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Crimean veterans did not break German gas and Ukrainian oblivion

Crimean veterans did not break German gas and Ukrainian oblivion

April 1 marks 70 years since the start of the Crimean offensive operation, where our troops finally knocked out the Nazis from the Crimea during World War II. But it was very difficult: the enemy - under 200 thousand, hundreds tanks, aviation and thousands of artillery pieces. During the years of occupation, the enemy settled there firmly. There were only a few participants in the terrible years of the defense of Crimea. How did they survive this hell and at what cost did they win?

Eyes do not tolerate a harsh light now. 170 days of the darkness they remembered for seven decades. Adzhimushkay quarries - Brest Fortress of Crimea. In May, 1942 threw 15 thousands of fighters and residents of Kerch here. Daylight saw 48 people. Now he alone remember how it was.

“You will go to the hospital, and there the wounded moan:“ Sister, give me something, I want to live. ”She will come to him, and she herself will have nothing - she will hug,” says Ajie-Mushkaya’s defense participant Mikhail Radchenko.

An underground hospital among the rubble quarries was found years later when search teams proved that Aji-Mushkaya’s defense was, that the garrison was fighting among the ancient adits, and was killed by bullets, shells and starvation. He held, distracting the forces of the enemy, letting the retreating parts cross the strait.

I waited for an order to leave, but did not receive and sent the last message to the sky: "Everyone! We, the defenders of the Crimea, are suffocating from gas, die, but do not surrender to prison!"

The gas was released when shells and air bombs failed to knock out the quarries, and the underground garrison counterattacks became too frequent. The first "gas strike" took several thousand lives at once, and then every day a poisonous cloud spread through stone gaps through the gaps in the rock.

“The Germans started in 10 in the morning and pumped gas until the evening. We immediately went to the ground and breathed with moisture and damp,” recalls Mikhail Radchenko.

The gas concentration was so dense that this terrible “gas attack” was not mentioned on the Nuremberg process.

Neither the Adzhimushkai garrison, nor its heroic defense existed for the command of the Red Army. They were forgotten because Sevastopol had already fallen. And they, non-existent, fought there, where even it was simply impossible to live, moving in the dark along stretched wires, dying in forays for water or sucking it out of wet walls with their lips.

A cave covered with toys is a children's grave. Together with the soldiers, all who came down here, not knowing that they would never see the daylight again, would not know, just like they did, bringing victory to the legendary isthmus rugged by trenches and ramparts since 20's.

The land of Perekop shaft still stores fox holes. One of them is the participant of the defense of Perekop Peter Oleynik. Five months knee-deep in the snow, now in the water, keeping the fortifications before the order to come. His position on the map, he drew.

“The Germans had a piece. They saw all our positions,” recalls Oleinik.

On his jacket - four medals "For courage." They were never handed simply "for participation" - only for personal courage in battle. He received the first one right after the storming of the fortifications of Perekop.

Many had no harder fights, otherwise they would not have asked to return them to these ramparts, so that, like Ivan Bondar, who was already dead near Sevastopol, lay where the craters could neither cover the time nor the grass.

None of them wear all the medals - they won't fit. And Ekaterina Selishcheva, a participant in the battles for the liberation of the Crimea, is sure not to forget the 18 kilometers of the rotten sea of ​​the Sivash that they ford. We went to Perekop, to those foxholes. Later, the wagons stretched the tape along a narrow mine, where the meter to the side - and death.

Sivash. The wind drives here the tumbleweed day and night. Natural redoubt any defense of the Crimea. Its dense salty water keeps the bodies of the dead still in Civil. In April, the 1944s storming to storm the coast did not reach the battalions. This sea and the projectile is not needed to kill.

Every April, a small cemetery near Perekop grows with a new grave - the shaft still gives away the remains of those who died for it. And so here - every line of defense.

Under the vaults of the quarries, Mikhail Radchenko is harder to come by, although the house where he was born and lives is five hundred meters.

Their medals and photos are an eternal memory. Veterans remember that a year ago they did not allow the ashes of the defenders of height to be buried, as the President of Ukraine did not lay flowers at the monument to those killed for Kerch. Surely, and so now another day is embedded in their memory.

“When I heard the beacon calls, I took the receiver, kissed him and wept: at last Russia,” admitted Radchenko.
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  1. svetlomor
    svetlomor April 7 2014 14: 54
    Now no one will forget this feat.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov April 7 2014 15: 25
      Quote: svetlomor
      Now no one will forget this feat.

      Some have tried and tried, including ours.
      1. St Petrov
        St Petrov April 7 2014 15: 51
        you need to make a new frontal place - in the office of Echo of Moscow. Calculate so that Venediktov’s heads and companies roll down the stairs directly onto the front porch.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  2. konvalval
    konvalval April 7 2014 14: 56
    And no one will ever break.
    1. Alex Nick
      Alex Nick April 7 2014 15: 01
      Tired of licking
  3. Alex 241
    Alex 241 April 7 2014 14: 57
    Thank you veterans for everything that perished eternal memory. Forgive us for everything! But we are being corrected! Crimea is ours again !!!!
  4. Kodar 75
    Kodar 75 April 7 2014 15: 00
    Be worthy of the memory of the fallen !!!
  5. Duelist
    Duelist April 7 2014 15: 00
    Eternal memory to the defenders of the Crimea! Fathers and grandfathers, we are proud of you and your feat!
  6. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov April 7 2014 15: 10
    Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten! Eternal memory to the heroes!
  7. mountain
    mountain April 7 2014 15: 11
    Now it’s not a shame to defenders of Sevastopol and Crimea, we have returned it and no one will forget your exploits.
  8. Arh
    Arh April 7 2014 15: 27
    Long life, health to veterans !!! ***
  9. Aleksandr65
    Aleksandr65 April 7 2014 15: 35
    And in Kherson in March puppeteers forbade celebrating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the city from the Nazis. They have other holidays ...
    1. AVIATOR36662
      AVIATOR36662 April 7 2014 23: 37
      And honest and brave comrades will get to them now. Where will their bans go right away?
  10. made13
    made13 April 7 2014 15: 35
    To return to school the practice of searching for heroes - dead, missing, so that everyone who grows on their land knows what price the people paid for this land!
  11. Adzhimushkay
    Adzhimushkay April 7 2014 15: 49
    Nice to see a report from my village-HERO Adzhimushkay !!!! Behind the fence lives an aunt who was born a catacomb and survived.
    1. VNP1958PVN
      VNP1958PVN April 7 2014 16: 31
      Why don’t you change the flag? hi
  12. razved
    razved April 7 2014 15: 58
    These are the true HEROES, and not those who glorify on the Maiddans.
  13. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN April 7 2014 16: 36
    I can imagine how veterans all these 23 years have been! Health to you dear! We hope that the desire to live yet has strengthened today! God give you !!!
  14. mamont5
    mamont5 April 7 2014 16: 42
    Thank you veterans! You have saved Crimea for us!
  15. Adzhimushkay
    Adzhimushkay April 7 2014 16: 59
    Quote: VNP1958PVN
    Why don’t you change the flag? hi

    I thought it was automatically changing the site, maybe the admins of Crimea still have Ukraine ...
  16. mabuta
    mabuta April 7 2014 17: 00
    Eternal MEMORY OF YOU and GLORY! Recently found. Please read to the end
  17. typhoon7
    typhoon7 April 7 2014 17: 31
    For veterans there is no better gift for Victory Day than the return of the Crimea and Sevastopol (well, I hope in the near future the south-east of Ukraine).
  18. mabuta
    mabuta April 7 2014 17: 45
    Red Army soldier Semyon Konstantinovich Hitler died July 3, 1942 defending Sevastopol. Eternal Memory.
  19. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 7 2014 17: 53
    Dear veterans, your feat will not fade for centuries! No .wolves will ever succeed in ruining your feat. We ourselves will turn them into fertilizer if they still raise their hand to your feat.
  20. ksv1973
    ksv1973 April 7 2014 19: 06
    A low bow and a strong friendly handshake to everyone who knows and remembers what Adzhimushkay is! hi
  21. kelevra
    kelevra April 7 2014 20: 03
    Glory to our veterans!
  22. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch April 7 2014 20: 57
    Here with this article you need to start a lesson in courage on September 1 throughout Ukraine! And do not PR these pid ......: Bandera, Shukhevych and other creatures. I hope that in the coming years everything will fall into place. Glory to the heroes of the fallen and the living, who fell during the defense of the USSR, they defended their homeland, and did not rubbish about the national superiority of a particular nation.
  23. Sergey S.
    Sergey S. April 7 2014 23: 19
    Quote: Aleksandr65
    And in Kherson in March puppeteers forbade celebrating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the city from the Nazis. They have other holidays ...

    Soon they will be taught to love their homeland.
    Each banderlog in Auschwitz, in Khotyn, and then give to the Belarusian and Polish partisans.