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Palestinian militants have received at the disposal of the Kornet ATGM

For the first time December 6 became known to the Palestinian militants about the use of the Russian anti-tank complex Kornet (ATGW). It was on this day that the Palestinians were the first to succeed in smashing an Israeli Merkava-3 tank. The Israeli side acknowledged this fact, as stated by Gabi Ashkenazi, the chief of the General Staff of Israel. He made his statement during the working meeting of the Israeli Parliamentary Commission on Foreign Affairs and Defense. In particular, Ashkenazi said: "This is a heavy rocket, which is one of the most dangerous, previously used in our region."

According to a senior Israeli military, the Cornet rocket pierced the armor tank Merkava-3, which patrolled an electronic fence established along the border with the turbulent Gaza Strip. The crew of the armored car was saved only by the fact that, for an unknown reason, the Kornet rocket did not explode. However, according to Israeli sources, the tank was hit.

"Cornet" - a representative of a completely new generation of ATGM and is designed to effectively defeat modern armored vehicles, including tanks, equipped with dynamic protection. Also, these complexes with considerable probability can serve to destroy enemy personnel, including those under the protection of complex fortifications. In addition, it has the ability to hit low-speed aircraft and surface targets, regardless of the time of day and the complexity of the surrounding meteorological conditions. In recognition of the military, "Cornet" is resistant not only to passive, but also active optical interference. He also has a number of other advantages - the work of the operator is simplified through the use of new technologies, convenient for transportation. All the components suggest that the "Cornet" is quite effective. weapon. That was proven during combat use.

According to unconfirmed data, for the first time the Cornet complex was used in combat conditions of the Second Lebanon War in 2006. Israel officially acknowledged defeat in the indicated conflict of 46 tanks, of which 3 were destroyed. The representative of Hezbollah indicates other data: according to them, she managed to knock out an 164 tank. The number of wrecked tanks using the “Cornet” remains unknown. But among the wrecked tanks were modern “Merkavy-4”, which until that moment were considered invulnerable. It should be noted that the Israeli military justified such heavy losses by the fact that it was Hornbullah’s Cornet.
The Israelis noted that the appearance of Kornets among the Lebanese militants was a very unpleasant surprise. It is indicated that Hezbollah "Cornets" put Syria. Although Russia supplied the complexes not only to this country, but also to Morocco, Eritrea, Algeria, Libya, Peru, and Turkey.

The military-technical cooperation established between Russia and Syria provokes an extremely disapproving reaction in Israel. Several “Kornets” captured by Israeli special forces in 2006 were exhibited among other trophies in the building of the General Staff of the state, and the fact that they were among the militants caused undisguised fury among the Israeli leadership. And far from the last role in why Israel actively supplied arms to Georgia, according to Israeli politicians, was the further development of military-technical cooperation between Moscow and Damascus.

Given the fact that the militants have such powerful weapons as the Kornet complexes, the Israeli military has begun to develop plans for conducting operations to ensure the security of their mechanized units. On the eve of the “Cast Lead” military operation, the IDF leadership did not rule out the possibility that the situation similar to Lebanon’s 2006 would recur in the Gaza Strip and urged their subordinates not to enter into open confrontation without first establishing that the enemy had a Cornet complex. As you know, at that time the fears of the Israeli military command turned out to be in vain, but already the 6 of December 2010 of the year the Palestinians showed that they now have at their disposal a weapon against which Israel’s tanks are powerless.

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  1. datur
    datur April 16 2011 11: 15
    and they said that the merkavs are indestructible and our rackets are like yesterday’s pampering.
  2. Maksim
    Maksim April 16 2011 12: 44
    Bravo! Rockets, what you need!
  3. turnip
    turnip April 16 2011 14: 22
    there is no equipment to be killed; technology can only increase survivability
  4. Eric
    Eric April 16 2011 14: 52
    The benefit of Cornet!
  5. war
    war April 16 2011 15: 22
    Bravo "Cornet" smile You give more "dead Merkav"
  6. Michael
    Michael April 16 2011 16: 44
    Well, what about the rusty, crooked and slingshots assembled by the "screwy" Uncle Vasya?
    wrong article! Bloody Pu, orcs, diehard fighter Uncle Hodor are not indicated, and the place is not indicated by the Russian woman lera.
  7. datur
    datur April 16 2011 20: 08
    MichaelBut this is another topic. But 3-4 missiles, and 2-4 merkava. to the topic!
  8. His
    His April 16 2011 20: 22
    It was an old-fashioned bassoon.
  9. Victor
    Victor April 16 2011 21: 30
    His, I give clarification, not the bassoon, but the competition is its further development.
  10. APASUS
    APASUS April 16 2011 22: 33
    This is all the canoe! With its simple use. It's not a slingshot! Shot a pro!
  11. datur
    datur April 17 2011 12: 49
    michael you cho smacked prompt /

    Isn't it all the difference. the conclusion is one-burn !!!!! just burn from the actions of ordinary militants.
  12. Michael
    Michael April 17 2011 17: 14
    I mixed amphitamine and cocaine - and I saw beavers, I saw pineapple, I know that raccoons will come to save us!
    But seriously, tired of this wild reel from one extreme to another. That all interferes with d ... m and sprinkle ashes on our heads, then ahead of the rest of the planet, then militants, then freedom fighters. Like + and -, but I want some kind of stability.
  13. onyx
    onyx April 18 2011 15: 06
    Jews say that a rocket pierced the armor of their tank, but did not explode. What nonsense ?! This is a cumulative missile, not an armor-piercing artillery shell! In my opinion, there is double propaganda - they say the Russians are harming us, but their weapons are still removed
    1. svvaulsh
      svvaulsh 29 July 2011 12: 08
      As far as I know, the ammunition has a tandem warhead. The first burns through the armor, the second explodes inside. Looks like the second did not work.
      1. Vitvdv75
        Vitvdv75 24 May 2012 10: 33
        I would like to correct a little. The first part of the tandem ammunition is designed to overcome the DZ, and the second (main) burns through the armor. Nothing explodes inside the tank, except for the detonation of the BK.
  14. thunder
    thunder April 19 2011 10: 32
    This rocket should not explode, because it is not a cumulative charge, but a carbide barrel. The cornet was designed to pierce Abramsov's uranium armor. Penetrating through the frontal armor of the tower, the barrel falls into ammunition and causes detonation. It is difficult to assume what would have remained of T-90, hit him like a Cornet rocket. The Israelis are good students, they probably already have an analogue. So in vain the savages rejoice, your hatred of the Jews will bring you to hell.
    1. svvaulsh
      svvaulsh 29 July 2011 12: 10
      You’re talking about a caliber projectile.
  15. Joker
    Joker April 19 2011 10: 45
    because it is not a cumulative charge, but a carbide blank.
    - link to the source in the studio.

    Technically, there are two ways to hit armor:

    An armor-piercing projectile, it’s such a crowbar flying at a speed of more than 1000 places per second, and flashing armor due to its kinetic energy

    Cumulative shell either Rocket - uses effect cumulative jet, that is, this "body" full of explosives, at the beginning of the charge a small copper bucket. When an explosive is blown up, this bucket rushes forward to form a cumulative stream with a temperature of 1500-3500 degrees and burns through the armor and destroys everything behind the armor, hitting the crew

    If a slow-flying and everywhere-penetrating projectile is invented, then please share this super-secret information.

    T-90 - a super tank, if it hits the forehead then there will be no nichrome.

    Your arrogance serf will bring you to hell.

    And as for savages - no matter what propaganda bukhtel - Russians are a great nation with ancient traditions, in contrast to a cross between Hyperboreans and Neanderthals.
    1. svvaulsh
      svvaulsh 29 July 2011 12: 16
      Quote: Joker
      small copper bucket

      concave conical shape (addition), due to which the burning jet is focused at a certain point on the surface.
  16. onyx
    onyx April 19 2011 15: 04
    I completely agree with the Joker. The Kornet missile is equipped with a tandem cumulative warhead (as an anti-tank weapon). And the statement "This rocket should not explode, because it is not a shaped charge, but a hard-alloy balvanka." - this is no longer just delirium, but a deliberate lie! And it is not the Russians who hate the Jews, but quite the opposite, and this is no longer possible to hide. But they themselves will find themselves in the underworld.
  17. north
    north April 19 2011 18: 54
    I do not know why. but the author did not indicate that the terrorists use the cornet against school buses?
  18. Mack
    Mack April 19 2011 23: 40
    Russians, of course, are a great nation with ancient traditions. It is not clear why to prove this it is necessary to insult other peoples.
    It is incomprehensible, also, your joy at the assassination of your weapons by our weapons.
    1. svvaulsh
      svvaulsh 29 July 2011 12: 26
      Buddy Regarding the killings, any adequate person has a clear opinion - this is bad.
      As for weapons, this has a purely commercial interest. In August 2008, including your weapon, shot at Russian soldiers.
  19. Joker
    Joker April 20 2011 09: 00
    Mack- maybe I didn’t understand something, but before appearing here

    thunder, no one has insulted anyone, and my post relates to him personally. Regarding the cross - excuse me, the facts speak for themselves. As for the Neanderthals - IMHO - just another race.
  20. 00-00-00
    00-00-00 April 22 2011 12: 09
    You perfectly understand what is happening in the world. Occupied the Palestinian territory and build yourself victims.
    1. Krylovets2000 (HVVKU)
      Krylovets2000 (HVVKU) 29 July 2011 11: 59
      .... not only Palistin .... look hto the government .... so not only ...
  21. onyx
    onyx April 23 2011 04: 07
    PS I am not at all a Jew-hater against all forms of fascism, racism and other insanity, and I urge everyone not to succumb to the provocations that have recently flooded Russia according to someone’s malice, but in a familiar scenario.
  22. Krylovets2000 (HVVKU)
    Krylovets2000 (HVVKU) 29 July 2011 11: 58
    Mozh and nebylo Cornet ??? In Iraq, too, the Cornets were looking for, and their Abrams eat old RPG7 !! (
  23. kesa1111
    kesa1111 13 November 2011 02: 19
    And it’s a pity that it’s not Konet. It needs to be checked in the field, for example, on Merkava 4.
  24. dmitri077
    dmitri077 26 January 2012 22: 59
    if the Palestinian militants have "Cornet", then it will be possible not to be surprised that the militants in the Caucasus have "Stingers"?! ..
  25. 102
    102 7 June 2012 23: 25
    it’s rooted
  26. commbatant
    commbatant 25 November 2012 14: 57
    but the Jews refused to sell 120 tanks of Merkava to Georgia, before the South Ossetian war ...

    otherwise it would be a glorious hunt, Prokhorovka would rest ...
  27. vitya29111973
    vitya29111973 25 January 2013 21: 27
    The men are in vain! If the Palestinian terrorists have the "Cornet", then they will soon appear in the Syrian ones. Then you will rejoice together with the Syrian guys whom they will burn in armored vehicles of Soviet and Russian production. It is not excluded that they will go to the North Caucasus after the stingers.