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Russian army on the verge of complete rearmament


In the near future, the transition from the outdated Topol to the modern complex of ground components of the Strategic Missile Forces multiblock RS-24 Yars will be carried out. The marine component is at its disposal RSM-54 "Sineva", which will be installed on existing submarines "Dolphin", as well as on new submarine cruisers of the type 955 "Borey" will be installed RSM-56 "Bulava". Over the past couple of years, Bulava received so many reviews, both positive and negative, that the government was forced to make rather tough political decisions, and there is a huge probability that the project will soon be finalized and put into operation.

But if everything is more or less clear with the Bulava, an information controversy has developed around the further development of the Russian ICBMs. A significant part of the experts continue to assert that at this stage it is necessary to create new heavy complexes on liquid fuel, which in the near future will be able to completely replace the obsolete P-36М2 missiles. However, the designers from the Moscow Institute of Heating Engineering, who at one time created Topol, Yars and Bulava, argue that there is no need to develop such systems, they are too expensive, and the mine start-up systems that exist are extremely vulnerable for them. There is no doubt that over the foreseeable future the degree of information controversy on this issue will not decrease.

In terms of protecting the celestial frontiers, one of the most important recent decisions is the organization of a unified and unbreakable aerospace defense, which will combine air defense, missile defense, warning systems of a possible rocket attack and a system of control over outer space. The main "beneficiary" of the possible re-equipment of the aerospace defense, without a doubt, will be the C-400 "Triumph" anti-aircraft missile system, which is manufactured on the basis of the Almaz-Antey air defense concern. In particular, two regimental complexes “Triumph” are already deployed, both are involved to provide cover for the industrial district of Moscow. According to the latest statements, in the near future, the third regiment of the C-400 "Triumph" can enter combat duty in the Far East.

The Triumph C-400 complex has a wide range of weapons, and it integrates all the rich experience of the Almaz Scientific and Production Association, which, during the 90s, improved the C-300P GMS series and gave it completely new functions, turning it into universal and powerful means of air protection. According to the Russian military, the C-400 Triumph can also solve combat tasks of non-strategic missile defense, intercepting targets reaching speeds up to 4800 m / s.

To date, the anti-aircraft missile units of the Russian Air Force have practically completed the consolidation of the existing air defense units. It is worth noting that the latter are far from being in the best condition, in particular this applies to the remaining parts, which are equipped with the C-300В complex. It can be said with confidence that the “veska” is an outgoing air defense system and in the near future, along with the most outdated systems from the C-300P series, will be replaced by modern C-400 air defense systems. The military suggests that the Triumph will become a single air defense system to protect the country.

Toward the middle of the new decade, the launch of a completely new C-500 air defense system is planned. At the moment, it is rather difficult to say anything concrete about it, but it is possible to formulate a few superficial moments. It is clear that the C-500 will be a mobile air defense / missile defense system using a whole line of missiles in ammunition to provide work on aerodynamic and ballistic targets. According to Vladimir Popovkin, First Deputy Minister of Defense, C-500 will be able to defeat air hypersonic targets moving at speeds up to 7000 m / s. In addition, experts point out a very high probability that the new system will be enabled to carry out transatmospheric interception and destruction of combat units carried by ballistic missiles.

The Russian aircraft industry is perhaps the only structure that, in the failed 90s, continued to remain at a fairly high level. Despite all the problems, the aviation industry was able to maintain its high position in the global military market aviation. The future heavy platform of the fifth-generation domestic fighter, the Sukhoi T-50, has been undergoing flight tests for a year. Today it is too early to talk about the date of its adoption by the Russian Air Force, but tentatively called 2017-2018.

Over the course of time until the previously indicated date, the Russian Air Force will be updated through the procurement of modernized aircraft, including a radically modernized one. First of all, we are talking about the order of X-NUMX fighters Su-48S, which will go into service with the three air regiments of the Air Force. Su-35C is an aircraft of the “35 ++” generation, which will function as a “underwriter” during the protracted transition of the Air Force to the “4” generation technique. In addition, the air vehicle has a rather attractive export potential.

Significant changes are also expected in the park of front-line bombers, which are also planning to significantly upgrade. The Su-24 is expected to be replaced by the arrival of the Su-34 aircraft, a pair of which have already taken part in hostilities during the five-day war with Georgia. This aircraft was created on the basis of a significantly increased Su-27 combat training series. One of the features of the Su-34 will be the use of high-precision equipment in its equipment. weapons, which will increase the capabilities of aviation when attacking ground targets in adverse weather conditions.

Significant changes are expected in helicopter units. In addition to the growing order for the supply of upgraded transport helicopters Mi-8AMTSH, the Russian Air Force orders large batches of attack helicopters Mi-28Н. These helicopters should be a worthy replacement for the Mi-24 for direct support to the troops. There is also evidence that deliveries of the Ka-52 attack helicopter surrounded by the legends are planned, which in twenty years has not lost its popularity both in export contracts and in Russian parts.

The equipment of the ground forces with military equipment does not seem to be cloudless, to put it mildly, and this situation will obviously not receive a final resolution in the near future. This is due to many reasons, including the rejection of further development. tank T-95, which many experts called very promising. The tank passed the state testing program in full, and the rejection of its further implementation leaves a number of obscure and unpleasant questions. Failure to start the production of T-95 and the introduction of restrictions on the purchase of T-90 can lead to gradual degradation of the already rather affected personnel potential of designers and manufacturers, as well as adversely affect the pace of raising funds necessary for the modernization of existing production capacities.

The situation with the line of production of wheel maneuverable "armor" (BTR) for the armament of medium motorized rifle brigades is completely incomprehensible. Russian enterprises offer the manufacture of BTR-82 and BTR-90. However, the Ministry of Defense publicly disowned the use of the BTR-80 / 82 series. The BTR-90 is linked in the same way as the BTR-80 / 82, which again makes it doubtful of its bright prospects.

Military shipbuilding is perhaps one of the most costly and “long” branches of the military industry. Given the systemic problems that have accumulated over many years with equipping the army as a whole, it was difficult to count on the Russian leadership showing an increased interest in building a modern ocean fleet. The shipbuilding base has been quite limited in its capabilities since Soviet times, and the expanded program for building a new powerful fleet simply will not pull, even despite the possible allocation of significant funds for the implementation of the re-equipment program.

The submarine fleet has already received a strategic nuclear missile carrier of the type 955 "Borey" and in the near future the arrival of multi-purpose submarines of the type 885 "Ash". At the end of 2011, the entry of the head ship Severodvinsk is expected. Initially, the fleet announced a huge series of more than three dozen boats, but is now ready to limit itself to a more modest order of six or seven ships. Obviously, the fleet also needs light "hunter" boats. However, so far nothing is known about the plans to manufacture such a ship, and the resulting niche will be occupied by the remnants of the Soviet heritage: the submarines of the 971 Pike-B and 671 RTMK Pike projects.

Surface fleet prefer to update the "bottom". On the stocks there are new frigates of the type 22350 - “Admiral Gorshkov” and corvettes of the type 20380 - “Stereguschy”. These warships are built according to a new logic, which implies the installation of universal ship complexes - vertical-launch launchers capable of using a whole range of anti-aircraft, anti-ship and anti-submarine missiles.

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  1. Maksim
    Maksim April 16 2011 12: 52
    We will break through! God grant our "Serdyuk-fart" brains to continue developing our military-industrial complex. Russia needs a real Russian general, like General Troshev!
  2. alexandt
    alexandt April 16 2011 14: 23
    The Air Force, the Navy, do not make loud statements about their weapons, that everything is bad. They have problems, for example, the Bulava, but it works, it means it will fly. And it is not clear for the landowners that it is not T-95, not BMPT, BTR-90 are not needed. compare T.T.Kh., foreign technology has nothing superb, and BMPT has no analogue. The impression is that it really wants to "push" foreign samples without thinking about the consequences. In the 30s, the state sacrificed huge the sums and lives of people to get away from it.
    1. Priga
      Priga 22 June 2016 09: 42
      But now we know why they did this with the tanks. "Armata" rules.
  3. figwam
    figwam April 16 2011 17: 28
    The only bad thing is that the defense industry does not have time to produce, then a little, in comparison with the USSR, that the MO orders. And if we do not have time by the deadline, we did not have time by 1941 either. All this is an echo of the 20-year collapse.
  4. Alex
    Alex April 16 2011 17: 51
    The collapse is not over yet, do not flatter yourself, everything is just beginning.
    At first, the fossils were cut, now the Ministry of Defense has funds, and the military industrial complex has not been interested in stools and their owners for a long time.
  5. His
    His April 16 2011 20: 25
    Now we need to spare no money for re-equipment, until a suitable situation (oil prices) has been selected, otherwise they will simply be eaten up or sent abroad to the shores. There will be no such chance. Most likely, wars between large countries will be ahead. Unfortunately, world wars cannot do without Russia.
    APASUS April 16 2011 22: 14
    I couldn’t fall asleep in childhood, fighters disturbed me! Our planes controlled the border with Turkey! We are not just friends now, we are just sieves. What is Turkey? We are now afraid of the Baltic states! Under the USSR, we could not even remember the monument there, but now we apologize for our victory over the Nazis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ((((even a hare kicks a dead lion)) )
  7. Ivan
    Ivan April 16 2011 22: 43
    Not re-equipment, but most likely disarmament and complete destruction of the Russian armies is planned. The ruling Russia abroad has passports and multi-billion dollar brushes abroad for the whole elite, so they need Russia as a pig basin for one (he ate and then you can give a shit there)
  8. Zerkalo
    Zerkalo April 17 2011 00: 15
    yeah, if you look at the statistics, read many books and memoirs, you always talk about thousands of aircraft, and tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and the like are measured in tens of thousands. Here are the quantities produced by the USSR.

    I do not urge to establish such a military conveyor now, realizing that this is pointless. But you know, then it was clear that we were surrounded by enemies and we were ready to give them an answer such that they did not get up anymore. After all, no one now hides that if the conflict broke out, our tanks would capture Europe (Klensi’s agitation does not count).

    Indeed, as noted above, we are now lucky with oil - because only in the beginning of the 80s, it seems, no more than 30 toad skins were given for a barrel ... Now we get giant zhenby, we eat them, leaving no groundwork for the future. Very soon the freebie will end.
  9. war
    war April 17 2011 11: 22
    In words and on paper, everything is fine. I do not believe that people who destroyed the military-industrial complex and the country's army will be engaged in its rearmament.
  10. Europe
    Europe April 17 2011 21: 00
    Do not worry. Collapse and devastation are everywhere. Throughout Europe, they cannot get Gaddafi bombing 100 planets. Holland handed over its fighters to Hugo, the Indian Morales, and Belgium added Leopard 2 tanks. Bundeswehr has 400 tanks, half do not find a coma to give. take it, they will pay extra. They can’t attack Russia in vain. They can’t take Libyan oil, but you ... they’ll trample Siberia. Zaras!
  11. Leonov Vladimir
    Leonov Vladimir April 18 2011 19: 24
    Have you lost your mind in an effort to paint Putin in "acceptable colors" before the elections?
    Anyone who writes and spreads such nonsense and lies is what it means to "re-arm the Armed Forces" with a new missile system?
    Or is the little mind just enough to roll out a rocket to the parade and declare that "the rearmament has taken place"?
    If Russia has this "threshold" anywhere, then it is very distant and completely unattainable with the current "Kremlin"!
  12. Tramp
    Tramp April 19 2011 11: 43
    Russia is not rearming, but is being redeveloped, i.e. all that have not yet been dragged, dragged and sold out! Taburetkin with medveputy in full compliance with the plan, which they lowered from Washington, and for the debelized part of the electorate, they write similar humoresques!
    Turn on your brains, look outside! Fighters in Russia are only in experimental laboratories! There is not one in the troops, the latter burned last summer !!!!
    Hurray Pupkin !!!!!
  13. beard
    beard 21 June 2011 16: 41
    Bullshit! Plundered! It's all nonsense! Hollow demagoguery! Who is working normally now from those who leave comments here? Units! The rest of the beer belly has grown and pi ...... hurt! You need to "plow" and play less. And we need high-class tactical missile systems! Our people know how to do them. And the "scrap" in the form of tanks is all nonsense, pieces of iron!
  14. The comment was deleted.