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Russian Space Development Program


The current use and exploration of outer space is aimed at the development of science, technology, national economy, ensuring the security of the state, as well as the fulfillment of international obligations in the development of space. The budget of the Space Development Program is 486.8 billion rubles, of which 197 billion rubles was financed over the period from 2007 to 2010. 109 billion was allocated from the state budget; from extrabudgetary sources (commercial organizations) - approximately 88 billion rubles.

The main areas of space activity that contribute to the achievement of certain goals are:
1. Providing satellite communications, television and radio broadcasting throughout the Russian Federation.
2. Monitoring the state of the environment and the atmosphere, monitoring environmental disasters and emergencies, the study of the natural resources of the planet.
3. Providing authorities at all levels, local authorities with hydrometeorological, including geophysical information.
4. Implementation of space manned flights in order to solve applied problems, the development of the economy and science.
5. Implementation of space projects with the aim of expanding knowledge about the Universe, the Solar System and the Earth, conducting basic research in the field of planetology, astrophysics, solar physics and solar-terrestrial interconnection.
6. Development of production technologies in outer space of new materials, substances and high-purity substances.
7. Ensuring equal participation of the Russian Federation in international space projects and programs in order to guarantee access to the final results of their implementation.

Over the past ten years, the size of the orbital constellation of Russia has decreased by 1,5 times, while foreign countries have increased their orbital constellations by 2 times, and recently there has been a growth trend. This is largely due to the growing needs of the world community in space services and facilities. At the same time, due to the sharp increase in consumer requirements for the quality and volume of communication and broadcasting services, it becomes necessary not just to increase the orbital groupings of satellite communication systems and television and radio broadcasting for public use, but to constantly update them on the basis of long-term and advanced spacecraft. also modern telecommunication technology.

It should also be noted that the orbital facilities for performing remote sensing of the Earth in the Russian Federation are practically absent, which significantly limits the possibilities of solving using modern methods and in the required amount of tasks of hydrometeorology, environmental management and forecasting of emergency situations. Spacecraft used in Russia, the old design does not have the necessary characteristics. The quality and composition of the ground equipment of consumers lags behind the challenges of time.

It is obvious that the current situation will lead to a completely unusual gap for Russia from the new world leaders in the field of space development and will not allow to meet the growing needs with its own means.

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  1. Smolensk
    Smolensk April 19 2011 15: 04
    There is some truth in the article, but one should not forget that the weight is used by the Korolev technologists and the developments in the field of cosmonautics of the USSR era. The Americans fell out of the race, China to catch up with another 50 years, Europe has nothing special. It is necessary to restore what has been lost and to develop further. And we will be the first on Mars and on other planets. This is our mission for all mankind. Hypospadias protect Russia.
  2. clean
    clean April 19 2011 18: 12
    I would consider it correct to add the renewal of the Buran or Spiral space program, namely, in the criteria for unmanned spacecraft for combat use. After all, we were once in these programs in front of the entire planet. Now the Americans are paying great attention to the development of these programs.
  3. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui April 21 2011 19: 49
    Aftor collapsed from an oak tree ??? "The current situation will lead to a completely unusual lag for Russia" - based on this, we can say that Russia is doing well with space. industry ??? And these 7 points of the main directions have pierced a tear of pride. Well, financial injections directly shook the very foundations of domestic cosmonautics and apparently gave this mighty impetus to incomparable development IN THE BACK !!!
    Bottom line: this opus vividly reminded me of the unsubscribes of some people who failed, but the report seemed to be doing something like.
    We are space cabs and no more that are currently not able to do anything meaningful. I give 3 years and the Chinese are doing us in all respects and in space. Greetings to your modern goofy managers from astronautics - wake up soon and without a taxi.
    I look forward to patriotic screams about my innocence, but then it will be even worse, as with aviation ...

    I want to make a mistake in my forecast, but ... am

    Smolensk is an Amerian cyborg that has been climbing in different orbits for almost 300 days, now and then, technol: well, well, bully: go on.

    Smolensk is an Amer’s cyborg that has been climbing in different orbits for almost 300 days, very often the Korolev’s technology (my city respect for him), especially its filling - engines, electronics, AI, etc. - well, go on dude
  4. Honory
    Honory 13 October 2012 12: 06
    The collapse of the space program is an obvious fact. There is nothing to rejoice in the role of a taxi driver. The Americans will develop their ships and send Russia away. For them, the most important money and financial calculation has led them to the Russian carriers. and not their own backwardness. They can be hated, but they need to be respected and the best should be taken from them. And simply by yelling in the spirit we can’t change anything ahead of everyone.