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In honor of Victory Day


I'd like to recall our childhood in those years - from 1941 to 1945. Recall and share with everyone.

2 January 1941, I turned 5 years. I was born in 1936 in the village of Klyuchi, Sasovsky District, Ryazan Region. My name is Novikova Maria Aleksandrovna (Mikheeva by her husband). Now I live in the city of Mytishchi, Moscow Region.

We lived in the 5-wall house. Uncle Suvorov Pyotr Mikhailovich lived in one half with his family, the girl Nastya was a 3 godika. In the second half we all lived, Suvorov: Pelageya, Ivan, Vladimir, Konstantin. Dad went north. Constantine died in the Finnish War. Peter died in 42 in February near Kharkov. Vanya and Volodya were teenagers, they worked at the Zarya collective farm.

In 41, a boy was born in the family of Peter, and my mother gave birth to my little sister.

In 1941, our mothers were asked to go to light work. But in the 1942 year, when there wasn’t even a baby, our mothers worked like everyone else, only closer to home so they could come to feed the babies. For the whole day the kids were left, all three with me. I already had 6 years. Nastya 4 of the year, and Tole and Tanya less than a year. Hanged two cradles in the same room. I rocked them and sang endlessly. Changed diaper, but how changed? They did not order to pull out the cradle, so as not to hurt, but only to wipe and put dry.

The collective farm had a large herd: cows, calves, sheep, pigs, horses, and various poultry.

We had no grandmothers. And wool from kolkhoz sheep to their homes is for all grandmothers. They spun the yarn and distributed this yarn to all the houses, and we were brought a whole nettle bag of yarn to knit socks and gloves for the soldiers. All schoolgirls knitted gloves with two fingers and socks, put a note with the address and received letters of thanks. And I was also knitting. Mom will start a sock in the evening, and I do it all day. Winter came, I was settled on the stove with two little ones. I sit on the edge and knit, and in front of me hangs a kerosene lamp with glass. Tolya and Tanya play on the stove. The furnaces were large, one-year-old children ran to their full height. At lunch, mothers came, brought pea soup, which was cooked in a large cauldron for everyone. And Nastya 4-x years away to an old alien granny, she also helped, spun and looked after the girl. In spring and summer, girls and boys older than 10 helped spring in the sowing season. Planted potatoes. Helped in the hen house to distribute food to chickens who had been outside all day. They had to be watched. Teens and pigs were grazed by teen boys and worked on haymaking. Boys 15 and older worked on horses, carried hay, made light propashka sprouting potatoes. Sheaves of rye, millet, oats, buckwheat, barley, hemp and peas with lentils were carried on carts. Carried on the grind. On the collective farm there was a steam locomotive, the engine was connected to a thresher with a thresher. There, in a huge tank, there were blades, and the whole cart was part of this tank. Teenagers straight from the cart threw sheaves into the thresher, which worked continuously. And below the bags were hung to the gutters to receive the grain. Peas hammered with flails teen girls. And we, 5-7-year-olds, nursed our youngest sisters and brothers.

PS Lovely peers and peers, write about yourself! Those who lived in the village during the Second World War. So that our grandchildren know about our childhood. The townspeople also worked. Write about yourself.

[right] [/ right] Memoirs M. Mikheeva. Posted by son Alexander.
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  1. Tanysh
    Tanysh 31 March 2014 15: 01
    God bless those who survived this time and did not lose their human faces.
    1. infinite silence ...
      infinite silence ... 31 March 2014 15: 13
      Remember ....
      1. Gloria45
        Gloria45 31 March 2014 15: 42

        a eto vospominanija poliakov ....
      2. tchack
        tchack 31 March 2014 16: 31
        Vladimir Dmitrievich Talashko is a Soviet Ukrainian actor. He played Sergei Skvortsov in the film "Some old men go to battle" and many others.

        If anyone forgot ...
        1. not main
          not main 31 March 2014 23: 59
          Quote: tchack
          If anyone forgot ...

          Who remembers, did not forget! But who did not know, let them know! Maybe the air around will become cleaner!
          1. Alexstalker
            April 26 2014 10: 02
            and in schools they teach something else! this is sad
          2. Alexstalker
            April 26 2014 10: 02
            and in schools they teach something else! this is sad
    2. polite people
      polite people 31 March 2014 16: 17
      The Lord is capitalized. Not a bully.
      1. Weniamin
        Weniamin April 1 2014 07: 48
        The Lord is capitalized. Not a bully
        It all depends on the context in which you used this expression.
        In stable combinations that are used in colloquial speech without direct connection with religion, it is recommended to write God (as well as Lord) with a lowercase letter. These include: (not) God knows or (not) God knows (who, what, what) - 'about who-, what-n. not very important, insignificant ', God (Lord) knows him -' I don't know, I don't know ', God bless him (her, you, you) -' so be it, okay, I agree (although I don't like it); God is with you (you) is an expression of disagreement, God knows what is an expression of indignation; God forbid, for God's sake, kill (me) God, as God puts on my soul, etc.

        You should not write with a capital letter interjections by God, God, my God, Lord, Lord my God, my God, God forbid, God forbid, unlike those cases when the forms God, Lord express an appeal to God. In some cases, the choice of spelling depends on the context. So, glory to God can be written (if the context indicates that the speaker really thanks the Lord God) and thank God (if it is clear from the context that a common colloquial phrase is used: That time, thank God, he came on time!). But in combination not, thank God, 'unfavorably' the capital letter is impossible (Uni still not thank God).
  2. sluganska
    sluganska 31 March 2014 15: 02
    May 9 in Ukraine promises to be more "interesting" day than May 25 (
    although I want to make a mistake
    1. infinite silence ...
      infinite silence ... 31 March 2014 15: 14
      Can we mark this date with another victory? ...)))
      1. sluganska
        sluganska 31 March 2014 15: 37
        I am with two hands! there are no current "coordinators", everyone is sitting in burrows Efremov, Dobkin, Tsarev, etc. (
        1. infinite silence ...
          infinite silence ... 31 March 2014 15: 56
          I think the whole East will be "FOR" ...

          I reviewed the candidates ... Hug and cry ...
          It is impossible to develop immunity for m. Dacians, they constantly mutate.
          1. sluganska
            sluganska 31 March 2014 16: 08
            the candidates are cool)
            I think if Verka Serdyuchka would have submitted her candidacy, then she would have the highest chances (in the East, for sure)
            1. Kazakh
              Kazakh 31 March 2014 16: 47
              Quote: sluganska
              the candidates are cool)
              I think if Verka Serdyuchka would have submitted her candidacy, then she would have the highest chances (in the East, for sure)

              Especially if I sang the song Rush Goodbye am
          2. xsapranx
            xsapranx 31 March 2014 17: 34
            For the celebration of Victory Day will be all strange! (although there are also especially gifted ones who do not want to shake the boat and cry in a vest)
        2. densh
          densh 31 March 2014 16: 18
          Quote: sluganska
          I am with two hands! there are no current "coordinators", everyone is sitting in burrows Efremov, Dobkin, Tsarev, etc. (

          You got it right - these are not "coordinators" but "candidates". If you face the truth, they are all useless windbag and piz ... ly, who love to say nice words and get into heroic poses. But when it came to real action and started "smell fried", they all merged heroically. Even in the current conditions, they did not try to nominate a single candidate for whom the south and east of Ruins would vote.
    2. Gloria45
      Gloria45 31 March 2014 16: 41
      Quote: sluganska
      May 9 in Ukraine promises to be more "interesting" day than May 25 (
      although I want to make a mistake

      The soul hurts for those veterans who are defenseless today
      rebellion from hell by fascism. Their handful remained, a living story.
      It is clear that this bloody lie of the Ukrainian government wants to get rid
      from these people can be said first. The new regime is true
      need not. I don’t understand why Yanukovych didn’t do anything for 3 years
      back. And now he is ranting about the Nazis in the new government. So after all
      and he had his hand in creating such a situation in the country, with his connivance
      and his tacit consent.
  3. Coffee_time
    Coffee_time 31 March 2014 15: 03
    Yes, a deep bow to such people, now in the village and in the city people have become much more lazy. Children only have computers, etc. serve
    1. from punk
      from punk 31 March 2014 15: 07
      Quote: Coffee_time
      Yes, a deep bow to such people, now in the village and in the city people have become much more lazy. Children only have computers, etc. serve

      not everyone who does not pursue the low values ​​of such programs and channels as house-2, music-tv, mtv, people are different everywhere. parents should educate
  4. Eydolon
    Eydolon 31 March 2014 15: 04
    that’s the whole point that they don’t lose but they beat them (((again !!!
  5. k19
    k19 31 March 2014 15: 05
    Mentally, in Russian, for real ...
  6. darksoul
    darksoul 31 March 2014 15: 06
    Quote: Coffee_time
    May 9 in Ukraine promises to be more "interesting" day than May 25 (
    although I want to make a mistake

    that's for sure, I would suggest those who go under Bendery flags while there is an opportunity to find out from people who have experienced this, one can say a lot about history that is written differently, but thank God there are still people who have experienced this horror, and it’s especially scary when in the saint dei may 9 they see black and red flags
    1. sluganska
      sluganska 31 March 2014 15: 50
      I believe that it is useless. they have it in the blood. a kind of blocker is on everything Russian (
      pc maybe in the east we need to go out with other posters, like: freedom to Galicia ?, :-)
      1. I_VOIN_I
        I_VOIN_I 31 March 2014 16: 39
        Yes sir! With posters and something heavier.)
  7. Eydolon
    Eydolon 31 March 2014 15: 06
    I think a little is left, our Rush will not tolerate this. I think that Putin is deeply not indifferent
  8. Eydolon
    Eydolon 31 March 2014 15: 07
    Personally, I take a gun tomorrow
    and I'm going to fight, who is with me ???
    1. johnsnz
      johnsnz 31 March 2014 15: 31
      Whom to fight boom? By the way, where do you get the trunk?
  9. nikcris
    nikcris 31 March 2014 15: 08
    Father, now deceased, told the same thing ...
  10. konvalval
    konvalval 31 March 2014 15: 11
    The average family at the time. This is how all ordinary families lived. They were lucky that they were not in the occupation. But I experienced the "joy" of communicating with the Nazis.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. St Petrov
      St Petrov 31 March 2014 15: 25
      Only yesterday, my grandmother spoke about the war. she was 12 years old, sister 11 and older 18.

      The elder was killed by the ghouls (their own), whom during the war there were not a few who roam, the partisans eventually found and hanged them.

      The grave was dug by grandmother and younger sister - 11 and 12 years after they found the corpse. They drove the same together. (it’s hell, it’s such a thing to survive, to dig his sister’s magilla at 11)

      Then the two of them lived in the house, two babies, their neighbors in the village robbed them. They dug a garden and stole all vegetables and accumulations of crackers for the winter of 1942. It was somewhere in Belarus, so they saw a German a couple of weeks after the start of the war.

      She also told when the younger sister fell ill with malaria in the fall and she was angry with her because she was digging the garden and looking for firewood alone from morning to night and reproached herself for being angry with her sister, who had fever and who was dying (as a result, the Germans gave the pill and the heat is gone)

      The Germans came to their house in their hands holding the ropes with the words - now we will hang you up, then we left with a laugh, rummaging through everything and taking everything edible (which was left after the first major robbery by our own). Even in their village, Poles and French in the shape of a German roamed.

      she also told how the partisans walked in the form of Germans, finding out who collaborates with the Nazis. The Germans also walked in our uniform.

      Meat grinder and hell. Everywhere enemies, look at the form - there is no hope. Denunciations were written both on collaborators with the patrizans and collaborators with the Fritz (of course, good neighbors wrote).

      First, the Fritzes were killed, then the partisans came into the village and looked for enemies in the same way. The time is creepy. Do not want to go to the partisans - a bullet in the forehead. Do not go to the Germans - a bullet from them. I was terrified of this story.

      Somehow everything was different.

      Wartime, consolidation - but in fact everything is much sadder. Ghouls and robbers divorced many times more than before the war. Both they and the Germans could shoot. And not the first and not the second - so partisans. Questions were resolved quickly and locally. In general, God forbid once again to experience this country.
      1. Sergey S.
        Sergey S. April 1 2014 08: 25
        You plus for the story.
        It turned out a metaphor about today in the south-east of Ukraine, and, God forbid, about tomorrow in many countries of the world.
  11. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 31 March 2014 15: 13
    The nightmares of the children of war come true. Kiev, and the whole of Ukraine was captured by the Nazis!
  12. sscha
    sscha 31 March 2014 15: 14
    Only my mother was older. She was an orphan, grew up with her grandfather. Grandfather died in the fall of 41. In the spring of 42, so that there was something to eat, my mother went to the military registration and enlistment office (she’s from 23 of the year) and came to Königsberg as a radio operator. Dad was 29 of the year, so he had to work at the metallurgical plant as an assistant driver for a steam dynamo - a car. Three beeps means an accident! Belts burst! At least at night, at least in a snowstorm - run for three kilometers, help, you cannot handle one shift!
    Honor to them and our memory !!! hi
    KAPITANUS 31 March 2014 15: 20
    Those who live in Ukraine, write, in general, how is it with you? Without media, quietly, salaries are paid, mood? Interesting from the "first hand"
    1. Borz
      Borz 31 March 2014 16: 52
      Honestly, from the "first hand":
      z / p state employees, while paying pensions (I speak for Odessa), in any case I have not heard the facts of non-payment. There is no panic in the streets. There is a protest movement, although not very powerful, there are enough supporters as a gay path (there are a lot of assimilated raguls), and rapprochement with Russia. I know cases of clashes for political reasons at work, in institutions, at home. Someone is waiting for the right-wing squads (reference: right-handed, aggressive-minded homosexuals), and some (like me, actually) with looking towards Russia with hope. There was a forced mobilization, those who didn’t unhook, now they are serving duty in field camps (they needed to have a change of clothes, groceries for 10 days and 1000 hryvnias with them). We started squeezing business from past owners of life:"Manufactured goods market of Ukraine 7th kilometer in the Odessa region is entering the stage of bankruptcy: the property of the market is arrested, the accounts are blocked, according to the resolutions of the State Executive Service of Ukraine.

      According to documents, the executive service seized the property of the market. His management is prohibited from alienating the property of Promtovarny Market LLC.

      By another decree of the executive service, all 7-kilometer Odessa bank accounts were seized. Thus, the official financial activities of the enterprise were terminated.

      As you know, the 7 km market belongs to Ivan Avramov, a close associate of Yuri Ivanyushchenko, better known as Yuri Enakievsky. "

      And the rest .... schools teach, doctors treat, public transport carries, the sun shines. But I would like to change the flag over the city. Odessa does not look under the "yellow-blue". Odessa is different.
    2. I read the news
      I read the news 31 March 2014 19: 14
      Salaries are delayed, everyone who does not support the junta is pushed in. Heads of administrations are easily changed (just in batches). People are afraid to mimic (hesitate with the line). A month ago they were going to join the "right sector", now the bandits are scolding which "sector". A month and a half ago, we stood on the Maidan, now they are going to vote for Poroshenko.
      To the question: "Why, memory has been knocked out, why are you standing on the Maidan?" they answer something like: "yes, exactly, damn it!"
  14. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 31 March 2014 15: 25
    Here's whose words you need to write a story!
  15. johnsnz
    johnsnz 31 March 2014 15: 29
    A bow to all of you who have survived this!
    1. shinobi
      shinobi 31 March 2014 15: 32
      To the ground! They gave us a future
  16. ZU-23
    ZU-23 31 March 2014 15: 32
    My grandfather, out of 12 brothers, 8 were killed, he was also dressed in orders, shell-shocked, shot through and all in fragments. The kingdom to them all is heavenly and thank you very much for the Victory !!! It's good that I found someone like Putin and appreciated it all.
  17. Platov
    Platov 31 March 2014 15: 40
    I was born young after the war, but I remember how the tax came to us to collect. They took ghee and a lot. And my neighbor, a classmate of the first class, went to school in bast shoes, the outskirts were restored by a large tightening of their belts.
  18. mitya24
    mitya24 31 March 2014 15: 40
    It’s impossible to defeat these people ..... ANYONE and NEVER. This bl .... is not the salvation of Private Ryan, where, because of one soldier, a special operation is carried out
  19. Siberian19
    Siberian19 31 March 2014 15: 40
    remember, respect, proud! soldier
    1. polite people
      polite people 31 March 2014 16: 28
      Honor and glory to them. Opera singer Bibigul Tulegenova. She stood on the podium during the Victory Parade 2012 g
      1. zeleznijdorojnik
        zeleznijdorojnik 31 March 2014 16: 56
        This is not Bibigul! That was 13 years old in the war and she had no ties with the armed forces. No one has such a set of awards, which is typical in 2010, this creature flandered in the colonel’s uniform with the Order of Alexander Nevsky. No words, could it be that the organizers of the parade could not pick up either live veterans — understandably not in ranks, or at least not to disgrace — THIS in general uniforms sat while playing the anthem, and when carrying the Banner I put my hand to the empty head.
        1. aviamed90
          aviamed90 31 March 2014 17: 04

          And here is the proof:

          Wednesday, 16 May 2012 09: 26
          article "Victory Day: about mummers" veterans "

          “The war is farther away from us, fewer and fewer among us remember it, festive fanfare is louder and more often on Victory Day there are fake“ veterans. ”Among a certain group of elderly and not so people, it became just a fad to put on a bunch of badges on May 9 , jubilee medals and walk with them, posing as veterans of the Great Patriotic War.But it's okay, it's much worse when these people put on other people's military awards, alien uniforms and pretend to be heroes - in the literal sense.

          One of the most outrageous examples is this woman in a general's uniform, standing on the podium of the parade on Red Square in Moscow next to real veterans, with honored soldiers. I don't know how she got to this rostrum, who let her go there. This is one of the very mummers "veterans". She has other people's awards: in our history, only one woman had the title of Hero of the Soviet Union and Hero of Socialist Labor at the same time - the famous pilot Valentina Stepanovna Grizodubova. She is wearing someone else's order pads: the Order of Lenin was attached to the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, and his pads are not in the photo. This mummer has three Orders of the Patriotic War: there is only one woman awarded with three such orders - this is the Hero of the Soviet Union, deputy squadron commander of the 46th Guards Women's Night Bomber Regiment Nadezhda Vasilyevna Popova. "
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. densh
          densh 31 March 2014 22: 24
          Quote: zeleznijdorojnik
          THAT in general uniforms sat while playing the anthem, and when carrying the Banner he put his hand to the empty head.

          In the photo - a strange woman in the uniform of a major general and awarded two stars at once - Hero of the USSR and Hero of Socialist Labor on the platform of the mausoleum. And here she is in 2010 (on the shoulder straps - three stars of the colonel):

          May 9, 2011 First, I saw her face and immediately remembered last year’s shot. But then I looked at the form and I don’t know about you, but I was somewhat taken aback. Having been on a well-deserved rest for a long time, in her advanced years the grandmother managed to receive (judging by the shoulder straps) the rank of Major General. Little of. Next to the star of the Hero of the Soviet Union, the star of the Hero of Socialist Labor quietly settled down. Go back and look again at last year's shot — one face and one star. And what a career for the year! However. The last GTS title was awarded on December 21, 1991 (an opera singer from Kazakhstan, Bibigul Tulegenova). And exactly after 20 years, when there is no social state, his social star appears. So I ask - HOW can this be ???
          They may object to me, the rank of general was given for outstanding merit, but I did not put on the star of social labor last year (the clasp broke). Willingly I believe. But why didn’t the sensational media not trumpet the whole country about conferring the general rank on the honored veteran of the Second World War before Victory Day? (The guarantor of the constitution gives general epaulettes in the Kremlin). And as for the GTS star, I will say one thing. There was such a pilot in the Soviet Union Grizodubova Valentina Stepanovna (1909-28 Apr. 1993). So she was the only woman in the history of the USSR, awarded two highest ranks (Hero of the Soviet Union and Hero of Socialist Labor). There is no GTS title in modern Russia. The question is the same - how can it be ??? hi
          1. air force 32
            air force 32 31 March 2014 23: 54
            Strange, those who consider themselves Napoleon are kept in a different place and in a different form.
    2. waisson
      waisson 31 March 2014 16: 46
  20. Bargus
    Bargus 31 March 2014 15: 43
    Not everyone in the world remembered the lesson of the Second World War and again the brown plague raised its head in Ukraine, although the people of Ukraine were guilty of this, giving the neo-fascists renegades the opportunity to dictate their orders and laws. It is thought that this will not last long, May 9 be in Ukraine as a celebration of victory and the cleansing of society from this infection.
  21. Hamul
    Hamul 31 March 2014 15: 59
    Brothers, I decided to unsubscribe too ...
    In Stavropol, there were different Germans in WWII. There were people who helped the people, and there were those who shot .... In fact, the city was surrendered without firing - since there was no use to anyone ...

    I learned the story from my grandfather - at the beginning of the war - there were 7 brothers, he is the youngest. Three of my cousins ​​were killed near Sevastopol ... well, etc.
    Only he survived - Savchenko Ivan Gavrilovich. He fought a little bit in the West, then transferred to the Far East. He fought with the Japanese. Then, until 1952, he still served.

    that's the beat. Poor grandfather - he could not imagine that the fascism with which they fought would flourish in Ukraine. all conversations away only about this Urkain.

    Grandfather is alive, he still serves himself completely and collects all the relatives around him. THIS IS PEOPLE WERE !!! THE FATHER !!! God give him (or whoever is there) health and health again, and all fascists and their sympathetic reptiles receive the appropriate punishment - or rather death, a long and painful one.

    1. The comment was deleted.
  22. Signaller
    Signaller 31 March 2014 16: 16
    I also have a mom- the whole war in Moscow-7 years. . Of course, not hunger, my grandmother worked in a h, my grandfather from Murmansk drove students. Such a service was. Frostbite completely. All my life then I was tormented. Uncle at 41 in the militia left. -6. Minus 6. Points that are binoculars. Well, the thing is clear. We don’t even know where. And to his mother ??? Only they can dream of war. Therefore, such freaks who dream of war, I would immediately wet.
  23. Warlock_r
    Warlock_r 31 March 2014 16: 22
    Guys, on the eve of May 9, we must not forget that our veterans live not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia. And, alas and ah, not always they receive attention worthy of their feat. Especially for those who live in the outback, away from large cities.
    Now, in a number of regions, a motor rally is held annually in such remote villages (actually here is the all-Russian website: http://дорогамивойны.рф/) When I first participated in it, I was shocked. You come to the veteran, he has a tiny hut. They have already forgotten that they can be given attention. Damn it, come, give presents, and they cry. Do you know how scary it is to see a tear of a veteran who went through the horror of the Second World War? A tear from the fact that they are remembered and somehow show respect. Frost tears through the skin.
  24. Andrey Ulyanovsky
    Andrey Ulyanovsky 31 March 2014 16: 22

    This is Igor Rasteryaev. His website:
    1. dmikras
      dmikras 31 March 2014 20: 17
      access to the site is limited
    2. air force 32
      air force 32 April 1 2014 00: 01
      with me plus in absentia, normal is not yet allowed
  25. aviamed90
    aviamed90 31 March 2014 16: 26
    And my father (1936 born like this grandmother) Italians almost hung.

    In our village (Kuban) there was some Italian military bastard. They lived in huts, and the owners in a stable ...
    My grandfather was not at home - he took the collective farm herd to the front line. The uncle went missing in 1942 at the front.
    In short, it was bad with the men.

    Well, Dad and his friends got in the habit of piercing the tires on him (the Italians). It turned out well.
    And then they went out of hunger to the food warehouse, took the stews and ate for the first time in many days in the reeds by the river.

    Well. As usual, some of the huts were taken away - to relatives.
    Macaroni raided the village. Found it.

    And my dad was "burned".
    Hanged by the legs on a tree and began to mock ...
    So my grandmother killed the last trigger for them, so that the little ones would be released.

    He is now 78 years old ...
    And he also mastered the Internet!

    That's it.
  26. elga5
    elga5 31 March 2014 16: 33
    Therefore, such freaks who dream of war, I would immediately wet.
    + 10000000000!
  27. The comment was deleted.
  28. Giant thought
    Giant thought 31 March 2014 16: 45
    We bow before you, children of war. How much did you have to survive! But the law on social benefits for children of war has been blocking EP in the State Duma for several years. The philanthropists, the so-called, here is their gratitude to the children of war, they only love themselves. Boiling up.
  29. Arh
    Arh 31 March 2014 16: 46
    Guys, let's create for Victory Day, the heading "The exploits of our grandfathers during the Second World War" and everyone will write about their grandfather or grandmother who performed a feat or memorable moment on the fronts or in the rear !!! ??? ***
  30. surovts.valery
    surovts.valery 31 March 2014 16: 53
    We will show them more.
  31. ksenofont7
    ksenofont7 31 March 2014 17: 06
    We all grew up on the memories of the war. Mothers and fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers talked about that time. And we need to put this memory into the heads of our children. My grandson is 5 years old, he knows who the Sailors are, what the blockade of Leningrad is and why at the fortress in Velikiye Luki there is a monument, a T-34 tank. [media = http: // v = vArOUixOha4 & list = PL58A8FDD9B45
  32. mig31
    mig31 31 March 2014 17: 06
    This is our story, this is not forgotten, God grant them health. I would like to see how our "swamp" riffraff and scum work for the good of the Motherland somewhere in the felling ...
  33. The comment was deleted.
  34. Valter1364
    Valter1364 31 March 2014 17: 34
    And the war in Stalingrad found my mother in an orphanage. Survived by some miracle. Now there are very few of them who survived in this world. It is necessary to remember this and often tell the younger generation. If we forget, everything will happen again. This is the law of the course of history.
  35. Valter1364
    Valter1364 31 March 2014 18: 01
    Quote: Arh
    Guys, let's create for Victory Day, the heading "The exploits of our grandfathers during the Second World War" and everyone will write about their grandfather or grandmother who performed a feat or memorable moment on the fronts or in the rear !!! ??? ***

    Good deal! Yes, and many have something to tell.
  36. SS68SS
    SS68SS 31 March 2014 18: 02
    [quote = с-t Petrov] Somehow I represented everything differently. [/ quote

    It's only in computer shooters that everything is smooth and beautiful ..... bang-bang and there is no person .... easy
    But in life everything is much worse and worse. And what if you have a bang-bang, only really from the machine?
    But you want to live, even the most "cool Rembe". What's going on on TV? In pursuit of the rating, only murders and showdowns are twisted ... And what new generation will grow up without anyone biting, if only money would drip ...
  37. 31 March 2014 18: 02
    From the memories of my grandfather.
    First: German. Second: Civil. This is about the Second World War.
    In 1943, in June, I was hired. army, I was then 52 years old, I was in the city of Chelyabinsk in the fire brigade of the plant Ch.T.Z. In August Kok Fedya came to Chelyabinsk, I added him to my team, but his leg soon hurt, his thumb hurt first, then farther and farther, it reached his stomach, his whole leg was black and thick. In November, he died. I buried him in soldier's clothes, then they let me go home to attach an orphan to Lenka. I was riding a brake from Chishmov in a freight train, and the police met in Tuymazy, reviewed all my belongings, did not find anything suspicious, there was nothing to pester, the documents were in order. There was a ticket for the trip, there was a Fedorov’s funeral, but they didn’t take anything into account, therefore it was impossible to travel by freight train and they took 500 rubles from me for a fine, and there were women with me, they had seeds and tobacco for sale, they were not fined, they just took everything away and let it go. And then in May 1944 I was seconded to the subsidiary farm and I worked pretty well there, and in 1946 in June my help came to help me daughter polina, and in September we were allowed to go home with her. For a good job we were given a dozen cucumbers and some carrots. This ended my military service. I wrote the whole truth, did not add a single word. Photo of Pelageya Vasilievna I enclose.
  38. delfinN
    delfinN 31 March 2014 18: 09
    It remains for our generation to complete what has begun.
  39. datur
    datur 31 March 2014 19: 26
    my grandfather (Belarus) - partisan! against the Germans! but most of all his anger and hatred was against, all this riffraff that the Germans had driven to him in BELARUS !!! --- the Bandera Ukrainians and freaks from the Baltic !!! I AM HIS GRAND !!! AND I WILL CONTINUE HIS !!! AND THEREFORE - DEATH TO BANDERERS !!!!
  40. waisson
    waisson 31 March 2014 19: 28
    this demotivator said everything for me
  41. kind
    kind 31 March 2014 19: 36
    Since the 80s, generations of consumers have grown up who, thank God, did not know the deprivations (maybe in vain, there is nothing to compare with). People have forgotten how to be content with little. It’s good of course to live in complete comfort, lazily clicking the buttons of the TV remote, sipping beer and spending nights on the Internet, and then what ?!
    Look at our current ones, almost everyone walks in headphones and constantly looks at the screens of gadgets, even sitting opposite each other, many communicate via the Internet.
    Turn off the Internet and mobile communications for one day, and the people will begin to panic. All in a hurry, but why ???
    Still, it would be forbidden to show foreign films (as well as domestic ones) with violence and blackmail in Russia, there are a lot of them on TV, that’s a lot of negativity, and there is enough adrenaline in modern life.
    Forgive my friends, maybe not in the subject, something is boiling. sad
  42. Reserve officer
    Reserve officer 31 March 2014 19: 50
    I was born in 1961, I heard about the war for the first time from my grandfather - a career officer who passed both the Finnish and the Great Patriotic War. All wounded, but survived. My second grandfather burned in the tank, in 43.
    Mom survived by a miracle. Our Soviet soldier dug it out from under the corpses of the Germans, heard the squeak of an 3-year-old girl. Saved her life, and, as it turned out, mine. It was in Pskov, when the families of the command personnel were evacuated with the last echelon, already under fire from German tanks. Little uncle Vitya, a newborn, was wounded with his mother, my grandmother, by one bullet. And there were six children in all. This was only the beginning of the war.
    Then a film was made about these events - "For the rest of my life", about the very last echelon. I can't look, tears are welling up.
    Although he himself was already the sixth dozen, the reserve officer, he saw a lot of things.
    From the earliest years, we were taught the immense respect of veterans, taught to understand the Great Feat of our people that allowed us to live. I'd like very much, dear ours, for you to manage to give your life core to today's boys and girls, so that they break away from their computers and open their mouths to look at those who are next to them, understand what happened to great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers. And they wanted to be like. Not on Hollywood heroes, but on their relatives. Those who are still alive, and those who live in our memory. To feel the pride of their country.
    Like us, in due time.
  43. Zomanus
    Zomanus April 1 2014 04: 57
    Yes, we don’t need a repetition of this. Yes, and there will not be one already. In the 90's, the USSR was destroyed without carpet bombing. And now, if they throw off Putin, the West will remember everything for us. And why? Yes, because there is no ideology, there is no national idea. If the Americans come and do not fierce and do not allow banditry to roam, many will continue to work the same way, only for them. Only a few will fight, and even the rest will be considered bandits and terrorists. Do you rescue why the Russians in Ukraine did not suddenly fall in love? So we prevented them from putting on a Euro Yarmo. Many hoped that it would be easier without the oligarchs and thieves in power. Therefore, the Maidan began. And now, because of Russia, I had to give a return. So the country hung. Lost what was and is not new. And so they would have walked under the Euroyarm and would have thought for themselves where it is better. So from this point of view, I understand them perfectly. Another question is that this does not meet our geopolitical interests. But on our interests and some Russians do not care.
  44. SVT
    SVT April 1 2014 06: 10
    "I was already 6 years old. Nastya is 4 years old, and Tolya and Tanya are less than a year old. They hung two cradles in the same room. I rocked and sang them endlessly. Changed the diapers, but how did they? They didn't tell me to take out the diapers so as not to hurt, but just wipe it off and place it dry. "

    People, we began not to notice the other, children. CHILDREN. at 6 years old they take care of other children, younger ones. 6 YEARS OLD !! at 11, they go to work, at 15 they are already independent, and our generation, and the Pepsi generation? and the post is Pepsi generation ?! at 16 he is still small, he does not understand what he was doing! parents scream when they drag their children to the police for hooliganism, drinking, robbery ... we talk with children under 18 years old, we carefully protect, from everything, from responsibility, from the realization of how to earn bread, from work, and then look at we are surprised at how it grew so managerially, I still remember my childhood, the village, how I came and helped my grandfather, how I myself worked in the country in the 90s, because I won’t work, I won’t dig, but I try to protect my own from it: he still small, it’s still a pity, let him sleep, oh well, I’ll do it myself, and I’m doing everything right, but as you read SUCH, and I’m ashamed, damn it, I’m ashamed for myself that I’m not aware of how MUCH I WELL WELL LIVING, and that each subsequent generation perceives everything around us (hospitals, roads, housing, food, education), as MUST, MUST! what am I owed to the state?!? NOT!! That it owes me, that’s what’s scary, we forget how it all got.

    It's a shame.

    (I'm talking about our country in general and myself in particular).
  45. Alexstalker
    April 30 2014 20: 00
    Good time. A day. Have you forgot the topic !!! Mom talked about young children. The rear.
  46. Alexstalker
    17 September 2014 03: 15
    And so! The Nazis are back! As always from the west! And sadly! That they beat and blame Russia - the USSR for all sins. And it’s easier to block all borders (this is already in modern realities). And let them go out in their tomatoes !!!? This is another topic!

    NO Fascism! And the topic has risen!