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The mirror of society

The mirror of societyIf the media often likes to call themselves “the mirror of society”, then it must be admitted that they have some grounds for this. Some of them - because, looking at a part of the Russian media, I want to look at their belonging to society more closely.

They are so desperately and selflessly protecting ... no, not freedom of speech, but the interests of another state. Or a whole group of states.
But I am interested in something else - if the media is a mirror of society, then what is a mirror of the media? What makes it possible to adequately evaluate their work? Whatever one may say, and the conclusion suggests itself - society is a mirror for journalists and those publications in which they work. A way to learn the opinion of society is a sociological survey.

A similar poll was recently conducted by the Public Opinion Foundation in order to find out the opinion of Russians on a whole range of issues related to journalism and the media.

The results give us a lot of food for thought and analysis. The first question was: “From which media do you usually learn about the latest events in our country?” The answers show that the majority of Russians learn about the main events in the country from Central Television.

A lot has been said about the decline of the role of TV and information programs for a long time, however, according to the POF, the number of those who prefer to find out news on the leading TV channels, it has not changed at all for the year that has passed since the last survey (88%), and the number of those who watch regional and local channels for the same purpose even increased slightly (from 25% to 28%).

The number of those who get information from the Internet has slightly increased (from 32% to 42%), the number of people who like to rustle through the central newspaper has increased only slightly (from 16% to 17%). But they lost in trust of the audience (or in the convenience of receiving information) and, accordingly, the number of receiving information from: central radio (from 14% to 13%), regional or local newspapers (from 14% to 10%) and regional and local radio (from 6% to 5%).

The trend is obvious - the role of the Internet is growing, but not so catastrophically fast, as predicted. I myself can say that it is the news programs of the central channels - this is exactly what I look at the “box”.

Equally, as a person blogging, I recognize some of the information on the Internet by looking at a whole range of resources. But the newspapers, on paper, clearly lose to Internet resources and even to themselves, but on the World Wide Web.

The second question of the poll is even more curious: “Do you think the Russian mass media cover the events taking place in modern Russia, on the whole, objectively or not objectively?”. 60% agreed that objectively, 23% said no, and 17% found it difficult to answer.

A further table of breakdowns of answers by age gives us a quite predictable picture: those who consider the media to be biased are most of all young, reaching their peak at the age of 31 – 45 (28%). Conversely, the number of those who are satisfied with objectivity grows with increasing age, having its maximum, starting to grow in the range of 46 – 60 or more years (63%).

The POF poll is conducted immediately after an important historical event - the reunification of Russia and the Crimea. Mass support for this action, carried out by the Russian authorities after the triumphant results of the referendum in the Crimea, provides a curious opportunity to watch the media in that very “mirror” and find out what people think about the work of journalists from various media.

60% of respondents are satisfied with the objectivity of TV, and it was the liberals who were accused of creating a “propaganda and distorted” impression of what was happening in Crimea and in Ukraine. Most of the accusations were heard against the central Russian channels. And the illegitimate current government of Kiev fully agreed in its dissatisfaction with the picture and interpretation of the position of the Russian liberals, after which she tried to “turn off” the four leading Russian channels throughout Ukraine.

But the citizens of Russia expressed a completely different view on the objectivity of the leading TV channels of their country. 39% of respondents were satisfied with the whole television, 10% - with the First Channel, Russia 1 - 7%, NTV - 4%, Russia 24 - 3%. The central channels entirely called 3%. But “Rain”, RBC and REN TV, which provide information in a pro-Western key, which overnight became anti-Russian because of the Crimean crisis, were mentioned only in 1% of respondents.

For comparison, only 17% are satisfied with the objectivity of the Internet, that is, three times less than TV! But it is precisely the “network” that traditionally is the “stronghold” of the opposition and the means of conveying the necessary information for the West - it’s not by chance that in Turkey, which doesn’t want Maidan at home, they are already turning off Twitter.

But we see that the Russians have serious complaints about the objectivity of the Internet. Newspapers, on the whole, turned out to be outside the attention of people in a furious pursuit of news from Ukraine and the Crimea, which changed almost every minute.

Therefore, only 8% were satisfied with the print media and their objectivity, and the only newspaper, the name of which appeared as a result, became “AIF” with a figure of 1%. Radio gained a total of 5% objectivity, while Ekho Moskvy called the same 1% of respondents as such.

As a result, at the level of statistical error were all the liberal TV channels and the main radio band of anti-state forces, which, due to a misunderstanding, bears the name of the capital of Russia and distributes echoes of completely different overseas capitals.

The following question is also very important, which helps us understand the dynamics of the assessment by citizens of a country of media activities. It sounded like this: “Do you think that 2-3 a year ago, the Russian media covered the events more objectively or less objectively than today? Or has nothing changed in this regard? ”

The bottom line is that 22% said that it was more objective, 18% did it less objectively, and 46% did not see the difference with 14%, which is probably why they did not find what to answer. As they say - the art of the media is deeply indebted to the people.

A similar question regarding the events of 30-year-old, that is, the Soviet media, gave the following result: 40% believe that then the media were less objective, 19% more objective, 11% sure that nothing has changed, and almost every third ( 30%) did not find the answer to the question.
I think that these particular people either did not live at that time, or were then children, and therefore they can neither appreciate nor answer ...

The number of those who believe that journalists working on federal TV channels can criticize Russian authorities was 60%, having slightly decreased over the year from 64%. At the same time, the number of people who believe that such criticism should not take place has increased - from 21% to 27%.

However, it seems to me that this question was formulated incorrectly, because the word “criticism” is too vague. Especially against the background of the situation in the Crimea and Ukraine.

However, the question of how more media people trust, they give a clear answer. And it sounds a complete discord with the liberal mantras that we have heard for two decades.

The media must be independent, otherwise, they say, they can not really reflect reality. But people think differently: only 16% of respondents trust more than non-state media, 62% - state-owned, and every fifth has not found anything to say (21%). Thus, trust in the state-owned media is almost four times higher.

The second block of FOM questions related to journalism assessments. But the results, in my opinion, became another illustration of the picture that emerged from the analysis of assessments given by Russian citizens to the mass media. “What, in your opinion, should a journalist be in order for you to call him a professional?” Was the question.

How do you think, how many respondents answered that a journalist should be “independent”? Total 4%. True, the fact that the journalist should be a “patriot” was said even less - only 1%. The leader of the answers is an option that speaks about the desire for justice: “Honest, truthful, objective, fair” (57% in one form or another).

“In your opinion, has the level of professionalism of Russian journalists increased lately, decreased, or generally not changed?” Rose, believe 54% of respondents. 25% are sure that it has not changed, 7% - which has decreased.

When asked about respect for journalists in the society, 69% responded that they are respected, and only 17% think that they are not. At the request to name specific names of respected journalists, whose opinion is authoritative, the following picture came out: Solovyov (13%), Kiselev (8%), Posner (6%), A. Mamontov (6%), S. Brilev (3%), A. Pimanov (2%), A. Malakhov (2%), A. Karaulov (2%) and also 12 surnames who have typed in 1%. At the same time, the answer “no such” collected whole 4%.

The conclusions suggest the following: in our society there is a traditional respect for journalists. But it rather refers to the whole profession, rather than to individuals. And only four (!), Only four journalists were able to gain a percentage of respect for themselves and their work more than, in essence, meaning, as in elections, the result “against all” - “no such” (4%).

It is curious that from the first four most reputable journalists of Russia only one Vladimir Pozner can be referred to liberals “in pure form”. And two - Yevgeny Kiselev and Arkady Mamontov - are the subject of burning hatred of "independent media" and "independent journalists." Those who themselves either did not gain prestige and respect, or have much less of it.
By the way, judging by the sanctions imposed against Kiselev and the war of our "British partners" addressed to Mamontov after his film about caches in stones, Russia's geopolitical opponents do not like them as much as the liberal public inside our country. And what is most surprising is that it is absolutely not surprising.

Remember where we started our review? They are so desperately and selflessly protecting ... no, not freedom of speech, but the interests of another state. Or a whole group of states. So it is, and the results of surveys conducted by the Public Opinion Foundation convincingly confirm this.

And finally, journalists, respondents believe, have the opportunity to express their opinion “as much as necessary” (65%) or even “too much” (13%). So, “crocodile tears” about “strangling freedom of speech” are not necessary.

“Do you think that lately there have been more opportunities for journalists to express their opinions freely, has less or nothing changed?” Russian citizens are asked.

And only 8% today (10% in 2012) say that there are fewer opportunities. 32% (in 2012-m - 37%) believe that there is no change for the worse. But the number of people sure that journalists have more opportunities to express their opinions increased from 34% in 2012 to 47% in 2014!

You can write, you can talk, you can express your point of view. It’s not necessary to lie, it’s not necessary to push through what other states need under the guise of an “independent” opinion. Even if very strong and influential. The people of Russia love their journalists, he respects their work.
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  1. Luzhichanin
    Luzhichanin April 1 2014 20: 02
    polls are rarely objective!

    show me at least one federal SMRAD journalist who writes or speaks honestly. more and more on a piece of paper, but on a piece of paper. from the instructions not a single step.

    in, not all, of course, but at least try!
    1. jjj
      jjj April 1 2014 20: 07
      Even during the time of perestroika, they talked about the paradox that journalists and money would be taken from us and they would write the truth
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Stalker
        Stalker April 1 2014 20: 48
        Putin, thoughtfully, "gi-seven ... wi-eight ... seven ... eight ... arithmetic ... If they will show off - let's multiply by zero!" laughing
    2. Colorman
      Colorman April 1 2014 21: 07
      Well, how else? Who pays, he orders the material.
      Remember NTV during the Chechen war?
      1. smile
        smile April 1 2014 21: 41
        Well, yes ... do you remember who the channel belonged to then?
        This is very bad, but, to admit, I was very pleased when Masyuk was covered by her beloved and extolled Czechs. :))) They provided, so to speak, to express their love in a different way, without pouring mud on the Russian army and Russia .... since then, somehow you have not heard it, you probably cannot write the truth, but continue to praise our enemies-hands does not rise ... :)))
        1. skifd
          skifd April 1 2014 21: 52
          Quote: smile
          I was very pleased when Masyuk was covered by her beloved and exalted Czechs. :)))

          But after her release, she got so bogged down that the majority simply forgot about her. And thank God . This is for example, that nothing convinces better than the adventures found on your w ... well ... laughing
    3. smile
      smile April 1 2014 21: 35
      I don't know why you called our media a federal "stench", but your position is surprisingly similar to that of our media. like Dozhd, Novaya Gazeta, swamps, when they were still blathering (now they were hiding). Now comrades from the most honest media, controlled by, for example, Euro-fascists or the Balts, agree with you .... I respect, of course, your opinion, but I wonder why your opinion is so consonant with them? Are you yourself aware of this unity? You understand. that the cries of Putin's corrupt media were very actively promoted by other media ... you know. whose? :)))
      To be honest, I don’t like journalists, especially because even the events in which I personally participated and personally told them, they managed to misinterpret them in such a way that they didn’t stop, even fall ... moreover, the distortion of information did not affect either the political coloring and for nothing else ... the distortions didn’t even make the report more interesting - to the question of which Allah - they mumbled in response - they say. thought. that it will be better .... ugh ...

      I am well acquainted with the principles of the work of journalists, talked, and there are friends among the bottom .... yes, there are tasks, of course - editing, sometimes dictatorship, there is ordering - so all the media in all countries of the world sin this ... our non-federal media in this regard are much worse - they are. like the Western media under total control - a step to the right - a step to the left is a putinoid ... :))). And if you even know something about journalism, you cannot but know this ...
      Nevertheless, it is full of journalists in the federal media that are very talented and absolutely honest. What do you, for example, have against the Komsomol Ulyana Skobeida, or, for example, Steshin, Meshkov, Kots? Yes, there are a lot of them .... So no, you have to go crazy through the lip - all the journalists of the federal stench are corrupt and work under dictation ...
      1. avg
        avg April 1 2014 22: 41
        Quote: smile
        all journalists of federal stench are corrupt and work under dictation ...

        Yes, compared with Western magazines, ours are just the lights of freedom of speech. yes
        1. smile
          smile April 1 2014 22: 54
          So I am about the same .... and most of all about the fact that federal journalists are corrupt, yelling ... the most corrupt journalists with "alternative" sources of funding, who have no conscience or respect for "this" country .... Just enchanting! :))) smells like a swamp pulls - with might and main .... :)))
          1. Magadan
            Magadan April 2 2014 01: 55
            I agree completely. And to the list of really honest journalists that we can and be proud of, I would add Anna Gromov, Arkady Mamontov, Vladimir Solovyov, Dmitry Kiselev.
            If anyone considers them corrupt, let at least one fact lead, not general Khvilos phrases.
            1. Ruslan67
              Ruslan67 April 2 2014 02: 14
              Quote: Magadan
              If anyone considers them corrupt, let them at least bring one fact,

              Of course, they are corrupt, they receive a salary from the bloody Putin regime wassat And liberals from the gleams of democracy am
            2. economist
              economist April 2 2014 10: 48
              If anyone thinks they are corrupt, let at least one fact lead ...
              Former US Ambassador Michael McFaul on his Twitter page ( confirmed that D. Kiselev took part in training under the State Department program, and posted a copy of the diploma awarded to this "honest" corrupt "patriot".
      2. Ruslan67
        Ruslan67 April 2 2014 02: 11
        Quote: smile
        ..I respect, of course, your opinion,

        Volodya! Are you a Buddhist by any chance? what Those, too, with sincere respect and sympathy for your not perfect ... will give such a star in the box .... wassat
        1. smile
          smile April 2 2014 03: 10
          Ruslan67 Ruslan,
          I’m much worse than a Buddhist ... almost a Shintoist .... :))) I have a good friend - a Japanese girl, Miko’s name, (sorry to rarely talk in person) so she coaches me in how to communicate with them: ))) ... you always have to smile and bow ... figuratively speaking - when you cut the throat of your opponent, you have to smile especially broadly, apologize most sincerely ..... and bow ... you don’t bow, in the next life you will bow. .. :))))
          1. Ruslan67
            Ruslan67 April 2 2014 03: 15
            Quote: smile
            when you cut the throat of an opponent, you have to smile especially broadly, apologize most sincerely ...

            And still sentence, be patient dear crying Suddenly cost? wassat
            1. smile
              smile April 2 2014 03: 35
              You forgot - most importantly - sincere sympathy ... without sincere sympathy and respect for the slaughter, you can spoil the whole process .... our eastern comrades without aesthetics can not ... everything should be beautiful ... :))))

              Ours can shout it:
              Well, what are you poking at him? Are you a sadist? You have to understand - there’s no reason to torture a person, because you gently but surely unbalance him and put him ... on a knife .... do not poke him with a knife like a maniac, but gently lay him out, eliminating the hardships of service ....: ))))

              Agree, ours also has a certain charm, quite comparable with the ideas of our eastern neighbors ... :)))
              Everything, I - to the four-legged friend - begins on q, on Ivan, ends ... SLEEP ... :)))
      3. Luzhichanin
        Luzhichanin April 2 2014 11: 34
        look deeper at information flows. such as Rain is only part of the attacking link - aggressive, provocative! but there are less aggressive, if well camouflaged at all.
        you understand this very well yourself, but I would not be in a hurry to conclude that the Kremlin is controlled, rather cooperation, but control over others is for sure!
        Quote: smile
        So no, it’s necessary to go crazy through the lip - all the journalists of the federal stench are corrupt and work under dictation ...

        These are your words. Be careful when reading. The persons shown by you I will take into account - we will see what they have with conscience.
  2. W1950
    W1950 April 1 2014 20: 04
    The media is a crooked mirror of society. Who pays the journalist and dances.
    1. VengefulRat
      VengefulRat April 1 2014 20: 14
      Exactly. Several years ago I met a girl, she had previously studied at the Faculty of Journalism in one of the universities, then she quit, and when asked why she quit, because it’s an interesting profession, she answered - “I don’t want to be a whore who is not just sold for money, but also to others for money hangs noodles ". So, alas, the media are really very corrupt, but do not forget that there are truly honest journalists.
  3. konvalval
    konvalval April 1 2014 20: 07
    Media working for other countries, I mean, ideologically, this is the real fifth column, and those that are brazenly lying must be prohibited.
    1. waisson
      waisson April 1 2014 20: 20
      the cover of this magazine can be understood in two ways
      1. dmitriygorshkov
        dmitriygorshkov April 1 2014 22: 10
        Quote: waisson
        the cover of this magazine can be understood in two ways

        What’s twofold here? Big, great Putin and small (in every sense) yapping mongrel!
        Everything is extremely clear!
  4. Stalker
    Stalker April 1 2014 20: 08
    This statement is proved by life ...
  5. chinararem
    chinararem April 1 2014 20: 12
    The most important thing that we have today is the freedom to choose a source of information. I looked at Russia 24, I thought, looked at Euronews. Compare. I went online - watched the BBC, American channels. Fortunately, the post-Soviet school gave a normal knowledge of languages. If you want the opinion of the people, go down to your grandmothers at the entrance. Who cares, he will always find how to compose an objective picture of the world.
  6. andrei332809
    andrei332809 April 1 2014 20: 14
    we have a lot of nasty things. since 1987, the mold has been spreading, and the end is not in sight. one is "banned", so a couple of new shit pours into the ears. and it all began, it seems, with the collective of "fire" - they sharply repainted and began to yell that they were paid little and everything in our country through the anus
  7. alex47russ
    alex47russ April 1 2014 20: 17
    The media greatly affects the opinion of society !!!
  8. Ulairy
    Ulairy April 1 2014 20: 19
    But I'm interested in something else - if the media is a mirror of society, then what is a mirror of the media?
    Mirror mirror is a fractal, mesmerizing, but no more. To get something useful from the Internet, you need to shovel a bunch of manure without being distracted by pop-up spam and "cats", and this is "lazy" - there is a box that "objectively" will show everything that we want to know after a hard day. sad So they trust the box as a native and main "table decoration" (postman Pechkin). However, as I have been convinced many times, our media speaks on behalf of Moscow and for Moscow. The Urals, for the most part, do not listen to this "opinion" - they have their own head on their shoulders, which I am very happy about. We do not believe the box.
    1. dmitriygorshkov
      dmitriygorshkov April 1 2014 22: 16
      Quote: Ulairy
      However, as I have been convinced many times, our media speaks on behalf of Moscow and for Moscow. The Urals, for the most part, do not listen to this "opinion" - they have their own head on their shoulders, which I am very happy about. We do not believe the box.

      In other words, do you think that only liberals, stupid people and Uralophobes live in Moscow?
      What are you very happy about? So what?
  9. serega.fedotov
    serega.fedotov April 1 2014 20: 20
    In the morning, turning on the TV, I found out at the beginning of the war, there were no details, so when I heard the radio in the marshurutk I was very happy thinking the news would be broadcast! Who attacked "Here is a call / live broadcast / Male voice" I just brought my family out of Ossetia Tskhinvali guzins are shooting at civilians "immediately disconnected, leading" WELL, EVERYONE HAS OWN OPINION AND WE DO NOT FORCE ANYONE.
    Radio echo of Moscow on the 8th in the morning at about 8,30
    I repeat 888 these pi ... conveyed "BUT WE KNOW WHO ONE AT WHOM"
    1. OTTO
      OTTO April 1 2014 21: 46
      When you listen to "Echovites" you get the feeling that we live with them in different countries. And I want to imagine the impossible: the transmission of the "echo" of 22.06.41/XNUMX/XNUMX ...
    2. Turkir
      Turkir April 1 2014 22: 46
      I also remember what they broadcast on "Echo ma .."
      You accurately described
  10. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 April 1 2014 20: 22
    They defend so desperately and selflessly ... no, not freedom of speech, but the interests of another state.

    When the protection of the interests of another state to the detriment of its own, in specific media is not an "accident", but a SYSTEM, then it is necessary to close these media outlets, and check the employees for "lice", and if the facts of work ordered by an enemy country are proved, send them to forced labor no further than Siberia, the fall is beneficial to society. And "human rights activists, to the same place, who, with FOAM at the mouth, protect THIEFS on an especially large scale, exposing them as" PRISONERS "of conscience.
    I would, in general, put thieves in jail for a period of up to 100% RETURN OF THE CHARGED until he returns every penny. Returned - go "walk", but no - so SIT!
  11. Chifka
    Chifka April 1 2014 20: 24
    All media outlets pursue someone’s information policy. They live it. The question is that, having access to media of various orientations, Homo Sapiens himself will determine what is true and what is true. The problem is the availability of access to bipolar information and the presence of gray matter in an amount capable of transmitting nerve impulses. Well, even if you cut the gyrus - it will be generally good!
    Simply put. a person decides for himself from the information received what is closer to his soul. It is important that the amount of information received is sufficient, versatile, so that the brain does not stupidly give the command "Of course, Heil!"
    Otherwise, we, like rats, will follow one pipe. (If anything, an old German fairy tale).
    1. andrei332809
      andrei332809 April 1 2014 20: 25
      Quote: Chifka
      Homo Sapiens himself will determine that the truth

      and the truth is in fault drinks
      1. Tersky
        Tersky April 1 2014 20: 51
        Quote: andrei332809
        and the truth is in fault
        But however-
        The ability to drink is not given to everyone,
        The ability to drink is an art
        He is not smart who drinks wine,
        Without thought and without feeling
        Omar Khayyam wink
      2. GHOST_AAA
        GHOST_AAA April 2 2014 08: 53
        IN CRIMEAN WINE laughing
    2. ia-ai00
      ia-ai00 April 1 2014 20: 48
      The Ukrainians were fed, fed "the truth-womb" in the American and gay European way, and now they already have a Bander - a hero, and a fascist, it seems that it is no longer an ENEMY, but a FRIEND ...
      So, if you POISE your consciousness for a long time, then IT WILL STOP THINKING. Provocateurs from the media should be deprived of citizenship, let them "preach" in the country of OWNERS-CUSTOMERS.
      1. dmitriygorshkov
        dmitriygorshkov April 1 2014 22: 28
        Quote: ia-ai00
        Provocateurs from the media, it is necessary to deprive citizenship,

        It's time to register it legislatively!
        Got the first time, a fine, but not just a fine, but such that the owners will get fucked up!
        Second time-lifetime ban on journalism.
        Third-deprivation of citizenship and criminal liability, as an attempt to undermine the constitutional order!
        Something like this!
    3. Turkir
      Turkir April 1 2014 22: 56
      The conversation is about the Russian media.
      No one allows the media to lie and there is a court for this.
      But, if the media, in the height of hostilities, conveys not the point of view of its government, but the propaganda of the enemy side, it falls under a completely different article, an article about the spread of enemy propaganda on its territory during the war. Look at the Western media, which spread lies about the Russian attack on Georgia, as they call it now - the "five-day war"!
      And "Echo of Moscow" came out dry!
      We need to know for whose money these media exist.
  12. Egoza
    Egoza April 1 2014 20: 25
    Journalists are always ready to say: "There is no need to blame the mirror if the face is crooked," but they need to be constantly reminded of the "Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors" ... and how it ended!
  13. ZU-23
    ZU-23 April 1 2014 20: 28
    The above journalists are all practically well done, although everyone has something to show, but all people are not without flaws, of course, except for our Tsar laughing
    1. Egoza
      Egoza April 1 2014 22: 36
      Quote: ZU-23
      but all people are not without flaws of course, except for our King laughing

      Paying tribute on April 1 ... (somehow it passed quietly with us) and the role of the media .... from the networks

      Russian President Vladimir Putin intends to run for president of Ukraine in the elections to be held on May 25. He stated this at a press conference in the Kremlin.

      "I plan to run for the presidency of Ukraine," Putin said.

      The Russian president noted that he plans to personally register as candidates for the top position of the state of Ukraine and make a security deposit in the amount of 2,5 million hryvnia on Monday.

      “Anticipating the question of whether I have the right to run for president in accordance with Ukrainian law, I answer: I have. a dictionary and a translator. Therefore, there should not be any legal issues regarding my nomination for the presidency of Ukraine, "Vladimir Putin said.

      According to the election program, the President of the Russian Federation said that no other candidate would be able to compete with him. In particular, Putin named the key points of his program:

      - Return of Crimea to Ukraine;
      - Reducing gas prices to the level of 134,25 dollars per thousand cubic meters.
      - The trial of those responsible for the massacres of people during the Euromaidan.

      Immediately after the press conference of Vladimir Putin, a number of Russian media published the results of a sociological survey conducted in Ukraine last week. According to this opinion poll, in the presidential elections in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin is gaining 51% in the first round. laughing
      1. ia-ai00
        ia-ai00 April 1 2014 23: 33
        Even if it were possible, in the "light" of recent events, one would not want to see Western Ukraine as part of the Russian Federation even with a bad dream. There are so many fasciststhat there aren’t enough prisons across Russia, and there is a moratorium on the death penalty in Russia, unfortunately.
  14. Siberian19
    Siberian19 April 1 2014 20: 33
    mirror ukrainian sun
    1. serega.fedotov
      serega.fedotov April 1 2014 20: 50
      In the event of a war with Ukraine, I propose sending vodka trucks in front of non-tanks!
      And in the morning to go brother, only to take a sober with you!
      1. ia-ai00
        ia-ai00 April 1 2014 21: 57
        Hmmm ... that's where the whole generation is lost. They not only did not grow up to the realization of the political-historical process in their country, but as individuals they sank to the bottom. It’s a pity for the people what society has turned into, the stupid leadership of the country for 20 years.
        1. Turkir
          Turkir April 1 2014 23: 01
          E, society, society, and you need to have your own head on your shoulders. angry
  15. Prince sofa
    Prince sofa April 1 2014 20: 45
    Journalism. The second "oldest profession" is very similar to the first.
  16. Evgeny Petrovich
    Evgeny Petrovich April 1 2014 20: 54
    I think that the faculty of journalism should have been renamed the faculty of stenographer for a long time. It seems that they study for journalists, graduate and receive a diploma as a journalist, and a stenographer takes a closer look at it.
  17. ya.seliwerstov2013
    ya.seliwerstov2013 April 1 2014 21: 01
    Quote: alex47russ
    The media greatly affects the opinion of society !!!

    This is an honorable, albeit difficult, mission, since speaking on behalf of the people, it is important to correctly comprehend what they saw and heard.
    1. ia-ai00
      ia-ai00 April 1 2014 22: 01
      There are magazines, artists, there are magazines Yugi, and there are:
      PrinceDivan SU
      Journalism. The second "oldest profession" is very similar to the first.
  18. Cossacks
    Cossacks April 1 2014 21: 08
    I respect N. Starikov, but I have to say that the article is somewhat one-sided. I am sure the author understood what it was about.
    1. Lazy
      Lazy April 1 2014 23: 56
      I do not understand ... Here stupidly statistical analysis. In this case, in principle, it is difficult to impose one’s opinion. Unless hiding some numbers.
  19. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 1 2014 21: 08
    Under capitalism, the media will never be independent, they will always be the mouthpiece of big capital, which is confirmed by our reality.
    1. Bayonet
      Bayonet April 1 2014 21: 22
      In the USSR, were the media independent? Just not crooked.
      1. ia-ai00
        ia-ai00 April 1 2014 22: 06
        There was censorship, who argues, and rightly so, that was!
        And Her very much is lacking to this day in all the media, including on TV, especially in programs for the younger generation.
      2. UGIN48224
        UGIN48224 April 2 2014 00: 43
        Dependent - but only on politics, and now - on "bucks", and strangers !!! And which is better - choose yourself !!! ??? request
    2. dmitriygorshkov
      dmitriygorshkov April 1 2014 22: 46
      Quote: Thought Giant
      The media under capitalism will never be independent, they will always be the mouthpiece of big capital

      And under socialism they were the mouthpiece of the party, with .....!
      Therefore, the second oldest!
      Good journalists try to convey the truth allegorically, metaphorically or whatever!
      And the most shameful yapping at their state for someone else’s money! These are not journalists, but traitors! The punishment must be appropriate!
      And, so that the media would not manipulate your head, you need to use it as intended!
  20. homosum20
    homosum20 April 1 2014 21: 08
    I’m doing a nefig here (I didn’t go to work) and wandered around other online media. After all, TopWar is the media, if I’m not mistaken?
    So toothless and more politically correct than our site, except that the site of an iPhone. Terrible debate over the insignificant aspects of the problems. (I repeat once again for our site: the problems are very important, but their aspects proposed for discussion do not affect the problems themselves.)
    This comment does not apply to the policy of our president, the country - only to the site administration.
    Soon we will be forbidden to call a Negro a Negro (remember "Brother"). African American only. Khokhla - Khokhlom - has already been banned. Just like a Jew - a Jew (see the journalism of 1900-1915).
    I propose to administrators to prohibit Ukrainians from calling Russians "yami" in Kiev.
    Are your arms short?
    But here, on the site, there are even enough fingers. Courage also depends on the location of the daredevil. And does he have a club in his hands. Guys, do not you think that you went to the second round? Who understood - well done.
    Freedom begins with the freedom to express your opinion, without offending others (not offending you). Not with linguistic-political engagement.
    1. Alll1
      Alll1 April 1 2014 21: 30
      I'm on V.O. resting after ukrainets.smi, let it be as it is hi
    2. sv68
      sv68 April 1 2014 21: 31
      better if you went to work
    3. yur
      yur April 1 2014 22: 58
      Quote: homosum20
      So toothless and more politically correct than our site, except that the site of an iPhone.
      And the option that we have a community of PRINCIPALS here and we don’t need to tear each other's teeth, have you considered?
  21. Captain45
    Captain45 April 1 2014 21: 25
    Well, for example, on a watch in the tundra, morning begins with "Mayak", in the evening "ORT", Russia1 ", NTV. When at home on weekends it is time that evening from 19.00 NTV and then in turn TVC, Russia , ORT, RBC and, as they say, “those who have ears, let them hear.” It’s interesting how the common topics are voiced by different channels, where the accents are placed, and then the head is not in order to be in it. Think, compare, analyze, if you can smile And don’t, as many people write with contempt here- I WILL NOT WATCH A ZOMBO!
  22. Ivan 63
    Ivan 63 April 1 2014 21: 43
    "Independent" media does not exist in nature and this is a fact that cannot be refuted. That's just what a journalist depends on: the wallet of a foreign sponsor, a local tycoon (working for a foreign sponsor), a local head of the media (working for a foreign sponsor), the government (working for a foreign sponsor)? After the failure of the State Emergency Committee and until recently it was so, with a few exceptions - the whole people was subjected to massive zombie attacks, and the state almost ceased to exist - a miracle could be said, I would never have believed that Yeltsin would be involved in this miracle chance, but this is also a fact. And yet it would be right for those who write for us to be not only professionals, but patriots.
  23. chinararem
    chinararem April 1 2014 21: 56
    Quote: Stalker
    Putin, thoughtfully, "gi-seven ... zi eight ... seven ... eight ... arithmetic ... If they are going to show off, let's multiply by zero

    I love Agatha Christie. At one time, her detectives taught me English. Let me remind you the poem, straight about G7:
    Seven stupid black children decided to climb the oak tree,
    One of them fell - and there were six left.

    Six bee children decided to take honey from bees,
    One was bitten - and there were five left.

    Five stupid Negroes have judged
    One went to jail - and there were four of them.

    Three stupid black women barely recovered
    But then a bear came - and there were two left.

    The last black woman did nothing
    When he got married, there was no one!
    1. Turkir
      Turkir April 1 2014 23: 04
      Where is the penultimate Negro? wink
  24. Papabear
    Papabear April 1 2014 21: 57
    Assuming that the article as well as the survey are correct, we can pull the following out of it:
    - Most people 88% receive news from TV. Resting, or just looking at the box
    - Some in the regions have their own channels. Others either do not, or do not have prime time, or they are not interesting.
    - almost 17% old-fashioned
    - if there is time for the TV, then it will not be enough for the Internet. Respondents on the Internet watch the news when at work and when at home. The number of those who advanced slightly increased, maybe there is a small% who did not want to seem up-to-date.
    - The confidence of the information was demonstrated by the older generation, due to the assessment of information from a position of experience, and that it does not greatly affect their lives.
    - all other assessments represent the quality of information, methods for assessing it, approaches to objectivity, etc.

    Conclusion: people are busy with life, information is interesting to people from the point of view of its impact on life, so hysteria can be subjected only to a small% of the population who are not very busy, surf the Internet, have no experience, and really want to be fashionable. The reasons for the failure of Swamp are obvious
    1. Captain45
      Captain45 April 1 2014 22: 18
      Quote: PapaBear
      Respondents on the Internet watch news when at work,

      This may raise the question, what else do respondents do at work, besides browsing the Internet? Maybe that's why we live HERO, because we rummage around instead of working on the Internet?
      1. Papabear
        Papabear April 1 2014 22: 29
        Quote: Captain45

        This may raise the question, what else do respondents do at work, besides browsing the Internet? Maybe that's why we live HERO, because we rummage around instead of working on the Internet?

        Not necessary. Part of the mail looks at work, at the same time watching the news. A part of the Internet has a home, watches it periodically, a part of the Internet does not have a home at all, or is, but it’s very expensive. For exact numbers there should have been a survey in that direction. laughing And the "ch.e.r.o.v.o" is different for everyone. The only thing that unites is the lack of a systematic approach, the desire to quickly and for free.
  25. Partizan
    Partizan April 1 2014 22: 11
    Quote: chinararem
    ... Do you want the opinion of the people - go down to the grandmothers at the entrance. ...

    Nope, grandmothers at the entrance "under processing" of "1st channel" and "Russia1".
    1. dmitriygorshkov
      dmitriygorshkov April 1 2014 22: 56
      Quote: Partizan
      Nope, grandmothers at the entrance "under processing" of "1st channel" and "Russia1".

      Would it be better if "Dozhdik" and "RBK"?
      No! Grandmothers are regional news! wink
  26. Stinger
    Stinger April 1 2014 22: 35
    Therefore, only 8% were satisfied with the print media and their objectivity.

    Objectivity is difficult to assess. It all depends on the presentation of the material. For example, the Pope flew to Paris on a visit. Newspapers came to him right at the plane's ladder with questions. Their first question was: - Tell me, how do you feel about Parisian brothels? - Are there brothels in Paris? Dad asked. The next day, all the Parisian newspapers were full of headlines on the front pages: “The first question of the Pope on French soil was:“ Are there brothels in Paris? ”The Pope's first question, first, about brothels? Yes.
  27. nizrum
    nizrum April 1 2014 22: 39
    The most honest media is a video from YouTube, and without sound and from a distance of 3 meters (so that the inscriptions are not readable).

    Well, about the zombie man ... the federal media almost do not lie, but they don’t agree much, distorting the meaning somewhat (for example, with the number of protesters). Therefore, I watch the news on TV, and I check interesting points on the network in several sources + a couple of news and entertainment portals.
  28. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S April 1 2014 23: 52
    Friends, I look at today's media, all of these: Echo of Moscow, Rains, Interlocutors and yellow sites on the Internet and nostalgia for my sixties and seventies gnaws at me. , so much dirt pours from the pages of newspapers and newspapers, from TV screens, you just wonder how you can spoil your country, where you were born, studied something, live and mock people. In my opinion they are the real enemies of their country, human appearance.
  29. Lesogon
    Lesogon April 2 2014 01: 01
    Who has satellite TV, watch Ukrainian channels, read Ukrainian resources on the network and compare with what will be lower:

    Outside the window, rain and hail. This is Putin's fault! The cat left the kittens - This is Putin's fault, the mistress left the hare - Who is guilty, guess! Here the board ends At the unfortunate goby, Our Tanya cries loudly - Nearby Putin, not otherwise! The light went out, the fence fell, The motor died out in a car, A healthy tooth was removed Or a thief got into an apartment, I didn’t like the movie, You came to town ... but Any cataclysm There is one explanation ... Every democrat knows - Putin is to blame! Who yesterday in my porch Lift to the ceiling? Believe me, comrades, this is Putin’s hand! I caught drunk "squirrel" - This is Putin's tricks! A pile under the table of Mr. Putin’s fault! The toilet clogged - This is Putin’s order, He threw gobies there, poured water - and he was like that! At night, the clothes are stolen, the glass in our house is broken. Dancing drunk in the yard. This is Putin - a riffraff! There is no escape from the villain! Matom writes on the walls, Broke the bushes in the alley. This is Putin - oh and oh! Liberala is wetting the rain - Putin laughs merrily. Flooded your cottage? - This is Putin, not otherwise! Did you find a thunderstorm along the way? - That hand got the Kremlin. Cold, wind, snow - Putin is again to blame. Blowing down a hurricane? - This is Putin taking revenge on the rams. Storm, tsunami, flood? - This is Putin, no doubt! Rain, landslide, cyclone - Of course he is to blame. Sel, avalanche, rockfall? - Clear: Putin is to blame! Tornado, typhoon, earthquake - There is no salvation from Putin!

    How? Seem to be?
  30. DimDimych
    DimDimych April 2 2014 02: 12
    "They defend so desperately and selflessly ... no, not freedom of speech,
    and the interests of another state. Or a whole group of states. "
  31. druidcat
    druidcat April 2 2014 05: 37
    I respect the expert opinion of the author Nikolai Starikov, I read two of his books. I advise everyone.
  32. economist
    economist April 2 2014 10: 55
    As a great humanist and philanthropist with extensive experience of working with adults, I declare with concern that Starikov is seriously ill and needs the services of a psychiatrist. A person who builds all his "strategic" calculations on the basis of reports from the federal media, which are mouthpieces of crude propaganda serving the interests of power structures (not to be confused with state or national interests), cannot but be of interest to professional doctors ...