice (and, accordingly, the skills and abilities) was completely destroyed and forgotten in families. So it turned out that the USSR collapsed, and parents could not offer anything.
                      The Unified State Exam is just a form of exam: it does not provide knowledge and does not take it away. The problem of upbringing and education must first of all be raised among parents. For example, I am not afraid for the education of my children, I know what and how they will receive and at what time, because I personally invest hellish efforts in this, and I don’t think that it should be different (even if the school becomes "diamond "in terms of the quality of education). The fact that preschool and school education in our country is not at the highest level is indisputable, but here, in addition to education, the lion's share of the blame also lies with the healthcare system (in a healthy body there is a healthy mind and a clear mind).
                      I really like Soviet textbooks, and I use them when I rehearse someone. But I also realize that we will never come to the old exactly. You cannot enter the same river twice. History develops in a spiral, we are constantly faced with the past, but in a modified quality. Therefore, I am sure that the best in the education system of the USSR will remain. Just because it's the best. But it will already be supplemented by something else. Was there really nothing good before the USSR, for example? Why not return calligraphy to schools, as it was before 1917? Pushkin had calligraphy in the amount of 16-17 hours a week!
                      1. matross
                        matross April 9 2014 22: 33
                        Quote: Klepa
                        In recent years, 10 children's correctors have already complained that children are absolutely not ready for school.

                        To be honest, I am far from this issue. But the experience of relatives and friends suggests the opposite.
                        Quote: Klepa
                        a child who was born through cesarean will suffer from hyperactivity, which does not contribute to the study and digestibility of information.

                        From this one even further. Although I have before my eyes an example that completely refutes this statement.
                        Quote: Klepa
                        They enter specialized subjects in a university, who told you the opposite?

                        No one. I know. And did not state the opposite. I only proposed to return to the system of separate graduation and introductory programs, so that each ... um ... graduate would not run to clog five faculties with his claims, if he could not afford the rural vocational school program. And then he did not stick in some inexpensive branch of the International Academy of Management at the faculty of distance learning.
                        Quote: Klepa
                        The problem of upbringing and education should first of all be raised among parents.

                        That would be good. But it’s difficult and long. Faster to restore the educational function of the school. And streamline educational.
                        Quote: Klepa
                        You cannot enter the same river twice. History Spirals

                        Do not cook a kid in his mother’s milk (s) wink
                        It was nice to exchange opinions, countrywoman hi
          3. nika407
            nika407 April 9 2014 11: 33
            So no one refuses completely from the exam, only from part A, the easiest. And replacing it with an oral exam or retelling is a very good idea. They will develop spoken language, and not talk in phrases of youth series.
    4. Stanislas
      Stanislas April 9 2014 12: 01
      Quote: domokl
      Again in the institutes will be recruited not literate?
      At the departments of social and humanitarian disciplines in universities, there are a lot of specialists who, instead of systematized knowledge, have a porridge in their heads in the style of books, the publication of which was financed by the famous "philanthropist" J. Soros, deprived of a general scientific approach, subject and methodology of scientific research. This corpus of texts is united only on the basis of the values ​​declared by liberals, sympathy for Western democracies and the presence of signs of antipathy for their own country and its history. Many of these "specialists" bought their Ph.D. and doctoral dissertations at a reasonable price. What will they teach yesterday's students?
      Quote: domokl
      is it really not clear that the old Soviet system was better?
      It is impossible, it is not necessary to renew the dictates of istmatism, taken out of sight of scientific criticism. We need a state ideology that will not replace science and impede a free scientific discussion, and a program for the development of the humanities in the Russian Federation. If a competent schoolboy comes to a university, and a mess or myth is pushed into his head, like dill, it’s nothing good will happen. The advantages of the Soviet educational system in the field of natural sciences, technical disciplines and mathematics should be preserved as much as possible. The question of forms of control (where it is possible for the USE, where it is not the USE) here is a technical, secondary one. The main issue is the content of education.
  4. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF April 9 2014 09: 18
    I hope the exam is the last experiment on children. The experiment, by the way, is very unsuccessful. By refusing the Unified State Examination, the authorities confirm this.
  5. Ingvar 72
    Ingvar 72 April 9 2014 09: 18
    Interestingly, Livanov himself thought of, or prompted? laughing
  6. maks-101
    maks-101 April 9 2014 09: 19
    Livanov must be driven by such a stupid Minister of Education has not yet been in Russia
  7. bubalik
    bubalik April 9 2014 09: 23
    ,,, about illiteracy ,,, Foreign Ministry ignites laughing

    The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in response to the hashtag #Isolation of Russia on Twitter by the US Embassy in Russia, offered American diplomats consultations “in preparing the next campaign material,” VZGLYAD reports.

    “To the insulators of Rosiya at the US Embassy in Moscow. Dear colleagues, before distributing information spam, it would be nice to learn how to spell the name of the country in which you work, ”the Foreign Ministry said on Facebook.

    “We will be happy to advise you if you have questions or doubts when preparing the next campaign material. May the Force be with us (“May the Force come with us” - a phrase from “Star Wars” - approx. LOOK), ”the message says.

    The Foreign Ministry also provides a screenshot of the Twitter post of the US Embassy in Russia with the hashtag #Isolation of Russia. The hashtag is now fixed.
  8. Anton Gavrilov
    Anton Gavrilov April 9 2014 09: 30
    As a person who passed the exam last year, I can say, not completely, but partially the problems will be solved by the system as such, as such will improve. There are subjects like history or English that need to be checked ORAL-in English the most important thing is to speak, but how to speak is already You can know the whole theory by 5, all tenses and cases, have a large vocabulary, but at the same time you may not be able to build normal sentences in an elementary way, but you can, on the contrary, know the theory by a C, but at the same time be good at building sentences and generally speaking - be able To say this is what is most important! History is also an oral subject - one teacher I know (a very strong teacher) said that it is necessary to introduce the oral part. So, it is not necessary to drive a wave to Livanov now, here he is moving in the right direction! But with cheating, this will not help much - the bulk of cheating concerns both part A and part B, and it is equivalent. Much less, but still rolls up "tseshka".
    1. Niki
      Niki April 9 2014 10: 34
      And here we move on the personification of the Universal Evil, in general, and extreme assessments of the personality in history, in particular.

      There is a specific content of the tests, there are specific mistakes made in their preparation, and "each mistake has a last name, first name, patronymic" (c)

      In general, the idea is good (using a universal assessment tool, etc.), but the implementation was started under Fursenko, the corresponding groups, committees were formed and a collective creative process arose. And complete irresponsibility for the consequences of all this creativity. In a word - Liberalization.
    2. Fin
      Fin April 9 2014 10: 37
      Quote: Anton Gavrilov
      . So, it’s not necessary to drive Livanov right now like that, here he is moving in the right direction!

      This right direction is known to all sane. And it was necessary to move yesterday, and not after a kick. So he would have continued the liberal course towards stupor of the people.
      1. Anton Gavrilov
        Anton Gavrilov April 9 2014 11: 20
        Firstly, where did you find the mention of a kick here? Secondly, yesterday, with Fursenko? Then positive progress was ruled out, not like now.
  9. Basilevs
    Basilevs April 9 2014 09: 33
    How much time, nerves and money had to be ditched in order to, in the end, return to the old. And Fursenko, instead of hanging on an aspen, lives and lives, lousy ...
  10. brainkiller
    brainkiller April 9 2014 09: 34
    I am not a supporter of the Unified State Examination, but all the same, once we have taken this path, then control over the education system should not be carried out at the last moment, but at least every year should be done to cut knowledge in schools and draw appropriate conclusions. After all, there are now many schools in the regions which, stupidly by their resources, cannot draw schoolchildren to a normal score, and the children are hostages of this system, who study at their school and at the last moment learn that their school did not provide all the knowledge that their teachers should give . Yes, even if you stumble stupidly in textbooks, then your hair stand on end, each school teaches in its own ABC book. Centralize control? - well! so please start with the system itself and not at the last moment when errors cannot be fixed.
    1. bubalik
      bubalik April 9 2014 09: 43
      brainkiller RU  Today, 09: 34

      ,,, all right, uniform textbooks for everyone should be,

      Each school teaches in its own primer.

      ,,, but what schools, I know examples in parallel classes for different textbooks are engaged ,,, nonsense ,,
    2. The comment was deleted.
  11. Vtel
    Vtel April 9 2014 09: 38
    It’s time to return to the old proven system with minor modifications, rather than pushing the western USE, a kosher pancake project. And then the enti servants of the West and a monument to Russophobe and the God-hater Shevchenko were erected in Moscow - this is also their quiet, how many project, where you want without soap ...
    1. nika407
      nika407 April 9 2014 11: 40
      God be with you, but what is Shevchenko's fault? Read "Taras Bulba", it is written in Russian, about the Russian spirit.
    2. zeleznijdorojnik
      zeleznijdorojnik April 9 2014 13: 03
      To be honest, the modern education system shocks me. I can't say that 30 years ago I was an excellent student, but I definitely remember the book for high school age "Your Free Time" of the 67th edition. It contains all sorts of interesting problems for senior and middle school age, and so my nephew could not solve a single one either in the 10th grade or at the institute, and even now, he is a graduate student, 70 percent is not in his power. The problem is not only in the drop in the general level, but also in some kind of stupid specialization - I'm not talking about the poor study of the humanities, the problem is in the exact - someone knows physics, someone knows biology, but all together, nobody. This is a disaster. Until we reach the level of education even to the 50-60s, we will not see new fighters, submarines, we will not see anything except a crowd of "managers" with higher education.
  12. johnsnz
    johnsnz April 9 2014 09: 39
    Down with the exam !!!! So knowledge is not tested! Tickets without options and additional questions! And then we went along the crappy path, destroyed the entire education system ...
  13. Anton Gavrilov
    Anton Gavrilov April 9 2014 09: 43
    the most sad situation is with cheating. I handed over in Dudinka (not far from Norilsk), handed over more or less honestly — there was a spur in Russian (a necessary example for writing), there were answers in social studies, but I didn’t use them. approximately ....... 60-70% of ALL who handed over. Moreover, not just cheat sheets, as I did in Russian 1 times, but with full answers to the A and B parts, the most well-worn ones also had the C part. In Krasnoyarsk, where I’m studying now, even worse, almost all of my classmates (25 people) wrote off. I’m going to college at the beginning of my studies I hear:
    -And I didn’t do anything, before ege I think damn what to do, how to hand over?
    -I’m asking a friend, are there any answers?
    -There is.
    -Well, and so took out!
    On the left I hear:
    -And did you cheat?
    - Yes, of course, I thought I would score 90 points, but I received only 80.
    And so throughout the country, I'm not talking about Dagestan, where 92% of the history work had to be canceled ...
  14. Grenz
    Grenz April 9 2014 09: 46
    In less than ten years, when it finally came to our officials that was obvious to the whole people.
    It turns out all officials in Russia from places where there are many monkeys (copy any stupidity) and giraffes (they think for a very long time). Some kind of unique OBEZHIR.
    They are being replaced in the hospital. Or, as the saying goes: "THEY DO NOT SOW FOOLS, THEY ARE BORN AND ALREADY OFFICIALS"
  15. Voenruk
    Voenruk April 9 2014 09: 46
    Every year the bar is lowered - a progressive ball, and such mediocrities enter the universities that it's just awful! It would be better to restore the technical schools and that is more useful. All people essentially cannot have higher education. The country needs millers, turners, etc. Why produce lawyers and economists if they then go to trade on the market anyway. The state does not think about the future of university graduates. You will not be hired for your first job because "You have no experience!" And where to get it if they don't hire it. Vicious circle. They do not want to train young specialists at work, just to cut the loot. So thanks to the state for education, with which it is not possible to get a job. Engineers are now getting a penny, whatever they say. The country must be dealt with, people!
  16. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov April 9 2014 09: 49
    There is nothing to invent new! Under the USSR, the level of education was one of the best in the world (even if you just judge by the scientific and technical potential of the country) And we have already missed one generation with this USE .. Tests cannot teach a child to think, think, reason, argue ...
    1. Tra-ta-ta
      Tra-ta-ta April 9 2014 10: 30
      I agree. We at one time studied already according to a slightly updated program. Sometimes you missed because of illness and puffed over new paragraphs yourself .. But when something was not clear in the new textbooks in mathematics, physics, chemistry, you got the Stalin version from your father’s closet .. and everything was painted in plain language .. ! Even a teacher was not required. The state needed educated people!
  17. robinzon_25rus
    robinzon_25rus April 9 2014 09: 50
    Well done! They could not get rid of the exam, so they turned it into a regular exam with some additions. "Where did they start and came to?", And this phrase in this situation takes on a completely positive connotation!
  18. Rupor
    Rupor April 9 2014 09: 51
    Step forward, two back!
    An oral exam is good, but translation into electronic form is bad! At times will increase the opportunity for fraud!
    What is written with a pen ... And what can be stored as a file can be replaced without noise and dust!
  19. Anton Gavrilov
    Anton Gavrilov April 9 2014 09: 55
    As they say, new is well forgotten old.
  20. ochakow703
    ochakow703 April 9 2014 10: 09
    In principle, I am against the USE in any form, so any changes are only an appearance of the activity of the Ministry of Education. Unified state examination is an element of training, and not of gaining strong, versatile knowledge.
  21. mamont5
    mamont5 April 9 2014 10: 12
    But it pleases. On the exam, you need to think, and not choose the answer from the ones proposed.
  22. alex-kon
    alex-kon April 9 2014 10: 13
    Well, finally brains started to move. I hope so gradually and back to the old system. You give a Soviet education with a modern material base and a large number of circles in each school !!!
  23. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov April 9 2014 10: 14
    I remembered: I passed the exam "Hydraulics" at the institute. I had to calculate the limiting steam pressure in the boiler (I was not completely ready and there were no spurs) Well, what to do with an empty piece of paper is a shame ...
    Well, I painted the data .. (I even remembered some formula) and all the stupor ..)))
    I started to represent the whole process and painted on paper (I did a good job)))
    Teacher. 3 set for thinking and not sitting as a ram .. repeat
    1. Klepa
      Klepa April 9 2014 10: 23
      This did not work for us. Our teachers didn’t even look at what you wrote on the ticket, but they drove around the course.
  24. LIS 25
    LIS 25 April 9 2014 10: 26
    anyway ehe is ehe. return the Soviet system.
  25. Rominag
    Rominag April 9 2014 10: 34
    I don’t like this test system at all - it’s forgive those who study under the program for the retarded - and essno with no prospects for further VO.
    In the USSR, full-fledged exams - oral and written, were, IMHO, the best system for assessing students' knowledge. And those who graduated from universities were mostly truly experts and understood what they were learning.

    And now some kind of circus on the dart - almost 60-70% of the VO population, but what's the point? To find a normal specialist - in many areas (especially in medicine), is a huge problem - because they enter and study for money (they pass exams and sessions, and diplomas also for money), when she graduated from college, she wrote a diploma to her friend for her money negative) those who do not really pull, and this is not an offense, but not everyone is given the opportunity to be engineers, etc.

    Another thing is that the employment system itself is now structured in such a way - that for example a cashier in a bank requires VO, although he does not need it, and so in all spheres they write about VO in order to get a job.
    So everyone runs after crusts, for the sake of crusts, and not for the sake of knowledge sad. As a result, we have a bunch of people with HE clearly not relevant to him.
  26. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 9 2014 10: 35
    The exam itself is a mistake in history, when will this mistake be corrected. The USE has not eliminated corruption, but only brought it to a higher level. So the goals stated in the organization of the EGZ are not fulfilled. Therefore, the conclusion suggests itself: it is necessary to return the old Soviet education system as a whole, recognized in the world as the best.
  27. Salavatsky Ministry of Emergency Situations
    At the painted schoolgirl in the photo view of a ram looking at a new gate
  28. Alexandr73
    Alexandr73 April 9 2014 10: 46
    Unified state examination is not all trouble. The approach to education itself needs to be changed. Literally the day before yesterday - History is Grade 6, the question is: Why was the situation of Lithuanian Rus better than Muscovite Rus (pass through the 11-14 centuries). And no matter whose position was actually better. It is important that the question itself does not imply a different answer.
    In my hearts I dictated the answer (the assignment was written) exactly the opposite (I explained with examples that the situation in Muscovite Rus was many times better). Yesterday I was looking forward to returning from school, my first question was: "What about history?" - the answer is nothing. The teacher looked, didn't put anything, shook her head and EVERYTHING. She neither refuted my arguments, nor backed her own with any data, although she perfectly understood that this answer was not written by a 6th grade student. I just ignored the answer that did not suit her (or the program).
    But history is a terrible weapon. In Ukraine, over the course of 20 years, the whole story has been turned upside down - and after all, the youth there really believe that Bandera is well done, Russia is an invader and occupier, etc. They are not fools - they were brought up like that and put it into their heads in just 20 years.
    And if we do not want to bring up the same "Ivanov who do not remember kinship" - we must change the whole approach to education. From childhood to educate that Russia has always WAS AND WILL BE A GREAT COUNTRY.
    The picture from the history textbook (I don’t remember the 4-5th grade) - a European peasant - all so clean in a coat, boots and a Russian peasant - in a tattered sheepskin coat. How I swore - not to print here. In general, in history I try to deal with the child myself, but how many parents do not relate to the lessons at all? from work came the child one question - did you do your homework? Yes. well done. and what he did, what they are taught, on the drum.
  29. Agat
    Agat April 9 2014 10: 47
    I still don't understand the meaning of the exam in what (this affected me in 2013). In 2013, budget places were reduced, or even completely removed b. m with several specialties. Example: from the class, several people entered the budget (with a high score and participants in the Olympiad-5 people). The 2nd group of schoolchildren tried to get high scores and got - but alas, only paid places got. Group 3 didn’t “scoff,” knowing that parents would pay for their education even without high marks (the majority). And now all 3 of the above groups of people study in groups of universities. The question is, why do you need to get a high score on the exam, if 90% will study for a fee?
  30. naGua
    naGua April 9 2014 10: 49
    I fully agree with the previous opinion. And it is not block "A" that needs to be eliminated, but Livanov and his minions, together with the Unified State Exam! Shovel and overboard! My daughter comes home from school upset and tells. The Russian teacher is terrified. Two months before the GIA, they completely change the program. That is, what we have been preparing for almost a year is not really. But some of the tutors were hired. Further, the very conditions for writing an essay are such that even if you are a venerable writer, you will not fit into the framework. I wonder if the compilers themselves tried to write essays according to their own instructions? There was an excellent delivery system in the Union, the teacher adequately assessed the student's knowledge, knowing him and what this student is capable of. Yes, there were violations, but not in such a widespread manner. Children are subconsciously ready to cheat and are encouraged to do so. In the end, the child may become confused, worried, despite the knowledge. This happens all the time with good students. So no! Metal detectors are already being introduced. A complete search was also lacking, as well as a sergeant major with a whip along the rows. Yavol, Herr Scharführer! Have sunk ...
  31. individual
    individual April 9 2014 10: 49
    Ministers sit and pick out new reforms from the nose.
    And their main prime minister, iPhone, signs everything to leave their mark on the history of Russia.
    After a year or two, all endeavors are canceled by life, but Demetrius amuses himself like a child!
  32. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa April 9 2014 10: 59
    In America, the issue is resolved better. There for admission and training in the most zanyuhan technical school you need to pay very serious money, not to mention something more decent. At the end of the training. institutions on the graduate hangs an impressive debt and he plows on any job like dad carlo to give him away, and does not walk with a white ribbon in the crowd of the same loafers. Indulging in dreams of a pleasant, not complicated, but extremely highly paid job, why not, the state owes them.
    1. Jager
      Jager April 9 2014 11: 33
      I dare to note that now in our country the "tower" is also expensive. With a salary of 22 tr. I give 28 per semester.
      1. Timeout
        Timeout April 9 2014 11: 53
        Quote: chunga-changa
        In America, the issue is resolved better.

        Yes, the issue of pumping money is better resolved. The quality of education is lower than the plinth, especially in technical universities. I had to study in the USA at one time to receive an international certificate, a chemistry course for our graduate student. For external studies, I had to pay the full cost of a 2-year training. Honestly, I’m very glad that I received a civilian tower in Russia, albeit in absentia but with knowledge.
        1. Brigham Young University, Idaho - A private university offering only a bachelor's degree. Belongs to the Mormon Church, and although the education in it is not religious, 99% of students are Mormons. Because of this, the university has certain rules that must be obeyed, for example, the ban on alcohol. Brigham Young University, Idaho 200th in Forbes ranking (top 5%). A semester of study costs $ 3360. Campus Housing $ 2080. Despite the good rating and low prices, getting there is pretty easy. Also, 70% of students receive financial assistance from the university.

        2. Southeastern Louisiana University - A state university offering undergraduate and graduate studies. The price for a semester of study is $ 4235 for both bachelors and masters. Campus housing rates range from $ 1480 to $ 3600 per semester. University financial assistance is received by 23% of students.

        3. Brigham Young University is a private university in Utah, which not only offers a bachelor's and master's degree, but also conducts research and scientific activities. Also, like its Idaho branch, it belongs to the Mormon Church and although it offers a diverse non-religious education, 98% of students are Mormons. It also has rules and prohibitions on certain things. 136th in the Forbes ranking (top 3%). The business program for bachelors is the 11th in the country, according to the 2011 Bloomberg Businessweek rating. A semester of study here costs $ 4560 for bachelors and $ 5760 for masters. Campus Housing $ 1031-1662 per semester. University financial assistance is received by 40% of students.

        4. Troy University is a state university in Alabama offering undergraduate and graduate studies. 237th in Forbes ranking (top 5%). The cost of studying for bachelors is $ 5184 per semester, for masters - $ 4428. You can live on campus for $ 1310- $ 2455 per semester. 28% of students receive university financial assistance.
        1. Timeout
          Timeout April 9 2014 11: 54
          5. University of Minnesota, Morris - a state university offering only a bachelor's degree. 143rd in the Forbes ranking (top 3%). A semester of study here costs $ 5766. Campus Housing $ 1645 per semester. University financial assistance is received by 72% of students.

          6. Northern Kentucky University - A state university offering a bachelor's and master's degree. The price for a semester of study is $ 6436 for bachelors and $ 4858 for masters. Campus housing is $ 5640 per semester (food is included in the price). In 2010, 78% of applicants accepted into the university. 45% of students receive university financial assistance.

          7. Youngstown State University - Ohio State University offering undergraduate and graduate studies. The price for a semester of study is $ 6436 for bachelors and $ 4887 for masters. Campus Housing $ 3800 per semester. University financial assistance is received by 33% of students.

          8. Grove City College - A private Christian college offering only a bachelor's degree. 279th in the Forbes ranking (top 6%). A semester of study here costs $ 6544. Campus Housing $ 3566 per semester. 46% of students receive university financial assistance.

          9. University of Louisiana at Lafayette - a state university that not only offers a bachelor's and master's degree, but also conducts research and scientific activities. The cost of studying for bachelors is $ 6555 per semester, for masters - $ 6875. Campus housing per semester costs $ 1190 for bachelors and $ 1320 for masters. University financial assistance is received by 27% of students.

          10. Minnesota State University, Mankato - a state university offering undergraduate and graduate studies. A semester of study here costs $ 6739 for bachelors and $ 6579 for masters. Campus housing prices range from $ 2195 to $ 3536 per semester. University financial assistance is received by 7% of students.
      2. chunga-changa
        chunga-changa April 10 2014 00: 54
        A college is not a high school, a college is precisely a technical school (secondary specialized), after leaving which, depending on the specialty, it can hang up to 100.000 debt. HSE starts at 150.000, you can compare with your 800 per semester. The debt for training must be repaid, within 10 years. Understandably, in such conditions, a citizen thinks only about his career, and not about "whether he is a trembling creator or has the right", of course, a creator, and the threat of dismissal alone is enough for everything. And even landing for at least three months for participating in an unauthorized rally means a complete collapse of a career and all life plans. And everyone understands this.
        1. Timeout
          Timeout April 10 2014 13: 17
          Quote: chunga-changa
          College is not a tower, college is a technical college

          In the West, education is not divided, there are only degrees. College is a maximum of a bachelor; at the university you can unlearn both a bachelor and a master.
          Dear, have you read the list carefully?
  33. zzzeka
    zzzeka April 9 2014 11: 21
    It is necessary to exclude this "ege" and all its parts (orgasmators of "educational reforms") from the education system of the Russian Federation.
  34. Ivan Tucha
    Ivan Tucha April 9 2014 11: 22
    I think that only a return to the old exam system will give some positive changes, make you strain your brain, or at least cram, which will also lead to memorization of the subject. Now I watch the students do not strain. The homework turned into a myth, 1-2 tasks from strength.
  35. Jager
    Jager April 9 2014 11: 30
    I remember all this hype around the exam, just finished school - 2005. The last year when you could choose, take the usual entrance exams or exam.
    The exam was initially positioned as a panacea for corruption and fraud when entering a university. But even then it was clear that a single state exam in its current form is the greatest stupidity.
    Instead of reinforcing and expanding the knowledge gained, we spent the whole year "hollowing out" the same blocks of tasks. Fortunately, the teachers were still "Soviet", of the old school and managed to invest at least something in our generation.
    BUT! The “scoops” have been replaced by a generation of young teachers “born” according to the USE templates. But this is already scary ...
  36. kelevra
    kelevra April 9 2014 11: 59
    In general, you need to cancel this debilization under the name of the exam!
  37. Metlik
    Metlik April 9 2014 12: 08
    There are only two objective systems for assessing education. The number of links to scientific publications. And victories at scientific olympiads. Unified State Examination - the fraud of officials who in science understand as a pig in astronomy.
  38. Pupon63
    Pupon63 April 9 2014 12: 43
    The education system in the USSR was much better! After all, it was normal, to school from 7 years old, graduation class 10! Why was everything changing ??? We studied in textbooks of a single sample! And now? After grade 10 they passed 6 exams, 2 in writing and 4 orally! Everything came in! Algebra, geometry, physics, chemistry, history and literature! Everything was OK! At least while writing cribs, a lot of the necessary material settled in my head, I know by myself. hi
  39. Rominag
    Rominag April 9 2014 14: 01
    Quote: Anton Gavrilov
    which must be checked ORAL-in English the most important thing is to speak, but how to speak is another.

    Orally, first of all, it is necessary to check technical sciences (or "near-technical" - medicine and economics), to pass full-fledged exams on them with serious problems in physics, chemistry, mathematics.
    And all these humanities in enormous quantities, which are now graduating from all universities (and many technical schools, which had no humanities, began to push these departments in their place and out of place) - managers, auditors, pseudo-economists and other crap idiotic humanitarian specializations - I would generally that upon admission, that upon receipt of a diploma drove by ORDER so that the steam from my ears. You look after that there would be more sensible specialists, and all the rest would be scattered and do what they can do, and not just take a place.

    On the other hand, the vocational school systems were almost killed - where they taught workers specialties. And now find competent modern locksmiths, plumbers, electricians, etc. - a huge problem and at the same time money. But a bunch of unfortunate engineers who are not pulled by engineers, but also do not want to be electricians.

    In the family of our relatives, who lives on the Volga, a relative who is already over 60 and he is retired and a bunch of sores, they do not let him leave work without end raising his salary and luring him with other gingerbread cookies (he has a salary like over 80 thousand rubles) - since he is one of the best borers in the city - from the young generation of such specialists, or at least ready to try and have an interest, they cannot find any suitable ones at all. But it would seem that in the modern world of CAD / CAM technologies, such specialties seem to be dying, but no ... not everything can be done by computers.
    1. Timeout
      Timeout April 9 2014 16: 15
      Quote: RominaG
      not everything can be done by computers.

      Parts with a complex geometric profile are not subject to CNC machines yet. Any specialist from working professions, even if you take a plumber, robots have not yet been invented for this. It is not in vain that "Brothers Mario" in mattresses earn very good money. And we still have everything for the "magarych". Professional welded is generally a treasure trove of wages, but this area is now being interrupted by our "little brothers" from Malaysia and the Philippines, by the way, now they are building the French half of the Mistrals. So gentlemen, we need to think about our specialists of this level, otherwise we have a lot of lawyers and managers. Then it will just be too late ...
  40. Jager
    Jager April 9 2014 17: 40
    "Well," you say? The salary of bridge builders in my office (electricians, welders, concrete workers, assemblers, etc.) is in the region of 20-25 thousand. In Moscow. The office is very famous, part of the largest bridge building corporation.
    Why should I ruin my health for 20 thousand by welding a crossbar in a 20-degree frost, if I can, for example, trade sneakers for 30?
    We have PURELY destroyed the motivation for working professions. With the "scoop" for real work they gave apartments, etc. And now? Eat "doshirak" knee-deep in the mud on the site?
    In addition, a good welder or plumber, in terms of its importance, will give odds to another "half-trained" engineer.
    1. bubalik
      bubalik April 9 2014 17: 45
      Jager RU  Today, 17: 40 

      ,,, in and I don’t understand why a worker for a well-done highly qualified work cannot get more salary than the chief accountant. or AUP ??
      1. Rominag
        Rominag April 9 2014 18: 19
        Quote: bubalik
        ,,, in and I don’t understand why a worker for a well-done highly qualified work cannot get more salary than the chief accountant. or AUP ??

        As for the chief accountant, it’s probably not a very true comparison, there is responsibility of the hoo.
        For the rest, good specialists know how to turn around or choose good jobs (only you need to grow up to any specialist - it's like from an intern to a good doctor, or like a classic "from lieutenant to general; but now, after all, beginners want everything at once).
        A neighbor is a plumber downstairs, I bought a second apartment, and the car changes every three years. In the morning at public work, in the afternoon, he hacks and works on weekends - so at home only in the evenings. So if your hands grow where you need to and have the ability to spin, then they probably earn good money.
        And there are those same "workers" from the area of ​​the same "office plankton" - they don't need more, even if they talk about it and are not happy with everything.
        There is a relative from the periphery, he works a day or three at the gas station and works very hard - and how many times he was offered another job, but he needs to go far every day by his standards (spending two hours a day on the road), but the salary is much more substantial and significant, so he refuses - because there is more free time here just for fishing / mushrooms / berries / booze without which he cannot live.
        So everything always depends on a specific person - to be or to appear (he wants to actually change something, or just to talk).
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  41. Bugiman
    Bugiman April 9 2014 17: 54
    Firewood is again chopped, thank God it passed through the exam. But to pass the exam, 2 years do not need to learn. My classmate was preparing for exams for 2 years, and I only repeated the material in recent weeks. And what is the result? the difference is only 2 points.
    Now that education is bad because it is obligatory, many people don’t understand what it is necessary for them to work, to make the country better. They are sitting on my parents’ neck. They bring me out with their stupidity. Once upon a time in practical work on hydraulics, this type of person calls me request to solve the example:
    0,374 + 0,785 =?
    I’ll remember this for my whole life, in order to change something, you need to change upbringing, start from the bottom, kindergartens, schools, restrict the Internet, and social networks (though this will not happen, social networks will bring huge amounts of money to someone).
    Ehhh. Everything, I begin to develop a federal project in order to change everything for the better, though I have to study a lot.
    I ask everyone to assist, I accept opinions, ideas, and, in general, any informational support. angry
  42. The comment was deleted.