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New Chinese tank MBT-3000 will be ready in two years

China continues to create new armored vehicles. One of the most important projects of recent times is the main battle tank with the symbol MBT-3000. The existence of this project became known almost two years ago. Serious work has been done during this time. To date, as follows from the available materials, Chinese experts have built a prototype of the new tank.

New Chinese tank MBT-3000 will be ready in two years

Materials on the new main tank MBT-3000 were first shown to the general public in the summer of 2012 of the year, at the Eurosatory 2012 exhibition. Then it was announced that the new project is being created on the basis of previous Chinese developments - MBT-2000 and Type 90 tanks. Then, in 2012, the approximate characteristics of the new combat vehicle became known. Over the next year and a half, NORINCO, which has been developing a new tank, continued various activities. It was argued that the mass production of new armored vehicles could start in the second half of 2014. Not so long ago, new information appeared, according to which it would take about two years to complete the MBT-3000 project. Thus, the start of mass production of new tanks should be expected no earlier than the end of 2015 of the year.

There are photos of both the layout and the prototype of the new Chinese tank. They show well the main features of the new armored vehicle, and also demonstrate its “origin”. Thus, the hull and turret of the MBT-3000 tank largely resemble the corresponding aggregates of previous Chinese-made machines. The published materials claimed that the protection of the new Chinese tank consists of basic armor, combined armor and additional reactive armor (dynamic protection system). The frontal armor of a Chinese car is, in its thickness, comparable to the protection of the German tank Leopard 2 (the exact modification of the German technology was not indicated).

Shortly after the first demonstration of promotional materials on the MBT-3000 project, information appeared about the power plant of the new tank. The car was supposed to install a diesel engine power 1200 hp According to others, the new armored vehicle could get an engine of a different model, the power of which reaches 1300 hp. In addition, the possibility of forcing the engine to hp power 1500 was not excluded. It was argued that new diesel engines are fully manufactured in Chinese enterprises, making the construction of a new tank independent of foreign manufacturers.

The company NORINCO declared quite high running characteristics of the new armored vehicle. With a combat weight of about 51 tons, the MBT-3000 tank should have a specific power of at least 23,5 hp. per ton (with engine power 1200 hp). When using a power pack, this parameter can reach the 29,4 hp. per ton. When using an 1200-strong engine, the maximum speed of the vehicle must exceed 70 km / h. Power reserve was declared at the level of 500 kilometers.

According to the data published in 2012, the armament complex of the new tank MBT-3000 is based on previous developments in this area. The main weapons The new armored vehicle became the 125-mm smooth-bore gun-launcher with the ability to launch guided anti-tank missiles. A machine gun of 7,62 mm caliber is paired with a gun, and a large-caliber anti-aircraft machine gun should be on the roof of the turret. According to reports, the ammunition launcher-launcher tank MBT-3000 should consist of 38 shells. 22 shots should be in the automatic loader, for which, apparently, a place is provided in the aft niche of the tower.

It is known that an updated fire control system (FCS) was created for the MBT-3000 tank. Using various elements of electronic equipment, LMS is able to ensure the performance of combat missions in accordance with the concept of a hunter-killer. A fully digital fire control system is associated with a developed sighting system equipped with a television and thermal imaging channel, as well as a laser range finder and an anti-tank missile control system.

Shortly after the Eurosatory 2012 exhibition, the Chinese newspaper Shijie Bao published an article about the new tank. Most of the available information on the characteristics of the armored vehicle MBT-3000 first appeared in this publication. In addition, the Chinese newspaper compared the new development of the company NORINCO with modern foreign armored vehicles. It was claimed that the Russian machine T-3000С is a worthy competitor to the MBT-90 tank. At the same time, however, the authors of the “Shijie Bao” edition noted that the new tank of the Chinese design surpasses the Russian one in all characteristics. As for other foreign armored vehicles, the Chinese journalists noted their main disadvantage - the high cost of the technology itself and its operation, because of which they can not be compared with MBT-3000.

Available information, as well as information from the article in the Shijie Bao, suggest that the new main tank MBT-3000 is not developed for the needs of the People’s Liberation Army of China, but is intended to become a new product for sale to third countries. In this case, it becomes clear why the new development actually represents a modernization of the existing technology. The relatively low cost has long been one of the main "trump cards" of weapons and military equipment made in China and, apparently, the MBT-3000 tank will not be an exception to this rule.

As follows from the available data, NORINCO is currently conducting tests of a prototype or prototypes of a new tank, and is also working to improve the project. Initially, it was planned to launch the mass production of new tanks by the end of the 2014 of the year, but now it turned out that the first production vehicles of the MBT-3000 would come out of the assembly hall only after two years. Probably, Chinese tank builders are faced with certain problems, due to which they had to seriously revise the timing of the project.

Nevertheless, even with the shift in deadlines, the MBT-3000 project perfectly illustrates China’s plans. As we see, the Chinese defense industry is going to not only re-equip its own army, but also get a large share in the international market of weapons and equipment.

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  1. eugraph
    eugraph 25 March 2014 08: 24
    something to me this Chinese tank American "Abrams" looks like)))
    1. LaGlobal
      LaGlobal 25 March 2014 09: 28
      Forum users, I apologize. A little off topic! But there is unconfirmed information about the liquidation of Alexander Muzychko, aka Sashko Bilii. He was killed today in the city of Rivne, in western Ukraine. If this is so, then Yarosh with the following fascists - the same fate awaits! Bravo to our specialist!
      1. Galich Kos
        Galich Kos 25 March 2014 11: 57
        Quote: LaGlobal
        Bravo to our specialist!

        And what does ours have to do with it? Maybe their own and banged! What the hell is he there? He did his job, and then to the scrap, to Valhalla))) From him there were more problems than good.
        A tank just looks like something on Abrams.
        1. LaGlobal
          LaGlobal 25 March 2014 12: 28
          Quote: Galich Kos
          And what does ours have to do with it?

          I think Ryatli. May it be a mystery covered in darkness laughing
    2. Civil
      Civil 25 March 2014 10: 36
      Looks like our eastern partners got an abrams somewhere ... it’s strange the atom turns out that the previous models didn’t immediately send 3000 tanks ...
    3. klimpopov
      klimpopov 25 March 2014 11: 44
      The rollers are very similar to ours ...
    4. sled beach
      sled beach 25 March 2014 12: 13
      Come on. Rather, the Basilian tank "Osorio" is a copy of the exterior.
  2. Internal combustion engine
    Internal combustion engine 25 March 2014 08: 32
    Crossed abrams with seventy two.
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 25 March 2014 09: 40
      Quote: ICE
      Crossed abrams with seventy two.

      and + Leo2A6-Germany + South Korean K1A1 "Rokit" .....
      Now, this is exactly his Chinese copy (replica)))))

      combat weight: 54,5 tons.
      crew: 4 people
      length -7477
      length with gun forward - 9710
      width - 3590
      120 mm smoothbore gun M256
      one 7,62 mm machine gun M60E2
      one 7,62 mm anti-aircraft machine gun M240
      one 12,7mm anti-aircraft machine gun М2НВ
      two six-barrel smoke grenade launchers M239
      engine: diesel, MB-871, power 1200 l / s.
      highway speed: 65 cells / h.
      Cruising range on the highway: 500 cl.
      1. kirpich
        kirpich 25 March 2014 15: 45
        With the world on a string ... winked
  3. Cruorvult
    Cruorvult 25 March 2014 08: 42
    Well done Chinese, you can’t argue. In general, most of the tanks of the European concept are very similar. difference from the same ambram diesel, DZ, automatic charging, though for a new tank it would be nice to stir up the remote module.
    PROXOR 25 March 2014 09: 04
    Forgive me. But at least how to look, and this is the T-72 rolled up in Chinese hinged crap !!!! Inside is the same our automatic charging device, the same hodovka reinforced for a new weight. And all the same body.
    1. tchoni
      tchoni 25 March 2014 19: 58
      Read carefully the article - Az in the tower niche
  5. Somad
    Somad 25 March 2014 09: 28
    We take the best from others and do our own ... Whatever you say, the Chinese concept does not work badly. Plus, lower engineering costs - design, calculations, etc.
    1. elmi
      elmi 25 March 2014 11: 01
      Quote: Somad
      We take the best from others and do our own ... Whatever you say, the Chinese concept does not work badly. Plus, lower engineering costs - design, calculations, etc.

      It turns out that so. Chinese high-speed trains are now considered the best, they took the best from other projects and implemented them at home. In light of this, I believe that they cannot sell advanced equipment, otherwise, soon they will have to compete in the markets with our converted copies of their developments. One thing is good that they are not able to copy everything, for example, our aircraft and space engines.
    2. kirpich
      kirpich 25 March 2014 16: 16
      Only a small nuance. All the while, weaving in the tail and you can’t offer anything advanced. You select advanced technologies, combine them, and ... you are late recourse Using foreign technologies is not shameful if you bring your own innovations. And, the Chinese have problems with this.
      1. elmi
        elmi 25 March 2014 21: 50
        Not always. Given the speed of copying (and in the process, skills and experience are being developed) and introduction into production, students eventually turn into teachers for their former teachers. The train example confirms that now former teachers from all over the world are learning from the Chinese in the design and construction of high-speed trains.
        1. kirpich
          kirpich 26 March 2014 00: 03
          Aha, in trains, maybe ahead of, it remains to get ahead in tanks wink
  6. Crang
    Crang 25 March 2014 09: 34
    Fig cool tank. That's what the T-72 is! Appear he and Amerov’s Abrams nafig nobody will need. Everyone will buy it.
  7. black_falcon
    black_falcon 25 March 2014 10: 46
    To copy Soviet and Russian equipment over all these years, China has already created its own school of tank building, so soon we will be able to see not only dorobotki and copies but also a clean Chinese tank.
  8. Thomas
    Thomas 25 March 2014 11: 18
    New Chinese tank MBT-3000 will be ready in two years

    Apparently, they are waiting for Russia to show Armata. Then they will be licked and called the final version of MBT-3000
  9. Cristall
    Cristall 25 March 2014 11: 54
    I wonder what they put in the engine there. The heart of the machine is, as usual, its weakest part. \ The Chinese have learned to make engines well or are they still buying milkers?
    1. datur
      datur 25 March 2014 12: 13
      see license license !!! you understand globalization - business and nothing personal !!! wink
      1. Galich Kos
        Galich Kos 25 March 2014 13: 06
        Why do the Chinese need a license? Even without these formalities, they do very well laughing
  10. sled beach
    sled beach 25 March 2014 12: 17
    Well, it looks very much like the Brazilian tank "Ozorio".
  11. Peacemaker
    Peacemaker 25 March 2014 13: 11
    Chinese consumer goods fill the planet ... Cars? Are there trains? also. Here. Now the tanks will fill up ...
  12. Galich Kos
    Galich Kos 25 March 2014 13: 24
    Admin, baby! And why did you delete the comments about Sashko? How did they stand across the neck? Not democratic like that!
  13. Vtel
    Vtel 25 March 2014 14: 44
    Armata tady will come out and see whose trunk is cooler.
    1. loki565
      loki565 25 March 2014 16: 20
      it's time to show people
  14. beifall
    beifall 25 March 2014 15: 25
    Just for .............................. the Far East !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where there is a lot of water, gas, oil, forest and empty areas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Rider
    Rider 25 March 2014 15: 41
    Nothing new in this new tank
  16. loki565
    loki565 25 March 2014 16: 18
    22 shots in the stern of the tower does not fit, for this you need a carousel type machine under the tower. And in the stern the remaining 16 shells can be located in embroidery capsules, as on an abrams
  17. 52
    52 25 March 2014 16: 42
    So this is what you are, a child of vice ... unlicensed ... And why, among the many fathers-grandparents, the features of "Sherman" or "Whipett" for example are not visible? Already undertook to compile, so do not brake on the floor of the road. And then there are such wonderful devices from "Star Wars" - well, just an extraordinary flight of thought! SHAME, comrades Chinese!
    1. Crang
      Crang 25 March 2014 17: 59
      Because the Sherman is good, and the T-72 is the best in the world.
  18. Free wind
    Free wind 25 March 2014 18: 06
    But I think a good tank. and diesel ... in general class !!! Well, really. diesel is great !!
  19. ruslan207
    ruslan207 25 March 2014 20: 55
    Yes, it surpasses the lunar rover and it broke
  20. Sledgehammer
    Sledgehammer 26 March 2014 00: 04
    And we are all waiting for "Armata" smile
    The data is old, the photo confuses, AZ is not clearly visible in the aft niche of the tower.
    The speed of the tank also leaves doubt, for this the running T-72 needs
    radically redo.
  21. loki565
    loki565 26 March 2014 03: 54
    And the driver does not sit in the center but on the left. Is it interesting that they slapped to the right of the carrier, or doesn’t it come out of the cannon in the center?
  22. basil200
    basil200 26 March 2014 10: 02
    All the flaws, problems and sores of technology are known in combat conditions. You can build tanks and roll around the ranges arbitrarily, then it will turn out so bullshit full.
  23. loki565
    loki565 26 March 2014 12: 59
    And the driver does not sit in the center but on the left. Is it interesting that they slapped to the right of the carrier, or doesn’t it come out of the cannon in the center?
  24. Sergei75
    Sergei75 27 March 2014 18: 32
    China is arming itself and it’s clear who it will trample on, their saliva flows when they look to the north, of course there will be a warning in the form of the accession of Mangolia, but this is not easier for us.
    Westerners now seem to be more engaged in the modernization of their armored vehicles, and we are cutting our tanks, cutting repair plants, maybe they can modernize old cars, put in dynamic protection, establish an active counteraction system, all kinds of rangefinders. After all, these machines are easy to manage, repair and maintain, and most importantly their dofiga.
    And as in that joke, it's time to make a rubber bomb so that it continues to jump.
  25. Sergei75
    Sergei75 30 March 2014 00: 41
    How long a tank lives in battle - a few minutes, but not in any battle you need an extra tank, in the secondary-tertiary positions the good-old T34 will come down
  26. Nikita4289
    Nikita4289 April 6 2014 20: 38
    Nothing fundamentally new in it.