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Long harness, but quickly learn

Long harness, but quickly learn

Here are PSV, PSB and PSO. Not long ago, these abbreviations were unknown to the general public, were used mainly by experts "in profile" and were even considered secret. However, there is nothing supernatural or secret about their decoding: psychological warfare (PSV), psychological struggle (PSB), and psychological operation (PSO). Just everything that can be observed in the past few months during the events in Ukraine.


The arrival of NATO specialists in Ukraine in the field of organization and conduct of psychological operations was confirmed by 13 March 2014. Is this not an open intervention by the West and a blow to our national interests? How can Russia answer this?

Unfortunately, we can answer a little in this case, because after the reform of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the number of officers involved in planning and conducting psychological operations was significantly reduced, and their quality declined significantly. This is due to the fact that the senior officers were mostly fired into the reserve. People with a rich life and work experience. They were replaced by young, undoubtedly, talented officers, but without any real experience.

Life experience proves that the decision to reform a particular unit, even solving important or special, special tasks, is often taken by people who do not have competence in this matter. Until now, in the army, the overwhelming majority of the commanding fathers for some reason believe that the psychological struggle officer deals with psychological problems in a team, that is, performs the role of a full-time psychologist, prevents hazing or something like that.

All this is not true and only confirms the fact that the Russian military and political leadership should as soon as possible review the individual results of the reform. After all, in reality, the goals and objectives that are solved by experts in psychological operations are much more global and important. As Igor Panarin rightly writes in his book Media, Propaganda and Information Wars, an informational impact on an adversary is such a “direct and indirect effect on opinions, moods, feelings and ultimately on the behavior of the adversary in order to force him to act in the directions we are pleased with.” ". Win by force weapons - here a special mind is sometimes not required, only brute force and superiority in human strength and armament. But to convince the enemy of his rightness and make him surrender without a fight - this is a real aerobatics.

However, one should not confuse such different concepts as “propaganda” and “psychological impact”. Propaganda is, if you will, advertising, PR. You can often hear: "clumsy propaganda", "naive propaganda", "kondovaya propaganda" and more in the same spirit. Psychological influence is a much more delicate influence on the wishes and moods of the opponent. It is like the air we breathe. It is tasteless, colorless, odorless, but always and everywhere present. As any information bears in itself this or that shade of the relation to an event.

Those people who believe (and especially insist on it) are naive that unbiased coverage of events is possible, especially such as revolution, forcible change of power, terrorist act, etc. There are no naive high-tech pros. Therefore, if you hear from such people that they are engaged exclusively in providing a neutral information without analysis and comments, then you are dealing with information professionals.

At the same time, both propaganda and psychological influence are an integral part of the information confrontation.

We make Natiska

Today, specialists have the impression that, in terms of information, Russia is inferior to the onslaught of foreign media. Why are there foreign! In their own country, the Russian media "traditionally" divided into two camps. While some stand up to protect the interests of the Russian-speaking population and the interests of their country, other TV and radio channels use information filth for their own power and government, wishing it to lose in the information (and not only) war. Is it ok to want your country to lose? Is this democracy, pluralism? Is it for this that our great-grandfathers fought in the Great Patriotic War? Then the question arises: what is betrayal?

Maybe for some it may seem strange, but the information war against the Russian people never stopped. This is what the whole world says. историяfrom ancient Russia to today's period. This, if you will, is the struggle of civilizations, of Anglo-Saxon and Russian culture. So it was, it is and it will be so. Sometimes the passions calmed down a bit and seemed to dissolve in the daily bustle. Today, we are becoming living witnesses of the next round of history and information confrontation.

For the successful conduct of the psychological struggle requires an integrated and systematic approach. This should be done constantly, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week: to collect, process and analyze information both in Russian and in other languages. Therefore, in this area there are only professionals who have undergone many years of training, have excellent knowledge of foreign languages ​​and the mentality of the population of the studied country (region), have a broad outlook and extensive life experience, as well as true patriots of their homeland.

Constant and hard work is needed. In the past, the defense minister was of the opinion that the armed forces do not need doctors, translators, lawyers and psychological warfare officers. Because if the need arises, you can quickly hire the appropriate civilian specialists. Now there is such a need in connection with the situation in Ukraine. And what? Where are these civilian specialists? Why did Russia miss the first informational strike? Why are we again in the role of catching up? Why for us it was a surprise? There are more questions than answers.

Exactly the same situation occurred during the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict in 2008. Psychological campaign specialists have one golden rule: the one who first gave information is right. The one who did not have time is always in the role of catching up and making excuses. Agree that the justifying party does not inspire confidence, because there is a feeling that once justified, it means that there was something.

Psychological struggle is absolutely unthinkable without linguistic support. The main thing is not a picture, but a signature to it. During the events of August 2008, CNN showed the same footage as the Russian television channel ORT, but for the English-speaking audience it was explained that it was Russian troops who entered Tbilisi. Thus, a frank and blatant lie was given to the foreign spectator, on the basis of which he made completely wrong conclusions.

During the aggravation of events around the status of Crimea, Western channels constantly showed how the Russian military strolled around the Crimea with automatic weapons at the ready, wrote in blogs about Ukrainian girls raped by Russian soldiers and in every way frightened the public with ultimatums and threats allegedly received from Russia. Such informational nonsense with us causes a grin, but ordinary citizens of Ukraine, unfortunately, willingly believe in any nonsense, because they are under pressure from the flow of information, which is broadcast by one-sided local media, which, in turn, obediently dance to the US tune. At the same time in Ukraine, Russian channels are being disconnected from broadcasting. Here is a pluralism of opinions in American.


If we turn to the recent history of Russia, we can easily recall that the Chechen militants in the English-language media were called only rebels and partisans. There is nothing new under the sun. Today the linguistic juggling of terms begins with the expectation that "People are shaving." Let us leave aside the causes (corruption, indecision of power, low standard of living of the population), which led to the regrettable final of the Ukrainian state. Let us consider targeted informational stuffing into the international information space with the goal of changing the public consciousness. And in recent months the opinion has been stubbornly imposed on society that a revolution occurred in Ukraine, not an armed coup d'état.

According to the accepted terminology, “revolution is a revolution in the life of society, which leads to the elimination of the previous social and political system and the establishment of a new government.” The seizure of power is not yet a revolution. There is no talk here about any change in the political formation (there was capitalism, it became socialism, for example). Even the actors are the same as they were once at the mercy of the times of the presidency of Viktor Yushchenko.

Legitimacy is another term for clarification. Let us again turn to the dictionary: “legitimacy is the consent of the people with the government when it voluntarily recognizes the right to make binding decisions”. If the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of Crimea supported their own government, therefore, it was legitimate and acted in the interests of its people, which was confirmed in a referendum on March 16 of March 2014. Whoever, no matter what, says it, no matter how much he shouts that “never and for no reason” does not recognize the very fact of its holding.

This is true and vice versa. In Kiev, several thousand people, well trained, trained to clash with the forces of law and order took part in the coup d'état. Yes, of course, it cannot be denied that in addition to the militants of the ultra-right forces, there were naive citizens who acted as extras. However, their cumulative total did not exceed 0,01% of the total population of Ukraine. It's not even the tail that turns the dog, but something even smaller. Therefore, there is nothing strange in the fact that the “government of national trust,” allegedly approved by the protesters, cannot be called legitimate.

The Western media may, from day to day, arbitrarily long call the new government legitimate, this will not change the situation. Or change? And then it is worth remembering the words of the Reich Minister of propaganda of the “thousand-year-old” German Reich Joseph Goebbels: “If you utter a large enough lie and repeat it, then people will believe in it ... If a person says a hundred times that he is a pig, on the hundred and first he grunts. " It turns out that the countries of Western Europe and the United States work strictly "according to Goebbels."

When it comes to shooting on Independence Square in Kiev, foreign media “forget” to mention the armed radicals shouting fascist slogans. At the same time, the selection of spectacular frames (albeit without comments) was focused solely on the protesters. Where, it is asked, shots of the burning and wounded militiamen? This is called “we just give news, conclusions you do yourself. " Strictly as Dr. Goebbels taught.

Events in Ukraine once again highlighted the problem of double standards. Everyone knows about the precedent of Kosovo, so I will not talk about it. However, few people today recall that when the Soviet Union collapsed, Ukraine withdrew from the USSR in a notification order, without any referendums, as in Estonia, for example. In the same way, by the way, the United States did in its time, notifying the UK of its independence.

Who will tell the truth, bring it to a dubious western man in the street and a disoriented Ukrainian citizen? I think the answer is obvious. Today, history is entrusted to Russia with the mission of standing up for universal human values, defending its legitimate interests and the interests of Russian Orthodox culture. Russia did not start this information war, but the historical mission was entrusted to it again - to give a fitting rebuff to the information aggressors. And in the field of information confrontation Russia can work no less beautifully and convincingly than the United States or NATO. Russian harness for a long time, but quickly learn.
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  1. sanek0207
    sanek0207 April 5 2014 08: 37
    Kindness for weakness is accepted! In vain! And with the local Makars you need to do this, there is a place in RUSSIA MOTHER where they did not herd calves, so let them go there! Songs by songs, but you MUST LOVE YOUR HOMELAND !!!
    1. hommer
      hommer April 5 2014 21: 57
      Quote: sanek0207
      Songs by songs, but you MUST LOVE YOUR HOMELAND !!!

      What does NEED mean ?! Yes, no coercion - or you love the motherland, or you ur.od!
      1. General Frost
        General Frost April 7 2014 08: 41
        More correctly - "Either you love the Motherland, or the Motherland will love you!" - so one warrant officer said during my sentence soldier
  2. omsbon
    omsbon April 5 2014 09: 12
    While some are defending the interests of the Russian-speaking population and the interests of their country, other television and radio channels are pouring information on their own power and government, wanting him to lose in the information (and not only) war. Is it normal to wish your country lose? Is it democracy, pluralism? Is this why our great-grandfathers fought in the Great Patriotic War? Then the question begs itself: what is betrayal?

    It's time to clean our media from traitors!
    We often confuse freedom of speech with slander and enemy agitation.
    1. Al_lexx
      Al_lexx April 5 2014 12: 15
      Quote: omsbon

      It's time to clean our media from traitors!
      We often confuse freedom of speech with slander and enemy agitation.

      Adequate censorship is always and everywhere useful. Even at the level of the artistic council, and even more so at the level of special services, etc.
      One trouble, unfortunately we suffer and always suffered excesses. Then, instead of freedom of speech, we allow freedom of obscenity, and then, instead of healthy censorship, we introduce the institutions of informers and shooting threes.

      But the fact that now the slop is constantly pouring on Russia and the Russian people, through the network, radio and television media, is of course a complete tough. The main thing is not to go too far and act carefully (politely). Otherwise, instead of the fact that people themselves do not listen to any echoes and rains, because they understand that there is nothing to listen to, one lie, we will get a triple howl of "human rights activists" and liberstians, oh the fact that in Russia again a continuous dictatorship and the times of the gulag are coming. Now we do not need this at all. We need a competent authority that, at a high professional level, will consider the facts of violation of journalistic ethics and, upon detection, prohibit such journalists from working in the media, and impose fines on the media themselves that allow yellow plums, up to the selection of a license. But be sure to comply with the letter of the law, all the necessary procedural procedures and with the incontestability of the facts given.
      1. jjj
        jjj April 5 2014 15: 41
        Quote: Al_lexx
        Adequate censorship is always and everywhere useful.

        But censorship will be subjected to all who do not enter into their narrow circle. Right now, no one is forbidding the promotion of all sorts of liberal thoughts. But if you start to say something against, then you can always, if you wish, fall under the article either for extremism, or for defamation, or for moral damage. But now it is through the courts. And with censorship nothing will be published at all. And then the lack of censorship is the main tenet of the constitution
        1. PPL
          PPL April 5 2014 20: 26
          And with censorship nothing will be published at all

          Well, why not?
          Censorship is a system of state control over the media, not a gag. If a deliberate lie is published and shown through the media, it must be prohibited. The rule is simple: do not lie - no one will shut up!
          1. General Frost
            General Frost April 7 2014 08: 44
            I have a question --- But what is the name of what is happening in the "free and independent" Western media? hi
          2. jjj
            jjj April 7 2014 12: 11
            Censorship is not "AFTER" punishment, but "BEFORE" permission. Many do not distinguish between these nuances and believe that with the help of censorship the media will become cleaner. With censorship, the OFFICER will allow you to print and what not. One should be tried for a lie, maybe even shut down the media in court. But an official should not decide what to publish. By the way, in this case, a good half of the comments on this resource would have remained with their authors.
            Once again, all censorship in Russia is prohibited by the Constitution
            1. Al_lexx
              Al_lexx April 8 2014 15: 24
              Quote: jjj
              Once again, all censorship in Russia is prohibited by the Constitution

              And I will not be lazy to repeat myself. So, you need to introduce amendments to the constitution, since in its current form (in the context of discussion) it is in fact anti-state.
        2. Al_lexx
          Al_lexx April 8 2014 15: 22
          Quote: jjj
          Quote: Al_lexx
          Adequate censorship is always and everywhere useful.

          But all who do not enter into a narrow circle of their own will be subjected to censorship. Now, no one forbids the propaganda of all sorts of liberal ideas. <...>
          And with censorship nothing will be published at all. And then the lack of censorship is the main tenet of the constitution

          There is censorship in all developed and not very countries. It’s just that, as always, we have gone too far and given too much freedom (with complete impunity) to structures that cannot exist in Russia at all, even with minimal censorship, since they openly and quite clearly work for the collapse of our state.
          As for "the absence of censorship is the main postulate of the constitution."
          Nuuu .., that means the constitution is poorly spelled out and amendments must be adopted that will not abolish freedom of speech, but limit the activities of demolitionists.
  3. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF April 5 2014 09: 17
    I agree on all 100%, but there are two questions. We, * residents * VO, completely agree with you, but if there are pros with such qualifications, then show yourself and your victories in the competition on Ukrainian sites and forums, show * defectors * and those * who realized *. Second, I would ask, as a specialist and craftsman in the struggle for the heads of people, to evaluate my articles on the topic of the same Ukraine, which is close to me. But only if we figure it out on number 1, otherwise the hint without victories on this issue will look somehow not very good.
  4. sv68
    sv68 April 5 2014 09: 57
    It’s high time to have your fifth mass media in Europe, which, under cover of common phrases about democracy and tolerance, should fill Europe with shit to the full openly rejoice at all troubles and problems if you look forward to time and England and France will become real partisans. we better need Europe to experience this slogan
  5. radio operator
    radio operator April 5 2014 09: 57
    During the aggravation of events surrounding the status of Crimea, Western channels constantly showed how the Russian military was pacing around Crimea with assault rifles at the ready, wrote about Ukrainian girls raped by Russian soldiers and scared the public in every way with ultimatums and threats allegedly received from Russia. With you, such informational nonsense causes a grin, but ordinary people of Ukraine, unfortunately, willingly believe in any stupidity,

    And this is, apparently, the most affected girl from "polite people".
    Although, to be honest, the Russian people will not be able to drink so much in order to become so obsessed with such a girl:
    1. Suhow
      Suhow April 6 2014 21: 55
      eternal positioner
  6. Sma11
    Sma11 April 5 2014 10: 55
    Fundamentals of information warfare in social networks
    D1% 85
  7. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 April 5 2014 11: 56
    Having become involved in a professional competition of psychological warfare, we will inevitably, under any conditions and circumstances, lose outright. The situation is exactly the same as with aircraft carriers. What to build in response to the construction of a super-ship by a certain country? Another aircraft carrier to say - and ours is cooler! Or develop missiles, mines and torpedoes?
    To our great regret, the overwhelming majority of both the expert community and, which simply causes grief, those in power, have situational thinking at the level of courtyard kids. That is, they are ready to land all the resources of their country, if only to shout jubilantly: “NO, OUR BOOST !!” This is a dead end.
    Our goal is victory. Victory, because we are warriors who see the world through the eyes of fighters, not bandits-traders. A thief needs to disorient people, encourage them to self-destructive actions, and constantly emphasize their "overwhelming superiority", then the deceived people will give them all their values ​​and start working for the thief for free. What is happening now in Ukraine.
    We don't have to answer in the same style. And I am very happy to see that our authorities did not turn to "civilian specialists". It's fine! Because these specialists studied from American books, attend American and European trainings, think like our enemies and, in fact, are the centers of destruction of our country, our mentality. All their professional training is the preparation of the brain-breaker, the destroyer of thinking, the killer of the brain of the people they are processing. If we apply this, we will be gone. In this game there is no place for second-rate imitators (or rather, there is - on the floor, face down, with three sharpenings in the back), and besides, those who have betrayed themselves.
    Our task is not to "zombify the Ukrainians in our direction." We shouldn't be doing this damn programming at all. Our task is to raise the Russians. We have to get up! Good to pose as an ugly curved underwest! Work with people should start from the all-round upsurge of Russian power, from the memories of the longest chain of ancestors - plowmen, warriors, craftsmen, winners! Open to all peaceful people and giving a merciless rebuff to any enemy. We were always ready to accept OURS (what are their names, where they live, what color they are in the end, it did not bother us even on the hair) and show our invincible strength to those who are trying to hit us. Working in this vein does not bring instant victory. But he wins any war. Is always.
    1. soaring
      soaring April 5 2014 13: 13
      I agree with you completely !!! good drinks
    2. timer
      timer April 6 2014 19: 55
      I do not agree with your comment for several reasons:
      1) A psychological war is being waged against Russia! Our slogan in this war is not a step back, our history, ancestors, roots are behind. Because the loss in this world war will be political isolation and economic collapse, and if it is wider, the end of Slavic civilization!
      2) In this global war, Russia is losing, so far. Why, because there is no mechanism, specialists and a coordinating center. This must be urgently created (there are examples in the history of the creation of such a mechanism). There is no time! Dissolve snot, as in your comment, this lose for sure.
      3) Yes, it is bad that our leadership does not have a "global" mindset (like Stalin's). There is no clear understanding and vision of world layouts. Besides, there is no cohesion in society around the national. ideas and moral values, why the Western ideology and crap values ​​"a la America" ​​eats away at us like rust.
      As a result, my komenta-Ukraine and Syria is a field of psychological warfare against Russia. We have no right to lose. How then will we look into the eyes of our children ?!
    3. Suhow
      Suhow April 6 2014 22: 00
      information war is one of the keys to the victory of the real war ..
  8. Papabear
    Papabear April 5 2014 12: 14
    The article is a complete mess.
    Even comparing the title and content, it becomes clear that no one has learned anything. It’s as if an article was written by a prince, justifying to his congress exorbitant costs for a minimal result.

    Funding for the fighters of the psychological front called "trolls" does not in any way intersect with the presence in the information space. The provision of this presence is not affected. And the presence of "trolls" is destroyed with just a couple of characters in the code of the web resource. Why only the web? Because paper and television media are not available to trolling.

    Further. "Information war against the Russian people". Question. Are we talking about the Russian people, Russian civilization or the Russian people? And where are the interests of the Yakut people, the Greek people, the Ossetian people, the Ukrainian people, the Mordovian, Tatar? Smells like a "right sector". You, the author, are either fighting for all peoples within the sphere of interests of Russian civilization, or the same person against whom you are fighting.

    It is worth noting that the relative gain today is provided with more of the economic component than with the professionalism of psi-fighters, who, as the article shows, confuse tools and goals
  9. Sadikoff
    Sadikoff April 5 2014 12: 58
    Georgia revealed our weaknesses in the military component of air defense, Ukraine taught us the importance of non-military offensive technologies.
  10. vezunchik
    vezunchik April 5 2014 15: 18
    A letter from a tanker. A quarter of a century after the war, a BT-7 tank with a clearly visible tactical number 12 was found in the deep forest near Vyazma. Hatches were lifted up and a hole gaped on board. When the car was opened, the remains of a junior tank lieutenant were found in the place of the driver. He had a gun with one cartridge and a tablet, and on the tablet - a map, a photograph of his girlfriend and unsent letters.

    October 25, 1941 Hello, my Varya! No, we will not meet with you. Yesterday at noon we smashed another Nazi column. The fascist shell pierced the side armor and exploded inside. While I was taking the car to the forest, Vasily died. My wound is cruel.
    I buried Vasily Orlov in a birch grove. It was light. Vasily died, without having managed to say a single word to me, did not convey anything to his beautiful Zoya and white-haired Masha, who looked like a dandelion in the fluff.
    So there was only one of the three tankers. In the late morning I drove into the forest. The night passed in agony, a lot of blood was lost. Now, for some reason, the pain that burns through the entire chest has subsided and is quiet in the soul.
    It's a shame that we have not done everything. But we did everything we could. Our comrades will chase the enemy, who should not walk in our fields and forests. I would never have lived this life if it were not for you, Varya. You have always helped me: at Khalkhin Gol and here.
    Probably, after all, who loves is kinder to people. Thank you, dear! A person is aging, and the sky is always young, like your eyes, which you can only look at and admire. They will never age, do not fade.
    It will take time, people will heal wounds, people will build new cities, grow new gardens. Another life will come, other songs will be sung. But never forget the song about us, about the three tankers.
    You will have beautiful children growing up, you will still love. And I am happy that I am leaving you with great love for you.
    Your Ivan Kolosov
  11. codebot
    codebot April 5 2014 16: 46
    If you are interested, you can see the rap information war on YouTube:
    when viewing the recommendation, set the subtitle display in Russian.

    I would not be surprised if RT had a hand in this.
    1. Kopeck
      Kopeck April 6 2014 19: 48
      Thank :)))
    2. The comment was deleted.
  12. Grenz
    Grenz April 5 2014 17: 56
    Quote: Mikhail3
    Having become involved in a professional competition of psychological warfare, we will inevitably, under any conditions and circumstances, lose outright.

    A dangerous fallacy.
    Psychological war is the same war. And in any war, defense is always a defeat.
    If we build our propaganda only for internal use, then for the whole world we will remain barbarians (well, and further on the European list).
    Then we will lose outright.
    After all, no one will convey our truth to other nations. Or are there anyone? Aw! There are none of them.
    In the era of the USSR, a powerful propaganda department was created, no less powerful structures were created by the USSR Armed Forces. The KGB used powerful systems for jamming "enemy" voices.
    We destroyed them, and the United States strengthened them on the contrary.
    Before each armed action, they first, with the help of global manipulation of consciousness, formed world opinion in their favor. And we? Always after and then ineptly.
    And the most important thing. Indeed, now in a psychological warfare, techniques, methods and means affecting the subconscious are involved. And this is serious.
    Victory is not always obtained by force of arms.
    Krivda really is also a weapon on the air.

    1. Turkir
      Turkir April 6 2014 16: 28
      I am for your point of view.
      Advocacy should be carried out not only after but also BEFORE the development of the situation. In any country located on our borders in the political establishment should be found people in friendly positions who need help in promoting.
      After 1917, Russia fell into an economic and political blockade. On Lenin's initiative, the "People's Bank" was created, supposedly a private one, to conduct foreign economic operations. it was opened in London and worked in it, except for the director, only the British. Everyone in England knew that he was the state bank of Russia, but formally it was impossible to find fault with him. And he enjoyed great authority and reliability among businessmen in England.
      In addition to propaganda, which, I do not deny, there are many tricks to overcome the crisis situations that were developed in the 20s. Do not forget to ..
    2. Suhow
      Suhow April 6 2014 22: 12
      in Ukraine, Russia is losing the info war so far and the closer to the center of Ukraine the less I would say Russian ... East mostly think Russian.
  13. siberalt
    siberalt April 5 2014 19: 59
    First, it would be nice to check the "broadcasters" for an American passport and shut up their mouths politely. In addition to gay propaganda, strictly limit pornography and outright Russophobia. Let those who disagree be laundered through the courts and pay for the necessary expert opinions themselves. For violation it is painful to fine art councils, which can do the same from big screens, theater and concert stages. So we'll see who will scream louder from this. And in the lists, in the lists for lustration.
    In addition, it is time to again introduce the norm of deprivation of citizenship with the expulsion of fuck!
  14. Michael_59
    Michael_59 April 6 2014 06: 24
    What is the strength in, brother ? Power is in the truth...
  15. SS68SS
    SS68SS April 6 2014 13: 26
    Quote: jjj
    But if you start to say something against, you can always, if you wish, fall under the article either for extremism, or for defamation, or for moral damage

    And you think what to say "against" and how to say "against" .... And then they gag some provocateur, and he immediately hides behind the freedom of speech.
  16. Unheavyshadow
    Unheavyshadow April 6 2014 20: 21
    If for a long time someone whispers something in his ear, he will believe it. And they work like that, they’re spreading propaganda according to the zombie man, so the people are being deceived, but who else to believe? Are there Russian channels there?
    1. Suhow
      Suhow April 6 2014 22: 15
      we now have rain, well, there’s still a radio to keep unbiased
  17. Wolland
    Wolland April 7 2014 11: 16
    Urgent close NTV, as a channel, the only plus is that, sometimes they show the Champions League and the UEFA Cup, you can transfer it to some kind of HD channel ......
  18. Wolland
    Wolland April 7 2014 11: 43
    TNT - with their Wills, Snowballs, and the Zaitsev sisters, Eduard Surov and others (damn ohm), to close too, I will explain why, the TV channel’s joke’s jokes grew exclusively on the not normal love, show off, treason and betrayals of the RUSSIAN MORAL QUALITIES OF OUR NATION, I understand everything guys are joking, laughter and only, but MUCH ADMINISTERS, OVERCOMING, SAME DOGS FOR OUR CULTURE, for example, we can put the STS channel, namely the Ural dumplings, on which never a mat or a bad joke has been heard in terms of sec sa and razd ata ..... Good Soviet Humor (Children, school, work), it would seem that they are joking here too - but the misfortune is different .... In terms of Yurom, all this gop company (Comedy Club , vomen, stand-up) to warn and make some kind of normative act on humor, what things it may affect and what not, why for some reason no one remembers jokes in terms of sex in our life, and homosexual alists, but somehow it’s not even could even imagine it because you don’t hear it ali on TV screens, our children are looking at this and we should be ashamed of who we grew up with if our parents would allow us to look at homo causalism and debauchery,

    if the guys are resourceful and sharp on the tongue, this is only a plus for them, nevertheless people from KVN never make jokes, but the fact that they chose the path of a humorous character, sex, junk, and drug addiction does not make them higher and better, you can joke in any direction, you can lose your image in 1 minute and work for it for years ......

    In recent years, on TV, the principle is simple - if you want vulgarity and debauchery = TNT, you want to laugh at funny good jokes = STS.
  19. Serg7281
    Serg7281 April 7 2014 13: 32
    I largely agree with the author of the article. However, one should not forget about the "fifth column" in power structures, the media, and the deputy corps. The deputy corps is especially important now.
    It is not clear how several deputies dared to vote against the laws on the entry of Crimea and Sevastopol into the Russian Federation. They should be reminded that in the State Duma they represent the interests of their voters, and they can defend their opinion at “their” rallies and protest marches, expressing their personal opinion, and in the State Duma they are simply obliged to vote as the majority of their voters believe.