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Life is an interesting thing. Every person has something to remember, and I am not an exception. But before it was too lazy to write, so much of the memory was erased, but sorry. Niggle, foreign adventures, Chechnya, search, rodnoverie and affairs Cossack. There are a lot of events, and I think I remember them, and the details and faces are already in a fog. This needs to be corrected and when I returned home from the glorious hero city of Sevastopol, I immediately decided to sketch a few notes. Something for myself, something for readers, something for comrades, with whom I lived side by side for a month. Probably the most interesting month in my life, because every day was full of events that can be easily embedded in any adventure adventure novel.

How I became a volunteer.

It all started with the events in Kiev, which are well known and painted in my article "About Ukraine". Maidan, change of power and stupid actions of yesterday’s oppositionists. Plus, the exit to the political arena of Bandera, which is not so much, but they became the support of pro-Western politicians and the face of the new government. I set out my subjective view on these events, and then decided to go to Ukraine to look at everything that happens with my own eyes. I do not trust the official media - there is such a feature, but I wanted to figure it out. Especially since the opinions of my friends who lived in the Crimea, Kharkov, Kiev, Lviv and Odessa, turned out to be diametrically opposed.

So the decision was made. Destination - Sevastopol, the city in which I served the urgent, and where I had several friends. You understand, to go at random to a country where there was a change of power, at least imprudently. So the choice was obvious. Therefore, having written down a dozen useful numbers in a notebook and phoned my comrades, who, in the event of a real war, could quickly be torn off and called for help, I packed a backpack, dressed in a dressing gown and set off.

The first pancake is lumpy. I got to Krasnodar and learned that the Kerch ferry is closed and when it opens unknown.

Okay. I do not get used to the difficulties and I went to Rostov. The second attempt. At noon, a bus with volunteers from the Eurasian Union was supposed to go to Sevastopol from Theater Square. But here by. The bus was canceled, there was a rumor that there was restlessness on the roads of Ukraine, and no one went anywhere.

The third attempt. I moved to the bus station and took a ticket to the hero city. I waited four hours and thirty minutes before departure all flights were canceled.

For a minute, I even hesitated to go or not. However, the doubt was dispelled quickly and within ten minutes, taking a taxi to Mariupol, along with my companion, I raced towards the border.

The fourth attempt was successful. Crossed the border. True, polite comrades from the FSB defied me for half an hour. Where is the registered on you weapon (Saiga carbine of the 12 caliber) and have you conceived the bad? Why in such a provocative outfit, and with a backpack? Why are you going? Do you understand that it is very dangerous there? I answered honestly - I don’t have anything to hide, saying that I’m going to visit and I’m not harming anything bad. Parted well. They once again warned that in Ukraine was restless and asked to think about the expediency of the trip. I thought and continued the journey, went through Ukrainian customs without any problems and soon found myself in Mariupol. There, together with his companion, Araik from Sevastopol (normal Armenian uncle), we drank a little brandy, bought bus tickets and after midnight, having passed the checkpoint on Chongar, we arrived in Simferopol, where I was met by Stas Sergeyev. The SI readers and authors of this writer know and the address of his page is known.

Happy went to Sevastopol. The feelings about the military, in Simferopol flashed people with weapons, near the building of the Mejlis, the Tatars heaped, and on the roads roadblocks of self-defense. But in general, everything was calm and peaceful, and even somehow sleepy. Here the city administration was captured, "unknown people in camouflage and with weapons," practically terrorists. However, everyone knew who these people were, and the people did not worry, went under the administrative building and took photos for memory. Shops worked, buses on a schedule, and the police were on duty, so that the townspeople lived a familiar life.

In the afternoon we were in Sevastopol. I was met by the commander of the DND "Frontier" Volodya Melnik. By the way, also the author of the SI and brother of Stas, and his book "The Laws of War" is one of those who prompted me to write.

In general, I got to Sevastopol and, after talking with comrade, I became a warrior. Initially I thought that I had come for a couple of days for reconnaissance. However, I got carried away and stayed for four weeks, I regret nothing.

Impressions of Sevastopol and people.

The first of March. By this time, the power in the city had been in the hands of the people's elected mayor, Alexei Mikhailovich Chaly, for several days, and people believed him as no one. Most of the deputies and officials caused persistent hostility among the citizens, they were constantly waiting for meanness and in the case of treason and treachery, the people of Sevastopol were ready to kick them. "Polite people", they are also "tourists", they are also "green men", blocked the PPD of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Navy, and this provided confidence in the future. I did not see the police that day, just like DAI (DPS). The city administration and the city council were guarded by "buffaloes" and self-defense groups. Music was played on Nakhimov Square (Legendary Sevastopol, Lyube, Vika Tsyganova and Marshall), and mothers with children walked along the Grafskaya Wharf, since the day turned out to be sunny and not very cold.

The mood in the city was akin to the revolutionary. Groups of fighters in camouflage or in a citizen with St. George ribbons moved across Sevastopol. Vanity, mass movement, easy chaos and anxious expectation of something new or unusual. Implicitly, the townspeople all the time awaited some kind of dirty trick. Everything was too simple, and our people, as you know, got used to difficulties. Whether the Ukrainian fighters rypnutsya and go on a breakthrough from the blocked parts, whether zapadentsy will act, or the Tatars will try to show canines. Here are the townsfolk and frightened each other with rumors: 2000 buses from Lviv go to Chongar, Tatars gather fighting units, the commander of some Ukrainian unit is preparing to execute an order from Kiev and seize the center of Sevastopol. Well, and so on.

Some rumors were followed by others, but nothing happened, and self-defense was seriously going to fight outside the city and help the “tourists”, who were perceived as their own, native liberators. By the way, the “tourists” did not expect this and at first did not understand why the people bring them food, homemade pastries, tea, supply them with cigarettes and invite them to visit. Why do they all smile, and the girls want to meet them and take pictures. It was even funny to watch it. Fighters instructed until it stops, but it took some time and they relaxed. Not. They knew that they were waiting for them in Sevastopol. But what will be met so kindly, "tourists" did not even imagine in their dreams. In fact, they were their own, and when Crimeans looked news from Kiev, where pushes about the occupation and capture of the peninsula pushed, this caused Homeric laughter. But how else, if this is utter nonsense?

In the evening, a meeting and concert was held on Nakhimov Square, which was guarded by self-defense and the Rubezh squad. The usual evening of the renewed hero-city, which was returning home to Russia, and no serious incidents occurred. The people welcomed the speakers and rejoiced in the liberation from Kiev. Although not. Incorrect wording. The townspeople rejoiced in the liberation from the scum who seized power. That is more correct. After all, there are no complaints against the Ukrainian people, but a lot has accumulated to the Kiev zapadentsevs. Here and forced Ukrainization, and the destruction of factories, enterprises, and poverty, and the statements of stupid politicians, and the appointment of foreign mayors, and an attempt to remake the city’s anthem, and the persecution of patriots.

At the same time, everyone understood that Yanuk was a nonentity, that his usual way of life was being broken and that it would be difficult to enter a new rut, and in Russia there are far from paradise and problems are also enough. However, this did not bother anyone. Sevastopol - the city of Russian sailors, and that says it all. Therefore, a city in which the generations of patriotic service people, and each family, one way or another, is connected with the military and Russia, could not do otherwise. And it was he who shook the whole Crimea and set an example to the South-East. And this is not propaganda, but a statement of fact. And there is. Sevastopol did not become Ukrainian or Tatar, and it will never be to them, either in spirit, or in mentality, or in language. It is either a Russian city or it is not Sevastopol.

Believe it and not, but the second such city in the entire post-Soviet space, in my opinion, does not exist. And why? Yes, because the number of people who are ready to do something not for their own benefit and wallet, but for the sake of an idea, in Sevastopol goes off scale. They are able to quickly organize themselves and are willing to help each other unselfishly. They set a goal and go to it. They clearly understand what honor is and how one should love one’s native language and one’s own history. There, the earth and every stone is saturated with blood, and a Sevastopol cannot remain indifferent when injustice is created. And when the patience of the people was exhausted, he stood up.

Of course, as elsewhere, there are indifferent, bastards, thieves, parasites, gopota, drunks and drug addicts, as well as pocket Internet special forces and couch strategists who say that rooting is meaningless and nothing happens. But compared to other cities, that Russia, Ukraine, and Europe, they do not do the weather. The basis of the city is its honest residents with an active lifestyle. These are women who went to rallies to the city administration and to Nakhimov Square with the demands to change the power. These are workers and workers who helped self-equip to equip roadblocks. These are housewives who brought and brought clothes, cigarettes and food to the self-defense warehouses and roadblocks. And it was the fighters of the local detachments themselves who were ready to fight for their city to the end, sacrificed their work and career, didn’t sleep at night and did what they thought was right. Most of them did not pursue any mercantile interests. Nobody paid them a salary and there were moments when everyone had a bit of trouble. But they got their way. Hero-city Sevastopol and Crimea joined Russia. Very important - the connection was bloodless. Chaly said - we have been waiting for this for twenty-three years; and it is true. What happened should have happened, and this is the merit of the townspeople. First of all, this is their victory, and the “tourists” and volunteers only helped, supported compatriots in difficult times and showed the townspeople that they were not alone.

How did the "Frontier".

Anyone who was in the city of Sevastopol during his bloodless accession to Russia and participated in a peaceful defense, can tell his story. It would be interesting to read or listen to the direct participants. For example, "night wolves", "bison", fighters of the "First Battle", the guys from the roadblocks, self-defenders, patrol OBR or Cossacks. Surely, everyone has something to tell, because there were enough sharp moments. Well, I can tell you about the activities of "Frontier", the Voluntary People's Friendship, which was directly subordinate to the head of the Department of Security Litvinov VP and representatives of the Coordination Council, that is, we are confined directly to the city administration.

The date of the creation of the DND "Frontier" is 25 January 2014 year. That same day at the Sevastopol Forum, Vladimir Melnik proposed the creation of a squad. The text is as follows:

"Dear residents of our hero-city. Based on the current situation in the VGN and precedents of the illegal seizure of local authority."

1. Create a voluntary national squad. The purpose of the activity of which is to assist in the protection of public order in the framework of the current legislation near the local government and the RSA, as well as other authorities in the city.

2. Countering extremism and other manifestations of violations of current legislation regarding peaceful assemblies.

3. Prevention of damage to public and private property.

4. Close interaction with law enforcement agencies.

5. Creation of mobile response teams for any manifestation of mass gathering of citizens near any government bodies that are not coordinated under current legislation.

6. In the event of an escalation of the conflict, the voluntary people's squad takes the potentially dangerous objects of the city under guard or assists the law enforcement agencies in their protection.

7. Provide protection to residents and assistance in case of evacuation. "

That was the proposal, and many supported it, because the events on the Maidan and the orgy that was going on there naturally caused people to be wary. After that, the very next day, the first gathering of warriors was announced, who moved to the cinema "Druzhba", where Maidan supporters held a gathering, and provided all possible assistance to the police in maintaining order.

This is how "Frontier" appeared, which in the end did not receive official status and was disbanded. This was the beginning of the work of the unit, and despite the numerous squeaks of Internet fighters and special forces officers' couchs, they say, it will not work and it will not work, the results were good. Most importantly, in my opinion, when real changes began in the city and a change of power occurred, people already had a commander who did not slow down and took responsibility, knew each other, understood what they wanted, and realized what they were do it. For this reason, they did not waste time on boltology and were able to almost immediately show their effectiveness and usefulness.

As for the goals, they remained unchanged throughout the time. The squad was out of politics (this is very important) and was created to protect the citizens from any threats, both internal and external. Hence the subordination of the national mayor Alexei Mikhailovich Chaly and his colleagues, as well as universality. Vigilantes could provide security for rallies, patrol the streets, travel to check the addresses where provokers were allegedly located, block military units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Naval Forces, carry out campaign work and reconnaissance, catch criminals, provide first aid to victims, block roads and storm objects. There is an order - there is work. There is no order - we will find the work ourselves. It can be said that this is the unofficial motto of the "Frontier", which was ultimately declared by the Ukrainian and pro-Western media "elite Russian special forces".

In general, the squad appeared, self-organized, set up an alert system and instantly began to grow into fighters. Random people, as a rule, were quickly eliminated, and those who were ready to “work” in the present, devoted themselves entirely to the cause. At the earliest opportunity, after work, immediately to the service. At the same time, warriors came with their weapons (pneumatics, traumas, hunting smooth-bore horses). These trunks, like machines, we have not been given. But, probably, it is for the best. "Frontier" cost by its own means, and thanks to sponsors, caring people, there was money that was spent on the purchase of multi-channel radio stations. The commander immediately identified this moment - communication, and the presence of walkie-talkies rescued us more than once. Plus, there were funds for fuel, at least for the first time, until there was a centralized distribution of coupons for self-defense. And by that time, when I arrived in Sevastopol, over thirty active combatants (not only men, but also women) and more than a hundred in shifts were on duty at checkpoints, or were on blocking Ukrainian military units.


In early March, the main task of the Rubezh squad was to block the permanent deployment of Ukrainian military units, and almost always this was done according to the same scheme. There is a military unit. It is fenced, and inside the military, many of whom are local residents or temporarily with their families live in Sevastopol. Next to the part "polite people" in armor, with weapons and in masks. And between the military, dividing them, stood self-defenders. A kind of layer cake. Ukrainians, who did not receive any intelligible orders from Kiev, saw unarmed civilians and remained calm. Well, "polite people" who were not going to shoot, could count on our support.
For example, an inadequate drunkenness approaches an armed “tourist” and begins to tug at his machine gun - let him hold it, remember youthfulness. A "polite person" cannot hit or repel an alcoholist, because he is polite. But next to him, we and this problem was eliminated.

Another moment - the majority of the Ukrainian military, especially the soldiers of the explosives on Istomin Street, who arrived from Kiev, where they suffered losses on the Maidan, were despised by the new government. But they also couldn’t just leave part of them — they took the oath, and the personal affairs were with the commanders. Therefore, the Ukrainian warriors said and indicated immediately - if we are given an order to disperse self-defense and the exit to the city, we will inform you, and you will bury us the gate or put a truck in front of them. After that, with a clear conscience, we will report to Kiev that there is no way out. And it suited everyone, because people, both fighters and local residents, were waiting for the referendum, and soon the process went into a rut. The Ukrainian military, scattered around the city and around it, pretended that they were being blocked, and themselves, who wanted to, went into self-propelled vehicles, often spent the night at home and received food transmissions from loved ones. You understand that nobody wanted to fight and shed blood, but you had to save your face.

True, I will clarify one moment right away. The military units and bases were blocked by different self-defense units, and each had its own installation. One order is to keep the cordon off so that the mouse does not slip, while others perceive the Ukrainian military as their countrymen who are sitting behind the fence temporarily. Therefore, the relationship evolved ambiguously. Personally, we, our squad, communicated with the blocked warriors exactly, and we have no conflicts. Unless the provocateurs interfered or a skirmish began on a political theme, but in the end everything was smoothed out and returned to normal. They are behind the fence, in anguish, and we follow him, in the wild, drinking tea and poisoning jokes.

Thus, the blocking took place at the very beginning. However, the further, the more difficult it became. Zapadentsy were activated, many of whom arrived in the city by train - there was no inspection on the railway transport until mid-March. Magazines came, which journalists can not be called. Well, local agents from the parties "Udar" and "Batkivshchyna" began to work. The number of provocations has increased dramatically, and the number of people on the blockade has decreased. Many just got tired of standing, and they happily went home, and it was necessary for someone to stop the provocateurs.
Again, real examples.

An aunt comes up to the fence, followed by a couple of magazines. She unexpectedly falls, and she is filmed on camera. After that, shots appear on some western channel - against the background of the blocking part of self-defenders, a woman is lying on the asphalt and the comments "The wife of a Ukrainian officer is brutally beaten! Shame!"

A grandmother is approaching the gates of the \ h and starts yelling to the Ukrainian warriors: "Hold on, guys! Sevastopol is with you! The invaders will not pass!" All this again against the background of warriors. This creates mass, and the hidden shooting was conducted from a minibus. Well, the comments of Western journalists: "The people came to support the surrounded Ukrainian servicemen! Crimea for Ukraine!" And the fact that the people of St. George ribbons hang, so it's a trifle, still in the west will not understand.

Further, a crowd of women is approaching the gate of the headquarters of the Ukrainian Navy. They are wives of Ukrainian warriors, half are real wives, the other half are extras and onlookers. In the hands of the packages with food and they are under the cameras carry food hungry husbands. The picture is correct. Only at the headquarters of the products for a couple of months it was stored and no one was hungry, and besides, by order of the headquarters of self-defense, transfers were allowed to the military unit, and sometimes, by agreement, trucks with food, bread and clothes were allowed to pass. But the media drew the image of the oppressed and starving Ukrainian seamen, to whom the wives are breaking through (notice that they are breaking through, and not quietly walking through the open gateway). And then these same seamen, who until recently remained loyal to Kiev, drew an inscription on the wall of the headquarters: "The Russians do not surrender! The oath is true!" The whole town was laughing at it. They recognized the power of Bandera, who shout: "Moskal knives!", And there too, like the Russian.

Plus, the blocked warriors often threw alcohol and plan. That is to say bosykanskiy snapping from friends and relatives from the city. Well, it is also strained. The officers could not keep track of their subordinates, some of them booted themselves - I confirm, I communicated with them more than once, especially in Belbek, they drank a lot. Therefore, the blocking groups, among other things, had to protect the Ukrainian soldiers from Bukharev and hemp. It seems funny even, but it was unnerving and forced to be alert.

However, the end is known, so everything was not in vain.

Headquarters Navy 03.03.14.

I got to the headquarters of the Naval Forces of Ukraine only on the third day. An order was received - the squad to be steeped and be ready for action, which we did.
A little background. A couple of days earlier, Berezovsky was appointed commander of the Ukrainian Navy, who swore allegiance to the Crimea. After that, Sevastopol sighed and was glad - one dangerous point became less, and the headquarters was unblocked. However, Berezovsky could not resist. He was kicked out of the headquarters by a new commander, Haiduk, and rumored to, at that, the Cossacks, who were covering the Crimean commander, suffered. It was impossible to lower it. The headquarters was again blocked, and people approached him. It is hard to say how many people there were. But approximately, at two gates and a gate, a thousand people were recruited.

The squad was divided. People were armed (injuries and smooth bones). The task is to cover the protesters and ensure order.

At first everything was fine. There was a meeting, negotiators entered the headquarters, and the people were agitating the warriors to go over to the side of the people. Words, shouts, skirmishes, speakers shout into megaphones. Fine. But here from the headquarters, already at night, the negotiators came out, and after them, the Ukrainian officers, it seems, six people. Everyone was greeted with applause, they went through the "corridor of glory" and then someone from the leaders of social activists came up with a "brilliant" thought - it is necessary to develop success. In one fell swoop, to press the Ukrainians, and in this, raise the authority for themselves, and gain glory.

Instantly, people with megaphones began to warm up the crowd and the Cossacks of the Black Sea region moved forward. At that time I was near the gate, the back side of the headquarters, and saw that the batch was actually planned. Ukrainian fighters were not going to surrender, Haiduk propped up from the rear, who assured the sailors that Kiev would not leave anyone in trouble, and who would leave, that traitor to the motherland and get fifteen years in prison. Well, and the warmed up crowd, more precisely, some of it, was aggressively set up and was going to push ahead.

Among the blocked warriors, machine gunners lit up. The situation was tense, but we could not retreat. "Frontier" ordered to keep aside and in case of fire contact, if possible, before the "tourists" approach, to cover people and distract warriors to themselves. No sooner said than done. We took up positions and got ready. The Black Sea Cossacks began to thresh with hammers with sledgehammers on the fence, in order to break it (there was dust, they would break it quickly), while the Ukrainians prepared for defense. The same thing, judging by radio communications, took place at the gate. And who knows what would be next, but it turned out to call the authorities, and self-defense entered into the matter. Although, perhaps, the order from the self-defenders has already been, I can not argue here.

The Cossacks were called provocateurs and quickly pushed aside from the gates and wickets. Agitators calmed down and shut up. Self-defense lined up in a living chain and covered the aisles. There was a fight between our own, we supported self-defense and didn’t get quite a bit before the massacre. Arrived, "tourists" who stood next to us. Apparently, they also received clear instructions, and this was the end of the idea. Fans of night storms and the whips gradually dissolved, and there was silence. We put pallets in front of the gate and we left a couple of crews on duty and left.

The story is so so. But we carried the moral - do not trust the screamers, whom everyone remembered in person. They are in the rear, shouting into megaphones: “To storm! To storm! Southeast is behind us! Lomi Bandera! Fear not, guys, they will not shoot!”, But people could really suffer. Inside, we would break through, no problem, but there surely it would be mesilovo. Night. Confusion. Hot men. At the same time, after the first shots, the “tourists” would necessarily intervene, and the story could have followed a different scenario, not at all peaceful. So the event is remembered.


According to my observations, the main influx of journalists, bloggers, observers and human rights activists of all stripes in Sevastopol began after the fourth or fifth of March. Prior to that, local TV channels and news resources, and a few Russian, worked in the city. But the events in Crimea attracted the attention of the whole world and it started. Japanese, Belgians, French, Austrians, Germans, Americans. Pancake! Who just was not. But the main problem was zapadenskih zhurnashlyuh. Provocation for provocation, lies and mud flows on the heads of Sevastopol. Just filmed something and immediately aired, warming up Ukraine, so that people would believe in the invasion of the bloody Russian invaders.

Who was interested in the events in Sevastopol, he remembers the story from Belbek. Ukrainian military marches under the red banner and shout: "America is with us!" The provocation of the purest water, one of many. They will arrive at the checkpoint, take a tired shift and take a day-off, drunk. They will interview the passerby, glue the pieces together, and it turns out that he will be brought against the referendum, or even his fake one — they have been caught by such tourists more than once. When you are arrested, yelling - I am a Sevastopol native, and you will open a passport, either Vinnitsa or Ivano-Frankivsk. They will gather a rally of ten people on the outskirts, dilute them with extras, and here you are, Sevastopol wants to remain part of Ukraine, only the occupants with machine guns loom behind their backs. Or in the brazen remove self-defense fighters and add by chance that this material will be sent to the "Right Sector" and to the SBU, so that it would be more convenient to catch the separatists.

All this was pretty bad and as a result, the zapadenski magazines opened their hunt. And in a couple of days for half the city it became a hobby. PTS (Mobile Television Stations) were tracked and, on occasion, blocked, while schoolchildren pierced their wheels. Bloggers drove through the city from end to end, like doggy dogs, to the extent that patrol crews received their photos. The grandmothers poured information on each suspicious person with a camera and demanded that he immediately catch and then otkoloshmatit scum, preferably with his feet. According to Avtokanal, which became a city warning system, information was constantly being passed on who and where of the representatives of the Western media are located. Magazines "accidentally", together with the equipment, were dumped into the sea, directly from Grafskaya Wharf. Well, and so on. They simply were not allowed to work. The whole city was against them, and on the seventh the cup of the people's anger overflowed, and unknown people in masks beat the journalist of the Inter TV channel, who had their cameras and cell phones taken away. They say that they beat them harshly, and I will say this - they beat them for the cause, because they are involved in this story.

That night we were on duty, and it became known that the Ukrainian journalists transmitted information that the military unit was storming on Fiolent. Everything is as usual. The brutal Russian invaders "KAMAZ" break open the gate and in arms break through inside, and the brave Ukrainian soldiers beat them off with improvised means. The impression is that the war is in full growth, and the aggressors are coming. "True materials" journalists promised to give a lift, but did not have time.

We drove to the site to check the information. Come to Fiolent. Night. Silence. Gate on the spot. The part is sleeping. Behind the gate is a Ukrainian soldier. We ask - what do you have? The answer is, everything is normal, the mother came in the evening, brought the pies, and the journalists nearby were spinning, already left, and some self-defenders chased after them. And nothing more.

It turns out that everything is calm. The war is on, but informational, and there is a clear incitement to the conflict. Another lie and another provocation. That's how such bastards do not clobber? And then my acquaintances from Kiev call me and assure me that blood in the Crimea is spilled in buckets, women are raped by hundreds and children are killed, and Russian goats.

After that, zapadenskie zhurnashlyuhi from Sevastopol somehow disappeared. Almost all. Apparently, the climate for them in these parts was harmful. Although there are fewer provocations and negatives, supporters of Navalny will be noted, then the “enlightened Geyropa” teaches life, some blogger will alter the information. It's like with our pictures when Khmelnitsky was stormed. The photographer, with whom we had an agreement, filmed the work of “Frontier” and posted it on the network, and the bloggers and the media outfit took these pictures and gave out information that the elite Russian special forces were working. Yeah! With injuries and smooth-bore carbines in light body armor. Elite special forces. But someone in this nonsense believes and is happy to be deceived. Therefore, any information, you have to filter. This is an axiom of the modern world and nothing can be done about it.

Rally 10.03.14 zapadentsev.

By March 10, the Rubezh squad had almost moved away from blocking Ukrainian military personnel and was engaged in other tasks. Strengthening roadblocks, providing fire cover, identifying apartments with provocateurs and patrolling the city. Day and night shifts traveled on call from citizens or by order of the headquarters of self-defense, carried out reconnaissance, and then, if necessary, called up a "saunas team," which could quickly come and steam all.

In short, there was enough work, and this day began with fun. On Fiolent, when checking the catacombs, a group of Gory was found a corpse with signs of violent death, apparently, a criminal disassembly. After that, the squad began to be attached to the Gagarinsky District State Administration, where zapadentsy gathered near the Shevchenko monument.

Initially, the rally was positioned as peaceful and was allowed. However, there was no certainty that someone would meet at all. Therefore, no one considered this gathering seriously and only one crew moved from us to the Shevchenko monument, who arrived at the scene and reported that the rally was still going on.

About a hundred people gathered with yellow-bladed hawks and ribbons on their chests: the wives of the blocked warriors, the activists of the “Blow” and the “Batkivschyna”, plus the students. It seems to be all calm, but someone needed a sharp plot, and the “Udarovtsy”, basically boxers, flooded on our patrolmen. By that time, self-defenders and a couple of our crews joined the warriors, so they met the West well. Melee struck up. There were fewer of us, but they lasted until reinforcements arrived, and Uncle Vova, a retired "golden eagle", was especially distinguished, one of the three was knocked down.

After a couple of minutes, a crowd of strong guys from all over the city rolled on the West and the rally ended. "Peaceful" demonstrators, throwing sticks and bits, like rats, fled throughout the city, and they began to hunt. Who was caught, of course, beaten. It is sometimes tough, and we had to protect these stupid banderlogov. It seems to be opponents, but the order is simple - not to allow lawlessness and death. So the prisoners were dragged to the side where the doctors were engaged in them. And with a couple of these "fighters" I managed to talk. I wanted to understand their motivation.

The first, healthy guy with a broken nose and a fingal under the eye. He was promised money, but it does not matter. All his boxing section mates went, and he went. And at first they were sure that they could fill the face with anyone and they had the biggest fists in the area, and behind them Klitschko, Kiev, Maidan and all of Ukraine. In general, the coolness and pearl. But, having been repulsed, the captured boxer looked around, noticed strong guys from the squad "Sable", "bison" in black bulletproof vests and our soldiers in camouflage, and then somehow immediately deflated. A head in shoulders, a look hunted and he began to ask to go home. Like, guys, I'm my own, Sevastopol. Wrong, who does not happen? Let go, my mother is waiting for me at home. In short, while standing in the crowd, he shouted: "Glory to the heroes!" A little pressed, and he managed it.

The second, patlaty twenty-five-year-old student with a broken head, a bat on his head broke into him. He was confident that tomorrow Ukraine will become a European power, and he will be able to go to Amsterdam, he has such a dream. In life, never worked. Sits with mom and dad on the neck. Vegetable for extras. He did not have time to escape, because he was not physically developed. Prok from him was not, but in the end he burst into tears. I remember that someone from the "buffalo" approached him and asked - do you understand that you no longer have a homeland or a city? And at that moment the student broke down, maybe for life. Not a fighter, definitely. Random person.

Later, the prisoners were transferred to the police, and then, I think, after an educational conversation, they were released. Well, in the meantime, the hunt for zapadentsev continued.
A car was found near the square where the rally was held. There was a man who was painted with red paint, and he, as a victim, was giving an interview to a journalist - a fake talked about the lawlessness of the invaders and titushki who dispersed the "peaceful" rally. The plot of this is on the network, you can find. They let the car go, although people wanted to turn it over. Probably, these provocateurs were engaged later, away from the television cameras.

Information about the fugitives spotted began to pass through the “Avtokanal”, and our patrol crews dispersed around the city. In most cases, we did not have time. Either local self-defense understood independently, or zapadentsy hid. But we still covered several small groups, so the result was, and on Efremova Street two guest performers from Maidan managed to intercept. Banderlog noticed the chase, snatched "Makarov" and opened fire with live ammunition on the playground. He fired seven rounds, but did not hit anyone, his hands trembled. A local guy, Alex, knocked him to the ground, and our warriors helped twist the bastard and took the bastard to the police. Tellingly, they did not accept him, they refused to take him, and the banderlog was turned in only in the third section.

Such a day. The most common. In the evening we went to work on the addresses where the alleged provocateurs lived.

Waiting for the referendum.

The referendum was appointed to 16 March, which was to decide the fate of the Crimea and Sevastopol. As Crimeans and Sevastopol residents would vote, everyone understood, but it was impossible to relax, and the squad continued to work. There was not much confusion from the police, a distemper reigned in the SBU, and the headquarters of self-defense was first disbanded and then reconstituted and transferred again from Suvorov Street to Krylov.

In general, confusion. But despite this, the crime rate in the city has decreased by half. A joke was walking - this is because all the bandits went into self-defense or were standing at roadblocks. Well, seriously, the reasons are on the surface. Self-defense worked with full dedication. The whole city was under the control of mobile groups and patrols that were on duty day and night. People did something for money, not for awards or titles. They worked for the benefit of their hometown and that says it all.

As for the DND "Rubezh", then we did not have a weekend. Mobile groups made several detentions: fortochnikov caught, a street robber and a couple of aggressive rowdies. The blocking units went to Sovbalka, to the weapons depots, where they blocked the road, and in addition went out to the Military Prosecutor's Office and several times to the building of the Security Service of Ukraine. Along the way, rallies and mass events were guarded, during which the warriors took and then defended several provocateurs from the heated people. As a rule, these were young fools who threatened women with a Russian flag on the Grafskaya Wharf or shouted “Glory to Ukraine!” To the crowd. For this they were beaten, not only by the protesters, but also by their parents. One father with me mutated his offspring so that I thought - now he will kill. The situation is this - Dad collected and drove to Kiev to help the Sevastopol "Berkut" and then helped self-defense, and his son contacted the banderlog and decided to play a hero. Finished playing.

However, mainly during this period, Frontier was engaged in identifying provocateurs and went to the addresses where they could be. Support from the townspeople was enormous, and this greatly facilitated the work. People understood that we were not playing Zarnitsa, and almost always provided assistance.

I will not lie, the first trips, which began on March 5-6, were unsuccessful. There was no experience in such matters and I wanted an immediate result. From here it is a lot of superfluous gestures and fuel consumption.

For example, a signal came - at the address there is a group of visiting young people with a Western voice who behave strangely, do not communicate with anyone, disappear somewhere during the day, carry heavy bags with them all the time, and sit in the apartment in the evenings and never go anywhere. Residents are worried and asked to understand.

The signal was received, we moved to the collection point and went to the address by twelve cars. Two hours looking for an address, some kind of wild place, who knows, the area of ​​the street Rocky, there the devil will break his leg. Then they surrounded the house, with the help of their neighbors entered the apartment and found out that ordinary hard workers from Kiev and Western Ukraine live there. Now, probably, they can already be called migrant workers.

The overall result: time is lost, the result is almost zero. Here, unless the interaction of groups worked.

Another case. A fighter from the detachment, who helped us a couple of times, rushed to the gathering point of the squad. He says - our all overclocking, but there is an address. It is urgent to catch banderlogov until they are gone. Help Wanted. The address is specific, but no one can be reported, information leaks from the headquarters of self-defense.

Okay, they believed him. They moved to ten cars, worked out the address, and there is a usual rented apartment for a couple of days. Visitors from Lvov used to live, but they have long since moved out.

The overall result: again a waste of time and had to apologize to the tenants, a married couple.

After such trips, squad leaders made the right conclusions and formed an intelligence group. The squad, despite the first unsuccessful car walks, was able to work out the interaction of the groups, and then the work went better. On the 10th of March, together with the "bison", a drug den was opened, in which visiting maydauns were hiding. Withdrew cold weapons and a lot of prohibited medications. And on the same evening, reconnaissance fulfilled four empty addresses. The next day, if I'm not mistaken, they took the office of the Udar party. Withdrew flash drives and a lot of documentation, including financial statements, to whom and how much was paid for stocks and demonstrations, plus a lot of leaflets.

Further more. Per day worked up to ten addresses. Mostly dummies (migrant workers, homeless people, drug addicts, drunkards and hooligans). People treated their troubles to the police, but did not react there. After that, they called the contact numbers of the squad, and we came and solved their problems.

There is nothing to say about banderlogov, there were few real extremists in the Crimea, and not only warriors were chasing them. Therefore banderlogov all lacked. Well, and besides, as we were able to find out a little later, they were not based in the city, but in the dacha settlements, from where they left for shares in Simferopol and Sevastopol. But at that moment we did not know this and mostly we came across sympathizers with the Maidan or guardians for Europe, who lacked an explanatory conversation. Nothing serious, often worked bytovuhe, and remember two cases.

I called the pensioner-invalid, she boomed tenant. We arrived. Indeed, there is a grandmother who is intimidated. And there is a tenant, a drunken animal, who demanded to register him in the apartment, took the documents from the hostess and threatened to rape the granny in a perverted form. What to do? Work it out. There was a proposal to take a moral monster to Fiolent and throw it somewhere in the catacombs, but abstained. They gave the tenant on the head, and evicted, and the granny and her neighbors promised protection. Good and necessary thing done.

Another case. Information was received on Sevastopol residents who arrived from Maidan and we went to see what they are, real “fighters for the bright future of Ukraine.” We arrived. As usual, with the help of neighbors, entered the apartment, and found the bomzhatnik. Residents addicts. On the Maidan earned money. They returned to their small homeland, bought Shyrev and were overjoyed. Regular animals that had to make a suggestion about the rules of conduct in the city-hero. So again, disappointment, "maydanschikov" I imagined otherwise.

In the same period, two times left the countryside.

First, in the holiday village, where in one of the houses they found a place to spend the night banderlogov (a dozen sun beds). They left the day before our arrival, and we did not meet. Therefore, there were no fights and shooting.

The second time moved to the village of Reserve. A signal was received from the military personnel of the Ukrainian military unit, which was engaged in the storage and maintenance of anti-ship missiles. They reported that senior officers in the unit thump, the mood among the warriors is very different and there is a danger of losing small arms that can be carried out of the gate. In general, the information is quite alarming and having assembled a strike group, the squad left for this very military unit.

Point of collection for the checkpoint Pottery. At the scene arrived at night and it was decided to act on the circumstances. If the information about booze is confirmed, we could go to the assault and with the help of Ukrainian soldiers to capture a part. It was quite real, and the warriors were preparing for this. However, no one was going to shovel at the rampage, and if the division was in order, then we were negotiating and, if necessary, setting up a roadblock that blocks the road.

As a result, the information was not confirmed. The officers turned out to be sober sober people, and our commanders talked to them. First with the deputy, and then with the commander of the unit and the political officer with whom they exchanged phone numbers. After that, Rubezh and Kub passed into the territory and checked the number of small arms. The trunks were in place, nothing was lost and we returned to the city. Shoot again and it was not good. By the way, later the commander asked for help, and we were ready to provide it. But did not have to leave. Only one mention was enough that the warriors would arrive now and the conflict situation was resolved by itself, and this military unit successfully passed under the control of the RF Armed Forces.


About the referendum to tell nothing special. Was. I went honestly and, personally for me, somehow routinely. The people rejoiced. Before that, there was a joke - on Sunday elections, goodbye pi ... ora. Serious accidents did not happen. The result was expected and he is well known.

We were on duty that day. As usual. In one of the villages, people were detained who conducted a public opinion poll, but did not have permission to do so. Before the referendum, people in police uniform tore passports to people, and citizens demanded to catch them. It seems that part of the provocateurs even caught. But I did not see a single victim, just like the detainees. Therefore, to assert that this is true or another wild rumor, I will not.

17-18 March.

After the referendum, there was no less work. The verification of addresses continued, and the groups traveled to the call of citizens. For the seventeenth and a half dozen departures, the assistant of Belotserkovtsa was detained - this is the leader of the Sevastopol branch of the Udar party. In the evening, they provided security at a rally in Nakhimov Square and made several detentions. They took the instigators of the fight, provocateurs, screamers and vandals who tried to muck monuments. All were handed over to the police, who after the elections began to work much more actively.

On the eighteenth, they drove out onto Heroes of Stalingrad Street, held an explanatory conversation with exuberant migrant workers. Again, the addresses were checked, and at noon, the five warriors were awarded the medal "For the liberation of the Crimea and Sevastopol 16 March 2014." It should be noted, but in the squad during the transition period, the dry law was observed. Well, in addition, the city administration received an order to change the administration in the fishing port, which we did.

As I understood the situation, Sevastopol Fish Port was a state enterprise, which was subordinate to Kiev. The power has changed, and the protégé of Kiev, who transferred two million hryvnias for the needs of the Maidan, merged. But there remained his deputies, each of whom pulled a blanket over himself. Some wanted to give the enterprise to the Crimea - for some reason they were sure that Sevastopol would not become an independent subject of the Russian Federation, while others argued that the port should belong to the city. According to local workers, they are both crooks, scoundrels and thieves. Therefore, it would be necessary to disperse everyone and drive the filthy broom, and then return the old director, who was thrown out of the enterprise by an order from Kiev. But we are not anarchists and this issue is not addressed. Our business is to follow the orders of the mayor, who was elected by the people, and the Coordination Council, so everything was simple for us.

The squad left for the port, took control of the administrative building and detained three managers. After that, the detainees were brought to the city administration, and it turned out that they had not taken those. In fact, these people should be protected, and we, with jokes, jokes, podnachivaya each other and chuckling at the chiefs, giving vague tasks, went back.

Change of power again. Some were returned to their offices, others were expelled. Serious excesses were not, except one. The tipsy driver of an autocar shouting: “Let's go all the way out of the way!”, Tried to crush our team-mate, for which he was given a face. Otherwise, everything was calm. At the enterprise, one of our crews remained for the day and we had no more relation to the fishing port. Although some warriors, five or six people, accepted the offer of the port authorities and temporarily occupied the posts of security guards, privately and for salary.

Assault on the headquarters of the Ukrainian Navy.

The fact that the nineteenth of March will be the storming of the headquarters of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, we learned on the morning of the eighteenth. However, in the afternoon in Simferopol, a sniper's bullet killed people and the introductory one changed. In the evening, the assault was canceled, but the assembly was still appointed. We had to go through negotiations, and we had to maintain order and create mass. But we were not the only ones who defended Sevastopol, and the assault still took place.

In 8.00, self-defenders, warriors, "Russian Block" fighters, Black Sea Cossacks and just random people arrived at the headquarters of the Naval Forces of Ukraine. The total number of self-defense with us at the initial stage is less than two hundred people, and there were more than three hundred servicemen of Ukraine in the headquarters. But only a couple of hundred people are against us, since the staff workers sat in the offices and watched everything going on, like spectators, they were not defending their headquarters. At the same time, the commander of the Ukrainian Navy, Haiduk, demanded that the personnel meet us in arms, but did not distribute the assault rifles, sat on the Command Post and tried to reach Kiev.

How it all began, and who gave the command is hard to say. Probably, the action began spontaneously. I saw that the Cossacks approached the fence next to the gate, put pressure and two flights simply collapsed. Then, throwing wire and hedgehogs, they went inside, moved on to the Ukrainian warriors lined up in a chain, and we followed them. Ahead of the enemy, more conditional than the real, and behind the audience gathers and in a megaphone Yermakova (local social activist) shouts.

Frozen. The crowd against the crowd. Ukrainians stand, some are set up to fight. On command, they tried to push us back from the territory, but we withstood, and then in response they put pressure, and they could not stand it. A piece of territory was pressed, the gates were opened, and someone drove into the territory two minibuses and a "niva". I still do not understand who it was and on whose instructions the cars appeared. Behind the wheel were masked men who did not go out. And then there was a cry: "Hit!" and the cars went to warriors. The victims were not needed - this is understandable, and I had to stand between the Ukrainians and the cars.

Screams. Roar Controversy. Mat. Ermakova in the megaphone shouts and next to her some other woman. A bunch of commanders give instructions, sometimes contradictory. There are many journalists. Half of the self-defenders stop the buses and the Niva, and the second half pushes them from the rear.

In general, some kind of madhouse, confusion and no interaction between units, although right there, next to us were representatives of the headquarters of self-defense, usually retirees, in the past the commanders of brigades, regiments and divisions. They could all lead this chaotic movement and somehow streamline it. But this was not.

In the end, the cars still stopped, and the combatants broke through the system with a live onslaught, pressed a wedge and made their way. Then they went to the flagpoles and changed the flags. The Ukrainians in two groups were drawn to the barracks, and self-defense went on. They passed the old APC, which was then photographed by everyone who was not lazy, and then blocked the headquarters and the CP. Negotiators were waiting, and Vitko, the commander of the Black Sea, appeared fleet. He went inside, returned five minutes later, but said nothing and left. It is clear that the negotiations failed, most likely, Haiduk was not found, and the assault continued. The doors were broken at headquarters and the Cossacks, the Russian Block and self-defense penetrated inside. It all ended quickly.

KP was a bit more difficult. The provocateur, a half-drunk man, broke the glass. He was thrown away, and inside, in order to free the hostages (several soldiers were kept under lock and key by order of Haiduk), "frontiers" entered, about ten people. Ukrainian officers no longer missed. The officers didn’t beat the officers, the normal men who stood guard at the entrance with us, and for stripping, freeing the hostages and inspecting the premises, ten people should have been enough.

Vigilantes blocked the main entrance. The KP sweep was carried out systematically, but inside there were soldiers in helmets, with batons and shields, and they resisted. In addition, many cabinets were barricaded from the inside, they had to be opened. The case was dragged out, and the Cossacks broke in through the second door, unable to stand it. In the confusion, we barely had a fight with ours, but quickly figured out who is who, thankfully, familiar faces.
The hostages were freed and together with their guards, who surrendered, and part of the staff officers, were released through a window from the back of the command post - this is in order to prevent provocations. The Cossacks left the building. "The boundary has remained." Everyone was looking for Haiduk, they wanted to beat him, but the rumor was that he had run away, and self-defense began to diverge in the territory. Well, and Haiduk, meanwhile, discovered. He was in the secret section, civilian, and clearly inadequate. Some kind of shock, or just a drug parish. Disgrace. The officers and soldiers held us with their breasts, until the last possible. And this citizen in a tracksuit changed his clothes, like Kerensky in a woman's dress, and did not know what to do. Commander, damn it on!

"Frontier" stood at the entrance to the checkpoint hour. Until then, the Black Sea Fleet Specialists arrived, who brought Haiduk outside, plunged him into the car and took it out. All this happened before my eyes, and I will tell you that this is a pitiful sight, a terrified admiral in sports pants.

After Haiduk was taken away, the brigade transferred the post to the "tourists" and this was the end of our work. We lined up and headed for the exit. On the territory by that time there were more civilians than us and the military combined. A small marauder began, but this was immediately stopped, and outsiders were squeezed out.

Vigilantes went through the gate. On the square between the headquarters and the “Furshet” hypermarket there appeared a lot of journalists and onlookers. Someone shouted: “This is“ Frontier! ”. After that, people started chanting:“ Frontier! Frontier! Frontier! "

We were pleased. The detachment went to the square, the commander thanked everyone for their service, and the distribution of the interview began. In general, they acted according to the situation, and the assault was normal, although if the Ukrainian military were more organized, they could have detained us. However, the result would be the same, because to us, having heard that the assault had nevertheless begun, help, self-defense companies and individual detachments came from the whole city.
By arms Some Ukrainian warriors, who kept in the rear, I saw the pistols, probably personal, and self-defense also had guns. However, the weapon was not used. It was such that someone hit someone with a fist, and nothing more.

What attracted the attention especially? A couple of moments.

Marauder did not like. In the beginning, after the capture, until the exits were blocked, people dragged every little detail: OZK, backpacks and packs of paper for the printer. Especially the Cossack brothers stood out, in shape and with trunks on their shoulders. It is clear that there is such a thing as trophies. But not in this case. From this somehow unpleasant and the moment was vulgarised, the more it all was filmed on video. And there seemed to be a few such cases, one hand on the fingers of one hand, but his eyes caught.

The second point, the reaction of Ukrainian officers. In the eyes of the insult and the majority, like a spell, repeated the same thing: "This is not done! This is not done!" What can you say? I understand them. So many years to serve in a warm place, in a familiar chair, and here you are - self-defenders came, broke the fence, expelled from headquarters, the future is in a fog and career flies to hell. However, I could not resist, went up to a couple of officers and said:
"And what did you expect? Three weeks sitting in headquarters and tits ruin. Three weeks you can not decide what to do, how to live and how to proceed. You are men, and you ache like women. You are officers, and you are subordinates. are obliged to quickly make strong-willed decisions and lead ordinary soldiers. But you don’t do it. And what do you want now? Sit on the fence, gossiping people’s wages, getting paid and setting up negotiators day after day? Gentlemen. and if you yourself could not make a decision, others will take it for you. And this It’s good that we aren’t in a real war. In such a situation, the two special forces groups would have taken your entire headquarters in ten minutes. So be glad that everything went without victims, without blood, without explosions and fires. Am I not right? "

They were silent because there was nothing to say. In the Russian army, of course, there are also a lot of thieves, blockheads and helpless warriors, but in the Ukrainian, I think, everything is much worse. On the ships and in the operating units there were real officers, but it is not clear who, either the warriors, or the office plankton, in the headquarters, there is no difference. And it seems that the commanders were recruited on the basis of negative selection, the calmer the person and the accommodating, the better, if only he did not stick out.

In short, they took the headquarters, and in the evening the squad, together with the Cossack Black Seamen, concentrated to capture the 39 training center. However, he gave up without much pressure and so another day passed.

According to rumors, the "Berkut" will be based at the former headquarters of the Naval Forces of Ukraine or redeployed to the cadet corps.

Storm ships.

The day, after the storming of the headquarters of the Naval forces, was surprisingly quiet, only one of the groups detained the car thief. Therefore, when I woke up in the morning of the twenty-first, I thought it was time to go back home. However, hurried.

On the twenty-first of March, the DND “Rubezh”, again, together with the Black Sea Cossacks, advanced into Yukharina gully, to the RFC of the tactical group “Crimea”, the air defense of Ukraine. A storm was planned, but it did not happen. The gates opened, surrendered, and passed under the control of the RF Armed Forces. After that there was a break, and at noon, the commander of the "Frontier" announced a general gathering. Who was able to escape from work or was free, arrived, and before the personnel set the combat mission. It was necessary to take by storm from the sea warships of the Ukrainian Navy, which raised the ladders, and moved away from the moorings.

Boarding is a new thing for us, but there was no doubt, and the warriors perceived the order as real. After that, the squad was divided into two groups: sea and land. One is storming, the other is covering from the shore, about twenty-five people each. From weapons traumata and smooth-bore. In addition to the combatants themselves, representatives of the city administration took part in the operation.

Moved to Strelets Bay. Part of the vigilantes remained on the wharf, and on foot moved toward the first goal - the Khmelnitsky corvette (MPK with torpedo tubes), and the maritime group sank in tow. There was no excitement, too much had already been passed, but our team was well-coordinated, and everyone understood each other from a half-word. So they didn’t talk much, the most important thing was to seize a gun-gun, navigator’s wheelhouse, radio room and engine room. The scheme of the ship is known, many warriors served in the fleet, including me, on the ISCs. It remained only to do what was intended, and the tug went off.

Passed along the bay, circled several ships and wedged into the gap between the Lutsk and Khmelnitsky. Blow into the board! A siren was cut on the corvette and an alarm was announced. We landed on Khmelnitsky, and ran up to our sites. Some control the deck, others penetrate inside. Part of the entrance doors did not have time to batten down, and when the assault group penetrated inside, it was all over. In the heat of the inside, a corridor of powder fire extinguisher was processed, they smoked the seamen shut, and something was smashed. But they did it in about six minutes.

Then the crew was taken out to the yut and wanted immediately, as soon as they set the ladder, to push the sailors onto the mooring wall. But the commander of the ship, I must give him his due, kept the relative calm and was able to agree to immediately take away personal belongings and leave the mechanics on the ship. I did everything right - it's easier.

Half an hour later, the crew of the corvette went ashore. We lowered the flag of Ukraine and raised the Russian. The Ukrainian flag was handed over to the commander, who built his sailors on the shore and pushed the speech in front of them. He did not hear what he was talking about, but the personnel unanimously replied: “We serve the Ukrainian people!”. Then there was the second construction, and the third one followed it, and each time: “We serve the Ukrainian people! Glory to Ukraine!”. After that, the sailors left the system, and the next day I saw many of them in the military registration and enlistment office on Krylov Street, where they were registered and learned about getting a Russian passport.

Meanwhile, standing next to "Lutsk" and "Donbass" themselves raised Russian flags. Build. Descent Rise. Behind them was the submarine "Zaporozhye", they promised to change the flags in the morning, and not to resist. And what resistance? On board are eight sailors and one officer.
Further "Frontier" again plunged into tow. We went through the bay and went to the corvette "Dnieper region". The dangerous moment was when the clamping mooring lines were tightly stretched. They could burst and work on us. However, the moorings weathered, and we landed safely and took control of the ship. For all four minutes.

The crew of the Pridniprovya region came out with smiles and jokes, like: "Where have you been worn? We are waiting for the assault for the fifth day." And the discontent was noticed only at the commander of the ship, but the political officer. In the eyes of the same insult as the officers at the headquarters of the Navy. Career to the cat's tail and the future in the fog. But it no longer played a role. The crew, by warhead (combat units), took away personal belongings. Again we lowered the flag of Ukraine and handed it over to the commander or kombriga, who arrived, to whom I don’t remember exactly.

After the Dnieper, the squad went further along the pier. We changed the flag on the Priluki missile boat, and the rest of the ships, tugs and auxiliary vessels, did this before our appearance.

While the essence, yes the case, evening has come. The squad relocated to the Mine Wall, where two tugs were already waiting for us. The next target is the corvette "Ternopil", the newest ship of the Ukrainian Navy, which was located in Chicken Bay. For me, the place is dear - I served there for two years.

They went to Chicken without problems and were already at night. One tugboat moored to the wall and landed the coastal group, and the second clung to the "Ternopil". We landed, and then we doused with cold sea water. The sailors turned on the external irrigation system, and warriors were bought from the heart. The mood from this is appropriate, rush inside and give it all on the head. On the navigating bridge they broke the window, thought to enter through it. But as a result, they entered the ship through the door, or they did not specifically close it, or someone was able to exorcise.

Burst inside. On the bridge there is an ashtray with a mountain of cigarette butts, glasses and a bottle of brandy. We pass further, down into the officer compartment. The officers are sitting and thumping, good-kind faces. How to beat them if they do not resist?

In short, the ship was taken under control in six to seven minutes. The irrigation system turned off. The corvette pressed against the wall and moored. Sailors took away personal belongings, the ship was transferred under the control of the Russian military.

The crew left with a song. Sailors marching along the dark night pier, with backpacks on their shoulders, and sing. They went off beautifully, and from the board of the Slavutych, who was standing nearby, were announced on the speakerphone: “The crew of the Slavutych thanks the personnel of the corvette Ternopol for joint service.”

The pier is empty. Further, according to the plan, we had to take the "Slavutich", where more than a hundred people crew. But the warriors were wet, cold, and it was decided to do it tomorrow. But the next day, thirty people got off the board of the Slavutych, and negotiations began. As it happened further, I do not know. They say someone stormed, but who exactly is unknown. And someone says that "Slavutych" surrendered himself. Probably it is.

Later they tried to attract us to seize the ships on Donuzlav, but this is already the Crimea and we refused. There is its own self-defense, and she coped.

Extreme days.

Then went the routine.

On March 22, they traveled to Belbek, providing support to the "tourists". The legendary airbase, which served Pokryshkin and many Heroes of the Soviet Union, and about which the locals rightly said that when Ukraine became the lair of thieves and drunks, came under the control of the Armed Forces. Fired. Personally, I heard four single shots.

At this time, we were taking civilians out of the danger zone, and then unknown masked people took away the foreign journalists and especially noticeable onlookers of the camera. Vigilantes caught them, caught them, caught them, caught them, knocked them straight off their feet, but did not catch anyone. )))

Along the way, the warriors worked the address - one of the Ukrainian officers on the sly dragged half of the museum home. At home he was not caught, even before the storming of the base, he fled to the country. The address was dropped to law enforcement agencies, and they were not engaged in this in the future.

On March 23, the squad patrolled the city and provided mass events.

The twenty-fourth received an order to advance to the Yuzhny shipyard, which was captured by the Black Sea Cossacks.

The point is the following - as I saw and understood. Ship Repair Yard is a state enterprise that was transferred to tenants. These owners are all from Sumy, they plundered the plant and, as they say, supported the Maidan. For five years, the "owners" sawed and pillaged everything they reached, and illegally built a grain terminal on the territory (this is constant dust over the area), and the workers' wages were delayed for a very long time.

The team gathered and asked for help the Cossacks, who seized the SRH and ensured the election of a new director. In fact, the Cossacks did a great job, they helped the people, and according to the law, the raiders. At the same time, the city administration was not informed about the seizure, and they called the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet - send troops. And where is the logic? The enterprise is civilian and the military, of course, did nothing. They just waved their hand, called the police and forgot.

In principle, the "Boundary" could disperse the Cossacks, and the forces were, and means. However, our combatants talked among themselves, and came to logical conclusions. This is not our business. The Cossacks will still be crushed, because they themselves and behind their shoulders do not have any real power, but we will not do this. First of all, they are ours, a couple of days ago we did a common thing together. And secondly, on this day a document was signed on the dissolution of self-defense. So everything is simple. A squad outside the legal field, therefore, we are no longer a combat unit, but simply a group of comrades.

In short, we left. Cossacks naychilis like enemies in front of them. As they were by themselves, they stayed, and they were further dispersed. It seems March 28. Armed with machine guns, people who declared themselves to be special forces of the FSB broke into the territory, swaddled the Cossacks, beat the workers, and someone very badly. In fact, as they say, it was not special forces that worked, but a consolidated unit from various detachments and self-defense groups. Ataman Mareta claims that there were also former "frontiers". True or not, I do not know. No names, no call signs, no photo - just words. And the real facts are that it is not enough to take the enterprise, it is still necessary to keep it, but not to do it alone. It seems to teach people life, but little sense. Now, if only one group of citizens came out to change power in Sevastopol on Nakhimov, a small handful, would it have achieved something? Not. Zapadentsy would disperse people, and Chaly would not be the people's mayor. So in this case, I think. Something similar happened in Russia when public organizations, including the Cossacks, defended the interests of the people. The result is known to all. From the organizers, who is in the grave, who is in prison.


I want to mark one moment. The better the Frontier worked, the more rumors spread about us - scumbags, criminals, predators. They tried to subordinate the squad more than once, bypassing the city administration, or leaning against some party. But each time the squad leader refused, and then the bases began.

As an example, on the fourth or fifth of March, two people got out of the car on Yumashev Street. They approached the woman, quite an outsider, loudly, to the public, announced that they were from “Frontier”, and shot at her with an air pistol. Then disappeared. We got the numbers and make of the car through the police, and went to this car a couple of times. But at that moment they could not catch the bastards. Then we did not have the strength to quickly block the scum.

Who was that? Unknown. But, most likely, not Banderlog and not pravoseki.

Another case. One of the self-defense fighters frightened people on the street with a pistol. Then he called himself "abroad" and disappeared. He runs around somewhere, and his hearing rolls around. And although everyone who is supposed to know that the fighter is not ours, there is a constant stuffing - this is the “frontier”.

Or another example. Information arrives - young guys entered the store, they thwarted advertising in the Ukrainian language, and promised to kill all Ukrainians. After that, they declared themselves "frontiers". We immediately have a reasonable question - certificates, patches, name of the store? There is no answer and, driving along the street about which we were talking, we learned that all the shops are calm. However, the rumor someone fanned.

Well, and so on, little things, but these rumors are not accidental. Therefore, my advice to everyone who is in a similar situation, look not only at the enemy, but also at the imaginary friend behind his back. Jackals who want to ride on a strange hump, a lot. And now in Sevastopol it can be seen especially. Screamers-agitators climb into the city council, and from the cellars figures were raised, who had fought for Maidan in February, and according to them, it turns out that they were the first defenders. Therefore, take out and put them a medal, and provide a warm bread chair. Goats! But there was no one to stop them, the police had their own tasks, and self-defense was dismissed. Thanks to all. Everybody's Free.

Finance and security.

Surely, many are interested in the question - and at whose expense is this whole banquet? Where did the money for the maintenance and operation of the unit? Such questions have already been asked, so I will answer right away so that there are no misinterpretations.

The main problem of the squad for the entire period of existence was fuel. At first, they refueled at their own expense, and then the self-defense headquarters allocated coupons, not very regularly. Plus, cash was sometimes allocated, no more than 2000 hryvnia. Who is aware of the price of gas in the Crimea, can figure out how much it is in liters, and from the squad, within a day, went to twenty cars. Take people to roadblocks and patrol crews. As a result, there was still not enough fuel, and only help from sponsors, both Sevastopol and from Russia, saved. Thank you all. Plus, the detachment commander pulled the money out of his business, and his deputy Kub opened the cash departments of his own stores. All this together gave the squad the opportunity to function and exist.

Food received from self-defense or from the city administration. Three or four times small batches of canned food, milk, juice and stew were issued, and in the middle of March “Rubezh” received two hundred and twenty dry MOE, a good thing. Who went to the roadblocks, there is food separately.
Uniform issued once. Fifteen sets of winter camouflage and fifteen year old. Fifteen pairs of shoes. Fifteen coatcoats. Now divide it all into a hundred-odd man of personnel.

Special equipment. The police intercepted the postal cargo for the party "Strike": shields, helmets, body armor, bits. We received six body armor, half of which are homemade. They were later returned.

The rest is all his: vehicles, communications, weapons, armor, means of observation.

So without chic, but it could be worse.

Disbanding "Frontier".

On March 25, in conjunction with the "night wolves", the squad went to close the underground gaming clubs. But nothing sensible came of it. There are no powers, but we did not break doors by lawlessness and knock out locks.
In general, the impression is that we are engaged in extras and the police are checking how quickly they will come to the call. In some regional departments they refused to take a signal at all, they say, the game club is not interesting for us. If one of the officials drew conclusions from this, the material probably gathered a lot. However, for us personally, the overall result is scanty - one club out of twenty-five is closed.

The next day, the twenty-sixth of March, it was all over. Applications from citizens were not accepted, everything was redirected to the police, there were no departures. The squad awaited the decision of their fate. There were options that, perhaps, we will remain the city DND or become a division of the municipal police. But that did not happen. After that, the commander of "Frontier" dismissed the people and published the following message:

"Dear squads and squads! In connection with the Decree of the Mayor of the hero-city of Sevastopol Alexei Mikhailovich Chaly about the dissolution of self-defense, DND" Rubezh "temporarily suspends its activities due to uncertainties in the framework of the legal status of citizens' self-organization called DND" Rubezh ". We want and to further assist urban structures, but in the light of the published Order of the Mayor of the city, any of our actions can be regarded as illegal. My task as a Commander is to take care of the personnel. This does not mean that we have We spend connection with each other. We ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE will remain "ABROAD". Thank you all for what you have done.

If we are needed, we will be found, brought closer, equipped, etc. While we represent a potential danger - type "reckless thugs." We did not organize ourselves to shield someone or to defend someone’s mercantile interests. And in order to protect the city from pravosekov and banderlogov, to ensure the rule of law in the city during the referendum. We completed our task. "

Of course, I would like, and not for me alone, that everything would turn out differently. Defenders would be built on Nakhimov: Cossacks, warriors, “night wolves”, “bison”, self-defense, roadblocks, guys from the “Avtokanal”, patrol of the quick response units, volunteers, doctors and everyone who didn’t sleep at night, and actually did what for the city. And then Chaly would come out and say - thanks. It would be great. That would be correct. And this would remove a lot of unnecessary questions, but what’s not, that’s not. Like other units, the fifteenth separate self-defense company, better known as the Frontier DND, has been disbanded. However, the main goal of the movement has been achieved - the Crimea and Sevastopol in Russia. As it should be. And our small ambitions, if someone has them, do not count - it is a trifle. Therefore, we return to our families, to work and business. Everything is fine with us, life goes on. The main result, for the sake of which everything was started, was achieved and this is our main difference from Maidan.

I have nothing more to add. A brief report on your stay in the hero city is over.
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