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After Khrushchev's “voluntarism” and Gorbachev's “perestroika”, a third catastrophe, “de-Stalinization”, is ready to fall on Russia. Its goal, of course, is the deliberate destruction of the Russian state, its territorial dismemberment and the cessation of the existence of the Russian Federation within its current borders. Before us - the same operation, which in the period from 1987 to 1991 year led to the destruction of the USSR.

In 1990-1992, I was a member of the Moldovan parliament - first Soviet, then independent. He was Minister of Science, Education and Culture in the first government of Transnistria (1991-1992). He was in the leadership of the deputy movement of all levels "Union", speaking in favor of preserving the state, to which he swore allegiance. I saw the need to rid society and the state of the irresponsible power of the rotten apparatus of the CPSU, but in order to destroy it, I considered my own Motherland to be insanity or treason.

We, veterans of the struggle for the salvation of the Union, click combinations like "de-Stalinization", like nuts. For us, it's like two and two. Like an open book of children's comics. Therefore, today I will take the liberty to say that the conscious goals of “de-Stalinizers” are the following.

The first. The suppression, with the help of the administrative resource and the state media, of all the patriotic forces of Russia, including the democratic orientation.

The second. Repentance for “continuous Katyn” at the level of the president, the government and the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. It will be a large-scale remake of the 20th Congress of the CPSU, designed to destroy the remnants of pride in their country.

Third. Russia will face multibillion-dollar claims in the form of “compensations” for “occupation”, “repression”, etc. Preparations for this have already begun - just look in the media. On April 10, there were reports that Romania, inspired by what is happening in Russia, demands "to return its gold reserves, transferred to the Russian Empire in December 1916, but agrees to a cash compensation of 2 billion euros." Tajik political analyst Sulton Hamid threw down his weighty word: “If Russia decided to repent for the crimes of those years, then, as a developed country, must pay compensation to all the remaining victims of the totalitarian regime. Moreover, Russia has such financial capabilities. In world practice, such examples are available. In particular, the authorities of present-day Germany are paying the victims of the Hitlerite concentration camps. ”

Fourth. The fall of the prestige of the state institutions of Russia, both in the world (it is already after the events around Libya) and inside the country; activization of nationalists of all stripes (North Caucasus, Tatarstan, etc.). The beginning of the preparation of the dismemberment of the country under the slogan of "illegal" and "aggressive" territorial acquisitions - from the king of peas to the present day. The Lenin model of national republics introduced both in the USSR and in the Russian Federation will help ease this division.

Of course, even before the legal abolition of the existence of the Russian Federation at the highest level, the Kremlin will have to condemn the entire sovereign foreign policy, and not only the era of Stalin. All expansions of the Russian borders will be automatically condemned, and even the modern struggle for the spheres of influence of Moscow. As a result, in a number of former Soviet republics, Russian ambassadors will no longer be allowed to go further into the office of the office of the senior assistant junior assistant referent. How else? It is impossible, having condemned the Stalinist imperial policy, to continue it by other means in conditions of the triumph of democracy.

Georgian political analyst Ramaz Sakvarelidze has already explained to the incomprehensible that “in the wake of the new“ de-Stalinization ”program, Georgia may well demand from the Russian authorities to stop that policy of“ annexing and occupying Georgian territories ”represented by Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

So you have to "cleanse" and "repent." True, we, by the will of the Kremlin villains of the 1985-1991 model of the year turned out to be “abroad”, look wildly at how a rake appears on the scene, which the country attacked under Khrushchev and Gorbachev. But since история teaches nothing, let's talk further together. From our point of view, one could simply close the topic of repentance with the words of one of the US presidents: “My country is right or not, but this is my country!”

Personally, in the case of the policy of "de-Stalinization", I foresee at least five wars in the post-Soviet space.

These are the wars of Georgia against South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

This is the resumption of war in Karabakh. The head of the “Dashnaktsutyun” faction in the Armenian parliament has already stated that the “de-Stalinization” of Russia should lead to the denunciation of the Moscow and Kars treaties and the revision of the decision of the Caucasus Bureau, according to which Nagorno-Karabakh became part of Azerbaijan.

This is a civil war inside Moldova between unionists and supporters of preserving the country's independence (the latter gained moral strength, including through the very existence of a strong Russia, while their opponents at the expense of Romania). This is practically the inevitable war of Moldova against Transnistria.

In the case of Moldova and Transnistria, the bet will be placed on chaos in Russia like the 1917 of the year. With the new “de-Stalinization”, and in fact with the collapse of Russia, it is inevitable. When Russian troops in the Transdnistrian Moldavian Republic under the influence of events in Russia are demoralized, disorganized and lose their unified command (like the Russian troops of the Romanian front in 1917), a military invasion with the help of Romania may follow.

How much blood will be shed in the former USSR, how many millions of refugees will rush around the world - one can only guess.

By the will of fate, I participated in the apocalypse of the 80-90-x turn. Do not want anymore. When I was often in Moscow at that time, I was once again convinced: Soviet and Russian liberals in their overwhelming majority were and are anti-state forces. They 20 years ago openly supported the destruction of the USSR, and now they are not interested in turning Russia into a modern, dynamically developing, democratic and powerful state. In their opinion, a powerful state is hindering radical liberalism in their version, and therefore they are tirelessly working to eliminate their own country. And if so, then the attitude towards them should be appropriate.

But I saw and see all this not only me. It is therefore surprising to me that the political corpses of the 90's are again creeping out of the Gorbachev-Yeltsin caches. In my deepest conviction, they should be subject to prohibitions on professions, and during conscious subversive activities (such as appeals to give up the Kuril Islands of Japan) - prisons and camps. Moreover, foreign liberals are much more patriotic than Russian ones. The Japanese, even after Fukushima and the tsunami, stand their ground: "Give the Kuriles!". The Poles do not let Katyn out of sight and the return of Western Ukraine and Western Belarus to the Soviet Union in 1939.

The President of Russia, I hope, understands that if he accepts “de-Stalinization” at the state level, after a short time he will not be needed by the destroyers, and they will get rid of him. Just because they do not need the position of the President of the Russian Federation in its current borders. After that, the power will go on for a while to the “Liquidation Commission” (no matter how it will be called in reality), which will legally formalize the dismemberment of the state. In the 1991 year, under Gorbachev, in the USSR, the so-called State Council was created for this purpose, not provided for by the Constitution. He declared recognition of the independence of the Baltic countries.

It is equally clear that the head of the Human Rights Council under the President of Russia, Mikhail Fedotov, consciously does not his business. In Russia, as in the entire post-Soviet space, there are quite a few violations of the rights of citizens: monetization of benefits, unemployment, bureaucratic lawlessness, torture in “organs” ... But instead, the slogan “de-Stalinization” is thrown in. Why?

If you look at what is happening from the point of view of the liquidation of the USSR in the past and Russia in the present, then everything becomes logical. Joseph Stalin is a symbol of victories and the greatness of the state. On his reign is the peak of Moscow’s influence in the world, as well as the return of many previously lost lands. Kill the symbol - and you can rape the consciousness of the people, break pride in your country, and then the country itself.

Why, against the background of “de-Stalinization,” do they not particularly touch Vladimir Lenin, with the exception of the usual tryndez with a yawn about the removal of his body from the Mausoleum? Because for the terminators of both the spotted (Gorbachev) and the bearded (Fedotov) Lenin is not dangerous. He himself was in many ways similar to them, because in the name of the World Revolution (now - radical liberalism) and power contributed to the destruction of the Russian state, collected by many generations of people of different nationalities. And Stalin personified a return to many of the traditional foundations of the existence of a Power, destroyed under Lenin.

Again, I note: the scheme is the simplest, even offensive in its simplicity. From the PMR, it is like under a microscope. Surely it is not visible in Russia? The whole former USSR is offered not national reconciliation, but war. And in the very hottest version.

Above, we have already dealt with this. But let's look for a reasonable way out: I don’t like Stalin’s membership in the CPSU - throw away the propaganda of the Communist component of the Generalissimo, leave the sovereign. Here Stalin himself gives us an example: he did not rant about the exploitative nature of Alexander Nevsky, Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Alexander Suvorov and Mikhail Kutuzov (who clearly were not communists), but simply initiated the filming of films about them as Russian patriots.

By the way, about Mikhail Fedotov himself. From the sad events of September 21-October 4, 1993 in Russia, some media periodically receive reports that this gentleman came to the then Chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation Valery Zorkin and forced him to resign. The fact is that during the conflict of branches of power, Zorkin recognized Yeltsin's Decree No. 1400 on the dissolution of the Supreme Council as not complying with the constitution. It is also reported that at the same time, the current “de-Stalinizer” threatened Zorkin with physical violence from supporters of the president. At this time, the Russian parliament, shot by the presidential tanksalready blazed. Democratized, so to speak. Mr. Fedotov’s refutation of those glorious times I have never read.

We ask the question: how can the actual accomplice of the massacre sit on the Human Rights Council and even head it? What rights and what kind of person does he stand for? Of course, it's up to the president of the Russian Federation, but not only I ask such questions.

I would like to believe that the Russian leadership understands the degree of danger threatening the state. Otherwise, in years through 20, if the establishment manages to endure new streams of blood and tears of millions of people, you will have to earn a living by advertising pizza.

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  1. Andrew K
    Andrew K April 14 2011 13: 55
    Is the author all right with the psyche?
    I could not read it to the end.
  2. turnip
    turnip April 14 2011 15: 05
    and that you don’t understand Andrew. in my opinion everything is set out correctly (not without an element of panic).
  3. Alexander
    Alexander April 14 2011 15: 08
    The author's psyche is all right. The Dulles doctrine is being implemented, as well as the plan for the future division of Russia into 40-50 puppet states with the privatization of Siberia by the "world community." Maybe our "democratizers" have forgotten what local nationalists were doing with the Russian-speaking population during collapse of the USSR, we must probably not forget them and repent to them too.
  4. Papuan
    Papuan April 14 2011 16: 05
    Taki, yes. The author's psyche is not quite a friendship. "De-Stalinization", it must have been a word that I pushed in, like de-sterilization, but not quite right, you might think that there was once Stalinization in Russia, as "leader" died, then almost immediately everyone breathed freely (who stopped being afraid). And the plans of Dallas have already naughty everyone, a pittance to the state that cannot withstand the "color revolutions" or some other "plans". The name of such states is "banana republic", and the dad of all nations has nothing to do with it, however, he gave a brute a reason to dream about compensation to former "friends", well, yes, the fool is getting rich with a thought.
  5. Kazakh
    Kazakh April 14 2011 18: 01
    with full de-Stalinization, one has to condemn the incumbent president and the prime minister for occupying part of democratic Georgia sad
  6. turnip
    turnip April 14 2011 18: 04
    Papuan, you’re kind of a stupid person, if you think that we ourselves are to blame, but with such de-Stalinizations perestroika begins ..... they’re fed up and if the people again take such garbage, then he’s worth it
  7. Papuan
    Papuan April 14 2011 19: 44
    You, already as a zombie, have been instilled with a new word "de-Stalinization", which means you are being manipulated, always beware of new words: "perestroika" instead of reform, "glasnost" instead of freedom of speech, "cooperation" instead of entrepreneurship. As you can see, I will not see "perestroika", but the poster at the top of the article makes me sick. Pragmatism and only pragmatism, you need to learn to be calculating like the West and everything will be OK.

  8. turnip
    turnip April 14 2011 20: 17
    so no one says that HE is white and fluffy, I am talking about the fact that in the fight against ghosts they are again trying to "put on shoes" (and it is very difficult to manipulate me winked )
  9. Ivan
    Ivan April 14 2011 20: 24
    The Russian people must destroy not only their fascists, as Germany did,
    but the Russian people must also ask for forgiveness from their neighbors.
  10. vist
    vist April 14 2011 20: 26
    It is as a result of the rule of pragmatists-individualists of the Western type that the country has a "Papuan" economy, and strives for a "Papuan" army, has lost almost all of its allies, now they still offer to repent, probably what would then pragmatically pay Russophobes of all stripes, and for descendants to hang debts, just the height of pragmatism.
  11. Escander
    Escander April 14 2011 20: 50
    I don’t understand, the authorities are no longer in power, except to raise such issues and discuss and solve something with smart faces?
    It's like I’m sitting on the rubble and I think - is it a mess or chaos, can I still owe a neighbor something?
    Dukes (no more, but no less) ...
  12. slan
    slan April 14 2011 21: 47
    Quote: Ivan
    but the Russian people must also ask for forgiveness from their neighbors.

    Birds, repent of your sins in public! (with)

    ps On the fourth day he was shown to the bottom of the excursionists. (with)
  13. Muhabi
    Muhabi April 15 2011 07: 42
    Thanks to the author. We all feel in our hearts that what our authorities are doing is not right, but to what these actions can lead, no one fully suspects. We only see that Russia's position in the world arena surrenders day after day. And instead of pride, which previously overwhelmed our soul for our stronghold, we now feel a sense of inferiority. And all this was given to us by the current government.
  14. Eric
    Eric April 15 2011 12: 46
    I have no questions for the authorities; I want only her blood; I want them to drown in their blood! And ready to have a hand!
  15. Zerkalo
    Zerkalo April 15 2011 16: 22
    My question is - if a revolution happens in the country, will it be bloodless? Whether all this will lead, to consequences, is even worse than the events described here (considering the civil war of the beginning of the century with its interventions, etc. ...)

    Who is now a real force that could be followed (if we are considering the option of a bloodless revolution). I just don’t know such people, maybe someone will tell me about them ...

    Well, any lawsuits that are presented to us are a drop in the sea of ​​the money that we can demand from them, starting from 1914 and ending with our days ... After all, only recently there was an article on this site about how we were "thrown " all. whom we paid in gold ...

    Well, such a retreat ... I still don’t even figure out how such a man as Stalin could join the party, with its ideas of using Russia as a bridgehead for the world revolution. I’m starting to learn more and more. How lucky we are then, and how unlucky now. Damn, because what was created and laid in his time still functions ...

  16. Paulie
    Paulie 5 July 2014 10: 59
    I am not an expert, so I want to support only the rating. need 10 comments.
  17. Paulie
    Paulie 5 July 2014 11: 02
    I am not an expert, so I want to support only the rating. need 10 comments.
  18. Paulie
    Paulie 5 July 2014 11: 02
    I am not an expert, so I want to support only the rating. need 10 comments.
  19. Paulie
    Paulie 5 July 2014 11: 02
    I am not an expert, so I want to support only the rating. need 10 comments.
  20. Paulie
    Paulie 5 July 2014 11: 02
    I am not an expert, so I want to support only the rating. need 10 comments.
  21. Paulie
    Paulie 5 July 2014 11: 03
    I am not an expert, so I want to support only the rating. need 10 comments.
  22. Paulie
    Paulie 5 July 2014 11: 03
    I am not an expert, so I want to support only the rating. need 10 comments.
  23. Paulie
    Paulie 5 July 2014 11: 03
    I am not an expert, so I want to support only the rating. need 10 comments.
  24. Paulie
    Paulie 5 July 2014 11: 03
    I am not an expert, so I want to support only the rating. need 10 comments.
  25. Paulie
    Paulie 5 July 2014 11: 04
    I am not an expert, so I want to support only the rating. need 10 comments.