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Self-loading pistol CP-1MP "Gyurza"

9-mm self-loading pistol "Gyurza" was developed at the beginning of 1990 in TsNIITOCHMASH by Peter Ivanovich Serdyukov. At the end of 1996, it was adopted for the special forces of the FSO and the FSB.

The need for a pistol, which is fundamentally different from the special detachments of personal short barrels used in the army and armed with special forces and special services weaponsappeared in 1980's. The main reason is the widespread introduction of light personal protective equipment of various classes into the armed forces of many countries of the world. For example, a second-class bulletproof vest can withstand a 7,62-mm bullet shot, which has a steel core, when fired from a TT, and an 9-mm bullet of a standard NATO cartridge, when fired from Beretta M 92FS.

In addition to law enforcement agencies and armies, terrorist and criminal groups began to use body armor. As a rule, when using a body armor, no more than 30 percent of the body are protected, however, the experience of combat use of personal weapons, especially by the police, shows that most of the firing contacts are sudden and transient. In conditions of lack of time for accurate aiming at vital organs, the fire is fired on the hull, which, using protective equipment, makes it possible to survive and return fire.

Special Forces fighters always needed to equip their weapons with devices that would provide accurate and low-noise shooting. The TSNIITOCHMASH constructs took into account the suggestions of users. So the modification of this powerful and reliable pistol was born.

Automation CP-1M "Gurza" works on the use of recoil energy during the short stroke of the barrel. Unlocking and locking the barrel bore is performed by the shutter during the interaction with the swinging contactor. USM hammer type double action with an open arrangement of the trigger allows you to fire self-platoon and combat platoon. Supply of cartridges from a box-type removable magazine on 18 cartridges spring. The shop is located in the pistol grip. When changing store cartridge automatically sent to the chamber.

The Gurzy version of the CP-1MP was equipped with a special module with Piccini straps. The slats are intended for mounting a collimator sight, tactical flashlight and laser pointer. At the muzzle of the barrel there is a threaded ring for the installation of a device for flameless and noiseless firing. On the gun "Gyurza" CP-1MP collimator sight, laser designator, tactical flashlight can be mounted. Sighting devices (front and rear sight) are located on the gate. The frame of the gun is made of armid with fittings. This made it possible to significantly reduce the cost and weight of the weapon.

Security is ensured by two independent fuses that allow you to instantly open fire. One of the fuses is located on the back of the pistol grip, blocking the sear, the second is placed on the trigger blocking it. Gun control elements are designed for left and right hand. For the convenience of aimed fire with both hands on the front of the trigger guard are made notches.

CP-1M was developed specifically for the cartridge of increased efficiency 9x21 mm. The following cartridges can be used in the gun.

SP-10. It includes a tungsten carbide cored bullet. The SP-10 bullet at a distance of 100 meters pierces a class III body armor, and the cylinder head of a car at a distance of 70 meters.

The bullet of the cartridge SP-11 has a lead core.

The cartridge SP-12 is equipped with an expansive action bullet.

SP-13 has an armor-piercing tracer bullet.

In addition, 7H28, 7H29, 7BT3 cartridges can be used.

Technical characteristics of CP-1M "Gurza":
Caliber - 9 × 21.
Mass without cartridges - 900 g.
Gun length - 200 mm.
Barrel length - 120 mm.
Gun height - 145 mm.
Gun width - 34 mm.
The initial speed of the bullet - 420 meters per second.
Target range of fire - 100 m.
Magazine capacity - 18 cartridges.
Rate of Fire - 40 shots per minute.

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  1. Alex 1977
    Alex 1977 April 8 2014 08: 33
    Some kind of strange design, to be honest.
    Supersonic ammunition + PBBS - we’ll leave it on their conscience, but rather PMBS,
    but what holster is it to shove?
    This bar will cling to everything in the world. Extremely uncomfortable design.
    Yes, and the muffler mount assembly looks somehow done on the knee.
    It seems that this upgrade in the garage was riveted with a file and a hand drill ...
    1. Genry
      Genry April 8 2014 08: 54
      Supersonic - rarely, in which short-barrel.
      And in the article it is indicated not for the "gyurza", but for the SPS 6P53.
    2. Assistant
      Assistant April 8 2014 22: 24
      Supersonic ammunition + PBBS - this is left to their conscience

      Who met the information, why is there still no subsonic ammunition for the CP-1? Will the bullet be too heavy for normal shooting at its weight? Will there be problems with automation with a simple reduction in the weight of gunpowder? Or what else?
  2. leonardo_1971
    leonardo_1971 April 8 2014 08: 38
    I shot from it! A very powerful cartridge. The grip is convenient. Pretty accurate. A little rough plastic. When fired for a long time, the fuse on the handle starts to irritate. I don’t remember cases of misfires and failures, unlike Yarygin. Although my favorite APS pistol!
    1. Timeout
      Timeout April 8 2014 15: 14
      Quote: leonardo_1971
      . A little rough plastic. When fired for a long time, the fuse on the handle starts to irritate.
      Now the manufacturer fixed these problems, soft plastic on the handle, and the pre-button has become wider and longer, weakened the spring. Now it’s become more convenient to shoot!
  3. patriot123
    patriot123 April 8 2014 08: 46
    Pee for Robocop !!! laughing
  4. sv68
    sv68 April 8 2014 08: 48
    a relative of the commandos praises these weapons very much, claims that in his understanding the gun is close to ideal
  5. 111 soldier
    111 soldier April 8 2014 08: 56
    weapons of the future!
  6. avt
    avt April 8 2014 08: 59
    He is already healthy, and then there are body kits. Users - maybe it's better to take the PP under the same "Heather" cartridge than to hang everything and everyone on the pistol? It's still a second weapon.
  7. Cruorvult
    Cruorvult April 8 2014 09: 11
    On the one hand, a great gun for specials, on the other - not a single bar was developed. Then we are surprised that the glocks order.
    1. Alex_Popovson
      Alex_Popovson April 8 2014 09: 31
      Well, the bracket is not so difficult to finish, under any barrel. In the end, all kinds of research institutes exist for a reason
  8. Wiruz
    Wiruz April 8 2014 10: 31
    A masterpiece device! Only now, there seems to be no subsonic cartridges under it, but without them the silencer is ineffective.
    1. Myth
      Myth April 8 2014 10: 50
      Hi, Stechkin isn’t there either, but it works, but this muffler reminds me of something very muffler.
      1. Wiruz
        Wiruz April 8 2014 13: 52
        there is no Stechkin either

        Hey. Stechkin, like his silent modification of the APB, works mainly with the 9x18 PM cartridge, whose initial speed is less than the speed of sound - 315 m / s.
        1. Assistant
          Assistant April 8 2014 22: 19
          whose initial speed is less than the speed of sound - 315 m / s

          It seems that the charge of gunpowder in the cartridge for PB was reduced only so that it became guaranteed subsonic in the entire temperature range (respectively, air densities) in the USSR. Theoretically, with a cartridge it was possible not to be smart at all, but decided to play it safe.
      2. bullet
        bullet April 8 2014 21: 36
        You confuse APS and APB (aka AO-44, 6P13). These are two different patterns.
  9. Astrey
    Astrey April 8 2014 11: 53
    Always sympathized with this model. I remember in the first notes of "Gyurze" indicators of armor penetration were presented as prohibitive for practical use. But there was no analysis of its application. How effective is this device in battle? It would be interesting to know his strengths.
  10. MahsusNazar
    MahsusNazar April 8 2014 13: 06
    When the hostages were released in the desert near Khorezm, in 1999 the specialists had a mass of failures of this pistol. The militants managed to get a pair of these trunks in battle, after a while they threw them. According to the hostages, even to shut the shutter did not come out because of the sand that the wind constantly wears. An indirect confirmation of the words of the hostages is that we found one half-dismantled. Apparently they tried to clean.
    That's how it is. Although I liked the gun in many ways, that's just the fuse on the handle, it also began to annoy.
    Canopies, IMHO, not practical and bulky. 6P9, better already ...
    1. Timeout
      Timeout April 8 2014 14: 51
      Quote: MahsusNazar
      When the hostages were released in the desert near Khorezm, in 1999 the specialists had a mass of failures of this pistol.
      Dear, Rosoboronexport did not sell a single pistol to Uzbekistan. So the specialists from "Bars" and "C", especially in the troops, do not have this weapon in service.
      In addition, 7H28, 7H29, 7BT3 cartridges can be used.

      It is worth reading so SP-10 (7N29), SP-11 (7N28), SP-13 (7BTZ) repetitions of the nomenclature, often the developer and GRAU indexes are confused. The author does not delve into the essence of the issue. There were enough articles on VO about this trunk, for example:
      The gun itself is good but there is a minus, ammunition.
  11. Beck
    Beck April 8 2014 16: 17
    It sounds strange somehow - Self-loading Pistol.

    Of course, it is exotic in modern times, a single-shot pistol, which must be recharged manually after a shot.

    But by default, all modern pistols are self-loading. The only question is the capacity of the store. When they say a gun, they unambiguously mean one or another automatic reloading system and do not ask for a self-loading pistol or it is necessary to manually reload it after each shot.

    That way we can say that machine guns are self-loading.
    1. rereture
      rereture April 8 2014 19: 50
      For example, there are revolvers, but alas, they are not self-loading. So do not carry nonsense.
      1. Beck
        Beck April 9 2014 07: 03
        Quote: rereture
        For example, there are revolvers, but alas, they are not self-loading. So do not carry nonsense.

        A revolver is not a gun. Like a chicken is not a bird and boots are not boots. In addition, revolvers from Colt and earlier also have a reloading mechanism - scrolling the drum.

        I will not somehow overshadow you, like nonsense, communication all the same.
        1. rereture
          rereture April 9 2014 10: 30
          I agree, I didn’t make out the logs in my eye.

          But the chicken is a bird, and the revolver is not self-loading, since the rotation of the drum is carried out by the muscular strength of the shooter.
          1. Vasek
            Vasek April 10 2014 00: 04
            Quote: rereture
            A revolver is not a gun.
  12. Massik
    Massik April 8 2014 17: 21
    And "why" goat button accordion ??? Anyone who rivets these strips so hard on everything should be put on their own "trunk" with a collimator so that they would not smear past the urinal. Screw connections - screw in and unscrew the bolts, and how to wear the gun, forgot the ears for fastening the belt))) ??? What homeric sizes will the holster with this device reach ??? The weight of this crap with all the bells and whistles will reach 2 kg, try to walk 100 meters holding constantly outstretched arms with 2 kg dumbbells. Is it really so difficult to add a slightly longer barrel with a thread and a cap at the end to the design, and one permanent bar for the barrel ???
  13. Alex 1977
    Alex 1977 April 8 2014 18: 28
    Quote: Genry
    SPS 6P53

    The school physics course multiplied by the omniscience of Yandex tells us that the speed of sound on planet Earth, under normal conditions, is 343,3 meters per second.
    The initial speed in the table is declared at 420 meters per second.
    For 6P53 it is 410.
    One pistol modification is slightly supersonic than another.
    If not a typo at all.
    The figure is in any case larger than the aforementioned 343 m.s.
    With all due respect.
  14. Sledgehammer
    Sledgehammer April 8 2014 19: 30
    It will also be possible to mount and muzzle compensators and laser target designators probably.
    Eh such a trunk to the civilian market winked
    1. Assistant
      Assistant April 8 2014 22: 13
      Eh such a trunk to the civilian market

      Most likely, even if the unthinkable happens and the governments of our countries begin to trust their people, allowing the short-barrel to be worn for citizens, this particular unit will still be banned due to the initial confinement under armor-piercing ammunition (it would theoretically be easier to get only SP-10 cartridges than SR -1 and SP-10).
  15. ssskalinin
    ssskalinin April 9 2014 01: 59
    One day I got such a small animal in my hands. Full sensation. Tried along with a reconnaissance platoon. The result was an uncomfortable sight. Complex loading. It’s very inconvenient to get a problem with ammunition from your pocket. Summary for Hollywood movies. Good in combat.
  16. sychovseroga
    sychovseroga April 11 2014 11: 13
    nothing such an aggregate
  17. carabiner sks
    carabiner sks April 11 2014 20: 30
    It seems that in "Brother" there was one - in - one of the same article.
  18. Iskander
    Iskander April 18 2014 03: 38
    0 вот тут пытаються обсуждать прицел универсальный для ратника, т