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Ukraine. Strong structure. Recent history

In conversations, what is called, “from the inside,” we managed to form an approximate, but still quite definite opinion about the current situation with the power structures of Ukraine today. Having carried out a coup, the new power faced a classic problem: the former power machine of the state with their own hands turned out to be either destroyed or demoralized, the new power structures have not yet been formed and, naturally, more resemble gangs than the real force that can be relied upon.

Nevertheless, the power resource is a pledge of survival, and it is precisely the new Vlady group that is now busy building it. The Olympic principle does not work here - the struggle is in the cup schedule. The loser is eliminated immediately and forever. Therefore, no one wants to lose - in fact life is at stake.

During the struggle today, three structures have been formed that have all the signs of an organized criminal group.

The first is, of course, that with a strong stretch you can call the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The personnel of the former Ministry of Internal Affairs are totally demoralized and frankly sabotage both orders from above and the fulfillment of their duties. They told a case quite typical for today - the lads with bats drove into one district council in the region and informed the management - now we are in command. No question, - the police chief answered and went to drink tea to the investigators. After some time - a call to the duty of the. On the site of a corpse. According to the instructions, the chief of the local militia should also leave for the site. The duty officer reports to the former chief, he refers to the new management, the new management has no idea what exactly needs to be done in this case. All questions to the "subordinates" receive a standard answer - you are the boss, and you are in command. What do you say - and we will perform. As a result, no one left the corpse, not even the task force. Apparently, approximately this situation is almost everywhere - with certain variations.

The recent situation with the evacuation of the Dnipro hotel, from where the headquarters of the Right Sector was taken out. In total, all over Kiev, they managed to recruit about a hundred people, who were barely enough to cordon off the building. Both the traffic police, district officers, and field investigators were collected - who they found. Equipped, issued weapon and put in a cordon. People do not know each other, they hardly understand who commands this team. In fact, the “political knolls” were engaged in evictions, the police showed presence. If the Right Sector had rested, the Ministry of Internal Affairs would have been forced to curtail the operation - there was no reserve to storm the hotel, and the available fighters were mostly not trained. Such an operation is the maximum of what is now possible to carry out in Kiev by the police.

The combat-ready units are either dispersed, like the same “Golden Eagle”, or they are practically impossible to use, like the “Falcon”. "Falcon" - piece specialists, anti-terror fighters trained to free hostages. In each area there are about a dozen people from the force, therefore it is impossible to physically plug holes in them, but to use them for their intended purpose - this means against their own people, because the hostages are now taken not by bandits, but by power.

The idea of ​​creating the National Guard is actually an attempt to restart the internal troops, which, just like the police, remember well who killed them. Therefore, the National Guard under trying to dilute the battalions formed from hundreds of Maidan, which turns out very unimportant - replenishment either escaped immediately, or intend to flee when he gets a weapon. So far, only one battalion has been formed and sworn in, which is completely unreliable and which itself must be guarded, because for the time being it represents a greater danger than those from whom it must protect. At the same time, the National Guard under the protection of nuclear and especially dangerous objects on the territory of Ukraine will be transferred. While they are guarded by the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the remnants of explosives.

In the regions, the situation with the police is even worse - to whom precisely one or another department and administration is subordinate - in fact, its head decides. Sometimes to the regional governor, sometimes to the mayor, very rarely to the ministry. Most often, the head takes his own decisions, whose orders to execute in one way or another.

"Right sector". With all the demonization of this group, it has its own, and quite critical problems. Anyone previously unknown Yarosh, whose fate is strangely intertwined with the current chief of the SBU Nalyvaychenko, arose almost from nowhere. Made up of four radical PS nationalist groups, which are largely hostile to each other, is noticeably bursting at the seams. Yarosh commanded the PS on the orders of Nalyvaichenko, who put the rest before the fact - this is your leader.

Ukraine. Strong structure. Recent history

However, when Yarosh is a headquarters, which includes all the authorities included in the right sector of organizations. Authorities and decide - to carry out or not to carry out certain orders. It is obvious that no one will tolerate such a state of affairs for a long time, and such a staff begins to suffer losses. The most famous loss is Sashko Bily, but at the same time Nikolay Karpyuk disappeared (in the photo) - the head of UNSO. Formally stated that he was kidnapped by the Russian special services, but in fact it seems that his fate is no less tragic than the fate of Muzychko.

In order to give credibility to Yarosh, a campaign began about the fact that he allegedly took part in the hostilities in Chechnya. Only very secretly and unnoticed. It’s a shame to hear the real fighters, as they know for sure that Yarosh was not there. As a result, questions to the honored and authoritative members of the movement are beginning to appear to the PS chief, and it seems that a series of accidents and suicides will not end at Muzychko and Karpyuk.

Nalyvaychenko is forced to solve the same problem as Avakov - the security forces of the SBU - the Alpha division - are not eager to do work, the meaning of which they do not understand and of the legitimacy of which they doubt. The prospect of working shoulder to shoulder with yesterday’s militants and terrorists is not encouraging. Motivating Alpha is quite simple - telling everyone that they are all under the article for the events at Institutskaya. Whoever will artachitsya - will sit down, - here, in essence, all the uncomplicated political information, which is carried out by the staff of "Alpha".

Since the victory of the putsch, the right sector has tried to increase its “apparatus weight” by increasing the number on the wave of its heroic acts, promoted in the media. Recruitment points were set up in all regions, at which it was possible to enroll in the Right Sector. The quality of the material collected in this way is not difficult to imagine. First of all, the newly adopted PS militants proceeded to the banal racket. The "Right Sector Protected" sticker on the store door costs 2 thousands of dollars plus a monthly fee. In the event that a PS fighter sits in a secure room, the rate rises to 30 thousands of one-time fee plus an increased percentage of deductions. The price tag is different everywhere, but the price order is approximately the same. Having received the first money, the regional administrations of the SS cease to obey the "central wire", perfectly existing in the autonomous mode.

Realizing what the mass recruitment led to the service, the PS turned down the recruiting structures, which now, if they exist, are strictly independently and independently of Yarosh and his team. Now the rate of "this PS" is "less, yes better." With "less" the situation is fine, with "better" - not very much so far. However, the support of the SBU and Nalyvaychenko personally does his job - today the total number of real fighters of the PS who are willing to obey Yarosh and have a distant, but an idea of ​​discipline, can be assessed by a person in 500-700 throughout the country. Naturally, the main part of these people is in the West and in Kiev. Partly - in areas where they are mainly the protection of local appointees, governors. To be more precise, the PS in Kiev after the "eviction" from the hotel "Dnepr" is now almost gone. They mostly moved under Kiev. The SBU provided its wards with excellent bases, on which the KGB of the USSR prepared foreign fighters for what purposes they knew.

The least unambiguous situation with the Maidan Self-Defense. Formally, this is the structure that was headed by the current head of the NSDC Parubiy - and he continues to lead it, only now indirectly.

The problem is that initially it was a very motley conglomerate of various groups, assembled according to the bush, shtetl or organizational principle. In addition, there were specialized "hundreds" of the Sixth Medical type, women's (so-called "Sister") hundreds of 39 type hundreds named after Sofia Kobylyanskaya, economic, purely security (the so-called "Warta Maidan") and so on. There was an exotic hundred of Yuri Verbitsky, created by Lviv scientists (sic!). The same “Right Sector” was formally considered to be 23 by hundreds of Self-Defense, the 1 one hundred was assigned to the Kiev UNA-UNSO, which then either fully or partially entered the “Right Sector”.

Finally, “near” with Self-Defense and not entering it, there were absolutely independent groups such as the famous “Narnia”, “Falcon”, “Vikings”, the women's group “Amazon” and the notorious “Spilny Sprava (SS)”.

Naturally, this whole soup collection could not even theoretically be some kind of a single structure, but very quickly there was a separation on the basis of whether hundreds and individual groups of fighters were able to obey the general discipline. If not, they very quickly transformed into anarchist and, accordingly, small gangs. At the same time, even a small number does not make anarchists safe — say, the Kyiv City Administration is controlled by such guys, but they are very seriously armed up to automatic weapons and feel great in autonomous navigation. Engage in racketeering, robbery, busily clearing the surrounding countryside from bourgeois prejudices and carrying prey to the nest. So far, it is almost impossible to call such groups to order — not by the police (which is understandable), but with the help of other hundreds of Self-Defense, which have a relatively centralized subordination structure.

However, in this brew, a structure quickly began to form, at the head of which was Andrei Paruby, commandant of Maidan. Parubiy, to put it mildly, does not inspire personal qualities - during the storming of Maidan in the twenties of February, before the final victory of the coup, Parubiy escaped from the scene of events either with a heart attack, or with a stroke, or with some kind of PMS. But already in the morning, when the situation was resolved, he quickly recovered his health and was again at the forefront of the struggle. However, the organizational skills of Parubiy look above the average level. He was able to relatively quickly build a situation for himself, in which he became the main on the Maidan. The selection of "their" fighters went on the principle of personal loyalty, and it is precisely this principle that is today the key to Self-defense.

Today there is Self-defense and anarchists. The fate of the latter is clear - they will be cleaned as far as possible, though this is done difficultly and mainly by squeezing them out of Kiev, but the process is underway. While they are given “to feed” suburban areas and entire areas, the main thing is to remove them from Kiev. Then, the most stupid and greedy, naturally, quietly and without much noise will be removed, those who are smarter will pour in themselves.

Just today, a curfew was imposed on the Maidan - just to take control of anarchists, whose time comes at night. In the daytime, it becomes relatively calm in Kiev - absolutely frostbitten children with bats become visually purely less, but at night the city is dying out, especially the center - the danger of being in open space at night is still clearly above average. Given that anarchists are based mainly on and near the Maidan, the curfew should reduce their activity at night.

Despite the fact that Paruby is a member of "Batkivshchyna", he was previously the founding father of what eventually became the "Freedom" of Oleg Pyagnybok. Therefore, the role Paruby very ambiguous. On the one hand, he provides supervision of formally independent, but in fact - the younger partners of "Batkivshchyna" Pyagnybok and his "Freedom".

On the other hand, Paruby leads the power "national" wing of "Batkivshchyna". Together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs Avakov, who is also a man of Tymoshenko, plus the government headed by Yatsenyuk - again from the “Batkivshchyna” and the faithful dog of Tymoshenko Turchinov, all this gives the “Batkivshchyna” absolute superiority over the political forces and factions in Kiev. However, this intra-party conglomerate, although controlled by Tymoshenko, has its own internal and very deep contradictions.

In this sense, the position of Paruby becomes largely decisive, and if you consider that he has a personal curator from the US Embassy, ​​then it can be assumed that it was Parubiy who was ordered to maintain the unity of “Batkivshchyna” and, if possible, eliminate any attempts to split. Personally devoted centurions of Self-Defense devoted to Parubiya completely uncontrollable and uncontrolled by the security officials, the courts and political influences become, in fact, the Cheka of the new government, even if they are not very large hundreds, whose task is to fight not only the external enemy of the “separatists” type but the internal one colleagues who suddenly decide to show independence. In any case, while the direction of development of the structure of Parubiya goes in this direction.

Those who do not want to obey Paruby, but not yet completely hopeless semi-anarchic self-defense forces "fuse" into the National Guard, where Avakov already becomes a headache - and at the same time they cease to create problems Parubiyu. In this sense, the conflict between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Self-Defense was originally laid - the best Parubiy keeps.

Separately are the power structures of "Freedom". The force failed to dramatically increase the number of its militants, although it has its people in the structure of self-defense. However, their presence in Kiev is a guarantee that the interests of Freedom, although in a junior partner form with Batkivshchyna, will be taken into account. At the same time, “Freedom” rather nervously perceives the strengthening of the “Right Sector”, if only because the PS is working on the “Freedom” field, actually selecting its electorate. Prior to the elections, the PS must solve the PS problem — either merging with it (which is practically unrealistic) or trampling it — which will inevitably lead to a conflict with the SBU. However, the problem exists - and in the elections, if the PS will go to them, “Freedom” will significantly lose its votes. It is hard to say whether this contradiction will result in a real struggle with Yarosh. In the battle against the cover of battle, Pyagnibok is very unimportant, but he may well count on allied relations with much more experienced tacticians from Batkivshchyna.

The paradox of the situation is that if we exclude full-time employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Security Service of Ukraine, the prosecutor's office - in general, legal security agencies - then the whole of Ukraine finds about 7-8 thousands of those who can be called “militants” and “illegal armed groups” with great difficulty ". At the same time, the quantitative growth of these NBOs has stopped - on the contrary, it is being reduced due to the transfer of a part of the militants to banal criminality and the traditional Makhnovshchina for Ukraine. However, the collapse of the state apparatus is so deep that these 7-8 thousands of people are the real power in the country. "The rifle gives rise to power" - and this is exactly about today's Ukraine.
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  1. inkass_98
    inkass_98 April 8 2014 08: 39
    Having given rise to the permissiveness and impunity of bandits, hiding behind the slogans of self-defense of the Maidan, PS, "Warriors of Narnia" and other evil spirits, the junta of the new ruler is now trying to give them the appearance of some kind of legality. It was the easiest thing to disperse the cops, it was also easy to put commissars from "rrrevolution" over them, but it is very difficult to make this stillborn construction work effectively.
    The Soviet government also began creating a punitive apparatus with the Cheka, but how long did it take to normalize life in society, to tame crime, to create a working law enforcement system? And here they are trying to put the bandits to fight their own kind. If even a part of the maydines will work in conjunction with the current Ministry of Internal Affairs, then it will take a lot of time to coordinate, which the impostors no longer have. It’s just that those who understand this will try to squeeze someone’s business out of thin air or stupidly earn some money and quickly merge into the land of the unknown, until they took the testicles and brought to justice for the outrages. The rest are waiting for not very comfortable cameras with hard bunks - whoever is lucky, losers will simply crash in the fuse when restoring order the real legitimate authorities.
  2. AlNick
    AlNick April 8 2014 09: 32
    In general, as in a movie: Old Man Angel and the slogan on a cart laughing
  3. Leader
    Leader April 8 2014 09: 33
    The problem is that the so-called civilized, cultured, well-mannered man is a coward.
    Putting personal well-being above everything else, he becomes dependent on the decisions and actions of others (i.e., becomes a slave).
    He who does not think about the consequences will win.
    Therefore, 10 thousand thugs-militants, even in their poorly organized form, are able to "bend" the floor of Ukraine.
    And now 45 million. Ukrainians are asked for help - some from the West, some from the East.
    And we must do it ourselves ... !!!
    1. Good cat
      Good cat April 8 2014 15: 48
      “The problem is that a so-called civilized, cultured, well-mannered person is a coward.
      Putting personal well-being above everything else, he becomes dependent on the decisions and actions of others (that is, he becomes a slave). "The flip side of the problem is that when this person becomes impossible to live or loses everything, then he unites with the same people and takes away all 10 thousand thugs
  4. sv68
    sv68 April 8 2014 10: 31
    yes it’s time to toughly clean ukroin from all this rabble. and then more. just so they won’t get caught. they will wage on the principle of everything against everyone, only innocent people are sorry
  5. Sochi
    Sochi April 8 2014 10: 46
    Anarchy, her mother is like that. But nobody can really manage this chaos. And there are no leaders capable of taking everything into their own hands, because this chaos will only grow.
  6. Tulip
    Tulip April 8 2014 12: 07
    How much is still close to Russia in October 1917 of the year.
  7. Terrible ensign
    Terrible ensign April 8 2014 15: 04
    Briefly, succinctly and on the topic. Thanks to the site administration, thanks to the author ... Somewhere so-so picture and imagined ...
  8. Andrey44
    Andrey44 April 8 2014 15: 09
    Rather, they cut each other.
  9. Nitarius
    Nitarius April 8 2014 15: 27
  10. Gray 43
    Gray 43 April 8 2014 16: 06
    Units of the Ukrainian anti-terror are engaged, on a campaign, not those enemies closer than they think
    1. SS68SS
      SS68SS April 9 2014 18: 43
      Who will rearrange their eyes on z.o.pu? To see the real enemies ...
    2. SS68SS
      SS68SS April 9 2014 18: 43
      Who will rearrange their eyes on z.o.pu? To see the real enemies ...
  11. tank64rus
    tank64rus April 8 2014 19: 11
    But they are all drawn to the East to restore order. Avakov pulled everyone there, although in Kiev, the Supreme Court, the right-wingers simply dispersed. If in the East they do not want to live in a banderlog, then 15 years with confiscation. if it is not fascism then what.
  12. Penek
    Penek April 8 2014 21: 18
    Bilyat, poor Ukraine. How unlucky they are for the rulers.
  13. ssskalinin
    ssskalinin April 9 2014 02: 42
    The problem is not how to curb the scumbags. The problem is that there is no intelligible and adequate Leader. The little princely knights pull each blanket over themselves, and as a result, Ukraine turns into a patchwork quilt from the time of the Reformation in Europe. Grandmas will soon end and there will be absolutely nothing for the children to feed then it starts
  14. The comment was deleted.