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Ukraine as a detonator of war and world crisis

Today it is already quite obvious that Europe, with its inflammatory policies, contributed to the destabilization of the situation in Ukraine. But this destabilization can go far beyond the state borders of Ukraine.

European politicians can provoke a world war again

Officials from the European Union and the leaders of some European countries supported and continue to support the Ukrainian radicals, hoping to drag "Square" to Europe as servants. If the goals of Washington in the “managed chaos” project in Ukraine are more or less clear, then Europe seems to be backed up by the backstage once again wants to use it “dark” for its geopolitical and economic goals.

In the 1930-ies, the Financial International brought the possessed Fuhrer to power in Germany and began to actively prepare the Second World War in Europe. Today, this same Financial International is leading to the power of the radicals in Ukraine. It is not excluded that in some time a “Fuehrer” will be selected from among them, who will be preparing Drang nach Osten (“The Impact on the East”). He will be prepared for a triumphal take-off on the basis of every kind of inflating the national-socialist hysteria "Ukrainian-Bandera spill." Ukraine itself is extremely weak for the onslaught to the East. Europe should help her. To help and inspire victory. Just as in 1938, Chamberlain and Daladier in Munich inspired the possessed Fuhrer to start a war. As a result of such a short-sighted and vile policy of its leaders, Europe has washed itself with blood and tears. And America and the fronts of the Financial International behind its façade became the "beneficiaries" of the Second World War. True, the war of that time was developing according to scenarios that were very different from the original plans of the Financial International. Unexpectedly, for the world behind the scenes, the second "beneficiary" was the Soviet Union, which was preparing the role of the main "loser".

I would like to believe that, nevertheless, Ukraine will not become a detonator of a third world war. However, it may well become a detonator of the financial and economic crisis. At least - European. And as a maximum - the world. After all, in order for the radicals and the Fuehrer to come out of their midst to become a real force, they need help. Not only ideologically and informationally, but also economically. Ukraine over the years of its “independence” was completely devastated. She only in order to repay her current liabilities on loans and credits, according to the newly-minted premier A. Yatsenyuk, it is necessary to urgently get $ 35 billion somewhere. In order for the real economy to somehow move, according to Ukrainian officials, need funds in the amount of $ 150-200 billion

Who will carry out the financial salvation of Ukraine?

Obviously, Russia will not give money to Ukraine under the current regime. This is facilitated by the current radicals, who self-proclaimed occupying various positions in the government. And it's not about their anti-Russian rhetoric. The leader of the Svoboda party, one of the main “heroes” of the Maidan, Oleg Tyagnibok, directly stated that Ukraine will not repay its debts to Russia. Including debt in the amount of $ 3 billion, which she received from Moscow. before the new year in the form of a loan. They say it was money given out to President V. Yanukovych. Neither Yanukovych nor the current government accepts any commitments.

As for America, which Maidan’s “heroes” love so much, it is ready to support these “heroes” only morally.

Sending their officials like Victoria Nuland to Maidan, who fed the people candy and cakes from her hands. More radicals can hardly be counted on. True, Washington has its own "purse" called the International Monetary Fund, which responds only to teams from the Treasury and the US State Department. A group of experts from the Foundation is coming to Kiev this week. Formally, at the request of Mr. A. Yatsenyuk, who would like to receive a loan of $ 15 billion. But I already wrote that the Fund and its Washington bosses are not so reckless as to give credit to a country that is one step away from default. Rather, the Fund will make titanic efforts in order to force Kiev to repay and service previously received loans.

Europe remains. But the financial and economic situation there is extremely deplorable. In January of this year. Eurostat has published the latest data on the sovereign (state) debt of the European Union and countries in the euro area.

Ukraine as a detonator of war and world crisis
Source: Eurostat data

As can be seen, over the year (from the end of 3 quarter of 2012 to the end of 3 quarter of 2013), the sovereign debt of EU countries increased by $ 351,1 billion, or by 3,2%. The sovereign debt of the euro area increased by $ 312,5 billion, or by 3,7%. The relative level of sovereign debt is growing inexorably. With current trends, it is estimated that the sovereign debt of the euro area countries may already reach 2015% of GDP by the end of 100. However, today many EU countries have a relative level of sovereign debt exceeding 100% of GDP. The highest rates of national debt to GDP at the end of the third quarter of 2013 were recorded: in Greece (171,8%), Italy (132,9%), Portugal (128,7%) and Ireland (124,8%).
The European Union today is a kind of card "house". If at least one of the countries defaults on sovereign debt, then it will pull all the other countries within the EU. The weakest links of the European financial system are the countries of Southern Europe, as well as Ireland. The European Central Bank, special funds of the EU, the IMF are engaged in refinancing their debts. Already it becomes harder for them. Therefore, expropriations begin to be applied, i.e. the most banal cancellation of obligations of banks and states (Cyprus model of expropriations). Thus, Europe simply has no money for Ukraine. And, if Europe starts the financial salvation of Ukraine, then it can go to the bottom.

Threats to Europe from Ukraine

Europe is now at a dead end. She can not save Ukraine. But Europe cannot save Ukraine. After all, serious threats emanate from Ukraine.

First of all, if the situation in the Square is not stabilized, then direct physical threats may arise for Europe. On the territory of Ukraine is 4 operating nuclear power plants. Protection of these objects, in fact, no longer exists. Nuclear power plants are an ideal target for terrorist acts. Europe, by the way, has not forgotten yet history from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Secondly, an outflow of refugees to Europe may arise from Ukraine at any moment if a civil war begins in the “Square”. Even if they are not refugees, but only guest workers, they also will not contribute to social stabilization in Europe. The problems of multiculturalism and unemployment after the appearance of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians in Europe will only get worse. About this "humanitarian" threat posed by today's Ukraine, he said, in particular, at a forum in Davos in January of this year. former president of Poland Alexander Kwasniewski.

Thirdly, gas pipelines pass through the territory of Ukraine through which blue fuel enters a number of European countries. Last year, gas consumption in Europe amounted to 541 billion cubic meters. m, gas imports amounted to 253 billion cubic meters. At the same time, Gazprom’s deliveries to Europe (including Turkey) last year reached 161,1 billion cubic meters. The share of Russian fuel in the European gas market is 30%, and most of the supply is still carried out through the territory of Ukraine.

Through the gas transportation system of Ukraine 83,7 billion cubic meters was supplied. meters of gas, that is, 33% of total European imports and 15,47% of total consumption passes through the territory of Ukraine.

Yes, of course, today Russia is constructing a whole range of pipelines bypassing Ukraine. Both Russia and Europe are interested in this, since Ukraine is too unreliable for them. It can intercept (already intercepted) the gas intended for Europe and shut off the valves. But quickly get rid of the Ukrainian mediation is impossible. Last year, 52% of our exports to Europe passed through Ukraine. Due to the unstable situation in Ukraine, scenarios such as blocking Russian gas flows to Europe either for political reasons (one of which is “annoy” Russia, depriving it of export earnings) or as a result of terrorist acts on pipelines are not excluded. Experts say that the Nord Stream pipelines, the South Stream pipelines and a number of others in the event of a similar development of events will not be able to fully absorb the additional amount of gas.

The European energy crisis could escalate into a global financial

And what can happen in this case? Under the blow will be such recipients of Russian gas, as Italy, Turkey, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. But not only they. The inevitable rise in prices for liquefied gas, and then oil, and after it to other types of energy carriers and oil products. And this can create a “trigger” effect. European countries may not withstand such an energy crisis. Italy may be the weakest link in the European structure, which, according to the relative level of sovereign debt, is now in second place in Europe after Greece - 132,9% of GDP. The absolute amount of debt - 2,1 trillion. Euro. According to this indicator, it is today in the first place, ahead of the UK, France and Germany. So any disruption in the transportation of natural gas through Ukraine will instantly send Italy into the knockout. And then the European house of cards can be formed in 24 hours.

But whether it will be after this world crisis, it is difficult to say. A serious blow can be inflicted on the Chinese economy, which is very dependent on energy imports. But for America, the increase in energy prices today is not such a critical factor as it was a few years ago. Its dependence on energy imports is rapidly declining. So America can resist.

In general, some experts believe that the current "controlled chaos" in Ukraine is designed precisely to destabilize the energy situation in the world and provoke a global financial crisis. Conceived this plan in Washington. America has been preparing for its implementation for several years, increasing its energy self-sufficiency. Those. Washington has planned an operation codenamed "The global financial crisis minus America."

Initially, Washington chose the Middle and Near East as a detonator of the energy and financial crisis.

In the fall of 2013, a detonator called “Syria” was supposed to work. However, it did not work. Now Ukraine can be such a detonator.

And, as always, Washington attracted its short-sighted European "allies" to the implementation of its clever operation in Ukraine. They can become one of the first victims of the conceived world behind the scenes of the energy and financial crisis.
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  1. their
    their April 3 2014 07: 51
    I hope Putin and his team will do everything to ensure that the Ukrainian Reich is not strengthened, and the Ukrainians themselves carried out their government on a pitchfork along with the oligarchs.
    1. Kuvabatake
      Kuvabatake April 3 2014 08: 38
      I am ready to pay for tickets to this show. good Where is the ticket window???
  2. parus2nik
    parus2nik April 3 2014 07: 57
    Russia will not give money to Ukraine under the current regime.
    You would lend money to a neighbor who constantly pours mud on you and does dirty tricks ..
    1. dmitriygorshkov
      dmitriygorshkov April 3 2014 08: 19
      Quote: parus2nik
      You would lend money to a neighbor who constantly pours mud on you and does dirty tricks ..

      No one will give anything to such a neighbor! Especially when this neighbor declares that he is not going to give away. And he would like to, why give something? There is no work, and he doesn’t want to work, he wants to "panuvat"!
      I don’t understand, what kind of “brain burner” did the Americans install in Ukraine? After all, there is a complete lack of understanding of anything! And absolutely crazy dreams: -V Ye.S. Let's start live! How we will live, due to what we will live, it is not clear!
  3. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 April 3 2014 08: 02
    from the Don.
    Well, if the gay fools, under the kicks of the US, crawl to the abyss, there they are dear!
  4. mamont5
    mamont5 April 3 2014 08: 07
    "And Washington, as always, attracted its short-sighted European" allies "to the implementation of its cunning operation in Ukraine."
    Yes, all these allies see. It just seems that they are sitting on such a strong hook in the United States that they can not get off.
    1. Kuvabatake
      Kuvabatake April 3 2014 08: 40
      The longer you endure, the worse it is. Cutting an abscess is one thing, amputation is another. (they will have to cut to the ears)
  5. ya.seliwerstov2013
    ya.seliwerstov2013 April 3 2014 08: 08
    I would like to believe that, after all, Ukraine will not become a detonator of the third world war
    Everything will be fine. Ukraine is not a detonator, it is the springboard of Russia to the Olympus of the country of the creator and guardian of mankind.
  6. their
    their April 3 2014 08: 10
    By the way, the real detonator of the new world war is Israel. They are behind the civil war in Syria, and organized the bloody Maidan. And they themselves do not hide, here is an article from the Israeli site

    On March 31, the Petakh-Tikva police accepted for consideration a complaint against Nathan Khazin, one of the commanders of the Euromaidan. The complaint is based on information that Khazin himself expressed in various interviews, in particular, telling a journalist of the NRG website that he personally killed an employee of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, and also obeyed orders from the leadership of ultra-right nationalist Ukrainian groups.

    According to the complaint, a copy of which the IzRus portal received, the police were asked to check suspicions that he had committed a number of other crimes: damage to foreign friendly states or structures (121 article of the Criminal Code), voluntary mobilization in foreign military formations (122 article of the Criminal Code), training the conduct of hostilities and the use of weapons (article 143 of the Criminal Code).

    The complainant Ravid Gur noted in an interview with the IzRus portal that he does not belong to any party, organization or movement. "I am a representative of that small, active and so far unorganized group of Russian-speaking Israelis who have an extremely negative and condemning attitude towards the excessively active participation of citizens of our country in the Ukrainian crisis, their speeches on the side of the neo-nationalist forces of Ukraine, to the strange manner of covering events in Ukraine in the Israeli media, and in the blogosphere ".

    As reported by the IzRus portal, 38-year-old Natan Khazin in conversations with reporters regularly stated that during the Ukrainian revolution he used his "extensive combat experience" gained while serving in the Israeli army. Thus, in an interview with the American newspaper JTA at the end of February 2014, he said that he had gained this experience in the ranks of the Shualei Shimshon reconnaissance battalion of the renowned Givati ​​infantry brigade. On March 20, in an interview with the Ukrainian television channel "Espreso" on the program "Pidsumki", Khazin said that he had served as an officer for two years, stressing that it was about his military service. However, he refused to answer the questions of the IzRus portal related to his army past.
    1. their
      their April 3 2014 08: 51
      What are the disadvantages of the Israelis? I do not invent anything, I can throw a source of sea that you are behind the Syrian scenario, and the Ukrainian-Bandera. Americans, for example, write about the fact that you organized 9/11, knocked out the American USS liberty in 1967 to provoke a war.
      And some other smaller sins are blamed on you.

      I think they know better, I believe them more than you :)
  7. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch April 3 2014 08: 38
    They count on this overseas, you need to prepare, put oligaphs in the stall, press the "fifth column", remember that "the berries are still ahead."
  8. siberalt
    siberalt April 3 2014 08: 46
    Does Europe want a world war? Mdaaa. What fright are such conclusions? It is Europe that will suffer the most from the war. America is another matter. But Europe just will not allow it. Any invasion of foreign troops will entail the invasion of Russia. But it is unlikely to reach the war. It will end with the establishment of demilitarized zones and the division of the state into parts.
  9. Bakht
    Bakht April 3 2014 08: 46
    Regardless of what is declared, just look at the strings of the designed gas pipelines, it becomes clear that Ukraine is not in this solitaire. They will punish Russia or not, but Europe has already clearly shown that gas will not go through Ukraine.

    Russia compensates for its losses by redirecting flows to China. I hope to agree. But what Ukraine will do is unclear. There is no gas, the nuclear power plants will close in any case, the enterprises of the East will close. Only mines and mines will work. Welcome to the real world.
    1. Vedmed_23
      Vedmed_23 April 3 2014 09: 03
      The mines are already closing, then it will only get worse.
  10. Gagarin
    Gagarin April 3 2014 08: 58
    What intricacies are winding up all over the world America if only to live well and do nothing.
    How much does this rope curl ...
  11. July
    July April 3 2014 09: 49
    History teaches that nothing teaches. As before the Second World War, so now the arrogance, stupidity, deceit and short-sightedness of European politicians are obvious. They have lost a sense of proportion and danger, and now there is a feeling that any slight gesture of Putin can bring them irreparable damage, but it will be even more terrible if he does nothing at all, then it looks like the collapse will come much faster. Of course, if such a crisis occurs that affects all countries, then it will not seem enough to us, but! We have resources and we have the fundamental ability to process them and crawl out of the pit, but what do they have? - The main resource of the West is idiot! The stump is clear that the situation is beneficial only to amers, just like during the war they cut coupons from Hitler, and now they hope to catch a fish in troubled waters. So it is not at all surprising that lately there is no news of our negotiations with the European Union, but everything rests on the amers and they decide everything for their "friends". By the way, it should be reminded that the Republicans have always been Russophobes and poured threats on us, but at the same time, our best relations with America have always been carried out, the Democrats have always laid softly, but remained hard to sleep. This last one in general surpassed everyone, probably worse only Clintonich.
  12. Rusin Dima
    Rusin Dima April 3 2014 09: 58
    The article is not without common sense, the author very well and in detail revealed the topic, it was pleasant and interesting to read, the article plus good
  13. razved
    razved April 3 2014 16: 54
    It can be assumed that the Ukrainian crisis, arranged by amers, is directed, first of all, against Europe, as the main competitor in the world (there is competition, even if the old Europe has long wanted to get out of the US pressure)
  14. Cristall
    Cristall April 3 2014 21: 34
    I read .. before that I thought that Ukraine didn’t need anyone at all (well, maybe SE capacities for the defense of the Russian Federation) -that too much for Ukraine-to be a detonator.
    The previous article was Syria, the detonator of war and the global crisis ..... And before that, Iran, and before that, Libya ...
    analysts are bad ...
    Some problems because of us. First they smile on the Maidan - and now they think ..
    The situation is getting worse every day ..