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Nigeria is included in the “arc of instability”

Nigeria is included in the “arc of instability”Nigeria can become a new war zone in Africa and break up into at least two parts - the Muslim North and the Christian South. In Nigeria, 16 April passed the first round of presidential elections, before the riots in the country, which were suppressed by the police.

According to the election commission led by Sky News, Goodluck Jonathan won 21 36 constituencies in Nigeria from 22,5 and won one million votes. Bukhari was supported 8,7 million voters and won 12 districts of the country. Goodluck Jonathan became President of Nigeria after the death of President Umaru Yar-Adua in May 2010, he is a Christian and comes from the southern part of the country.

His opponent, General Muhammad Bukhari, a Muslim in religion, refused to recognize the data of the first round and declared them falsification. This led to riots in the Muslim regions of northern Nigeria. People set fire to churches, houses, cars, there are victims. Authorities imposed a curfew in the northern state of Kaduna, where demonstrators set fire to the residence of Vice President Namadi Sambo in the city of Zaria, and released prisoners from prison. A curfew was introduced in the northern city of Kano, where several churches were crushed and burned.

Causes of conflict

Nigeria has often been a zone of fierce conflicts, in 1967 - 1970 there was a fierce civil war (the war for the independence of Biafra), during which approximately 2 million people were exterminated. There are a lot of various armed gangs in the country. In 2001, 2008, the beginning of 2011, major interethnic and religious conflicts occurred.

Nigeria is simply a "boiling cauldron" of problems, most of which were left to them by the colonial policies of London, whose territory was a colony: 250-300 peoples and tribes, roughly 40% of Christians and Muslims, the rest profess pagan beliefs, or a mixture of Christianity and paganism. Many cities are divided into Muslim and Christian areas.

The main causes of conflicts: inter-religious contradictions, the influence of Western countries and corporations that are interested in the resources of Nigeria and are not interested in a nationally-oriented elite. Some role is played by clan interests - the question of access to the "feeder".

Among other preconditions causing social discontent - the highest level of corruption and poor infrastructure. The actual division of the people into those with access to the “feeder” (hydrocarbons) is “new Nigerians” who live in luxury in protected cottage villages with all living conditions according to European standards and all the rest are of varying degrees impoverished (more than 70%). Mass attendant problems - huge infant mortality, HIV, low life, etc...

The civil war in Nigeria, the disintegration of the country into the Muslim North and the Christian South, and possibly into more pseudo-states, fits well with the new strategy of the US elite. Inflaming distemper in the oil exporting country will lead to a further increase in oil prices, lowering the euro area. The wreckage of Nigeria will more easily fit into the New World Order.
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  1. turnip
    turnip April 19 2011 12: 12
    Nigeria, from Dakar to Cape Town, anarchy can grow.