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Manpower leapfrog in the defense industry of Ukraine

Armory Independent trade was led by revolutionaries and bankers

Although the prospects for Ukraine’s statehood after euromaidan and the inclusion of Crimea in Russia have become very uncertain, the country's defense industry, especially its export industry, continues to live its own life. The newspaper "Military Industrial Complex" offers readers portraits of the current leaders of the arms business, primarily its main structure - the state concern Ukroboronprom.

On March 24, Yury Tereshchenko was appointed Director General of Ukroboronprom, who previously headed Spetstekhnoexport (a subsidiary of Ukrspetsexport), a committee on the policy of military-technical cooperation and export control, which at first reported directly to the president, then transferred to the National Council Security and Defense of Ukraine (NSDC). Tereshchenko was one of the ardent supporters of the defense industry reform by creating a separate structure for managing the industry and arms trade. The state concern as a single form of management took place not least due to its efforts.

In one month, the acting president Alexander Turchinov shook up the top management of the state-owned concern three times, so all Tereshchenko's predecessors should be mentioned separately.

The scope of such economic relations as the arms trade has never implied participation in the affairs of the weaker sex. Before the events of euromaidan, there were only men in the ranks of the Ukrainian gunworms. However, on March 7, on the eve of International Women's Day, the interim president of the country, Oleksandr Turchynov, with his decrees, dismissed Sergey Gromov from the position of Ukroboronprom general director and appointed Valentin Drozd acting as.

Gromov was considered a person close to Rinat Akhmetov. Today, presumably, the most influential oligarch of Ukraine is trying to eliminate from the most profitable areas of business activity, including in the defense industry.

In the turbulent Ukrainian realities, her candidacy was viewed as temporary, annoying to no one, which would be replaced in the future by a permanent male leader. Previous activities Thrush was associated with the state-owned company Ukrspetsexport since its inception, where she held positions in financial and economic divisions. There, over a decade and a half, she has gone from a leading specialist to a director of financial and economic department. In this position, Thrush worked until the 2011 year, when the company changed almost the entire management. After another change in personnel policy in relation to Ukrspetsexport, it remained in the arms trade, becoming in November 2013 an adviser to the general director of Ukroboronprom, and in February 2014, his deputy. But at the head of the state-owned concern Thrush lasted only a week.

From the commandant to the director

In mid-March, a scandal erupted in Kiev - online and paper media reported that Ukroboronprom continued to supply military-made products to Russia in the form of guidance from the Fotopribor and Lort enterprises, despite the aggravation of bilateral interstate relations. Although by and large there was no crime in this and cooperation, apparently, was carried out within the framework of previously concluded long-term export contracts, the new government in the country was indignant. Valentin Drozd Turchinov was returned to the post of deputy for financial issues, and Sergey Averchenko, deputy from the UDAR party, headed the state concern in temporary status. During the civil confrontation, he ruled in the House of Trade Unions together with other leaders of the opposition forces, being one of the so-called commandants of the Maidan. So his career take-off may have reflected the need to pay bread posts to the coup participants.

Manpower leapfrog in the defense industry of Ukraine

One of his deputies was another "commandant of the Maidan," Alexander Vorobyov. His position implies the establishment of interaction with the Verkhovna Rada, the Cabinet of Ministers and the Security Service of Ukraine.

The namesake of the famous Russian and Soviet satirist is a graduate of the Kiev Suvorov Military School 1982 and the Kurgan Higher Military-Political Aviation School 1986. After the collapse of the Soviet Union was engaged in business district and regional scale. In 1994, he became the head of NEP LLC, and from 2000 he became the owner of a felting factory, on the basis of which he established the Aurora Factory CJSC. Then Averchenko led the production and trading complex "Aurora". In 2004, he founded and headed the public organization “League of Employers of Chernigov”, in 2008, she was re-registered as the Association of Employers of Chernihiv Oblast, and the following year - as the Regional Association of Employers' Organizations of Chernihiv.

In addition to the management, the changes also took place in the ranks of the supervisory board of the state concern. According to the law, the council is the highest governing body, with five members: three are appointed by the president, two more by the cabinet. From the composition, formed in 2011, Alexander Turchinov suspended the authority of the adviser to the general director of the state-owned company Ukrspetsexport, Alexander Galunenko. This famous test pilot of the Antonov aircraft was long elected as a people's deputy from the Party of Regions, therefore, in the new conditions was subject to an unconditional sweep. Together with Galunenko, the new authorities dismissed Vladislav Zabarsky and the director of the state enterprise “Plant 410 GA” Sergey Podrez. Instead of them, Sergey Pashinsky, Yaroslav Skalko and Igor Cherkassky were appointed members of the supervisory board. The first temporarily performs the duties of the head of the presidential administration, a deputy of the Batkivshchyna faction, the second is the lieutenant-general of the reserve, the former head of the state enterprise of the air traffic service “Ukraerorukh”, the third is the head of the state financial monitoring service of Ukraine. Cherkasy is particularly interesting, his appointment eloquently speaks of the level of general confidence of the “revolutionary government” in the current leadership of Ukroboronprom.

False start with the appointment of Drozd and the emergence of representatives of euromaidan at the state concern can be considered a prologue of the next personnel changes in the composition of the export-arms management. The process of getting rid of representatives and appointees of the “evil master” (“criminal power”) will most likely continue. Andrei Stefanishin, who was close to former Defense Minister Pavel Lebedev, has already suffered. At the end of 2013, he became the first deputy general director of Ukroboronprom, where he came from structures controlled by Lebedev, and now he has been fired.

The figure of the deputy general director of the concern Maxim Glushchenko remains quite noticeable. From 2001 to 2010, he was educated at Kiev National Economic University and the International Institute of Management, constantly improving his skills, including at the British Cambridge and the American Carnegie Mellon University with gaining practical experience. In 2007, he led the group of companies "Ukrainian Collection Group", specializing in the provision of financial and legal services. The following year, he became head of the state inspection on price control in Kiev, and was dismissed due to the liquidation of the structure. He worked in the joint-stock commercial bank Porto-Franco, then in the Nadra bank he led the project management team of the World Bank, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and other financial institutions.

In November, 2011 of the year occupied the position of Deputy Director for Economy of the state enterprise “Konotop Aviation Repair Plant AVIAKON”, from January to July 2012 worked as its director. The next step of Glushchenko’s career was the post of deputy general director of the state-run concern Ukroboronprom, where 2012 was appointed in July and was dismissed a month later. Until next year, he worked as an advisor to two ministers of economic development and trade - Petro Poroshenko in 2012 and Igor Prasolov in 2013. Despite the complete disagreement of views and belonging to different teams (the first is the associate of the former president Viktor Yushchenko, the second is the leader of the Party of Regions Viktor Yanukovych), both ministers probably treated their advisor equally well. Soon Grischenko returned to Ukroboronprom as deputy general director for foreign economic activity. Perhaps he would have become the general director, but euromaidan made his own adjustments.

The island of professionalism

In contrast to Ukroboronprom, the current leadership of Ukrspetsexport as a whole is made up of experienced, proven personnel. In the period from 2010 to 2013, the company was led by Dmitry Salamatin. First, right, being the general director of a state-owned company and the entire state-owned concern, then indirectly, from the chair of the minister of defense. It is noteworthy that Salamatin initiated middle and upper management of the Ukrspetsexport outright dismissal with the subsequent filling of vacant positions with representatives of the arms business, who were previously in disgrace, as well as grown up “young” of the Ukrainian administrative elite from pro-government circles. The method of recruiting loyal, but without special education personnel has led to disappointing results. So that the leadership had to return the old guard in the person of Alexander Kovalenko and a number of other iconic managers with vast experience.

A radical personnel update in the industry leadership began in the summer of 2013. At first there were new and. about. CEO of Ukrspetsexport and its subsidiaries. In December and. about. the company's general director Alexander Kovalenko appointed former deputy advisors as his deputy, Maya Gorlov, Vadim Kozhevnikov, Dmitry Sagalovsky and Yuri Cherny. Kozhevnikov for a long time was and. about. Director General of Ukrspecexport. In the biography of Dmitry Sagalovsky, work in the banks Forum, Nadra and Brokbusinessbank on financial projects, including international ones, is consistently listed. It is noteworthy that, with the exception of the "Forum", the remaining banks in the post-crisis and current periods introduced temporary administrative managers. Yuri Chernykh is a graduate of the Military Intelligence Department of the Kiev Higher All-Arms Command Twice Red Banner School named after M.V. Frunze, 1975. From 2004 to 2010, he was a defense attache, an adviser to the Ukrainian embassy in the Russian Federation. The head of Ukrspecexport itself switched from temporary to permanent status at the end of January 2014.

Transfer to authorized managers in parallel with Ukrspetseksport was carried out in subsidiaries. Serhiy Mykytyuk was approved as the general director of Ukroboronservice. In 2006 and 2007, he was elected according to the quota of the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc (BYuT) as a member of local councils, but the bulk of his work is related to construction. In 1999 – 2007, Mykytyuk was listed as the head of Investbud LLC, UBI - Ukrainian business investments. In this case, we can talk about continuity: after a brief removal from the company’s management, Alexander Sharapov, the founder and director from 1993 to 2010, returned to the company as an adviser, and his son Denis took the post of one of the deputies. Another deputy was Ruslan Babenko - the son of Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Artur Babenko, who came with the team of Minister Pavel Lebedev from Sevastopol. His near future, given the dismissal of his father, becomes very uncertain.

Not bypassed the changes and the state company "Spetstechnoexport". In July, instead of Igor Gladush, who for a long time headed the company, for the position and. about. Yevgeny Trishnovsky was appointed director, who in three months became u. about. Director of "Ukrinmash". In “Spetstechnoexport”, Stanislav Khosh began to act as director, and in January, 2014, he received all the powers of the head of the company. However, in March, Igor Gladush returned to the position of general director of the company, and Yuri Tereshchenko, the first director of Spetstechnoexport, became his deputy. By the way, Tereshchenko was for a long time the ideologue of uniting under one leadership of all enterprises of the defense-industrial complex of Ukraine and streamlining the activities of enterprises - state intermediaries in the arms trade.

It is noteworthy that with the new leadership of arms export, the attitude towards the fate of illiquid assets, such as Progress, has changed. Recent years, this is the oldest in stories Ukraine’s arms export business has been consistently bankrupt. The Iraqi contract, which seemed so attractive in 2010 – 2011, played a fatal role in this, that the lobbyists transferred its execution to Ukrspetsexport, and Progress broke down in general to be liquidated under a completely far-fetched pretext. The company has been in a state of cessation since August 2011. However, in January 2014, the head of Progress was appointed the head of the liquidation commission, Alexey Khoroshaev, who will remain in charge until the conclusion of the contract.

Populism and irresponsibility

Changes and their timing in the export-weapon structures, of course, will depend on further personnel changes in the management system of the entire military-industrial complex of the country. Most likely, the backbone of the leadership is already known, and this composition will be decisive in the near future - how long the state of Ukraine will exist or until arms exports remain relevant. Summing up some results, it is worth noting that the new leadership of the country continues the negative tradition of political appointments in an industry that is clearly out of politics, all efforts are directed towards finding profitable contracts abroad. Unfortunately, in the approach of the “revolutionary authorities”, the advantage of political loyalty or cronyism to the detriment of professional knowledge and training is practiced in the old way. There is also no understanding that it is impossible to abandon long-term economic relations in favor of short-term political conjuncture or, moreover, in favor of loud slogans. It may be recalled that Ukraine’s relations with Russia were utterly damaged during the presidency of Viktor Yushchenko, whose actions provoked the first “gas war”. An example of Turchinov, Yatsenyuk and the shadow leader of Tymoshenko should be Western countries in which no one is going to stop the supply of military and dual-use goods to Russia because of controversial political issues.

In the current situation it can also be noted that the habit of populism and the need to satisfy the desires of the victorious revolutionary masses, which are observed in the actions of the current government, have a negative effect on economic processes and lead to the collapse of entire sectors of the economy. There is less and less time and opportunity to improve the situation, and in Ukraine’s military-technical cooperation, the disastrous tendency of image loss to foreign partners has not stopped.
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        Personnel leapfrog. The armory trade of the independent was led by revolutionaries and bankers. From commandant to director. And why are you surprised? In URKAin, it’s not possible:
        Horror ... Alfred Hitchcock nervously smokes on the sidelines ... wassat (to increase press Ctrl + mouse wheel)
        1. jjj
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          This thing is more than money loves silence. Revolutionary outbursts can lead to nothing more than the destruction of established ties
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    Well, yellow-black in their hands. With their own hands, they bring down their industry, since from leapfrog only harm.
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    Yes, Russia will feel bad, we now need to expeditiously restore the production of all the systems, components and assemblies that Ukraine supplied us ... but who will benefit from this and lose in the future, I think it’s not worth telling ...

    in at least let everyone shoot there, no matter whose creatures, the trouble is that the "voivods" they do ...
    1. svp67
      svp67 April 4 2014 17: 25
      Quote: afdjhbn67
      the trouble is that they make "voivods" ...

      They do not do ... the last missile of this type was released back in the USSR, after that they only remade them for a carrier rocket - "Dnepr" ... and then from decommissioned in the Strategic Missile Forces of Russia
      Dnepr is a Russian-Ukrainian launch vehicle (LV), created on the basis of the RS-20 (15A18) intercontinental ballistic missiles to be eliminated (in the classification of NATO countries - SS-18 “Satan”).
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      Quote: Gagarin
      Ukrainian defense industry disappeared

      Actually, the owners of the current junta sought this. Now all ties with Russia, workers on the street, and everything is already being cut off - the competitor has been eliminated.
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    2. AVIATOR36662
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      On the head and appearance is not possible simply physically. The Bandera monument is not at all small, not less than 2,5-3 meters. This is the one that is not far from the railway station and the most beautiful GCC. In general, this happens quite regularly in the Lviv region, which pleases. Not everyone is delighted with the glorification of the accomplices of the fascists. Labor people have no time to “toil with nonsense.” Another thing is that there should not be such monuments at all.
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    Ukrainians! want the truth? decide who you are! If in the Slavs, then you will recover from the chaos. And if you are Westerners, Europeans, Ukrainians, then the mess will be in your country for quite a long time. Ukraine has always been friendly to us. Look at the Belarusians, they are still a single state with the "last dictator of Europe" not pleasing to the West. Remember who are friends for you, and who considers themselves to be your master. Make no mistake in choosing ...
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  28. Anton Gavrilov
    Anton Gavrilov April 4 2014 19: 25
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    1. Cristall
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      Quote: Tersky
      In URKAin, it’s not possible:
      Horror ... Alfred Hitchcock nervously smokes on the sidelines ... wassat (to zoom, press Ctrl + mouse wheel)

      Apparently already fixed
      on the battered
      operatively. But in the link the keywords remained. The lies were corrected, but the source cannot be cut down anymore!
      The story of a journalist from Maidan (with humor):
      He woke up hungry, called the editorial office of UE and Tizhnya, asked about what to film today. They said it wasn’t necessary yet for another week they would be circulating reports with a naked Cossack, he called in TVi, they asked if there was anything new about the naked Cossack. He sent them to hell, went to the US Embassy with a photo of a Berkut man illegally beating a peaceful Ukrainian patriot who attacked him with a bat - they gave 50 bucks, ate at a restaurant (in McDonald's)
      I went to the Maidan, took pictures of the Christmas tree and beautifully arranged barrels and tents. I asked if there would be protests with arson and a rally with throwing paving stones at Grushevsky today. They said it would. I am glad that I will be able to earn extra money. I wrote on the wall "Glory to Ukraine" I took pictures, then I will sell these photos as they were made in Donetsk.
      From the evening of Tuesday I shot at Grushevsky. To take better pictures, he came closer when they threw Molotov cocktails, and since many did not reach the Berkutovites, I had to drop it myself. He was unlawfully and criminally seized, and despite the fact that the inscription on the press was on me, he was beaten. For what? Satraps. Very painful.

      I came to my senses. He came with traces of beatings to the studio of channel 1 + 1, said that he was beaten for nothing - they gave $ 30 to fight the regime, they took me to the British Embassy, ​​they filmed me with bruises as - "the victim of the Golden Eagle" - they gave me another 50 dollars to fight with criminal power.

      He brought a report from Grushevsky to Channel 5, very praised and sympathized. They didn’t give money; they paid as usual with sweets. So I will soon become ill with diabetes and Yanukovych and the Party of Regions will be to blame for this.

      I am preparing for today's peaceful protest on Grushevsky. This time it’s not that easy; I bought a slingshot and a can of gasoline. On the way, he was detained by a group of masked guys. For some reason they said that I looked like a provocateur and they beat me by taking a canister. Damn Yanukovych! Filmed on the barricades, a little shot from a slingshot in Golden Eagle. Again I was seized and beaten. This Yanukovych was simply insolent! I’ll make money again, although it’s very painful.

      Today I spent the whole day looking for the Kremlin’s hand. Looking at the photo, I saw that one of the Berkut people did not laugh when I was beaten. This is definitely Russian special forces, because everyone knows that Russians do not laugh. He wrote to Gennady Yu and Yuri Lutsenko. Very interested in information. I went to them and got $ 50 per photo. In the evening, on Channel 5, they told us that Russian riot police were operating in Kiev. How did they know that? Unclear. Tomorrow I will do a report about it. And again, I’ll make money on it.
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