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Seven Sixes Do Not Cover Ace

Seven Sixes Do Not Cover Ace

The contrast between the promises of a terrible car, capable of stopping the presumptuous Russian bear, and a genuine list of very careful sanctions has already become the subject of many jokes. Meanwhile, he clearly proves that the countries, still traditionally referred to as the G-7, were ground to a complete separation from reality. For several decades of the unipolar world, they fully believed in their absolute rightness in everything and in their complete omnipotence. Therefore, now they are absolutely sincerely convinced that anyone is obliged to submit to the slightest whim of their Majesties — and at the same time they have absolutely no idea what to do when meeting with someone who is strong enough not to share this conviction.

But now for their omnipotence there is no main reason left - moral. They have already lured themselves to such an extent that it becomes obvious even to their own citizens, whose brains from time immemorial have been reliably swamped by shameless propaganda. And the repetition of mutually exclusive mantras like “you can hold a referendum in Kosovo, you cannot do it in the Crimea” destroyed even the slightest external signs of their moral correctness.

Therefore, now the leaders of the European Union, the United States of America and their satellites in the G-7 - Canada and Japan - have faced a difficult choice. If they retreat and do not show readiness to punish the Russian Federation for disobedience, their opinion will be disregarded by everyone (who counts for their own strength, who hope for the help of the Russian Federation). But if they apply measures that are really painful for us, their own well-being will be affected as well. But the willingness to sacrifice something - not to mention the mobilization of all our internal forces to put pressure on us - can only rely on the feeling of self-righteousness not only by the rulers, but also by ordinary citizens. But with this feeling they have every day, with every loud statement, everything is getting worse.

Winston Leonard Randolphovich Spencer-Churchill led the British government 1940.05.10 - on the day when Germany, after eight months of the “strange war,” launched an offensive against France. Three days later, speaking in parliament on the occasion of taking office, he stated, in particular: "I have nothing to offer you, except for hard work, blood, sweat and tears." These words were based on solid facts: it had already become clear that the German offensive was organized so brilliantly that it would not be possible to repel it.

By the way, I will note the results of this offensive. Two weeks after it began, the French army, which before the war was considered to be the best in Europe, turned out to be practically incapable. The British Expeditionary Force from 1940.05.26 to 1940.06.04 was evacuated from the port of Dunkirk back to the Island, leaving almost all the weapons and equipment. 1940.06.22 France capitulated (and over the next four years - until the landing of the Allies in Normandy, 1944.06.06 - faithfully supplied Germany with food, trucks, some types of military equipment: for example, about half of the famous Focke-189 aerial reconnaissance aircraft produced in the Czech Republic third in France).

By the time Churchill spoke in parliament, ordinary Britons did not yet know how events developed at the front. And even more so, even Churchill himself did not know what these events would turn out to be. Nevertheless, he found it necessary to warn the people about future troubles. And the people happily supported him. Because all the British understood: their country is morally right in the conflict that started with Germany - and such rightness can and should be supported by the appropriate efforts of all citizens.

The current countries have Big (once) Sevens are not - and can not be! - a nationwide sense of rightness. It means that their rulers cannot demand from their peoples not so much “hard work, blood, sweat and tears,” but in general something even remotely resembling self-restraint. That is why they now behave in such a strange and ridiculous way, writing purely symbolic sanctions that are obviously not capable of seriously hurting us. After all, really serious economic measures would hurt these countries themselves, but they are not ready for this.

And for the same reason, now in the West every political trifle is in sight. Politicians are really big and serious can not appear in the defense of the wrong case. Their business is wrong. That is why we will win.
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  1. Samaritan
    Samaritan 28 March 2014 06: 45
    Nothing changes ... exactly 160 years ago - on March 27 (in a new style) in 1854, England and France declared war on Russia, speaking on the side of Turkey.
    1. domokl
      domokl 28 March 2014 06: 51
      It has changed ... Then these countries were the leading powers of the world. And now both are not the same Germany ... Yes, and they are controlled by the metropolis in the person of the USA ... The world turned upside down at 180 degrees
      1. Samaritan
        Samaritan 28 March 2014 06: 54
        ... This should be the subject of an agreement between the three great naval powers. What France, America and England agree on will be crucial for the rest of the world and will take its place among the universally recognized norms of international law. It is high time to limit, in accordance with the humane and enlightened spirit of our era, those unnecessarily broad rights of the belligerents, which during the last war generated most of the difficulties and shameful excesses. Now, when we are entering a new war, which will go to sea to a large extent, the right moment has come to introduce such restrictions, and the two most powerful European warring powers - England and France - are perfectly suited for this task. We hope that, guided by wise generosity, they will decide to forever ban the practice of issuing letters of letters of marque to both their citizens and citizens of neutral countries, and that America will join them in this. This is in her interests as a great power, since it is obvious that during any war, the warring country with the most extensive trade with a relatively small navy is more interested in banning privateering. Thus, we expect that our government will soon conclude a convention with France and America that proclaim privateering illegal and barbaric activities punishable on a par with piracy. More complicated is the question of the right of belligerents to detain and inspect neutral vessels and the right of neutrals to trade products of an enemy power through enemy ports. Of course, it would be unreasonable to bring the rights that the old international law gives to the belligerents to the extremes that we observed in the last war. Such attempts would surely bring us general discontent and, in addition, would provoke endless quarrels. Moreover, we see no serious reason to do so. Probably the most reasonable way out would be to proclaim a simple and understandable rule: our ships will stop ships on the high seas, only to determine their real affiliation and to check if they have military smuggling on board, that is, military equipment intended for the enemy . Otherwise, let the flag cover commerce. In order to properly hit the trade of an enemy power, it will be enough for us to block its ports and force it to carry its goods to the ports of neutral countries on a long and expensive land route. The blockade, of course, closes the port for neutral vessels, both de facto and de jure, and if we block St. Petersburg, Riga, Odessa and Taganrog, we are likely to inflict a little less damage on this adversary than trying to inspect every ship encountered in open sea ship and look for Russian goods on it. At the same time, we will save ourselves from legal claims and from disputes with neutrals and

        The Real Dangers of War ("The Economist", UK)
        The article was published March 25, 1854
      2. vladimirZ
        vladimirZ 28 March 2014 07: 05
        Where will the "seven sixes" beat the Ace, if one of them is controlled by a "trained monkey", as one of the American politicians called B. Obama. (from the latest American news)
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. alexng
        alexng 28 March 2014 07: 22
        Quote: domokl
        Yes, and the metropolis in the person of the United States controls them ... The world turned upside down at 180 degrees

        What are the metropolises? Outcasts rule there, with a shot head.
        1. Sid.74
          Sid.74 28 March 2014 07: 26
          Quote: alexneg
          What are the metropolises? Outcasts rule there, with a shot head.

          Yeah, but also with a shot leg and heart! am
      5. Corsair
        Corsair 28 March 2014 07: 44
        Quote: domokl
        The world turned upside down at xnumx degrees

        And WE must "turn" it in the direction we need! We have no other historical perspective: or US or WE...
    2. Veter
      Veter 28 March 2014 06: 51
      Quote: Samaritan
      Nothing changes

      The "Great Game" was, is and will be as long as Russia is in this world.
    3. W1950
      W1950 28 March 2014 07: 03
      "Our cause is just. The enemy will be defeated. Victory will be ours!" V.M. Molotov. 22 June 1941
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 28 March 2014 07: 14
        Quote: Veter
        The "Great Game" was, is and will be as long as Russia is in this world.

        Oops .. The unexpected overpowering! laughing

        PACE head believes that Ukraine needs decentralization of power
        Anna Brasser acknowledged the oppression of the rights of the Russian-speaking population in Ukraine

        MOSCOW, 28 March. / ITAR-TASS /. Ukraine needs decentralization of power. This was stated by the President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Anna Brasser, who recently returned from a trip to this country.

        "None of our interlocutors in Ukraine spoke unequivocally in the spirit that the country needs federalization. But Ukraine, in my opinion, definitely needs decentralization. Local and regional problems should be resolved at the appropriate level by local and regional authorities, taking into account the interests of the population," Brasser told the Kommersant newspaper.

        In her opinion, "the reform of the system of local self-government is one of the most important priorities for the new authorities of Ukraine," and it "can be carried out on the basis of the European Charter of Local Self-Government." "Such a reform will allow the new authorities to win the support of the population and overcome the mistrust of some groups. We stand for the unity of Ukraine, where representatives of all nationalities can live in peace," the PACE head noted.

        Brasseur acknowledged the existence of oppression of the rights of the Russian-speaking population in Ukraine. “Yes, I saw in Ukraine, for example in Donetsk, demonstrations of the Russian-speaking population. People took to the streets, including demanding to protect their rights. They said that they did not feel completely safe, that they had to face pressure, with insults ", - said the chairman of the parliamentary assembly.

        “Ukraine is a large country with a diverse population. And, of course, the state must ensure every citizen the realization of his rights, protect the rights of national and linguistic minorities. Every citizen must be able to speak his native language,” she said.

        Answering the question of why the Council of Europe supported the violent change of power in Ukraine, Brasseur said that "the revolution never goes smoothly," "the president of Ukraine fled," and "in conditions when he himself left his post," "we have the right to consider the process that has taken place legitimate. "

        Speaking about the possibility of Russia being expelled from the Council of Europe in connection with the events around Crimea, the head of the PACE said that "everything can be" and it is difficult for her to say now how far the current crisis in relations between Russia and Europe will go. " At the same time, she stressed that now it is important for Russia and Europe to continue talking with each other, and PACE is a convenient structure for conducting a dialogue.
    4. dmitriygorshkov
      dmitriygorshkov 28 March 2014 07: 12
      Quote: Samaritan
      England and France declared war on Russia, speaking on the side of Turkey.

      Yes, not on the side of Turkey, but forcing Turkey to fight with Russia.
    5. nikolaev
      nikolaev 28 March 2014 07: 18
      Ukraine - there is reason to fear large-scale anti-Russian provocation: Lev Vershinin

      Possible provocation time - Friday morning 28.03.2013/XNUMX/XNUMX
      A possible place of provocation is the village of Strelkovoye, Kherson region
      provocation - execution of villagers by persons (foreign mercenaries) in
      Russian military uniforms (in Khmelnitsky a large order was executed for
      tailoring the Russian military uniform); subsequent attack on the territory
      Crimea from Ukraine by Ukrainian militias
      (right sector, for example).
      This is an assumption. The confluence is alarming.
      circumstances for this village: and revenge by Svidomo
      residents and location on the border and the presence of the Russian checkpoint
      (which is likely to intervene in events on the border territory, but
      will be destroyed and presented as evidence of an attack on the village
      Russian troops!).
      There may be another place with similar
      conditions! Maybe on the eastern border? Time - Friday morning - for
      warning of a possible statement of V. Yanukovych on Friday at 17.00 (on
      Ukraine - at 15.00)
      There may be more than one place of provocation!
      1. Ivan Russky
        Ivan Russky 28 March 2014 07: 49
        (in Khmelnitsky a large order was executed for
        tailoring the Russian military uniform)

        Sew for a long time. At least ten days ago, they wrote to my wife from Ukraine that the sewing factory was heavily guarded and that they were sewing military uniforms of the Russian standard in large volumes.
    6. platitsyn70
      platitsyn70 28 March 2014 07: 26
      Nothing changes ... exactly 160 years ago - on March 27 (in a new style) in 1854, England and France declared war on Russia, speaking on the side of Turkey.
      Russia has changed from a bastard to a nuclear space, and France and England into the zadolis of its own colony of the United States.
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 28 March 2014 07: 31
        Jules are drained to the full !!! am

        Bundestag speaker: Tymoshenko does not fit the role of President of Ukraine

        Kiev - Berlin, March 28 (Navigator, Alisa Filatova) - Chairman of the Bundestag, Christian Democrat Norbert Lammert criticized the intention of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko to run for president, reports Deutsche Welle with reference to France Presse.

        “Tymoshenko’s statements are not subject to discussion,” the parliamentarian said, referring to her aggressive words addressed to Russia in a telephone conversation with Nestor Shufrich. According to Lammert, Tymoshenko’s judgments confirm the assumption that she does not fit the role of political leader in the same way as Viktor Yanukovych who left office.

        The candidacy of ex-prime minister Tymoshenko, from the point of view of the chairman of the Bundestag, is problematic. “Both from the point of view of the need to achieve internal reconciliation in the country, and from the point of view of reputation and recognition, which are necessary in order to represent the country abroad, and especially in relations with Russia,” Lammert said in an interview with Spiegel Online.
  2. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 28 March 2014 06: 46
    Anatoly's reaction is normal good
  3. domokl
    domokl 28 March 2014 06: 47
    Anatole is right. Serious politicians have already tried. I recall Merkel’s speech in parliament and the big kick she got there.
    The West now needs to somehow get out ... And this means that big politicians are now putting a trifle under criticism in the hope of appearing as arbitrators, savior of truth and democracy. Only less and less time is left ...
  4. Igor39
    Igor39 28 March 2014 06: 48
    Italy is simultaneously in the ass and in the big seven, even interesting smile
  5. mamont5
    mamont5 28 March 2014 06: 48
    What is true, the truth, neither in America nor in Europe, is there in the politics of genuine leaders.
  6. Keeper
    Keeper 28 March 2014 06: 50
    No matter how they lie - the reality is that in Ukraine it is now too sad ...
    And Russia will simply wait for the "Ukrainian sadness" to turn into a black hole, where all the contributions of the entire "croaking" world community will simply fall through ...
    A pleasant moment is near when rhetoric will change in the world media and Russia will begin to score points at a tremendous pace! Then the world situation in many countries will plunge into chaos all those who today are brazenly lying (however, those who listen to this lie and believe it)!
    In any case, Russia is now ahead of everyone in this "chess game" by one move!
    Now it is important to feel when other "partners" will deliberately try to falsely bluff (wa) ...
    1. dmitriygorshkov
      dmitriygorshkov 28 March 2014 07: 19
      Quote: Keeper
      when rhetoric changes in the world media and Russia begins to score points at a tremendous pace!

      I see the ideal introduction of Russian troops under the UN mandate, this would avoid many troubles.
      May God grant reason to Western politicians!
    2. Egoza
      Egoza 28 March 2014 07: 47
      Quote: Keeper
      all the contributions of the entire "croaking" world community now ...

      The problem of the "world community" is that their own oligarchs will not allow themselves to be hit on the wallet. A lot is tied to Russia.

      Good morning everyone!
  7. Name
    Name 28 March 2014 06: 50
    The GDP pauses, deals with the solution of internal problems (!), And then, possibly, an offer to Germany (which Merkel cannot refuse) will follow.
  8. both s69
    both s69 28 March 2014 06: 53
    Well done, it seems that such a combination as: a good article and the name of Anatoly Wasserman becomes identical to concepts. good hi
  9. major071
    major071 28 March 2014 06: 57
    Once again amazed at Wasserman, in simple terms, intelligibly lay out everything on the shelves. Well done man! good
    In my opinion, the United States has itself been scared to hell with its sanctions that they will not propose that Russia gives an adequate answer that strikes them. Abamka has already faded from the face, soon the white-white will soon become! laughing
    1. Lk17619
      Lk17619 28 March 2014 07: 13
      white-white will become!

      Will it mow under Michael Jackson? laughing
    2. Name
      Name 28 March 2014 07: 13
      You know, Obama (and its satellites) now has three roads:
      to retreat;
      -measure .... And all three lead to:
      1. nezabor
        nezabor 28 March 2014 07: 28
        there is still an ending:
        Voice above
        - Well, why are you standing, come on, choose faster, otherwise you’ll get a p.p.z.d. right here!

      2. dimdimich71
        dimdimich71 28 March 2014 07: 39
        And behind Moscow
    3. vinc
      vinc 28 March 2014 07: 54
      Michael Jackson?
  10. philip
    philip 28 March 2014 07: 06
    The GDP pauses, deals with the solution of internal problems (!), And then, possibly, an offer to Germany (which Merkel cannot refuse) will follow.

    Or to China, which would be more interesting in all respects. But then the grandmother said for two.
    1. Name
      Name 28 March 2014 07: 29
      China is our strategic partner (while interests coincide) and while there is no fear, and Germany is the locomotive that "drags" the entire EU, so the proposal will follow to Germany. hi
  11. Sergg
    Sergg 28 March 2014 07: 06
    Abamka has already faded from the face, soon the white-white will soon become!

    A blue color would fit his face, according to his orientation.
  12. Bigriver
    Bigriver 28 March 2014 07: 08
    True, she always breaks. The only question is time.
  13. Viktor163
    Viktor163 28 March 2014 07: 10
    "Brothers and sisters ... Our cause is Right, Victory will be ours." Stalin
  14. Sergg
    Sergg 28 March 2014 07: 11
    People in Western countries do not want to suffer for the sake of moneybags and irresponsible politicians. Therefore, sanctions against Russia can bring crowds of armed men to the streets somewhere in New York. So Obamka precipitated.
  15. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 28 March 2014 07: 21
    from the Don.
    The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing! This is for the USA. The right, in the form of punishment of Russia, stretches up, the Left, in the form of NASA, BOING, COCA-COLA, etc., pulls the right down, up to the cut-off. Well, a as for mongrels, everything is clear. Glavnyukov will quickly put in place a business that has interests in our country!
  16. parus2nik
    parus2nik 28 March 2014 07: 27
    Japan, opposed the exclusion of Russia from the eight .. And what is the eight .. Chess club Four horses ..
  17. Quantum
    Quantum 28 March 2014 07: 27
    All US attempts to organize another Entente against Russia are simply
    funny! Pseudo-D. Washington-Obama, in his bill stressed that the United States is ready to provide shale gas to the EU. Only 115 billion, already in 2020.
    These are such crumbs that the EU burst into tears of grief. Not the fact that these volumes
    will be produced and delivered, the price of this gas is 2-3 times higher than the price
    Russian. Further, after a year of operation of these gas sources, it falls
    70%? Not without reason, in the EU they begin to work out back. Economic sanctions
    against Russia, this is the collapse of the EU economy! They are afraid that Russia has closed the pipe on
    The West, first of all, will disconnect gas from many EU countries for which
    only the price from Russia is available. So, SEMERA, yours do not dance!
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee 28 March 2014 07: 59
      And sell gas for rubles! Then the greens and Abamka will be covered with a copper basin!
  18. sv68
    sv68 28 March 2014 07: 40
    sanctioned Russia sanctioned but not sanctioned
  19. Arkan
    Arkan 28 March 2014 07: 44
    to act as arbitrators, savior of truth and democracy.

    The open secret has already been revealed, moreover, through the efforts of the champions of democracy themselves. Disguises have been dropped (Churkin UN Security Council), The world, once again (the results of voting at the UN Assembly) saw the true "face" of democracy and bowed, but not as amicably as always.
  20. asv96
    asv96 28 March 2014 07: 52
    And let’s conduct the sanctions, we won’t buy in Magdonalts, the boycott to the hamburgers at the same time now they are done by almost everyone who is not too lazy on our shops, let's eat pancakes and okroshka)
  21. GRune
    GRune 28 March 2014 08: 00
    This means that their rulers can in no way demand from their peoples not only "hard work, blood, sweat and tears", but generally something even remotely resembling self-restraint.

    In the West, PEOPLES no longer remain, there are only free personalities who are permanently unable to sacrifice anything for the sake of common interests. The unconditional is a close-knit group of people united by common interests, the oligarchy, the LGBT community, etc. they are quite capable of upholding and even imposing their point of view and laws on the majority of the population, but these are only groups, not people.
  22. Alexgs
    Alexgs 28 March 2014 08: 00
    This is what happens when a country works for the good of business ... Business must work for the good of the country.
  23. Alexanderrr
    Alexanderrr 28 March 2014 08: 03
    The bubble inflated, inflated ... Until it burst!
    And then seven at once ...
  24. Stinger
    Stinger 28 March 2014 08: 07
    The terrorist forces of terrorist-minded terrorists have resisted the antiterrorist forces of the antiterrorist coalition of opponents of terrorism. To continue the fight against terrorism, it’s time to look for accomplices of terrorists and opponents of the antiterrorist efforts of the seven sixes. Russia is well suited for this. And six is ​​nice, and the struggle does not subside. It is especially heart-rending that good WTO members unleash economic terror against a bad WTO member. According to the rules of conscience trading.
  25. mabuta
    mabuta 28 March 2014 08: 09
    Having invested a lot of money in the Maidan, the United States pursued in my opinion one goal - Crimea. To ensure military influence in the entire region. But having unexpectedly lost their goal, they now don’t know what to do with the whole Ukraine, and they want to drag Russia in to solve the problems that arose during coup. And the Russian leadership will never agree to this. It infuriates them. And Ukrainians feel sorry, especially the southeast and Rusyns.
  26. Coffee_time
    Coffee_time 28 March 2014 08: 47
    He was a competent person.
  27. pensioner
    pensioner 28 March 2014 09: 24
    Now in the West, every political trifle is in sight.

    Narochnitskaya said that MEPs were also present at the sitting of the Federation Council. One of them, during Putin's speech, which has already become famous, whispered in her ear: "Here I will look at your Putinin and Lavrov, and then at ours ... So ours are pygmies compared to yours !!"
  28. darksoul
    darksoul 28 March 2014 09: 47
    Quote: nikolaev
    provocation - execution of villagers by persons (foreign mercenaries) in
    Russian military uniforms (in Khmelnitsky a large order was executed for

    Yes, it became clear to mine why foreigners were caught up if this is so, it seems to me right now that your revolutionaries will be active like a sash, because of their complete inadequacy and descritation of Ukraine in the face of the West
  29. serega.fedotov
    serega.fedotov 28 March 2014 10: 21
    The main majority of people are ready for a difficult economic situation and even war. There is no Western man in the street!
  30. Egevich
    Egevich 28 March 2014 11: 00
    “Tell me, American, what is the strength?” Is it in the money? So the brother says that in money. You have a lot of money, and why? .. I think that power is in the truth. Whoever has the truth is stronger. So you deceived someone, made money, and why, have you become stronger? No, I didn’t! Because there is no truth for you! And the one whom he deceived is behind him the truth. So he is stronger. Yes?! (with)
  31. 222222
    222222 28 March 2014 11: 06
    .. And in Europe like children,
    "They're getting sucked into the net.
    There they end their lives -
    They can't break back.

    - Tired of it! They teach, they teach!
    Tired of it! They teach, they teach!
    - We teach, we teach ...
    - Teach better than your spiders! "
  32. Sergey Sitnikov
    Sergey Sitnikov 28 March 2014 11: 18
    - the shobley hares hammer the lion, the lion hammers them alone ... Do not drive the beast into a corner ... I once watched "One day with Kirill Nabutov" about the Kirghiz constantly fighting with wolves, there was one old horseradish telling, they say, if a wolf got into a trap, he lies hiding his paws and does not move, the grandfather says that no one will regret the bullet for the hunters, because the beast feels the length of the chain and will jump only when its teeth bite the hunter's Adam's apple ... Putin (I think) must formally definitely to convey to the West that we will NEVER agree to fall and lose the Russian world, that there is a "red line" beyond which we will destroy the planet Earth, but we will not kneel, because a man on his knees is half a man !!!