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Raped germany

Raped germanyDuring the occupation of German territory, Soviet troops committed mass rape of local residents.

“Soviet soldiers considered rape, often carried out in front of the husband and family members of a woman, as a suitable way to humiliate the German nation, which considered the Slavs a lower race, sexual contacts with which were not encouraged. The Russian patriarchal society and the habit of riotous jokes also played a role, but resentment at the sight of the relatively high welfare of the Germans was more important. ... The victims themselves were permanently injured: German women of the military generation still call the Red Army War Memorial in Berlin "The Tomb of the Unknown Rapist."

“According to estimates of two main Berlin hospitals, the number of victims raped by Soviet soldiers ranges from ninety-five to one hundred thirty thousand people. One doctor concluded that approximately one hundred thousand women had been raped in Berlin alone. And about ten thousand of them died mainly as a result of suicide. ”

There are independent studies of the problems of military offenses during the occupation of Germany. The data obtained suggest that the situation was significantly different from the myth prevailing in the West.

Western authors arbitrarily refer to the number of millions of German women raped. In fact, these data from the book of two German femenistes were obtained by arbitrarily extrapolating the data collected in one of the Berlin hospitals to the whole city and the whole country. It is proved that using other source data and arbitrary author's estimates, you can get any number of people raped, including a superior number of East Germans.

In reality, the statistically inevitable cases of crimes among the soldiers of the Red Army were not massive in nature, and were condemned by official propaganda and military justice. The exact data on their absolute number are not yet available to researchers, however, documents currently known indicate the limited number of such incidents. The myth about them was actively spread by German military propaganda at the final stage of the war in order to mobilize the efforts of the population to resist the anti-Hitler coalition. After the war, samples of the propaganda department of Goebbels were actively used by the United States against the USSR, which was reflected in a number of "historical research ”, which are subject to valid criticism by contemporary authors.

There is no doubt that individual acts of rape were committed by soldiers of the anti-Hitler coalition participating armies in Europe and the Pacific theater of war, but unlike the analogous actions of the Axis armies, they were not massive and systematic.
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  1. Altergo
    Altergo April 26 2012 22: 30
    About this amount of rape is a common propaganda drive.
  2. Bobrovsky
    Bobrovsky 30 June 2013 19: 34
    My first chief in the army was the platoon and company commander in the infantry, from 1943 to 1945. He told me that Goebbels propaganda had intimidated the Germans with the arrival of Russians so much that they often had curiosities. Entered Germany. His company passed through a German town. He felt thirsty and ran into one of the houses by the road. A German woman standing in the middle of the big room, seeing him, immediately rushed to the bed, lifted her dress and began to take off her underpants. He spat, ran out of the house and caught up with his own. I got drunk in another place. He said that some older soldiers sometimes enjoyed the fruits of German propaganda. But for this, with the German complaint, one could seriously suffer. At the entrance to Germany, strict orders were read out about all kinds of atrocities and other things. In general, Germans and Germans themselves are completely different from this. I know a case when a German from a pub invited one ensign to his home. They drank a little, and then the German said that he needed to go away for a while. As soon as he left, the German woman began to pester the ensign. He told her - what about Hans, he would suddenly return. And she - I Hans specifically asked him to bring a Russian, I want to try what kind of men you are. He deliberately left us alone. The ensign was surprised by this, but worked as it should. In parting, the German gave him a beautiful new cap.
    1. Sugar Honeyovich
      Sugar Honeyovich 27 October 2013 14: 15
      That the initiative often came from the Germans themselves - true, I also heard more than once. And they themselves lay down and put the mothers of their daughters, especially under the officers. In addition, I heard from our soldier, who was liberated from German captivity by the Allies and spent some time in the American zone, that Germans valued Americans for wealth - they could have groceries and junk with them, and Russians were valued precisely as men, and not only in bed, but and in the house are jacks of all trades.
  3. faraon
    faraon 30 June 2013 20: 03
    Maybe it was necessary to give him new boots since the old ones were very stingy yes
  4. realist
    realist 3 November 2013 11: 55
    Ask yourself: why did the Red Army end up in Germany? And what the Germans and their accomplices from other countries and peoples did in the occupied lands.
    1. gardez-56
      gardez-56 18 March 2017 03: 17
      [b] [/ b] You are outrageously right. The Germans were clearly not puritanical, but the German soldiers in the occupied territory were doing miracles with our women and many children were born from these “miracles.” Then put yourself in the place of the Russian soldier whose sister, wife, brother were raped. How would any of us behave towards Germans? Moreover, there was a war, and everything happens in a war.
  5. Bouncer
    Bouncer 9 March 2018 08: 51
    If it was
    That right
  6. taiti8888
    taiti8888 16 June 2019 22: 42
    Funny poster
  7. Aleksandr1971
    Aleksandr1971 18 February 2020 10: 48
    After the rape it was necessary to gut with a bayonet ..... Just kidding. But in fact, Germans of suitable quality had to be formed into groups and create stations of comfort on their basis. So did the Japanese. Our soldiers would really need such stations for rest after the war.