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New means of self-defense for women - "Lady Jean"

History CAA began in 90's, when a young officer of the anti-terrorist unit of the Israeli police, Moshe Oz, participated in a night operation to neutralize armed criminals. At that time, the standard systems for attaching tactical accessories had not yet appeared, so the police had to fasten night lights to the Solt Commando carbines with electrical tape. During the operation, Oz’s unit had to secretly get to the place where the criminals were. At that moment, the improvised mount of one of the lanterns burst, and he turned on when he hit the ground. This incident could destroy the entire group, showing how important every detail in equipment and fighters equipment.

After this incident, Moshe Oz decided to found his own company for the production of various armory accessories. The first product was developed personally by Oz. It was the original three-rail system, which was attached to the forearm of the weapon, allowing you to attach the front grip and tactical flashlight to it. The company recently celebrated its 250th anniversary and now has more than 75 different products in its range - rail systems, handles, butts, tactical flashlights and others. The annual turnover of the company, which is located in the small town of Kiryat Gat (in its vicinity, the legendary David and Goliath fought), is fifty million dollars. Almost 60% of its products are exported to the United States, with CAA Tactical's second major overseas customer in the Philippines. A branch of the company is opened in Pennsylvania. It is led by Moshe's brother Eldad. The company employs XNUMX people, most of whom are former members of the elite army, intelligence, air force, as well as special forces and anti-terrorist units. The skills of professionals allow CAA Tactical to produce products that meet all the requirements of clients from law enforcement agencies.

It is worth noting that the company works not only in the military and police market, but also in the civil self-defense market, in particular, it produces remedies for women. At the exhibition IWA OutdoorClassic 2014 in Nuremberg, there was a presentation of the new development of an Israeli company - the original means of self-defense, a hybrid of a gas pistol and a gas spray, called Lady Jean, the site reports

Gas spray - it is an effective and compact means of self-defense, widespread due to its low cost. However, its main advantage over other types of permitted "non-lethal" weapons: traumatic and gas pistols and revolvers, stun guns, is that when using it, death or serious bodily injuries of the attacker are completely excluded. And the matter is not in one humanity, the actions of the defender must be within the law, not exceeding the conditions of "necessary self-defense." In the absence of witnesses, it is difficult to prove the legality of the damage caused, since a robber or a rapist may state in court that he did not have any criminal intent, therefore the victim may well turn into an accused.

Gas spray plays "Lady Jean" at the same time the role of the barrel and ammunition

But the gas spray has certain disadvantages. The most significant of them is the need to carefully aim, directing the jet of the irritant to the attacker's face in order to get the proper effect. According to statistics, in most cases the victim tries to sit down, attacking the criminal from below. A hand with a barrel instinctively goes parallel to the surface of the earth, so the gas jet does not get into the attacker's face.

However, the Lady Jean device (abbreviated “LJPP” - “Lady Jean” Pepper Pistol (Lady Gin pepper spray gun) does not have this drawback - it was made in the form of a small pistol. The barrel used an aerosol can with gas, which is directed at a slight angle up The gas jet is guaranteed to hit the opponent’s face from below, even in the case of a rough, instinctive aiming.

The balloon is charged with a special irritant substance (base - red pepper), which affects the respiratory organs, skin and eyes of the attacker. The rating of this composition on the Scoville scale is 2 000 000 units (for comparison, the famous cayenne pepper has 50 000 units rating). In addition, the composition of the aerosol is coloring composition, which can be seen in ultraviolet light, which allows the identification of the attacker. A special training balloon for practicing skills is included in the kit with a pistol. For replacement, use the button in the front of the device. One barrel is enough for 5 shots at 1 seconds each. Effective pistol range - 2.5 meter.

Ladies can choose "Lady Jean" in three colors.

In the manufacture of parts of the gun was used polycarbonate - durable polymer, which is used to make protective helmets for cyclists and motorcyclists. Three color options are available: black, blue and pink. The gun is equipped with only two controls - a trigger and a safety device, which makes it simple and easy to use. Due to its compact dimensions (107 x 70 x 37 mm), it will easily fit in a pocket, soft wallet and handbag. The cost of a gun with two cartridges - 46 euro.
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  1. Apollo
    Apollo April 4 2014 08: 03
    quote-It is worth noting that the company operates not only in the military and police markets, but also in the civilian self-defense market, in particular, it produces protective equipment for women. At the IWA OutdoorClassic 2014 exhibition in Nuremberg, a presentation of a new development of an Israeli company - the original means of self-defense ............ was held.

    Many companies were represented at the exhibition.
    1. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg April 4 2014 11: 34
      Quote: Apollon
      Many companies were represented at the exhibition.

      Can you clarify to me - why are copies of devices for silent shooting sold on the civilian market for self-defense weapons? Tiap so as not to wake up the neighbors ??? or so that the wife did not notice ...?
      1. PPL
        PPL April 5 2014 07: 42
        Why are copies of devices for silent shooting sold on the civilian market for self-defense weapons?

        So that the shooter in pants from fear does not impose ... lol
        Many are afraid of their own scream, but here are weapons.
  2. intsurfer
    intsurfer April 4 2014 08: 35
    In Russia there is also a good development - BLOW (2 modifications). 5 rounds of gas. No license required. Effective range is 2-3 meters. Also compact and also only a fuse and trigger. But the BLOW is not like a gun and complies with Russian law.
    1. Vadim12
      Vadim12 April 4 2014 08: 54
      I bought my BLOW, almost 2 years. I have not had to use it yet. The first model, only for the right hand. We need a model with a central descent.
      1. JoylyRoger
        JoylyRoger April 4 2014 09: 10
        I do not recommend it, because the quality of new models is worse. He himself sent his blow-2m to the plant for repairs, and the Bamer was blown away at once. Although he is also under the right hand. And BAMs by 50 mm, for the new IMPACT, lose in throwing range and volume.
  3. Gagarin
    Gagarin April 4 2014 09: 02
    (sales will skyrocket with them)
    1. smile
      smile April 4 2014 15: 32
      Well, given that Jewish aunts went through military training, and probably every third has a normal trunk, this machine is unlikely to have serious prospects. even with straziks .... you must admit, nevertheless, a nine-millimeter piece of iron in the forehead will be somewhat more impressive for a rapist than a gas zilch ... even if there are a lot of straziks. :))) To be honest, I strongly doubt the effectiveness of gas defensive stuff - a lot of restrictions and very dubious effectiveness.
  4. JoylyRoger
    JoylyRoger April 4 2014 09: 07
    It is necessary to release a blow in pink)))
    And I don’t understand why this crap is better. There is also a "Magician" for two rounds (BAM), more compact and with the possibility of firing "Hunter's signal".
    1. intsurfer
      intsurfer April 4 2014 09: 51
      I’m thinking of changing the stroke for such a device ... At my 2m stroke, the spring began to sag and sometimes the ejection of the spent sleeve seizes.
  5. FunkschNNX
    FunkschNNX April 4 2014 10: 42
    For me, a pistol should only be fighting. Since in a real situation the criminal, having seen an object very similar to a real gun in the hands of the defender, can in turn also use a weapon, only the criminal will most likely have a weapon. Thus, taking out a toy gun from your pocket you will receive a combat response.
    "The best fight is the one that was avoided." (C)
  6. understudy
    understudy April 4 2014 13: 23
    Bullshit is complete, designed only to pull two thousand rupees from a reticule from blondes for an item that costs a maximum of a couple hundred. laughing
  7. Antibrim
    Antibrim April 4 2014 13: 58
    some kind of nonsense) only if the attacker bends with laughter)
  8. Klim2011
    Klim2011 April 4 2014 14: 07
    And I liked the pink one, it reminds me of a "water gun".
    But seriously, the main idea in this creation is to change the "shooting" angle. In this case, there is no need to raise your hand to the level of the attacker's face. Can be used from waist level (probably). I also liked the presence of a training balloon, it will be possible to determine the posture of effective use.
  9. uzer 13
    uzer 13 April 4 2014 16: 23
    An ordinary gas can of pepper has long been tested in real conditions. The results are good, quite effective. From dogs it also helps a lot.
  10. luiswoo
    luiswoo April 4 2014 17: 17
    However, the device Lady Jean (abbreviated as “LJPP” - “Lady Jean” Pepper Pistol (pepper gun “Lady Jean”) is devoid of this drawback - it was made in the form of a small pistol. An aerosol can of gas was used as a barrel, which is directed at a slight angle up. A gas stream is guaranteed to hit the enemy’s face from below, even in the case of a rough, instinctive aim.

    In a normal pepper bottle, "suddenly", the nozzle is also directed upward in a "pistol-like" manner.
  11. Sledgehammer
    Sledgehammer April 4 2014 18: 19
    It would be nice if the gun would be heard and very loud
    cotton or whistle :))
    1. PPL
      PPL April 5 2014 07: 46
      Then, along with the gun, you need to sell diapers ... lol
  12. denis88
    denis88 April 4 2014 20: 50
    Well, little advertising to us ....
  13. La-5
    La-5 April 4 2014 23: 01
    But what do the Picattini bars do not suit Jews?
    1. kirpich
      kirpich April 6 2014 01: 13
      They went their own way.