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Release of Mi-28H is growing.

8 on April 2011 from the Rostvertol airfield in Rostov-on-Don took off on the first flight of the next serial army combat helicopter Mi-28H, manufactured by order of the Russian Ministry of Defense. He became the 34-th serial machine of this type, and before it, Rostvertol released seven pre-series and the second experienced Mi-28H, which passed state joint tests. Thus, the total production of the Mi-28H today exceeds already four dozen helicopters. Mi-28N was adopted by the Armed Forces of Russia by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation on 15 in October 2009. According to Boris Slyusar, Director General of Rostvertol, told 8 on April, the company will also begin exporting helicopters of this type from 2012.


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  1. Paparacia
    Paparacia April 16 2011 09: 26
    Beautiful and powerful, FLYING TANK !!! bully
  2. datur
    datur April 16 2011 11: 37
    let's see.
  3. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui April 16 2011 13: 22
    This tank was supposed to fill up the troops in the second half of the 90s.
  4. Joker
    Joker April 16 2011 14: 11
    Nice car.

    And yet, the KA-50 (52) wins in terms of security, power, maneuverability, ease of control and survivability.

    Unfortunately, undercover fighting often ruins good cars.

    The way designer Degtyarev "promoted" the machine gun of designer Goryunov, despite his own project, is rather an exception.
  5. His
    His April 16 2011 20: 28
    Solid good news if you didn’t lie
    APASUS April 16 2011 22: 26
    It was worth noting the 1000 helicopter that entered the army! And so we just pissed off the war with Georgia! Again, our boys folded their heads for nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Eric
    Eric April 17 2011 03: 20
    Ka-50 in my opinion is better ...

    The militiamen had to issue technical specifications for transport workers because the experience was enormous.

    Schools have already taken shape. MiG light fighters Su heavy and attack aircraft with bombers.

    Miles transport and shock transport mi-24.
    Well, the Kamovtsi jumped above all the heads of the excellent Ka-50 strike machine.

    Does anyone know what’s with Lavochkin’s design bureau?
  8. datur
    datur April 17 2011 12: 37
    the thing thing. for war. needed as MI-24 and KA-50, ka-52, for special operations.
  9. Nicholas
    Nicholas April 17 2011 14: 04
    Serg32, the "crossbow" radar is just being installed, in the photo it is not yet fully finished machine.
  10. rumpeljschtizhe
    rumpeljschtizhe April 18 2011 13: 13
    In my opinion, the Ka-50 and Ka-52 are the most promising models today.
    They have great potential for modernization.
    But only the experience of using Kamov and Milev machines will reveal the best
  11. Yeah
    Yeah April 24 2011 22: 26
    For 20 years, they tried to trash this trash by various names, and yet they sucked in
    1. LESHA pancake
      LESHA pancake 9 June 2011 06: 03
      Let's see how this stuff in a real battle will behave, and so speak in vain
  12. Draz
    Draz 19 May 2011 07: 11
    It seems to me, well, maybe because of the lack of information that mi-28 is easier to maintain technically than the KAMs, it’s easier for many pilots / technical personnel to retrain from mi-8 \ 17 \ 24 to mi-28 than to ka-50 \ 52 ?
  13. Draz
    Draz 19 May 2011 07: 11
    It seems to me, well, maybe because of the lack of information that mi-28 is easier to maintain technically than the KAMs, it’s easier for many pilots / technical personnel to retrain from mi-8 \ 17 \ 24 to mi-28 than to ka-50 \ 52?
  14. Mahamont
    Mahamont 5 October 2011 11: 14
    KA-50 can not be mass-produced, it is difficult to manage and pilots to learn a problem for it. It’s like special forces among aviation. MI-28 shock assault, KA-52 reconnaissance, saboteur, command vehicle.
  15. Dimka off
    Dimka off 27 November 2011 14: 20
    this fact cannot but rejoice))))
  16. Born in USSR
    Born in USSR 13 February 2012 20: 40
    Mi 28, ka 50, ka52 ... It's good when there is plenty to choose from!
  17. PIZDEC82
    PIZDEC82 10 March 2012 15: 52
    good ..))) Better than the vaunted Apache.)))) Yes, our military equipment is generally the best ....)))) and those ... hucksters who are sitting in the Ministry of Defense only think how to save on on the purchase of not the best foreign analogues, and to withdraw our money abroad with purchases of the Mistral .... Who got there ??))