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Will the Varyag cruiser become a Chinese aircraft carrier?


Against the background of blogging messages - Chinese Internet authors are especially zealous - the message from the Chinese official news agency Sin-Hua, which posted photos of the Varyag aircraft carrier purchased from Ukraine (built at a shipyard in Nikolaev for the USSR Navy), is curious. With notes that the warship supposed to be sent for scrap may well be included in the composition of the Chinese Navy after reconstruction. The East knows how to keep its secrets. Nevertheless, some information is leaking that the South China Sea is considered by the political leadership of China not only as a potential theater of war, but also as the interior of China, which is strictly controlled by the Chinese fleet.

Launching quite combat-ready “Varyag”, restored and brought to the necessary condition in Chinese shipyards, is quite capable of shaking the cup of a rather fragile balance of opposition from fleets in the region. No wonder some Chinese bloggers are doing their best in their publications on the topic of Fukushima. In their opinion, the accident at the nuclear power plant was only to camouflage the consequences of the secret test of the first in a hundred and more kilometers from the east coast of Japan in relation to the Pacific coast of Japan. stories "Land of the Rising Sun" modern nuclear device. The Washington administration is also showing some nervousness. The successes of the Chinese economy, multiplied by the increasing claims to dominance in those waters that are traditionally considered to be territorially owned by the state controlling them, force the US leadership to respond very sharply to the potential launch of the first full-fledged Chinese aircraft carrier.

Will the Varyag cruiser become a Chinese aircraft carrier?

Opinions of unnamed experts that until China has acquired an aircraft carrier group of at least three ships capable of ensuring the mass launch of aircraft from their sites, they simply cannot be criticized due to the senselessness of such statements. And, by the way, this does not at all deny that the Chinese leadership is not concerned about the construction of its own aircraft-carrying ships. The Chinese naval officers could get a strategy for their use during training at various Russian military academies. And this can only increase the anxiety of the Americans. After just five to six years, China will be able to withdraw into the Pacific the combat-ready squadron of ships with aircraft on board. Neither the United States nor Japan will find this alignment successful. But the problems that the powers that are responsible for the world order will have to solve will intensify many times when the Americans learn about the experience that the Chinese have gained by studying aircraft manufacturing in the USSR and examples of running and using deck aviation.

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  1. datur
    datur April 15 2011 13: 30
    the dragon begins to sharpen its claws! something else will be.
  2. Zerkalo
    Zerkalo April 15 2011 15: 45
    For a penny bought, repaired ...

    Well, someone, and China always knew the value of money.
  3. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui April 15 2011 15: 57
    and why is the photo old, it is already painted and the filling is basically all replaced ???
  4. Paparacia
    Paparacia April 15 2011 23: 13
    Oh handsome !!! sorry that now is not ours!
  5. huginn
    huginn April 17 2011 11: 17
    This is a photo montage, the photo looks like some kind of American.
  6. Al3xx
    Al3xx April 17 2011 12: 03
    Bastards for 20 million dollars. sold, you need to ask for it from Kuchma and Kravchuk for TU 160
  7. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui April 17 2011 14: 39
    huginn - no, not editing unfortunately - he is the most and now he has 90% Chinese dialect.
    1. Col.
      Col. 13 October 2011 14: 24
      Top photo - collage, 100%!
  8. Paparacia
    Paparacia April 17 2011 16: 45
    huginn- you do not know what current our carriers with rapma !!!
    although we have only one - `` Admiral Kuznetsov ''

    for $ 20 million pendosovskie $
    the question is why they simply did not give it ??? For this money, and in the 90s, you won’t especially walk !!!
    Well, Slovenian brothers, you don’t know your own worth ...
  9. 755962
    755962 9 September 2011 18: 04
    7 feet under the keel. Looking where this keel is ...
  10. panzersoldat
    panzersoldat 22 September 2011 10: 19
    "Our proud Varyag is being sold to the enemy ..." And Russia only has Admiral Kuznetsov and without a pair.
    1. Artemka
      Artemka 3 December 2011 12: 03
      And this leads to a stupor, how does a country that has so many access to the seas have just one aircraft carrier for the entire army?
  11. spok
    spok 14 November 2011 13: 39
    it was cheated on me this is my money in this aircraft carrier this Russian people were infringed on in rubles to make the country stronger and in case of danger to protect the creatures from adversary selling for a penny it would be better to drown and maybe Russian steel will be directed against the Russians
    traitors to the wall!
    SAMEDOV SULEYMAN 6 December 2011 02: 12
    Now they will make a jig from this scrap metal, so to speak.
    1. Hauptmannzimermann
      Hauptmannzimermann 27 January 2012 02: 33
      Sweetie is almost ready and is standing in the port of Dailian. I saw it myself, though from a distance bully
  13. dark silver
    dark silver 12 March 2012 04: 58
    on the count of corrupt pi .... oops uy..ov and there are no obscene words in Russian = ( am