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Ping-pong on the blood of "victims of the revolution"

Ping-pong on the blood of "victims of the revolution"

When not so long ago, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov expressed the hope that the investigation into the snipers' case would be completed and not “swept under the carpet”, he probably knew what would follow. Namely, the accusations of Russia that it was “preparing snipers” who had worked so bloodily on the streets of Kiev during the February 18 coup in 22 of the year in Kiev will surely be voiced. Lavrov also said that Moscow has already shared with its western partners its fears and suspicions that everything is not so clean with the shooting on Independence.

But even he, probably, didn’t suspect how dirty everything would be when three bogatyrs of the modern Ukrainian law enforcement system, the heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Service of Ukraine, Arsen Avakov and Valentin Nalyvaychenko and the Prosecutor General Oleg Makhnytsky, will take on the “snipers case”. And they 3 April of this year, went to a joint press conference and proved: in war, as in war - any means are good. And they used the case of the destruction of the "heavenly hundred" to settle accounts on the outside, and - this is the most disgusting - on the domestic arena. They simply prepared an otvetku and threw the ball to "enemies". Like ping pong. Without noticing that the ball is bloody ...

In the terminology of the current Ukrainian authorities, Ukraine today "reflects the aggression of Russia." And under the leadership of Alexander Turchinov, Commander-in-Chief, but mostly the powerful NSDC secretary, Andrei Parubiya, he wins one victory after another, directly plunging the Kremlin strategists into horror and gloom with his cunning. The operation in Crimea was especially successful: Ukraine threw a depressive region to the "aggressor" and got rid of its fleet and ports. The benefit is direct: unnecessary territories are lost, and sailors with their ships are now no longer needed. But what a savings for the budget!

Truth, Yulia Tymoshenko’s bidding for the Crimea, hoping to get a “label for reigning” in the rest of Ukraine, first of all in the Kremlin, was disrupted, though, and received an unbearable price for Russian gas. But this is nothing for real patriots. Especially since they personally will not feel all these inconveniences. To do this, there is a patience, “narid”, who just needs to skillfully hang noodles on his ears and cause a patriotic upsurge and hatred for the “aggressor”.

The aforementioned “holy” trinity of legalists dealt with this at a press conference. They reported that even 23 February, literally hot on the heels, united all the 74 criminal cases about the murders of 76 people during the riots in Ukraine. And although, according to all three, the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Interior Ministry and the Security Service of Ukraine still have no complete picture of what happened, or are not ready to disclose all the details, the enemies are already known.

This, of course, is Russia and its FSB, which have become a wall behind the back of the Ukrainian “Golden Eagle”. His fighters felt impunity and soaked everyone left and right. And if Avakov and Makhnitsky still somehow tried to keep within the bounds of decency and didn’t lie much about snipers, then Nalyvaychenko, like a real CIA student, who has to complete the task, did not restrain himself: “There are also questions to the representatives of the FSB of the Russian Federation, December and January, more than 30 people were at the SBU training ground. There is information that these employees collaborated with the former head of the SBU Yakimenko, he went to them. Requests were sent to the FSB and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in order to find out the names and titles of these employees, and who called them here. ” According to him, when people were shot on the Maidan, “in Zhulyany and Gostomel landed planes from Russia, which brought 5100 kg of explosives and weapon».

And here is the result of a titanic investigation: on 3 on April 2014, a total of 12 "berkutovtsy" were arrested, allegedly involved in the killings of the "revolutionaries". And this only shows that the new Ukrainian authorities are going to act to the end exclusively in the offensive-revolutionary paradigm, guided by the revolutionary-political expediency dictated by the current moment, and not law and justice. And the worst thing is that the blood shed on the Maidan will be commonplace for internal squabbles, revenge, falsification and deception.

In other words, the authorities will At first, shift the blame for the incident solely on the regime overthrown by them. And not to see the guilt of the organizers of the putsch, or of its ordinary performers. According to the Prosecutor General’s Office, during the shooting of peaceful demonstrators, by quite strange coincidence armed with bats, Molotov cocktails, small arms and cold arms and peaceful fun for storming the authorities, the so-called “black company” especially committed atrocities. That is, the Kiev division of "Berkut", the soldiers of which, according to the GPU, were given Kalashnikov assault rifles, sniper rifles and other weapons. From it they, de, "suppressed the revolution." Receiving orders according to the scheme "President - Presidential Administration - Interior Ministry - Security Service of Ukraine". So it was an amazing situation: an investigation into the attack on a sheep flock was entrusted to a wolf, who had not yet departed from a full lunch by unhappy sheep.

Second, the authorities will finally deal with the "Berkut". Blacken the fighters of the "Berkut" and thus avenge most of them for their loyalty to the oath and military duty. The authorities want to do this primitively, but vigorously: presenting the “Berkut people” not only as “murderers of peaceful citizens”, but also “traitors of the Ukrainian people”. It is advantageous for them to tell that many employees of the “Berkut” after the change of power in Kiev came to the Crimea and Russia, which means “betrayed Ukraine”. And what exactly in Crimea 7 of March of this year, the major of the local “Golden Eagle” Alexander Vasyukov called the statement that during the riots in Kiev snipers from among the “berkutovtsy” acted as a lie. The major reported to the public: his colleagues did not take firearms to Kiev, leaving him in storage in the arsenal at the base in Simferopol. These words and need to disavow and defame the Kiev authorities.

Third, insist on their exceptional rightness in seizing power and removing from suspicion and even from the blow of their then-Western customers, inspirers and sponsors, as well as current patrons who still want to receive maximum dividends in Ukraine. The question of the “glare” of telephone conversations between Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and EU head of diplomacy Catherine Ashton from 26 of February this year was completely ignored by the answers that opposition activists involved in the shooting of demonstrators were involved in the execution of protesters. Estonian Minister Paet, as you know, argued that after a detailed study of the circumstances of the violence in the center of Kiev, “there is a rapidly growing understanding that there was not Yanukovych behind these snipers, but someone from the new coalition was behind them.”

Ashton heard this, and therefore, as a true champion of democracy and the rule of law, should have responded accordingly, rather than covering up potential killers. But the killers have already been enrolled in the "Democrats" and "Europeans" and should be beyond suspicion. As well as Madame Ashton herself should be “the bright redeemer of ukronaroda from totalitarianism”, and not a cynical politician covering crimes, even if they were committed allegedly for the sake of democracy. That is all the blame and shift exclusively to the "Golden Eagle".

Fourth, in every way possible to conceal the participation in the "revolution" of all sorts of militants. In particular, from the “Right Sector” and the militarized detachments of other opposition parties. It throws a fat black spot on the “bright” look of the “revolution”, turning it into a banal armed coup, which was accomplished by people prepared for other people's money and by someone else’s order. In addition, it emphasizes the unseemly role of Western sponsors in the organization of “territories of controlled chaos” in the states chosen for such “democratization”.
And he warns these countries, in particular, Russia and Belarus, that they, too, must be prepared for similar scenarios and familiar performers. The most active and prepared militants who committed a coup in Ukraine, these “landsknekhty revolution” on wages have already been withdrawn from the Maidan and sip beer in training camps, grinding their skills in throwing “Molotov cocktails”. It will be useful on the streets of Minsk and Moscow, in which case ...

Finally, fifthly, use the charges against the "Berkut" in the contradictions that have arisen already inside the new government. In particular, to diminish the role of the same “Right Sector”, which challenged the temporary workers, calls them a “new gang” (“panda” according to Ukrainian terminology), accuses them of having links with new and old oligarchs and talks about the continuation of the “national revolution”. Until the complete destruction of the oligarchs in Ukraine. But the authorities are not profitable: for them, the oligarchs are money.

In addition, the Right Sector is arguing with the Freedom Party, which of them is morestories is valuable. And who shed more blood bags on the streets of Kiev during the coup. Svoboda claims that Xnumx fighters have been lost from the "heavenly hundred". "Pravoseki" say that all the others are among them. Another paramilitary structure, “Maidan’s Self-Defense”, is also wedged into this dispute, which turns it into a shrill barking of quarrelsome old women, and not into “writing a chronicle of the revolution” for future generations.

In addition, the leader of the "Right Sector" Dmitry Yarosh goes to the presidency. And he is the very “new face” in Ukrainian politics. That "possible third force", which is capable of confusing pre-election decomposition of many. Here Yarosh and try to discredit, downplaying the role of the entire "Right Sector" and declaring it "the project of the Kremlin." Especially since Moscow involuntarily “signed up” when its Minister Lavrov said that Russia had the data: the Right Sector radical organization could lead the shooting of snipers on the Maidan.

And today it is obvious that the new Ukrainian government does not want to hear anything about a fair investigation and already seems to have appointed the guilty, who will go to the demonstrative slaughter. Under the cries of "so wants Maidan." And the will of the Maidan for power-the type is sacred.

Well what can I say? When Bulgakov's Preobrazhensky professor encountered the Maidan demand for justice performed by Shvonder and Sharikov, he saw the light and involuntarily warned all future maydauns: “Well, Shvonder is the main fool. He does not understand that Sharikov is a more dangerous danger for him than for me. Well, now he is trying in every way to incite him against me, not realizing that if someone in turn incites Sharikov on Shvonder himself, then only the horns and legs will remain from him ... ”
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  1. serega.fedotov
    serega.fedotov April 7 2014 19: 15
    I’m already tired of being amazed at the Ukrainian authorities, like smotrish in their actions have reached complete insanity, but no! The next day, they even arrange a better circus!
    1. platitsyn70
      platitsyn70 April 7 2014 19: 28
      The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine expects the threat of an attack by Russian troops in the southeastern regions. This was stated by Deputy Head of the Main Command Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Alexander Rozmaznin.

      According to him, according to RBC, on the southeastern borders there are several tens of thousands of Russian military on the southeastern borders.

      Rozmaznin added that the attack could occur from the Crimea and Transnistria.

      "There are certain problems on the southeastern borders of our state. We are preparing so that no one can enter our land. We will defend our land. There are military groups on our southeastern borders, these are tens of thousands of troops ... Also, there are large military groups 50 km from the borders, "he said.

      Recall, on April 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin in a telephone conversation informed German Chancellor Angela Merkel about the decision to partially withdraw troops from the eastern border of Ukraine. Ukraine informed about the reduction in the number of Russian military by about 10 thousand, but considered it a duty rotation. In turn, the United States links progress in resolving the largest conflict in Europe since the Cold War with Russia's readiness to withdraw troops from the border.

      On April 7, the Donetsk Regional Council announced the creation of the Donetsk People’s Republic. According to RT, deputies of the Donetsk Regional Council and supporters of the federalization of Ukraine turned to Vladimir Putin with a request for protection and for the introduction of a temporary peacekeeping contingent in the region.
      there’s nobody to surrender to them.
      1. platitsyn70
        platitsyn70 April 7 2014 19: 36
        of course they are all smart there, and we fools musically shot the guerrillas twice in our hearts and don’t give up, the golden eagle shot both our friends and strangers from the building that was controlled by parubius, and they have a lot of such generals who shot themselves in the head with two shots and the gangadze to itself cut off, if there are no brains, then this is forever.
      2. voliador
        voliador April 7 2014 20: 05
        ... deputies of the Donetsk Regional Council and supporters of the federalization of Ukraine turned to Vladimir Putin with a request for protection and for the introduction of a temporary peacekeeping contingent in the region.

        And so to introduce, so that south and east of the Poltava region no Maidanut would be observed.
  2. Nevsky_ZU
    Nevsky_ZU April 7 2014 19: 19
    Cho there in Donetsk ?! Julia hanged? She allegedly went there to put things in order ..
    1. gfs84
      gfs84 April 7 2014 19: 28
      From Donetsk airport, he promises to return Crimea and restore relations with Russia:

      Ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko stated that she supports the idea of ​​holding early presidential elections in Ukraine on May 25. She stated this during a press conference at the airport of Donetsk. “I am for holding the elections on May 25th. I have always been in favor of elections. The postponement is unacceptable, as it gives the aggressors some time to scoff at the country, ”Yulia Tymoshenko said.

      According to her, “aggression against Ukraine” will stop as soon as a new president is elected. “We are threatened with war,” Ms. Tymoshenko recalled. She emphasized that the attitude of the new government towards the Russians is "careful", and promised that Ukraine’s contacts with Russia "will be gradually restored." She also believes that "through international sanctions Ukraine will be returned to Crimea." Yulia Tymoshenko approved the actions of the government, which “does not continue corruption schemes” and is under the control of civil society. She stated that immediately after Donetsk she flies to Lugansk to find out his mood.

      Well, I hope, if not in Donetsk, then in Lugansk, they will clearly explain their to her "mood"...)
      1. gfs84
        gfs84 April 7 2014 19: 43
        Here's another catch-up:
        I just warn you right away that the old woman handed over to my back problems with speech (I spoke in Russian, I only heard it in Lviv) and a catastrophic drop in vision (I saw a specific appearance, broken into dozens that stood chaotically - on the Maidan I didn’t see anything, but here the OPA saw ...)

        Ukrainian presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko arriving in Donetsk gave a press conference at the airport. She spoke exclusively in Russian. According to Ms. Tymoshenko, she saw among the protesters people of a “specific appearance, broken into dozens, who stood chaotically". Yulia Tymoshenko also said that “only some” have weapons.

        She was given the demand of the protesters, "so that the local government does not form from Kiev." She stated that these are very important changes, but not federalization. And federalization is a technology to capture part of Ukraine. According to Yulia Tymoshenko, communication with the Donetsk residents convinced her that “no one wants war, everyone wants peace, peace and earnings».

        Yes, and after visiting Germany, only loot is seen everywhere - everyone wants only earnings, she didn’t mix up April Donetsk with winter Kiev? ...
        1. sv68
          sv68 April 7 2014 21: 51
          horseradish with this club to talk-butt in the face and on the flipper
        2. Kot bazilio
          Kot bazilio April 7 2014 22: 17
          Slut has been indulging in coke for a long time. That brings a blizzard, and visions happen to her ...
          I would give her an intricate GDP vibrator, with a gas shock absorber, to satisfy ...
  3. parus2nik
    parus2nik April 7 2014 19: 19
    the new Ukrainian government does not want to hear anything about a fair investigation
    What's the point? To admit that the "revolution" was ordered in the Wild West? And the Wild West provided all kinds of support, including murder and provocations ... we will wait until October ... then we will tell the whole truth ..
    1. olegglin
      olegglin April 7 2014 21: 29
      I am writing to you from Magadan. THERE IS COLD!!!! .... Barack Obama.
  4. Akhtuba73
    Akhtuba73 April 7 2014 19: 19
    Wow! And this topic, having so shamelessly perverted, the main Maidanists managed to turn against themselves. Now any policeman standing in a cordon in Donetsk, Kharkiv, Lugansk ... will think ooooo what kind of concern the Kiev authorities will express about him when the time comes. The fate of the Berkut is a vivid example of this.
  5. rugor
    rugor April 7 2014 19: 21
    But all this swagger began in our marsh. And how are we all lucky that the GDP had the courage to strangle all this scum.
    APASUS April 7 2014 19: 21
    On the Maidan, victims were needed and Maidan himself created them !!!
    Here are the opinions of doctors, you can’t call them the Hand of Moscow - people are outraged by the actions of the leaders.
  7. Sergg
    Sergg April 7 2014 19: 22
    All the maydanut leaders should be taken into custody, deported to Moscow and interrogated by these nonhumans. I am sure then the world will know the whole truth. I really hope that one day this will happen.
  8. Committee
    Committee April 7 2014 19: 24
    Nothing to offer. They have nothing to offer the Ukrainians, therefore - "all means are good," I wonder what they are going to "reinforce" their "power" with.
  9. Ulairy
    Ulairy April 7 2014 19: 24
    Dmitry Yarosh goes to the presidency
    am Yarosh goes to the train station. Have you forgotten, with..y children, that the revolution is eating its children? Although, what the hell is your revolution - a continuous bloody circus. You will get even more tomatoes for your antics from your own people! From all my black occupant soul, I wish to the Trinity of "legalists" to rot in a suspended cage somewhere above the slopes of Ayu-Dag ...
    1. Committee
      Committee April 7 2014 19: 28
      Quote: Ulairy
      rot in a suspended cage
      from them from the living it’s impossible to stink, but from the dead ... to bury.
    2. Kot bazilio
      Kot bazilio April 7 2014 22: 27
      Phew-you-well, how radical!
      IMHO, Yarosh is a very useful enemy in this case, because he is open and predictable, in contrast to the gnidotroyka. Moreover, he is also very dissatisfied with these goat-goats. Let it swing from the other side. His gop-company still cannot be ousted by a gay minister from Kiev, and even more so from the Carpathians. Essno, he does not shine as a prezydent, but as a counterbalance - Velmi is useful, because it draws attention and resources and voices to itself. And again, as a "Putin project" ideologically useful. In short, while he is the right resource. While.
  10. hrych
    hrych April 7 2014 19: 29
    It's time to end the Vatican project called "Ukraine". Recently, when approaching the queue, they try not to ask (considering it offensive): "Who is the last one?" And they begin to ask: "Who is the extreme?" The word "last" comes from "following the trail," from the position of ancient military affairs, this position is taken by an experienced and strong warrior, possessing fearlessness, because his comrade does not cover his back. Here is the word "extreme", has a completely different meaning and is always used in a negative sense, namely, "at the edge of life", "at the edge of the abyss," "fell off the edge of the pot," etc. If you call the state from such words, then it is worthwhile it will not work, and if you add the prefix "y", then the nastiness is even stronger.
    1. Committee
      Committee April 7 2014 19: 37
      Quote: hrych
      the word "extreme" has a completely different meaning
      absolutely right! Tired of explaining this to our flyers, besides saying "last flight"
      instead of "last" - not correctly!
      1. 311ove
        311ove April 7 2014 23: 54
        Do not touch the aviation, in the fact that some maydanulis it is absolutely irrelevant ..... And the word edge is quite "peaceful" and has a lot of other "meanings" besides the above, for example: the edge of the dress, the edge of the earth, the crumb of bread (which is shared) .... Native land in the end ..... All this is Russian! The richest in the world! hi
    2. gunter_laux
      gunter_laux April 7 2014 20: 06
      I apologize, but the last and extreme "in what sense to apply? In our aviation, neither in a drunken, let alone a sober memory, a pilot and engineer -" the last "will not say! hi
      1. yur
        yur April 7 2014 21: 37
        Quote: gunter_laux
        I apologize, but the last and the last "in what sense to apply? In our aviation, not drunk,
        Well, the point is that there will be at least two edges (in the queue this is the beginning and the end). But what about pilots and cosmonauts? Serious and dangerous professions, and have the right to their own jargon. As, for example, at the miners - "on the mountain".
  11. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 April 7 2014 19: 33
    The USA and their protégés, the Pravoseki, do not shy away from ANYTHING, cynically send like-minded people and opponents to THAT LIGHT, just to climb the "throne".
    If one of the Russian politicians betrayed such "pearls" as "SHOOT" someone, "you cannot leave the country and the scorched field", the whole homoropa and the USA would yell and demanded the hag reprisal of this figure, and the MayDowns to the right and to the left they threaten everyone, even their own people - and NOTHING - "Everything is in order in Baghdad", but the aggressor is still the same - RUSSIA ...
    1. Committee
      Committee April 7 2014 19: 42
      Quote: ia-ai00
      climb the "throne"
      and what will they do on it, these "professionals"? How long? The firewood has already been broken, what's next?
  12. mamont5
    mamont5 April 7 2014 19: 36
    What besides another lie can these bandera-ukras elevated to power say? Listening to them is disgusting. You just need to write down their words, so that later, when the time comes, make them choke on them.
  13. erased
    erased April 7 2014 19: 43
    Naive people are still surprised - how so! In war, all means are good for victory. And the war is already underway. Just not yet our land. But she is next in line.
  14. DMB-75
    DMB-75 April 7 2014 19: 47
    This fucker and her gang should not be hung up, but organized a frontal place and a quarter for their statements to the South-East of Ukraine. On the catcher and the beast runs, we hope.
  15. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 7 2014 20: 03
    And who said that power is now in Kiev? There is now a bunch of degenerates and scum. Willows want to see a fair investigation, do not indulge yourself. This will never happen. These orcs never admit that it was they who gave the order to shoot at the "berkutovtsy" and at their maydanuts.
  16. Lvovich
    Lvovich April 7 2014 20: 59
    Our cause is just. The enemy will be defeated. Victory will be ours!!!!!
  17. Zomanus
    Zomanus April 8 2014 05: 36
    Damn, how quickly the news becomes irrelevant ... Perhaps in a couple of weeks the new government will be judged.
  18. afdjhbn67
    afdjhbn67 April 8 2014 06: 04
    Quote: Nevsky_ZU
    Cho there in Donetsk ?! Julia hanged? She allegedly went there to put things in order ..

    how will she communicate with people, after the words - "kill with atomic weapons"?