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The analytical program "However," with Mikhail Leontyev 28 March 2014


Only talk - about the sanctions that have been introduced, will be introduced, or may not be introduced by our dear Western partners. So far it is obvious that all these point attacks, visas, bills, exclusion from informal clubs and parties are ritually emotional. Type offense for insult.

At the same time, the offended, with anguish in their eyes, stipulate that for the time being ... there is no question of any actual economic sanctions.

“We are well aware that in the case of economic sanctions, our companies will also be affected, because Russia is an important global economy. Therefore, we will work on sanctions that would have the least impact on the outside world,” said Barack Obama.
That's it. This is what the legendary American trader Jim Sinclair says about such possible consequences.

"I firmly believe that the imposition of sanctions against Russia is tantamount to shooting oneself in the leg. You are asking for the creation of a new system of international payments and the introduction of retaliatory sanctions against Western companies, which will be as heavy for the Western powers as any of their actions against Russia," says trader, financial consultant Jim Sinclair (US).

That is, of course, serious severe sanctions will be sensitive for the Russian economy, especially in its current form. But such sanctions hit all the advantages that America is now showing some chances for recovery. In the end, the crisis hit dollar financial system. According to the same Sinclair, they are able to simply bring down.

The so-called “third package” of sanctions threatened by Russia in the event of some possible Russian expansion includes severe restrictions on Russian energy exports, blocking bank accounts and investments, and Russia's disconnection from the global payment system. In essence, an attempt to cut Russia as far as possible from the modern global economy

Note once again: it is extremely difficult to do. All this is painful, almost fatal for the authors of the ideas themselves and therefore extremely unlikely. But! Wait a minute! Who do these sanctions beat in Russia? For those elements in economics and politics that are maximally built into that very global system. First of all, for those forces and groups in the establishment and the opposition, which are completely focused on the West. They just block the oxygen. They do not even have to push - they wither.

In fact, this is a rare chance to get rid of our "fifth column". Maybe it's time?
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  1. Lord of the Sith
    Lord of the Sith 28 March 2014 20: 40
    Obama Vatu chews as usual. And Europe is in no hurry with sanctions.
    1. Vi_RUS
      Vi_RUS 28 March 2014 20: 43
      No, he didn’t chew before and did stupid things, but right now he starts to chew
      1. ben gun
        ben gun 28 March 2014 20: 48
        YES would have been introduced a long time ago. atoms all lousy-lousy-lousy. Maybe while the bourgeois is procrastinating and really squeezing Alaska from them?))).
        By the way - “Of course, the more frequent mention of Alaska in terms of its return under the Russian flag looks like a joke against the background of the annexation of Crimea. The collection of signatures in favor of this idea in Alaska itself can be considered a joke (30 thousand have already been collected, with the necessary XNUMX thousand). After all, the almost instant selection of the required votes in favor of the separation of Texas from the United States did not lead to anything.

        But jokes are jokes, and the United States will still have to pay Russia for its debts with something. Moreover, it is still impossible to do without the help and support of Russia (as well as China) in the first one or two decades after the US went into self-isolation. So why not Alaska? "(Taken from here -
        Can the truth come back Alaska?
    2. Siberian19
      Siberian19 28 March 2014 20: 49
      1. de klermon
        de klermon 28 March 2014 20: 56
        Obama: “Vladimir, if you don’t stop acting outrageously, I’ll declare something else somewhere, and if speeches don’t help, then the sanctions will toughen: I’ll continue to call you at night!” ...
      2. de klermon
        de klermon 28 March 2014 21: 00
        Obama called Putin once - no result, two called - no result ... "Do not stop acting outrageously in Ukraine, I will call you again !!!" - threatened Barak (not to be confused with architecture). "Let him call, at least every day! We are always glad!" - Peskov answered.
        PS Obama did not know and could not have known that in Russia, according to Federal Law No. 59 "On the Procedure for Considering Citizens' Appeals ...", the correspondence with the applicant is terminated upon a repeated appeal with a similar question! ..
      3. smile
        smile 28 March 2014 21: 14
        Surely, the victim ... :))) it clearly falls within the definition of Ostap Bender: “Girls do not like people like you. They love young, leggy and politically literate “:)))
        And this .... elderly political .... we saw him in a wooden box, ritual shoes and with a thoughtful face. Together with its sanctions. :))) :)))
    3. platitsyn70
      platitsyn70 28 March 2014 20: 54
      Obama Vatu chews as usual. And Europe is in no hurry with sanctions.
      in Europe recently have chosen the tactic of "two stools" and yours and ours. As you can see, this tactic does not bring anything good.
      1. platitsyn70
        platitsyn70 28 March 2014 20: 57
        Foreign analysts are comparing the current situation with the nuclear bomb, the United States is imposing economic sanctions, Russia is selling energy for rubles, the dollar is in a stupor America in the ass.
        1. vadson
          vadson 28 March 2014 21: 08
          we sell for rubles, that 160 trample half of Arabia and Qatar in sand, Iran and Venezuela sell oil for rubles, and the yuan. America, no ...
        2. Sanmak
          Sanmak 28 March 2014 21: 22
          For a long time it was necessary to sell oil and gas for rubles, then everyone would owe Russia vitally, and green candy wrappers would be cheaper than toilet paper !!!
    4. baltika-18
      baltika-18 28 March 2014 21: 09
      Quote: Sith Lord
      Obama Vatu chews as usual
      Obama is wandering around the world. He traveled to the Middle East. His wife went to China. The message was sent in person.
      Quote: Sith Lord
      And Europe is in no hurry with sanctions.
      These sanctions are being prepared for some time. So we will wait and see what they come up with. And Misha is dumb, du.raka turns on. First of all, ordinary people will suffer from serious sanctions, and then all the rest.
      1. aksakal
        aksakal 28 March 2014 21: 37
        Quote: baltika-18
        These sanctions are being prepared for some time. So we will wait and see what they come up with. And Misha is dumb, du.raka turns on. First of all, ordinary people will suffer from serious sanctions, and then all the rest.
        - Well, if serious sanctions are included, then Russia can also throw serious plagues in return. Afghanistan, you say, suddenly burned with respect and love for the former occupation, so much so that, unlike Kazakhstan, it supported the reunification of Russia with the Crimea? But can there help with weapons? And close the transshipment in Ulyanovsk. To cover the supplies of NK-33 and RD-180? Close the road to the ISS? Let the Americans accelerate their R&D, in the best scenario, they will sit for seven years without space, maybe it will be beneficial. Yes, the HEU-LEU program can be suspended, let the Americans restore their lost competencies in the field of enrichment of peaceful uranium, maybe they will also benefit them. By the way, the aforementioned proves that Russia is not Swaziland, along with the products of the military-industrial complex and the aviation industry, it has a significant share of exports and the high-tech sector, no matter what the liberals say about Volta with missiles. It is clear that such attacks will hit Russia, a double-edged sword, well this is an economic war, but what about a war without losses? But worse than war itself is to fear war and do EVERYTHING to avoid it. It is only necessary to do what is necessary to avoid war, but nothing more.
      2. 28 March 2014 22: 56
        what is Misha ???
    5. hrych
      hrych 28 March 2014 21: 12
      Quote: Lord of the Sith
      Obama Vatu chews as usual. And Europe is in no hurry with sanctions.

      But he brilliantly catches flies. Although conspiracy theorists believe that the fly was too gigantic on the carpet. Well, the "wise" woman grows carrots on the White House lawn. The Lord of the Flies is his name.
      1. Normman
        Normman 28 March 2014 22: 21
        it is known that flies love everything big and brown ...
        1. Anper
          Anper 28 March 2014 22: 36
          Quote: Normman
          it is known that flies love everything big and brown ...

          There is definitely something in shit - millions of flies can't be wrong.
      2. Berkut-UA
        Berkut-UA 29 March 2014 02: 45
        Flies in the White House ???
        What flies dyub ...?
  2. Vi_RUS
    Vi_RUS 28 March 2014 20: 40
    Leontiev in his repertoire)))
  3. I do not care
    I do not care 28 March 2014 20: 41
    made fun of. after 90x we need to come up with something more terrible
    1. voliador
      voliador 28 March 2014 21: 50
      Just in whose black point to screw!
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. WIN969
    WIN969 28 March 2014 20: 44
    If we have a chance to destroy the Pindos economy, then why don't we do it right now, why wait until they hit first?
  6. paul1992
    paul1992 28 March 2014 20: 45
    but with the judgment that only 5 columns will suffer, I do not agree.
  7. Palladium900
    Palladium900 28 March 2014 20: 45
    "This is actually a rare chance to get rid of our fifth column. Maybe it's time?" ... It's time, oh, how it's time ..
    1. lord
      lord 28 March 2014 20: 49
      yes it is necessary and quickly
  8. paul1992
    paul1992 28 March 2014 20: 51

    not in the subject, but still ... regarding bedlam in an independent ...
  9. Giant thought
    Giant thought 28 March 2014 20: 56
    All these sanctions are like a game of children with matches, if you do not take them in time, then they can also burn the house. If the mind is not enough to calculate the consequences, then we are not to blame, because we warned. And it will turn out, let them spend the night, our house burned down.
  10. flc9800
    flc9800 28 March 2014 20: 57
    The last phrase regarding the "fifth column", personally from me 5 points! good It is high time ! am
  11. Cossacks
    Cossacks 28 March 2014 21: 08
    He was completely bred, Hearing about the sanctions he was so glad that he celebrated for several days, but it turned out to be a waste of money, as the European Union would look into my eyes. They did not expel them from the WTO, they did not abandon the oligarchs. Sorry, but this is a mess.
  12. vlasov70
    vlasov70 28 March 2014 21: 13
    An urgent petition must be sent to Obama asking for the speediest introduction of the third package of sanctions. We are already waiting!
  13. vvp2412
    vvp2412 28 March 2014 21: 15
    Definitely time!
  14. konvalval
    konvalval 28 March 2014 21: 17
    Leontiev is Leontiev.
  15. Oleg Sobol
    Oleg Sobol 28 March 2014 21: 19
    I firmly believe that the imposition of sanctions against Russia is tantamount to a shot in the foot.
    You are very "soft" Jim Sinclair ...
    We are people "illiterate, poor, greedy, wild and frozen, in the vastness of Siberia, under the name of Russia" we speak "even softer", "poor" is our language: We want to punish our opponent in such a way that we still get into our "ass" ( it's not in vain that we are still LGBT, even though we will get "positive"), and just not in the "mouth" (otherwise we will die of hunger) ...
  16. UI-Spb
    UI-Spb 28 March 2014 21: 25
    Either Russia is a weak regional country, then an important global economy ... absolutely Barack Obamovich got loose)))
  17. nikkon09
    nikkon09 28 March 2014 21: 26
    Yes, they are not afraid of their sanctions, not rich or hard workers. Businesses will jump to the Asian region, and the stubborn will wither away and look at the domestic market. Western businessmen will lose more, so we can win by points ... well, most likely, these sanctions would not be tolerated already smile
  18. Kurkin
    Kurkin 28 March 2014 21: 29
    Or maybe it's time to abandon the dollar yourself?
  19. Dimy4
    Dimy4 28 March 2014 21: 34
    Russia is an important global economy

    You look, we in the eyes of American politicians have grown from regional pups to the global economy. How useful it is sometimes to embroider an awl!
  20. Amateur
    Amateur 28 March 2014 21: 35
    Most likely, no economic sanctions will follow. Obama is just bluffing. The West is very much afraid of Russia's possible actions in the South-East of Ukraine. After all, they cannot oppose us anything. Therefore, there is open blackmail ("if only you ..., then we ..."). Even if we assume that there will be sanctions, questions will immediately arise. 1) Europe will not receive Russian gas. 2) The vast Russian market will close for Europe. 3) Direct financial losses from the curtailment of existing contracts and payment of penalties. 4) Excommunication of the USA and Europe (that way for 10 years) from manned space flights. 5) Gradual abandonment of the petrodollar with the transition to mutual settlements in national currencies and gold. Insulation? Iron curtain? We are no strangers! Russia is a self-sufficient country and it is impossible to blockade it. Moreover, you can find other partners, and if necessary, allies. This is why Obama has started to take on offensive rhetoric, a sign of weakness and insecurity. That is why VVP is so calm and cold-blooded. It is a sign of strength and confidence. Over a thousand-year history, they have tried many times to bring us to our knees. And this is another attempt by an amateur to take fright.
  21. sv68
    sv68 28 March 2014 21: 37
    A LET OBAMA IN YAI OI LEG SHOOT laughing wassat
  22. Alexha
    Alexha 28 March 2014 21: 43
    As for the sanctions, perhaps something else will happen - Obama went to the Saudis, tried to negotiate with them to drop oil prices. The Russian Federation and with the current $ 100 per barrel, make ends meet barely meet, now unforeseen expenses have appeared in connection with the Crimea. We'll have to tighten our belts, reduce pensions, the military in the first place, civilians already seem to have nowhere to go. Whether it will be possible to succeed or not is not clear - in the USA there is a strong oil lobby, they can put pressure on Obama so as not to twitch. But the EU is already really introducing - Crimeans will not issue visas to the EU. They explain it with formal procedures - the EU did not recognize the accession of Crimea to the Russian Federation, which means that Ukrainians must issue visas. When issuing visas, they look at the internal passport with a residence permit. Although here, of course, not many will probably be hurt, not everyone travels to the EU.
  23. Cossacks
    Cossacks 28 March 2014 21: 46
    Of course, I'm like everyone for the sanctions. But nervous is the expectation of the cries of the next oligarch - oh my god I'm busted
    1. voliador
      voliador 28 March 2014 21: 53
      Yes and x ... with this oligarch.
  24. voliador
    voliador 28 March 2014 21: 52
    The German business community is not enthusiastic about these sanctions. And others too.
  25. Rohon
    Rohon 28 March 2014 22: 03
    I vote with both hands According5 column By 58to dry and dry ......
    And there is nothing to lose to a simple hard worker except chains ... I did not go to the EU and I am not going to, but I visited the Crimea with pleasure and visited more than once.
  26. mad
    mad 28 March 2014 22: 10
    I am sure that Vladimir will make billions of more 50 on these sanctions, and rightly so, we still need to raise Crimea and create a national payment system. Obama burn yet!
  27. vvvvv
    vvvvv 28 March 2014 22: 54
    The situation with mutual sanctions resembles an analogy, as if you pinch each other's eggs and press harder and harder in revenge, the corpse itself. Therefore, there will hardly be significant sanctions explicitly. But in the quiet-Podlian form it is 100%. Those. will shit "from around the corner" ... Most likely, this will be implemented by the already indicated measures to reduce the EU's dependence on Russian energy supplies and to build up the war on the economic front, which, incidentally, never ended. They will try to snatch Russia from anywhere. For military contracts for weapons, energy and other areas. Any actions and provocations that can weaken Russia.
  28. Tra-ta-ta
    Tra-ta-ta 28 March 2014 23: 06
    ..a people want a complete program (in Russian): a booze before midnight and a fight until the morning ..!
  29. galser
    galser 28 March 2014 23: 08
    Quote: Lord of the Sith
    Obama Vatu chews as usual. And Europe is in no hurry with sanctions.

    Saying of the 90s If you do not see a sucker in the scheme, then you are a sucker. Emigrants enlightened Obama))
  30. ars_pro
    ars_pro 29 March 2014 01: 25
    It’s worth adding that the third package of sanctions will be introduced only if the Russian Federation joins the southeastern, possibly part of central Ukraine, now I’m thinking how poor the liberal party will leave now, even if the accounts are frozen with sanctions) that the southeast for the most part and wants to be either with the Russian Federation or whatever, only without western Ukraine
  31. Aleksandr89
    Aleksandr89 29 March 2014 02: 53
    Sanctions should help Russia develop its economy. Already now you need to look for new markets. I recall in the UN Security Council 100 countries voted against Russia, the remaining 93 either abstained or in favor. Nothing is lost. A chance for the Russian Federation for further development + try to return the exported capital to the country good s.
  32. Papania
    Papania 29 March 2014 04: 52
    If it hits our zapadents, then I am FOR. Even I will tolerate it if it rebounds and will give it to me. And I am always ready to give a shit to the west and the states.
  33. mamont5
    mamont5 29 March 2014 06: 03
    If all these sanctions or threats of sanctions are displaced from the development of our economy, the payment system and other things, then welcome. After all, we have everything for development. What about time? What is our time in space?
  34. Vasya1980
    Vasya1980 29 March 2014 09: 43
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  35. konvalval
    konvalval 29 March 2014 15: 11
    Quote: konvalval
    Leontiev is Leontiev.

    I respect all sorts of points of view, but I just didn’t understand what was wrong with my words. Maybe explain. I will be grateful.