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Duty-M3 tactical weapon belt

Ease of use and operation of small weapons depends not only on the qualities and characteristics of the weapon itself, but also on the accompanying equipment, for example, tactical weapon belts. In Russia today you can find good options for such products of domestic development and production. An example of such products are tactical weapon belts of the “Debt” system, which are continuously being improved. These belts are a patented invention of Vladimir Kharlampov, who is also one of the founders of the company Tactical Solutions.

The “Duty” belts are a combination of the main advantages of one-, two-, and three-point tactical belts, eliminating their main disadvantages. The development of this system was the result of a large number of tests and subsequent improvements. At the same time, tactical belts were successfully tested in the Russian special units of the FSB, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, for example, in the legendary special forces unit Vympel, whose fighters appreciated this Russian development. Thanks to the feedback, recommendations and requirements (feedback) that the special forces soldiers make, these belts are constantly being improved. At the same time, their main consumers at the moment are civilians.

Duty-M3 tactical weapon belt

These tactical belts are ideal for hunting enthusiasts, as well as all those who are seriously keen on airsoft and have their own arsenal of airsoft weapons. Tactical belts of the Duty series give their owners complete freedom of action, maximum comfort when carrying a weapon and the speed of manipulation with it, which no regular weapon belt gives. All belts of the series have a common, unique principle of operation for them and differ only in the design of the main part of the belt.

The Duty-М2 belt is designed for use with submachine guns, machine guns, or semi-automatic smoothbore weapons. The older and more modern model "Debt-M3" retained all the features of its predecessor. At the same time, due to the other construction of the Dolg-М3 belt part, it can turn into a biathlon belt (allows you to carry a weapon behind your back in the manner of carrying a biathlon rifle) or into a two-point belt with a variable length and a quick adjustment function in length due to the use of a pull-up belt. It is also completed with a special soft broad shoulder strap. All this allows the use of this tactical belt with almost any type of small arms, including pump or semi-automatic smooth-bore guns, machine guns, sniper rifles and even grenade launchers.

Normally, these belts can be installed on almost any weapon that is equipped with a front swivel. Antabka is a special part of a weapon, a device designed to fasten and move a belt, a safety cord of a revolver or a pistol. Usually it is a metal ring or bracket on a hinge, which are located on the butt of the weapon and the forearm (on the muzzle of the barrel), to which the gun belt is attached. On pistols and revolvers located at the bottom of the handle.

On the belts of the series "Debt" for their attachment to the rear of the receiver or butt, depending on the model of small arms, are used:
- universal girth of the lines (it can be installed on almost any kind of butts);
- a regular rear vertical swivel located on the receiver (at the point of connection with the butt) with a width of 3 or more centimeters (similar to AKMS);
- a regular rear leg attachment, located on the receiver in the place of its connection with the butt (on the weapon profile, on the side) and power karabiner (for example, the leaf inserts on the AR-15 self-loading rifle).

The “Debt-М3” belt is available in 2-x configuration options: universal and standard. In the universal configuration, the carabiner of the ribbon of the brace is not sewn to it, but tied with a double-slot buckle. At the same time, the belt is equipped with two types of carbines: one “Riga” and one “Soviet”. In a standard complete set of a belt, a carabiner of a belt is attached to a special low-noise lining and additionally completed with a “Riga” carabiner, for using this carabiner in case of need instead of a girth.

It is worth noting that the standard equipment fits almost all models of domestic weapons, as the tactical belt is attached to the front of the weapon using a carbine, which is used in the Duty belt, and the front swivel is, in most cases, placed vertically. At the same time, the use of a low-noise lining in the belt makes it possible to reduce the noise level from the connection of the swivel and the carbine, as well as to ensure better safety of the weapon forearm, protecting it from unnecessary scratches.

A universal kit can be useful if there is a need to install a belt on foreign models of weapons, since the options for attaching tactical belts to weapons are quite diverse and require the use of various carbines and swivels. Although the universal belt does not have a low noise lining, it allows the wearer to mount any carbine, universal girth or a sabot of a suitable width (not less than 25 mm) on the belt, or to mount the belt directly on the front sab of the weapon, if any, and has the required width .

The “Debt-М3” belt is produced from the 2013 of the year and has already managed to earn the trust of not only ordinary hunters, but also officers of Russian special forces. This tactical belt is produced in Russia, it is sewn from high-quality sling materials, the belt is equipped with reliable and wear-resistant accessories. In addition to the standard black version, this belt is also available in green and white. It is completed with a special soft broad shoulder strap for weapon belts.

Included to the belt can go 2 carbine. The quick-release "Riga" carbine is easily installed on the swivel and removed from it, while it is able to withstand 75 kg to break. The “Soviet” carbine is a standard carbine from an AK belt, which is able to withstand up to 160 kg to break, but it is harder to install and remove weapons from the sab.

The design of the “Duty” belts allows weapon owners not only to fire effectively from it, but also to carry the weapon on themselves with equal efficiency. Including, not least, with various backpacks and other equipment when the belt is located under it. During the transitions, simply pull the weapon closer to the chest, in order to free your hands, and during halts and rest, you can simply unhook the front and rear carbines from the arms of the arms and remove it from yourself.

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  1. PSih2097
    PSih2097 April 8 2014 08: 10
    Cool thing and most importantly universal, at one time I bought myself three pieces.
    Video in topic

    Plus there is still
  2. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 April 8 2014 08: 35
    Tested in airsoft! Great belt! soldier
  3. Az_esm
    Az_esm April 8 2014 08: 42
    I also put it on both of my "trunks". Cool stuff!
  4. leonardo_1971
    leonardo_1971 April 8 2014 08: 45
    in the mountains I lengthened the belt on the SVD and hung it on my chest, passing the belt over both shoulders. it’s very convenient. I’m quick to put up my weapon and my neck doesn’t hurt.
    1. Aleks tv
      Aleks tv April 8 2014 14: 55
      Quote: leonardo_1971
      in the mountains I lengthened the belt on the SVD and hung it on the chest, passing the belt over both shoulders.

    2. ment481
      ment481 April 23 2014 03: 17
      Frost hare drumming hi
  5. Owl
    Owl April 8 2014 09: 21
    An analogue of the "biathlon belt" in 1989, at the "Krasnaya Zvezda 10 km race with shooting" was made by attaching a second automatic belt to the regular places, an overcoat in a roll (was necessary to comply with the "winter uniform") and a hat was attached to the back under automatic.
  6. Klibanophoros
    Klibanophoros April 8 2014 13: 24
    I use it on my Vepr-12, I'm happy with everything. I highly recommend using it.
  7. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv April 8 2014 14: 52
    A belt on an AK is a very good thing.
    What we just did not do with him ... we invented the same three-point, like a "bicycle" ... I think we used carbines with RD.

    AK behind? This is good for long crossings and running.
    But most often, during "long" transitions, there is always a sickly bag behind your back.
    For the back most often threw AK on crosses, here they simply and bluntly clung a second belt and dragged it like a backpack.

    In the mountains, the belt was most often lengthened and hung around the neck and looped through the right hand (respectively, the belt was on the left shoulder), the weapon dangled on the chest or closer to the right shoulder with the barrel down, the right hand held the forend from the top (if in the "snow" , then a little differently).
    In the case of kipish, a belt was quickly wound around the left hand (winding from the inside) with the grip of the left hand on the fore-end.
    In this case (taking into account the belt) it is possible for quite a while to keep the weapon as ready as possible for battle with just one hand. The right hand at this time can do anything: binoculars, gestures, topography.
    With the "winding" on the left hand, it is possible to press the butt to the shoulder with only one hand, better aiming and accuracy, and also easier to change the magazine.
    Eheh ... memory, radish.

    To good, easy, reliable and not strumming weapon belts - THE WAY TO LIFE.
    Enough for the fighters to reinvent the "wheel" themselves.
    This is not a spaceship, tea.

    ps I'll buy myself a "Saiga" such as in the article, I'll try what kind of animal it is.
    1. Massik
      Massik April 8 2014 17: 41
      With the "winding" on the left hand, it is possible to press the butt to the shoulder with only one hand, better aiming and accuracy, and also easier to change the magazine.

      On the contrary, I was scared to wind up, I think I will let go of the handle, while I drag the store with my right hand, a vile spirit will pop out of the bushes and shoot me in the chest. Always with my left hand the store changed, if not killed, at least you can frighten the last in the trunk ...
      The usual belt lengthened about 20 cm, pulled it in half with a buckle and hung the machine gun over the shoulder with one loop, it turned out something like "tactical")
      1. Aleks tv
        Aleks tv April 8 2014 18: 12
        Quote: Marssik
        On the contrary, I was scared to wind up, I think I will let go of the handle, while I drag the store with my right hand, a vile spirit will pop out of the bushes and shoot me in the chest.

        Greetings Marcel.
        But who is how to adapt ... Anyway. It was more convenient for me.
        I do not consider myself a great specialist in this, I had to "indulge".
        Yes, and I had to turn my head more ...)))
        1. Massik
          Massik April 8 2014 18: 56
          Mutually. soldier
          Experts say that the store needs to be changed if a cartridge 3-4 has not been shot or has lost count and you don't know which one is in the barrel. In order to minimize the reload time and vulnerability during this, they came up with such tricks. The biggest snag of the pouch valve is on unloading, time is wasted on opening the valve; especially when there are 2-3 magazines in one, there is a possibility of loss of ammunition. We thought about making something like plastic glasses with elastic "snaps" inside, but our hands never reached it)))
          1. PSih2097
            PSih2097 April 8 2014 21: 11
            Quote: Marssik
            Specialists say that the store needs to be changed if it’s not shot at the cartridge 3-4 or has lost count and you don’t know which one is in the barrel

            we inserted tracer 25 and 27, our ensign made tracer 20, 25 and 27 ...
            1. Massik
              Massik April 8 2014 23: 09
              Yes, the tracer is an exit, but they not only show you, but they also point you) The first exit was given 10 packs of 7n6 and a pack of 7t3, well, I read it like in a book, 26, 28 to each tracer store. On checking me "Show the store for target designation." I am in confusion, then they explained that there should be a 1n store of tracers, backing up the truth with my legs to fix it) So I did not try it later.
  8. Manul
    Manul April 8 2014 15: 58
    Oh! I’ll definitely look for it - I’ll check it out. Just thinking about a new belt. On my regular carbine (domestic) straightened request
    Like AK-105 CYMA is not the heaviest unit .. Although, on the other hand, operating conditions are unsweetened winked
  9. kanifas
    kanifas April 8 2014 16: 59
    Already tactical belts, and soon socks with footcloths will become tactical.
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 April 8 2014 21: 12
      Quote: kanifas
      Already tactical belts, and soon socks with footcloths will become tactical.

      socks are already there ... wassat