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“PMCs are a very effective instrument of influence”

“PMCs are a very effective instrument of influence”

What do private military companies do, what is the difference between them and mercenaries, how does the market for such services grow in the world, the RP talked with the head of RSB-group Oleg Krinitsyn

Even 60 years ago, almost all the armies of the world were conscripts and state, then in some Western countries began to move to professional armies, but in the XXI century, non-governmental units began to play an increasing role during military conflicts. Sometimes they are ordinary mercenaries, but more often specialized commercial organizations - private military companies (PMCs).

Particularly active services PMC use the United States; according to the Washington Post, as of December 2006, there were 100 thousands of mercenary fighters in Iraq, many of whom were employees of Blackwater - 21 contained one thousand records of former members of elite special forces, FBI and other law enforcement agencies in its database.

The company received notoriety in September 2007, when 17 civilians were killed in fierce shooting on an area in the center of Baghdad. Iraqi government revoked Blackwater license; the license was later restored and finally revoked already in 2009. Despite scandals and a bad media reputation, Blackwater continued to exist, changing its name to Academi.

Critics accuse PMCs of attacking civilians, smuggling and other crimes related to hostilities, but Pentagon officials insist on the impossibility of ensuring security during long-term operations solely by the army. According to official data, the number of private contractors in Afghanistan as of May 2013 reached 110 thousands, of which 30 thousands were US citizens.

In addition to military contracts, the field of operations of PMCs is very wide: the fight against sea pirates, the protection of infrastructure in the “hot spots”, training and training of personnel in developing countries. Over the past ten years, the market for hiring private soldiers has grown dramatically and "weighs" no less than $ 100 billion, the Economist publication cites UN statistics.

PMCs exist in many Western countries, primarily in the United States and the United Kingdom. There are also Russia, among the largest and most successful on the domestic market, commonly called “RSB-Group”, “Tiger Top Rent Security”, “Ferax”, “Antiterror-Orel”. The employees of these companies worked in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kurdistan and other dangerous regions.

But the existence of Russian military companies is not nearly as cloudless as their Western counterparts, like Fontanka. The never-before-used article on “mercenarism” (359 CC) was applied specifically against the employees of PMCs — the deputy director of the Moran Security Group, Vadim Gusev, and the personnel officer of the organization Yevgeny Sidorov. They were arrested in connection with the case of the “Slavic Corps” - allegedly the detainees tried to create a two-thousand detachment of mercenaries-Russians in the service of the Syrian government.

About the place of the Russian PMCs on the world market "Russian Planet" talked with the head of the "RSB-Group" - professional military Oleg Krinitsyn.

- Who do you compete with in Russia and abroad?

- In Russia, we now have no competitors. There was a professional and resource-intensive company Moran Group, but for several reasons it stopped working. There is another company from St. Petersburg, registered in the "gray" offshore of Belize - the so-called VST. But we do not consider it a serious competitive company. The methods of our work are completely different. Despite the fact that the head of this company, Alexey Yartsev, as well as me, is a reserve officer and has good experience, we still focus on the legality of our actions in all areas. We often receive resumes from former and current employees of VST with a request to hire them, which in principle confirms the correctness of our actions in organizing the work of all security systems for our clients.

Abroad, very strong positions are occupied by British, American, Australian, New Zealand, Israeli security companies, which, in principle, is ensured by the strong positions of these states at the international level. They take customers with the image and “state roof”, the Russians with excellent preparation, unpretentiousness, low prices and reliability. But we are losing heavily in this market due to the fact that the Russian state has missed the opportunity for the timely entry of Russian security agencies and PMCs into the international market. I am sure that a powerful Russian PMC, for example in Syria or Libya, could radically change the course stories.

In our country, a priori, there is no PMC in pure form. PMCs are a highly organized structure whose main task is to provide combat operations (logistics, collection and destruction of unexploded ordnance and mines, removal from the battlefield and repair of damaged equipment, food for military personnel, logistical support, protection of military facilities and warehouses, prisons, etc.) d.) PMCs are created and used in the interests of the state. The tasks of our company are not attacking, but constraining. That is, we prevent capture, attack, attack, etc., and if necessary we enter into firing contact. Can we be called PMCs? Rather yes than no. The work is built on the army principle: unity of command, elements of intelligence, disinformation, group commanders, fire and tactical training. The lack of tasks unusual for servicemen (like whitewashing curtains, painting grass and insane drill on the parade ground) plus the very structure of the business process, the experience abroad in areas with high terrorist activity suggest that we are more mobile, more professional and more experienced than usual Russian private security companies with “tired shift workers”.

- From whom do you get orders? Russian government, foreign governments, private companies? Do you have to interact with law enforcement agencies or other government agencies?

- The main customer of our services is, of course, private companies, individuals. There are preliminary orders from both the ministries of defense and the ministries of internal affairs of various states. They are more connected with the services of military consulting. We cooperate with law enforcement agencies of other states. However, if there are attempts to recruit or incomprehensible contacts, we unequivocally report to our authorities responsible for the security of the state. First of all, despite the fact that we are reserve officers, we remain officers, we remain cogs of the very security system of Russia, and even being in civil status we are all part of this system. However, the Russian government or our state bodies did not contact us with orders.

- What are the important objects guarded by RSB-Group? Is the information correct that your company was guarding oil rigs in Iraq? What can you tell us about the operations of RSB-Group in this country?

- No comments. You may hear about our projects soon. About some work you will not hear at all. The British are very jealous of the work of Russian security companies, especially in such a profitable zone of instability as Iraq, and in various ways, including dirty technologies, they are trying to squeeze the Russians out of this market, which, incidentally, happened to Moran Group. in Nigeria.

- How is the activity of Russian PMCs regulated by law? Does PMCs have the ability to use heavy weapons and military equipment?

- As I said above, Russia does not officially have PMCs, there is no “Law on PMCs," and since, nevertheless, we are adherents of the Byzantine Empire in legal aspects, everything that is not prohibited is permitted. In my opinion, PMCs should have a light Aviation, helicopters, small arms, grenade launchers type GP-25 and GR-30 plus group weapon types of rocket launchers, AGS-17, LNG-9, large caliber machine guns caliber 12,7mm and 14,5 mm, BTR-90 and BMP-3. Enemies, terrorists, shahids are well armed and prepared, they attack first and, as practice has shown, have a huge time advantage. Major military operations must still be conducted by regular army and other special units. PMCs are an auxiliary, but very important element in the conduct of hostilities in general. PMCs can also act independently, but under a contract with the state.

- Then to the activities of Western military companies. For example, how do you evaluate the operations of Blackwater (now Academi) in Iraq?

- Western companies act in accordance with the doctrine of their country. For example, the US has an offensive doctrine, respectively, and Blackwater’s actions in Iraq were attacking: preventive shooting, rude and boorish behavior on a public road while escorting columns, relations with the local population are built on the strength and superiority of their company. And one should not forget that the Blackwater in Iraq was actively “protected” the Pentagon (it also became the main customer of the Blackwater services). Take, for example, the case when 17 civilians were killed in Falluja. Blackwater employees thought that a young Arab, holding a mobile phone to his ear, was trying to activate an explosive device (landmine) on the route of the convoy. None of the Americans was convicted and held accountable. At that time, they spread immunity. Western PMCs are tough and effective due to the fact that their state is behind their backs.

If, nevertheless, to reveal the tasks of PMCs in Iraq, performing the tasks of the Pentagon, then Blackwater led actions against the anti-occupation forces. That is, the armed forces of the PMCs are already global police forces that carry out the tasks of fighting and physically exterminating all those who disagree and resist the creation of an anti-state and defend their statehood from the global aggressor. Western PMCs already carry out this function and are ready to do it in any region and for any country of the customer. Unlike the armed forces of the state, focused on the protection of state national interests, they are absolutely cosmopolitan. Their goal is not protection, but destruction, the destruction of everything statistically on a global scale.

- What are the fundamental differences between the domestic and international markets of private military structures, based on your work experience?

- In Russia, private security firms work hand-and-foot with poor “Law of the Chod”, “Law on Arms” and many incomprehensible instructions that employees of the licensing and permitting department cannot always interpret. Abroad work is easier. The laws are almost perfect and are not so ambiguously interpreted as in Russia. There are no problems with the legal acquisition of weapons either, and we are not talking about a strange device called IL-79, from which you can only frighten especially impressionable offenders, and we are talking about more serious weapons like the Glock-17, the civilian versions of the popular M-16 rifles, FAL, etc. In addition, a huge number of rifle clubs abroad, in which every owner of a weapon can come and receive skills of safe handling of weapons not for 50 rubles for a cartridge (as it happens in all shooting galleries in Moscow, with factory price in 5 rubles per cartridge).

- What are the prospects for the military services market? Forecast of its further development.

- In my opinion, the forecast in Russia will not be entirely comforting. A moment will come when, under pressure from certain lobbies, something like the “PMC Law” will be adopted, but most likely it will be a cumbersome, clumsy structure with “wedding generals”, something like a la FSUE “Guard” , which, not having strong competitors in Russia, will begin to grow not up, but to be heard in width. I would very much like to believe that I am mistaken in forecasts. However, having the data that I receive, I am afraid that everything will go this way. In general, PMCs are a very effective instrument of influence. The epoch of local and corporate wars is coming, where PMC services will be in special demand.

- The fight for the market of military services: how and by whom will the African failed states be divided (Sudan, Libya, Somalia)?

- Libya is already under the Americans. The training and preparation of the "new army" of Libya are engaged in the French. Sudan (North Sudan) is interesting in terms of oil pumping, it is there that oil refineries and access to the sea, to the oil sea terminals. South Sudan - oil production. But a large number of gangs and political groups such as Al-Qaida and Al-Shabab make it difficult to extract and transport it to Northern Sudan. Here for PMCs a lot of work. Somalia. Somalia is now in the position of the “elusive cowboy joe”. It seems to be there, but nobody needs it, because the Somali government controls only its palace and several quarters in Mogadishu. With whom to negotiate? Who will pay for PMC services?

- Is there a danger of Chinese (Indian, Arab) PMCs entering the world market of military services?

- This is not a danger, it is a predictable process of integration into this market. Chinese PMCs have been operating in Africa for a long time, providing security for the oil pipeline in Burma, and in Eritrea they provide security to more than 26 000 Chinese who have already established their own city there. They are engaged in gold mining, minerals.

- Where is the line between the legal activities of private security companies and mercenarism?

- There is a clear definition of mercenarism both in the criminal code and in international law. One of the most distinctive features: participation in hostilities on the territory of a foreign state as a third party, not being a combatant. And all these actions must be paid by the customer. There have been cases when PMCs in Africa stopped the war, brought order to Sierra Leone, where UN forces and local authorities were powerless. The borderline can be determined by lawyers. There is a formal contract with the state security structure - everything is in order. There is an opposition order to overthrow the government - a mercenary. There are many more nuances. To understand them, you must carefully read the Criminal Code and try to apply to their actions.

- Your opinion on the scandal with the “Slavic Corps”, how serious is the presence of Russian mercenaries in Syria?

- I would not indiscriminately call the "Slavic Corps" mercenaries. It is possible that the investigating authorities of the FSB found elements of mercenary in their actions, but it should also be noted that this “article” is quite exotic for Russia and our investigating authorities do not have enough experience to study such crimes. However, we often hear that Chechens are fighting in Syria on the side of Al-Qaida, Al-Nusra, etc., for the money they kill civilians, rape, pervert over the corpses ... Russian Wahhabis also participate for money in this war, but we have never heard about the prosecution of these people or of any investigative actions. Let's hope that common sense will triumph and the arrested guys - Sidorov and Gusev - will soon be released from Lefortovo; In addition, it should be noted that these are not the worst members of our society and have done a lot for Russia and raising the image of our country as employees of the Moran Group.

- What is known about the Russian-speaking mercenaries during the Libyan campaign?

- They are. And they will always be. Russian-speaking mercenaries. And it doesn’t matter that they can come from Western Ukraine, from Transnistria, the Baltic States, Chechnya, Dagestan, the Crimea - the main thing is that the local man hears Russian speech. There is no question for me, rather, for the law enforcement agencies of these entities. The main underlying reason, of course, is the desire to earn money, perhaps to become a shahid, to help “brothers in faith.” But thanks to this cunning step, Russians in Libya are not loved today.

- Who can become an employee of RSB-Group, what are the selection criteria?

- It is difficult and easy at the same time to become an RSB employee. All the basic requirements for the employee are in our section "Jobs" on the site. We need trained and tactically competent officers with combat experience. They are internally disciplined, educated people, with good life and professional experience. But there are a number of problems when working with this category of employees: as a rule, poor knowledge of English, the experience gained prevents them from restructuring and understanding that today they are no longer in the army, but work in a commercial organization with other statutory tasks. The state does not stand behind them, and the best protection is compliance with the current legislation in the country of residence. However, there are cases when, when conducting a commercial course in fire training, our instructors highlight promising shooters. If a person speaks English and passed a psychological test (and by the way, it should be noted that we have a very difficult psychological test that is used when testing officers of the SVR and FSO - 566 questions, 45 minutes are given for the test), in this case the chances of becoming ours employee increase by 99%. Several of our employees came to our company along this path.

They may be inferior in tactical training to our former officers, but they very diligently study everything necessary for work and have good prospects. The advantages of such employees are that we initially teach them “for themselves”, give the necessary tactics, practice, instill our corporate culture and knowledge. Several times a month, our employees are trained both in theory and in practice. We need reliable, competent and professional staff. A day comes from 15 to 20 requests to e-mail: "How to get to you?" We do not answer such questions and immediately send to spam. If applications of the applicant come in, but without accompanying documents, such letters are also not considered. The fact is that if a candidate is not attentive and cannot clearly read and understand the requirements and conditions for admission to work, which are detailed on our website, then we believe that we do not need such an employee. His carelessness can do a disservice in the future. And since all our work is related to weapons, attentiveness and diligence is a fundamental factor.

- In what hot spots did your employees have to work: did you have to use weapons, conduct long battles?

- We do not participate in battles and try to avoid them, after all, fighting is not our job. Our task is to professionally ensure the safety of the customer and save the lives of our employees. Employees of the RSB Group worked and work in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and other Arab countries, as well as carry out armed security and protection of civilian naval vessels in the Gulf of Aden, the Indian Ocean and other pirate-dangerous areas of the oceans. There were cases when they engaged in armed clashes with armed groups, fulfilling the conditions of the contract for the protection and defense of the property and employees of the customer. There are no losses and injuries among the employees of RSB Group.

- What special equipment do you use?

- We use only weapons approved by the laws of the host country. For example, according to the law of Oman it is forbidden to use automatic weapons. Private security companies are advised to use semi-automatic weapons with a caliber of no more than 7,62 mm. However, I know that our colleagues from Israel use automatic weapons, machine guns and even grenades in the protection of ships. It's easier for them. Their country has been at war for more than 50 for years, and the state empowers its security structures to use weapons that are most effective in suppressing terrorists. We also use body armor, minimum 3 protection class, steel or Kevlar helmets, radio communications, satellite phones, special unloading and climbing systems, collimator sights, acoustic guns HyperSpike (non-lethal weapons). If necessary, we can also use UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) to gather intelligence.

- Since June 2013, RSB-Group has been ensuring the maritime security of Gazprom’s gas and oil refineries. Your opinion about the incident with the Greenpeace activists at the Prirazlomnaya platform.

- I want to make a correction. Today, RSB-Group does not ensure the maritime safety of the Prirazlomnaya platform, although initially a subsidiary of OAO Gazprom addressed us with such a request. The necessary work was carried out, the calculation of forces and means was carried out. It is necessary to understand that the Prirazlomnaya platform, despite the fact that it is now on a solid concrete base and it is easiest to call it more like a pier, is in its essence a ship, and it was assigned an IMO (registration number). By sea rules, on a ship (if it is not passenger), it is strictly forbidden to transport passengers. However, now, according to my data, there are more than 200 service personnel and about ten PSC guards on the platform.

And I do not exclude that the guards in this chop are very decent people, but decent people are not a specialty. Each security guard must have a seaworthy book, seafarer's ID, SSO courses (Ship security officer onboard a ship), and they must take special SOLAS and STCW 95 courses (survival rates on a ship: the actions of each team member in the event of a breach on the vessel, fire, flooding, safe leaving the vessel, working with lifeboats, etc.).

Without these minimum documents, the security guards of the PSC do not have the right to be on board the ship, even in the economic zone of the Russian Federation. Without these elementary skills, in the event of a man-made disaster, they will be like ballast and will be among the first candidates for death at sea. And most importantly, this private security company lacks elementary experience in the fight against piracy. I'm not talking about armed pirates. The analysis of the video recordings of the Greenpish attack on the Prirazlomnaya platform shows that the security from the PSC was dormant, stupidly looking at the Greenpeepers on the platform, someone was shooting all the events on the phone for the home archive.

I believe that sooner or later, such an irresponsible attitude towards the protection of such an important object as the Prirazlomnaya platform can play a cruel joke with the customer of security services.

I am sure that if, at that moment, specialists from the RSB-Group were fighting against pirates at Prirazlomnaya, the events would have turned out quite differently. Using UAVs and HyperSpike acoustic guns, as well as employees trained under the “combat swimmers” program, we could provide a safety zone around the platform with a radius of at least 300 meters not only on the water surface, but also under water (by law, this is no less than 500 meters).

Elementary defensive booms for boats and divers were not delivered. Our experts, who analyze the events, have many questions and complaints in the organization of the Prirazlomnaya security system. If a subsidiary of Gazprom nevertheless decided to work with RSB-Group, as originally planned, then Russia would not have had such image risks and discussions in the global media about this incident. However, the customer made a “temporary” decision while using the ground chop, despite the risks and higher cost of services.
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  1. Wiruz
    Wiruz 25 March 2014 15: 06
    I would like to believe that in Russia there will never be such PMCs. CHOPy - please, but no more.
    1. Sma11
      Sma11 25 March 2014 16: 47
      If there was a state behind them, then why not. Afghan war, two Chechen. Thousands of healthy young men whom the state has taught to survive and kill. In civilian life, they don't need anyone ... n, neither the army, nor the services (the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB, etc.). There is no rehabilitation. And where should they go? In private security companies? Yes, damn it, do not tell my gray-haired ya. laughing , they went to crime, to mercenaries or drank themselves. But if there were PMCs, or at least something like the Foreign Legion, then there would be a return from them to the state.
      1. jjj
        jjj 25 March 2014 16: 55
        And the protection of our civilian nuclear facilities is a real army. Only without tanks
      2. Russkiy53
        Russkiy53 25 March 2014 17: 23
        The correct koment !!! +++
    2. saber1357
      saber1357 26 March 2014 00: 02
      Dear "I'll be back",

      and didn’t it occur to you of any hypotheses about the nature of Polite Green Men from recent Russian history? If not, think carefully and READ the article CAREFULLY.
      1. NovelRZN
        NovelRZN 26 March 2014 02: 03
        Quote: saber1357
        and didn’t it occur to you of any hypotheses about the nature of Polite Green Men from recent Russian history? If not, think carefully and READ the article CAREFULLY.

        This theory has long been voiced. To some extent, it is confirmed by some comments of the "greens" themselves: "... you will soon find out and be very surprised ... I am a Crimean ... other participants in self-defense are also citizens of Ukraine ...".
        I would not be surprised if the PMC is covering up the "greens" from the official accusation of the Russian side of belonging to it part of the self-defense forces. A very interesting self-defense squad)))
  2. Artyom
    Artyom 25 March 2014 15: 10
    The issue of PMCs is long overdue, but for reasons incomprehensible to me by the state, this is not interesting. Otherwise, it has long been adopted.
    1. dmitriygorshkov
      dmitriygorshkov 25 March 2014 17: 12
      Quote: Artyom
      The issue of PMCs is long overdue, but for reasons incomprehensible to me by the state, this is not interesting. Otherwise, it has long been adopted.

      Unfortunately, our statesmen have a very inert and conservative approach to public safety issues. They do not keep pace with changing realities, but they all wait for the world to bend under them! Our private security companies are absolutely toothless in the conditions of modern legislation and are often useless. The police (and the word is castrated begs!) weakened to the impossible. She (the police) can no longer resist the negative processes, and she can only escape from solving problems, otherwise they themselves will be punished!
    2. volcano
      volcano 25 March 2014 17: 32
      Quote: Artyom
      The issue of PMCs is long overdue, but for reasons incomprehensible to me by the state, this is not interesting. Otherwise, it has long been adopted.

      A simple example.
      Bulk and Co. created PMCs.
      Continue to continue?
      1. Fox
        Fox 25 March 2014 18: 37
        Quote: volkan
        Continue on

        in the service I ran into PSCs: spoiled rams when they see a person WITHOUT WEAPON. but everything changed dramatically when they were demonstrated. Right up to urinating in trousers. They aren’t disfigured by intelligence. And if there are few such bruises in PMCs?
  3. Siberian19
    Siberian19 25 March 2014 15: 18
    Still, the issue of Crimea remains open! Is this a PMC?
    1. Brother77
      Brother77 25 March 2014 16: 57
      Well, are you blind or something, of course, not PMCs ... look at the technique especially, but at the age of polite people, I think everything will be clear ..
      1. saber1357
        saber1357 26 March 2014 00: 04
        If you want it to be clear, express yourself more clearly, otherwise nothing is clear at all (except for you)
    2. saber1357
      saber1357 26 March 2014 00: 03
      In, the second person says the same thing. And now we’re thinking further - and then something suddenly appeared on the VO article about PMCs, but right today, March 25?
  4. Kazakh
    Kazakh 25 March 2014 15: 24
    Russia needs PMCs and most likely they will be too convenient. The same Crimea could hire our PMCs and then join, and there would be even fewer questions to the Russian leadership
    1. saber1357
      saber1357 26 March 2014 00: 05
      How interesting! why "could"? After all, you can search in Runet, checking the hypothesis, look ...
  5. konvalval
    konvalval 25 March 2014 15: 25
    So the PMCs came up with the Americans. Not good for good.
    1. saber1357
      saber1357 26 March 2014 00: 06
      Do not understand?!!! Is Rome ancient? And the Persians ?! PMCs - a new format of what has existed for more than one thousand years
  6. Baron Wrangell
    Baron Wrangell 25 March 2014 15: 47
    but it seems to me that all this crap, PMCs! Banal chop only more profitable contracts, foreign!
    I read their requirements for candidates, laughed! James bonds are straight! Hde ento they will find so many specialists of the highest class! I’m not even going for big money!
    1. Sma11
      Sma11 25 March 2014 16: 49
      Well, you may not be outraged good
      1. Baron Wrangell
        Baron Wrangell 26 March 2014 09: 27
        Quote: Sma11
        Well, you may not be outraged

        Oh, damn it, I'm sorry that I do not agree!
        and so by all the criteria would pass! smile
        only I won’t go!
        I will explain by several criteria:
        1. Moral- a mercenary, he is a mercenary, it is better to be a contractor.
        2. legal - that PSC that CHOV one crap - the task of protecting the property of the customer. Advertising is one, essentially a banal guard. At one time, Vladik recruited into such private security companies, such as the protection of ships in areas of risky navigation.
        3. The main and last thing is the desire to fight, to run with weapons, this is an abnormal desire of a person, especially in conditions of complete impunity. Having run into the mountains with weapons and again in the mountains with a machine gun, I no longer have the desire to pick up weapons. If only for patriotic reasons.
        PS Do not believe the advertisement, it is false !!!
        1. Sma11
          Sma11 26 March 2014 10: 48
          Having run into the mountains with weapons and again in the mountains with a machine gun, I no longer have the desire to pick up weapons. If only for patriotic reasons.

          Teacher on the portrait of K. Marx:
          “Children, you all know this genius, this great man.” Who will call him?
          - So this is our janitor Uncle Vasya. The teacher in perspiration:
          - What do you? Same...
          - Not at all. Look - our new janitor. The teacher runs out into the yard. Sweeping there
          The yard is a type completely similar to K. Marx.
          “You know, dear, this is school.” You look very inappropriately. It might be better to shave you
          a beard? Janitor thinking: - Well, I’ll shave off my beard, okay. And where is the mind
          what to do? ... That thing ?!

          I’m tired of the same thing, but where to put my experience and knowledge?
          1. Baron Wrangell
            Baron Wrangell 26 March 2014 14: 02
            Quote: Sma11
            I’m tired of the same thing, but where to put my experience and knowledge?

            Where to put the mind? Oh, I beg you!
            Sow the eternal and the good! teach children patriotism! it's so interesting!
  7. J. Tapia
    J. Tapia 25 March 2014 15: 49
    It’s high time to attend to the creation of their PMCs with the appropriate training and equipment.
  8. Navy7981
    Navy7981 25 March 2014 16: 07
    No guys, these must be taken seriously. I admit that among them there may be suckers, but it is better not to count on it. There are too many soldiers among them with good experience and skills. And that's bad. And what’s good, you can’t spare them at all. And we must remember that they are going to earn loot and they don’t want to die (why should the dead man have money?), But in this connection they will try to frighten him with cruelty and ruthlessness. Therefore, operations against them must be prepared carefully. Thinking through each step and within the framework of the operation, consider the need for their complete destruction. Something like this.
  9. made13
    made13 25 March 2014 16: 13
    PMCs should be outlawed - people who are ready to kill for money, mercenaries - this is a contingent that should not be on the territory of Russia. Killing an enemy while defending their homeland and for $ 100 in bonuses are two big differences.
    1. Brother77
      Brother77 25 March 2014 17: 02
      Well, send your son to die for the money allowance of a double bass or better than a sucker, but moms will tear you for injury and death .. You guys don’t understand what you read or read inattentively (but they won’t take you in PMCs)
    2. Sma11
      Sma11 26 March 2014 18: 29
      16 March is one of the bloodiest days in the history of the 2 half of the twentieth century. 46 years ago, in 1968, the Charlie company from the 23th US Infantry Division, in the village of Mai Lai of the Songmi community, shot and killed 567 Vietnamese women, old people and children in cold blood.

      So clean for regular army information
  10. Quantum
    Quantum 25 March 2014 16: 16
    The PMC law is necessary, otherwise Russia will constantly lose
    incidents in the political confrontation with the West. PMCs are very mobile, in terms of the objectives of the state customer, the implementation of short-term
    measures for the protection of objects, the elimination of political agents
    influence and organization of resistance in any region.
    In the south-eastern regions of Ukraine, on the instructions of the legitimate president and
    financial support for Russia, now, could be organized
    fierce resistance to Bandera, and possibly foreign mercenaries.
    1. Brother77
      Brother77 25 March 2014 17: 03
      Eh bro, there would be an opportunity, I would give you a few pluses so that our legalists would hear ... (
  11. Grenz
    Grenz 25 March 2014 16: 30
    Article both in text and in photo - custom advertising.
    All over the world PMCs are made up of "bablodavs" who are ready to do anything for money. The concepts: "morality", "honor", "duty" are not about them.
    In Russia, the concept of "VOLUNTEERS" has always existed and now it has not disappeared (Spain - then, Transnistria - yesterday, Crimea (Cossacks) - now).
    And do not impose merchants on the blood. And if you create something, then under the auspices of either the GRU or the FSB. With state control.
    1. Sma11
      Sma11 25 March 2014 16: 53
      The concepts: "morality", "honor", "duty" are not about them.

      It does not depend on the form of service, but on spiritual development. Freaks and in the army request
      In Russia, the concept of "VOLUNTEERS" has always existed and now it has not disappeared (Spain - then, Transnistria - yesterday, Crimea (Cossacks) - now).

      In Chechnya and Afghanistan, there were also "VOLUNTEERS" fanatics, only for some reason they were called mercenaries. By the way, do VOLUNTEERS feed on holy spirit?
      1. Grenz
        Grenz 25 March 2014 18: 02
        PMCs Kolomiytseva and Taratuty now face all who are against the authorities in Kiev. Terror against activists. And you think that there will not be in Russia those who pay our PMCs more than the threshold of their conscience. By the way, and who forms this threshold. For example, Navalny, who has already practically created his own PMC. It is known for what.
        The commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet said correctly: "Matches are not toys." And a weapon in the hands of people fighting for money is generally a crime. By the way - snipers on the Maidan from PMCs, there is such a team "Beitar" - fired in October 1993 both at the defenders of the White House and at the besiegers.
        And about Afghanistan - what can I say, if you are talking about mercenaries from that side, then it’s understandable. And on our side - do not tell. They said it was necessary - he went voluntarily, but not as a mercenary, but as a person performing military duty.
        1. Sma11
          Sma11 25 March 2014 18: 28
          And on our side - do not tell.

          The first Chechen. Contractors With what fright did they rush there? Most because of BABLA. Unemployment however. Mid 90's. French Foreign Legion. Created whole units from the Slavs. Why? Unemployment however.

          They said it was necessary - he went voluntarily, but not as a mercenary, but as a person performing military duty.

          Duty to whom?

          What is wrong with the fact that a person receives money for his knowledge and experience? His moral principles are another matter. And do not cross a watermelon with a hedgehog.
          1. Grenz
            Grenz 25 March 2014 19: 12
            Do not distort - I indicated the country - Afghanistan.
            There would be no contract soldiers in Chechnya if there was order in the country and decent work, and not just kill people. This is, according to your conclusion, forced work. And on the Czech side - there were no mercenaries?
            Well, if for you "moral principles are another matter" , then it is useless to debate with you about military duty. By the way, I'm not a nerd. You cross your watermelons yourself.
            1. Sma11
              Sma11 25 March 2014 23: 59
              Do not distort - I indicated the country - Afghanistan.
              There would be no contract soldiers in Chechnya if there was order in the country and decent work, and not just kill people. This is, according to your conclusion, forced work.

              I do not distort how much. Unfortunately, in our country one should only dream about order. God grant that he finally came. With the collapse of the Union for twenty years, the army was destroyed with great success. The withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the withdrawal of troops from the Warsaw Pact countries, the withdrawal of troops from the former Soviet republics, ongoing reforms and transformations, three major local conflicts. At the same time, about a million military professionals who were simply thrown out to a civilian. Which nobody needed there. "We didn't send you there". And where do they go? Private security companies, security service, crime. The part with technical education still found a job. Not many people got settled in the organs; the majority drank themselves up or became bandits. When your family is starving, moral principles somehow fade into the background.
              Well, if "moral principles are another matter" for you, then it is useless to discuss military duty with you. By the way, I'm not a nerd.

              As for military duty, it’s not for you to tell me about it. I swore allegiance to the Soviet Union and I still remember "with dignity and honor, not sparing his blood and life itself to achieve complete victory over enemies" and believe me this is not an empty phrase for me. I have the honor! Old scary stockprap.
              1. Grenz
                Grenz 26 March 2014 07: 13
                Quote: Sma11
                As for military duty, it's not for you to tell me about it. I swore allegiance to the Soviet Union and still remember "with dignity and honor, not sparing my blood and life itself to achieve complete victory over enemies" and believe me, this is not an empty phrase for me. I have the honor! Scary old reserve ensign.

                Dear old stock warrant officer.

                At the expense of military duty, you are wrong. My attitude to military duty is expressed in more than 30 calendar years of service and more than three preferential ones (like we didn't send you there). So I did not forget the oath and did not become a "superfluous person". I have the honor! It is unlikely that PMCs in Iraq utter such words.
                1. Sma11
                  Sma11 26 March 2014 11: 04
                  At the expense of military duty, you are wrong. My attitude to military duty is expressed in more than 30 calendar years of service and more than three preferential ones (like we didn't send you there). So I did not forget the oath and did not become a "superfluous person".

                  Well, for a change let's measure eggs, which is cooler than Faberge, darned holes on an old skin, etc.
                  Sma11 (1) SU Yesterday, 16: 47 ↑
                  If there was a state behind them, then why not.

                  Here is my opinion. And with your youthful maximalism ...
                  PMCs all over the world are made up of "bablodavs" who are ready to do anything for money. Concepts: "morality", "honor", "duty" are not about them

                  ... very difficult to argue request Since I have long understood that moral qualities do not depend on the structure of the organization. And under one comb of all ...?
                  Everyone chooses for themselves
                  A woman, a religion, a road.
                  The devil serves or the prophet
                  Everyone chooses for themselves.

                  Everyone chooses by themselves
                  A word for love and for prayer.
                  A sword for a duel, a sword for a battle
                  Everyone chooses by themselves.

                  Everyone chooses by themselves
                  Shield and plate, staff and patches.
                  The measure of final reckoning
                  Everyone chooses for themselves.

                  Everyone chooses for themselves.
                  I choose too, as I can.
                  I have no complaints to anyone:
                  Everyone chooses for themselves.
                  1. Grenz
                    Grenz 26 March 2014 16: 52
                    Dear, it is you who put your service in reproach to me. I didn’t pull you by the tongue. Poke your Faberge at your pleasure. It's all over.
                    1. Sma11
                      Sma11 26 March 2014 18: 45
                      Dear, it is you who put your service in reproach to me.

                      How many looked did not see where he reproached? Well, break, so break. Really why the heck fencing on the keyboard? It's inconvenient ... I just give comments based on my experience. Because of the "close" acquaintances I have both generals and bandits, and a dozen at the churchyard after the dashing 90s, and all the officers of the former Soviet Union. request And you are based on your ..
  12. Des10
    Des10 25 March 2014 16: 36
    "However, the customer made a" temporary "decision to use an onshore private security company for now, despite the risks and higher cost of services."
    no questions.
    The article is decent and timely.
    By PMC, we are lagging behind so far.
  13. Brother77
    Brother77 25 March 2014 16: 55
    Those who say that PMCs are not needed and all that for mercenaries and so on blah blah blah to put it mildly (in my opinion) not-so-distant people, take for example the contingent of officers who are leaving the army now (I mean from the ground forces - infantry parts, from brigades of special forces, those contrabass soldiers who leave Chechnya, after all, most of them have experience in warfare, well, and where to send this experience to chopiki, well this is fucking ... c, because such a potential disappears. talk about the era of corporate conflicts .. itd, yes you just rest give wise books about future military conflicts, I think that you will get a lot of answers to your myopia. Maybe I'm wrong .. I agree, but just explain to me what. The question is, what to do with all those who have experience in military operations ... a factory on a collective farm, or it can collect all of them in PMCs, if desired, and give them the work to which they have dedicated their lives and have knowledge in this field, and free the sarakons and double basses from the chances of accidentally dying in the fight with ... aces, let prepare for yourself in the mobile reserve, and those who are ardent of those in PMCs ... judge or tell me in h m wrong.
  14. balyaba
    balyaba 25 March 2014 17: 02
    PMC, of ​​course, is needed by Russia, but under one invariable condition - appropriate moral-political and patriotic preparation.
  15. Filand
    Filand 25 March 2014 17: 02
    Quote: Brother77
    Well, are you blind or something, of course, not PMCs ... look at the technique especially, but at the age of polite people, I think everything will be clear ..

    Vladimir Vladimirovich said private traders, then private traders, I’m telling you as a participant in the events ...
    1. Brother77
      Brother77 25 March 2014 17: 25
      Well, okay, let it be your way, we then understand each other ...
  16. Bootlegger
    Bootlegger 25 March 2014 17: 03
    Under UN international agreements, mercenaries are illegal and there are no legal consequences for killing them. Any mercenary needs to be killed from PMCs, everywhere and always, these are dangerous rabid dogs. RUSSIA DOESN'T SUCH FRUITS. Killing people for money without honor and dignity.
    1. Sma11
      Sma11 25 March 2014 18: 02
      And who are the contractors in Russia? Serve for the money. Obey the laws. And chop at oligarchs? So take your karamultuk to the forest — to partisan, and preferably to the Caucasus Mountains, there are so many of these mercenaries there.
    2. Brother77
      Brother77 26 March 2014 09: 32
      Hey, heroes of the keyboard-mouse battle, pay attention to the story: There are many versions, the consonance of "sodat" and "soldo", an old small coin circulated in Italy since the XNUMXth century. From the name of the coin comes the word "hire" - "soldare". The word "soldat" itself is translated as "receiving a salary."
      The more ancient name of the coins "soldus" served as a payment even to the Roman soldiers. And give the answer first to yourself ... who is it all the same a mercenary and, here you are limited people mdaaaa ...
  17. Russkiy53
    Russkiy53 25 March 2014 17: 26
    PMCs really could, being hired on the "collected funds" of the inhabitants of the south-east of Ukraine, effectively solve the problem with this hemorrhoid!
  18. GRAY
    GRAY 25 March 2014 17: 32
    Quote: Brother77
    Well, are you blind or something, of course, not PMCs ... look at the technique especially, but at the age of polite people, I think everything will be clear ..

    Why not? Few tigers leased out to heighten fear.
    1. Brother77
      Brother77 25 March 2014 18: 02
      On trifles all-numbers on tigers burn ...
  19. GRAY
    GRAY 25 March 2014 17: 40
    For example, from the site of the RSB groups from the section "land operations":

    By agreement with the legitimate government of other countries - assistance in maintaining public order in emergency situations. Protection of important government facilities from looters and criminals.
    Who is the legitimate government here? - Yanukovych.
  20. Viktor.N.Aleksandrov.
    Viktor.N.Aleksandrov. 25 March 2014 18: 45
    PMCs are needed, but for use in their own country. We have enough of our own power structures. They just need to be allowed to work, not to bind their hands with stupid restrictions. And outside of Russia - please - and machine guns and machine guns, etc. But everything is under the control of the relevant authorities. Then some problems abroad will be easier to solve. And, most importantly, legally, Russia will have nothing to do with it.
  21. Bootlegger
    Bootlegger 25 March 2014 19: 11
    we can argue about PMCs hoarse and forget the main thing - PMCs are private and not state power structures and private security oligarchs are private - speaking in Russian older people who think with their heads and not emotions all private military PMCs and private security companies as well as menagers in Russian koeakakra.
  22. SLOVO
    SLOVO 25 March 2014 20: 14
    Quote: Brother77
    On trifles all-numbers on tigers burn ...

    When Ukrainian numbers were like Russian numbers, then number 21 (civil marking) is Kherson region)).
    In Russia, with the number of the region 21 (Armenian marking) they travel to the Rostov region)
  23. GRAY
    GRAY 25 March 2014 20: 50
    PMCs are not needed for use in their own country, because there they are no different from ordinary private security companies. They are needed where the legislative field of the Russian Federation ends.
    There they can at least drive tanks to the toilet.
  24. Lexx
    Lexx 26 March 2014 03: 04
    Assault on the Belbek base