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Creeping nazism

What we see today in Ukraine can be considered the result of a long-term, purposeful and well-planned work. Work on the implementation of the middle 1950-x, and even earlier, nationalists in the top, middle and lower levels of leadership in the beginning of Western Ukraine, and then the entire Ukrainian SSR. With their help, Western Ukraine carefully prepared and multiplied the anti-Soviet, and, in fact, Russophobic "soil", which then, as the USSR weakened and, accordingly, the control functions of the Center, began to spread to other Ukrainian regions.

Moreover, the introduction of nationalists into the Ukrainian Communist Party and their further advancement along the career ladder began in the 1920s.

Thus, according to the head of the 4 Office of the NKVD of the USSR, Sudoplatov, deputy head of the 3 department of the NKVD of the USSR, Ilyushin from 5 in December 1942 (No. 7 / s / 97) legalized, entered the UKP, and used legal opportunities to step up nationalist work ... These individuals were in the service of the Germans with the arrival of the German invaders to Ukraine. ” It is obvious that in the last Stalinist decade (1921-1944) it was not easy for the “zapadentsa” to enter the party-state bodies of Ukraine. But then ...

Rehabilitation in 1955, on the initiative of Khrushchev, who collaborated with the Nazi occupiers during the war years, according to many experts, opened the valves for the “political naturalization” of former OUN citizens who returned to Ukraine, who subsequently repainted into Komsomol members and communists.

But they also returned from emigration by no means “pro-Soviet”. According to a number of North American and West German sources (including those that existed in 1950 - early 1970 of the Munich Institute for the Study of the USSR and Eastern Europe), at least one third of Ukrainian nationalists and their families rehabilitated in the middle - second half of 1950. By the middle of the 1970s, they became heads of district committees, regional committees, regional and / or regional executive committees in Western, Central and South-Western Ukraine. And also - leaders of various ranks in many Ukrainian ministries, departments, enterprises, Komsomol and public organizations, including the regional level.

By the same estimates, as well as archival documents of local party organs, at the beginning of 1980. in the total contingent of the regional party committee and district committees of the Lviv region, the proportion of persons of Ukrainian nationality rehabilitated in 1955-1959 and repatriates exceeded 30%; in the Volyn, Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil regions, the figure ranged from 35% to 50%.

A parallel process developed from the outside, since from the middle of 1955, Ukrainians were returning from abroad. Moreover, already in 1955-1958. in general, not less than 50 thousand returned, in the next 10-15 years - still about 50 thousand.

And what is interesting: the exiled OUN members in 1940-x - the beginning of 1950-x managed, for the most part, to find gold mines in the Urals, in Siberia and in the Far East. Therefore, they returned to Ukraine with large sums of money.

The repatriates from other countries were not poor either. And almost immediately after returning, most of the deportees and repatriates bought houses with lots or built their own, or “built in” into housing cooperatives that were expensive at that time.

Obviously, after the Khrushchev rehabilitation of 1955, the leadership of the OUN and other nationalist corordon structures adopted in 1955-1956. decisions on the gradual introduction into the party and state structures of the Ukrainian SSR. It was noted that there will be no insurmountable obstacles on the part of local authorities. In a word, the nationalists changed their tactics, began to support the "pro-Western" anti-Soviet dissidents in Ukraine in every way, skillfully introduce chauvinistic assessments and appeals to the public consciousness through the publishing houses and the media of the Ukrainian SSR. According to political historian Klim Dmitruk, these events were supervised by Western intelligence services. In addition, in the USSR they did not dare to strongly “put pressure” on Eastern European countries, through whose territories (except perhaps Romania), both ex-OUN citizens and the new, more prepared, nationalist growth continued to penetrate into Ukraine from abroad.

The Ukrainian leadership, we repeat, directly or indirectly encouraged these trends. For example, at a meeting of the October 21 Politburo of October 1965, a draft of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, initiated by the head of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine Pyotr Shelest, was discussed on granting Ukraine the right to independent participation in foreign economic activity. No other union republic allowed itself to do so. The very appearance of such an odious project shows that the leadership of the Ukrainian SSR actually promoted the “promising” ideas of conspiratorial nationalists.

According to a number of assessments, if this project were a success, similar requirements of the Baltic and Transcaucasian republics would follow.
Therefore, Moscow did not consider it necessary to meet the request of Kiev, although this proposal was supported by the native of Poltava region, the head of the presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR N.V. Podgorny. Moreover, according to the memoirs of A.I. Mikoyan, it was then that Shelest was not simply "put in his place", but also deleted from the list of "Brezhnev's friends." However, even after that, the influence of the “Ukrainian group” in the Kremlin remained significant, and Shelest was dismissed only six years later, and Podgorny - through 11.

Meanwhile, back in September 1965, the Central Committee of the CPSU received an anonymous letter: "... In Ukraine, the atmosphere is growing more and more tense on the basis of the national issue, due to the desire of some people in Kiev to conduct the so-called Ukrainization of schools and universities ... Is it in the CPSU Central Committee, it is not clear that a violation of any status quo, and even more so in this matter in Ukraine, will cause hostile relations between Russians and Ukrainians, will inflame very many low passions for the sake of and for the needs of Canadian Ukrainians? .. ” But even the analysis of this “signal”, we note, did not lead to the resignation of P. Shelest.

In addition, the “returnees” were not hindered from joining the Komsomol or the party. True, some of them had to change their names, but that was, of course, a low fee for moving up the career ladder.

At the end of 1960's, on the initiative of Shelest, a mandatory exam in the Ukrainian language was secretly introduced in Ukrainian humanitarian and many technical universities, which, by the way, was welcomed by many media outlets of the Ukrainian diaspora in North America, Germany, Australia, Argentina. They believed that this order would suspend the "Russification" and the Sovietization of Ukraine. Subsequently, this decision was “put on the brakes”, but even after that many teachers demanded that applicants, students and applicants for scientific titles, especially in Western Ukraine, take exams in the Ukrainian language.

And approximately from the middle of the 1970-x, due to the further strengthening of the position of the Ukrainian (especially the Brezhnev-Dnepropetrovsk) clan in the top leadership of the USSR and the CPSU, the naturalization of the nationalists became almost uncontrolled. What again contributed to the generally mild attitude of the leadership of Ukraine during the entire post-Stalin period to the growth of nationalist tendencies in the republic. And the replacement of Shelest by Shcherbitsky led only to a more veiled development of nationalism, and, moreover, in very sophisticated, one might even say, Jesuit ways.

Well, what would seem to be bad is that, in particular, the number of schools with Russian as the language of instruction has increased, the number of mass media has increased, including radio and television programs in Russian? What quickly began to grow circulation of literature in Russian? However, this caused latent discontent in the nationalist-minded circles of Ukraine, contributed to the strengthening of such sentiments in society.

At the same time, according to the research group of the Internet portal of the CIS, Ukraine still remained in a privileged position compared to the RSFSR, which did not even have its own Academy of Sciences, unlike the Ukrainian and other Union republics.

Under P. Shelest, who headed the KPU Central Committee in 1963, more Ukrainian-language literature and periodicals began to be published, and this process began from the 1955 year. At official and other events, representatives of the authorities advised speakers to speak in Ukrainian. At the same time, the number of the Communist Party in 1960 – 1970 years increased by a record — compared to the growth in the number of members of the Communist Parties of other Union republics — by almost 1 million people.

The pro-Western nationalist dissidence in Ukraine has also been actively developed, at least one third of whose leaders were, again, former OUN people. In the Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions, at the end of the 1950s, underground groups “Ukrainian Workers 'and Peasants' Union”, “Lawyers and Historians Group”, and “Independence Square” appeared. They discussed options for the de-Sovietization of Ukraine and its secession from the USSR. And in February, at the 1963 of the year at a conference on culture and Ukrainian language at Kiev University, some participants suggested giving Ukrainian the status of the state language. No appropriate measures were applied to such groups in Ukraine. It turns out that the adherents of Ukraine’s advance towards “separatism” were also in the leadership of the KGB of the USSR.

In this regard, it is noteworthy that the leader of the Melnikovites (by the name of the leader of one of the groups of the OUN - A. Melnik) A. Kaminsky in 1970 published a voluminous book “For the Modern Concept of the Ukrainian Revolution” in the USA and Canada. It could be obtained through second-hand booksellers in many cities of Ukraine, on book collapses, in book societies, from foreign correspondents. As A. Kaminsky stated, “the national revolution in Ukraine is quite possible, and it needs to be prepared. And for this, we don’t need (we don’t need them any more! - I.L.) underground structures ... In order to rally the people against the Soviet regime, evolutionary possibilities are enough. ” And the basis of the line on such a revolution is to “put the preservation of one’s own language, culture, national identity, love for one’s native people, traditions”. And if "skillfully using the international and domestic situation, we can count on success ...".

Therefore, Melnyk and Bandera from about the middle of 1960-s refused to be the main underground struggle for them, reorienting, according to expert estimates of the CIS Internet portal and a number of other sources, in tactical considerations to support Ukrainian dissidence in any of its forms and manifestations. Especially in support of the “protection of human rights in the USSR” inspired by the West, into which nationalist implications were very skillfully included. In any case, a mediocre creative worker in Ukraine, and not only there, often became a widely advertised “prisoner of conscience” or received no less spectacular Western “labels” of the same kind.

The development of these tendencies was promoted by the fact that the ideas of the Russophobic “independence”, though not publicly at that time, were shared by a considerable number of Ukrainian party-government partners.

The entire Soviet period in Ukraine was practically the successful link of the nationalist movement with the party apparatus.

And since a considerable number of his representatives grew out of the OUN movement, this secret union eventually proved successful. For nationalists and their western patrons, of course. In this regard, noteworthy is also the creation in the 1970-x - early 1980-x. Soviet export gas pipelines mainly in the territory of the Ukrainian SSR. Many media outlets of the Ukrainian diaspora at that time and later noted that with Ukraine gaining “independence”, it will be able to dictate its conditions to Russia and will keep it on a strong “hook”. Today another similar attempt is being made, but, as before, hardly anything worthwhile of this will come out of the "Nezalezhnoy" ...
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  1. sergey72
    sergey72 26 March 2014 08: 46
    And since a considerable number of its representatives grew out of the OUN movement, this secret alliance ultimately proved successful. Well, not for everyone ...
    1. The comment was deleted.
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 26 March 2014 09: 55
    And you will think about innocently repressed in Ukraine in the 30s .. repressed those who fought with Petlyurov’s disadvantages or repressed the disadvantages .. again the Holodomor .. who was vitally interested in the same disadvantages ..
  3. svskor80
    svskor80 26 March 2014 10: 14
    Not just that, in the 90s, such a number of nationalists in Ukraine popped up, all this was gradually being prepared and accumulated. That the USSR would allow such indulgence to the Natsiks was not even thought of course.
  4. Egoza
    Egoza 26 March 2014 10: 46
    Khrushchev broke everything that was done by I.V. Stalin! So he spent the rehabilitation "out of spite", not understanding the essence of the issue! Now we have - the first president of Ukraine L. Kravchuk, who was responsible for ideology in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, and who, according to his current confessions, "as a teenager, carried food to the OUN_UPA fighters in the caches !!!"
    By the way, one should pay attention to the fact that not all rehabilitated went home! Many remained in Siberia, because they knew that during their collaboration with Hitler, they had done such a thing in their own villages that after the war they could be punished by their own villagers by their own methods. And if young neo-Nazis have appeared in Russia now, take a closer look !!! Is it from there whether the roots grow !!!
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Sma11
      Sma11 26 March 2014 23: 16
      Khrushchev broke everything that was done by I.V. Stalin! So he spent the rehabilitation "out of spite", not understanding the essence of the issue!

      Judging by the archival data Nikita Sergeevich he himself did a good job in the field of repression while he was First Secretary. "We will fulfill and overfulfill the plans of the party". And his debunking activities "Cult of Stalin" it's just a way to whitewash yourself "white and fluffy".
  5. EDW
    EDW 26 March 2014 11: 17
    Oppa held a rally "Freedom Day" in Minsk yesterday -
    I am amazed how to carry posters with Bandera around Minsk after Khatyn.
    I hope that the operational survey was conducted and they were all recorded there for the future and will be noted.
    Fascists climbed out, showed their faces.
    Ugh damn !, disgusting.
    1. Turkir
      Turkir 26 March 2014 11: 24
      Who wants to sit on two chairs falls between them.
      Father wants to repeat the experience of Mussolini?
      1. Egoza
        Egoza 26 March 2014 11: 55
        Quote: Turkir
        Who wants to sit on two chairs falls between them.
        Father wants to repeat the experience of Mussolini?

        No! Doesn't want to spend extra money on developing "subjects". And at once he will take everyone who "climbed out"! hi
      2. Rurikovich
        Rurikovich 26 March 2014 21: 20
        Quote: Turkir
        Who wants to sit on two chairs falls between them. Does Batko want to repeat the experience of Mussolini?

        Well, why so much about AHL! If he wanted to sit on the so-called two chairs, then for the sake of the West in the country such privileges would be given to the Liberasts that there would be no talk of any peace of mind today! Plus flirting with zapadentsev would be ... You, Dear, IT is observed ??? I don’t see either. Therefore, it is not necessary to equate all those who at the same moment did not go in a certain stream, but took a break, to think, with the behavior of Yanukovych.
        And these clowns, under the name of the opposition, are periodically released to walk along the streets under the vigilant eye of the KGB and to laugh and poke the fingers of ordinary, normal citizens. These are tame, like jesters. What happens to the arrogant and paid, everyone saw after the previous presidential election. Think first, Turkir, before you say anything ... hi
    2. timer
      timer 27 March 2014 00: 09
      It was necessary not to shit and not to play with physiognomy, but to organize a counter rally and to give these opposites to the fuckers by turnips! And, in general, this Nazi bastard has a place in the bastard !!
  6. Denis
    Denis 26 March 2014 11: 31
    Many media of the Ukrainian diaspora in that period and later noted that with the acquisition of "independence" by Ukraine, it will be able to dictate its conditions to Russia
    It is not so much a matter of nationalism as a reluctance to think. Well, perfect three-technology, where without them ...
    It is enough to recall how they themselves not so long ago listened and believed with their patches. I wanted to believe, has it just come out of this?
    The collapse of the USSR, not only in Ukraine, in many places was enough Literally to point out that Russians are to blame for everything and life without them would be sugar, then it will rush ...
    Just what will happen then no one thinks
  7. Gray 43
    Gray 43 26 March 2014 11: 34
    Interestingly, if it were not for the accession of the memory to the USSR, then they also spoke Ukrainian? Or did they sing the Polish anthem in the original language
  8. Isaev
    Isaev 26 March 2014 12: 30
    The worst thing is that fascism sticks like a leech into the fragile minds of adolescents who read only a hen of a pockmark and become fashionable, ideological and correct. Now we are witnessing the dance of sadistic thief puppets to the tune of local oligarchs, with the permission of Uncle Sema.
  9. Stasi
    Stasi 26 March 2014 14: 50
    Similar Ukrainian nationalist processes took place in all the republics of the USSR, but the authorities turned a blind eye to this. Moreover, there were opportunities to nip in the bud the revival of wild tribal nationalism, fueled by Western intelligence services. All nationalist movements and parties had KGB agents, thanks to which the KGB knew everything about nationalists. Suffice it to say that such a well-known nationalist movement in the Baltics "Sayudis" consisted almost entirely of KGB agents. When it came to light, there was a huge scandal, the rating of "Sayudis" went down and the movement itself disappeared from politics. But the top leadership did nothing to defuse the bomb of nationalism laid under the foundation of the USSR, for the reason that it deliberately went to the collapse of the USSR, deciding to snatch for itself the benefits from the deal with the West.
    1. Denis
      Denis 26 March 2014 15: 40
      Quote: Stasi
      Moreover, there were opportunities to stem the revival of wild tribal nationalism, fueled by Western intelligence agencies.

      So the creators of the catastrophe raged. How they howled about the dissolution of the KGB
      Who screams loudest "Stop thief!" ?
  10. Bene valete
    Bene valete 26 March 2014 15: 48
    I absolutely agree with you! Just add on my own.
    The so-called power of the USSR, not only did not suppress (the revival of wild tribal nationalism), it essentially created it, creating fictitious Union republics and then "feeding" them at the expense of the main population of Russians. Divide and rule ! The result is that some have resentment, from poverty, while others have false self-greatness. Look how smart, advanced and businesslike we are, we don’t do a nifig, but we have Volga and two-story houses ... and you Russians are drinking everything!
  11. Ross
    Ross 26 March 2014 15: 49
    The main weapon of the zapadents
  12. Ross
    Ross 26 March 2014 15: 51
    What you need to know the heirs of Bandera
    1. mehmeh
      mehmeh 4 December 2014 19: 18
      This is where Bandera said this?
      Source if necessary with
  13. anna_VL.
    anna_VL. 26 March 2014 18: 56
    the whole trouble is that those who now consider themselves 90% Bandera can not imagine who S. Bandera is, what he wanted and what methods he did not consider it shameful to resort to! Boys play a terrible war game!
    1. sergey72
      sergey72 26 March 2014 19: 10
      Quote: anna_VL.
      Boys play a terrible war game!

      Anizhedeti! That's just when they started the war, they forgot - the war is not fun for children and it does not have a female face ...
    2. timer
      timer 27 March 2014 00: 18
      Yes, because they are cannon fodder in a well-thought-out show called the Ukrainian revolution. The young man is susceptible to all crazy ideas, and the Bandera is no exception. With the same success, correctly crafted, you can convince the young people that they are the elite of the Ukrainian people and true fighters for justice.
    3. maxxdesign
      maxxdesign 27 March 2014 06: 38
      This stupid zombie is worthless and doesn’t know how to read! And it didn’t taste that Bandera was against the whites, against the reds, against the German .. against everyone ... and he fought and did pogroms only for the enrichment - in other words, this is called robbery! that's the whole bandera
  14. uzer 13
    uzer 13 26 March 2014 19: 24
    The ability to clear out the entire Bandera underground was not used, but in vain. It was necessary to kill them all, and the people would support. There were, therefore, enemies in the KGB / NKVD and in the Central Committee. And this is after the war! And in the Communist Party, everyone who had a party membership card and they automatically got a head start. Therefore, the Communist Party and was used by the separatists to propagate their ideas. Like a cuckoo using the nest of another bird. This mistake cost the communists dearly, and because of them the whole people suffered.
  15. polite people
    polite people 26 March 2014 20: 32
    His friend is next in turn.
  16. Cossacks
    Cossacks 27 March 2014 03: 48
    After Stalin and up to 91, people in the Kremlin were firmly seized by immigrants from the south of Russia (now former), a powerful pro-Ukrainian lobby in the Kremlin and the army, forced Ukrainization, an incomprehensible concentration of high-tech industry in spite of the country's security, which affected 41 and now to a greater extent. Of the two candidates, ceteris paribus, the position received ... correctly Ukrainian. Prerequisites for one reason or another created a sin not to use. And hatred of the Russians has always been as if someone did not deny it. For this, their west created. Blame everything on a relatively small part of Zapadintsy ... just their role as a ram provocateur (who leads the herd to the slaughter).
  17. Dovmont
    Dovmont 28 March 2014 20: 07
    The answer to Ukrainian nationalists!
    Here is what a simple student E.Vasilek wrote:
    Hey, you there, on the Maidan!
    For what currency ?? For what medals ?? You are so brazenly Russia, So cruelly sold ??!
    Who gave you this right - Russian Brothers to fuck up ???
    Who gave you this right - To defile our memory ?!
    We are blood-Slavs !! Our families are united !!! Hey, you there, on the Maidan !!!
    You are not the whole of Ukraine !!!!! You asked the miners ?? You asked the hard workers ???? - What the East of Ukraine Hates Russia? !! ?? Every day systematically replenished box office -
    How much did they give you euros For the sale of Donbass ???
    Or packs of dollars fly to you in transfers?
    Who allowed you to stain the Souls of our peoples ???
    Pitiful tail pursing, How should a serf, Wagging his bare ass, Run to Europe !!!
    Who is behind your back ?? Who are you yourself ??
    What open war Prete directly to Russia ?!
    What Nazi Bandera Blue-yellow grandchildren ??
    From a fascist cholera the hands are itchy strongly ??
    Don't you like Russian? !! Our word is not nice ?? !!
    Have committed massacre to our mass graves? !!
    Our great-grandfathers, grandfathers laid their lives, So that you will win our victory For pennies ???
    There is a border with patience, Our people are harsh !!!!
    And in the Cossack villages Drafts are ready for battle !!!
    The glory of our ancestors through the years will push us to battle !!!
    Who comes to us with a sword - From the sword and perish !!!!!!!