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Association Agreement with the EU: Obitsyanki-Tsatsyanki

In recent days, a lot of very different promises from all sides. And some may begin to euphoria from the "brilliant prospects" opening up for Ukraine after the "European choice". Especially if you only watch TV (where today they are broadcasting exactly the same picture and one “only correct” opinion) on all channels and not getting to know other sources.

In fact, all the “manna from heaven” that the West is going to shower Ukraine with is expressed in as much as two billion dollars from the EU (of which one personally Yatsenyuk personally) and one billion dollars from the US (of which 80% is already distributed to the army).

What is enough of this money? For the month of plugging holes in the budget in the normal mode (with fully collected taxes and fees throughout, including in the South-East).

In such a scenario, of course, no development or restructuring of the Ukrainian economy and industry into European standards is, of course, out of the question.

Moreover, if we take into account that approximately 40% of Ukraine’s needs in various goods are covered by imports, by allocating this money, Europe largely lends to its own producers (or provides interest on previous debts).

What gives Ukraine the signing of the “political part” of the association agreement with the EU? Nothing at all, because it was originally an economic agreement, which is also deeply unprofitable for Ukraine (and even Yatsenyuk, after more than a year of lies about its usefulness, was recently forced to admit it).

Yes, in theory, customs fees are removed in a number of ways. But in exchange, quotas are introduced where they have never been born, including in strategic areas for us - for agricultural products, for metallurgy, and so on.

Yesterday we were enthusiastically told on TV that after signing we will have high quality standards for jewelry. I'm so happy! 90% of the population is so happy! They suffered so much from poor quality jewelry! But GOSTs are removed in the food industry, and now they can poison us with the most dubious poison. In the words of an Italian cook, reading the composition of Ukrainian ketchup, "Tomatoes 18% means 82% - chemistry." And whether more will be.

Few people noticed, but the "interim government" has already driven to the Crimea. In the rhetoric "this is our land, we will return it," and in some statements there are already transparent hints to the Russians that "it would be nice to get compensation for the property," and even approximate calculations how much you can bargain for. Attempting to get at least some compensation is commendable, but then why all this pretentious rhetoric? After all, they substitute the boys who serve there. If we have already passed, then let them give the order for evacuation and call the Russians for direct negotiations, and do not throw dust in the eyes of the whole world and the Ukrainian people, including.

However, they will not receive any compensation. And again, as usual, because of their stupidity, servility and thoughtless execution of orders of Western masters. How much did they work out the order and asserted about the denunciation of the Kharkiv agreements? And now the Russians actually do not need these agreements, and they say, “Okay, you have demanded for so long - we denounce.” And Ukraine should still be on the order of 11 billions of dollars for gas consumed during the contract (well, and in the future gets a higher price).

That is, even if the interim government agrees on some kind of compensation for property in Crimea (which also has doubts), they still will not receive the money - these amounts will simply be removed from debt.

Moreover, note that the current Minister Sold 20 March, he said that Ukraine is ready to pay a higher price for gas! Nobody for his tongue pulled. And this is despite the fact that at the price with a discount NAK Naftogaz owes a round sum of money, and the cat wept for gold reserves (data about their size have not been updated since the beginning of the year, which hints at the deplorable situation).

I would say that pockets with holes are not cheap ponto, because it is too expensive. But who will listen to me?

The total “account” of currency requirements until the end of the year looks like this:

- payment of debts for gas - about $ 2 billion;

- purchase of energy carriers - from $ 12 billions (after the cancellation of the Kharkiv agreements it may be more);

- current payments on state debt of the order of $ 7,3 billion;

- compensation of the negative trade balance (excluding energy) of the order of $ 8-10 billion;

- Also, the currency is needed to ensure payment of corporate debts (these are not state debts, but they also need to be provided with currency).

But even without the last item, we are accumulating the amount of necessary foreign currency about 30 billion dollars. It's just to stay afloat. And the latest data on foreign exchange reserves talked about the amount of approximately 15 billions, that is, less than half. In light of this, the talk of two billions from the EU looks just like a mockery, like the famous 6400 euro aid from Hungary - look, don’t spend it all at once.

Yanukovych, by the way, with all his negatives, received from Russia the very missing 15 billions that would allow Ukraine to at least extend another year. But where will the "interim government" take the money? This science is unknown.

And yet, if the draft law “On ensuring the rights and freedoms of citizens in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine” by Sergey Sobolev is adopted in the second reading, this automatically terminates any economic relations with Russia, that is, Ukraine loses the largest export market for products of about 18-20 billion dollars. Who benefits? Certainly not Ukraine.

In addition to the need for currency, we also need hryvnias. Only for the sowing campaign it is necessary to allocate about 40-50 billion hryvnia for short-term loans to producers for fuel, the purchase of seeds and the repair of agricultural equipment. Well, remember about the ill-fated budget, and we see there is a common hole in the amount of 83 billion hryvnia. No cosmetic savings can solve this problem.

There was also a bunch of new “experts” on the TV, and everyone in a different way claimed that we have a type of completely “ineffective” state property that needs to be sold urgently. As I always write, property is not effective or inefficient; only management can be such. And if state property is poorly managed, then you need not to sell it, but simply to change the management. Including, at the highest level.

When these “experts” are asked, what kind of property is this, of which there is a lot and which needs to be sold, they lower their eyes and quietly say “land”. That's right, we will sell the land to foreigners (and the local people have no money), and then they will definitely “enter on our side”. In reservations.
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  1. fimusito
    fimusito 25 March 2014 15: 42
    Do not forget about it.
    1. alex-s
      alex-s 25 March 2014 15: 51
      In light of this, talking about two billion from the EU looks like a mockery like the famous 6400 euro aid from Hungary - look, do not spend it all right away.

      And Hungarians are not at all greedy at all! Maybe Romanians and Bulgarians will throw two hundred bucks! Then heal! laughing
    2. Duelist
      Duelist 25 March 2014 16: 22
      There is one old joke: In the office, bosses are changed and tables are moved. The cleaning lady turns to the managers: - there used to be a brothel, so when the revenue fell, the beds didn’t move, but they fucked me!
      The whole world sees that the Maidan has chosen those same bl-i-dei, and at least they need to be changed. laughing
      The stump is not clear, but mattresses with a geyropa will satisfy once.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. Coffee_time
      Coffee_time 25 March 2014 16: 38
      And for European values
      1. Orik
        Orik 25 March 2014 17: 03
        Quote: Coffee_time
        And for European values

        Tse too rich, so be it.
    5. vo.dum
      vo.dum 25 March 2014 16: 50
      Nobody forgets ... they are no-one brothers and argue ... but as in a family ... a brother did the wrong thing and needed a flogging ... not to death, but so that it would be inconsistent in the future ... ..... wink
    6. platitsyn70
      platitsyn70 25 March 2014 16: 57
      [/ Center]
      Do not forget about it.
      Ukraine Tse Europe, Tyuchev about Europe
      As you bow down before her, gentlemen,
      You won’t gain recognition
      from Europe:
      In her eyes, you will always
      They are not servants of enlightenment, but servants.
      1. platitsyn70
        platitsyn70 25 March 2014 17: 05
        Merkel must be tweeted
        1. platitsyn70
          platitsyn70 25 March 2014 17: 10
          1. zennon
            zennon 25 March 2014 19: 40
            Of course, I’m not drawing close to Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev, but from me:
            Goodbye slain Geyropa
            Country of Slaves, Country of Lords
            And you blue fly
            And you poking in their mouth

            Maybe at the wall of the Caucasus
            Spiritual thirst
            I will not see 3,14 doras
            With the flag of your rainbow ...
        2. bif
          bif 25 March 2014 18: 44
          Quote: platitsyn70
          [center]] Merkel should be tweeted

          And these wonderful Lord
          1. l19361936
            l19361936 25 March 2014 22: 00
            yeah here comments too funny faces ask for a brick
          2. Vasyan1971
            Vasyan1971 25 March 2014 22: 01
            These are the cutest of the rest.
        3. stillrat
          stillrat 25 March 2014 19: 52
          do not push send
  2. alex-s
    alex-s 25 March 2014 15: 45
    Moreover, mind you, the current Minister Sold March 20

    Well, they already have ministers selling! laughing
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 25 March 2014 16: 39
      Quote: alex-s
      Well, they already have ministers selling

      Well, there everything is there - Minister Sold, organization - Ukrgas, UPA Hall, etc.
      1. wasjasibirjac
        wasjasibirjac 25 March 2014 17: 11
        Verkhovna Rada - Verkhovna Rada
  3. Oleg Sobol
    Oleg Sobol 25 March 2014 15: 46
    The status of a remote American "reservation", with equalization of "rights" with the American Indians ...
    Yes ... such a prospect for their own country and people, only Oligophrenics can "promote" !!!
  4. 25 March 2014 15: 46
    The West will not help you. And if it helps, then only to my darling.
    1. askort154
      askort154 25 March 2014 16: 30
      +3 ..... The West will not help you. And if it helps, then only to my darling.

      Yes, at this stage, the West has to hold on to Ukraine until the elections in order to "legitimately" establish a pro-American government. A second "Poland" will appear near the Russian border, but even more Russophobic.
      They can succeed if Yu.V. Ukraine will agree with this.
      Ukraine is now completely in their hands.
  5. Ross
    Ross 25 March 2014 15: 47
    ges / 2014 / 969 / iqjg629.jpg
    Tse Evropa ....
  6. nikcris
    nikcris 25 March 2014 15: 47
    I recently bought a glass jar of Kherson tomato juice. Bought for the inscription - directly squeezed juice. In terms of organoleptic qualities - if it is directly squeezed, then only from rotten Turkish tomatoes of winter collection. Any of our tomato paste tastes better. On the can it was written, besides "directly squeezed" "with the addition of salt." Only now they saved the salt completely.
    And so they have everything, a priori. am
    1. aleks700
      aleks700 25 March 2014 17: 37
      All the value, so to speak, all the juice, is in the jar. They are so lacking in the fall.
  7. paul1992
    paul1992 25 March 2014 15: 48
    but under the slogan: who does not jump, that Muscovite. l! jumped good
    1. alex-s
      alex-s 25 March 2014 15: 53
      Although a little happy, but now - that's it! negative
    2. Coffee_time
      Coffee_time 25 March 2014 16: 41
      Here they are, modern horses
  8. svetlomor
    svetlomor 25 March 2014 15: 49
    Ukraine becomes an automatic machine still owes about 11 billion dollars for gas consumed during the term of the agreement (well, in the future it gets a higher price).
    1. Cherdak
      Cherdak 25 March 2014 16: 32
      Quote: svetlomor
      Ukraine becomes an automatic machine ...

      easy reciprocating movement ...
      1. dmitriygorshkov
        dmitriygorshkov 25 March 2014 18: 09
        Quote: Cherdak

        Why on the background of the Moscow metro?
        Kiev seems.
        1. Cherdak
          Cherdak 26 March 2014 16: 13
          Quote: dmitriygorshkov
          Why on the background of the Moscow metro?

          Huddled into the "Kiev" underground, migrant workers winked
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 25 March 2014 16: 36
      Quote: svetlomor

      Your photo looks more like free cheese and pay for it laughing
  9. Hans51
    Hans51 25 March 2014 15: 49
    Where are they without Russia?
  10. johnsnz
    johnsnz 25 March 2014 15: 49
    Here is the answer to "We won Crimea, we lost Ukraine"
  11. Grenz
    Grenz 25 March 2014 15: 54
    There will be a total sale of Ukraine, first of all, of land (black earth as oil), military-industrial complex enterprises (breaking contracts with Russia), coal, metallurgy. No, it is wrong that Ukraine is poor. She is very rich - she can be robbed for more than one year under the slogan: "This is all filthy m ..... they let us in trouble!"
    But then, they will begin to whine from the delights of the European Union, like "brothers" from Bulgaria, Magyarski and psheki. I don’t call them that - this is the opinion of the West about their vassal stepchildren - the specialists of "closet" service.
    It’s only a pity - after all, the bulk of the people will be in poverty.
    1. kagorta
      kagorta 25 March 2014 17: 42
      Thanks to the Germans (their investments), Psheks have all the rules with the economy. They and the Czechs are the only ones who benefit from integration with the EU.
  12. Capacitor
    Capacitor 25 March 2014 16: 01
    Here is the answer to "We won Crimea, we lost Ukraine"

  13. mabuta
    mabuta 25 March 2014 16: 02
    Then legitimate authority will come and say that all agreements with the junta are invalid. Or, after checking by the Audit Chamber, only those that have reached the economy will be recognized. And so, let them ask.
    1. Coffee_time
      Coffee_time 25 March 2014 16: 47
      And better like this
  14. Odessa-mama
    Odessa-mama 25 March 2014 16: 07
    Without words!
  15. Gagarin
    Gagarin 25 March 2014 16: 07
    Yes, Senya, signed contracts ....
    Coming soon in all news:
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. Vyacheslav 64
    Vyacheslav 64 25 March 2014 16: 11
    Feed Germany your partners :)
  18. konvalval
    konvalval 25 March 2014 16: 22
    Oh pouted sucker. But he did not see suckers around him when he signed, then he is a sucker.
  19. Colorman
    Colorman 25 March 2014 16: 23
    Russia should not allow this. Yanukovych should be used as a trump card, because he is the only one who has the right to sign an agreement with the European Union or the CU. It is necessary to bring him to power before the elections in May. April will be full of news ...
    1. avdkrd
      avdkrd 25 March 2014 16: 45
      Quote: COLORMAN
      Russia should not allow this. Yanukovych should be used as a trump card, because he is the only one who has the right to sign an agreement with the European Union or the CU. It is necessary to bring him to power before the elections in May. April will be full of news ...

      Bring Yanukovych to power in May ???? I think, nevertheless, that "drives to power" cost money and those who pay it are unlikely. Yanukovych can be waved as a flag, only about the fact that at the moment he is the legitimate president. Why does this weak-willed eccentric (M) need at least someone and how can you step on the same rake twice? No one will vote for him, even if besides him there are only fascists.
      1. Egoza
        25 March 2014 18: 29
        Quote: avdkrd
        Why does this weak-willed eccentric (M) need at least someone

        Oh don't tell! WFJ is a very stubborn person. So say the people who came across him at work. But if you get angry, then - hold on!
        Now, when EVERYONE has revealed their "faces", when he knows exactly who the traitors are in his own PR, I fully admit that he will first appear in the Donbass, ask the people for forgiveness, and lead the miners to Kiev! Moreover, Zakharchenko may appear next to him (a former Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who left very cleanly, and who was never caught), while Zakharchenko was respected in the Ministry of Internal Affairs! Yes, but there should be support in the form of security, but it seems to me that "Vityunya will suddenly arrive in a blue helicopter" ... and it will be in April. hi
    2. Coffee_time
      Coffee_time 25 March 2014 16: 49
      I heard somewhere that after April 15, Yanukovych will appear in Kiev, wait, sir
  20. sv68
    sv68 25 March 2014 16: 34
    well ogloedy helped you your European friends fool fool
  21. Stanislas
    Stanislas 25 March 2014 16: 45
    famous 6400 euro aid from Hungary
    Exactly like Shura Balaganov 6400 rubles "for complete happiness" (C). Probably, the Hungarians read The Golden Calf, and the Bandera and Space Guards, most likely, did not even realize that they were being mocked.
  22. smurnoi
    smurnoi 25 March 2014 16: 48
    As I always write, property is not effective or inefficient, only management can be. And if state property is poorly managed, then you need not to sell it, but simply change management.
    In one firm, revenues began to fall. The management decided to rearrange the furniture according to feng shui. And so managers drag tables from corner to corner and move cabinets. The old cleaning lady looks at all this mess. He approaches the senior "manager" and says: before the revolution, my mother also worked as a cleaner in this building. Then a brothel was located here. So she told me that when the revenue fell, the owner immediately changed the girls, and did not rearrange the beds.
  23. The comment was deleted.
  24. polite people
    polite people 25 March 2014 17: 06
    Some kind of agreement and more than 40 million people are on the porch. How fragile the world has become. Is it really impossible to stop this madness.
    1. parusnik
      parusnik 25 March 2014 17: 39
      The world is a psychiatric hospital, and people are patients ..
  25. Orik
    Orik 25 March 2014 17: 10
    Actually there is nothing to discuss, one laugh. If we discard all demagoguery, then the council for association and the adoption of the supremacy of the European court subscribed for supranational bodies. Separately promised so-called EU zeroing of import duties for Ukrainian goods Filkin piece of paper, geyropeytsy ate a dog on non-tariff restrictions on imports, even the Americans cannot do anything.
  26. wandlitz
    wandlitz 25 March 2014 17: 15
  27. DimDimych
    DimDimych 25 March 2014 17: 31
    Association Agreement with the EU
  28. ra3lcj
    ra3lcj 25 March 2014 17: 33
    Do not forget, those. Yanukovych remains the legitimate president. Located in Russia, any actions of the GDP are in the legal field.
  29. parusnik
    parusnik 25 March 2014 17: 38
    Closer and closer, step by step, Yatsenyuk and Co., lead to Babi Yar, Ukraine ...
  30. PDE
    PDE 25 March 2014 18: 09
    Let's wait a bit. let's see how it all ends.
  31. Enot-poloskun
    Enot-poloskun 25 March 2014 18: 31
    What? It turned out that the European homosexuals - and their host, the terrible Chorny Lord - do not have money to support / feed Ukraine?
  32. kaa1977
    kaa1977 25 March 2014 18: 37
    a handful of corrupt psychos decided everything for everyone. they do not care about people, they will fill their pockets ... and dump them from there. well, sorry ordinary people.
  33. Quantum
    Quantum 25 March 2014 18: 47
    The West does not need Ukraine with a population. After the sale or mortgage of assets
    it remains to sell black soil, deploy an American missile defense system and run or crawl to Europe.
  34. siberalt
    siberalt 25 March 2014 22: 59
    I don’t understand why they write about signing with boiling water? Talk only about the association. About the fulfillment of the semblance of certain rules and standards adopted in the West. But it does not oblige anything, but is at least some kind of guarantee for the provision of a loan. This is a type of collateral agreement. Only as a guarantee, in this case, they want to put the standard of living of Ukrainians. By type - do not repay the debt, get a revolution. In principle, nothing significant has happened yet. Some papers are signed in parts. This is an obvious delay in issuing a loan, due to uncertainty about the signatory side. Or, keep in check without losing anything. This form of signing a contract is simply ridiculous. For an agreement, as a free expression of the agreed positions of the parties, is not a protocol. Simply put, such "signing" does not create any legal obligations for states. But it can serve as a means of blackmailing specific persons involved.
  35. Cristall
    Cristall 26 March 2014 01: 09
    Ukraine and not all the West needs. It is not for nothing that calls are heard that the SE industry is not needed, but is dragging the country down, and it is necessary to develop the agro-industrial complex (just under this the association made its way)
    Why do Ukrainians need air and space? Metallurgy and optics? Everything on the field - grow rapeseed. Sunflower...
    it seems we are taking 1st place there ... and that is what the EU is buying ..
    in general, there are areas where the EU may be interested and even useful .. but the reverse side of the coin is not to like.
    In general, Euromaidan was conceived under Integration --- well, and the junta generally such dolls ...
    It’s a pity that the clowns ... it would be easy to become Lenin (in terms of having received everything from the sponsors but having thrown them for the development of the country - but who will do it)
    Today I accidentally saw BP and Lyashka ... after hearing his screaming performance in BP ... I understood - Antibiotics ward number 6 is no longer prescribed ... waved ...
  36. jktu66
    jktu66 26 March 2014 12: 47
    Sednya, I heard, another "great" decision was made - to conduct a joint exercise with NATO. Truly justly, if God decides to punish someone, he deprives him of reason. They sit on a powder keg and do all kinds of c.i.e.n.yu, instead of solving urgent issues ...