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Ukrainian events and phobias in Transcaucasia

Ukrainian events and phobias in Transcaucasia
The crisis in Ukraine has not yet reached the final denouement, but the question is already heard everywhere: where in the post-Soviet space can we expect a new explosion? In this sense, the South Caucasus is considered the favorite.

There is always troubled Kyrgyzstan. But her instability is familiar.

There is also Moldova, which is preparing to sign an association agreement with the EU in the summer, while not only Transdniestria, which is not controlled by Chisinau, but also Gagauzia, as well as a couple of regions mostly populated by the Russian-speaking population, are looking towards Russia.

But the South Caucasus still stands alone. Forecasts about the great instability creeping towards the region have become so regular and ominous that the situation began to resemble Crow Slobodka from the famous novel by Ilf and Petrov - everyone knew that it would surely catch fire, but did not know when. Let's try to figure out how serious the situation is and how justified the concerns are.


Baku distanced itself from all integration processes, fearing that participation in multilateral alliances would force to sacrifice part of sovereignty. Ilham Aliyev does not want this categorically, believing that membership in the CIS is sufficient from his country. Azerbaijan does not oblige active participation in the alliance of the Turkic-speaking states. Any humanitarian projects - for the sake of the Almighty, as you like. But if some serious economic relations begin within the alliance, then Baku’s appeasability causes great doubts. It is no coincidence that Azerbaijan entered the Non-Aligned Movement, thereby emphasizing its neutrality and equidistance from the military-political blocs.

Baku wants to cooperate with the West, with Moscow, and with the East on an equal partnership basis. And to cooperate without a political background. The Russian vector here is reinforced by the unresolved Karabakh issue - the slightest serious deviation to the side and no one will guarantee Azerbaijan that its former autonomy will not violate the status quo and is not in favor of the former metropolis.

Baku traditionally does not trust the West. It is precisely his actions that the authorities explain to the periodic activation of the opposition, which more than once turned into diplomatic scandals. But on the whole, the West, preoccupied with obtaining Azerbaijani energy carriers and having relatively easy access to them, is loyal to the authorities. The criticism of Aliyev and his entourage is obviously of a formal nature. And while there is oil and gas, the Azerbaijani authorities can feel calm. But what can happen after the country falls out of a number of big energy players, and this, according to experts in the field of energy, can happen by the 2020 year, when oil and gas production will decline, no one can predict. Given that a large part of the petrodollars spent and will be spent on the purchase of weapons. Unclaimed. And the Karabakh problem is still far from being resolved by the Azerbaijani scenario. And the global trend of territorial redistribution does not play into the hands of Azerbaijan.

Now, thanks to the energy resources sold, the authorities manage to maintain internal stability and feed society with promises. But will society remain equally tolerant when the flow of hydrocarbon money decreases? Perhaps, then the indifferent attitude of Baku towards alliances will change to interest in strong partners. Today, it is characterized by the statement of Ilham Aliyev: the association with the EU is not the path of Azerbaijan, but the Customs Union (CU) is not interesting for Azerbaijan, we have our own line.

Detailing the line of his country, political scientist Rasim Musabekov told the author: “Our policy is to ensure higher rates of socio-economic and demographic development than our neighbors, and it is bearing fruit. If, on the eve of the collapse of the USSR, Azerbaijan accounted for about 40% of the population of the region and a slightly smaller share of the total economy of the South Caucasus, now Azerbaijan accounts for more than 60% of the population, over 70% of total GDP, almost 90% of investments, export potential and gold reserves region. Our task is to find additional sales markets for our energy carriers, to establish cooperation with the maximum number of partners directly. ”

Thus, an explosion in Azerbaijan in the near future is unlikely: the regime suits both the West and Russia as a whole; the opposition is weak; The authorities have a resource for internal stability. The main sources of the threat of destabilization are Nagorno-Karabakh, to a much lesser extent national minorities, occasionally talking about their rights, and even less friction with Iran. However, Nagorno-Karabakh itself will not aggravate the situation - it is satisfied with the current situation, national minorities are disorganized and cannot pose a serious danger to the center, issues with Iran are fully able to be resolved through operational negotiations.


Yerevan, in contrast to Baku, on the contrary, was active in both integration directions, although both Brussels and Moscow warned about the inadmissibility of combining membership in the two organizations. Yerevan thought and chose an association agreement with the EU.

In an unexpected decision of the authorities caught offense. The fact is that since the day when the idea of ​​the Customs Union and the Eurasian economic space emerged, Armenia has repeatedly expressed a desire to join the organization, but the initiative was not supported by the CU members. Yerevan’s indifference from Moscow was particularly hurt. The reason for her cold attitude, apparently, is that Armenia’s enthusiasm for the European integration process seemed excessive to her. But Moscow’s dissatisfaction could only be guessed at, while Brussels did not force the signing of an association agreement with Yerevan, but strongly encouraged it with compliments.

That all changed in the course of a few minutes of the September meeting in Moscow between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Serzh Sargsyan. The Armenian leader announced the republic’s readiness to join the CU, which meant an automatic rejection of European integration. Some protests took place in Yerevan, but they did not find broad support. And then it was time to ask: what, in fact, was the hope of the Armenian leadership, deprived of political maneuver because of the Karabakh problem?

Yerevan analyst Boris Navasardian believes that the Armenian authorities did not fully work out the situation or hoped that Moscow would close its eyes, as there were no military and political components in the association agreement, and the agreement concerned internal reforms and trade relations with the EU. But not passed, and the authorities were faced with a tough choice.

Obviously, the hopelessness of the situation in Armenia was well understood in Brussels and, expressing regret over the reversal of Yerevan, stated that they did not intend to stop working with Armenia. Informed sources in Yerevan confirmed that consultations are continuing at the average bureaucratic-diplomatic level, and their main goal for both sides is to leave the possibility of cooperation open, without taking any obligations, and for Yerevan it is also a desire to receive some kind of financial assistance.

However, realizing the hopelessness of Armenia in the choice of the integration project, the West does not seem to intend to play into the understanding of its unconditional support for Russia on the Crimean issue. The West was satisfied with the Armenian authorities, while they could follow a complementary policy, but their unequivocal inclination towards Moscow could not suit him at all. Therefore, the instant activation of pro-Western forces in Armenia, NGOs living on Western grants, and other agents of influence is seen as logical. Until the 100 anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire, which will be celebrated on April 25, the current Armenian authorities, probably, can feel calm - no one dares to darken the sacred date. But now in May it is worth being ready for performances. There is a basis for this - a catastrophic deterioration of the socio-economic situation, the hardest material and living conditions of the population, the resulting outflow of Armenians to foreign lands in search of a better fate. It did not start yesterday and not a single year continues. The authorities are obviously unable to change the situation, and the government itself remains party-oligarchic. Likely unrest will be eagerly supported by the West, which the policy of the Armenian authorities has categorically ceased to suit. The situation in Armenia in this sense is more serious than in Azerbaijan.


Five wars and two coups, complete devastation and even famine survived the country in the post-Soviet era. One thing has not changed - the foreign policy vector, which over the years has been strengthening in the western direction. Today he rocked. Rocked not without the help of the West. Or rather, because of the statement by US President Barack Obama that NATO will not expand at the expense of Ukraine and Georgia.

Ukraine is one. She never aspired to NATO - the majority of the population was always against it, and if Kiev suddenly began to talk about a possible entry into the alliance, then only in defiance of Moscow. And Georgia is a completely different matter, hoping to hide once and for all under the umbrella of the alliance from all sorts of threats. Mainly, of course, from Russia.

Obama's statement fell on fertile ground. The pro-Russian forces, supporters of the Eurasian integration, have noticeably intensified in Tbilisi. They periodically organize actions and marches, which usually end in clashes with supporters of Western integration. Depoliticized by the new authorities, the police in these cases are trying to separate opposing teams from each other, which, in general, amounts to non-interference in fist fights.

The most influential Georgian Orthodox Church is also very active. Her servants openly, without metaphors and oedipal methods, preach the flock in the spirit that the West is an absolute evil that undermines the foundations of Christianity, while the monarchist Russia almost alone in the world opposes the devilish wiles and temptations of the West. This kind of agitprop cannot fail to produce fruit - Georgian churches are never empty.

Year after year, Georgia meticulously fulfilled all the requirements in order to become a member of the alliance. One program of cooperation with NATO was changing the other, at a higher level. Georgian military personnel participated in special operations of the bloc in Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, by the way, it is the Georgian contingent that is the most numerous after the US. And they carry the service by no means formal, guarding objects with a low level of security - for a small Georgia, the loss of several dozen young people has become a national tragedy. NATO high-ranking officials repeatedly visited Tbilisi, including secretaries-general, thanked for their help and left with assurances that "the issue of accepting Georgia is practically resolved and is a matter of time."

The country's new authorities, who replaced Saakashvili and So, decided to continue the pro-Western course. Integration into NATO has been declared paramount. At the September summit of heads of states of the North Atlantic Alliance in Wales, Georgia should receive a Membership Action Plan (MAP) in NATO. This is the last stage of entry into the alliance.

The events in Ukraine, the withdrawal of Crimea from its composition and entry into the Russian Federation, prompted the Georgian leadership to ask Brussels to speed up Georgia’s admission to the bloc as much as possible, freeing it from mandatory compliance with the MAP, which in its essence can be regarded as polishing existing achievements. Tbilisi hoped that taking into account the Ukrainian events, Paris and Berlin will soften their position as the main opponents of Georgia’s admission to NATO. But that did not happen. On the contrary. Contrary to expectations, the verdict was passed by Washington, the main patron in the international arena.

Tbilisi believes that it faced elementary treachery and does not want to hear that Obama’s statement may be dictated by tactical considerations. Namely, the desire to reduce tensions in the post-Soviet space. At one time, when the Warsaw bloc was dissolved, the West also “tactically” assured that the North Atlantic alliance would not expand eastward. However, the year did not pass, and the block came close to the borders of the Russian Federation. Moscow has no reason to trust Obama’s statement. But it can extract certain dividends from the layout that develops in Georgia thanks to this statement.

In Georgia, supporters of Eurasian integration popularize theses: Georgia as such does not need the West; NATO needs only Georgian land for its bases and Georgian soldiers as combat units; NATO and the West provided little assistance during the August war with Russia, with which relations were ruined precisely because of the pro-Western aspirations of the Georgian authorities; The West is not in a hurry with the wide admission of Georgian products to its markets, but Russia has done it. This series of transfers ends with a question: where is the good for Georgia - in friendship with the West or with Russia? A large contribution to the question, as already noted, is made by the Georgian Orthodox Church, which possesses the highest authority in society.

How possible is destabilization in Georgia? The probability is apparently higher than in neighboring countries. The society is split, and if a social order arises for a change in foreign policy orientation, and the authorities, as it should in such cases, react to this, then the West, having invested a lot in Georgia and considering it as its outpost in the South Caucasus, will definitely not like it all the ensuing consequences. The possibilities of reciprocal or proactive intervention by Moscow are considerable. For example, South Ossetia can recall its claims to the Trussky Gorge, which is actually in Georgia. Separatists in Javakheti, a region populated mainly by Armenians, who, according to various but not confirmed data, possess Russian passports, i.e. are citizens of the Russian Federation. It is not necessary to exclude any provocations in the Abkhaz-Georgian border area. In short, there are a lot of options for destabilization. And what exactly might work or not work at all - will become clear over time.
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  1. razved
    razved April 3 2014 21: 07
    A distinctive feature of Transcaucasia is the ability to keep its nose in the wind ...
    1. hrych
      hrych April 3 2014 21: 17
      Hunchiness, i.e. a broken nose in life?
      1. Ascetic
        Ascetic April 3 2014 21: 42
        Quote: hrych
        Hunchiness, i.e. a broken nose in life?

        Perebeinos Ukrainian last name, smile And here I would say not stoop, but a stubborn rhinoceros both in politics and in life ... To argue ad infinitum proving my point in everything is not only a Jewish trait smile Joke ..
        1. avg
          avg April 3 2014 23: 13
          Quote: Ascetic
          To argue ad infinitely proving their point in everything is not only the Jewish trait Shyutka ..

          I agree. This is the main feature of my mother-in-law. No. (not to joke)
    2. Vitaly Anisimov
      Vitaly Anisimov April 3 2014 21: 27
      The explosion can thump everywhere ..! There is such a way to "remove" and the show will begin (and then prove it ..) The fifth columns are everywhere lured (with firewood tires, flags and posters and tents with field kitchens waiting for their finest hour ..)) Ukraine is a vivid example of this ..! It seems ridiculous and at the same time alarming all this dance around the borders of Russia ..
      1. alexng
        alexng April 4 2014 01: 34
        It’s just that the West senses its demise and thus tries to prolong its agony in the hope that it will escape the morgue.
  2. Chifka
    Chifka April 3 2014 21: 12
    Guys, why are you soaring?
    In Crimea, the Russians returned to Russia. What in this regard can one be afraid of GEORGIA, AZERBAIJAN and others like them? They are already indigenous Muscovites ...
  3. konvalval
    konvalval April 3 2014 21: 14
    Instability in neighboring states is bad for Russia.
  4. razved
    razved April 3 2014 21: 15
    Quote: konvalval
    Instability in neighboring states is bad for Russia.

    So they have this instability since the late USSR.
    APASUS April 3 2014 21: 17
    One can safely say that the events in Kiev are only the Preface to global events in the vast expanses of the former USSR.
    The United States is not able to seriously influence us at the moment, but it will try to organize a dozen "color revolutions" on our borders.
    We can safely predict the problems in Karabakh - where we will have to make the next choice. The problems of Transnistria and most likely we will have incomprehensible events in the southern regions of Asia - Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan. The problems of these countries can greatly affect us.
    So we are still at the beginning of the road. Although everything can change very much during the course, if China enters the game, its role in this conflict can be decisive.
  6. Nayhas
    Nayhas April 3 2014 21: 20
    With regards to Azerbaijan. Now is the most convenient time to resolve the Karabakh issue, Russia simply does not have enough strength for Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan will have the strength and resources to resolve the issue in a couple of weeks. Most importantly, the world community will express nothing besides concern.
    1. Bakht
      Bakht April 3 2014 21: 59
      Quote: Nayhas
      Azerbaijan will have the strength and resources to resolve the issue in a couple of weeks. Most importantly, the world community will express nothing besides concern.

      How to decide? Please explain.
      The world community will express more than just “concern”. but the complete isolation of Azerbaijan.
      1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Yeraz
      Yeraz April 3 2014 22: 09
      Quote: Nayhas
      Russia simply does not have enough strength for Azerbaijan.

      Russia did not exert much effort so that it didn’t have enough strength, otherwise Azerbaijan would take action. And don’t forget about the West. This is not the situation with Georgia, where there was one hundred percent support, here the West will also scream and it’s enough for the average citizen to see the crescent moon on the flag and find out that we Muslims are fighting against the long-suffering Armenians of Christians, who are well known in the West. Therefore, the decision of Karabakh is not yet possible.
      Now, if real military clashes had begun in Ukraine or a very serious probability of this forcing Russia to keep large forces on the border with Ukraine and the Crimea, then yes. But Ukraine, in fact, has no army.
      1. Stanislas
        Stanislas April 4 2014 07: 47
        Quote: Yeraz
        The West will also squeal, and for the Western inhabitant it is enough to see the crescent on the flag and find out that we Muslims are fighting against the long-suffering Armenians of Christians who are well known in the West.
        For some reason, in Yugoslavia, the West did not screech when it saw a crescent, but began to bomb Christian Serbs. Whose direction is more profitable for them, they will squeal in that direction.
    3. dmb
      dmb April 4 2014 09: 03
      I believe without hatred that Russia would have had enough strength. But why? Azerbaijan is much more profitable and reliable as our partner. Please note that even though the author of the article is Armenian, he adequately covered the corruption of the Armenian leadership. So their elites love and make friends with Russia about the same, and for practical reasons, relations with Azerbaijan are much more profitable for us.
  7. serega.fedotov
    serega.fedotov April 3 2014 21: 20
    If Armenia joins the CU, we will have to solve the Karabakh conflict, which will cause a conflict with Azerbaijan. It will also turn out to be a situation when we surrounded the roofing felts Georgia, the roofing felts Georgia and Turkey Armenia. The sea for diplomats is a lot of work!
    1. Yeraz
      Yeraz April 3 2014 22: 10
      Quote: serega.fedotov
      If Armenia joins the CU, we will have to resolve the Karabakh conflict, which will cause a conflict with Azerbaijan.

      And why will this have to be solved ?? Will also be left in the status quo.
      1. serega.fedotov
        serega.fedotov April 3 2014 22: 14
        Quote: Yeraz
        And why will this have to be solved ?? Will also be left in the status quo.

        Duc Armenians will ask! The truth can be solved very very long.
        1. smile
          smile April 4 2014 02: 42
          We will not climb in Karabakh. We’ll not use it at all, :))) in no case will we use it. Whoever asked us. :)))) Regardless of how much free power we have. And I suppose that's right. I remind you that surgeons with scalpels gathered around Karabakh, everyone is eager to cut ... we are for therapy. I hope common sense will prevail.

          As for the hopes of our colleague Yeraz, who is no stranger to Nazi ideology, considers Banlera a fighter for the freedom of independent Ukraine and considers the Banderaites not as traitors to the Ukrainian people, but as their salt, he also respects his relatives to the same extent, who fought for the Nazis and against, they say, this is not their war, which he does not hide, then I would like to inform the following - with any Russian "employment", it will have enough strength and resources to fulfill its allied obligations towards Armenia. If Armenia itself does not give them enough teeth. :))) Even if weak-minded people who are not alien to fascist ideology come up against it. But we will not defend only Armenia - Karabakh. So, tovarisch Yeraz may not have his tail between his legs - no one is going to beat him anyway ... although he can be praised for the very fact of Russia's fear when voicing aggressive plans. :)))
          1. Ruslan67
            Ruslan67 April 4 2014 03: 46
            Quote: smile
            in any case we will not be useful. Whoever asked us.

            Hi Toothy drinks We might have climbed But request Armenia did a lot of stupidity by grabbing a fair amount of Azerbaijani territory to Karabakh. And this isn’t kosher. And now, if not a single shell falls on Armenia as such, this is purely their internal affair
  8. polly
    polly April 3 2014 21: 24
    Hide in NATA, the mother of all the cubs will take home soon!
  9. dmitriygorshkov
    dmitriygorshkov April 3 2014 21: 31
    I know that it’s not good to gloat! I repent, anyway I rubbed my paws when reading about throwing Lavrushniki!
    And you are all the West! West! America! Figurine! But scrap in your ass, so that your head does not swing!
    I don't know how anyone else, but nothing will make me drink "Borjomi!"
    1. jjj
      jjj April 3 2014 21: 52
      Quote: dmitriygorshkov
      nothing will make me drink "Borjomi!"

      That's right: take care of the kidneys from the young
  10. fly fishing
    fly fishing April 3 2014 21: 35
    The West does not need Georgia as such; NATO needs only Georgian land for its bases and Georgian soldiers as military units

    Like Ukraine and the Baltic republics. The population of amers is not interested.
  11. Bakht
    Bakht April 3 2014 21: 39
    The author listed the problems and did not offer a solution to the problems. And there is essentially nothing to offer. All three states of the South Caucasus are hindered by local conflicts. It is not possible to resolve them due to the lack of prospects.

    The situation will change very quickly. I wrote earlier that it is more profitable for us to quickly resolve the Russia-West confrontation. Only in this case, you can find a field for maneuvering. In the conditions of tough and prolonged confrontation, both Armenia and Azerbaijan will have to clearly state their positions. And here it is no longer necessary to talk about any maneuvering. It will be necessary to adjoin any camp with all the pros and cons. There is no talk about Georgia. It has long been decided. Both the government and the opposition are looking to the West.

    In this regard, NATO's initiative for closer cooperation with Armenia and Azerbaijan at the same time looks absolutely incredible. We agreed to the point that NATO is ready to guarantee the "inviolability of the borders" of these states. This is how? The inviolability of the borders of Azerbaijan has already been violated. 6 regions are already under occupation (let's leave Nagorno-Karabakh outside the brackets for now). If NATO guarantees us the inviolability of our borders, then we are FOR two hands. And the inviolability of the borders of Armenia has already been guaranteed by Russia. And there is already a Russian base in Armenia. I have a strong feeling that there are complete idiots in Brussels. They want to have both a Russian and a NATO base in Armenia. And they also want to re-equip the Armed Forces of our countries. This means flushing all the billions that Azerbaijan spent on the purchase of Russian weapons down the toilet.

    Azerbaijan’s complete rejection of an alliance with Russia means losing its full sovereignty. A complete rejection of ties with the West means the loss of 20% of its territory. We need freedom of decision. And Armenia also needs. To become subjects of politics, at least in the South Caucasus, both Armenia and Azerbaijan need a resolution to the Karabakh conflict. So far, the position of Armenia serves as a brake on resolution. A compromise is possible. It is still possible. But the sand in the watch flows away.
    1. jjj
      jjj April 3 2014 21: 53
      And the key to the solution is in Russia
    2. Ascetic
      Ascetic April 3 2014 22: 02
      Quote: Bakht
      In this regard, NATO's initiative for closer cooperation with Armenia and Azerbaijan at the same time looks absolutely incredible. We agreed to the point that NATO is ready to guarantee the "inviolability of the borders" of these states.

      This is all empty talk, as well as scarecrows about expanding our presence in Eastern Europe. You need to save face in a bad game and puff out cheeks. NTO and the EU are torn like a trishkin caftan. Everything goes to the point that the Berlin-Moscow axis will eventually resist the Anglo-Saxon influence in these organizations (with the possible connection of Paris after they kick out the American protege Hollande with kicks). All NATO rests solely on the Americans and no longer on anyone. Well, they gave an order from Washington to scare and frighten everyone in Brussels, which means they need to. one must treat such statements philosophically. After a month you’ll boil away and everything will return to its previous course.

      This is from the same series as the request of American congressmen to exclude Russia from the World Cup in football, in response to FIFA sent them almost directly to a known address. Although even an ordinary person who is at least a little interested in football knows that FIFA is very hard on ALL countries for interfering in the affairs of football federations. It’s good that for such demands by FIFA, the Americans did not excommunicate from the World Cup.
      The level of outlook and awareness of the American and Western political elite can already be compared with Ellochka the man-eater from "The Twelve Chairs"
      1. Wheel
        Wheel April 3 2014 23: 19
        Quote: Ascetic
        Everything goes to the point that the Berlin-Moscow axis will eventually resist the Anglo-Saxon influence in these organizations (with the possible connection of Paris after they kick out the American protege Hollande with kicks).

        Unfortunately, the creation of such an axis is unlikely.
        Fushington holds Berlin tightly by the throat.
        It's not that simple in France either. Paris can only creep out from under the Yankees if the extreme right comes to power, all other real political forces are focused on the "stronghold of democracy."
    3. smile
      smile April 4 2014 02: 53
      Extremely robust comment. Thank.
      But there’s still such a hitch - the guarantees of the European Union, namely in your region - and the USA - are worth nothing ... nothing at all. You should consider this too. Everything else is a political flair. And for some reason it seems to me that you yourself perfectly understand this. :)))
  12. Renat
    Renat April 3 2014 21: 43
    The West does not need Georgia as such; NATO needs only Georgian land for its bases and Georgian soldiers. Well, what else to add?
  13. Sergg
    Sergg April 3 2014 21: 45
    The people of Russia have only one interest: Donbass and the northern coast of the Black Sea, it’s intolerable to watch our people in this region zombie, and we don’t want to lose these people.

    The Caucasian republics have nothing to do with us except military and economic cooperation.
  14. upasika1918
    upasika1918 April 3 2014 21: 49
    Just do not blame Russia ..
  15. Stinger
    Stinger April 3 2014 22: 00
    If on the eve of the collapse of the USSR, Azerbaijan accounted for about 40% of the region’s population and a slightly smaller share of the total economy of the South Caucasus, now Azerbaijan accounts for more than 60% of the population, over 70% of total GDP, almost 90% of investments, export potential and gold and currency reserves region.

    Something is not clear. And where did the population of the rest go and what then does the Azerbaijani population do in our markets?
  16. techmesh
    techmesh April 3 2014 22: 24
    where in the post-Soviet space to expect a new explosion?

    Where? Yes, in any place where Americans will be welcomed and given to host.
  17. xtur
    xtur April 3 2014 22: 28
    > Until the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire, which will be celebrated on April 25, the current authorities of Armenia can probably feel calm - no one dares to darken the sacred date. But already in May it is worth being ready for performances.

    how did these pseudo-analetega. The genocide began in 1915, respectively, its 100th anniversary will be next year, which means that nothing will happen in May of this year
  18. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 3 2014 23: 55
    Let Transcaucasia let it wait a bit, it’s still not the turn. How will they find out.
    1. Bakht
      Bakht April 4 2014 00: 11
      Quote: Giant thought
      Let Transcaucasia let it wait a bit, it’s still not the turn. How will they find out.

      You can immediately see the Giant of thought and the father of democracy.
  19. polite people
    polite people April 4 2014 03: 33
    Men of Russia - it’s time for everyone to go to power structures.
    There is no end to work, that's enough for everyone.
    Empire must be collected.
    And the main man is, like nothing. Will not betray.
    With this you can even where. With a head.
    The descendants will have something to say about their fathers. !!!
    1. dikir-77
      dikir-77 April 4 2014 07: 33
      From the very beginning of the events in Ukraine, the words from the song ChiZha constantly revolve in my head: Here we find a damn where to lead the troops.
      The funny thing is that everyone except the military wants to fight - doesn’t it make you think about anything?
      Maybe people who know the war not on TV have an opinion more significant than couch soldiers? And exactly their opinion should outweigh and be considered as a priority?
      My personal opinion is that it is necessary to fight only when it is necessary, and not when you want, an example is Ossetia 2008.
      Now the main thing is to build, and build as much as possible, roads, houses, factories, the army, first of all, to raise the economy and people's lives as close to the western level as possible.
      In principle, all this happens, only one enemy interferes - total corruption, but this is the enemy with whom we must always fight, regardless of desire.
  20. afdjhbn67
    afdjhbn67 April 4 2014 07: 21
    all of them are not friends, but travel companions ..
    1. Bakht
      Bakht April 4 2014 12: 13
      Quote: afdjhbn67
      all of them are not friends, but travel companions ..

      Because fellow travelers, because we are not considered friends. So this is a mutual opinion.