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Something about patriots - diplomats and rear rogues ...

The more patriotic articles I read about the current situation in Ukraine, the more I become convinced that there is no greater evil for the country than stupid diplomats who see themselves as superpatriots and unconventional back-walkers telling about love. They seem to operate with familiar concepts, but a certain, as the “orange” Viktor Yushchenko used to say, an accepted imbalance in the head does not allow them to adequately assess what is happening. And consequently, to propose adequate recipes for removing the country from that train ... sorry, trouble, in which she got after a coup.

What does the glorious Ukrainian Foreign Ministry do? If you listen to the diplomats themselves and the racially correct media that accompany them, living on handouts from the American embassy, ​​they will exclusively and totally defeat Russian diplomacy on all fronts. Approximately the same way as the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Andrei Paruby, exposes and disrupts insidious plans to seize Ukrainian territories by Russia twice a day. Especially Parubiy managed it in the Crimea - almost a lightning victory and disruption ...

And the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine. Recently, there ministers are appointed exclusively pee ... sorry, talkers from the information department. That is, roughly speaking, the press secretaries. And on the one hand, it seems to be right: well, we know that the diplomats language is given in order to hide the true thoughts. And things. But on one condition: if the state has these affairs, and if diplomats with a brain say about it. And it is here that great strains are noticeable: the state is falling apart, approaching the abyss, and brains, it turns out, are not given out to everyone at the institute of international relations.

And therefore in Ukraine the principle of Maidan, a polemic barren talker, works. The louder you talk about patriotism from the podium on the Maidan, where, when the ministers of culture rage and rely on excrement, the future ministers of culture are born, the more you are noticed and rewarded. An official, a medal, in the end, a cookie from a cellophane paper bag of an American patrolling benefactor.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is the subject of special attention of “gardeners” who nurture their agents of influence in countries that fall under the “zone of national interests”. And because the building on Mikhailovskaya Square in Kiev is a long-standing and hardened nest of racially regular patriots, European integrators, attacks and mydzobulov-Russophobes. For a separate payment and promises of career growth, several hundred so-called Ukrainian diplomats — from all sorts of secretaries there to petty servants — back in 2004, they actually revolted against the lawfully elected authorities in Ukraine and went over to the Maidan, fighting exclusively for the European development vector and immediate accession to the EU and NATO. The latter is precisely what speaks about their professionalism: someone who, namely diplomats, should know better than anyone in Ukraine that neither NATO nor the EU will shine for Ukraine in the next thousand years.

So, the question is relevant: either they are infinitely stupid laymen, or deliberately lied, performing other people's tasks in the service of Ukrainian diplomacy? And here Ukraine is a truly unique country: both answers are equally proportioned.

But Yushchenko, in gratitude for power, consciously and particularly intensively nurtured Ukrainian diplomacy, packing into it either Galicians and other racially correct patriots, or children who have already proved their “Ukrainianness” of diplomatic officials. Viktor Yanukovych, having come to power in 2010, did not clean the profane patriotic and racially correct Augean stables. I thought that they would take care of the country. Or simply because of his stupidity did not attach any importance to this. Since he was confident that "our government is stronger than ever." So to him, Anna German and Sergey Levochkin, in both ears, whistled, extolling Amero-European values ​​...

In the end, what does Ukraine have? Older boys and girls prepared the Association Agreement and the Free Trade Zone, which would kill Ukraine as an independent state. Informalshelpon younger provided the necessary information support. And the result of such diplomacy was not long in coming. The refusal of the Association Agreement led to a coup d'état that demolished Yanukovych’s power, but confirmed the rightness of those who opposed such a blunt European integration that was proposed by the Foreign Ministry and Levochkin behind it. Interim Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, as is well known, just like Yanukovych, refused to sign the so-called “economic part” of the Association Agreement and the FTA between Ukraine and the EU. But the press chatterbox, the former head of the information department, Andrei Deshchitsa, instead of cookies, right on the Maidan received the chair of the foreign minister.

I will not even dwell on how symbolic is the name of this minister for modern Ukraine (“deschitsya” is a trifle in Russian, a little, a little bit, a bit) - just nothing, apparently, in this life is not in vain. And the results, too, "do not bother" (in Russian - not long in coming). The country today faces the main task - to preserve the territorial integrity, which began to crumble after the departure of the Crimea to Russia.

I am not talking about the human or psychological aspects of the choice of Crimeans. I am about the facts. We are talking about the tasks of diplomacy of any sovereign country that wants to remain so. And if it really wants, then its diplomacy should be directed precisely to the accomplishment of this task. And in Ukraine? In her MFA?

And there, it seems, the new head of the information department by the name of Eugene Perebynis earns his job as a minister. Because it bears - and officially bears, the position allows him - such utter nonsense that you understand why Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov so much overcame disgust and did not meet with this very ... sorry, this very Ukrainian "colleague" Deschitsey. Nonprofessionalism and dullness unwittingly repel, but sometimes diplomats have to deal with not such scum. Their job is to protect the interests of their country at any cost. Lavrov understands this and disgust triumphs - he goes into negotiations. And Deshchitsa? Do you remember the translation of the names ...

Judge for yourself: now the main trend of world diplomacy (EU, USA, Russia, UN) in saving the territorial integrity of Ukraine is a proposal to speed up the constitutional reform and write a new Constitution of Ukraine, which, among other things, would suggest a federal structure of the country and Russian second state. As an option: at least in those regions where people favor it. Ukraine is being offered not to collapse it under pressure from the regions, who do not want to obey anymore stupidly all over Kiev and can, like the Crimea, go wherever. Someone to Russia, some to Hungary, some even to Romania. There, along the way, the stupid are smaller, and this intuitively attracts. Kiev is offered not separatism, but merely the decentralization of power as a new principle of building a state. Such as in different versions laid in the construction of the United States, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, etc. Even in Micronesia, in order not to anger the local descendants of cannibals and not seduce their alien "dishes" from among the officials from other islands, the federation also works ...

The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, in principle, should have been aware of this. But the first department in Ukraine, where they try not to notice it, is precisely the foreign policy department. Do you know what they are now especially proud of? The fact that, in their own words, "troll" Russia. And the racially correct media praise it as a manifestation of the highest valor and brilliant patriotic heroism. Well, not a moron ?!

And recently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, you won’t believe, offered Russia “a plan of confederalization of the Russian state with the introduction of several state languages ​​to ensure the representation of national minorities in the activities of state bodies”. And the director of the information policy department of the Foreign Ministry, the already mentioned Perebynis, literally dragged himself like a turtle on the warm sand, and was radiant with his mind, stating how they courageously force Russia to switch to a confederative structure and introduce the 5-10 state languages.

So the Foreign Ministry responded to the Russian proposals for the federalization of Ukraine: they say, look at yourself. Having forgotten, it is true that this issue, I repeat, is being discussed by the United States, Germany, and the United Nations. Does Perebynis offer them too? Or they don’t bark at the owners and they don’t even bite their hands?

Well, I was particularly pleased with one racially correct informaydaun, which became known to the general public for the way he personally introduced one volynyak to European values, joining him from behind and rhythmically and energetically “hilly bobbin” (in Russian - deeply sinking) inside. “You,” said this integrator kid, “my thing. And therefore should not challenge any of my actions. Better enjoy the European values ​​first. It waits for everyone else a little later when we come to Europe with the whole crowd. ”

And now this lover of Europe through ... well, you understand me, he explains why nothing shines for Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin. Not in Ukraine, not even in the world. According to him. Putin, they say, is as strong and rich as the West allows. But the West will not allow Putin to misbehave and will surely protect Ukraine from the “Russian aggression”.

Of course, there is some sort of “damning” of hackneyed truth: it is difficult for one country, it is almost impossible to withstand the pressure of the whole world or even the biggest players in the international political arena. It is also clear why the zakhodkohodets journalist writes this: he lives with this, glorifying the West feeds him.

But at the same time, he voluntarily or involuntarily, consciously or unconsciously, one-sidedly distorts the picture of the world and lays the not entirely correct perception of reality for Ukrainians. And if diplomats or an official understand everything (must understand), but are forced to work in this paradigm - praise the West because they have love there with interest, then ordinary Ukrainians are puzzled why the West does not rush to their aid and Tanks NATO and the sea-cattle-amers do not break through Perekop into the “occupied Crimea” in order to free it from the “Russian bear” with a nuclear balalaika.

And everything is very simple. Deception, moreover, that leads to self-deception of many, so also prevents to see a complete picture of the world. And to understand its realities and what to expect, and what Ukraine should not count on. The current Western authorities ordered by the Ukrainian authorities simply do not have the right not to understand that, firstly, the West itself is not as strong and not as one, as any hired traders in the media write about it. And the West does not have a reason, as the “ryvolitionists” would say from the bunks, to “pull the oil” for Ukraine, which itself cannot figure out what it wants. She, in particular, is offered federalization as a way of salvation and preservation of territorial integrity, but she is artachitsya and leads the whole thing to collapse.

Secondly, besides the West, there is also the East in the world (China and India), and the South (South Africa) and the South-West (Brazil, all Latin America, in the end, where there are interests and little love for the West in general and "Gringo" in particular), and the Southeast (all there are "tigers" and Australia). And the world, by inertia, still listens to all hegemones and adherents of monopolarism there, but it is already clearly tired of dictation. And he wants pluralism and freedom of choice in the protection of their national interests.

That's all. It is difficult to build a castle on the sand. Even harder is to build state walls on lies and falsehoods. Even if they pay well for it ...
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  1. johnsnz
    johnsnz April 3 2014 07: 53
    Theater of the absurd. Reading all the decrees of the new government, the statements of the "leaders", candidates for preziks, there was an ineradicable desire to publish the collection in many languages. I think it will become a bestseller! laughing
    1. 311ove
      311ove April 3 2014 08: 15
      Quote: johnsnz
      Theater of the Absurd
      Yeah ... Just blowing trembitas and playing the bandura they are already tired of ... "I'll say more - yes ... yes ... really" ... fool
    2. zao74
      zao74 April 3 2014 11: 06
      Handbook in all the madhouses of the world.
  2. parus2nik
    parus2nik April 3 2014 07: 55
    Even harder is to build state walls on lies and falsehoods.
    Well, there is a worthy example of Nazi Germany, almost everything is from there .. The current government is a worthy successor .. Miller, Bandera, Konovalets were kept by the Abwehr, these are kept by the CIA .. They’ll say in Washington that they’ll grind ..
    1. thrower
      thrower April 3 2014 11: 15
      Germany had a national idea, there was a charismatic leader of the nation. And then something is observed? A circus of clowns, one funnier than the other.
  3. I do not care
    I do not care April 3 2014 07: 58
    They stood near the Ukrainian Rada and demanded accession of Ukraine to the European Union.
    They really wanted to become Euro-Ukrainians and fully share all European values, especially the values ​​of same-sex marriage.
    Many passing by Ukrainians and Ukrainians twisted a finger at the temple, most spat on this strange couple.
    Tyagnibok and Klitschko who approached them warmly supported these two people who wished Euro-European values ​​...
  4. siberalt
    siberalt April 3 2014 08: 13
    In Ukraine now there are no sane politicians at all. Everything is funnier than funny. It’s just an attraction. laughing
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. St Petrov
      St Petrov April 3 2014 11: 10
      Tsarev is a normal man
  5. ya.seliwerstov2013
    ya.seliwerstov2013 April 3 2014 08: 17
    If God wants to punish a person, he deprives him of Reason, he will do the rest.
  6. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S April 3 2014 08: 17
    In general, it’s clear that the matter is dark, Ukraine, like in roulette, put it on the wrong number and ended up in a deep train ... to go further, and in front of the bottomless abyss, it’s also scary back, all the bridges are already burnt.
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 April 3 2014 08: 24
    from the Don.
    Here is a good example: the cooks of children: who have become the helm of power, and even under the auspices of the chief shit-gunmen!
    1. thrower
      thrower April 3 2014 11: 17
      Lenin quote about a cook sounds different

      We are not utopians. We know that any laborer and any cook are NOT capable of immediately taking control of the state. In this we agree with the Cadets, and with Breshkovskaya, and with Tsereteli. But we differ from these citizens in that we demand an immediate break with the prejudice that it is to run the state, to carry out the everyday, daily work of the administration, only rich or from wealthy families officials can take.

      PSS, t. 34, p. Xnumx
  9. DMB-78
    DMB-78 April 3 2014 08: 42
    scary and painful for Ukraine. they drive themselves into the coffin. and they even shout that Russia is stopping them from getting there ...
  10. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch April 3 2014 09: 02
    The anal men, they are the anal men - that is, fertilizer! Now you need to think about how to use this humus, to grow the useful.
    1. Marisat
      Marisat April 3 2014 10: 05
      First you need to make it humus. And then this rot is spreading.
  11. tank64rus
    tank64rus April 3 2014 09: 17
    Pi ... races they are pi ... races.
  12. dmitriygorshkov
    dmitriygorshkov April 3 2014 09: 21
    Thanks to the author! Integrally, coherently and on business!
    After the previous article "Personal reasoning about the annexation of the Crimea" - butter to heart!
  13. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 3 2014 11: 03
    All this is a product grown in Ukraine for 5bn candy wrappers by the efforts of Uncle Sam and local food-selling hangers-on. No one can now say what this experiment of overseas special laboratories will result in, where the population of Ukraine plays the role of experimental rabbits.
  14. thrower
    thrower April 3 2014 11: 13
    After reading such materials, I understand that Ukraine will no longer be a single country.
    Often the Maidan is compared with the 1917 revolution of the year in Russia, but this is fundamentally incorrect comparison. In Russia, the Bolsheviks came to power, who (for the most part) did not give a damn about Russia, but they had a goal - the World Revolution. It was for this purpose that they overthrew the Provisional Government. And they carried out their goals, barely Germany in the 1923 year did not become communist.
    And these maydauns? Pure "Generation P". They do not run the country, they are playing with toys, it’s broken - throw it out, take another, or ask us to buy a new one. No army, no police, no foreign policy.
    The squeamishness of Lavrov and Putin is clear, but Obama and Merkel are not the most stupid people either, they don’t see who they are talking to?
    And all will end with the fact that Ukraine will break up into 4-5 small Ukraine, where even smaller people will come to power.
    But all do not care, but on the Maidan jumped.
  15. razved
    razved April 3 2014 17: 12
    All is correct. One thing, but the article talks about a sovereign state. But this does not apply to Ukraine. therefore, government bodies are like that. All (I repeat ALL) political scientists consider Ukraine to be a failed state.