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The strangest lethal weapon in human history

People are strange creatures: we can love and love with the same force, and desire death just like us. We create weaponwhich by its very appearance throws a shiver. But sometimes something goes wrong, and the gun is a gun! - can laugh, and not to drive in a cold sweat. Are you ready to add to the piggy bank of unnecessary knowledge information about a moped rifle, acoustic cats and a pistol - mouth organ?

Let's start with the last killing means: here it is, below. It is called so because of the horizontal store. Invented this "elegant" thing someone J. Jarre. It was between the 1859 and 1862 years.

The strangest lethal weapon in human history

Operation Acoustic Cat, a CIA project already on 20 million dollars! Started in 1960 year and ended ingloriously in 1967. Here is a quote from one 60 media (probably, something like our lobotomized MK, which Leman Solaris discovered today on Enceladus): “In just an hour, the veterinarian turned a fluffy cat into an elite spy, implanting a microphone and a small a radio transmitter at the base of the skull, as well as lining a thin wire antenna into its gray-white fur. The goal is to make a cat a living machine for observation. The feline spy's first assignment was this: to record the conversation of two men sitting in a park on a bench where the cat was taken by the CIA. Instead, the fluffy just wandered through the park, and then suddenly rushed into a busy street and was crushed by a taxi. ”

Heavy guns "Gustav" and "Dora", the largest in stories caliber (800 mm!) and with the heaviest shells (7 t!). They were designed and built by the notorious Krupp at the end of 1930's to destroy the main forts on the Maginot line of defense.

And how do you like this flashlight-gun, made for the secret North Korean agents?

Every hole you see in a photo is in reality ... a barrel. A shoots "flashlight" from a single click.

Dogs trained to carry explosives under Tanks or to military facilities, were used in the Soviet and Russian army from 1930 to 1996, in the US Army in 1943 and among Iraqi rebels of the 2000s. Sobachek (and dolphins), of course, is a pity. Army - no.

Here is what Chris Bishop (Chris Bishop) writes in his "The Encyclopedia of Weapons of World War II": "A serious mistake in training dogs was revealed already in combat conditions. The dogs were trained with the help of Soviet diesel tanks, and the German tanks were working on gasoline. The result was sad: the dogs ran to the familiar-smelling Soviet cars. ”

And here is another copy of the mini-weapon: the Dyson LePetit ring guard for six shots (22 caliber).

“Tsar-tank” (also known as “Bat”, “Bat”, tank Lebedenko, Lebedenko’s car; sometimes also the variant “Mammoth” or “Mastodon” is found).

The largest and perhaps the strangest armored vehicle ever built! It appeared in 1914 in Russia. Born by a twilight genius named Nikolai Lebedenko. The tank had the good old shape of a tricycle. Two large wheels 8,2 m high, and there were also two engines, namely aviation carburetor high-speed "Maybach" for 240 liters. from. The large wheels were too heavy, so the tank often got stuck. After several tests, the car remained somewhere in the field and stood there for eight years (!) - until it was disassembled. The photo shows a recently recreated layout.

Vespa 150 TAP - American-made moped with M20 rifle caliber 75 mm without recoil. True, mopeds were assembled in France because they were intended for French paratroopers. After the presentation of this hybrid in 1956, nothing was heard about it.

Bomb with ... bats inside. This outlandish weapon was created during the Second World Efforts of the US Air Force. Inside there were a dozen small incendiary bombs attached to the tails of Brazilian folding lips (this is a kind of bat).

Bats hibernated in canisters and woke up already in a falling bomb. At 330-meter height, the bomb opened.

"Bulgarian umbrella", developed by the Bulgarian secret service and the Soviet KGB. It was used to kill the Bulgarian dissident writer Georgi Markov in 1978 on the Waterloo Bridge in London (United Kingdom).

The umbrella had a tiny built-in pistol that fired a metal ricin capsule. Markov, who felt a sort of bee sting, died three days after the shot.

“Project Babylon” is a secret Iraqi weapon developed in 1988 – 1990.

Among other good deeds, Saddam Hussein wanted to build the world's greatest weapon. "Big Babylon" was supposed to have a barrel length of 156 meters, and its projectiles were ordered to reach as far as the orbit. Ironically, parts for this thing were made in Europe. In the photo you see only two sections joined together. They are on display at the Portsmouth Museum (UK).

"Who? I?". Chemical weapons with such an extraordinary name were created by the Americans for the French resistance of the Second World War. The idea was as follows: the fighter quietly sneaked up to the fascist occupier and sprayed around the contents of the can. Do you think after a while the German fell and died in convulsions? By no means. Spray just sprayed the smell of feces. Oh, those heartless French! Always beat on the patient!

"Kiss of death" - lipstick-pistol caliber 4,5 mm, created in the KGB of the USSR in a "very cold season."

And at the end of the curtain let's look back centuries. "Weapon" is widely known, but still. Dove-rocket and cat-rocket, illustrations from three editions of Buch von den probierten Künsten by Franz Helm, released in 1535, 1584 and 1607.

Prepared by materials io9. The image on the screen saver belongs tipa_graphic.

Sources of photographs and illustrations: Historical Firearms, Today I Found Out,, War Writing, Yuri Pasholok, Khrenovina, Wikimedia Commons, The Patriot Files, Folger Shakespeare Library.
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  1. Free wind
    Free wind April 12 2014 07: 46
    An interesting selection. But the idea of ​​arsonists pigeons is not new. Recall the Russian Princess Olga. avenged my husband! Take a ransom from the besieged city by sparrows. To bind to each sparrow pieces of burning fabric, tow, and let loose. sparrows immediately weaved into their nests home. probably it was the most original capture of the city of the fortress.
    1. Vyalik
      Vyalik April 12 2014 12: 32
      In childhood, we also tried to conduct experiments by tying burning sticks and rags to the paws of sparrows and pigeons. I didn’t fly home where the birds didn’t fly, so I think all these references to Princess Olga are no more than tales. I didn’t read that Olga was not a fool to destroy her peasants, let alone the city. Moreover, Prince Mal was taken hostage.
      1. densh
        densh April 12 2014 14: 48
        Quote: Wyalik
        So I think all these links to Princess Olga are no more than tales

        I agree with Vyalik, as we write the story, we know, but the memories of the defenders or
        The memoirs of the princely warriors are unlikely to have survived to this day. In the magazine "Tekhnika-youth", in 1984-86, in the section "Antalogy of mysterious cases" this issue was discussed. The author of the article considered the version of the use of incendiary weapons in the form of primitive missiles.
      2. builder
        builder April 12 2014 17: 10
        "in childhood, we also tried to conduct experiments ...."
        Shkolota not understand))))))
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. Bayonet
        Bayonet April 12 2014 18: 37
        Quote: Wyalik
        In childhood, we also tried to conduct experiments by tying burning sticks to the paws of sparrows and pigeons.

        Oh guys and flayer you are!
        1. Vyalik
          Vyalik April 12 2014 22: 17
          Well, I wouldn’t call us that. We haven’t any birds killed. We just tied a stern string of 20 meters long to our paws. We tried to understand whether they would fly to the house or the dovecot or not. after we realized that they weren’t flying home, we just cut the threads with a blade and let them out. Of course, they didn’t fly home because the thread was tied to the foot, but as I recall, they didn’t even fly towards the house.
    2. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I April 12 2014 16: 50
      You tell biologists about the pigeons: once again they will laugh and, perhaps, will give you candy for the story.
    3. projdoha
      projdoha April 12 2014 23: 54
      I’d set you on fire, I probably would have run home to the children so that they would burn too?
      if so, then the birds will be smarter
  2. Wiruz
    Wiruz April 12 2014 07: 52
    The sapper's shoulder blade is the deadliest and most versatile weapon of all "strange" weapons.
    1. dustycat
      dustycat April 12 2014 14: 19
      The deadliest weapon is a kitchen knife.
      The number of those killed by him exceeds the number of all those killed in all known wars.
      1. Nikolaevich I
        Nikolaevich I April 12 2014 16: 57
        And I am for a broken branch (that is, a club, a club). If we take into account the "number of all killed" and in unknown (for a long time) wars, then it can turn out "hoo and oo-oo-oo".
  3. Fedya
    Fedya April 12 2014 08: 06
    About Bishop’s opinion, it’s rather doubtful that Soviet instructors would be so blundered! I read that the Germans just noticing the dog simply turned off the engines, after which the dog lost its landmark and returned back.
    1. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I April 12 2014 17: 08
      However, it is unlikely: most German tankers probably didn’t know about dog demos at all, because there were very few such units, and there were even fewer dogs to use. The dog was trained to find goodies under the tank — moreover, the tank was moving or stopped .
    2. Bayonet
      Bayonet April 12 2014 18: 43
      In particular, 16 such dogs were used in the Battle of Kursk, and they were able to undermine 12 fascist tanks.
      1. Blackgrifon
        Blackgrifon April 13 2014 16: 45
        In 43 and the Germans limited use of sabak against our tanks.
  4. mirag2
    mirag2 April 12 2014 08: 46
    Interesting. Not much, of course, but also for this refuge.
    1. 78bor1973
      78bor1973 April 12 2014 10: 02
      I forgot to write about burning pigs, dogs of cannibals, war elephants, and about animals infected with plague, I am generally silent.
  5. sv68
    sv68 April 12 2014 08: 56
    the most swept weapon is the human brain. it is in it that all the crazy ideas of killing your own kind appear in a sophisticated way
  6. Fess
    Fess April 12 2014 09: 24
    Most of all liked the moped - a cruel thing))
    1. Mister X
      Mister X April 12 2014 19: 23
      Quote: Fess
      Most of all liked the moped - a cruel thing))

      Aha Only a mistake in the text:
      Vespa 150 TAP - American-made moped with M20 rifle caliber 75 mm without recoil.

      Vespa (Italian. Vespa - wasp, hornet) - Italian motor scooter.
      And it doesn’t have a rifle, but an X-NUMX-mm recoilless American-made M-75 gun.
      They really compiled them in France, and released about 800 of such combat vehicles.
  7. alex-cn
    alex-cn April 12 2014 09: 39
    What is cooler shooting lipstick or a flashlight shooting a cigarette case?
    Okay, still shooting rings, These are probably the smallest shooting devices, Dora is the biggest gun. The rest is funny, but nothing outstanding.
    1. 77bob1973
      77bob1973 April 12 2014 14: 04
      I agree, the article is all in a bunch! Unusual weapons, in principle, do not exist, the only question is how you need to kill a person, an ice ax and a shovel are also quite unusual as a murder weapon! And how do you like a thyristor on a stick?
  8. lexx2038
    lexx2038 April 12 2014 09: 44
    The kitty could not stand the bullying and committed suicide. I wonder what those two men bazaar about that the cat rushed under the car?
  9. Peacemaker
    Peacemaker April 12 2014 10: 39
    Cat ... Sorry !!!
  10. Peacemaker
    Peacemaker April 12 2014 10: 39
    Cat ... Sorry !!!
  11. serega.fedotov
    serega.fedotov April 12 2014 10: 41
    Weapons of England and the Argentines from the time of their conflict can also be classified as curiosities: the British had a ship’s air defense system that easily tested 37mm shells on tests! In combat conditions, the system wasn’t nirazu! Fortunately, the British who planned the bombs of the American production with which the Argentinean Air Force did not explode !
    So it turned out that the aircraft easily broke through to the ships, through not effective air defense, dropping bombs on all 100% of the ships, but on some, and 2 times! But the fleet of England escaped with dents!
    1. densh
      densh April 12 2014 11: 45
      Quote: serega.fedotov
      But the fleet of England escaped with dents!

      Yeah, and the destroyer Sheffield must have burned out with shame after being hit by an Argentine missile.
      The first missile in the frigate Plymouth using radar was discovered almost a minute before approaching. They managed to deliver passive interference from the ship in the form of a cloud of dipole reflectors, which the missile aimed at.
      An active radar, homing of the second missile captured Sheffield at a distance of 12≈15 km, at the final section of the trajectories the height of the missile decreased from 15 to 3 m. From the ship, the missile was noticed only 6 seconds before it hit and the commander only managed to command: Take cover !. .
      The missile penetrated the 10-mm shell of the destroyer under the superstructure of the main command post at altitude. 1,8 m above the waterline, flew through the galley and entered the engine room. The explosion of rocket fuel residues caused a fire in fuel tanks, which soon swept the entire middle part of the ship's hull. Its distribution was facilitated by a drop in steam pressure and the failure of power generators that fed fire pumps, as well as the ignition of interior decoration made of synthetic materials, ship superstructures made of light aluminum-magnesium alloys and shells of electric cables burning like gunpowder. The premises very quickly filled with thick poisonous smoke, and soon the threat of an explosion of rocket and artillery ammunition was created.
      After a four-hour unsuccessful struggle for survivability, having lost 20 people killed and 28 people wounded, the commander of Sheffield, captain of the 2nd rank, Salt gave the order: Leave the ship! The fire was liquidated by the ships that came to the rescue.
      Sheffield's agony lasted almost a week. An attempt to tow the ship to South Georgia Island failed. Having lost the buoyancy reserve, on May 10 Sheffield sank at a depth of 300 m.
      1. Blackgrifon
        Blackgrifon April 13 2014 16: 47
        Quote: densh
        Having lost the buoyancy reserve, on May 10 Sheffield sank at a depth of 300 m.

        And with the old bombs, a freg of the British was destroyed.

        PS: for a long time there were rumors that there was nuclear weapons at Sheffield.
  12. Peacemaker
    Peacemaker April 12 2014 10: 41
    Cat ... Sorry !!!
  13. kocclissi
    kocclissi April 12 2014 12: 54
    And this is a small part of the list of perversions that humanity wanted to surprise the world ....
  14. dustycat
    dustycat April 12 2014 14: 24
    Hmm ...
    With the cat, the Merikans laughed.
    Pussy sorry.
    She committed suicide without enduring the execution of idiotic orders.
    It was necessary to radioactivate the dog - they are more likely to carry out teams.

    But the pistol is interesting.
    I saw such a product, but without a chamber from one of the collectors.
    He himself regretted that he could not find a complete image of the weapon - the Internet was not there then, and in those libraries where he could get pictures of such a gun.
    Where is his collection now?
  15. kavad
    kavad April 12 2014 16: 11
    "Dora, the largest caliber in history (800 mm!)" - bullshit! The Tsar has guns and then 890mm, and there have been more than 900.

    "with a 20 mm M75 rifle" - a gun. Not a rifle!
    1. Bersaglieri
      Bersaglieri April 12 2014 16: 55
      Of the artillery pieces of the modern type, Dora and Gustav have the largest caliber.
    2. Bayonet
      Bayonet April 12 2014 18: 48
      Quote: kavad
      The Tsar has guns and then 890mm

      Most historians and military men in the XNUMXth and early XNUMXth centuries believed that the Tsar Cannon was a shotgun, that is, an instrument designed to shoot with a shot, which in the XNUMXth – XNUMXth centuries consisted of small stones. A smaller part of specialists generally excludes the possibility of using the gun in combat, considering that it was made specifically to frighten foreigners, especially the Crimean Tatars ambassadors.
  16. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri April 12 2014 16: 53
    Specification: a moped, or rather a scooter-Italian (Vespa). And the recoiless gun is a recoilless gun.
  17. Strashila
    Strashila April 12 2014 19: 05
    Mice can be attributed to this category of weapons.

    from the site

    The formation of the first Soviet units of anti-tank mice
    During the initial phase of Operation Barbarossa in 1941, when the USSR found itself in a difficult situation, and fought fiercely, trying to stop the German armies. All the forces of the country, even, it would seem, institutions far from military directions, were mobilized to carry out this task. One such institution was the "Mouse Research Center" at Smolensk University, headed by Dr. Igor Valenko. He pioneered the application of Pavlov's methods in the training of laboratory mice. Valenko suggested using trained mice for the repair and maintenance of precision engineering and mechanical structures (so that such operations could be carried out without disassembling the mechanism). But then his idea was not taken seriously, and when the German troops approached, Valenko was sent to the newly formed school of demolition dogs. Unsatisfied with his new assignment, the mouse specialist secretly continued his research, but now with a new goal - the creation of an anti-tank mouse! By combining the two sectors of research at his disposal, he began his work. He soon managed to convince senior officials that the mouse could be an effective anti-tank weapon. The mouse, with its ability to penetrate holes up to 4 times smaller in diameter than its own body, and destroy electrical wiring and small parts, was an ideal tool for incapacitating tanks and other mechanized equipment. But there was a problem: How to get the mouse to its target?
    The idea of ​​a solution came to Valenko suddenly. For this, the Po-2 aircraft were perfectly suitable. Having low speed and noiselessness, they often made night sorties, and attacked enemy ground equipment from low altitudes. These aircraft could well drop Valenko mice directly onto the enemy’s equipment.
    After a certain period of controversy and conviction, in early April 1942, Valenko still managed to obtain permission to conduct a test discharge of mice to German tank units in the Kirov region. The result must have impressed the ranks of the Red Army, as permission was given for subsequent mice discharges. The most successful attack of the mice was dropping them into units of the 22nd German Panzer Division on November 18-19, 1942 near Stalingrad. The subsequent failure of a large number of division equipment played an important role in the battle for Stalingrad.
    German answer
    After a successful operation, Valenko examined one of the damaged tanks captured by Soviet troops. One of the anti-tank mice was found sleeping in it.
    However, the cloudless days of the mouse training program were numbered. Regardless of the warning circular received from OKH (the quote from which is given at the beginning of the article), one of the downed Po-2s gave the Germans a clue to what was happening ... Thus, by the end of 1942, cats were used in German tank units for fight against Soviet anti-tank mice. A certain number of cats were unofficially even put on rations. But only Waffen-SS tank units were allowed to have completely black cats in their "Katzesicherheitabteilungen" (KSA - Feline Security Units).
  18. Jager
    Jager April 12 2014 21: 06
    In fact, the dogs were trained not on "diesel Soviet tanks", but on captured German ones. And how do you imagine it? The dog approaches a German tank, sniffs - it stinks of gasoline, raises its paw contemptuously, desecrates Krupp's steel and runs with joyful barks towards the T-34, which stinks for kilometers around.
    Oh, those "bishops" ...
  19. hrych
    hrych April 13 2014 07: 45
    Here is what Chris Bishop (Chris Bishop) writes in his "The Encyclopedia of Weapons of World War II": "A serious mistake in training dogs was revealed already in combat conditions. The dogs were trained with the help of Soviet diesel tanks, and the German tanks were working on gasoline. The result was sad: the dogs ran to the familiar-smelling Soviet cars. ”

    Here is utter nonsense, these suicide dogs, so to speak, the last chance, then under the tank itself with a bunch of grenades and that only to kill the caterpillar. It’s like at this moment our diesel and their tanks are standing opposite each other, but the dogs, in addition to the ingenious scent, have no other feelings. And the sight and hearing of dogs is also steeply superior to human, as is the sense of smell. In terms of effectiveness, this method is comparable to the action of ATGMs, however, they abandoned this method sooner because of problems with training (time), content, etc., and most importantly with the development of other more effective means and methods of combating enemy armored vehicles, not leading up to direct collisions with her of our infantry.